Comments out of whack problem

Hi folks just a quickie to explain what happened to the comments and replies appearing out-of-order.

A WordPress engineer wrote the following reply to my queries. New threads etc.  should be good from here on in.

Sorry for the confusion, it seems me trying to make things simpler made then more confusing!

Hi Robbo,

The nesting is currently working as seen here:
However you will see that it is only 3 levels deep (which it was set at before). So, what happened was that users could not reply to comments after that point. They could only add a new comment, and they could not reply to a comment that was already 3 levels deep.
So currently it looks a bit confusing as users were only able to add new comments underneath from here:
This just adds new comments on the 1st level making it look like a straight line with no indents, but as seen in the first screenshot the indents are pretty obvious. Since I changed it to 10 nested levels, it shouldn’t be that bad from this point forward. Unfortunately, I can’t change this for the posts that were already published because there would be no way to tell which comment your readers wanted to reply to.

Let me know if you have any questions about this.

Post your thoughts here, then PRESS POST COMMENT button folks, cheers

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