BODY-in-the-boot killer Tania Herman released on Valentines day

Remember this shocking case, Joe Korp and his lover plotted to kill Joe’s wife Maria? Tania hid in waiting in the family garage and pounced on Maria strangled her, thinking she was dead .

Then popped her in the boot and dumped the car. It was found days later, poor Maria still barely alive. They turned life support OFF after about 6 months.She served 9 measly years, in  min security the later part. Although early on was quite the enforcer, I hear once putting big fat Judy Moran back in her place.

The coward Joe Korp, hanged himself in the family garage the day of her funeral. The gutless man wanted us to think it was from a heavy heart. Bullshit.

Herman takes a walk on the outside

HAND-in-hand with her girlfriend, body-in-the-boot attacker Tania Herman enjoyed her first full day of freedom.

Looking fit — and sporting a makeover — the woman who choked Maria Korp went largely unrecognised as she strolled the streets of Yarraville, in Melbourne’s inner west on Saturday.

Herman was released from Tarrengower Women’s Prison early on Valentine’s Day, just months after her lover Nicole Muscat walked free from the same jail.

The pair met as inmates in the low-security jail, in Maldon, in Victoria’s Goldfields region.

And although they failed in their bid to marry behind bars last May — Corrections Victoria refused their application for a civil ceremony — they have maintained their relationship.

Herman served nine years of a 12-year sentence for the attempted murder of Mrs Korp, a Melbourne mother of two, in 2005.


Mrs Korp was found in a car boot near the Shrine of Remembrance, four days after being strangled by her husband Joe Korp’s mistress, Herman.

Mrs Korp never recovered, dying in The Alfred hospital almost six months later after being taken off life support.

And Mr Korp — also charged with the attempted murder of his wife — killed himself on the day of her funeral, while awaiting his trial.

Herman’s new partner, convicted fraudster Muscat, was jailed for two years for stealing $118,000 from a ­pokies venue she managed.

The couple was driven to a house in Yarraville by another woman on Friday, after Herman’s 8.20am release.

A blonde when she first gained national notoriety a decade ago, Herman emerged from prison as a long-haired brunette.

Wearing sunglasses and a casual long-sleeve red and white T-shirt and jeans, she blended into inner-suburban life.

It is not known whether they plan to go ahead with their marriage.

Nicole Muscat stole almost $120,000 from Torquay Golf Club

 A WOMAN who systematically stole almost $120,000 from the Victorian golf club she worked for has been jailed for at least two years.

Nicole Muscat worked as the operations manager of the Torquay Golf Club in 2007 when she stole $118,000 from the gaming machine venue.

Muscat, 31, created false accounting records to conceal her crimes.

She stole most of the cash in $5000 increments from the gaming machines, the Victorian County Court heard today, although she once stole $15,000 in one hit.

Judge Geoffrey Chettle said Muscat continued to steal funds even when auditors were called in.

“Your offending was sophisticated, planned and repetitive,” Judge Chettle said.

“You abused your position, doctored the books and regularly stole Torquay Golf Club funds.”

Judge Chettle sentenced Muscat to three years and nine months’ jail and ordered she serve two years before being eligible for parole. Did she have to pay the money back? 2 years is stuff all?

Muscat, of Anglesea, was found guilty at trial of 23 counts of theft and 17 false-accounting charges

Tania Herman released from prison, picked up by lesbian lover Nicky Muscat on Valentine’s Day

February 14, 2014

BODY-in-the-boot killer Tania Herman has arrived at her lesbian lover’s home after being released from prison on Valentine’s Day.

Herman, wearing jeans and a red shirt, declined to talk to media outside the Yarraville property.

This morning she was released from jail and drove away in a silver Toyota 4WD with her lover Nicky Muscat.

Herman spent most of her time in the Dame Phyllis Frost maximum-security prison but was released from Tarrengower — a minimum-security jail.

Herman emerged from the women’s minimum-security prison near Bendigo at 8.20am today, nine years and four days after she was jailed for the attempted murder of Maria Korp.

Mrs Korp was found in the boot of her car in Melbourne barely alive four days after she was throttled in her Mickleham home in February, 2005.

She died in hospital five months later.

Mrs Korp’s husband, Joe Korp, was also charged with attempted murder for colluding with Herman, his mistress, to kill his wife.

Joe Korp with Tania Herman.

Joe Korp with Tania Herman.

Mr Korp killed himself on the day of his wife’s funeral.

Herman confessed to the crime, stating she had been motivated by her love for Mr Korp, who had requested she “get rid” of his wife so they could be together.

Wearing a cap and red shirt, Herman shielded her face from waiting media with her arm as she was driven out of the prison.

She sat in the front passenger seat of a 4WD, believed to be driven by her lesbian lover Nicky Muscat, also wearing a cap and sunglasses.

About 20 minutes earlier, the boom gates of Tarrengower Prison had gone up.

Two minutes later, the light grey 4WD sped into the prison driveway almost on two wheels, heeding none of the entrance warnings asking drivers to slow down.

Muscat, a convicted fraudster, was released from jail last year.

Herman was sentenced to 12 years jail in 2005 with a non-parole period of nine years.

Tania Herman, the woman found guilty of attempting to murder Maria Korp by strangling her and stuffing her into a car boot in 2005, has walked free from prison.

Herman, who became eligible for parole on Friday, received a minimum nine-year jail term for attempting to kill Ms Korp.

The 50-year-old mother of two died after Herman strangled her with a strap and left her in the boot of her car on February 9, 2005.

Ms Korp was discovered in the car boot four days later, near the Shrine of Remembrance.

She lay in a vegetative state for six months before dying from her brain injuries.

The case became known as the “mum-in-the-boot” case.

Maria’s husband, Joe Korp, was charged with attempted murder over his wife’s death, but committed suicide on the day of her funeral.

Herman and Mr Korp were lovers.

With Herman widely expected to make parole, media camped outside Tarrengower minimum-security jail in Maldon, south-west of Bendigo, from early on Friday morning.

Fairfax Media photographer Daryl Pinder said that at about 8.15am, Herman was collected by a woman, believed to be her girlfriend, and the pair left the jail in a four-wheel-drive.

Herman’s application for parole went before the Adult Parole Board on January 23.

“After considering the relevant material, it was decided to release her on parole on 14 February 2014,” a spokesman for the board said.

If Herman breaches her parole conditions, such as breaking any law or leaving Victoria without permission, she can be returned to prison.

Tarrengower is the only minimum-security female prison in Victoria, with capacity for 72 prisoners.

The story of Ms Korp’s death was told in a TV movie in 2010.

 Tania Herman shares cell with Herman Rockefeller’s killer Bernadette Denny

February 22, 2012

MUM in the boot murder accomplice Tania Herman has revealed she is sharing a cell with millionaire businessman Herman Rockefeller’s killer, Bernadette Denny.

And, in her first interview since her sentence over the death of Maria Korp, Herman has defended Denny as a good woman.

The notorious duo are serving their respective sentences at Victoria’s Dame Phyllis Frost Centre.

Ms Herman is serving at least nine years for the attempted murder of Mrs Korp, the wife of Herman’s lover Joe, in 2005.

She has spoken of her regret over her “brainwashing” by Mr Korp.

“I am still amazed myself and think how the hell could I ever have gotten in so deep?” Ms Herman says in an interview to be published in the Australian Women’s Weekly today.

“My biggest regret is taking a mother away from her children because I would hate that to happen to me.”

Herman said she knew what she was doing was wrong when she waited in the Korps’ garage for Mrs Korp.

She choked and dumped the mother of two, barely alive, in a car boot. Mrs Korp died almost six months later, after life support was removed.

“As soon as I saw the blood, something snapped. I panicked. I put her in the boot of her car and just drove,” Herman said.

“As I was driving, I couldn’t stop crying. I kept thinking, ‘This is wrong, this is wrong’.”

In the interview, which appears in full in the book Partners and Crime, Herman gives an insight into life behind bars, revealing she is studying for a degree in fine arts.

She also speaks of her interest in cooking, dressing up as Santa Claus at Christmas and her friendship with Denny.

Herman claimed she was seduced by Joe Korp after meeting him through a dating website. They attended swingers’ parties and Mr Korp, facing allegations he hatched the murder plot, hanged himself on the night of his wife’s funeral.

Herman said she had had sporadic contact with her daughters while in jail.


 Tania Herman, the mistress of Joe Korp, who killed his wife Maria and her girlfriend go for a walk in Yarraville.

Tania Herman, the mistress of Joe Korp, who killed his wife Maria and her girlfriend go for a walk in Yarraville.


23 thoughts on “BODY-in-the-boot killer Tania Herman released on Valentines day

  1. So Joe took the coward’s way out while he could. Did Herman meet the lesbian lover in jail? Wonder how long that will last. True lesbian or formed a relationship in jail because there were no males? Laughed about the Judy Moran comment :) Angry when I heard she thought Denny was a good woman???? Strange how Roberta Williams and Judy Moran both thought/think how grand they are because they were underworld wives. Nothing to be proud about if that’s your only claim to fame.


    • Tania turned “Bi” in jail but Nik was always a lesbian. In a space of three months, Tania was her third girlfriend and they both are using each other for their own gain. Both are manipulative, vindictive and enjoy cruelty to another person or animal. They have no real idea of right or wrong. I would not be living within 30k of them and if you are, be very careful you don’t upset either of them. Part of me has always wondered if Joe really had anything to do with his wife’s murder. I can easily imagine Tania doing it all on her own. She is a mentally strong woman and I cannot imagine her being manipulated by Joe as she claims was the case. She was never physical with the other inmates but she was clever enough to encourage some other poor dumwit to do her dirty work for her.
      Denny is NOT a good woman. She is evil, sly, smelly and dirty. Like the rat she is.


      • Honestly, I don’t know how or why Rockefeller ever considered it a good thing to be with Denny and Schembri. Such dirty, revolting looking people. Seems a lifetime away from what he was used to. High class swinging I could imagine but not what he was apparently involved in. back to the topic, I can never get out of my mind the lingering grief of Maria’s kids as they sat with her during her coma.


      • how would you know any of this? i love how you think you know how either of these people operate! you are an ex prisoner i think!! you are a grub as much as you call them!!


  2. Why couldn’t the Prison Officers straight away reported her or got the Victoria Police Highway Patrol to have chased her for a Vehicle speeding offences on Government Property, and impounded her 4WD Vehicle, exceeding the speed limit, driving on two wheels, such as dangerous driving and conduct endangering life! Failure to stop. They were most likely speeding on the highway driving all the way back to Melbourne to. That should have been a good enough charge to have had her and her lovers Parole conditions breached and cancelled and serve the remainder of her still to low sentence of 12 years maximum. And throw straight back in to the tough Deer Park Maximum Security Womens Prison. Not that cozy holiday club Tarrengower Prison resort farm in Maldon Victoria! She was known as a super fit and smart Prison Heavy who stood over other female inmates, but was liked by the screws! That poor Maria Korp she died in the most horrible of ways after what this now lesbian bitch Tania Herman did to her. Just another violent murdering crim maggot who the Justice Department thinks has been rehabilitated at the prison resort!……………Now she is another one of them prisoner artists! . ………. Its all about the rights of the criminals to get on with a new life after serving minimal jail time!……..That poor victim of hers was on life support for 6 months after being found bashed, strangled and left for dead for days in a car in St Kilda Melbourne and driving all the way from her Mickleham, outer Melbourne suburbs home.
    Tanya Herman should of been sentenced to Life imprisonment with a 35 year minimum, non parole at the very least! If we the public drove like this or broke the speed limit by a few clicks over, we be answering to the Police Highway Patrol. Its almost like the screws don’t want to push the issue and just let her go! Do-gooders!……………………………………………..


  3. Are you joking??? OMG!!! She shouldn’t be released – she calculated that murder – it is usually the women of affairs that lead the situation, believe it or not!

    Totally agree with Prison Officer


  4. The photo, of this Murdering bitch Tania Herman wearing a cross, out free having a relaxing walk ,holding the her lovey dovey hands with her slag Crim valentine lover ex Club H.M. Tarrengower Prison resort cell mate ! Its so wrong. Maria Korp suffered and died a most heinous death on life support for 6 months at the callous hands of this evil monster! ….These Do – Gooders of the Adult Parole Board, they think that this rehabilitation crap, gives them the right to let out Murdering violent crims before there maximum sentence time is up. They are also conned by Crims like Tania Herman that they didn’t mean to kill and are not to blame for what they done, and that it just happened in the spare of the moment.
    12 years was far to short for this murder, let alone 9 years. Its time that someone should have the authority to override these short sentences for wilful violent murder!.. This power of early release that the Parole Board has, must be able to be appealed against by the Victims. And if the victims feel that they don’t want the Murder released from Prison then so it should be. The Parole Board should not have the final say, and in fact there should be a separate review and assessment board specially set up for The Victims of Crime – to in fact have a Convicted Murderers Prison Sentence increased if they think the Murderer was not sentenced harsh enough for there violent crime by the Sentencing Judge. There needs to be a Truth in Sentencing judge of panel of Judges that are on the side of the Victims of Crime, and make sure that the Victims are happy with the length of a prison sentence that is being considered to be handed out, before it is actually handed out. The final length of a murder sentence should not be finalised by a Judge but by the surviving victims of a violent Murder!…………………………………
    To many Murderers have and are still going free because of sentences that are far to short of the Communities expectations . And this must be stopped, and the Justice system must change their ways and forget about the mercy to Prisoners rights of rehabilitation. And start to lock these murders away for very lengthy terms of imprisonment, no less than 25 year minimum non parole. 9 YEARS FOR MURDER is a miscarriage of Justice to any victim of violent and horrible murder.
    It is bad enough that Australia no longer has the Death Penalty for Murder, let alone such pitiful weak short sentences for murder!…………..
    Just remember Do- Gooders this could be a member of your family that has been cold bloodedly murdered!…. Would you still care so much about the murderers rehabilitation and there prospects for freedom then?
    And would you be okay with the murderer only getting a soft 9 year sentence.?…… I doubt very much so!……. Murderers deserve no mercy, no sympathy – no freedom, – no happiness – no anything- just bars on a small cell and they have forfeit their rights to any rehabilitation and should not see freedom out of prison, until they are at least of a very old age!.. After all The Murderers victim, will never ever get another change at life again. No remissions – no freedom – no seeing their loved ones ever again – just eternal death, and hopefully in heaven, but not able to walk this earth again!
    Thanks to their coward Murderer – the victim will forever be in their coffin as a skeleton, locked in the cemetery at night and not able to leave, talk too and go for a walk with their loved ones and hold their hand!

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  5. Another thoughtful good reply steve, we are so weak in this country with sentencing (the lead sentence is s joke because the non parole period is what it is all about. Why do we have to even announce one then.Give them 12 months in jail and see how they behave, giving then any early mark before even doing one day is a joke in itself.

    This lesbian thing is all an act, she has been in more relationships than I have have sunday roasts mate. I also want to know if Muscat who robbed the golf club has paid $120,000. 2 years jail, wiping out 60 grand a year? Bloody hell we get slugged 400 dollars for answering a phone in our car….

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  6. Cheers Robbo ,……. As this is the most recent page, I would like to highlight here that I have Just one concern – I know some readers on the Aussie Criminals blogs are angry and derogatory towards me for the comments that I have written about them, the Outlaw Commanchero Bikers on the Aussie Criminals comments blog site, like Rohan for example and his Comanchero biker mates who were recently charged by the Victorian Police during a raid in Mildura , and their are other ex crims that have done jail time that really hate me and my comments that I write here!…. And they , think im a outspoken Loud mouth Fwit, Fhead, Office that finds them all guilty when they will be proven innocent and that I am a man who has not got any courage a should know that the colours and patch wearing bikers dont run and wear their colours with pride and are Australian War heroes and twice the men than I will ever be, and that I would not have the balls to say what I say about them, to their faces and hide behind these blog pages and I should pipe down, and get my facts right and get a real job!……… Well I am making a statement here and now that I make no apology to any of them, and they don’t intimidate me with their insults aimed at me. Also if I so wrong about what I have written about the 1% Biker outfits, not just in Mildura but all over Australia !…… Then why are so many of them of late being raided in large numbers in all states for possession of illegal military firearms, Drug Manufacturing labs and equipment, as well as hard Drugs in their clubhouses and hideouts! And they are assaulting Police, during raids, whereby the Police need to carry out their search warrants with the Special Operation Group police for their own safety during 1%er Outlaw Biker raids! And not just the Comanchero, but also the Hells Angels and Bandidos, and there hangers on under many other colour patched wearing outlaw biker names!….Red Devils , Finks , Black Uhlans and so on!……. Our lenient Judges, and courts have allowed so many of these High Profile Long Criminal record charged Outlaw Bikers get off over the years on lesser charges and or had there charges reduced or have got lesser sentences that have kept them out of jail, on Community Correction Orders and early parole from short prison terms. And when they get out of jail they are promoted to higher ranks within the 1% er Outlaw Biker hierarchy and given the senior postions in their outfits to be one step ahead of the law and like a military outfit keep restructuring their methods clandestine criminal networking amongst them selves, and the Drug Ice which is one of their illegal financial money spinners is continuing to be readily available to those in the know!……… The OMGS keep saying they are just a group of rebels that don’t make people buy drugs off them and they are former Australian Military solders who are now just Motor cycle enthusiasts!.. Wearing their Colours and Patches with pride! ….. Well if this is the case and they are all innocent of Organised Crime, then how come some of their Brothers are doing large scale thefts of vehicles used in drive by Shootings and Bashings and even Murder and attacking each others Club houses in rival turf wars!…….. Is this what they call just – Going up the Country — Get your motor running — And Born to be Wild!………………………. Ride hard live free!…………………………….

    Also I notice Tania Herman lover the accountant has got a biker T-shirt, maybe they can become Comanchero Biker Moles, after all Herman has committed Murder, she should be qualified to pass the test to wear in pride the 1%er OMG Colours!…………… unlike me who the crims say is a coward of a man..


    • Some folks don’t like hearing the truth mate. The wannabe gangsters thought it was all fun and games, on the steroids, the gold chains, the woman, the cars (no motorbikes, they would not know what they are) Until they get raided and jailed and all their boy-toys get confiscated.

      These fools are angry at the wrong people if the are upset by you or me or anyone else reporting the crap they get up to and when they get caught.

      The ONLY thing that is sad in a way, is the way they recruit the young kids, splash some cash on them and then get them to do all the dirty work.They get busted and their lives are ruined.


  7. Cheers Robbo, Well as far as Im concerned I don’t give a hit about any of them, if the think their innocent of the current police busts, your can bet the have gotten away with and not been caught on other illegal activities, both Drugs and violence. Otherwise why do they need such high security around their Clubhouses and have a arsenal and hidden stash of illegal firearms, if their only Motorcycle enthusiasts!……. And if they detest the Police doing raids on their Clubhouses and hideouts, then they should only have their Motor Cycles and a clean workshop with their clubhouse bar, and their Biker Girls and no signs of illegal activities. Then they would have nothing to worry about. And they wouldn’t get raided!.. The investigating Police no what their looking for in these clubhouses and they know also if nothing criminal is going on there too!……
    There are plenty of honest law abiding Motor Cycle enthusiasts that have a big garage full of legal Motor Bikes and Classic Cars, and a bar and I am certain that they will not be getting a visit from the Police Anti Outlaw Biker Echo Taskforce, with the Special Operations Group and a search warrant and a sledgehammer key to unlock and kick down their door. Because as I said the investigating Police know exactly what and who, there looking for!…..For a long time the 1%er Criminal fraternity of Outlaw Bikers have been the un-touchables and been above the law and not had their clubhouses at the attention of investigating Police, which is why they have been able to have Drug manufacturing labs, firearms and places to re-birth stolen Bikes and cars and in privacy carry out illegal activities!……….One only has to go back in history to a Criminal caller Peter Hill, who was the first Australian drug cook to on a large organised scale manufacture and distributed Speed as the Australian chapter of the Hells Angels Biker gang!. With the permission of Sonny Barker of the Californian U.S.A. Chapter of Hell Angles .. And other gangs like the Comanchero and Bandidos soon copied them…..They are a law within themselves and that’s why the ride around in big packs and wearing intimidating skull masks on their faces. To show anyone who gets in there way, that they are the king of the road!…
    Genuine Motorcycle enthusiast taking their motorcycles out for a ride on the highway, don’t wearing all this crap, like gang Colours, masks, and Sergeant at Arms, and President and Fuck the world, etc. to make them look tough or bad arses!………And Geniune Motorcycle riders don’t carry or use guns and do drive by shootings in the streets!…………………..
    And the Prisons in Australia are filling fast with the Colour patched Motor Cycle so called enthusiasts that think its acceptable to break the law!…………….waiting for your response ROHAN!………………………………
    And please note!….. I will be putting any information that I uncover on your Comanchero mates as it becomes available from the Police on your outfits illegal activities and Dirty Deed Done Dirt Cheap!…. You insulted the wrong Fuckwit with no Balls and courage to say it to your face , Buddy!………………………….


  8. I have to add to mate, barely a day goes by without me getting an email through contact Robbo, that some crim or cousin of crim rants and raves and threatens me with all sorts of stuff. most I ignore but sometimes reply to for a laugh.

    Along the lines of you are not the first wont be the last and I don’t give a shit. if they tell me to stop or remove stuff about their home-boy I just tell them I will add more, thanks for reminding me! Then I never hear from them again, they were probably off their face and don’t even remember contacting me. The pedo’s and sex offenders are good at threats, they would have us believe they are just poor innocent souls…NOT

    Never back down is my motto on here from the start

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    • Thanks Robbo for the encouragement to speak up on these arseholes!
      Very good news this is, The so called innocent Comancheros were using intimidation tactics on the people of Mildura. And are being charged and hopefully shut down! As of today The Deputy Commissioner Steve Fontana of Victoria Police and the Echo Anti 1%er OMGS Task Force Detectives have put them all ”ON NOTICE”, right up to arresting and charging the President who was carrying a unregistered illegal pistol , and the Comanchero have in more raids had seized yet more illegal unregistered firearms and $150.000 in unearned cash and more Drugs in their possession in their hide outs and Clubhouses!…….. This is why every Australia State Police force needs the strong powers of the Anti Association Laws on the Criminal 1%er OMGS!……. To keep them on their toes and rattle their cage and leave no stone in their Clubhouses, businesses and hide outs unturned ! If they are involved in Drug Manufacturing – Trafficking – use and possession of illegal unregistered firearms and in possession of cash from the proceeds of crime . Then they should be waiting for a knock on the door and a raid from the Police Echo Taskforce! ..And have their bags packed ready for a long stay in H.M.Prisons…………………….
      Also more good news : Adrian Earnest Bayley is now the most hated Prison in all Victoria Jails….. So much that the Prison Officers have had to move him to the most sure High Security Supermax Prison Protection Unit of the Melbourne Assessment Prison. The MAP. This should make his 35 years on lock up more stressful that every hardened criminal in prison who has had their Parole knock back, whats a piece of Bayley..and Steven Hunter!…… May they rot on high protection in solitary confindment!………Maybe Bayley and Hunter can make some new friends inside with the soon to be locked up Comanchero trash!
      Tania Herman bloody lucky she is out of the jail powder keg now brewing!……………………………………………………………………………………….


  9. You can be assured sophie if that is me you make reference to, that Im a know all ! Well I know how tough the Victorian Jails should be, as to how they are today, like Club, Country holiday resort H.M. Prison Tarrengower!….. I would toughen the gone soft Victorian limp wrist do- gooder jails, back to the way they used to run in the 1960,s and 1970,s. Where the worst Crims all knew that most of the hard line Old School Prison Officers or Warders, were there just to Bang them up, not be their mothers and welfare workers! ….We Old School Screws treated them as the scum bags that not all of them but the majority of them had committed the most heinous of crimes !….I would not have closed down all the Old Victorian era Gaols like Pentridge and Geelong and Bendigo and Castlemaine, and kept them open for business for all the bad crap low- lives that are now committing todays worst crimes and or getting out early on Parole, because of the overcrowing in the modern comfortable condition nicks! And If I were running Corrections Victoria, the only Corrections and rehabilitation I would be offering would be the Re- Opening of The Gladiator Schools – ”H”. Division – ”B”.Division and ”A”.Division Pentridge……… My first inmates into the Slot of H , in Chains would be the Mongrals – Adrian Bayley, Peter Dupas , Steven Hunter – Paul Haigh – Juilian Knight and Paul Denyer and handed them all on reception a large sledgehammer to crush rocks on the Cross in the Labour yards!…..And to be punished with hard labour not pampered to and rehabilitated like the soft touch Screws do today!……..And Tania Herman, the evil bitch slag, I would of put her their to with the males , probably Dupas, where she can really reflect on what it like to suffer on Life Support!……….Yes I am a know all and proud of it……. Know crim will what to step foot in my Jail!………..They would prefere to go to the refugee camp at Manus Island detention centre , than be locked up in my old Bash House in ”H”.Division. The Slot…

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    • It also could be me that offended ‘Sophie’ …. lol – just love your posts Prison Officer! One of my career moves was working in the community supporting these people to co-exist in society (one was the guy who held hostage the TAA flight). What Prison Officer says is right and I think it is just Sophie is pissed that society also holds dear people who believe in justice all the way :)

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    • I wa wondering when I read this thread whether the troll
      Moll Sophie was tania herself or her creepy lover
      I really wondered why they were in this page and so negative !!


  10. Don’t get me wrong readers, I have seen a lot as a Former Maximum Security Prison Officer. I have seen the worst in human nature and the most cold blooded. Im not a bloody know all…. And I don’t have a problem with Justice people or Parole officers or Community Corrections officers helping out ex Prisoners to settle back into society……. What I do have a problem with are people that I do indeed label as prison reformist and social welfare limp wrist do-gooders that feel sorry for the end of the line, hard core proven dangerous recidivist Rapists, Paedophilles, Stone Cold Killers and violent criminals that keep going through the revolving door system and keep getting handed out by the judges (lenient un -just light sentences ) – like Tania Herman only”(9 years of 12years ) ”for the sadist way she and the others like her, both males and females that have cold bloodedly murdered and taken away innocent people lives, and caused them to suffer in agony in the worst possible way a person can die!……….. They then deny Their callous, cowardly acts of brutality , then openly and cunningly persuade and suck in the do-gooders into believing that they are themselves the victim of circumstances and the drugs made me kill or whatever , and they were from a bad up bringing or just didn’t mean to murder the victim and so on, and so on with all the crocodile tear excuses they can dig up with the help of a good lawyer! ……….. I know of some Prisoners who committed Armed Robbery that served their hard time in Pentridge Prison and got out and became okay citizens back in the community. Some Prisoners deserve a chance at rehabilitation and correctional services assistance to better their ways on release from prison!…. Its the most horrible crimes that the Crims commit on helpless victims, that cant defend themselves that I keep referring to and that I am talking about!………. For example Peter Norris Dupas and Adrian Earnest Bayley, Steven James Hunter, they have been given many chances to clean up their acts on their many breaks from prison on Parole, but there mongrel breed in their human carcase of a species keeps them raping or killing and bashing one victim after another and is simply in their blood and gives them their predatory nature, and no amount of rehabilitation or motherly love from the Do-Gooders of Justice will ever cure them.!……. …..That is why the only safe place to stop them from taking another life, is to lock them up in Maximum Security Prison and throw away the key. This is the kind of inmate that I think the Do- Gooders and the Legal and Justice, Parole Boards, need not bother feeling sorry for. Because these Dangerous Killer criminals certainly do not or did not feel any empathy or give mercy to their victims before they brutally killed them in cold blood!.. And like” all these beasts, and I mean all, still in jail or now out of jail – Tanya Herman and Adrian Bayley, Peter Dupas, Paul Denyer , Ivan Milat, John Travers, The Murphy Bros, Bradley Murdoch, Paul Steven Haigh and the usual list of the above goes on and on of all of Australia worst Murdering above maggots” they ‘not only, stalked, terrorised , Tortured and dragged out their victims slow death in a most brutally way by endless sufferance by the way of suffocation, strangulation, bashed, rammed in a wheelie bin or burial in a shallow grave, sexual anal, virginal and oral rape, or locked in the boot of a car, then spending six months on life support and bleeding to death slowly, from the assailants multiple stab wounds and lacerations, mutilations, severing their victims bodily parts like breasts, and grizzly things by way of mutilation just unimaginable by the way they prolonged their victims suffering…. People can brand me hard and callous, but just stop and think about these crimes! ……..And think how you would like your loved ones or even your self, brutalised by these dregs of the human race!………… I would not care if someone made them the above crims a victim, and slowly tortured or killed them!…………… it is very comforting to know that maggots like Adrian Earnest Edwards/Bayley, Peter Dupas are caged up in Super Max Jail to keep them hopefully for a long, long time from ever being free in the community again!. Even better still would be to have them locked away for ever in the hardest of jail conditions. Just like the old ”H”.Division……………..All these above murders are real life Silence of the lambs and Wolf Creek, and should be sent to hell!…….
    And If any of you knockers think I don’t know what I am talking about!
    I dare any of you go and spend a week in a Super Max Maximum Security Prison and see what these end of the line hard core animals are really like! And if anyone still feels sorry for them, then they can go and have them released from jail and have them move in and live with them. Wouldn’t it be interesting to be sleeping next to Peter Dupas or Ivan the Terrible Milat, may spend a night out on the town with Adrian Bayley. Or go and see the movie Wolf Creek with Bradley Murdock or Paul Denyer! Or a pub Meal with Steven Hunter!.
    ………………..Yes Rehabilitation Works real bloody well!……………….
    …………………………..I rest my case…………………………………………………
    One more thing, poor Maria Korp would probably like to go for a walk in Yarraville, but thanks to Herman Monster that is never going to be possible is it bloody Do – Gooders! Enjoy your Walk holding hands,Herman, because you should have got a life sentence !………….

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