Sydney socialite Lisa Stockbridge jailed for allegedly dealing drugs

Lisa Stockbridge was arrested on December 11.

Lisa Stockbridge was arrested on December 11.

Oh my, poor Sydney socialite Lisa Stockbridge.

I just love a high flying celebrity or socialite getting a slap back down to earth. This story reminds me of the high flying drug dealer that just happened to be a nephew of the high and almighty Ita Buttrose.

What pisses me off though is all those involved in her so called high society bullshit fake life happen to be SO SURPRISED

Half of you idiots are probably packing shit as you very well know you probably purchased some goodies off her. I hope the cops were fully tuned in on each and every one of you.

Dare you order a pizza for the knock at the door that could be the day!

Get Connected, well hopefully to a good lawyer now you have been caught

Get Connected, well hopefully to a good lawyer now you have been caught

Her website suddenly disappeared on the day of her arrest but the following quote, beside a email link called “Get Connected” says a lot as far as I am concerned.

Urban Society is like your well-heeled trendsetting pal,

who always knows where to eat, where to shop, the latest openings and what strings to pull to be first through the door. From pop up shops to parties, urban eateries, or decadent getaways, we’re devoted to hunting down offers on the best events in your city – so you don’t have to.

A POPULAR Sydney socialite allegedly led a double life supplying cocaine and ecstasy to clients in the city’s most ¬≠exclusive suburbs.

When she wasn’t running her popular entertainment website Urban ¬≠Society, police allege Lisa Lisa (Danielle) Stockbridge was dealing drugs – including a commercial quantity of ecstasy – in Sydney’s east.

Stockbridge, a 41-year-old from Kings Cross, had been under police surveillance for at least a month and was arrested at 9.20pm on December 11, court documents said.

A far cry from the glitzy red carpets, hot parties and fine dining she would be used to, the mother of a 20-year-old daughter is now languishing in the maximum security section of Silver-water Jail awaiting her next court date.

Police recovered $33,620 in cash during the arrest which they allege was the proceeds of crime.

On November 14, police allege she supplied cocaine at locations in Rose Bay and Woollahra between 4.40pm and 5pm and later that evening at Double Bay around 7pm.

Stockbridge has also be accused of selling cocaine in Darlinghurst between 7.15pm on November 14 and 7.25pm on December 11.

Court documents show on the same dates, she also supplied cocaine in Sydney and Clovelly.

She also allegedly supplied 270g of ecstasy between December 11 and 12 at Darlinghurst.

On top of the charge of supplying a commercial quantity of drugs, Stockbridge is facing a further seven charges of supplying or knowingly taking part in the supply of a prohibited drug and dealing with the proceeds of crime.

Urban Society staff members have not yet been formally notified of Stockbridge’s arrest, however they were advised they no longer had jobs just prior to Christmas.

The website’s editor, Camilla Gulli, wrote on Facebook on December 16 to notify her friends via social media that she was “resigning”.

“It is with a heavy heart that I resign as editor of Urban Society, after two-and-a-half long years,” she posted.

“Want to say that I love my team, who are some of the most resilient and talented people I know.

“Goodbye free dinners, I’ll miss you most of all.

“Hit me up for freelance work.” were they getting more than free dinners, or paying for the free dinners in other ways? Time will tell

A Sydney woman who worked as a contractor for Stockbridge and didn’t want to be identified, said she was in “complete shock” by the news.

“I had no idea until now,” she said.

“I honestly can’t believe it and would never in a million years have picked it.”

A media identity who was notified of the incident last week said: “It sounds like a script from a movie – I would never have believed it.”

A Sydney nightclub owner who has worked with Stockbridge in the past said: “Lisa is the last person I would have thought would (allegedly) do something like this.”

Another senior public relations figure said: “I am in complete shock, this is absolutely incredible and something I would never have seen coming – she is a mum for god’s sake.”

Stockbridge’s website was shutdown in December and her personal social media sites, which include Twitter and Instagram, have been inactive since the day she was arrested.

5 thoughts on “Sydney socialite Lisa Stockbridge jailed for allegedly dealing drugs

  1. Very well said Robbo, stick it this greedy socialite fashion bitch and up her and all her rich” ROSE BAY” greedy socialite Cocaine using friends who say they are all in shock that she was a Drug Dealer. Don’t these very well off high flying rich bitches and shitheads just make the poor battlers and down and out homeless and retrenched now Unemployed people feel angry and sick, in these bloody hard times, with so much Aussie poverty happening as I write this! She have to sell her bottle of Penfolds Grange Hermatage and her decadent expensive night life clothes! ITS not hard to work out how these rich socialite people live up their high life in Sydneys expensive nightlife and decadent lifestyles. Shes just the tip of the iceburg, many more of them are also doing very nicely from there proceeds of Drug Dealing with their Cocaine and mirrors, snorted through $50 and $100 Dollar notes!?………………………………………………………………….


  2. Gee Darlings, the High Fallacious Sydney high society social scene must really think us all bloody dumb arse idiot blonks, and mushrooms , by the shit that flows out their mouths!…… And these rich arseholes believe the own honesty crap bullshit, that they are in absolute shock, and they never saw it coming, because she is a mum with a 20 year old Daughter.. So what !..So was Mrs Judy Moran and Mrs Kath Pettingill once too, had a nice sons named Dennis,Victor, and Mark, Jason.!, They were very high flying Carlton Crew restaurant diners too, and were innocent of the Drug Trade happing in Melbourne.. They didn’t know what they were doing either, when they were making a killing selling Cocaine and Ecstasy with their rapid fire pill press! To the rich socialites of Lygon Street Carlton Crew!………. These greedy camouflage, chameleon untouchable shyster rich pricks must have been in the posh clubs toilets, with their heads in the toilet bowl, having a cigarette or drunk on red wine, while there other toffs were busy snorting their Coke and dissolving Ecstasy in their French Moet Champagne or Screaming Orgasm Cocktails:—- More bloody furphy lies of telling all and sundry they could never had picked it, when Lisa Stockbridge was arrested for Dealing Drugs. Think where all Stupido!…… But its good some honest Coppers were on the ball and on to the movements of this rich greedy BITCH…..In Sydneys most exclusive suburbs…were things go better with Coke!.
    And further more for at least two and a half years the friends involved with the posh rich Kings Cross socialite Lisa Danielle” Stock( up on Cocaine and ecstasy pills) Stockbridge with her ”Get Connected Urban Society” and all her popular important friends of( substance) like even a – Senior Public Relations figure,- A Media Identity- who never would have believed it – , A Sydney Nightclub Owner. Was that also a Nightclub Owner who has a seedy club in The Kings Cross strip, maybe…….. gee that’s a real occupation of honesty in Sydney Town? and living in Kings Cross, well nothing ever bad happen there….”..Not!…”….And to think that all and sundry on her social media, had no idea their popular Urban Society ” Mummy” in a Million years was selling Drugs, while on their Happy Hours in Luxury Rose Bay restaurants and nightclubs. She must of been a innocent victim of some other nightclub patrons, maybe from her home town of Kings Cross, spiking her expensive fashion purse and handbag, with Cocaine and Ecstasy”Eckys” Pills in 270gram baggies while dancing with the stars. Ha Ha!…..Who was looking after her kids…Probably a shyster – government hand out by the conservative government rich womans babysitter bonus- for rich working professional high income woman earning more than $150.000K.
    One more thing, Perhaps Lisa Danelle Stackbridge, just woke up one morning and built up her commercial quantity drug empire clientele, and $ 33,620 in cash pocket money overnight from just walking the beat on the friendly sociable streets of the Cross,….. and on selling her product for services rendered and a double of the profits cut, and free meals further on up the road at posh Rose Bay where the Middle Eastern Gangs in the harbour get rich entertaining, wining and dining in their big luxury million dollar yachts , and their next shipments for the high society of Columbian Neck Tie pure high grade Cocaine !…………………………………Well now shes in the Womans Wing of Silverwater Jail. No more fine French Moet..Champane, 18 year old Whiskey, Penfolds Grange Hermatage Red Wine and Pure Grade Cocaine and Ecstasy Fantasy Pill where he going.! Just a nice fall from grace…..Her resigned Urban Society- Get Connected Facebook, Twitter and Instagram- Social Media Sites- Website Editor: Camilla Gulli..and all the Get Connected Urban Society Staff Members will all now have to line up in the hard real word at their nearest Centrelink Dole Office and line up for their pittance $30 a day un-employment allowance in the large packed out waiting room with all the recently retrenched and long term un-employed Battlers who cant get a paying job in todays un-employment nightmare of poverty and day by day survival hardships.! A long way down the street from Rose Bay. And Mrs Stackbridge will have to line up at muster time, for her poultry by- up allowance in Jail, for a few Ciggies and a Can of just soft drink-” Coke”- Ha Bloody Ha Ha, and a lot of other angry Jail Bird Bitches to share her by- up with!…in the Five Star Prisoners Mess Room.!…..And if she is lucky and gets on with the other Crims, they will share their Jail made potent alcoholic Home Brew with her, made out of Food and Fruit scraps., Mouldy Bread for Yeast and some sugar to help it ferment in the prisoner secret jail hidaway stach, hidden from the Screws!… A top PoshVintage Brew up to 6 to 12 months., poured straight out of a dirty bucket, shared by heaps of other Prisoners!..Hot and.Not very well Filtered. But makes the Crims all crazy Drunk and extra violent!…………………..

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Robbo, you’re nothing but a pathetic bogan with an obscure and inaccurate blog. And to the other idiot writing the above comments who can’t spell or put a sentence together – you’re also a bogan. An illiterate bogan to be exact. This article and respective comments screams nothing but jealousy that you’re not wealthy or circulating in the social scene. And judging by your photo and they way you write, you would never belong anyway. You both have serious issues.


    • Coming from Velvet Rope PR that comment is so embarrassing, you are so high end, you did not even realise you posted your own name and deserted facebook page. I have 10 million more visits than your zero!

      Are you kidding, I am the bogan? Why,because I am not in the social scene? You and your chums are the pathetic ones, thinking life is all about being at the front of the queue and taking drugs that you cannot afford, rushing like a crack addict looking to score to buy the Sunday paper to see if you made the social pages

      Having said that, welcome to my obscure and inaccurate blog, come back again soon to support your drug dealer.

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