Vic pedophile Brett Chatterton prison term lengthened

Gee a turn up for the books, a sexual predator gets his sentence increased for once on appeal…

THE three-month jail term given to a Victorian man who sexually abused teenage boys has been lengthened to four years after a higher court found the sentence to be extraordinarily lenient.

Brett Chatterton, 37, in November was sentenced to three months in jail for visiting internet chat rooms to set up meetings with teenagers, where he paid them for sex acts throughout 2012.

He pleaded guilty to using a carriage service to send indecent communications to a child, five counts of sexual penetration of a child under 16, using a carriage service to procure a child aged under 16, and possessing child porn.

He was also ordered to serve 11 months of a previous sentence for possessing and transmitting child pornography.

In sentencing Chatterton, Victorian County Court Judge Liz Gaynor was critical of the period he had to wait before undergoing a treatment program for sex offenders.

But the Court of Appeal on Tuesday upheld an appeal from the Director of Public Prosecutions, who argued Chatterton’s sentence was well short of the length required.

Justices Simon Whelan, Phillip Priest and Mark Weinberg said Chatterton had been treated with “extraordinarily leniency” because of a failure by Corrections Victoria to put him on the program.

“It is difficult to see how sentences as low as three months for any of these offences can be justified,” the judges said.

“Dissatisfaction with the past failure of the corrections authorities to provide suitable treatment cannot come close to justifying the imposition of sentences that are themselves manifestly inadequate.”

Chatterton, of Melton, was resentenced to four years’ prison, with a non-parole period of two and a half years.

4 thoughts on “Vic pedophile Brett Chatterton prison term lengthened

  1. This Rock Spider with form: Brett Chatterton, 37,having been originally sentenced to just 3 Months on top of his previous offence 11 months for other Sex Offences – Because Corrections Victoria, made him wait to long- ” Diddams -” For his rehabilitation treatment and failed to give him a place on The Sex Offenders Treatment Program, is really sending out the message to all the un-caught deviates still out in the community. That they have to be touchy feely looked after better during their time in the Victorian Prisons Corrections…………….Its good he has now on appeal had his sentence increased to Four years…….But he really will only have to serve Two and a half years and he will be most likely by the welfare workers be given parole, as they all have in the past, if they complete? There Sex Offender Treatment Program in jail !……. Lets not forget that the Adult Parole Board of Victoria, believed on several Parole Board appearances from jail, that they all thought Adrian Earnest Edwards/ Bayley and Gary John Collingwood, were of good behaviour during their time in jail and were considered rehabilitated after several terms of imprisonment in and out of Victorian Correctional Prisons and Bayley conned them all that he was rehabilitated and had successfully convinced the Adult Parole Board that he was ready for release again un-supervised in spite of all his prior Sex Offences!… Whats the point of sentencing these maggots to Four years if their really only going to serve Two and a half years. Learn of the other Rock Spiders how to be a worse cunning deviate , an go out and commit more Sex Crimes!.This is the new get tough message that The courts are sending out! More weak bullshit and caring more about the future rehabilitation of the offenders and the victims left to suffer a life sentence!……If only The Victims could be healed in Four year with a non parole Two and a half years?………………….Two and a half years in the prisons” Dogs Yard” is still a slap on the wrist!………………………………………..


  2. He is another filthy piece of shit…he brags on facebook how horny he is and wants a young boy to s..k his c..k. I have reported him to facebook and hope that they deny him anymore access.


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