Joan Ryther raped & murdered whilst pregnant

When the husband of a murdered woman writes to me asking why her case is not on my website called aussiecriminals I really had no answer for him, other than I had not been here much last year. Pathetic really, so the best I can today in honour of Joan’s memory is to ensure this stays up and we highlight the search for justice in the coming months…

Please read and refresh your memories, it was indeed an awful crime.

Joan Ryther,  who was raped and murdered whilst pregnant last year is still awaiting justice, as is her grieving Australian husband Cory Ryther, as well as her family in the Philippines .

The 18-year-old alleged rapist and murderer cannot be named for legal reasons, has been in custody since June 2013.

Although a suspect was quickly arrested and charged we still need to be reminded what an awful senseless wicked crime this was, as we await the trial to take place.

Joan Ryther

Joan Ryther

Mrs Ryther was three months pregnant when she was raped and killed on her way home from work in suburban Logan in May.

Her partially clothed body was found on the lawn of a Leichhardt Street home at Logan Central, not far from the McDonald’s at which she worked.

It was 8.23pm on May 21 2013 when a council security camera picked up the teenager accused of the rape and murder of Joan Ryther walking into a service station with four of his mates, a court has heard.

They were inside just long enough to steal a couple of screwdrivers before they were again on their way, the camera outside a nearby KFC store showing them as they turned into Mayes Ave four minutes later, according to documents filed in the court yesterday deciding her alleged killer’s application for bail.

From Mayes Ave, the group walked into Leichhardt St where they found a white car parked outside No. 50.

They used a stolen screwdriver to smash a back window when a shout sent them scurrying away, the court documents say.

The four mates fled up the street towards Mayes Park. They would later tell police it was at this point they lost the teen, who took off in the opposite direction towards McDonald’s, the court documents say.

On that same night, police allege 27-year-old Ryther, eight weeks pregnant with her first child, switched off her home computer and left her Mayes Ave home for the 25-minute walk along her street and into Leichhardt St to the McDonald’s store where she worked.

She was due to start her shift at 9pm although colleagues say she would regularly arrive around 15 minutes early.

In refusing bail for the man accused of raping and murdering Logan woman Joan Ryther, a court has been told of his alleged movements on the night.

It was on Leichhardt St about 100m from her work that police believe she crossed paths with the teen now accused of killing her.

The series of events that police say led to the 18-year-old running into Mrs Ryther as she walked along the footpath were detailed in documents handed to the Supreme Court yesterday when his lawyers made an application for bail.

“Investigating police submit, on reasonable grounds, available evidence strongly places the defendant in Leichhardt (street) at approximately 8.30pm on 21 May, 2013, which is a time that corresponds with the likely time the deceased was walking in that street to attend work,” a police affidavit states.

From there, the court heard, the teenager’s movements “could not be accounted for” for around an hour and a half.

It was the following morning that a passer-by spotted Mrs Ryther’s body face down in the front garden of 30 Leichhardt St.

The teenager has been charged with murder, rape and the unlawful assault of a pregnant woman.

 Prosecutor Vicki Loury told the court the teenager’s DNA was found on four areas of Mrs Ryther’s clothing both on the front and back of her jumper and on the pants that were left around her ankles. Blood on a bandage from his hand belonged to Mrs Ryther, forensic tests have revealed.

But court documents show police are still waiting on the results from nearly 100 forensic samples.

The documents also reveal Mrs Ryther likely died from a combination of injuries to the left side of her face, “substantial” genital injuries and strangulation.

A bottle the teenager was seen carrying earlier in the night was probably used in the attack, police allege in their affidavit.

“The attack itself was brazen and involved a degrading attack on a woman unknown to him who was going about her business walking to work,” Ms Loury told the court.

In applying for bail, defence lawyer Tim Meehan said there was no direct evidence linking his client to the murder only forensic evidence showing he came into contact with Mrs Ryther some time during the evening. “There was contact to some degree but it goes no further than that,” he told the court.

But Justice Peter Applegarth denied the teenager bail, describing Mrs Ryther’s murder as “horrific” and said the man was an unacceptable flight risk.

Cory Ryther with a treasured photo of his wife Joan

Cory Ryther with a treasured photo of his wife Joan

DNA hold ups delay Joan Ryther murder case

November 25, 2013

Hold ups in the analysis of DNA evidence have further delayed the case of a teenager accused of raping and murdering Logan woman Joan Ryther.

The teen, who cannot be named for legal reasons, will have to wait until next year to discover if he will stand trial for raping and murdering Ms Ryther and killing her unborn child.

Ms Ryther’s bloodied and partially clothed body was found in a frontyard after she was viciously attacked on her way to work at Logan, south of Brisbane, in May.

The 27-year-old was three months pregnant when she died.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Karen Friedrichs says the investigation has been significant and some forensic evidence is still being analysed.

‘‘There is significant DNA evidence and analysis of clothes and various exhibits,’’ she told the Beenleigh Magistrates Court on Monday.

Sgt Friedrichs said the bulk of evidence had been given to the defence, including 231 statements and 133 exhibits.

Outside court, defence lawyer Michael Bosschen said he would have to examine the evidence before deciding whether his client would re-apply for bail.

The 18-year-old has been in custody since his arrest in June.

Magistrate Trevor Morgan remanded the teen in custody and adjourned his case until February 3.

Magistrate Morgan also set aside three days in April for a committal hearing which will determine whether there is enough evidence to commit the teen to trial.

Neither the accused nor Ms Ryther’s husband Cory attended the hearing.

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