Child bride, 12, was married in her father’s house-here in Australia

This is just not on and is outrageous, a little girl only 12 years old married off to a 26-year-old. It is more common than we think and it HAS TO STOP NOW. This is criminal, and I do not care if you are a Muslim, Catholic, Buddhist or from Mars. This is AUSTRALIA and it is illegal in this country full stop. Protecting the children is paramount to anything else whether it be religious beliefs or so-called wishes of a child or parent! A bloody child wishing to get married, it’s ridiculous to entertain the thought

UPDATE 13/02/14

Father of 12-year-old child bride charged, but thinks has ‘done nothing wrong’

THE father of the 12-year-old girl at the centre of the Islamic marriage scandal appeared before a court yesterday charged with procuring his young daughter for sex.

The 61-year-old, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, “is of the belief he has done nothing wrong,” Raymond Terrace Local Court was told.

The court also heard the man had a disregard for NSW laws and believed his daughter was “in love” with her 26-year-old “husband”.




Magistrate Caleb Franklin rejected the man’s bail application yesterday, citing a strong prosecution case and the likelihood of a jail term if he was convicted.

Police charged the father with procuring a child for unlawful sexual activity and being an accessory before the fact to someone having sexual intercourse with a child.

“The defendant has a disregard for the laws of this state,” Mr Franklin said in denying the man bail.

The man’s Legal Aid solicitor said her client, an osteoarthritis sufferer, would find time in custody “very difficult”.

The court heard the man had co-operated with detectives in interviews but disputed much of the police facts including the allegations he facilitated the marriage.

His solicitor said her client claimed his daughter was a “very, very mature strong-willed woman” and he thought the man was about 18-19.

“He said ‘they’re in love and it’s a strong love’ and at this point he’s trying to be supportive of his children,” she said.

Charge sheets tendered in court allege the girl’s father procured her for sexual activity with her future “husband” from when the couple met at a Hunter Valley mosque in November last year until they were allegedly married on January 12.

Outside court, it emerged the girl wrote on a blog site her father told her to wear a hijab to school when she was 11.

“When I was 11 my Dad made the decision I should wear hijab to school,” she wrote.

“To be honest I didn’t want to wear hijab to school. I was afraid of what all the other kids would say or think about me. But when I went to school the next day it wasn’t that bad.”

Charges against the girl’s father followed the alleged wedding of the man’s then 12-year-old daughter in their family living room to a 26-year-old Lebanese man last month.

The girl’s “husband” is in custody charged with 25 counts of having sexual intercourse with a child.

Imam Riaz Tasawar from the Mayfield Mosque, who “married” the 12-year-old girl to the 26-year-old man.

Imam Riaz Tasawar from the Mayfield Mosque, who “married” the 12-year-old girl to the 26-year-old man.

The imam who allegedly performed the ceremony, Riaz Tasawar, 35, was charged with solemnising a marriage without authority and will face court in April.

UPDATE 11/02/14

Police have arrested and charged an imam accused of conducting the marriage of a 12-year-old girl in the Hunter Valley this year.

Detectives from the Child Abuse Squad arrested the 35-year-old Pakistan-born man outside Parramatta police station about 4.30pm on Monday afternoon, police said.

They charged him with solemnisation of a marriage by an unauthorised person.

Police will allege he agreed to conduct a ceremony after he was approached by a 26-year-old man, who was eager to marry the girl.

The 26-year-old, a Lebanese man who is living in Australia on a student visa, has   with 25 counts of having sexual intercourse with an underage child.

He is in custody and is expected to make an application for bail before Burwood Local Court on Wednesday.

It had been reported the imam had gone to ground.

“He was located outside the police station,” a police spokesman said.

“It wasn’t arrest by appointment or anything like that, just that we happened to find him outside the police station.”

The spokesman said the imam was not related to the girl.

The imam was released on strict conditional bail and is expected to appear before Parramatta Local Court on April 2.

The girl’s father needs his head read, he talks below, and then further down, how this crime was discovered.

THE Muslim convert father of the 12-year-old girl at the centre of a child sex case following her “marriage” to a 26-year-old foreigner confessed his unhappiness at their union, but said “it was not my decision” WTF ??? IS this father kidding himself? How could he allow this to happen

But the fifth-generation Australian man, who allowed the pair to be married by an imam in his Hunter Valley home on January 12, now says he fears she is going to “die” from a broken heart.

The man, 26, is behind bars tonight after being arrested by the Sex Crime Command's Child Abuse Squad after his marriage to a 12-year-old girl was discovered.

The man, 26, is behind bars tonight after being arrested by the Sex Crime Command’s Child Abuse Squad after his marriage to a 12-year-old girl was discovered.

He also addressed public outrage on the case following the 26-year-old Lebanese man’s arrest on Thursday, saying he might “cop a little bit of abuse off people but I will have to cope with that”.

“She was crying like I have never heard before, they were telling her she couldn’t see (the man) today or tomorrow or possibly forever,’’ he said. “She’s being restrained against her will in foster care.

“There’s nothing I can do at the moment, I’ve got the feeling she might die because she’s so hurt by all of this.”

The pair met at a Hunter Valley mosque late last year after the 26-year-old came to Australia to study at a nearby university.

He approached the mosque about marrying the girl but the Newcastle Muslim Association president Bikash “Shahriar” Paul said he was turned away because it was illegal and “wrong”.

He then approached the girl’s father — who converted to Islam about 18 years ago following a battle with drugs, gambling and alcohol abuse — through an intermediary, who told him of the man’s intentions.

He initially refused but agreed to let him come to his house to meet his daughter.

He said it was almost over before it began when she found out he was 26, but she changed her mind.

“She was saying she wanted to get married, I said before there was going to be problems because he was from Lebanon,’’ the father said. “I told him to go back to Lebanon, not nastily.”

The girl’s father said his initial concerns were more religiously guided than the man’s or his daughter’s ages.

However, he said the only way they could be in any type of relationship, let alone in the same room un-chaperoned, under “my interpretation of the Koran” was if they were married.

“My daughter was not going to change her mind, I couldn’t talk her out of it,’’ he said.

“Him being 26 was not a big concern to me because I was not marrying him. I was not happy with it but it was not my decision.”

He said the couple moved to western Sydney after the marriage. He said they tried to enrol his daughter at a local high school but were told to go to Centrelink to ascertain her guardianship.

The father said a social worker at Centrelink raised the alarm before police and the Department of Community Services intervened.

The man was refused bail at Burwood Local Court on Friday after being charged by Child Abuse Squad detectives with 25 counts of sexual intercourse with a child.

Her father, who was interviewed and released without charge, said he knew people would ask how could he let his 12-year-old daughter live with an older man, let alone marry him, but he didn’t “want to stop her happiness”.

The Minister for Family and Community Services, Pru Goward said on Friday she was horrified by the case.

“In this country, little girls have rights and in particular they have the right to a childhood free from this kind of abuse,” she said

Alleged underage marriage uncovered when a 12-year-old child bride and husband, 26, tried to apply for spousal benefits

The Daily Telegraph
February 08, 2014

AN alleged under-age marriage was uncovered this week when a 12-year-old child bride and her 26-year-old husband tried to apply for spousal benefits, according to government sources.

Centrelink sources say the girl was removed from the home she shared with her 26-year-old “husband” hours after enquiring about what support would be available to a spousal visa holder on Wednesday morning.

Concerns also emerged after the man attempted to enrol the girl in a Western Sydney high school.

Newcastle Muslim Association president Bikash “Shahriar” Paul said the accused man was an “occasional” worshipper at a mosque in the Hunter Valley region north of Sydney, where he met the girl.

Mr Paul said he believed the man was originally from Lebanon but had moved to the Hunter Region to study computers at a nearby university about nine months ago.

It’s understood police will allege the marriage took place in a backyard in Sydney’s west on January 11.

After hearing reports about the charges yesterday morning on radio Mr Paul said he called the girl’s father who confirmed “it’s my girl”.

He said the girl’s father “was aware” of the marriage and that police had contacted him on Thursday but did not elaborate further.

The man was arrested by detectives from the Child Abuse Squad and charged with 25 counts of sexual intercourse with a child.

He was denied bail at Burwood court yesterday and will reappear next Wednesday.

Shocked residents in the western Sydney suburb where the couple lived expressed anger about the alleged offences.

One neighbour said before they moved in they had mistakenly gone to the wrong house for an inspection. She said she saw the girl wearing a pink hijab and her partner apologised for the intrusion.

A leading Islamic health services counsellor has warned that hundreds of children as young as eleven are being sent overseas to be married after being “shopped” on Facebook.

Ms Sharobeem, the Director of the Immigrant Women’s Health Services, said children were involved in illegal marriages both in Australia and overseas: “It’s far more prevalent and well-known than people think.”

Minister for Family and Community Services, Pru Goward conceded the problem was more widespread than the case identified yesterday, saying her department had heard of “significant numbers of unlawful, unregistered marriages in NSW, particularly in south-west Sydney, western Sydney and the Blue Mountains.”

“In this country, little girls have rights and in particular they have the right to a childhood free from this kind of abuse,” she said.

The legal marrying age in Australia is 18 unless a court has approved a marriage where one party is aged between 16 and 18.

15 thoughts on “Child bride, 12, was married in her father’s house-here in Australia

  1. OMG! This is one of the negatives of multiculturalism, that is, primitive cultural influences. This is AUSTRALIA. They agree to abide by AUSTRALIAN LAW when them come here. We need Government intervention quick smart IMO.


  2. It is Caro,

    Aussies would be flabbergasted. As it stands the father of the poor young girl has NOT been charged with anything yet. That is outrageous, he disposed of his daughter to someone else knowing the circumstances like a puppy from a litter of dogs. (ie they don’t get to make a decision what family/owner they go to either, open to abuse and so on)

    I will not be surprised if money exchanged hands…Makes me sick


  3. I expect the police will charge the parents for allowing this travesty, the persons who presided over the ‘marriage ceremony’ and anyone else who has facilitated this or turned a blind-eye. Cultural/religous differences cannot be used as a mitigating factor here. This is a black and white issue. Now remember the outcry when former PM John Howard appointed Peter Hollingworth as GG – a man who facilitated the coverup and silencing of abuse victims in QLD church run schools, and who also went on the record publicly defending another priest who was dating a 14 year old girl, implying that it was the girls fault…. We must stamp this activity out in EVERY cultural/religious corner of OZ society, be it our new muslim immigrant cousins or the litany of abuse being uncovered during the current commission (i.e. the Salvos, the various religous denominations). Peter Hollingworth is no less shameful then this current pack of perverted mongrels..


    • I wouldn’t be to sure about the father being charged.
      I know a woman who was allowing a convicted paedophile to have her daughter & other little girls. One girl told Vicky what was happening & was verbally abused so badly that she was too scared to disclose to anyone else. When DOCS took her kids off her, she kidnapped one, went on the run with the convicted paedophile & wrote to a newspaper saying how hard done by she was.
      Why wasn’t she charged. Who is protecting her & what did they get out of it?

      or here for bigger image


  4. A $ I.000.000. Reward for solving the mystery disappearance of the Beaumont Children. This is off the subject of older islamic muslim men paedophiles wanting to marry under age girls. But as this reward was announced today by the South Australia Police, I thought this would be a fresh time to talk about this most baffling of famous un- solved case the mysterious disappearance and suspected murder of the three Beaumont children. Was this un-solved crime the work of one or more active paedophiles or a paedophile ring back in the 1960,s?………The late Derek Percy, Victorias longest serving criminally Insane Prisoner and serial Child Stalker and Murderer for 44 years ,was the main person of interest, as he was at the Glenelg Beach in Adelaide at the time of the Beaumonts abduction!
    But the lack of concrete forensic and physical evidence had not been able to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Derek Percy committed this heinous crime, and Percys one and only last response to police, during a statement he made on his death bed last year in 2013, was that he may have done, but cant remember!……. So if Derek Percy is to be eliminated from the Beaumont abduction, then that means that a sinister cunning Paedophile may still be living amongst society and knows where there bodies where buried?…………. It would be great to be able to solve this case once and for all, after all these years. I remember back in the late 1960,s, that It was such a loss of Australias innocence . When before the Beaumonts mysterious disappearance nobody ever worried about any harm from stalkers or strangers on the beach or in any public places. But the Wanda Murders, the The Derek Percy Murders all happening around the late 1960,s, changed all this forever!
    This was not by any means the beginning of Deviates, But the Beaumont Children possibly Murdered back then, was the start of the Stranger Danger way that all concerned people of this time started to not wanted to let their innocent children out of their sight, and always accompany them to a kiosk or a beaches changing rooms, toilet blocks etc!….. Just to refresh any Aussie Criminal Readers who are not familiar with the South Australia Wanda Beach, Derek Percy and the Beaumont Children abducton.! There is a good documentary on ”Youtube, titled The Wanda Beach Murders!”……..Check it out!……………..
    So many Paedophiles of men now in their old age in their seventies or eighties or now dead were very active Paedophiles back in the 1960,s and 1970,s and 1980,s and never caught because of the cover- ups of churches and religions, schools- Boys Homes, Orphanages- Scout camps – etc, And hiding and protecting these men was acceptable to these religious or academic institutions of high public standing! And this is proving to be the case with Famous people like: Rolf Harris, The BBC celebrity : Jimmy Saville, Rock Star :Gary Glitter, The Home and Away Aussie Actor: Hughes, the list goes on of people we all least expected!…….And as the age of the internet is uncovering by the dedicated Police Cyber Crime unit investigators – Paedophiles are detected and being caught coming out of their closets, or being caught chatting on-line in their secret deviate Paedophile grooming web sites and many of them are very educated, professional, and have or still hold positions of trust – even Police Officers – Priests- Ministers – Salvation Army ministers – Famous Actors – celebrities and or High ranking religious members of their churches, like the Archbishops- Cardinals of the Catholic Church and The Anglican Church of England – And worst of all the Middle Eastern Muslim Islamic religions.
    And as is the case with many in the secret strict order of radical, full slit eye black burqa wearing Islamic Muslims, looking up to and following their worshiping God Mahammad , Allah Akbut – who was himself a Paedophile, married and had sex with several children girls , to who he had children with, in his harem! or mosque – the Koran allows Muslim men the right to have sex with young girls or boys if they so marry the them!…..As was the case with this 26 year old Muslim convert foreigner man marrying a 12 year old girl in a Muslims house!……….This is so un- Australian they should be deported back to the Islam Country they came from. I am not being racist . If Muslims live in Australia, then they must not ram there Islamic customs against our laid back Aussie way of life! …If we moved over to there Muslim Islamic culture countries of the world, and started cooking a pork sausage on the barbie, and let our women walk around without wearing a burqa ,or a nappie head, preaching from a Christian bible, to them! – they would very quickly put us Aussies in our place. Like a be-heading, cut our throat, just shoot us, as they do best! or just lock us up in a tough Middle eastern prison and probably tortured as the do best in their brutal Islamic parts of the world!……Allah Akbut! – jihad!.- Suicide Bomber, Paedophile – Sand Nigger Wankers!…………………………………………..


  5. WE have been deceived for 226 odd years by the freemasons they are total shit and anyone who study’s this subject will find out .
    This pitiful story is not unexpected ,we all know mahamud married eisha at age 9 ,normal for them they think it is ok ,it’s sharia law and it is also shit , ever seen a 15 yr old girl stoned to death ! ?? this child rape / murder has been going on here for 226 yrs starting with the original peoples ,there have been thousands and thousands of children raped and murdered here =ritual sacrifice it is connect to the Australian police and all governments der it is not hard to work out ,SEE REINA MICHAELSON young Aussie of the year not that long ago ,she was screwed over by the cops channel ten graham kennedy was a paedophile burt newton’s and jeff Kennett were also mentioned .
    you must read that story also to do with freemasons , all the obleisk’s you see are all phallic symbols or penis symbols ,this is a real freak show when you study it ,I have spent more than 4,000 hrs on child abuse paedophillia satanic rituals and freemasons . this whole Muslim thing and Multiculturalism is a dismal failure ,but what do we expect when traitors and criminals with no Allegiance to Australia are in charge ?????? is it time to wake up or are we all happy with what we have ,me personally my life is on hold full stop nothing but nothing else matters to me more than exposing the truth getting back our god given right to freedom and protecting children .
    The tip of the iceburg is the jews ,the Holocaust liars , have you seen their circumcision rituals where they suck the penis of the baby 8 days old generally to apply pressure to the wound and they suck it until it stops bleeding ! these people I believe may even not be full humans ,and I mean who could do such a satanic ritual or watch on ?? but that’s not all check the JEW PIGS bible the Talmud it talks about Goyim or cattle or chattel which is us ! or all non jews this is the worst book I have ever read the Koran is play school compared to this ,you must read what the Talmud says about the GOYIM ,they say that after 3 yrs old a girl is sexually mature and ready for sex FFS WTF is going on any one who cares for kids in a moral way must research must tell everyone ,we have more power than anyone in Government it’s just that they trapped us into contract through our birth cert fraud and License , I have been 4 years now studying 12 hrs a day to catch up for my ignorance and now I know the true purpose of why we are all here and that is to expose the evil villians that have enslaved us from birth and to live a free life with no STATUTE law SILENCE is Consent please help the kids , How do you think the church has got away with it for so long ,freemason cops judges and catholics please help me expose this evil my uncle walked from Gilgandra to Sydney 28 days to help the ww1 effort ,an effort that was all for the bankers = false flag wars ISRAEL IS TOTAL SHIT free PALESTINE AND WE WILL FREE THE WORLD ! thanks ! LEST WE FORGOT


      • Elizabeth people like you are the reason children are being raped , you are ignorant you have not done any homework and really you are a disgrace to repy to me in that way I truly feel sorry for people like you ,are you a jew or married to a freemason ?? SO Reina Michaelson is a goose too is she ? young Australian of the year 2002 ? I think massive hidden story by media ,but you are just an ignorant fool who believes the governint truly sad display of humanity from you thanks for showing your true self >


  6. He apparently is here on student visa and met her at the mosque. This is just disgusting! and the imam (who married them) now stated that because our legal system seperated them she will die of heart broken WTH??? She is a CHILD!!


  7. I would not expect the father to tell the truth IF he is involved in child prostitution/ human trafficking i.e. selling the child. As a 5th gen Australian he would be familiar with Australian age of consent and marriage laws. Why would a father “marry” off a young girl if not for financial gain? This is the only reason such young girls are married in poor countries. I would be interested in how the single father came to have custody of the girl if he did not want her. Had he planned to “marry” her off when seeking custody? I would be interested to know if the father is unemployed or was in financial stress.
    I believe the marriage has taken place without the knowledge of the mosque. The imam acted in a purely freelance mercenary way.


  8. Sorry forgot to say Elizabeth , , Condemnation Without Investigation is the Height of Ignorance feel free to acknowledge the truth when you find it , Peace !


    • aus50, you are not being rational. You are just a conspiracy theorist who has spent 4000 hours brainwashing yourself with nonsense.


      • Spare me the Dribble ignorant person ,I know the truth ,if that is the best you can do to rebut me ,I suggest you pull your head out of your ass before you speak next time ,people like you are the real reason this shit is happening ! do me a favour and piss off !


  9. Elizabeth before you make judgemental insults on people on this site about peoples states of mind. So many innocent Children for years right up until the present have been stuffed up in the mind. Just today, two 8 & 9 years children on the wide side, have tried to start a fire with a cigarette lighter in Long Gully Bendigo Victoria. With luck they were caught before the fire got out of control and started another major bushfire in Victoria on a Total Fire Ban day!….. What has made these very young kids do such a thing like deliberate Arson!…. This has to be a cry for help, they are most likely from a dysfunctional family and or a environment of possible child abuse of maybe they are simply stuffed in the mind! …. This happened today in 2014!. There are children of today that are our future potential dangerous criminals or even murderers!…… And speaking about people being stuffed in the mind! Elizabeth, – have you ever spoken to victims of the 1960,s Catholic and Salvation Army Childrens homes………… Go and talk to the child victims from these 1960,s Catholic and Salvation Army Childrens and Orphanage homes…….. So many of these poor kids back then were treated with harsh military style discipline , psychological and mental torture, were interfered with, beaten, starved and violently forcefully buggered with sexually, made to give fellatio to and abused in the most horrible ways by the priests and by the nuns, and ministers who under the protection of their God forbidden religious churches were supposed to be the custodians of unwanted or un-loved children in these religious Childrens Homes or Boarding schools which were scattered all over Australia up until the late 1970,s, before many of them were to be sold of or closed down under covered up secrecy, because of went on in them by the Catholic Church and Salvation Army and other denominations etc!…………..So many of these poor kids were dumped into these Childrens Homes through no fault of their own, by violent unsuitable parents who were often violent alcoholics or the children were taking from them and made wards of the state, because they were unable or were unsuitable to be caring parents, or were in Prison. Or they were just born bastards from unknown fathers! Or their Mothers had died!…………. In the late 1950,s and 1960,s There was no supervision of the brutality that went on in so many of these places of human suffering…….. Adults that survived these places often ended up violent criminals or Prison and so many were mentally destroyed from their experiences at the hands of these sick priests, ministers and nuns. Many went on to commit suicide. As they had no one to turn to and in these days , no one listened to them anyway!……………………………
    Well done aus50, on your interesting studies, I don’t think they are crazy! And the truth is we are all to some point stuffed in the mind and need to get some help! Its a crazy world out there, but at least some of us are speaking up and trying to change it, although its most likely all in vain. Because most people are to busy in the rush, hustle and bustle to even give a shit , about victims of crime. And many of our so called academics are more interested in protecting the guilty especially High Profile Paedophiles and Sexual Predators. Elizabeth from what ever her background, needs to open her eyes and accept that so much of was is happening in our current twisted world, is sicking!………………… Especially amongst the Middle Eastern Radical Religions, like the Afghanistan Taliban men who commonly have sex with boys and consider this custom normal to their religion! The more that is looked into Worlds Child abuses and Paedophilla amongst many religious and non- religious cultures, the more shocking things that come to the surface!… A thesis is an under statement of the study horrible thing that the human being on this earth does to each other and their human being Children. And I am not talking about the middle ages or thousands of years ago, I am talking about in the present, in 2014. The world is full of brutality and violence and so much of it is sexually motivated by rotten low- life Paedophiles in all parts of the world!…………So yes, I guess I am very much stuffed in the mind, for believing this……… It cant really be happening, I must be insane. There is no such thing as a Paedophille or a Sexual Predator, and their is no such thing as sexual or violent abuse to Children! I better go and get some Shock Treatment, It all in the mind!
    Like Hell it is, I am very normal. That Mongral that abducted and murdered young Daniel Morcombe, he should have got some of Elizabeths – life experience advice and got some help before he murdered innocent Daniel, He is very stuffed in the mind!……………Then again maybe its just us who is crazy. This probably never happened, he must be innocent like Simon Gittany The Monk. After All his Priest SAYS HE IS innocent!……………………………ITS ALL SO STUFFED IN THE MIND! WHERE CAN WE GET HELP! THERES NO CRIME IN AUSTRLIA ITS ALL IN OUR IMAGINATION! There are no children victims of crime, Lets open all the cell doors in our worst Prisons AND LET ALL THE INNOCENT SICK VIOLENT child Murdering CRIMINALS INCLUDING PAEDOPHILLE ALL FREE!…………………………………………………………………………aus50 –
    You seem to have really dug up some horrible findings on how much of the world, usually because of some misguided religious beliefs or cult like rituals, like the Masonic Orders. Some of them are so secretive and twisted in their ritual beliefs. The Muslim Sharia Law, The Jews, Talmud, its very deranged child abusive behaviours all in the ritual of their strange and bizarre religious beliefs. But the Catholic are just as deranged the way they have in the past condoned violent child abuses and Paedophilla a a very secretive wide scale and then tried to cover it all up or pay off their victims to keep quite about it all! Another writer her called The Shadow reckons I need to get a life, and put my old Prison Officer past behind me! Some people just don’t understand, that some of us have experience a lifetime of the evil side to this world. And you don’t just turn it off like a light switch. You have to talk about it, that is all that that is in our stuffed minds!…. Sometimes the Crims are more believed when they write their , Im Innocent books, an get a few million dollars from New Idea or from some Media network to pay for their story!……………………..I think I better stopping writing her at Aussie criminals, I starting to get enemies and threating phone calls from writing about high profile crooks here! And Im to getting so stuffed in the mind! ha ha! John Setka from the CMFEU and I Mick Gatto can youse can f***ing take my place, they should have some interesting life experiences from Prison to write about here! Mick Gatto already wrote a best seller! SEE YA ALL ON THE FLIP SIDE AUSSIECRIMINAL COMMUNITY!


  10. The police have arrested and charged the Pakistani “imam” who conducted this shambolic “marriage”…

    He was charged with “solemnisation of a marriage by an unauthorised person”, and is the first person to be charged with this offence since record keeping began in 1994. Amazingly it only carries a 6 month/$500 penalty (WTF?!!!)

    People who facilitate child sexual abuse – or turn a blind eye to it – are just as grubby as the actual abusers. In fact, I think they are even more cupable…


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