Here is a tip STAY OFF ICE

FOR those who think the so-called “recreational drug” called ice is harmless, let me take you on a journey.

Put yourself in this situation.

A complete stranger comes up to you and offers you a small packet of what looks like crystal pieces.

Let's take ICE and ruin our LIFES

Let’s take ICE and ruin our LIFES

The person tells you that the drug will give you a high and make you feel great, and that you can stop taking it whenever you want.

He also tells you the bad things you may have heard about ice are overrated.

He will more than likely go on to say he has been using it for years before pointing out how good he looks.

He doesn’t know you, nor does he care about you.

He certainly won’t turn up to your funeral.

This stranger is a drug dealer who wants your business.

He wants to make what is often an initial free transaction – otherwise known as a taste – knowing full well that after this he will have you as a customer for life.

This dealer knows that his crystalised gear is highly addictive.

He is well aware that once you take your first hit, your life will be changed forever … while your short life lasts, that is.

What this wretch doesn’t tell you is that ice will speed the activity of your central nervous system and make you more active – maybe sounds okay so far.

He also doesn’t mention that his product may permanently damage the blood vessels in your brain.

It can also:

– Give you severe depression;

– Make you paranoid;

– Make you convulse and hallucinate; and,

– Give you heart palpitations, heart complications, lung and kidney disorders and dental problems.

He certainly doesn’t tell you it could kill you, or lead you to kill others while in a psychotic state.

Still sound like a good idea?

What the dirty drug dealer will fail to mention is that if you want to stop taking ice there will be significant withdrawal effects that will ravage your health.

You can say goodbye to a normal life once you’re hooked on this stuff after that first taste.

Ice use has a ripple effect, not only on a user but their family and friends.

History (and crime statistics) show a user will do just about anything to get their next fix.

They steal from those they love and commit serious crime to feed their addiction.

From my experience as a detective, drug dealers have – for a long time – targeted country areas.

Potential ice users in both urban and rural areas are not dissimilar: they want to be accepted into a group, they bend to peer pressure and are looking for something different to try.

You have but one life.

Cherish it.

Don’t hand it on a platter to a stinking ice dealer.

3 thoughts on “Here is a tip STAY OFF ICE

  1. Excellent information Robbo: for every person out there to pass on the message to everybody out there in the” Drug World” that all these ” Parasite Drug Pushers or Dealers”, have to be put on ”NOTICE” and out of business, Today, ASAP, for good- and shut down,’all their” Proceeds of crime, clubhouses and illegally gained wealth, laundered properties and corrupt lifestyles”, expensive bikes and cars seized, sold up, or auctioned to pay for the ongoing fight of all the State and Federal Police enforcement to arrest and seize these” ICE Drug Barons” and their seedy street and nightclub recreational ICE PUSHERS and other PARTY Drug peddlers, currently busy plying their trade, with the flow on effects of violence – death and misery to current ICE victims, and all the people around them and future victims of this” ICE epidemic!, AND all the other Drugs that are being sold on the streets and clubs” And also HELP FUND better search and seizure powers by the COURTS and Justice Departments to fund the high public cost, for much more better education and treatment resources for Hospitals, the Ambos, Police resources, etc and for the on-going expenses needed by the Australian and State Government Human Services and Emergency services and non Government Medical and Mental Health rehabilitation of the victims and the communities, currently all over Country Victoria and any other region in Australia, being damaged by these, ICE Drug pushers, like the recent Police Raids of Drug Dealing Outlaw Motor Cycle Gangs such as the Hells Angles, the Commanchero in Mildura and the rest of their patched Australia Wide -Bikie Brothers growing their empires at the expense of human misery !……All.these OMG Gangs and their connections in the criminal Drug business, must be seized, and their ill gotten gains of wealth- giving back to and returned to the community, to send them all the message that their Drug Dealing and related Criminal activities will be taken from them at every opportunity by all the Police in Australia!…….For every current victims and would be victims of this modern day ICE Drug crisis ruining lives every where!………


  2. Wrote about a nasty case involving ICE that led to murder and was mortified to see how prevalent the use of ICE was in Bacchus Marsh and probably still is.
    I was in touch with persons involved in the case in real-time via social media as the search for a missing girl unfolded. The young ones were absolutely casual about its use.
    Generally speaking they considered ICE cheap and easily accessible.
    None of them considered the consequences to their health, as they didn’t believe that they had anything to look forward to in the future anyway.
    It’s old news now but here’s the link, if you’d like to read it.


  3. Prisoner and now Double Murderer: STEVEN JAMES HUNTER, who back in 1986, 27 years ago, murdered then 19 year old Jacqueline Matthews and in 2012 murdered 22 year old Sarah Cafferkey from Bacchus Marsh. Steven James Hunter was dealing ICE to the local young people, in Bacchus Marsh. A Bacchus Marsh Publican had said that Steven Hunter was very popular with the Young ones, often shouting them alcohol in his pub. Steven Hunters motive was obviously to hook as many of these young people on ICE as he could, and have sexual encounters with the young women, who would bought and used this low lifes Drug Pushers ICE…
    And it is still happening as I write this, by many other ICE dealers who will have taken over from him. Its all about supply and Demand for the Drug Ice. And for these ICE Pushers, with the young people who will take any party drug for a trip. There ICE Dealing business is booming.
    Absolutely Tragic, but the young people keep buying it at the nightclubs and night time seedy spots of entertainment and social young people gathering such as rock concerts and rage parties.
    Nothing ever changes in the seedy world of Drugs and Dealing. So much money is made from it!.


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