Layni Cameron and Larna Watmough-Gutless ferals filmed attacking elderly man on Gold Coast bus

update 01/03/14

TWO young women accused of a racist attack on an elderly blind man on a Gold Coast bus have received death threats, their lawyer says.

One has been freed on bail but her co-accused will remain behind bars and was led back to the cells sobbing.

Bus attack accused Larna Watmough pictured at Southport police station on Friday

Bus attack accused Larna Watmough pictured at Southport police station on Friday

Larna Watmough, 21, and Layni Cameron, 17 — who can be named because Queensland laws treat 17-year-olds as an adult — faced Southport Magistrates Court this morning charged with serious assault and public nuisance.

Gold Coast bus bash accused Layni Cameron at Coolangatta police station

Gold Coast bus bash accused Layni Cameron at Coolangatta police station

They are accused of assaulting 77-year-old man Paul Buttigieg on a Surfside bus on Tuesday.

Layni Cameron , the brunette girl accused of attacking an elderly man on a bus has handed herself in at a Gold Coast police station and is being questioned over the alleged incident.

Lainee Cameron one of the girls who allegedly attacked a man on a bus enters a Gold Coast police station.

Layni Cameron, one of the girls who allegedly attacked a man on a bus enters a Gold Coast police station.

The 17-year-old, who was allegedly with a blonde 21-year-old on the bus, arrived at about 1.50pm and rushed past waiting media into the police station.

Earlier, Gold Coast police Acting Superintendent Brian Swan said police believed they had identified the women, and it was with the help of a slew of public tip-offs.

Police are expected to charge the two young women who bashed and racially vilified a partially blind indigenous man on a Gold Coast bus.

Gold Coast District Acting Superintendent Brian Swan said the victim had made a statement to police and wanted to press charges.

Supt Swan said police suspected the perpetrators were aged 17 and 21 but were yet to locate and interview them.

One of the girls who allegedly attacked a man on a bus enters a Gold Coast police station.

“We did receive a lot of calls from the public,” he told reporters.

“Quite quickly this morning we were able to identify who we believe were responsible.”

Supt Swan said the man suffered bruising to his arm.

“As you can imagine, he is quite upset and shaken by the incident,” he said.

He said the women could face serious assault charges, which carry a maximum sentence of seven years’ jail.

Gold Coast bus attack: two women leave elderly man ‘upset and shaken’

February 28, 2014 – 2:06PM

Gold Coast police are interviewing one of two young women captured on film abusing a passenger on a bus.

The woman walked into the Coolangatta station voluntarily early Friday afternoon.

Police are still searching for the second woman feature in the footage of the attack, which happened on Tuesday afternoon.

The women are seen verbally and physically abusing the 77-year-old man as the Sunbus service travelled through Kirra on Queensland’s Gold Coast.

District Acting Superintendent Brian Swan said the West Tweed Heads man came forward on Friday morning.

“He’s suffered some bruising on his arms, and as you can imagine he is quite upset and shaken by the incident,” he said.

The girls hurled racial abuse at the man, but Acting Superintendent Swan said he was not indigenous.

“The victim actually doesn’t identify as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander,” he said.

“However it is concerning that the alleged [attackers] perceived that he was.”

Acting Superintendent Swan also corrected earlier reports that the victim was vision-impaired, saying that his glasses had been knocked off during the scuffle, making it hard for him to see.

They also abused a female passenger who was standing with a pram.

“If anyone views that footage, you’d find it disturbing and I think quite abhorrent really, that sort of behaviour, particularly in a public place,” Acting Superintendent Swan said.

“I don’t think anyone would find that level of behaviour acceptable.”

Police are investigating if the women had been attending a social event in northern New South Wales earlier in the day, and whether alcohol was involved.

“It’s hard to say at this point in time because we haven’t spoken to the people involved, but obviously looking at the clip  they’re under the influence of some substance,” Acting Superintendent Swan said.

He said police did not receive any complaints about the incident until after Channel Nine screened the footage, filmed by a 13-year-old girl, on Thursday night. “We did receive a lot of calls from the public  … quite quickly this morning we were able to identify those we believe were responsible,” he said.

On Friday, the women’s names were circulating on social media.

They face charges of serious assault, which carries a maximum jail term of seven years.

Police Minister Jack Dempsey said the incident was an absolute disgrace.

“It’s deplorable to think that an individual can think they can use this type of violence against an elderly person on a public transport vehicle,’’ he said.

The incident ended when a male passenger told the women to stop, and forced them off the bus.

Acting Superintendent Swan said police had spoken with Sunbus about the bus driver.

“They are satisfied with the actions of the bus driver,” he said.

“From what I’ve been told, he’s acted appropriately in compliance with their policy … we have no criticism of his actions.”

It’s not the first time mobile phone footage of bad behaviour on buses has gone viral.

In June, NSW Police charged a 55-year-old woman after she was caught on camera racially vilifying an Asian schoolboy on a bus in Burwood in April.

Another video shows a pregnant woman being called a “fat slut” after she asked a Perth train passenger to move her bags so she could sit down.

In November 2012, a French woman on a Melbourne bus was told to “speak English or die” by a man who also threatened to cut her breasts off.

All three videos were posted on YouTube and triggered a backlash on social media.

A teenage girl who robbed a Surfers Paradise convenience store used the money to pay for a night in a luxury hotel

Layni Cameron, 17, got bail after holding up a convenience store in Surfers Paradise.

Layni Cameron, 17, got bail after holding up a convenience store in Surfers Paradise. 

A KNIFE-wielding teenage girl robbed a Surfers Paradise store just to fund a night in a luxury high rise hotel, a court has been told.

Layni Cameron, 17, stayed just one night at the Meriton Apartments in Broadbeach but soon found herself spending a less comfortable night in the Southport Watchhouse.

The Chinderah teenager faced the Southport Magistrates Court yesterday charged with armed robbery and stealing.

Police have alleged Cameron was seen on CCTV footage entering a Surfers Paradise convenience store around 7pm on Monday and pulling a long silver knife from a leopard-print handbag.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Myee Arandale said Cameron pointed the knife at the shop assistant and demanded cash while backing her into a corner.

CCTV of robbery at Surfers Paradise convenience store 0:57

Police are hunting two women who robbed a convenience store at Surfers Paradise on Monday evening.

She is alleged to have escaped with $400 cash with a female friend who played look out.

The girls then allegedly booked an apartment in Broadbeach and paid in cash.

Yesterday the court was told detectives soon tracked her down and Cameron confessed to robbing the store because “she had no money and didn’t want to spend the night on the street”.

Solicitor Ashleigh Nicholls said Cameron had been living between friends’ houses and working part-time as a telemarketer but could return to live with her parents at Chinderah if given bail.

Magistrate Kerry Magee agreed to bail but banned Cameron from Surfers Paradise and ordered her to return him and report to police three times a week.

She will return to court on April 2.

80 thoughts on “Layni Cameron and Larna Watmough-Gutless ferals filmed attacking elderly man on Gold Coast bus

    • Yet she was out on the streets (and out on the town)
      If she had received a sentence for this crime which involved a knife , that por old man would not have been assaulted


    • Hi Robbo. When I first saw these two supposed “human beings” on the news the other night attacking that poor, poor innocent elderly gentleman , I cannot describe the emotions that ran through my body. I think I went from disbelief to frustration (due to no one helping him) to panic for his well-being and then to massive anger/rage directed at the attackers. If I am honest, I did not believe these two people would be found and brought to justice so I was thrilled to hear that I was proved wrong. To me, this type of crime is up there with the worst of them. Our elderly citizens have all worked harder and lived much harder lives that what we have. They have had to live (and possibly fight) through wars, live during depressions where starvation was common, many at the man in questions age have lost their partners through death and in many cases are left to fend for themselves without anyone to talk to. What most elderly in our community want more than anything is to be able to live what’s left of their lives as best as they can in peace and without fear. What these two people did was to destroy any hope this man now has of leading a life where he is not freaked out by catching a bus or panicking whenever he hears a noise that is not familiar to him. Having these girls identity released to the public was the right thing to do. I am not a spiteful person but in this case, I hope their time in prison is not a happy one and they receive the same level of disrespect they showed to the man. My only other hope is that they don’t end up being represented by some big shot defense team and wiggle their way out of this. They deserve to be locked up for a long enough period that will ensure that when they are released, the hell they have lived through will make them stop and think about abusing anyone else again in the future. How proud must these two girls parents be of them right now? My guess is Not Proud at All.


  1. Well said Chris and cc1958.need help but also a little down time to think about things. Such nice girls to take home to mum.

    I have always had this theory about girls wearing fluro…Looking for trouble or looking for that other thing…Red flag either way

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  2. these two so called human beings actually just displayed their true upbringing and breeding.
    Even though they were attired in their so called finery, their true classless, gutter selves could not be disguised.
    Their only way from now on in life will be a downward spiral.
    Remember girls KARMA is a strong force.


  3. What is disgusting is that they thought it was ok to hurl abuse and violently assault a person because they thought he was an Indigenous Australian. The irony is that he wasn’t. So anyone who isn’t “white looking enough” to this pair of street garbage is fair game. Who are the parental scum who raised them?


    • I totally agree with you! But then do we know the parents? Are they from the same breed?

      What were their principals and methods of upbringing?
      We need to remember that homo sapiens is the worst of the worst of species on this planet and without the basic education… Well, we have seen and continue to see the results. This has been happening for thousands of years but because of the explosion of communications technology we get to see it almost as soon as it happens wherever it maybe. Thanks to our media.


  4. So true Jade and Robbo! My 17 year old son (who works 6 nights a week) watched the footage and he thought it was not only revolting but I did comment “nice girls to take home to mum” – he just shook his head and mentioned the word Trolls…


  5. Racist, trashy Whores. Hope the indigenous girls in lockup beat them within an inch of their lives. Remember, even though the elderly man wasn’t indigenous, they thought that he was.


    • Didn’t think of that Karma. The indigenous in gaol will have a field day & I’m thinking they deserve a couple of good hidings.
      The young 13 year old who took the video and also took a chance on her own safety should be commended but can you imagine if her camera/phone was seen by these trash.


  6. Deplorable, absolutely deplorable- these girls make me embarrassed to be female. Watching this poor man trying to defend himself in the video, and the fact that he was crying even as he got off the bus, made me want to start crying myself. If I had the money I would pay his taxi fares so he never has to set foot on another bus again. What is further disgusting and adds to the distaste of this situation is the fact that one of the women’s “parents” -and I use that term loosely- has come out (without revealing his identity- so a coward like his slag daughter) and said that the victim was rude! So effing what if he was rude, does that give his daughter the right to place her hands on someone else? To spit and kick and punch someone as they cower in fear and embarrassment? You could tell by women’s body language and demeanour in that short video that they were out looking for trouble. Apparently, this woman’s father was upset because his precious little 21 year old darling was in handcuffs and he felt it was unnecessary. Well I say to him: you had 21 years to get it right and had you done your job properly as a parent she would not be standing there in handcuffs in the first place. And yes it was necessary- your “child” is a 21 year old adult, who has shown a complete and utter lack of regard for the law, has committed a serious crime and has shown she has a tendency to be violent- shame they couldn’t put a muzzle on them both I say. They say the sins of the parents are the shackles of their children….. teach your kids to respect others and maybe they might have some respect for themselves.


    • Yep. Spot on. These two belligerent sub-sapiens are endemic of failed parenting. A couple of nasty worthless nobodies who are getting their fifteen minutes of fame if they like it or not.


      • Thanks Moo:) They certainly are getting the notoriety hehe:) I love it when a bully gets called on their behaviour. They always revert to type and play the victim card and blame game and try to manipulate people into believing they are the ones that have been wronged. The father’s behaviour says it all. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree in this case. As you said some nasty, worthless nobodies.


  7. I wouldnt call them liitle girls as nd excuse them. They as hard nosed as a crim can get.
    What is worse is that these females participated in male crime.
    What is wrong with their breedin and DNA, that they have no nurturing genes.
    They onl LOOK female. They both have male psyches.
    One thing that concerns me pre-trial is that ready, focus is on the 17yo, when in fact the older one did most of the abuse.
    Part if this will be because by weighting the crime on the


  8. Part of the reason for weighting the crime on the younger of the two is because the youngest will face a lesser sentence. I doubt either are remorseful. Only sorry they got caught. They will have been like this since birth. Focus should not favour one and not the other.
    The other passengers were not wearing straight jackets. The mother could have moved the pram. If a cop had ordered her to she wouldve. The blog on video who just sat there and looked.then looked away ought to be very ashamed. If I had been on the bus I would have intervened.
    Similarly the bus driver is also weak. If we have no protection on piblic transport then I will never use it and you wont get my VOTE.
    Did they think that like my rapist they would get away with their abuse because it was over the border for one of them?!


  9. Filthy screeching little animals. Worthless white-trash bogan nobodies with a sub-sapien demeanour and neanderthal like gait in their step. They have been exposed for the pathetic nasty useless trolls they truly are. Glad to see social media and this website carrying out some social justice on these two dirty degenerates. Expose them. Vilify them and humiliate them. They deserve every ounce of it.


    • Spot on Moo!

      However I would probably give then an opportunity to care for the victim for couple of years without any reward and see whether they could become decent and contributing members of the this society.
      There’s a lot of pain and hurt inside those girls which is as much the responsibility of their parents as themselves.
      Price Australians are paying for the attitude “easy go lucky” and no discipline at all.


      • Allan
        I respect your optimistic outlook, and suggestion that these two, somehow, in a perfect world, can be made to care for their victim. However, I believe these two are beyond any form of rehabilitation and are only capable of caring for themselves, at the expense of others. Their knifepoint armed robbery the week before, only reinforcing my point of view. They really are brain-dead little nobodies, but sadly endemic of a confused society where the lines between morality, discipline and entitlement are fuzzy at best.
        Personally I think they should be diced into millimetre cubes and liquified into corn fertilizer, as this is all they have proven their biomass to be worth. There is no intelligence here, no morality and no common decency. They are dangerous and worthless and as such should be removed.

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  10. I felt physically sick watching these disgusting revolting poor excuses of human beings attack a defenseless old man, it was stomach churning. We can only pray these hideous bitches do jail time and don’t get off with a slap on the wrist. And the father of one comes out in the media and says the old man was “rude” so he deserved a beating then did he? Obviously these gutter trolls have the same gutter scum parents. Please courts and magistrate lock this feral whores up people are tired of scum either male or female attacking defenseless people. What gives them the right to board a bus, start verbally attacking people, then bash and old man that told them to stop swearing at people? I am so angry I hope these disgusting feral tarts get some of their own medicine when they end up in the prison.


  11. I wouldn’t piss on these two slags if they were on fire. Gutter mud-mutts the both of them, you’d probably get fleas if you stood anywhere next to either of them. Converstation between the boys at work was mainly “even with a condom, no-one would be brave enough to root ’em, their c*nts would probably be festering with all sorts of nasties!” Shudder.


  12. Hopefully the courts will find that this disgusting attack on an elderly blind man attracts a longer sentence than that handed down to the two thugs who beat two alpacas to death.

    The Attorney general will surely appeal a light sentence for this charming little duo.

    Armed robbery, serious assault and public nuisance by the age of 17……this girl needs stopped in her tracks.


  13. The other girls father seems to believe there are circumstances which justify kicking, punching and spitting at an elderly blind man…..really????


  14. excuse me? Did i read correctly, a 77 year old man? you are kidding me. And the father supports one of these feral trailer trash whores


  15. Allright, we all agree how low these scum are and we all want to see them do some time in jail.
    The only way to do that is for everyone to send emails to the public prosecuter and the minister for justice as well as your local state member.
    The Pollies don’t read all the social media, yes they watch the news that report people are upset but they will only get off their arse if they get bombarded with emails.
    let them know what you expect from the judge.


  16. Cruel ignorant idiots that’s what they are, how can they attack a 77 year old partially blind man? They have no feelings they are selfless dirty shameful criminals. 99% of the population would not do what they did! They have no education, no class, no respect! Their parents should be ashamed! The poor man will feel terrible, abused, he must be feeling terrible now. These bullies should rot in jail!


  17. Everyone if you want to help put these scumbag bullies away you can start a petition at in the name of Mr Paul Buttigieg and other victims!


  18. embarrassing acts toward and elderly man, what’s wrong with these girls? where are there parents to teach them descent manners? its just not on. wake up to themselves!!


  19. what an uplifting story. armed robbery, assault of an elderly passenger. when the do-gooders stepped in and said you cant discipline your children at home or school anymore and that they have “rights” i had reservations but these 2 luvly ladies are proof that it has all worked out for the better. i wish i could turn back the clock. sadly i was disciplined at home and school and was taught right from wrong, taught to respect authority the elderly and property and others and because of that in todays society im all but a social outcast.


  20. I say give them time in a regional prison somewhere with a big indigenous population…on second thought, just give em bail on Monday and let them free….in Alice Springs. Don’t like people who are coloured? Haha….hard life coming for these two…And who is calling someone fat…..One of the girls could lose quite a lot of weight herself…haha….love how the world has turned on them


  21. Layni is a nasty piece of shit. look on facebook, laynii cam, there is a pic of her in a rub and tug shop. shes a hooker. At 17 years old. Very very sad.


  22. Related to NRL bad boy Anthony Watmough (cousins). Now I’m getting a good picture of the influences around these types of girls.


  23. I’m trying to get my head around WHY would anyone do this. A 77 year old blind man! What feral trash and the father is sticking up for them? OMG this whole thing is disgusting & I agree with everything you guys have said.
    Absolute trash & it’s time at least one of them sees a stint in gaol. The sooner the better & I’m hoping the judge doesn’t fall for the ‘fear of the repercussions from the indigenous inmates’ rubbish.
    Both are well and truly due for a good hiding.


  24. My partner added this on my facie page….just thought I could paste it here too…

    “Yep, the world has changed since he was a boy. I come from a family whose father grew up during the great depression, when girls like those that beat on him didn’t exist and if they did, real mem would have stood up and been counted. Sadly not many exist anymore, we’re all to concerned about how we look to others, being afraid of litigation, and generally just not wanting to get involved. As that aboriginal leader said, it doesn’t matter if he is aboriginal or not he is an elder and we should respect him”


  25. Yeah … point is these young women showed intent to abuse, degrade, bully and used violence towards a vulnerable member of our community. The parenting they have received has failed, their socialisation through school has also failed. Both parents & school had a responsibility to socialise these girls Now The Law needs to do what both parents & school did not/could not achieve. These girls have committed a crime of violence at such a young age. Lock em up. Once inside, they’ll get exposure to psychologists and education programs with social reinforcement built in. Pull em up while they’re young IMO.


  26. After catching up with all reading of the articles and video footage – These two are disgrace and pathethic example of young people! I can’t believe no one including the bus driver did not come to aid for this old man – except one man who throw them out, what is wrong with our society these days??The father of Larna is another pathetic example of human being – can’t blame school for failing – if these girls have been raised to do whatever they want, no respect, no consequences at home. Mannerism, morale, gratitude and integrity is taught at home by parents to their children as simple as that!


  27. The so-called “parents” of these little angels should do them at least one favour in life.

    They sure as hell haven’t imparted any morals, fortitude or respect for one’s self or fellow citizens. Their behaviour is about as abhorrent and simply gutless as I’ve witnessed but unfortunately it’s becoming the standard I expect of young people these days.

    The favour their proud parents should do them is to book their accommodation in advice. The best booking number I can provide their parents is 07 3227 7111, Corrections Qld. Perhaps they’re able to book a corner cell or a cell with a view. The only certainty here is that both these disgusting little germs are well on their way to a life of crime.

    P.S Got death threats did you! BOO HOO you little bastards, don’t like the feel of fear? Imagine poor Paul’s fear at 77 and half blind being attacked by you thugs. I wish our judicial system had the backbone to enforce the sentences required here.


    • Well Chris, “with all due respect” I didn’t use the word “all” did I? What I said was ‘unfortunately it’s becoming the standard I expect of young people these days’ If your going to call, or out someone on a statement they’ve made have the decency not to embellish or incorrectly quote that person.

      The statement made is my opinion. However in 2013 a federal report into the increase in violence amongst juveniles and young people clearly indicates a national average increase in the order of 30+% in the last decade. In some states like Victoria its much higher.

      “the report acknowledges that though youths (11 to 18) represented only 21 per cent of Victoria’s population, they accounted for 46 per cent of all offenders”

      I wasnt saying “all” young people behave in this manner. Fact is, regardless of anybodys opinion, violence amongst our younger generation on the increase each year. The social factors behind this rise is and even bigger debate.

      Tragic no matter which way you look at it.


  28. “Get your torches and pitchforks” it seems. Dog act by the two of them for sure… but come on Robbo, do they honestly warrant a spot on your page next to murderers and rapists? This “trial by media” culture we have really has gotten out of hand.
    And for the record no I don’t know them. Yes I’m disgusted by their actions on that day but even more disgusted at the lynch mob mentality of the general public.

    Thumbs up for the site apart from that!


    • Hi Ben thanks for your thoughts. I’m not responsible to how people react to that vision. Some replies are nearly as outrageous in what should or would be done to them. It is not a hanging offence sure.

      But also note this site is not called murders and rapists either, it has all sorts of crimes, acts, scams, dodgy behaviour and more that the community is sick and tired of seeing.

      This place gives them a voice to discuss this and other things happening in our community.

      All the best, and thanks for acknowledging the site, cheers



  29. Here is her brothers attempt to justify her, and his and her friends supporting her.

    The thing is the cops, DPP, don’t press charges without adequate evidence and Judges don’t accept charges without expectation of them proceeding…53881983255597

    Mitchell Watmough
    I have had to sit back for the last 48 hours and wait for the real facts to be released before commenting back. I have watched as cyber bullying has been taken to a whole new level towards my sister and my family after the loss of the late Charlotte Dawson committing suicide over cyber bullying and everyone declaring we should lock up cyber bullies. All these people are commenting on an edited, cropped video and numerous false accusation on top of fictional journalism. I have read from different newspapers and reports from both TV and radio a complete bunch of lies.

    The attack was unprovoked – lies
    Larna came from the races – lies
    The man was indigenous – lies
    He was assumed indigenous because of his color and appearance, it was corrected imediately
    The man was completely blind – lies
    He is clinically blind, not completely. He is completely in his right eye, 1/4 vision in his left. Nit picking!!
    Larna abused mother with the pram – lies
    Tru the woman with the pram wasn’t abused, but the other passangers seated in the left front of the bus were, prior to the old gent.
    Larna hit the man first – lies
    He didn’t hit her…it might have been layni who hit him first and then Lana followed.
    The girls are sisters – lies
    It was never said in the media they were sisters, they were identified by police as soon as they viewed the tape.
    Larna was involved in an arm robbery – lies
    That wasn’t claimed it was made clear it was Layni that was on parole.
    Larna has any sort of criminal record – lies
    Again see above.
    The attack was racially influenced – lies
    The media didn’t say that was the cause but did at first report an older indigenous was attacked.

    My sister was set on bail after only a couple of minutes yesterday after police have now seen the footage from the bus.
    Interesting that after seeing the bus video they still pressed charges. Yes they didn’t oppose bail, rarely do in first offenses and when no serious damage done (not hospitalized)
    You want to talk about ethical, the young girl being named ‘brave’ for filming has done nothing but created a circus. The girl’s family didn’t take this to police to be investigated, instead taking it straight to channel 9 for a quick buck as channel 9 paid for the video before police were even informed about the incident.
    Not sure about this one.

    Larna isn’t a racial person, completely far from it; Larna’s closet friends are all indigenous with one of her indigenous friends spending last Christmas with our family. Larna never said a racial thing with the other girl saying ‘we are in abo land’ People saying things about my Mum have no idea what your talking about she has a number of occasions taken in struggling kids off the street and provided food and shelter till they found there feet from all different cultures with no incentive just out of kindness. Anyone that knows my mother will say she is a hard working, generous, selfless person to anyone she meets. In fact not a single person in my family has a criminal record and the crap I have read is so ridiculous people must have no lives themselves.

    This man ‘labeled by the media as innocent’ is known to police and local residence all around the area for being extremely abusive, degrading to women by spitting at them, completely sexist and known to be harassing people on a weekly basis. He has spat at mothers with children’s and abused women in shopping centers. For any women that has been degraded by sexist men, unfair employment opportunities and even just abused my men know that anyone still in this frame of mind is disgusting.
    I find this a very interesting statement. I would be very keen to know how he has knowledge of all this. “Well know to police” know by all locals etc etc.
    If what he claims happened, the bus CCTV would have shown it and the charges would have been dropped, or at least the old guy would also have charges pending.
    This incident happened on a Tuesday but took him till Friday to report after him seeing all the media hype created and fueled by the media.
    I have been told he locked himself inside for 2 days nursing his bruzes and was only convinced to go and press charges when his mates from the bowls club showed him the video and reassured him the police would press charges.

    The facts will come soon enough with him swearing at the girls for listening to there I pad signing ‘my nigga my nigga’ by YG. He then called them names such as sluts, whores and told them to go back where they came from to eventually spitting on the girls. The video doesn’t show Larna try to pull the other girl off and stop it at the start, while Lana tried to help she dropped her phone on the ground tried to pick it up and the man kicked her in the face which she has an injuries to her head from which then she reacted to.
    Interesting, that an old man, mostly blind, would kick a girl massively bigger than himself, in the head, but the girls hat stayed on, no blood, no holding onto her face etc. I am not on here to defend the actions after that as they are completely unacceptable and Larna is completely remorseful now. My first sight of the video I was also disgusted and embarrassed, but after learning the video has been edited to make only the girls look like terrible villains I now see what the media has done to create a massive story.

    I know my sister and she would have never just started bashing a man for no reason and anyone that knows her has already said that, she has a good heart and is becoming a huge victim with TRUE FACTS not being told. The police cannot comment on social media but have been supportive of Larna through this period after watching the whole bus camera footage. We have a legal system with FACTS for a reason let it take its course.

    I want to thank all my friends that have been supportive and never jumped on the bandwagon with the circus before knowing both sides.
    One thing I would love to be able to do is, access both his and his sisters tweets, emails, social media and just see how many times they have “Bullied” others. A bit different when the shoes on the other foot.

    I really doubt 9 would have doctored the video as they could leave them self open to a liable charge.
    Also, as far as I know they never pay for local news items, they didn’t pay for the video of the bikie fight in Broadbeach that has caused the anti bikie laws, so I doubt they would have paid for this little bit of local news.

    If the old guy is such an anti woman, screams obscenities and spits at them, he certainly wouldn’t survive as a member of the Tweed Heads Bowls Club, where he is well liked, even to the point his friends pick him up and drop him home because of his eyesight.

    I think this guy is clutching at straws and hoping his comments can get sympathy for his sister.


    • All I can say is their actions are far from representative of the responsible grounded people they’re family is so desperately trying to make them out to be. Their past CRIMINAL record is a greater indication of the type of individuals they are. Noteworthy here too is that not a single witness on the bus has confirmed the above version of events in relation to Paul being the aggressor.

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    • robbo there is nothing wrong with providing an opportunity for the public to comment on crimes pending hearings, which we cant do on the news sites, despite feeling very upset etc, such as with this crime,as a community.
      the efforts of the families of these two disgusting young women will be challenged at their hearings, and add to evidence of the lack of remorse shown,in consideration for sentencing.
      social media content has been used in evidence,
      the demented ramblings of the sibling of the twisted sister just demonstrate further their altered view of the truth.they want the old man to be seen as having perverse behaviours -funny he doesnt get a mention for that in subsequent media, these ramblings should be the basis of a defamation claim.and as for comparing charlotte dawsons demise thru cyberbullying-pfffft!!!charlotte was a victim, these two slags got out and were punching on having a good time but got caught-they are the bullies!!!!
      obviously the family x2 collectively pooled brain cells and wrote this rubbish about their view of what we saw, and dont forget , we all saw it, thanks to social media.


  30. Hello folks… I have a few things to add. These girls, heavily intoxicated and probably high on drugs, boarded the bus and proceeded to sit on the back seat. They were singing some rap song quite loudly, which included profanities. The actual song was “My Nigga” by rap artist YG, which is quite offensive to most normal people. A mother with a baby in a pram asked them (politely) to quieten down and she received a earful of abuse and phsyical intimidation from these two bogans. There were other younger girls on the bus; they were all scared. Fortunately that young girl (Rebecca) filmed the incident on her phone. She deserves credit for her quick thinking. This is where 77 year old, clinically blind pensioner, Paul Buttigieg, a former jockeym enters the story. He said to the girls that they should go home. Then, as we have all seen to our disgust, they turned their venemous, immature rage on this poor old man. The older black haired bogan was clearly smiling and smirking as she took part in the assault. She is the one on bail for armed robbery. She wasn’t smirking when she was detained. Mr Buttigieg is blind in one eye and has very limited vision in his other eye – clinically blind. He didn’t know how many people were assaulting him. Amazingly, he stood up and defended himself. What a tough old codger. Now some people have criticized the perceived inaction of people on the bus. Lets start with the bus driver. They get paid poorly and treated snobishly in Australian society and are often the victims of assaults themselves. He pulled the bus over and followed protocol. I think it’s unfair to blame him or anyone else on the bus for that matter. Eventually a man did intervene – good on him. These days in Australia, you intervene in a fight and suddenly you are the victim or in trouble with the law. We need to examine how Australia has got to this point rather than lampoon the perceived inaction of individuals. Also the Gold Coast is one of the roughest places in Australia, in terms of alcohol fuelled violence.. a disease that plagues Australia at the moment. I would be very reluctant to become involved in an altercation on the coast – you are literally dicing with your life. We need more cameras on trains/buses etc. We also need to examine why (some) young people have no respect for elders. The fact that they launched into rascist abuse (when the man isn’t Aboriginal), is just as disturbing…

    I suspect part of the problem lies in their family. Today her brother has publicly defended these two bogans and blamed the victim and the girl who recorded the attack. According to Mitchell Watmough, Mr Buttigieg “called the girls “sluts and whores”, spat on them and kicked his sister in the face”. On his facebook page he has posted a confused rant which compares these two violent bogans to Charlotte Dawson. He has also posted some images of messages from people alleging they have been abused/harrassed by Mr Buttigieg. He also alleges Mr Buttigieg is “not blind”, when in fact he is clinically blind. These images of ‘messages’ he has posted contain no actual link, and judging from the names of the ‘people’ that allegedly posted/sent them, they are bogans who are friends of this family and they are embarking on a cyber push-back. It’s no wonder that drone Anthony Watmough is her cousin; the apples don’t fall far from the tree in this family. Her brother Mitchell Watmough looks like some steroid munching gym-head with a brain the size of a pea. Go and check his facebook page. He is engaging in character assassination based on nothing. He also denies they hurled racial abuse, when it is painfully clear to blind freddy they did. In short, the family are blaming everyone but the girls and themselves… in their warped version of events, this 77 year old man is going out and abusing everyone on the streets and is some serial pest (unlike these two little angels, who don’t do drugs, who don’t rob stores, who don’t engage in prostitution).

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  31. Here is what MITCHELL WATMOUGH – brother of one bus bogans – had to say in his unhinged rant..

    “Pretty fucked how the media blows everything out of proportion and no one questions it and just jumps on the bandwagon and believes every single thing the media says.
    ‘Gold coast teenagers abuse blind aboriginal’.
    Not from the Gold Coast. Only one of them is a teenager. Not blind. Not aboriginal.
    After Charlotte Dawson killed herself, so many people wrote huge posts about how sad cyber bullying is and how it needs to stop and it was the same people telling these girls to go kill themselves and making death threats. Beyond hypocritical. Anyone who has said ‘they should kill themselves’ or anything like that, should be ashamed. Nameless, faceless bully’s over the Internet are MUCH worse. The only people who deserve the abuse they have gotten are rapists, child abusers and animal abusers.
    So if you’re someone who sees something posted by ninemsn or another news outlet and instantly shares it and says ‘how disgusting’ it is, you are an idiot. The media pulls ‘facts’ out of a hat and chucks it in the headline to get the public interested. Wait for the facts, otherwise you will look like a fuckhead.
    To be honest, I didn’t even read the story when I first saw it. Didn’t like it, didn’t comment on it. Because I know how fucked and twisted the media is and I knew opening it up and reading it would be a waste of time and all I would be reading is bullshit.”

    Here is MITCHELL WATMOUGH’s FaceBook page:

    Brother Aaron Watmough, who looks the biggest bogan of them all, is also posting ridiculous crap.

    Here is the text of a message which he has photographed and posted – but with no link to the actual message. It was ‘Yesterday’ at 10:07AM from someone called “Alana Jane”. (no one by that name is on his or his brothers friends list)

    “Yep this old man also abused my autistic son when he was 9 and when I asked him why he abused my son he then abused me. He is horrible and has been for years and years that I know of. On another ocaison he abused my friend while she was at the bus with her children. On another occaison he abused my 80 year old neighbour and her brother in 70’s while walking a dog. He is just as horrible as the girls are. He did not deserve to hit, kicked or spat on but if you go around abusing people allllllllllllllll the time eventually you will come across someone that retaliates and gives it back 3fold.”

    This is from the facebook page of MITCHELL WATMOUGH (and his deadsh#t brother Aaron). They make out this clinically blind 77 year old man to be some sociopath who habitually abuses people and disabled children… but hang on, by their bogan-logic he is “just as horrible as the girls are”… What are they saying? The girls are horrible ? Their bogan logic is flawed…

    Notice the bogan grammar (“at the bus” ) and the bogan spelling (“occaison”). A complete lack of punctuation confirms the bogan-nature of this message; the second sentence sounds juvenile. I suspect this message from “Alana Jane” is actually a bogan message from a certain bogan family or one of their bogan friends. It’s clearly a family of white-trash bogans.

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  32. I’m sure both Layni and Larnas mothers both took these little loads in the arse! Whats my proof you ask? Simple observation, BOTH these little princesses are 100% TURDS!

    I’d like to personally see both families pack up, piss off somewhere else and not come back. We have enough crime on the coast because of trash families like these two and their disgusting, destructive and violently hideous offspring.

    Trial by media (Ben on March 3, 2014 at 10:35 pm) my fat arse Ben. Both these little tarts have had more criminal “trials” than any reasonable person would or should expect in a lifetime. Its bleeding hearts like you Ben that keep these little bitches living a free and largely inconsequential life of crime.

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    Good parenting can put a stop to violence such as the alleged Coast bus attack

    “when I read that the father of one of the accused expressed anger that his daughter was handcuffed, and urged people to remember that there are “two sides to the story”, I was gravely disappointed. What I wanted to hear was regret, remorse and shame. What I heard was anything but”

    “In an ideal world, the parents of both accused bus attack perpetrators would welcome just punishment and hang their heads in shame. I am grateful society has expressed complete outrage at such an event. I am also thankful for parents who do their utmost to produce responsible citizens. Those kinds of parents will probably end up saving the world”.

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  34. Like to lock these fat moles in with Adrian Bayley and Steven Hunter where they could sort out their cowardly pathetic mole like tempers. They could use and give Mole Bayley a bashing, and or vise versa , Bayley the killer rapist mole could give them a feeling of powerlessness by doing what he used to do best to his victims- Like wise Standover man Steven Hunter, who knows only excessive violence in and out of jail. Could share these brat girls with Bayley on their solitary confinement . And Adrian Bayley when he was in the free world for years as a unstoppable sick aggressive rapist. Need I elaborate what a good threesome it would be!….Also when Bayley is finished with them, or their finished with him!,,……… these fat moles could be locked away in with the tough Kooris prison population to let out the jail frustrations on these ”daddies little girls”, and play with these bitchy dolls and leave them clear lying in the prison gutter with all the shit kicked out of them!…………….These wanna be tough arse mole bitches deserves a taste of their own torment!…….Wearing handcuffs should be the least of their worries!…………..KARMA for the fat mole bitches!…………..Rehabilitation, ha,ha!.


    • Not cool posting about having the girls ‘given a feeling of powerlessness’ – no woman deserves, NO MATTER WHAT being treated like that by ANY MAN!! (re: Bayley and those like him = coward!) There is a thing called Karma – it just shouldn’t come from an insecure, dominating male!


  35. Before anyone attacks me on being a hard arse former screw!. on the way I would like these kretins getting poetic justice and harshly punished. Please take into account that …… The facts are on todays streets all over Australia, that the cowardly mentality of attacks in groups or large numbers of thugs and often very drug and alcohol affected bully young men and woman in groups – are for no reason other than for looking for a soft target or a bit of fun after a party or night out. Are verbally and physically in a violent manner attacking, bashing and sometimes even inflicting serious life changing head injuries to their powerless victims, and tragically, these victims are left in a comatose condition sometimes later dying from the assaults inflicted on them by these cowards in groups, and which will more often than not leave the victims scars of life long mental health and disability issues and a loss of their former life, before the assault on them!…………The victims who are left with head injuries, have in effect been murdered by these low life cowards, who think it is fun to gang up on and attack their victims!……………………These pieces of trash need to know that what goes around, will come around back at them!… hence KARMA…….. And that the too could very well be the victim of a coward attack on them, and outnumbered by some group of violent cowards who are bigger bullies, and badder and stronger, and more violent in the pack of animals than them. Dog eat Dog world!…. Such as is the case in the Prisons!……..Survival of the fittest!…..Queensbury Rules!……………
    These scumbags that go out at night, looking for a fight, or looking for someone to bash or abuse!
    Then if caught, they deserve the worst possible punishment and retaliations meet towards them for there cowardice actions!…….END OF STORY!………………………………………………………………


  36. That’s not what I was trying to say. I was not attacking the gender, be they male or female, both sexes can commit violent crimes, as I well know. Females in and out of prison are just as evil and violent, nasty an vile mouthed as men. I am not saying violence towards women is acceptable, because it definitely is not. As the current and recent campaine against violence against women show. That’s not what I am speaking about. But by the same token, their are many violent evil women, that have with intent assaulted and even killed male victims and female victims. Like Tanya Herman, The body in the boot murderess – for example!… And these two young bitches in the above acts of violence are the such females that im talking about. These same tough tarts would be the first to cry victim, if a male offender attacked them!.. But they don’t mind dishing out their ugly insults and violence on a defenceless elderly disabled and homeless man in public in front of public on-lookers.. And that is what I was commenting on here.. And that is these tough coward bitches above in this attack on a harmless indigent blind man – merely need a taste of their own medicine for the way they ganged up on this minding his own business, easy prey elderly guy. But they will just get a slap on the wrist, as usual by the courts….. in this bleeding heart modern day injustice legal system…. Then back out on the streets to further build up their criminal rap sheets , and chips on their shoulders on the next new victims again!……… There should be no violence against women or men !!!…………. But sadly in this modern day world angry drug affected or intoxicated bored young people of both sexes,” male and female ”and in company of a group- are out looking for trouble and a easy target to pick on- male or female to attack for their entertainment and notoriety reguardless of the consequences to their injured victims !!!. For every dangerous horrible crime that is perhaps more so in number committed by violent men. …. Lets not forget that their are indeed also violent women who cold bloodedly look for an opportunity to attack both other women, men and children victims……. I saying punishment should fit the crimes of violence these males or females commit… But im just old school- An eye for an eye!…….But I know what its like on the other side of the fence. And that’s Gaol, Im talking about. And these upstart young tarts, need a taste of its violent reality, to bring them down a peg or two.. And know what its like to be under the boot of an aggressor behind bars!……… But wanna be crims, male and female, don’t do real jail anymore do they!…… That’s why theres no respect out on the streets anymore. And thugs go out of their way to harm others in public!……………………..


  37. Usually Former Officer,I do agree with your posts – perhaps I did just see those particular words and went for it (yeah, I will admit when I may be wrong lol) I agree with both sexes – yes – and that there are many ferals out there committing these crimes on innocent people – Like you – I have seen this both in my past career and personal life. You know, as well as others that there is a ‘form of justice’ inside that will also deal with these scumbags – just when they get out – they can just go ahead and continue where they left off! Yeah, a lot of these issues are due to mental health issues not being ‘attended to’, lack of education, and these scum relying on their ‘only way of survival’ mode. There is no way I am defending the actions of these criminals – but these kinds of people will not change and usually the cycle just repeats itself when the families’ breed – without growing up and copping it – instilling responsibility, manners, morals, getting their mental health checked and medicated, working their butts off and earning instead of taking away.

    I have probably rambled a bit here, but hope I made some kind of sense lol :) thanks for your input on these pages Former Officer – that is why people like us are ‘former’….it takes a lot out of us and usually falling on ‘deaf ears’ anyway!


  38. Cheers Chris, yeah mate well written, I guess in the current climate of the growing violence against women and innocent children, my gesture of wanting these breed of nasty ferals , to experience powerlessness at the hands of dangerous criminals in jail worst than them, was not the right thing to say on a public post. And I will rephrase and retract my statement. It just that when I was told by a Sophie on many outspoken a blogs I wrote on the Aussie Criminals – Body in the boot page…… That I must be a criminal and are very bitter and twisted on my comments, that I wrote warts and all, bagging about The Body in the Boot Murderess – Tania Herman and her Country club Jail Lover…. And this Sophie made me furious. As I still think Maria Corps killer was a evil bitch who should of got a life sentence for the cold blooded way she strangled and left for dead her victim!…………. And after watch the public footage and seeing these two little Darlings ”Larna and Larni” – Attack this defenceless elderly blind guy, and the insults to the lady with the child in the pusher – and that they both had prior committed an armed robbery on a soft target – ”Just made my blood boil.” …. Because some of these long criminal record and re-offending rap sheet – recidivist offender female prisoners – are just as frightening as the male crims were and are as heartless and violent as the Male prisoners. And there plea bargaining Lawyers and the bleeding heart Prison Welfare workers and soft Prison Officers were and still are, often manipulated with their bleeding heart sob stories during their prison counselling sessions and the rehabilitation preparation processes and this helped these female and male prisoners like Adrian Bayley – Peter Dupas – Steven Hunter and also even Tania Herman with the support and help of the do-gooder justice department . And guaranteed they would get granted early parole. Even though these grubs have over and over again conned the justice system and parole boards, they would and did numerous times – re-offend in the most hideous of ways . And that evil bitch ex Prisoner : Tanya Hermann – I think got it too easy in the H.M.Tarrengower do- gooders country club resort jail with a very lenient sentence of only 9 years. For Murder most fowl!.. And her Lover got off easy also!………. Any way thanks to who ever this Sophie is,- I don’t give a shit at all about being derogative toward criminals. And – Yeah I am and have become bitter and twisted. That is Bitter at the soft limp wristed – twisted, slap on the wrist sentences handed out by the Magistrates and Judges, – that is becoming all to common place, all the while the victims of crime receive the harsh sentence by the perpetrators. Just like that piece of scum- violent male offender that broke that innocent young ladies jaw in a nightclub !….. And what does the Magistrate hand out as punishment to this piece of shit!……No Conviction….. No Jail Time……. And get on with your life!……………… While the victim jaw has been broken, and has to move on with her life!……….
    So the Do-Gooder Justice System doesn’t care about the welfare and human dignity of the Victims! Same old story – nothing ever changes – And INNOCENT people just out trying to have a good time – get bashed by these shit for brains low life bullies, who only know one way to react and that is bash helpless people………………….. But the Magistrates and Judges are not listening to the victims or the public concerns in their ivory towers- and continue to keep passing limp slap on the wrist sentences to these violent offenders!………And H.M.Barwon Prison King Pin Tony Mokbal is or was In mainstream jail , fighting and breaking a fellow prisoners nose. Ha Ha. And now is being sent back to Acasia Maximum Security unit to separate him from more trouble, H, Ha – At least the Mainstream Hard core Heavy Crims maintain a just code of crime and punishment, and meet out poetic justice – when their own kind break the code of Jail Corrective services. Ha Ha………..
    One thing that can be certain – There is always going to be plenty of horrible crimes – to comment on at Aussie Criminal. I Think that is part of the problem- There not enough long term jails and the JAILS and Police Cells are dangerously overcrowded and bursting at the seams, and the useless Department of in-Justice, has got no available vacancies in the boob, for all the scum bags, so they just let them back out on the streets , and hand out a fine or suspended sentence and or a community based order or whack a home detention bracelet on them, and try to keep a lid on the growing daily prisons population………”.The Cycle of Crime!.”…………………………………….
    Cheers Aussie Criminal Community……………….


  39. Well their court appearance has been held over till 9th of next month.

    I haven’t seen any press re Cameron’s case for the armed robbery I would have thought it should have been held by now.
    Anyone know if it has happened??


    • Nothing on the armed robber just that Cameron still in custody
      The lovely girls defense claims to have the bus CCTV to show the girls were being nice and sitting quietly with their legs crossed reading the bible …… Well the defense claimed the bus CCTV will show we got it all wrong !!!!!


  40. That’s the biggest problem today with trying to bang up or lock away all these scumbag shithead maggots, and that is – Their rotten defence lawyers, keep rubbing the poor victims noses into dogshit, and sell the poor me crim victim and plea bargaining and sentence discounting to the out of touch do-gooder magistrates or judges, to give them a get out of jail free card !!!…………………………..
    How can it be, that what brave witness filmed of this assault be disputed!!. They the Defence Lawyers are nothing but a pack of dogs, that help the Guilty crims try and get of there serious charge on their crimes. No wonder the Police get frustrated, they do the hard work of investigating and catching and arresting these rotten scumbags, get them locked them up, sent to jail , and the weak courts, just keep giving them a slap on the wrist and letting these lowlifes back out, again and again, while there next crime just gets worse!. And the Lawyers go on to there next case. Like a car salesman who has just sold a new car!….. Making a lot of money in the process. And the VICTIMS, SUFFER FOR LIFE!…….No Justice, Just us!!!…………………………………………………….

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  41. Heyɑ i’m forг tthе first time herе. I came ɑcross tis board annd I find It reeally usaeful & itt helped mme oout much.
    Ι hope to give something back and aid others like you helpеd me.


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