DANIEL Morcombe TRIAL-Brett Cowan pleads not guilty to murder

9 thoughts on “DANIEL Morcombe TRIAL-Brett Cowan pleads not guilty to murder

  1. The former tow truck driver walked past the Morcombe family in the public gallery before entering the prisoner’s dock, dressed in a grey sports coat and navy pants. I cannot imagine the emotional anguish felt as this mongrel walked past the parents, just a few a feet away


  2. I meant to add, if it were me, after one of my sons was murdered by this person, I do not know how I could stop myself being so close, to lunging at his neck in a vice like grip and suck the life out of him….


  3. The jury of 15 members, including three reserves, was empanelled at this morning’s proceedings.

    However, six jurors have since been excused from the trial after Justice Atkinson asked them if they could not be impartial.


  4. http://www.news.com.au/national/brea…-1226830104087

    Morcombe jury told of ‘jumping’ tarp
    FEBRUARY 18, 2014 2:41PM
    A WITNESS has told the trial of Daniel Morcombe’s accused killer of seeing a glimpse of red from under a “jumping” tarpaulin in the back seat of a moving car…

    “”It was a tarp jumping up and down and as I recall my statement said I thought there was kids or someone under there moving, or it was the wind,” he said Mr Lipke said he also saw a piece of red material under the tarpaulin”…

    He said he later saw the same car being driven erratically and there were two men inside, including a man with a bushy beard and unkempt hair to his collar”…


  5. Tessa Scott ‏@TessaScott9 2h
    Jeffrey Norman bus driver says the driver of first bus radioed and said there was someone under bridge. No one there when he arrived @9NewsBrisbane

    Tessa Scott ‏@TessaScott9 2h
    The driver drove the second bus, said it left “no more than 2 mins” after first bus that passed Daniel – but nobody was there #Morcombe @9NewsBrisbane


  6. http://www.news.com.au/national/quee…/story-fnii5v6

    Trial of Brett Peter Cowan, 44, aka Shaddo N-unyah Hunter, accused of killing teenager Daniel Morcombe in 2003
    FEBRUARY 26, 2014

    Joszef Gebri, was driving home from Buderim to Brisbane via the Bruce Highway at 6.15pm on December 7, 2003. He saw two cars parked along the roadside,on a dirt road near to a pine plantation. He saw an adult male close to the cars and a child about 12-years-old with dark hair. He said there was a third man standing nearby. The expression on the child’s face was of apprehension, possibly fear. He reported what he saw to the police the next day.

    So sad for Daniel and his family. This is evil human behaviour. These crims will always be a danger to others. Don’t release them into the community again IMO.


  7. Justice has been done. Loock this evil, child molester forever. He should never be allowed into society. Hope you die in solitude and you mongrel. You took an innocent life to fulfil your lust you dirty, flightypig, moron and scumbag. You need psychiatric help as you are nothing but an evil psychopath living in this world


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