Luke Batty, 11, dies in horrific attack by his father, Greg Anderson at Tyabb cricket oval

UPDATE 14/02/14

Victoria’s Chief Police Commissioner Ken Lay says police had been dealing with complaints against Anderson for at least a decade and there were five outstanding warrants for his arrest relating to domestic violence.

“We owe it to the community, we owe it to Luke, we owe it to Rosie to understand exactly what happened not only with police, but other services so the community can understand exactly what happened but I just hope that this may well be the next step to get so much better in the family violence space,”

 says police had been dealing with complaints against Anderson for at least a decade

says police had been dealing with complaints against Anderson for at least a decade

Killer dad Greg Anderson tormented family for years, faced arrest warrants and threatened to kill Luke’s mother

We can reveal that Greg Anderson should have been behind bars when he murdered his son.

Police failed to execute ­arrest warrants in the weeks leading up to Wednesday night’s horrific incident.

Anderson was a violent drifter who had tormented his ­estranged family for years.

The warrants were issued after he repeatedly failed to turn up at court on charges of assaulting Luke’s mum and threatening to kill her.

It is understood four separate warrants for his arrest were issued throughout January but police failed to apprehend him.

Victoria Police said that its investigations would look into “not only the events on the night, but also all relevant circumstances which preceded them”.

The force said it would not be commenting further.

On May 16, 2012, Anderson assaulted Rosie Batty by grabbing her by the hair, pushing her to the ground and kicking her before threatening her with a glass vase.

Ms Batty told police she feared her former partner suffered from some form of mental disorder.

Anderson was also arrested and charged after making threats to kill her on January 3 last year.

During the incident Anderson allegedly said to Ms Batty: “Right now I really want to kill you. I want to cut off your foot. I hope you have made a will.”

Anderson was arrested again by police on May 27 last year after attending his son’s football training.

Sources say Anderson, who was living in his unregistered car, had little to do with his son for years before re-entering his life and taking his mother through a long court battle.

Although known to Hastings and Frankston police, who felt sorry for Ms Batty, Anderson’s legal matters were ongoing so he didn’t have prior convictions at the time of his death.

Despite the incidents of domestic violence in the past two years, Anderson and Ms Batty had tried to work out ­access visits for Luke. In addition to the threats to kill and assault charges, Anderson was also facing a charge relating to accessing child porn.

He was arrested after viewing the porn at Emerald Hill Library on November 17, 2012.

Library staff noticed what he was looking at and raised the alarm. When Anderson was arrested he was found with a USB stick containing the child porn images.

Sources say Anderson had psychological issues but refused to be assessed or treated.

It is believed family had wanted Anderson to get counselling but he had refused.

Considering there were warrants out for Anderson’s arrest, questions have been raised as to whether he should have been allowed to have an access visit.

A man who shared a house with Anderson said he had to ask him to leave after being threatened with death.

The man, who did not want to be named, had lived with Anderson in Chelsea Heights since late last year but decided three weeks ago he had to go.

“We knew he had psychological problems but we found out recently how crazy he was,” the man said yesterday.

“He threatened to kill me. I had to take out an intervention order against him. I was meant to go

LUKE Batty was seen with his father after 6pm, when training finished, doing extra batting practice.

It is understood about 20 minutes later, the father was spotted bending over the motionless boy.

Police believe the child had been struck to the head with a cricket bat and attacked with a knife as he lay prone on the field. It was initially thought Luke may have suffered a sporting injury so ambulance officers were called. They were confronted by a bloodied, knife-wielding Mr Anderson.

Four police arrived soon after and were menaced by Mr Anderson, who reportedly asked to be shot as he advanced on them. Capsicum spray had no impact and, as he then closed on one policeman, that officer fired one shot to the chest, felling Mr Anderson.

Police then moved in and cleared the weapon away but Mr Anderson continued to struggle as paramedics tried to get him into an ambulance and off to hospital.

No car connected to the armed dad was found at the scene, leading police to believe he may have caught the train from Chelsea Heights to Tyabb. A premeditated suicide-by-cop scenario is one element of the probe into the tragedy.

The father made no attempt to leave the scene after the attack on his son and continued to advance on police as the risk of being shot escalated.

Police Association Secretary Greg Davies said there was then no option but to fire.

“There’s every likelihood this is suicide-by-cop. You’ve got a knife and they’ve all got firearms,” Sen-Sgt Davies said.

“It’s a police officer’s worst nightmare to see a young tacker apparently murdered by a man who turns out to be his father, who then advances on you with a knife. They (police) appear to have done everything possible to avoid this outcome.”

Veteran police were shocked at the brutality, one comparing it with the actions of child-killers Robert Farquharson and Arthur Freeman. “This is horrific and it’s in front of other kids,” one officer said.

May 2012: Anderson unlawfully assaults Rosemary Batty at her home in Tyabb by grabbing her hair, pushing her to the ground and kicking her before threatening her with a glass vase. Later charged.

November 2012: Caught by staff at Emerald Hill library viewing child porn on a public computer. Charged by police with viewing child porn and two months later possessing child porn when officers find him with a USB stick containing the images.

January 2013: Anderson again attends Ms Batty’s home and allegedly threatens to kill her. Arrested later that day and charged.

April 2013: Fails to appear in accordance with his bail conditions at Frankston Magistrates’ Court.

January 2014: Warrants are issued for Anderson’s arrest after repeated failures to attend his court dates.

What a tragic awful crime, committed in front of kids and families who just finished cricket training. It must have been so hard for paramedics trying to save this cowards life after he had just murdered his own son in cold blood. My heart goes out to the mum who was also there and witnessed it…

WHY does this happen?

UPDATE 5.30 pm 13/02/14

Rosie Batty in ‘disbelief’ after son Luke killed on cricket oval by father Greg, who had history of mental illness

By Monique Ross

The mother of an 11-year-old boy killed by his father at a cricket ground in Victoria has spoken of her shock, and revealed her estranged partner had a history of mental illness and was the subject of an apprehended violence order (AVO).

Luke Batty with his mother Rosie

Luke Batty with his mother Rosie

Luke Batty was killed in front of horrified onlookers after a cricket training session at the oval in the small town of Tyabb, south-east of Melbourne, on Wednesday evening.

His 54-year-old father Greg was shot by police at the scene and died in hospital early this morning.

Luke’s mother Rosie Batty was at the cricket ground when the tragedy unfolded, after her son asked for “a few more minutes” with his father.

This afternoon she described her “shock” and “disbelief” and told reporters her estranged partner Greg was a man who loved his son but had suffered from an undiagnosed mental illness for two decades.

“Luke was nearly as tall as me. He was sensitive. He enjoyed his footy, he enjoyed his cricket,” she said.

Luke was nearly as tall as me. He was effervescent, he was funny. He wasn’t the best scholar but he was intelligent.

“He was effervescent, he was funny. He wasn’t the best scholar but he was intelligent. He enjoyed his school.”

She says Luke loved his father and “felt pain” because he knew he was struggling.

“He was a little boy in a growing body that felt pain and sadness and fear for his mum, and he always believed he would be safe with his dad,” she said.

“[I told him] ‘you’ll always love your dad. You won’t always like what they do or say, but you’ll always love your dad, and he’ll always love you’.”

Father had long history of mental illness

Ms Batty says she had known Greg for 20 years, and over that time his mental health deteriorated.

“[He went] from someone who brushed off losing a job to someone that was unemployable,” she said.

“He was in a homelessness situation for many years. His life was failing. Everything was becoming worse in his life and Luke was the only bright light in his life.”

She says Greg had been offered help, but he failed to accept it, instead choosing to “believe he was OK”.

She had an AVO against Greg, but says he loved Luke and there were no signs he would ever hurt their son.

No-one loved Luke more than Greg, his father. No-one loved Luke more than me. We both loved him.

“You’re dealing with someone who’s always had problems, and they start out small and over the years they get bigger, but he’s still the father,” she said.

“He loved his son. Everyone that’s involved with children would know that whatever action they take is not because they don’t love them.

“No-one loved Luke more than Greg, his father. No-one loved Luke more than me. We both loved him.”

She says people thought she was the one at risk, and some had urged her to return to her home country.

“Doctors, psychologists, everyone said to me, why don’t you go back to England and live there? But Luke wanted to be here,” she said.

“His school was here, his friends were here. And I had decided that was the right choice.”

‘Family violence happens to everybody’

Ms Batty says if there is a silver lining to be found in the tragedy, it will be increased awareness about the issue of family violence.

“I want to tell people that family violence happens to [anybody], no matter how nice your house is, no matter how intelligent you are,” she said.

“When you’re involved with family violence, friends, family judge you, the woman. The decisions you should make, the decisions you don’t make.

I want to tell people that family violence happens to [anybody], no matter how nice your house is, no matter how intelligent you are.

“You’re the victim, but you become the person that people condemn.

“The people here reading this will say ‘why didn’t she protect him, why didn’t she make certain decisions’.

“But when you actually finally decide enough is enough, and decide to go through a court process, you do not know what the outcome will be.

‘What I want people to take from this is that it isn’t simple. People judge you, people tell you what you should do. You do the best you can.”

She says she does not regret allowing Greg to have a relationship with his son despite the problems, as her “guiding star” was ensuring Luke knew he was loved by both of his parents.

Mother first thought it was an accident

Ms Batty says her son died after what was “just a normal cricket practice”.

“Most of the kids and parents had gone. Luke came to me and said, ‘could I have a few more minutes with my dad’ because he doesn’t see him very often and I said, ‘sure, OK’,” she said.

“There was no reason to be concerned. I thought it was in an open environment.”

She says when she realised something was wrong, she thought an accident had happened and tried to call an ambulance.

“I tried to ring but couldn’t ring because I was too stressed. I looked for help and I ran towards help, screaming ‘get an ambulance, this is really bad’,” she said.

“I thought Greg had accidentally hurt him from a bowling accident … and that Greg’s anguish was because he had hurt Luke accidentally.

“I was screaming, I was inconsolable.”

Paramedics called to the sports ground on Frankston-Flinders Road treated the boy but were unable to revive him.

Police are refusing to give more details of the incident, but some witnesses say a cricket bat was used.

Ms Batty says it was only later that she realised that what happened to Luke was not an accident.

“What I saw that I thought was Greg comforting Luke and helping him with what I thought was an accident, wasn’t necessarily what I saw,” she said.

“The full extent of what happened I don’t want anyone, other than the [coroner], to know.

“Luke was killed by his father. No-one else including myself needs to know the details of what he actually did.”

‘Police acted the way they needed to act’

Homicide detectives have spoken to several children who saw Luke die and then watched as police then shot his father.

Officers say they shot the man in the chest after he threatened them with a knife. Police say they tried to subdue him with capsicum spray but that did not work.

Greg, from Chelsea Heights, was flown to Melbourne’s Alfred Hospital, where he died about 1:30am.

Ms Batty says police did not do anything wrong.

“The police acted the way they needed to act. In the past Greg has been confrontational and difficult,” she said.

“The police had no other option.”

She says Greg had not violated terms of the AVO by attending the event.

“It was allowed from the intervention order. It was a public place, I believed he was safe,” she said.

“It was just a little cricket practice. There was people there, I believed he was safe.”

Ms Batty says she is grateful for the support of loved ones, and will soon be joined by family who are travelling to Australia from England.

February 13, 2014 12:02PM

EMOTIONAL friends have paid tribute online to an 11-year-old boy who was stabbed to death on the Mornington Peninsula last night.

Luke Batty was horrifically killed by his father during cricket training at Tyabb Cricket Ground about 6.30pm yesterday.

Paramedics frantically tried to revive the Grade 6 student, but he died at the scene from head injuries.

Tributes to the slain boy began pouring in on social media last night, with one Facebook page attracting nearly 6,000 members by 9am.

Carol Bennett said she was “so sorry that you were taken so early in your life and in such a horrific way.”

Tahila Williams wrote: “It’s sad to see such a young boy have his life taken away from him when he had done nothing wrong.”

Yvette Wagg said: “Very sad and shocked to hear this devastating news… Condolences to all”.

After the attack four police officers tried to subdue his knife-wielding father with capsicum spray before shooting him in the chest, witnesses said.

The Chelsea Heights man, 54, was taken to The Alfred hospital where he died about 1.30am, Victoria Police spokeswoman Natalie Webster said.

“I can confirm that the male that the police shot was the father of the deceased boy,” Commander Doug Fryer said last night.

The boy’s mother was at the ground.

“We’ve had an absolute tragedy here tonight,” Commander Fryer said from the scene.

“It’s a horrific scene.”

Speaking this morning, Commander Fryer said it had been a “shocking time” for the boy’s family, the witnesses at the scene and the officers involved.

“Our members were confronted by an incident that thankfully, it’s very rare when it happens, but when it does, they put their training into practice,” Commander Fryer told 3AW.

“They used an option that they thought appropriate and unfortunately we’ve now got two people dead.”

Commander Fryer said the boy’s mother, who was estranged from his father, was “in close proximity to where this happened”.

“I don’t know how a mother gets past losing her son in these sorts of ways,” he said.

Children were at the ground for cricket training and Commander Fryer said police wanted to speak to anyone who witnessed the incident.

“We spoke to a lot of people last night,” he said.

“Because cricket practice had just finished, we think there were probably kids down there and parents down there that may have seen something who we haven’t yet spoken to.

Luke’s classmates were told of his tragic death this morning when they arrived at Flinders Christian Community College in Tyabb.

The flag was flying at half-mast as parents, students and teachers rallied around each other.

Luke was remembered as a popular, happy child who loved life and enjoyed his sport at an emotional school meeting this morning.

Executive principal Jill Healey said the death of the popular Year 6 student was “an absolute shock and a tragedy”.

“There were lots of tears this morning,” she said.

She said the school community was coping as well as could be expected, and that counselling had been arranged for all those affected by Luke’s death.

Luke’s friends plan to hold a vigil for the 11-year-old at the cricket oval where he was killed.

The small community is reeling from the horrible crime and friends have already begun to bring flowers.

Taylor Cuthbertson, 15, said a friend of hers was a witness to the horrible scenes.

“He was just crying when he was telling me what happened.

“It’s so horrible.”

Emergency services were called to the oval on Frankston-Flinders Rd in Tyabb about 6.30pm yesterday following the vicious attack.

Witnesses said when officers from Mornington police station arrived, the father turned on them with a knife, forcing them to shoot him.

The man was flown to The Alfred hospital, where he later died.

The incident shocked the local community, with one resident describing it as “bloody horrific”.

Tyabb Cricket Club officials would not comment about the incident last night, saying it was “too raw”.

But the club’s junior cricket co-ordinator, Ron Dyall, said the boy — in grade 6 at Flinders Christian Community College — had played for the club for two or three years and was also an avid footballer.

Mr Dyall said he was devastated by what had happened.

“As his coach, I knew him pretty well,” he said.

“My own son plays in his team. I’m trying to figure out how to break it to him, and how we’re gonna deal with the kids.”

Local Wayne Murray, 64, said he heard what he thought was fireworks about the time of the shooting.

He said “a shiver (ran) down my spine” when he learned the sounds were gunshots.

“I heard a couple of pop pops,” he said.

“It didn’t sound unusually loud. I’ve never seen anything like this. It doesn’t happen here.”

Melissa, 37, who did not wish to give her surname, said her father had also heard gunshots.

“We heard helicopters going over the oval,” she said. “I have an 11-year-old. I was nearly in tears when I heard.”

Commander Fryer said four local officers were confronted by the knife-wielding man when they arrived about 6.40pm.

“They’ve attempted to use less than lethal force (OC foam). They’ve attempted to talk him down. That has been unsuccessful,” he said.

“They have then discharged a firearm, hitting that male once in the chest.”

Commander Fryer said police were still working to ­determine what caused the local boy’s death.

He could not confirm reports the boy was being beaten by his father with a cricket bat when police ­arrived, but said he suffered “significant injuries”.




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42 thoughts on “Luke Batty, 11, dies in horrific attack by his father, Greg Anderson at Tyabb cricket oval

    • Its the worst possible thing for a small community, folks know each other, kids and mums and dads at cricket training, just a young kid of 12.
      There can be NO excuses, divorced/separated parents whatever…So sad.


      • Yet here is the dead boys mother suggesting the killer had a lust of excuses including a mysterious undiagnosed mental illness for decades
        No one else including people qualified to diagnose, saw it


  1. Mental illness was the cause, drugs and alcohol the trigger. People with these conditions should be under watch. How can a father kill his son ? How can society stand by and allow a mutated gene cause so much devastation. It might sound barbaric, but until science finds away to treat mental illness, people with these conditions should be euthanised, by their own wish.


    • Matt K. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment. You are not serious in saying people with a mental illness be dealt by euthanasia are you? (if they are they cant legally make that choice themselves anyway)

      That is a silly thing to say, do you know how common it is? I have dealt with mental illness, so I too should be put down like a mangy dog? Half the world has probably suffered from a mental illness at one time or another in their life.

      Maybe you are meaning the mentally disturbed criminals? Repeat offenders or something? I hope so…Cheers


  2. Why is it mostly men who do this? Rarely you see a mother kill the children. More restraint, or love? Of course they feel the same pain during a separation but to take a life of your child to prove a point just throws everything I hold dear out that bloody window.

    I’m worried about drugs. Even though people dabble in drugs ‘socially’ (crock) it catches up, screws up the brain & leaves people with horrific mental problems like schizophrenia etc. who knows what makes a person SNAP? Maybe ask Gittany.
    Goodbye to the beautiful Australia we one knew and loved because this is bullshit stuff.


    • First of all, this is most heinous crime of all, father killing his child and I’d like to express my deepest condolences to all the survivors.
      You are right, men do it much more often than women. There are several reasons: hormonal, behavioral, cultural, etc. But most important one is that current state of affairs with divorce litigation in any common-law country often leaves a divorced man without any hope to have normal, sustainable living, and I am not talking decency. I am talking sheer survival. They destroy you with support payments. No hope. No escape. No tax return and no pension plans either. You want to buy new home ? First bring a proof that your ex-wife doesn’t have no financial claims to you. That is the reality. You are made milking cow in a society that declares humanitarian values to be a cornerstone of its foundation. For all we know, they were divorced and she had a restriction order against him. It is quite possible that newly heart-broken Rosie pulled her ex through nine hells in all the courts before that poor soul started to have “mental issues” and “being homeless”. Let’s ask, what caused his problems in the first place ? I hardly can imagine that any of today’s modern, educated, western women would conceive a child from abusive, homeless, mentally unstable and aggressive man, jobless on top. THAT IS after “knowing him 20 years”, read the article. A kid is 11 now, which means she’d knew father for at least 9 years before they made a kid. Do you think she’d marry him in THAT condition ? So, the only conclusion is that he was NOT having “mental issues” then, he was perfectly normal for her to decide that he is “the man”. Monsters are created by indifference. In this case by social indifference to divorced men that are unable to survive the financial aftermath of their poor choice of life companions. That same indifference and injustice that put Greg Batty way behind the brink of despair and pushed him to commit suicide by the hands of police officer. And as much as Greg is directly liable and guilty of this disgusting murder, his kid’s mother and post-feminism era divorce laws must be blamed for putting Greg Batty into the situation where he snapped.


      • I am sick to death of hearing this stuff about the court system and how it favours women in custody battles. The same kind of comments have been made about the man who threw poor little Darcy off the Westgate Bridge, and also about the Farquarson case where a father drowned his own children.

        I am not defending the system of the courts at all, however, what you need to look at is the actions taken by these men to avenge their anger over the system. There are horrific things going on in the world. The people in Serbia, just as one example, are suffering more than parents going through a custody battle. Granted, it’s a different kind of suffering, but you don’t see these men going out and killing their children as a way of coping.

        Clearly, men like Mr. Batty and others who kill their children out of rage regarding access etc… should NOT have any access to their children. Their wives are RIGHT. Any man that is capable of this, is an example of why some men should not be granted custody of their own children.

        If you want to work towards righting the wrongs of the family court, and making access easier for men, then join a cause that makes violent men get earlier help for their rage and anger. Stop blaming the ‘system’, and/ or women for the abhorrent actions of men who are violent in any way- let alone those who kill their kids!


  3. This child murderer was said by his wife to have a so called ” undiagnised mental illness ” for decades
    She sounds like she is explaining and excusing the actions of this creature who killed his boy
    So there is no diagnosis ? Maybe that’s because there was no illness , this selfish murderous big hero was no disabled man. Bit of co dependency here , and I expect to see lots of substance abuse used as excuses too
    Arthur freeman tried to pull the unwell card but it failed
    A mental illness doesn’t give you a halo or a get out of gaol card and there should not only be no sympathy for this child killer , there should be concern about this co dependent woman who is now excusing the creep


  4. just read this creep was a pedo, how was he out on bail after assault charges. How did this woman/the victims mother, trust him knowing she was the alleged victim of two of these charges with hearings pending/one a breach???silly woman. these types of men don’t change and your kids are never safe with violent men who download kiddie porn…this little boy was let down badly.


    • Hi cc1958
      History of his true colours are coming out now, but I cant say the mother Rosie is a silly woman, even the family court encourages parents to allow the relationship with dads etc. If she knew about it all, well it gets harder to comprehend.

      If I even knew someone who download kiddie porn etc they would never ever even lay an eye on my children no matter who they were, from Pop, to teacher to neighbour to anyone. It is a disaster the whole thing and could of been avoided. I blame the cops/justice system more than anything else

      I guarantee there will be some junior cop who along the journey asked that something be done before dad flips to senior ranks and nothing was done. Too much paper work, well there is a lot more now!


  5. It is just getting more sad the more that comes out from this crime. It appears it should never of happened going on the latest updates and the true type of man this dud dad was.

    Sure cops get snowed under, Bad luck is it or what? there has to be a priority system from AVO’s and men who break then etc.

    The VICPOL stuffed this one up, will they admit it though or will the enquiry just push paper.


  6. I think some of the comments here are a little unneccessary…
    Rosie (the Mother) does seem to be taking it well and, I might add excusing his behaviour but that is a symptom of an abused women, it takes years without fear to finally realise just what it was you were living with. She obviously feels some guilt and wants us to understand why she allowed it, but personally I’m struggling to.
    I think it strange that after everything he did esp the kiddie porn he was still allowed to see him even “in the open” but its true unless there is violence against the child they won’t let an AVO stand against the kid. I know this because I was in a very similar situation, but i did what i thought was best moved as far away as i could get and blocked all contact. But like Rosie I lived a life of fear never knowing if or when he was going to turn up. When this type of thing happens it makes you realise that, him not being in my childrens life was the best thing i could have done.

    Please don’t blame anyone but the selfish mindless murderer and a system that just doesn’t work. If the mans violent to the Mother of his child, then the man is more than likely to be violent to his child, i don’t think society should take the risk. And that is the penalty for your actions. No access to your kids, not fair? Then don’t beat your wife.


  7. I wish that woman would realise her son died a shocking death. She loves the media. Why don’t they charge her with neglect and lock her up for life.


    • i agree,Sue
      by allowing her son to be alone with this creep instead of ringing the police so they could enact the many outstanding warrants for this jerk’s fail to appears, she let her son down. she would have known he was on outstanding warrants as the charges related to violence he had committed against her. why crap on about his love etc for the kid when the jerk had already made threats toharm the little guy. the police didn’t blow this, the magistrate who let this scum walk free should be feeling some remorse .
      the bottom line is -if your ex hates you then your kids could die to make you suffer
      and this has been played out so many times, you would have to live in a vacuum to not realize this, kids get killed by sicko ex’s to hurt the mother.


      • I think this woman is in shock, and the death of her child has not sunk in yet.

        However, I am pleased to see some others who are questioning the mother’s behaviour. It does seem extremely odd to be defending the killer of your child, and pointing out how much he loved his son! I think not. The man wasn’t capable of love.


  8. In 2012 It was the Parole Board stuff up,s. Now the Police are blaming a computer glitch, for not passing on to all police that this Anderson had warrants out for his immediate arrest, because he was known to be violent and dangerous and was into Child Pornography on the internet!
    Nothing has been learnt from the from the unsupervised freedom that was given to Adrian Earnest Edwaerds/Bayley!……..Just look in the Herald Sun each week at the Criminals who have breached parole and are on The Most Wanted Lists!…….. So many creeps of violence are out their hiding amongst us! Whats the point of having jails, when they don’t lock these dangerous violent Criminal up when they first catch or arrest them. Failure to lock these dangerous , and Most Wanted Crims, is letting them free as a bird to keep re-offending and as has just happened with this innocent young kid. To be murdered in the the most horrible of ways! This is not acceptable, blaming a computer glitch. He should have been remanded in custody after he first bashed his wife. Instead he has been free as a bird to kill, just as Adrian Bayley was free as a bird to rape and kill in te most violent of ways to innocent Jill Meagher!……… The only good thing out of this horrible failure of Criminal justice is that the police give him the Death Penalty!
    Something that should of been given to Adrian Bayley!…. It wont bring the poor victims back, but this Anderson sicko, wont be re-offending any more. Parole Denied!………Also speaking about Parole. This Tanya Hernan, The Joe Corp- Lady in the boot Murderer, has been let out of a low security prison on Parole, after serving only 9 years of a 12 year sentence for Murder. WTF, is going on with the Department of in- Justice Prisons Victoria. And to make it even worse and a even bigger insult to all Victims of Crime, she is allowed to move in and live with her former Prison Cell mate, who is a lesbian who she had nookie with in the nick and that she fell in love with behind bars!………It just make me sick to the stomach, the endless softly softly rehabilitation approach that the Parole board, the courts, Prisons and all involved. The Crim Lovers show all the care in the world for the Crim violent offenders, and just don’t fucking care about the murdered victims right to Justice!… ” 9 little years for cold blooded Murder”, is a miscarriage of Justice.
    Sorry about the F, word but for Fucks sake, what is happening. It used to be in the old days- To do the crime was do the bloody time! – Today its do little time, no matter what the bloody crime! — Jails a big joke, for these Murderers.” 9 years keeping fit in the jail gym and keeping trim”! While that poor lady, Mrs Maria Korp : The way she would have suffered, left for dead to suffercate in that car boot for days. While that bitch was shacked up with Joe Korp! No Justice here been done!…..While she goes Free as a Bird on Valentines Day………..For F**** Sake!……………….


  9. in fact Robbo, there is definitely a thread here, that may make some women wake up to the need to protect their kids from narcissistic men/or even ex wives , who have shown violent behaviours toward their ex partner. it really bugs me that there have been so many tragedies in Australia in recent times where co dependent women especially have allowed creeps to have the kids unsupervised, resulting in tragic deaths. farqueson is a classic example, and his ex defended him for years, despite the loss of 3 innocent little boys lives. There is enough publicity out there and evidence ,its not the police’s fault that the protected persons go and breach the safety imposed by avo’s and allow someone who has a domestic relationship with the pinop to have access unsupervised.i would be surprised if the intervention order had not included the little boy lost.


  10. Some men believe they have a proprietary right to their children and are infuriated when that control is lost through separation and divorce. Most of these crimes happen during access visits. There’s no answer until these (usually) men stop being so self obsessed. It’s also got a basis in the way these men are raised by their parents. Separation happens, we’ve got to move on.


  11. I was on my way home last night as was very shocked to hear ken lay say on radio there are currently over 10,000 AVO’s live in place out there in the community (VIC).

    With a full police force numbering around 13,000 in Victoria, you can see where the difficulty lies.

    I know for fact, that some ex partners seek out these orders purely as a vengeful and or jealous act for somebody who has moved on and never abused or laid a hand on anyone any time. For reasons including suggestions of lawyers for upcoming custody battles, divorces and settlements etc. So many orders end up being made by consent because nobody can afford the cost of fighting them. So they are issued without any proof either way. Rubber stamped basically and then so often broken again by the same couple who just cannot cut off clean from the relationship

    This is not a payback tool. If this mechanism was not choked to the eyeballs with unfounded claims/orders then maybe the real violent and dangerous partners could be held to account properly.


  12. No one understands the impossible position the mother was in at the time besides herself. She did what she thought was right and fair for her son and ex-husband. My deepest sympathy to her and the rest of the extended family and friends.


      • I feel the same as Elena. So many parents do their absolute best to try and alienate their kids from their other parent and so often without any grounds other than their ex cheated on them or whatever. I too have seen it so many times. A parent who has always been a good parent/spouse is suddenly some rotten monster who was a cheater and therefore must be kept away from the kids at all costs. Luke’s mum strikes me as being someone that tried her best to keep some kind of relationship going between father and son, despite him having assaulted her viciously previously. Even sex offenders are allowed to see their kids under certain circumstances, usually under supervision. The court orders allowed this father to see his kid at cricket practice. Perhaps he was never allowed to take him for access visits but there was still an allowable circumstance where he could spend time with him. I feel so sad for the mum who I am sure thought she was doing the right thing and in a safe environment. I feel it unfair that she be criticised. Who would even dream he would have done what he did.


  13. The magistrate had all of this violent fathers, long time police and court records of breaking ABO,s and addicted marijuana use, assault on his wife, using the internet for accessing Child Porn and along with his un-controllable outbursts of violence, to read before the court on the court computer , and the police begged to the beak he should be lock away. But the beak still grants him bail! WTF!………Just let these ticking time bombs loose again and again back into the community and not get any of the blood on their hands in the hope he will just rehabilitate himself and be cured! Its time the Victims of crime had the final say on a violent perpetrators Prison Sentence and let them decide who goes free and who doesn’t. Or this is just going to keep happening. The Robert Farquharson, Arthur Freeman, Paul Aiton, Adrian Bayley, The Moe Murderer- aquitted and so many other others. Nothing has been learnt by the courts, that put the rights of Offenders welfare over the right of protecting the victim and all the community . The blame games just continue, while the victims of Domestic violence and eventual murder keep rising! Even that horrible murderer bitch Tania Herman who strangled and left Maria Korp for dead for days in the boot of her car. Is now out on Parole to live with her cell mate lesbian lover she met in jail, after serving just 9 years of 12 years. Now free as a bird, just like Paul Aiton who is now free as a bird for the most horrible bashing abuse and murder of toddler Daniel Varlero, which he served only a protection sentence of 19 years for taking a life most violently! Nothing in the Scales of Justice ever changes. They just keep setting killers free, because they think their rehabilitated, or the prisons are to overcrowded to keep then there!
    Does the murder victim ever get a chance at rehabilitation?….. NO !…….


  14. Ive never understood why anyone deserves a second chance after commiting murder , seems the only fair treatment for them is no chance for rehabilitation , no chance of starting again after prison , they lost all those privallges when they commited the crime , now they are no use to anyone and should be removed from society permantley, decent people have no problem s avoiding mudering people , lets reward good behaviour not bad.


  15. Last year i was able to move interstate after years of abuse from my childrens father.i read on another website most abusive men learn to be abusive from their own father” this was definetly the case in my experience. I woke up at 7am on a sunday with his knee in my throat and hands on my shoulders telling me to confess who i had been having an affair with. I worked fulltime with 3 primary aged children and my husband had also lost his way after losing his job, becoming bored and using illicit drugs and not long after becoming so paranoid i couldn’t go to the supermarket on my own. Our children had gone from having a happy Dad to a nasty screaming father in a year. Rosie had no family in Melbourne and either did I. My husband threatened to lynch me in a tree in front of our children but as mothers we have to battle on through the lonliness. I often told his family but alas blood is thicker than water. Also they had seen their own father behave the same way to their mother. I have now moved away with the children, what a difference we have peace in our lives I urge all mothers to just go for your childrens sake. Its very hard i didn’t tak a teaspoon but could not live with the guilt of one day asking them to leave their own violent partner if I hadn’t left mine. Good luck Rosie I’m so sorry for you.


    • Yeah … Knowsit, one excellent post. One brave woman. Your husband saw his father doing it. YOU stopped it from being passed down from one generation to the next. Best action ever. Kudos to you.



  17. The Highest Civilian Bravery award The George Cross should be awarded by the Queen for this brave lady!……………..Rosie Batty after years of the most horrible violent abuse from her drug taking mental disturbed husband Greg Anderson and the loss of her son Luke at his violent hands in the most horrible of murders in recent times. She is speaking up as much as she must be grieving and is now going to try as a legacy for her son Luke Batty, try and make the world a better place for all victims of Domestic and violent crime. Please listen readers to the brave heart wrenching interview she done with Radio 3AW talk back with Neil Mitchell……………She is hoping to get to talk also with the Chief Commissioner of Victoria Police Ken Lay the Victorian Premier Denis Napthine and Prime Minister TonyAbbott, and get them to listen and change the way we can prevent and stop violent partners before they take out harm on innocent family victims.
    After what she must be going through this Lady is a inspiration to all Victims of Crime!……………………………………………..


  18. Those condemning Rosie shouldn’t be so quick to judge. Hindsight is a wonderful thing.

    She sounds like a loving mother who selflessly put her own needs second and her son’s first. Despite her issues with Luke’s father, she believed he was safe and loved with him, and respected her son’s wishes to maintain a relationship with his father. I’m sure she would have been criticised for denying him access, if she had taken that route.

    I think maintaining her dignity, whilst resisting the urge to lash out at her estranged partner who has robbed her of her child takes huge courage. My heart goes out to Rosie and every one who knew Luke or witnessed this tragedy.

    RIP Luke Batty


  19. What about the tragic death of 4 year old Chloe in South Australia. Mum out on bail. Her and the boy friend killed her and mum photographed the whole thing . This woman should not be on bail but will be sentenced next week. Plenty of time to disappear. No Feminists at all upset about little Chloe’s shocking death.


  20. I saw your funeral procession on the TV a short while ago. I could not help but cry. RIP Luke. A senseless crime, a very young boy became the victim.


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