Crime syndicate smashed by NSW police in $15m drug haul

Another one bites the dust, I love this news, it means less poison drugs containing who knows what is off our streets and not in our kids bodies. The one crap thing is we have very weak sentencing here for drug offenses, this strike force is ongoing with more arrests, get ready for the tap on the shoulder or guns in your faces boys!

One of the three men arrested at Gundagai yesterday

One of the three men arrested at Gundagai yesterday

Police say they have arrested 12 people over a $15-million drug haul seized in southern New South Wales.

Detectives began investigating what they have described as a major drug supply syndicate in 2012, forming Strike Force Oceanic.

They say the group has been producing and selling massive quantities of cannabis and the drug ice throughout the state’s south.

Police say the nine kilograms of ice seized would be worth around $9 million on the street.

Police say the nine kilograms of ice seized would be worth around $9 million on the street.


p>Officers pounced yesterday, arresting three men and allegedly seizing nine kilograms of ice, with an estimated street value of $9 million, in a raid at Gundagai.

Luigi Gino Fato, 62, and 40-year-old Hank Peter Pickett appeared briefly on serious drug charges in Wagga Wagga Local Court this morning.

No bail application was made and both men will remain in custody until they appear in Batemans Bay Local Court later this month.

The third man, a 63-year-old from Malua Bay, is yet to appear in court.

Detectives say the men are key players in the syndicate.

Police also raided another 11 properties yesterday in Sydney, Canberra and near Griffith, Cowra and Batemans Bay.

At a rural property at Crowther south of Cowra about 2,750 cannabis plants, with an estimated value of $5.5 million, were allegedly discovered.

Wagga Wagga Local Court heard this morning that Young Police Station is having difficulty storing such a large quantity of the drug.

Officers also seized seven guns, 60 kilograms of gunpowder, 90,000 rounds of ammunition and a number of vehicles, machines and documents during the raids.

A 36-year-old man was arrested at Sans Souci in Sydney’s south and charged with enhanced indoor cultivation that exposes a child over a hydroponic cannabis set-up allegedly found in the home.

He was then released on bail to face Kogarah Local Court next month.

In the nearby suburb of Miranda another man, also 36, was arrested and charged with enhanced indoor cultivation and drug possession.

He is free on bail and is due to face Sutherland Local Court next month.

A 40-year-old man was arrested in the ACT suburb of Palmerston and charged with drug supply offences.

He faced Queanbeyan Local Court yesterday.

A 46-year-old arrested at a Batemans Bay home was charged with drug supply.

He is being held in custody to face Narooma Local Court today.

Five other people had already charged over the syndicate before yesterday’s raids.

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7 thoughts on “Crime syndicate smashed by NSW police in $15m drug haul

  1. They seem heavily organized don’t they ,lots of guns and ammo ,not for me that’s for sure ! problem is though all the cops are doing is taking down their opposition , the CIA ? ASIO have been dealing drugs from the beginning , according to everything I read ,they are the bigtime dealers and deal mostly in Heroin it’s everywhere and common knowledge , the one’s we trusted most have let us down the most ,our government , our churches and the pedofaggot scummy priests ,and the police ,,freemasons , of course not all are bad but just the top 10% the ones who make the decisions the rest are oblivious to it all , I don’t care what anyone thinks of what I say all I know is that I speak the truth and seem to be backed up by thousands , while we wait and try to get the message out ,anyway ignorance is bliss as they say , investigate the police / drug dealing police and see what you come up with , like the Fitzgerald enquiry ,Glen McNamara ,” A FAIR COP ” his books and the enquiry itself tells the story and all those back then have now been promoted instead of jailed , I urge anyone who thinks i’m crazy or whatever to rebut after study anything I say I dare you ! have a go Australia our kids are being raped and murdered our rights removed , and we believe the Government and main stream brainwashing ? 95% of cops are cowards only good when in groups ,which makes them no better than criminal outlaw groups ,and to cowardly to investigate when they know something is not right ! END QUOTE A FAIR COP Glen McNamara’s , {BOOK} now this guy was a real police man one that did not want to sell drugs like his mates or have sex with children >>>> worth a read as is the Fitzgerald report The Heiner Affair ,oh that’s enough sorry get carried away when I think of how many children have been dealt with . peace !


  2. A good true crime book that was nearly banned is ” Snouts in the trough”, on Victoria Police Corruption!…… Also a another Book the Victoria Police tried to get banned: Police Corruption in Victoria, by Raymond Hoser……. And another one Filthy Rat by Victoria Police Whistleblower : Simon Illingsworth. Also books by journalist Bob Bottom!.. who has wrote on organised Crime, Corruption and the Mafia in Australia., : Crims in Grass Castles and Bugged …… There are other good books on Police Corruption written by Former Coppers which I have in my library, but I cannot think of their title and author. I will name them when I can find them!……….Isnt it strange how so many drug raids and big busts are happening of late in 2014…….. But how many Crims pushing drugs with the aid of Organised Corruption and corrupt customs and waterside workers have let for years drugs flood our Country and fed the endless hunger of all the junkies!….How did it ever get this big our drug problem, especially with the trafficking of hard rugs like Heroin, Cocaine, Crystal Meth, ice, Eckys, GBH, Crack, Speed, Hill Billy Herorin, And all the new designer synthetic Drugs, High powered Marijuana and wacky fake drug energy pills which are even worse than real drugs- these now being sold under the counter in youth shops like Off ya Tree…and clothing shops in all cities! ……


    • Yes I agree I Have a copy of the Hoser files ,the Vic police are definitely the most corrupt ,but NSW WA SA all follow closely ,must have been a lot of transfers from VIC ,check out their masonic symbols all tied to freemasons ,but it seems some stupid people will not even entertain the idea that police sell drugs ,plant evidence ,steal drugs and guns ,are involved with satanic ritual;s of children murder , ust don’t get it ,but I was dumb and would not believe too until I researched and investigated for my self , and I got the biggest wake up of my life !


  3. On 3AW Melbourne radio, the announcer Tom Elliot asked some one in power or any member of the Masonic Lodge to talk about what goes on in the Masons today, with their secrecy and all. No lodge member would come and talk about mason life on the radio. So full of secrecy? Apparently the New Melbourne Royal Childrens Hospital is designed on the Freemasons symbol as they put a lot of money into it. I wouldn’t think many young people today would want to join the secret Masonic Freemasons with their old fashioned strict draconian discipline and their brotherhood, and secret hand shakes while they listen to Justin Bieber or Lady Gaga music, dancing around the old mitre and square. I have always Wondered what all the bizarre secrecy is about. They act like a cult or something. Strange how it seems to attract Coppers, especially high ranking ones. I remember they were once called Goat Riders?.


    • Exactly the symbols are everywhere ,seriously people will be shamed when they find out the truth about these people ,ashamed for the fact they scoffed at people like me and others ,that do know the truth ,and how urgent it is to wake people up ,Just google FREEMASONS WORSHIP ANUS and see how sick and perverted these freak shows really are ,it’s sad though for all the ignorant members doing good deeds for freemasonry that they are being used ! in the meantime though expose evil expose freemasons , and when the rest of the sheep wake up all masonic buildings will be public property symbols removed and freemasonry closed for good , Have you seen how many countries have kicked them out and seeing as though it’s jewish it all makes sense ,Where is the proof 1 jew died in the gas chambers let alone 6,000,000, have you seen the papers from 1918 to 38 a video called Six million jews ? on David Icke sheer brainwashing and universal deceit ,they were all given new names money and resources ,and Infiltrated every country on earth , God I am so glad I woke up ! thanks for the reply !!


  4. After you read dirty work , it certainly sound familiar to what happened the the cop who was shot in the fake raid , where the police shot the cop in the head and charged some other guy for the murder . The cop who was shot was working with the LEB GANG SQUAD , was he working undercover ,? Seeing as they were busted not long before . Not long after that another cop was shot by accident by cops , i bet they are connected . The 1st cop came from Glen Innes AND HIS BROTHER NOW WORKS WITH THAT SQUAD . ITS ALL VERY SUSPECT . That is the exact method described in THE DIRTY WORK BOOK. CALLED TO A FAKE CALL .


  5. What about all the old people who died in the nursing homes in SA, VIC NSW all within weeks , nothing investigated at all . Insurance is the biggest crime of all , and these nursing homes get all their houses and money .


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