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B: Undercover cop posing as Arnold, “The Big Boss”

C: Brett Peter Cowan

B: Guys, I just need to have a little bit of a chat with Shaddo about a few things that have come up that you’re probably not really privy to at the moment. But I just need to talk to him for a while and just get yourself something to eat or whatever and I’ll give you a buzz soon as soon as I can sort that out, All right? Thanks.

B: How you going bud?

C: Good.

B: What’s been happening?

C: (inaudible)

B: Yeah?

C: Yeah, quiet out on the farm.

B: Yeah?

C: Been doing a bit of painting and that.

B: Have you? Painting?

C: Yeah painting the fence.

B: What colour? White? White picket fence?

C: Purple. Yeah purple fence.

B: Yeah? Stand out like dogs balls wouldn’t it?

C: Yeah, well it’s, um, the girl I live with, she loves purple so.

B: Does she?

C: Yeah so purple fence and …

B: Well you got to keep them happy.

C Purple avert and everything so.

B: Yeah you collect birds and shit do you?

C: Yeah I’ve got a pet, 28.

B: OK.

C: An Australian ring neck that I’ve …

B: How old’s that?

C: I cut it with a chainsaw.

B: You cut it with a chainsaw?

C: Yeah I was a tree lopper.

B: Yeah.

C: And we were cutting down a tree and just clipped his wing so I kept him. He was nesting. So he’s 12 months old in September, well I’ve had him for 12 months in September.

B: Oh that’s good

C: He talks and whistles and carries on so.

B: Beautiful. Is that the only bird?

C: Yes I want to get more. I want to get, I’ve asked my neighbour across the road cause there’s 28 sets in the trees.

B: Oh OK.

C: So I want to go get him a partner.

B: Very good, and breed?

C: Yeah. Oh not so much breed just so he’s got partner sort of thing.

B: That’s good.

C: Yeah they breed good.

B: Excellent.

C: (inaudible)

B: Listen I’m hearing through Geoff, through Paul, that you’re been doing some good stuff. I suppose I just have to, you know, make sure you’re happy doing what you doing? That there’s no issues there because as you know there’s things are moving. You’ve got no problems? You’re happy? No one’s forcing you to do anything you don’t want to do?

C: No, no. I’m quite enjoying it actually Arnold.

B: OK that’s good. And they’re looking after you?

C: Yes, very much.

B: That’s excellent. Listen one of the reasons I brought you here was, as you know, I’ve said to you before we’ve got to walk before we run, we’ve got to crawl before we walk. And as you probably also know I’ve got a lot of people in my confines all around the country that I pay good money to get good information from.

C: Yes.

B: And as this thing’s progressing, this big job we’re looking at, I’ve been checking (you) out which is only expected of me.

C: Yes.

B: And there’s a couple of things that have come up that we need to talk about.

C: Yes. If I’d known, I thought it was all dealt with.

B: Look I’m here on other business, I’ll be straight with you I’m here on other business but I got some other information through early this morning which has kind of made me postpone all of that stuff so we can sort this out. What do you need to tell me? Is there something you need to tell me? Or … And bearing in mind, this whole, what we do is based on respect and honesty All right.

C: inaudible

B: Just let me stop you there before you go on. I’ll let you know that I don’t care what you’ve done. All right? I’ve got no qualms at all. You know I’ve dealt with a lot of real bad cunts and had a lot of real bad cunts on my books. What they do, what they get up to doesn’t phase me at all. All I’m looking for is loyalty, respect and honesty

C: Yes.

B: And I’ll pay you back as you pay me back.

C: Yes I understand that.

B: Now go on.

C: Now because I lived in the area …

B: Just let me figure out how to turn this bloody thing off. All right, system off, sorry, go on. (appears to turn off a phone)

C: I was living in the area in ‘03 when Daniel Morcombe went missing so I’ve been interviewed and I was hounded for ages about that and I can guarantee I had nothing to do with Daniel Morcombe’s disappearance. One of my alibis, well half an hour of my alibi, they reckon was shot to pieces, because my drug dealers now changed her mind that I wasn’t at her house. And, um, I’ve lost my two eldest kids due to this as well. I was brought forward to the coroner’s inquest in March, April this year and I thought that was the end of it. So I was surprised when Craig said to me there was a not a warrant but a subpoena.

B: Subpoena.

C: Subpoena.

B: Yeah look, I got some info this morning basically saying those things but what concerns me more than anything else is the info is telling me, and as I said I pay good money to a lot of people and I take a lot of risk in doing that to get the information that I need to keep us safe and clean as a group because ultimately you know if the heat’s on you, the heat’s on Paul, the heat’s on Geoff and the heat’s on me and I can’t afford for that to happen All right? So what’s happened is, from the information I’ve got, All right, I’m told you’ve done the Daniel Morcombe murder.

C: Yep.

B: I’m told that it’s dead set that you’re the one whose done it. Like I said it doesn’t bother me at all. But what concerns me is that I need to, I can sort this for you. You know I can sort things out, I can buy you alibis, I can get rid of stuff, all that kind of things that can be done, I can do. But I need to know what I need to do, you know what I mean? So you saying to me, look I had nothing to do with it — that’s not what I’ve been told. And that brings me in a real dilemma, in a crossroads, because I want to move forward with what we’re doing.

C: Yes.

B: But until I can sort this out I can’t. Because you’re too hot. I’m told there’s a subpoena coming for you. I’ll show you the email that’s come across to me. (GETS THE LAPTOP) Honestly I’ve been given other stuff and when I got this I thought I’d better talk to you, man on man, one on one, in confidence to see if I need, to see how I can sort this out All right? Because as I’ve said from what I’ve been told you’re good for us and I want to bring you on board, but I’ve got to weigh up the risks for me, for any business you know?

B: Have a read of that, that’s what I copped this morning.

C: Can you enlarge that?

B: I’ll read it for you All right?

C: My eyes are shot.

B: You need glasses?

C: Yeah I’ve got them in the car.

B: I’m getting the same way, you know, I fight it, fight it, fight it, but I need them.

B: OK what I’ve got is, Arnold, Shadoo Hunter alias Brett Peter Cowan is the main suspect in the disappearance of Daniel Morcombe who went missing in Queensland 7th of December, 2003. My sources told me that there is no doubt he’s the person responsible for this event. The witnesses have placed him at the scene with Morcombe just prior to the disappearance and this leaves him about a 45 minute window of opportunity where Cowan is unaccounted for. He provided a weak alibi two years later (redacted) but there is something about this alibi that is not right and I will find out a little more shortly and let you know. The Morcombe case is one of the highest profile missing person cases in Queensland history and there is a lot of media interest in it. Cowan gave evidence at the inquest under the code name of P7 and I suggest you google some of the info I’ve provided to get more of a feeling for this matter. Which I’ve done. Coroner’s inquest are recommencing shortly and Cowan will again be in the spotlight. If you can’t sort this out then I suggest you drop him like a hot potato. All right? That’s what I’ve copped and that’s why I’ve postponed everything, I haven’t postponed what’s happening

but I’ve postponed the business I had to do this morning to sit down with you one on one and sort this shit out, all right? And like I said I can’t sort out what I don’t know. So look what happened and how can I sort it out?

C: I don’t know.

B: Like I said, all right? Honesty, trust, respect. All right? You know where you’re going, you know what your options are here and you know the information I’ve got. Like I said I paid good people good money to keep us quiet. And if I’ve got to postpone what we’ve got to do for a few months to sort this out I’m happy to do that for your sake. All right? Because I’m told that you’re pretty loyal, you’ve built up a good relationship with some of the boys and they speak very highly of you.

C: (inaudible)

B: So what do I need to fix?

C: Yeah OK … yeah … I did it … …

B: OK so you did it. But what I’m saying is I need to take you right back to the whole thing so that if there’s anything like, I don’t know, if they’ve got any DNA of all of that kind of shit.

C: There’s no DNA.

B: Obviously they haven’t found the fucking body.

C: They took my car, they searched my car, did all forensics on my car they got nothing out of my car.

B: Look just lead me through the whole fucking thing, how it happened from whoa to go and then I’ll think about things that we need to sort and fix.

B: Do you want a coffee or something?

C: No I’m right thanks.

C: I’ve seen him standing there, I did a loop around and …

B: OK hang on, what time was this?

C: I don’t know, about 12?

B: From what I’m told it’s about lunch time, early morning.

B: Where were you going?

C: I was going to my boss’ father’s place to pick up a wood mulcher.

B: You’re going to your boss’ father’s place to pick up a wood mulcher, yep?

C: Yep. I’d been doing some tree lopping in our own yard and (inaudible) Picked it up on my way home and there was a broken down bus, the Sunbus broken down and then I’d seen Daniel.

B: Did you know him at all?

C: No.

B: OK, so you’ve seen him on the side of the road. What did you do, a U-ee or something?

C: No, I went up and around and parked in the church car park and my car was never on the road so I don’t know how they got …

B: Well I’ve heard something about a white four wheel drive that they’ve seen.

C: Yeah well it was not sitting on the highway at all.

B: So you parked behind the church or wherever it was?

C: Yep, yep.

C: I’ve walked in and sat there.

B: Did you talk to him for long?

C: I didn’t talk to him at all, you know I got there, I made it just look like I was just waiting for the bus.

B: OK, fair enough, yes.

C: The bus drove past and that’s when I said I’m going down to the shopping centre do you want a lift?

B: Yep.

C: And he’s gone, “yeah, yep”.

B: Yes, so he’s missed the bus or something has he or?

C: No the bus drove past because it was given orders not to pick up any more passengers because it was a broken down one and there’d be another bus through.

B: OK, so you asked him if he wanted a lift and he said yes?

C: Yes he’s jumped in.

B: Where did he sit in your car, the front, the back?

C: Passenger seat.

B: Passenger seat, yes.

C: Instead of taking him to the shopping centre I’ve taken him to a secluded spot that I know of.

B: All right, where was that?

C: It’s at Beerwah just off the Coochin Creek.

B: What’s it called? That’s very important.

C: Beerwah.

B: Beerwah?

C: B-e-e-r-w-a-h.

B: Beerwah. OK so you knew the area pretty well, so you’ve taken him? How far was that from where you picked him up?

C: Half an hour.

B: Half an hour. I don’t know the area, I’ve never really been to Queensland or had much to do with it. Okay so you’ve taken him to Beerwah, have you talked to him along the way or?

C: Yes we just chatted.

B: And no problems? Like I said I’m not judging you at all, all right? So … just tell me what I need to fix. You’ve taken him to Beerwah.

C: Went to an abandoned house thing that I knew.

B: Do you know exactly where that was?

C: Yes the end of Roys Road.

B: Angeroys?

C: Yes Roys Road.

B: How do you spell that?

C: Roys Road?

B: Oh Roys Road, r-o-y-s was it?

C: Yes.

B: Roys Rd, at the end, because what we might need to do is, I’ll get to that later. We’re going to need to get that sorted.

C: There’s nothing there, I went back because I just put it under bushes and I went back to that area.

B: OK so you’ve taken him into the house, what happened in the house?

C: Um.

B: Like I said, I’m not judging you All right?

C: Yep. I never got to molest him or anything like that. He panicked and I panicked and I grabbed him around the throat and before I knew it he was dead.

B: All right, how long did it take you to strangle him out? Do you know?

C: It didn’t seem long.

B: All right so you grabbed him around the throat. Was he still sitting in the car?

C: No, no, we were out of the car.

B: So you take him to the house. Where abouts in the house?

C: Just into, there’s no furniture or nothing, just into the first room.

C: When I opened the door …

B: Did he fucking spit, leave blood anything in that room?

C: Not that I know of.

B: What about his clothing? Did he have all his clothing on still?

C: Yes, he had his clothing on then.

B: All right so you choked him out, he’s died in that room, what have you done then with him?

C: Taken him outside, put him into the back of my car.

B: When you say the back of your car, you’re talking about the?

C: The…..

B: It was a white four wheel drive or something?

C: A Pajero, it was like a …

B: Like a big door in the back? Did it have seats in the back as well?

C: No I had the seats taken out. The mulcher was in there.

B: All right so you’ve laid him in the back of the car. Was the mulcher there still?

C: Yes.

B: Did he touch the mulcher or?

C: Nothing.

B: Do you reckon you left any prints at the house or?

C: No the house is gone.

B: It’s gone? All right we’ll get to that in a minute. So you’ve taken him in the back of your car, how long did this take you, do you reckon?

C: I only had to go like from the house 150m … it’s all bush.

B: OK, All right, so you take him from the house?

C: Because it’s an old sand mining site.

B: So you pick him up from the house, put him in the back of your car and you’ve driven him 150m or so to where?

C: More secluded bush away, it’s in a fenced off area. I was actually gonna lease the property to do sand blasting on. There’s an embankment where the sand mining got up to and then it’s all been growing over with trees and bush again and then you’ve got the old lake, the sandmining lake.

B: Yep, mate I’m not familiar with the area mate so just draw us a little fucking map so I know what you’re talking about, just from like where the house was to where the thing was.

C: The end of Roys Road comes in like that, to a macadamia or an avocado farm.

B: Yep.

C: And that sort of spreads out around here like this, there’s a couple of sheds and then there was the house is here.

B: Yep, this is the road is it?


B: Yes, yes.

C: This is just the property.

B: Yes, yes.

C: Where the house is there’s a little track that goes off down there through a gate.

B: Yep.

C: Down to a caravan, an old mobile saw mill.

B: About 150m away?

C: Yes.

B: So once you’ve done that what have you done with him then?

C: I took him out of the car and dragged him down the embankment.

B: When you dragged him did you leave any, how did you drag him by the feet, by the arms or?

C: I carried him over and threw him over the embankment.

B: OK so you threw him over the embankment, how far was that?

C: Meter and a half.

B: Meter and a half, down has he left any marks or?

C: No.

B: OK and you fucking pushed him like the old cowboy movies.

C: Yes.

B: All right so he’s gone down the embankment about a meter and a half, what have you done then?

C: I went down there and dragged him through, I don’t know how far it was, until I found somewhere I thought was …

B: A good spot?

C: Yeah.

B: So was that sand, grass, what?

C: Sand.

B: Did he still have all his clothing on, did you leave anything behind?

C: No he had all his clothes on.

B: Yep.

C: I’ve stripped him off, got trees, branches and covered his body with that. His clothes I took back with me and threw ‘em into the creek.

B: You threw them in the creek, which creek?

C: I’m not too sure.

B: Was the creek there, right there or did you have to?

C: No, no, it was on the way home. I had to go across one land still all secluded like an old logging bridge type thing.

B: Went over a logging bridge down a creek or something?

C: Yes there’s a creek there, fast flowing and I just threw his clothes in there.

B: You just chucked it in, did you have to put them in a bag or anything like that? What? One by one or the whole lot, what happened to them?

C: I threw them all in.

B: What happened to them?

C: They sank and floated away.

B: They sank and floated away?

C: None of that’s ever been found.

B: You’re lucky, aren’t you?

C: Yep.

B: All right. So after you’ve done all that, now I’ve heard something about a fucking watch, that he had a watch, some fucking thing?

C: Yep.

B: Did you have that?

C: It all went in.

B: The whole lot went in? So you didn’t keep anything of his? There’s no chance anyone is going to find anything of his?

C: No nothing.

B: All right so you’ve left him there under the shrubs? What have you done then?

C: I went home.

B: You’ve thrown his clothes in the thing, you’ve gone home?

C: Yep. I did stop at my dealer’s place and picked up …(inaudiable) … so they’re lying when they say I wasn’t there.

B: All right, OK, so you did go to the fucking dealer, mind you from what I understand hours of years later …. She’s probably that drug fucked that she wouldn’t know what time of the day it was. All right so you’ve gone to your dealer’s place, after you’ve thrown the clothes in the river, you’ve gone to the dealer’s house?

C: Yep (inaduiable).

B: You’ve picked up there?

C: Yep … (inaudiable) Spent about 15, 20 minutes there which I always did. Liked to spend half an hour or so, so I’m not walking in and out. Went home, went inside said gidday to my wife, when outside and started chipping the timber.

B: So that’s the end of that then. Did you go back?

C: About a week. Well within that week I went back.

B: Had it hit the press by then, that he was missing?

C: I think so yeah.

B: All right so … it hadn’t hit the press then?

C: Yeah like as a missing person.

B: So a missing person and you’re think thinking ‘oh fuck I better do something here or …’

C: Just in case I took a shovel back.

B: So about a week later you’ve gone back, you’ve taken a shovel back in the same car?

C: Yes.

B: Where do you go then?

C: I went down to where I’ve put him…. and I only found a fragment of bone. The rest of it was gone.

B: Fuck, in a week?

C: In a week. The rest of it was gone. There was a patch there, you could tell. There was (inaudible) on the ground.

B: So what do you reckon’s happened there?

C: I don’t know. There’s a lot of yabbies and animals and that sort of thing.

B: All right, so what was left of him?

C: A little piece of bone.

B: No skull, no fuck all. So what have you done with that?

C: That was part of the skull.

B: Yep.

C: I just buried it in there. I broke it up with the shovel.

B: So it’s broken up, it’s still there?

C: Yep.

B: Because that’s going to cause us a problem, we’re going to have to go and grab that.

C: No I broke it.

B: I know but nowadays they can do wonders with all that stuff and shit. DNA and all that kind of crap, we’ll have to, I’ll have to get you to fly over there with a couple of boys and sort all of that shit out all right? We’ll sort it out for you. The shovel, you broke it all up with a shovel, where’s the shovel now?

C: Don’t know. I took it home with me. Used it in the gardens.

B: As far as you know is it still there?

C: At the house?

B: Well it’s a fucking long time ago I suppose.

C: Yeah.

B: Is someone still living in that house?

C: Someone has rented the house.

B: So the shovel might still be there? You don’t know.

C: I left my wife about seven months, eight months after that. We moved from that house to Nambour to another house and then I left her and went to Moranbah.

B: All right, so as far as you know there is nothing of his you’ve kept that can make you fucking come unstuck?

C: Yes nothing at all.

B: And the bit of bone that was left how big was it?

C: Only tiny.

B: That’s amazing hey. So you’ve gone there to bury it all and that’s what’s left.

C: only like

B: fuck that’s amazing hey

C: that’s why, to this day I’m still

B: so you’ve driven there to fucking bury it all and that’s all that’s left?

C: that’s all that’s left

B: and you buried that, in that spot?

C: yes

B: Alright. Is there anything else you can think we need to fucking clear up? your alibi, this drug dealer of yours, do you still talk to her?

C: No I haven’t been in touch with her.

B: You reckon we could approach her and pay her some fucking dollars or you think we should? I’ll have a think about that, I’ll have a think about that.

C: She’s still into drugs as far as I know, so she may be approachable on that sort of thing. But it’s the boyfriend that’s saying he would have remembered the motor and all that sort of stuff on the chipper.

B: What’s the chipper got to do with all of this?

C: That’s because I did show him the chipper.

B: Oh you showed him the chipper and he’s saying that he would have remembered, but he’s saying that he doesn’t remember.

C: He doesn’t remember

B: Alright Shaddo, look I need to make some fucking calls and I need to have a bit of a think. What I’ll do, I’ll get Adam, or no I’ll get Jeff to come back up and they can take you it down. Go buy yourself something fucking to eat.

C: Yep

B: Let me make some calls and when I’ve sorted out the calls and I’ll give you a call back about what we’re going to do. Might have to think about putting you up tonight somewhere, get you on a plane tomorrow with one of the boys, couple of the boys and sorting all this shit out, go and have a look and making sure everything is fucking good. Because if we can sort this out now it’s going to you know, keep us all happy right.

C: I said to …

B: Anything else?

C: I said to (inaudible) the other day about cutting all ties. I’ve cut ties to me family before. And I’ve got no problem with cutting all ties to everybody, even to the state of death certificate, dead.

B: Okay, look you know I can fucking fix things, we sent Joe away for a while as well he had a few dramas. It’s not an issue, all right?

C: All right, hopefully he’s going all right.

B: I’m sure he’s going all right. So have faith in me all right?

C: Yes

B: We’ll sort this out for you and we’ll move on. I might have to put this job back a little bit til we sort this out, but that’s not a problem, all right?

C: Nobody else knows that’s?

B: Now it’s up to you what you tell them all right, all they know is I needed to talk to you about something.

C: Yes it’s not something I’m going to tell anybody.

B: No no that’s fine, you have to come up with a scenario then. Let me have a think about it and we’ll sort something out.

C: If Jeff and that need to know that like …

B: Someone else is going to need to know …

C: I’ll leave that in your corner …

B: because I’m going to have to send someone else with you to sort all this fucking shit out all right. So let me have a think about it. Let me get, I’ll get Adam to come back up with Jeff and I’ll make a couple of calls. I talk to a couple of my people that I’ve fucking been giving me some of this info just to see if there’s anything else that could get us unstuck.

C: Really it’s that half an hour alibi, that when she’s saying I wasn’t there that’s what.

B: Well we need to clear up if there’s anything left there. You say the house is gone now?

C: Yes the house is gone

B: What do you mean gone now, like demolished?

C: I don’t know it’s like a workers cottage

B: Was there any fucking …?

C: No blood

B: No blood, no spit, fucking, did you fuck him?

C: No I didn’t touch him.

B: Did you fucking blow, did you, so you left no (inaudible) nothing?

C: No nothing and even if there was my DNA in the house I’d been there before with another guy

B: OK now look while we’re talking about it is there anything else I need to sort for you?

C: like?

B: Like anything else you’ve fucking done that’s going to get us unstuck?

C: No there’s nothing so no more kids they’re going to find missing and looking at you?

C: No nothing like that at all.

B: Alright

C: I didn’t go out that day to molest a kid either or anything like that, it just happened.

B: It just happened.

C: It just, yes

B: So when you threw this fucking — I’m just thinking. As you’re talking I’m thinking because there’s a lot of shit I’m trying to fucking sort out here. There’s something about this watch, you know, they’re missing this fucking watch. Did you see a watch he had or?

C: I didn’t.

B: So might have been in the pocket or some fucking thing. I wonder if was heavy enough to sink, might have to, you’re going to have to show them, also where you …

C: All been floods through there the amount of time ago it was an everything.

B: That’s probably in your advantage because what concerns me is the actual fucking place where you took him but we’ll sort that out.

C: Nobody really knows about that place either so.

B: Yes, we’ll sort it all right. And like I said we’re just going to have to put things back a bit, we’ll sort it.

(on the phone) how you going mate? Listen you want to come back up with Jeff and grab Shaddo and just take him down for a coffee, or a drink or a bit to eat or something? I just got a few calls, got to sort a few things out. No worries. See you soon, Bye.

(to Cowan) at this stage they don’t know anything all right so it’s up to you what you want to tell them but I’m going to have to bring someone else on board obviously.

C: (inaudible)

B: Well you know. We’ve been able to do what we’ve been able to do for so long because we’re careful.

C: Yes

B: And you know I’ve built this business up over a long time and I’ve got a lot of good contacts all around Australia and internationally and you know ultimately the heat’s on me the heat’s also on fucking them. So the big big thing I’ve got to think of — but if I can’t sort this out for you — and I’m pretty sure I can then we can move on, all right?

C: Cool.

B: Want a smoke or something?

C: I’ve got my cigarettes.

B: come on (inaudible)

C: (inaudible)


B: So don’t be too stressed right?

C: Yes

B: Just give me some time to think, make some calls and like I said we might have to put you up somewhere tonight, in town.

C: Yes

B: In town

C: (inaudible)

B: because I know you’re going away but this came up, this was more important.

C: Yes I understand

B: And once we do that …

C: The reason why I’m because I’m the only person who knows about it so I’m confident that they can’t pin me for it you know.

B: Yes the thing is though someone, I don’t know, shit happens you know, and it’s those little things. Those little things, if we don’t fucking sort them they can bring us all fucking down.

C: Yes

B: So we’ll sort them

C: (inaudible) there’s a sketch that looks like me but it actually looks more like me older brother.

B: Yes.

C: But …

B: See the inquest is coming up again so we need to sort all that shit out before the inquest and then who knows really, you just got to maintain your fucking story.

C: (inaudible) yes still lives in the same house,

B: Does she?

C: She owns it

B: Okay

C: Like I’ve been through the area.

B: Recently

C: Yes before I came over

B: Have you spoken at all?

C: No, not ever since she, I rang her to drop in one day and she’s gone oh good I need to speak to you and you know what it’s about. And I did so I didn’t go because I thought …

B: So did you discuss it with her?

C: No nothing, I cut all ties.

B: From what I understand, like I said I’m not familiar with Queensland, from what I understand this is a fucking big deal.

C: it is yes it’s the first time anybody has ever …

B: I see there was something, I got a web page, I see there was something on The Courier-Mail something on Saturday …

C: Sunday

B: Sunday was it?

C: Saturday or Sunday?

B: Where they’ve arced it up again because it’s missing person week or some shit.

C: Yes

B: So it’s going to stay with you until we get it sorted.

C: Yes

B: So are you sure there’s nothing else I need to sort for you?

C: No

B: Okay

C: (inaudible)

B: Well you got to keep a low profile.

C: That’s why I changed my name, permanently.

B: What was with the name change, where did you get it from? It’s unusual?

C: My puppy dog in Queensland his name is Shaddo.

B: Who?

C: My dog.

B: Oh okay

C: So she looked like a shadow and followed me around like a shadow. But I started using it as a nickname so I took that on and I was wondering what surname can I have and me an Tracey were talking at the time about a shadow that runs and that’s nice.

B: Tracey’s your girl now?

C: Oh friend with benefits

B: Yes we all need those don’t we.

C: N-unyah fuckin business.

B: N-unyah. Very clever.

C: $150 to get that changed

B: (inaudible)

C: Yes

B: But we’ll do what we can do.

C: Yes

B: That old pajero where’s that now?

C: Russell Island

B: Russell Island?

C: Yes it’s just off the Brisbane coast so get to it by car ferry

B: What you sold it to someone?

C: Yes I sold it to a mate of mine who’s living over there and it’s going to cost 10 grand to get the pajero fixed mechanically.

B: Diesel was it?

C: Yes

B: 2.5 or something

C: Yes

B: They were a good fucking car

C: Yes 90 model turbo diesel

B: Mate of mine had a 89

C: 89 yes

B: His was a import, Jap import

C: Oh yes

B: And he bought it just for fucking hooning around in basically out in the bush.

C: inaudible

B: how many ks you done at the moment?

C: I got it just under 300 and I took it up to over 600.

B: Is that right, fuck.

C: In six years.

B: Same motor and everything

C: Yes

B: What about mechanically did you have to do much work to it or?

C: Nothing just do its regular service and everything

B: Fan belt?

C: Nothing

B: Fuck

C: Yes

B: they don’t make them like they used to. So you like the 4wd?

C: (inaudible)

B: OK. (to phone) Hello, yes. Yes no worries, all right cheers. Just paying a bill and he’ll be up… going to buy yourself another ….

C: Had one out at Rocky but I sold it before I came.

B: They weren’t a bad bunch

C: That was good one.

B: Diesel or petrol?

C: No it was petrol and it had the … motor … someone changed it over to the Hilux mode …

B: Okay

C: And that was good ….

B: Once things get going we’ll get you something decent you know.

C: Yes I’ve been looking at the FJ cruises.

B: Oh the old FJ 40 rebuild remodels.

C: Yes

B: They were a good bus those fj40

C: yes it looks really nice but me and Paul and I went to go and look at one yesterday, they’ve all got white roofs ….

B: You know what I reckon they’ve done with those fj40s or what do they call them fj cruises I think Toyota is trying to take on the jeep the jeep wrangler.

C: The jeep and the hummer because it’s sort of the hummer shape.

B: I’ve heard some good things about the jeep wrangler actually.

C: I’ve got a jeep Cherokee chief … model at home on a big block, 360 in it.

B: At home here you mean?

C: Yes it’s a project car but I’ve found something I want more so the old … panel van it’s got a 3-18 in it. I want to take the 3-18 out and put it in with the jeep pull the 360 out and into that.

B: Those wranglers are good looking I reckon.

C: Wranglers are nice the soft tops are better than the hard tops I think they look better.

B: (inaudible) … I think they actually look ballsy those things. The fj cluger to me looks fucking weird it just doesn’t look right.

C: when I first seen them I was like I don’t like that but had to have a second look but every time it’s just like oh it’s growing.

B: What colour?

C: Going to get black.

B: Good with the white roof.

C: Yes they all get the white roof, there’s only one the red brick that comes completely red brick.

B: Actually I haven’t seen many of them around.

C: I’ve seen a few, only on the highways.

B: Okay so what we’ll do, you go down and get something to eat, we’ll put you up somewhere try and get you on a fucking plane tomorrow get over there and sort all that shit out as quickly and cleanly as we can. Like I said, I might have to postpone things for a while but I’m prepared to do that you’re more or less in the fucking inner circle now, you know kind of what’s happening so I’d rather keep you on board and sort these problems out for you, given we can sort them out.

C: (inaudible)

B: Like I said I’ve got those real qualms but we’ve sorted out worse than this all right and…..

C: (inaudible)

B: Yes, very good. It’s all there for you, you just, like I said, crawl, walk, run, you know. And these little fucking things that come up along the way, we’ll fix them when we can because it benefits us all. It’s not a bad little view here actually.

C: it’s nice looking out over the river.

B: come on ….


B: So that’s the map, that’s well you can show them.

C: Well that’s roys road, I know it.

B: Just write down the name of the road here. Roys Road?

C: Roys Road. R-O-Y-S

B: It’s a pity this fucking dealer of yours is coming up with some fucking bullshit that could have been pretty good.

C: It was, I think they didn’t want to say yes he was here.

B: OK, also like I’ve heard it was a couple of years later you know so I mean they might have had difficulty remembering what happened but you reckon you showed them this wood chipper?

C: Yes I showed them the chipper because it was like what are you doing? And it was like chipping, and cleaning up because I took down a posi track.

B: A what?

C: A posi track. A bobcat when I had to move, so I tidied up all the yard and everything.

B: Here?

C: Not here, my dealers yard because she had a big step down thing and she wanted it all flat and level so I took it in there and cleaned it all up for them I had something weird to take them and show them.

B: Yes now I’m just thinking as we’re talking, when you threw all the shit in the river have you seen it sink, have you seen it drift down or?

C: Drift and sink at the same time, as it was getting wet.

B: so where would that end up?

C: In Pumicestone Passage into Moreton Bay.

B: Highly unlikely that they’d be able to find that shit?

C: The clothing and everything now it’d be fucking …

B: And even if they do find it there would be nothing to pin it to you?

C: No

B: And you left no fucking dna or nothing?

C: Nothing I didn’t even get my pants down or nothing.

B: and this shovel we’ve got to try to think about this fucking shovel because you smashed the …

C: The little bit of skull that was left I think it was skull it could have been …

B: Fuck that’s amazing man.

C: I know there was a couple of wild dogs and shit but I would have thought there would have been bones every where.

B: And this was a week later?

C: A week maybe, week, 10 days at the most, my car, I didn’t even wash my car, didn’t vacuum it out nothing, and they took my car for a whole day on Christmas Day.

B: Fuck you would have been sweating that.

C: Yes I was.

B: And they’ve done fuck all.

C: I got my car back.

B: Something about taking the carpets out?

C: No well no if they took my carpets out they took it back the exact same way even the inside of it wasn’t vacuumed or anything and when I got it back it wasn’t vacuumed. Fingerprint dust, black and white fingerprint dust, everywhere.

B: And what’s he, has he touched anything in the car at all or?

C: It would only have been the door handle and …

B: And it was never covered with no prints or nothing.

C: No. two weeks, about two weeks

B: And when you strangled him what two hands, one hand, or elbow?

C: Arm

B: Your arm. where was he was he on the ground or

C: Yes like sort of when he started to struggle, like I was starting to pull his pants down ad he said oh no and started to struggle and I put my arm …

B: So he’s lying on his back.

C: Well actually I was standing, squatting, and I grabbed him.

B: right okay. Okay boys look just take Shaddo down get him something to eat, we’ve got a few things, I’ve got make a few calls, You can stay with me Joe. Right thanks Shaddo talk to you soon.

Brett Peter Cowan is accused of murdering schoolboy Daniel Morcombe in 2003.

Brett Peter Cowan is accused of murdering schoolboy Daniel Morcombe in 2003.

Covert video recording -Brett Peter Cowan’s confession

KATE KYRIACOU, Brooke Baskin

February 28, 2014 12:00AM

IF ONLY I’d left 10 minutes later. If only the bus hadn’t broken down. If only I’d been driving in the other lane. If only he hadn’t struggled. Daniel Morcombe would be alive today.

They were the chilling words from the man accused of luring a boy from the side of the road, driving him to an abandoned house in the bush and choking him to death.

A Supreme Court jury sat transfixed yesterday as secretly recorded video footage was played of the moment Brett Peter Cowan told covert police he had killed the Sunshine Coast teen

It had been an elaborate ruse, an intricate scam spanning many months.

Their target had been carefully conditioned. Everything hinged on one make-or-break conversation.

Cowan was in a tight spot when a covert officer posing as a knockabout named Joe Emery sat next to him on a flight home to Perth after two days on the stand at a Queensland inquest into the Daniel Morcombe case.

He was running short of cash but money wasn’t a problem for Joe. As the pair became friends, Joe offered to help find Cowan work. He would talk to his boss, he said.

Slowly, carefully, Cowan was introduced to a network of “criminals’’ – police officers posing as crime bosses, prostitutes and their associates.

It was a different life. They carried wads of cash. Dealt in diamonds and guns. They drove better cars than him. Lived in proper houses. Ate at fancy restaurants.

They gave him cash to pay the bill after one meal. He couldn’t believe the cost.

But it was more than just the money, the court heard, via a series of recorded conversations.

“I’m happy,’’ he told one of his new friends, covert officer Paul “Fitzy” Fitzsimmons. “And I haven’t been happy like this before.

“It’s not just the money, it’s the f—ing, what I’m getting from youse … the mateship. You know I’m willing to do virtually f—ing anything.’’

It was the stuff that dreams were made of, he told his new friends.

They discussed a “big job’’ coming up. Everyone would get a cut. Even Cowan. It was worth $100,000 to him. It was an unimaginable amount of money for someone who, weeks earlier, could not afford to make a phone call.

It was at this point they threatened to take it all away, defence barrister Angus Edwards, for Bosscher Lawyers, told the court while cross-examining “crime boss’’ Arnold.

“Part of the operation was to dangle the carrot of big jobs and big money,’’ he said.

“And promises that you could buy him an alibi if necessary and the threat that he would be dropped like a hot potato if it couldn’t be sorted out.’’

Arnold said there had been a plan had Cowan not confessed to the killing when the pair met.

“If no confession was made, he would have left the room and ceased to be a part of that crime group,’’ he said.

Accused told ‘dark secret’ to detective

BRETT Peter Cowan has been shown singing like a canary to reveal his “deepest, darkest secret’’.

The man on trial for the murder of Sunshine Coast teenager Daniel Morcombe confessed to an undercover police officer who he believed was the head of a powerful crime gang after being told a subpoena had been issued for him.

with the gang’s big boss, Arnold, in a plush Hyatt Hotel room in Perth on August 9, 2011, was secretly filmed and was played to a jury in the Supreme Court in Brisbane yesterday.

In cross-examination by barrister Angus Edwards, for Cowan, Arnold agreed Cowan initially “guaranteed’’ he had nothing to do with Daniel’s disappearance but claimed that his alibi was “shot to pieces”.

He agreed he told Cowan he could sort it out for him or otherwise he’d have to “drop him like a hot potato’’.

He also agreed the gang “dangled the carrot” of “big jobs and big money”.

Mr Edwards said: “I put to you it was designed to get a confession from him?”

Arnold replied: “It was designed to obtain the truth from him.”

In the recording, Cowan said: “Yeah, okay, you know, yeah, I did it.’’

The accused told Arnold, who promised to use his criminal influence to help “fix the problem’’, that he saw Daniel standing on the roadside.

Cowan tells Arnold he parked at the church car park, walked down to the overpass and offered the boy a lift after the bus drove past.

He says he took Daniel to an abandoned house off Roys Rd.

“I never got to molest him or anything like that, he panicked and I panicked, and grabbed him around the throat and before I knew it he was dead,” he said.

“It didn’t seem long.”


  1. Watch for the smug gutter rat right at the end, so happy with himself thinking he has got it all covered.

    How that under cover cop didn’t demonstrate a choke on him is what FOCUS is all about, hearing what Cowan was telling him!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi oz, I have updated with a transcript on the front page, really helps to have video open in one window and follow transcript in another. great job by the MR.BIG sting operatives!Im sure they wanted to kill him themselves yet had to act like his buddy!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Cowan doesn’t sound as devastated as someone who had never done this before
    Even with the softening process he still only sounds like it’s one offense he has been caught for that he’s dealing with , with the supposed boss / police
    There is no shame or remorse , no self revulsion
    I wonder how many times he has raped before and got away with it ?


    • And now there is a very calculating final summary by the defense meant to to touch up the beyond reasonable doubt test for the jury
      Waiting with baited breath for closure for this family they have endured do much the morcombes and this price of trash Cowan seems like the guilty one
      Hope the jury spit out a guilty verdict ASAP


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