Five charged after meth valued at $180 million found in kayaks

February 12, 2014

POLICE have charged five people in Sydney over the importation of an estimated $180 million worth of methamphetamine concealed inside kayaks sent from China.

Customs allegedly found about 183kg of the illegal drug on Wednesday last week after X-raying 27 kayaks that had entered Australia.

The tests showed 19 of the kayaks contained packages with methamphetamine inside.

Concealed ... one of the imported kayaks carrying the meth into Australia.

Concealed … one of the imported kayaks carrying the meth into Australia.

Australian Federal Police on Tuesday allowed the kayaks to be delivered to a Sydney storage facility, where they arrested four Taiwanese nationals.

Three of the men, aged 21, 30 and 35, were charged with possessing a commercial quantity of drugs and the fourth, a 28-year-old woman, was charged with drug importation.

Police later arrested a 32-year-old Kensington man at his home and charged him with attempting to import the drugs.

Customs regional director Tim Fitzgerald said the 183kg of crystal meth was found in watertight areas inside the kayaks.

There were also a number of life jackets inside the boats that may have been put there to misdirect the attention of any searches, he added.

“It’s fair to say that any item coming into Australia can be used to hide narcotics,’’ he told reporters in Sydney today.

“Previously through airports, we’ve seen narcotics concealed inside surfboards.”

Mr Fitzgerald said that in the past 14 months, Customs had found more than 1000kg of meth in liquid and crystal form.

He said the drug was a “significant problem’’ for border protection authorities and a significant amount came from China.

Australian Federal Police Sydney manager Ray Johnson said people accused of drug hauls of the amount found in the kayaks could expect to face around 15 years in jail if found guilty.

The kayaks were inspected at the Sydney Container Examination Facility.

David John Alton, 32, who was charged with importing a commercial quantity of drugs, appeared before Sydney’s Central Local Court today and was refused bail.

The matter was adjourned until April 9 before the same court.

Meng-Chih Shih, 30, Zhao Xiung Huang, 35, and Chien Khih Kuo, 21, also appeared before Central Local Court today and had their bail formally refused.

Court documents show the men resided in the same Sydney CBD address.

Chieh-Wei Lin, 28, from another Sydney CBD address, also had her bail refused.

They are all due to return to court on April 9.

Immigration and Border Protection Minister Scott Morrison today congratulated Customs for preventing the methamphetamine from reaching the streets.

He said the Federal Government had provided $88 million of additional funding to Customs to increase screening of international mail, air cargo and sea cargo to stop illegal firearms and drugs getting in.

“Inspection rates of international mail and air cargo will increase by 25 and 33 per cent respectively and the examination of sea cargo in the major ports of Sydney and Melbourne will increase by nearly 20 per cent,’’ the minister said in a statement.

That would result in an additional 1500 containers being physically examined by Customs officers, he said.



4 thoughts on “Five charged after meth valued at $180 million found in kayaks

  1. If these smuggled Drugs and Weapons have just been found! How many Drugs and Weapons have slipped into Australia un-detected over the years! Especially hidden in Shipping Containers or come hear smuggled or off loaded by aircraft of by boats in remote parts of Australia!……..this is unbelievable such a find of such a staggering amount of Dangerous Hard Drugs in one seizure!
    I think its time Australia started to hand out harsh tough” Bali 20 year Prison sentences”. to these scumbag Drug Smugglers, Traffickers and Drug Distribution networks!…..This Organised Drug find and the other big Drug raid finds, the other day, must be just the tip of the iceburg, of what is being smuggled in to Australia!. No wonder the Drug Lords are rolling in money in the nightclubs etc, living in Mansions and have all the expensive luxury cars and boats, Harley Davidsons Choppers, with all the bells and whistles etc. If the Police can seize all this illegally built wealth and property from these Drug Lords and Traffickers, the country could be got out of its financial debit and some of it given to help the homeless, the farmers, bushfire victims and victims of crime, and would still be money left over!…….. How has the Drug Lords ever got so many drugs into this country right under the noses of law enforcement , the Customs and the State and Federal Police forces for so long? …………………………………………..This has to send the message to the feds that Drug Trafficking and Smuggling is getting out of hand, when such large finds of Hard Drugs are finding their way into Australia in such clever hiding and concealed ways!….This is very well organised .to be shipped over in such enormous amounts!……………………………..


    • Australia is just too nice couldn’t have said it better Steve. The people who do the right thing suffer and it makes you so frustrated to see the drug dealers live the high life somehow undetected I suppose because of the time and work it takes police. Still no excuse. At least customs now have more funding


  2. It now looks like the Police and the courts have known for sometime about this Greg Anderson who was addicted to Marijuana. People every where keep saying that Smoking Grass or dope is harmless. But as this tragic Murder of Andersons son in a mad rage , shows, that Marijuana is very dangerous to be smoked by people with regular mental heath problems. Readers on this site are defending Schapelle Corby, that she was innocent and or set up by corrupt authorities, or baggage handlers! For only a bit of grass. Maybe, but even if Schapelle Corby didn’t smuggle the boogie bag of marijuana into Bail, her Father was a big time marijuana grower and trafficker in Queensland Australia, and my facts may be wrong on this Corby Family, but I don’t think so! They were just another mob of get rich quick, with connections to other drug dealers of organised Drug Traffickers that got rich enough from peoples misery, to go and live in Bali, from the proceeds of their Marijuana growing that their father was pedalling for many years on his Marijuana farm!… And that’s not just a few plants growing in a shed Im talking about, he was trafficking Grass on a big scale, and he was under police investigation. And the Bali police would of been tipped of by the Australia Federal Police and had them put on surveillance!… And her rugged father and her brother had something to do with her being the scapegoat or drug mule caught in Bali, I don’t think police corruption in Bali had anything to do with it. The Bali Police were suspicious of the Corby mob, and did a random search on one of the family members, who just happened to be Schapelle Corby. And they made sure she would be made and example of , to show the Corby mob that they were on to them. Her sister Mercedes , says see was not a drug smuggler. I would not believe a single word that she or her mother had to say. All that Mercedes does is sue everyone. Shes a lying vexatious litigant sue this, sue that, snake. None of them are innocent, that is why the Bail Authorities are angered and their Police were and still are watching them all like a hawk! They had been getting away with bringing in Australian high quality Marijuana for years. Corruption was just a cop out, the grass they smuggled was not just some harmless pot, that they say was put into Schapelles bag by a corrupt customs officer! There was and still is corrupt custom officers in the Australian Airlines like Qantis etc, but the Corby mob were still drug traffickers back then. They just thought no one was ever going to search Schapelle Corbys boggie board bag into Bali. The Balinese still don’t trust this Corby mob, and one stuff up and or suspicion that they are still into drugs and they will lock Schapelle Corby up again. Its not personal about Schapelle is the whole family of the Corbys and their associates the Balinese are trying to punish, the way they flash around their flashy lifestyle and parties in Bali, and rubbing it into their noses!…..Schapelle Corby did get a very harsh sentence, while if she did the same thing in Australia she would not of even went to jail. But that exactly what her Drug running family thought to! That she would not be searched!…..And bribes didn’t work with the Bali hard line strict Judges.
    Marijuana is a very dangerous drug when used by people with mental health issues, and this poor young kid has been made another victim of the those who think it is ok to smoke grass recreationally. It stuffs up the minds of the users that are already violent and crazy!……….
    I don’t feel one bit of empathy for the Corby mob! Legalise Marijuana through a chemist or grow a plant for approved medicinal use of cannabis for cancer patients of people suffering from pain that are dying or whatever!…..But not treat it like a recreational drug for just getting high and mellow, its a dangerous mind altering drug in the wrong minds! The only advantage of legalizing it, would be taking the criminal element out of it, and putting the Mafia and all the Drug growers and Traffickers out of a job!……But to make it ready available like Alcohol is, would be a mistake and have dangerous effects in society. All drugs are bad!….and innocent people become victims of those crazies that use them, who shouldn’t be using them…All mind altering drugs that are not legal cause endless collateral damage!…..
    All the Australian Prisons are full of violent Criminals that think or thought that the drugs they were using or trafficking are harmless.
    But they continue to still keep using and trafficking anyway, and get out of jail and commit more worse violent crimes! This man that was a regular marijuana user and has now murdered his son, should of been in jail. But our useless Justice system has failed another victim to Drug related violent crime once again! All narcotics are ruining society for the worst!……Daily bashing, muggings, rapes, home invasions, armed robberies, violent theft and right up to murder all have a connection to using drugs. The crims will and do kill for their next fix. Just look at all the used syringes that are littered on the ground and fill the syringe deposal boxes in public places. The Country is full of junkies, and crack heads of meth heads using a cocktail of ice and marijuana and alcohol on tap! Recreational and addictive Drug use in the community is continuing to rise in todays rapid stressed out, fast paced society!……………….Drug Dealers have been running the show, getting filthy rich and calling the shots for far to long with their Drug trade! Its time they were put out of business for good. May the Police and Customs working together keep up these big Drug Busts and remove this cancer polluting Australia!……


    • It all starts with marijuana. Then thats not enough, then its acid, pills and speed and then thats not enough. So its ice, crack, herion or cocaine and whatever else in between. I have seen beautiful loving families severly ripped apart from alcohol and drugs. Priorities shredded, children tormented and abused, women tormented, abused and acused of degrading filth because all that crap turns humans into dangerous monsters. Lives threatened, lives tragically taken and for what? A pathetic crack head who puts their drugs before the people that love them. Absolutely insane actions that shock the hell out of people.No one wants to believe these monsters could do so much damage to their own partners and children but THEY DO!
      Family and Friends believing the completely insane stories these drug addicts are spreading about their own, women being abused for trying to protect her children. Victims become uncontrollable in their anxiety and fear, children in catatonic states because they dont understand how someone they adored can cause them so much pain.. Judges dont have time to read and listen to every single emotion that these victims are placed in with crack heads committing domestic violence on them so frequently. No resources to place adequate mental assessments on these fried brains and the lies seem to be enough to grant bail or parole. Prisons chocked full of crack heads and figures rising. Parole! What a friggin joke! Lets get these monsters ready to return back into the community. What a croc! I will give you all a little hint here, every single crackhead that ihave sadly been forced to encounter, will display the most ridiculous state of paranoia its scarey as hell. Every crack head I have met has screwed up that badly that they do not care about anything but their next fix. They say they want to get off the drugs but they cant. Its too much fun being so out of control and its too much fun not having to face any real emotion that comes with every day life. They simply dont see their own actions as being wrong or selfish. They are too quick to blame everyone else. They are too quick to feel sorry for themselves.They are too far gone to realise their own life has been destroyed by their own selfish need for drugs that are killing humanity. Children are being abused by people they trusted, surely those making these drugs would protect one of their own so why is this crap so readily available and so easily pushed onto children?. I see no hope for any society that lives today when there are so many people so ready to destroy, just because they want a hit.
      Wake up Australia. Justice needs to be served once and for all!


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