George Pell-Royal Commission to inquire into the Catholic Church and Towards Healing

OMG I have been watching Cardinal Pell’s live evidence all day and seriously, he needs to get to confession. Lying his brain off and justifying everything in favour of the church.

I did want to stay out of these religion relation Royal Commission hearings but can not. AS a survivor of sexual abuse by the catholic church I dry reach listening to him.


UPDATE 26/03/14 The Cardinal had a second day in the hot seat and was no better trying to defend the indefensible

George Pell tells sex abuse royal commission case against John Ellis was unfair ‘from a Christian point of view’

Updated 2 minutes ago

Cardinal George Pell says that from a “Christian point of view”, the Church did not deal fairly with former altar boy and sex abuse victim John Ellis.

Mr Ellis was abused by a priest in the 1970s, but lost a legal battle in 2007 when the Court of Appeal ruled the Catholic Church was not an entity that could be sued.

Cardinal Pell, Australia’s most senior Catholic cleric, is giving evidence at the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse in Sydney.

He said although lawyers never acted improperly, he had “moral doubts” and believed the case was mishandled from a spiritual perspective.”Any reservations I might have about particular stands of our lawyers, I would not want to suggest that they did anything improper,” he told the hearing.

“But from my point of view, from a Christian point of view, leaving aside the legal dimension, I don’t think we did deal fairly.”

Cardinal Pell said that he endorsed the aggressive strategies of the church’s lawyers, who were instructed to “resist” Mr Ellis’s claim, despite the fact that he believed Mr Ellis.

“Part of that wording, ‘vigorously’ or ‘strenuously’, was, at least in my mind, an attempt to encourage people not to go into litigation,” Cardinal Pell told the hearing.

Counsel assisting the commission Gail Furness questioned the Cardinal’s stance.

“So by having a vigorous defence, that would show potential plaintiffs that they should think twice before litigating against the church?” she asked.

“That they should think clearly,” Cardinal Pell responded.

Cardinal Pell said victims should settle the matters outside court.

In a statement to the commission, Cardinal Pell apologised to Mr Ellis for the abuse committed by Father Aidan Duggan.

Cardinal Pell admitted endorsing a decision not to enter mediation at the time the legal action began, but now concedes that was a mistake.

“I could have. I regret that I didn’t. As a general rule, though, I handed over the carriage of the case to our legal advisers and I should have been more vigilant,” he said.

Before the case Mr Ellis asked for $100,000 but was offered $30,000.

The court costs far exceeded Mr Ellis’s original request for compensation.

The Cardinal said at the time the legal action commenced in 2004, he was mistaken about Mr Ellis.

“He presented so well. He’s such a senior lawyer; he was represented by two very high-profile lawyers,” Cardinal Pell said.

“I understood insufficiently just how wounded he was.

I understood insufficiently just how wounded he was.

Cardinal George Pell

“We would never have run this case against many of the victims who came forward because they’re manifestly so wounded.

“That was not apparent to me at this stage.”

During the litigation, Cardinal Pell expressed concern to his colleagues about exacerbating the victim’s psychiatric condition.

He was today asked whether he was actually attempting to avoid bad publicity as a result of the case.

“That was always one of my concerns, yes, but it was not my first concern,” he said.

Cardinal Pell has denied being involved in the day-to-day running of the legal battle with Mr Ellis.

A second man came forward with a complaint about the priest during the litigation

Cardinal Pell admits that would have strengthened Mr Ellis’s case, but said he did not discuss it with the lawyers.

The hearing continues.

Cardinal George Pell says he was not involved in discussions on compensation payments

George Pell says Vatican treated abuse accusers as ‘enemies of the church

George Pell says Vatican treated abuse accusers as ‘enemies of the church

Cardinal George Pell has told a royal commission into child sexual abuse he was not involved in discussions about compensation for a victim who sued the Catholic Church and lost.

The former archbishop of Sydney, Australia’s highest-ranking Catholic, is giving evidence in front of a packed public gallery at the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse in Sydney.

Today he was questioned about his part in the Church’s legal battle with John Ellis, who was abused by Sydney priest Father Aidan Duggan in the 1970s.

The former altar boy lost his case in 2007, when the New South Wales Court of Appeal ruled the Church was not a legal entity that could be sued – the so-called Ellis defence.

Catholic officials have said Cardinal Pell knew about Mr Ellis’s compensation request, but say he instructed the Church’s lawyers to defend the case vigorously.

Last week Cardinal Pell’s private secretary, Dr Michael Casey, told the commission Cardinal Pell had directed the legal team to be aggressive in its cross-examination.

Today Cardinal Pell said the legal battle had been “hard fought, perhaps too well fought by our legal representatives”.

“I would now say, looking back, that these legal measures, although effective, were disproportionate to the objective and to the psychological state of Mr Ellis as I now better understand it,” he said in a statement tendered to the royal commission.

“I realise I should have exercised more regular and stringent oversight.”

But Cardinal Pell denied claims from the former chancellor of the Sydney Archdiocese that he was involved in discussions about compensation payments, particularly when Mr Ellis lost his job.

“[Claims that] I would agree to offer him $5,000 extra by way of compensation, I regard as grotesque,” he said.

There was a round of applause in the packed hearing room when Cardinal Pell was challenged to back up his statement that quite a number of abuse cases are never validated.

“You’ve said that in quite a number of cases, for example, in schools, the incidents are found not to be validated,” Counsel Assisting the Commission Gail Furness said.

“I call for the data that supports that evidence.”

Sceptical Vatican gave accused ‘benefit of the doubt’

Before turning to the Ellis case, the commission had questioned Cardinal Pell about the culture of the Church in the 1990s.

Cardinal Pell agreed that before the Towards Healing pastoral and redress scheme was established in the mid-1990s, some priests were moved between dioceses in the event of an abuse complaint.

“Unfortunately that was the case,” he said. “If that happened, it would be very much by way of exception.”

He told the hearing the Vatican took a “sceptical” approach to complaints of abuse and accused priests were given “the benefit of the doubt”.

I think there was more of an inclination to give the benefit of the doubt to the defendant, rather than listen seriously to the complaints.

Cardinal George Pell

“The attitude of some people at the Vatican was that if accusations were being made against priests, they were made exclusively or at least predominantly by enemies of the Church to make trouble and therefore they should be dealt with sceptically,” he said.

“I think there was more of an inclination to give the benefit of the doubt to the defendant rather than listen seriously to the complaints.”

Cardinal Pell also told the commission that sentiments similar to those in the Vatican were present among some in the Australian arm of the Church in the early 1990s.

“Not to anything like the same degree, I don’t think, but it is a little bit difficult to know what people think on these issues unless they are discussed directly or they are challenged on them,” Cardinal Pell said.

“I never heard – I think in many ways, the English-speaking world made a significant contribution to the universal church in this area.

“In dealing adequately with this, whatever the deficiencies, I think we were ahead of some countries.”

He said when he became Archbishop of Melbourne he “moved very vigorously no improve what was a chaotic situation” surrounding the handling of abuse claims.

Abuse survivors listen closely to Pell’s evidence

The walls outside the royal commission have been covered in placards from victim support groups, calling on Cardinal Pell to be accountable for his actions and detail his role in the Ellis legal proceedings.

Child abuse survivors said they would watch Cardinal Pell’s appearance with great interest.

Dr Cathy Kezelman, the president of the group Adults Surviving Child Abuse, said there needed to be some clarity around the issue.

“We’re all waiting to see what the archbishop’s role was in this case and there’s been conflicting evidence to date. What we know is that John Ellis suffered enormously through this,” she said.

“We had an internal church process that acknowledged he’d been abused and yet when he sought a civil claim that was brought into question.”

Care Leavers Australia Network chief executive Leonie Sheedy said her organisation was eagerly anticipating the Cardinal’s evidence.

“It’s so long overdue,” she said. “I feel so sad about what happened to John Ellis and all those other people who have tried to get justice for the crimes that were committed against them.

“They call it the Ellis defence, but it should be called the Pell defence.

“He’s going to go down in history as the person who denied people justice.”

After his testimony, Cardinal Pell is expected to leave Australia for Rome to take on a new senior role at the Vatican, which includes responsibility for preparing the Vatican’s annual budget, as well as financial planning and enhanced internal controls.

The hearing continues.

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70 thoughts on “George Pell-Royal Commission to inquire into the Catholic Church and Towards Healing

  1. Pell is a lying pig! I’ve researched this subject for many years and am confident that I have read somewhere that he has been charged and later acquitted of the very crimes he is ‘appearing to feel compassion’ towards…..He also, has had many transfers around the place – now one of the top jobs!

    I used to work in Aged Care Nursing and I refused to nurse one of these pigs at Marist Ashgrove in Qld ……

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    • I can also recall that MF scum facing serious charges or allegations years ago. but can’t recall the details. does anybody remember? the judge or judges were child molesters that’s why they made the ruling. I remember a certain judge in Sydney being charged with molesting a boy at a rail-station years ago the DOG commited suicide before he went to court or was knocked before he went to shut him up.

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      • Yes I think you are right bill , he was accused of paedophiling a child at one stage 70’s I think as he used to live with Risdale the pedo who abused many ,but the charges were dropped and or settled out of court I think not sure really but there is more to this gutless scum than meets the eye , I too watched in amazement how he calculated each answer and answered it so carefully ,no wonder he is off to the Vatican to escape the light will this dog have his day ?

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  2. Yes I’ll second that Pell is a Pig and I believe a criminal , and quite possibly a paedophile ,all to familiar story here the catholic church has rightly been labelled a Trans National Criminal Organisation , by the International Common Law Courts , shame it is run by the Jesuits /Jews ,anyway pell should be hung along with all the other paedophiles that have stolen the dignity from many helpless victims .

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  3. He waffles on – can’t state facts , vagueness, lots of I think or unable to be specific answers . He’s in the box about his role in multiple alleged crimes and he can’t give a straight answer , he comes across as a poor quality witness so am looking forward to seeing him come undone
    His tolerance of filthy pedophiles in his staff speaks volumes . Let’s all consider the fact that this church has being throwing hush money at victims for years . Where does that cash come from ? And we all thought going to vinnies was to help the poor, our cash has no doubt been used for the so called compensation and no doubt for the many legal expenses defending filthy pedophiles preists
    Sickening. I will never support any charity related to the church ever

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  4. He’s a very damaging dangerous man that shows no emotion whatsoever and definitely no remorse he will continue to deny any wrong doing which will eventually lead him to the gates of hell.

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  5. You think about it – only pedophiles tolerate other pedophiles. The majority of our population finds them absolutely abhorrent – even inmates hence the need for protection for rock spiders
    So – how often during this enquiry has the issue of tolerance of pediphillia by the Catholic Church come up ! It’s here again with Pell. It doesn’t seem to shock them to find out co workers are pedos.
    Weird sick organisation


  6. What a smug, lying, pompous prick this so called man is. I was a RC and these people are responsible for me no longer believing in God, and vowing never to set foot into a church again.

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  7. Actually he was living with Ridsdale and it was 1961 he was alleged to have put his hands down the pants of a 12 yr old boy on numerous occasions , it was investigated in 2002 by the church only , and the retired judge said he couldn’t start a complaint even though he said the boy didn’t lie ??so it was dropped ,but pell has called the victim a liar what a scum ! ,this man seriously is a disgrace ,no wonder the Vatican is saving him.

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  8. Thankfully we are not all as forgetful and apparently suffering from dementia during a investigation (only to go shopping, drive cars, write letters, stroll around and travel. Which gate am I leaving from?)

    What a crock of shit we have heard, for all the public declarations of no more cover-ups and getting to the bottom of it, Pell barely went off script, apart from hmmm’s (which became obvious for I dismiss what you just said counsel assisting)

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  9. Yeah … it’s not just the ‘micks’. Pedophilia operates in just about all organisations which have access to children, including the Anglican and Hebrew religions. It’s just covered up. Smoke ‘n’ mirrors!

    Salvos back at child abuse inquiry
    MARCH 27, 2014 2:30AM
    THE second public hearing by a royal commission into how the Salvation Army handled allegations of child sexual abuse opens in Sydney on Thursday.

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    • Yes this inquiry has exposed a number of church orgs who have run torture camps for kids and abused their position of power
      Ditto with the salvos , Anglicans , Jesuits
      Makes you wonder what sort of people are attracted to working with kids in these settings ? Is a tolerance of pedophilia and abuse of children a pre requisite to working in these settings ? The only whistle blowers are the victims , none of the workmates have raised their hands here have they ?

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      • Not wrong there , it seems that the many child homes of the 40’s and 50’s were nothing more than paedophiles detention camps can’t believe this has been going on for so long ,and with the very slack terms of reference used in this enquiry ,it’s just a band aid made to look like they are doing something ,but do you really think it has stopped ? they are certainly still lying and deceiving and trying hard to minimise litigation despite having billions ,i’d like to see every church involved burned to the ground .
        And yes your right where are all the catholics and staff members detesting these horrible crimes against children ? no where to be seen typical Hypocrites they all suck and so does religion , and they have the hide to make people swear on the bible during hearings ! wtf , the same bible the priests swore on , burn the churches and shoot the effing lot job done ,they are all mostly cryptic jews the catholic church has been taken over by them and freemasonry since 1950 ,makes sense when you study the facts , and we all know what the JEWS do to newborn babies 8 days old after circumcision ? they suck the penis to facilitate suction , truly sick people check it out it’s called Mezitah B’ peh done by a rabbi called a Mohel

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        • I read about Jewish babies in New York that died after contracting the herpes virus which caused death through encephalitis that was traced to a particular rabbi who was doing the biting of the fore skins , and had the Herpes virus
          And there has been a victim called Manny Waks in melb who has exposed Jewish church pedophiles for this royal commission
          The response by the Jewish church eg cover up denial and move the perp to America where he kept practicing in the church , was carbon copy RC style

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    • God bless the Salvos ! in your dreams ,I have been reading stories and following the earlier testimonies of salvo victims ,it doesn’t get much worse , than their inhumane treatment of the most vulnerable ,what I can’t understand is the general public are asleep don’t they care about all this ? I ask you who is looking out for the children ,salvos catholics government ,police ,facs ,not likely many of these groups have been covering for their filthy lowlife mates for decades , Here is a list of all the churches that HAVE NOT been involved with sexual abuse of children ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………

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  10. Pope Cardinal Hell, or should that be Pell, is already running the gates of Hell, the Vatican City of Catholic Church. And his deviate monk brothers bot past and present for years have been his brothers keepers, right up to the highest ranks in the Vatican. None of them can be trusted!… His cunning denials of church santioned molestation over the years by his sick rapist monks, right back to when he was at Ballarat, years ago with Risdale!!!……Covering up the doings of so many of his sexual molesting……monk brothers of the Cross!,…..Many of who , are now dead, in jail on protection or can know longer bring him undone. …..He has covered all his bases, as the Catholic churches spokesman and cover up accountant in charge of hush money and pay outs to silence the many victims!…. with the help of the other cardinals of the Catholic Vatican!…….He cant go to hell because he is all ready been in charge of it, by the way he has covered up the actions at the dirty hands of his many brothers who hide under their fancy pontif colourful bishop hats and the over the top coaks of rosery beads, protected by the secrecy of confessional box!………………..Pope Cardinal Brother Pell is as untouchable as the Devil!…Instead of having horns and goats feet, he wears a flash Cardinals pink cloak.of deception to his Catholic Vatican masses!………………………………………………..I dont believe one word of Pells sympathy to his churches victims!………….The Royal Commission is just another white wash, like they all are, the guilty always just get a slap on the wrist, even when they are exposed!…………………………………All of Pells brothers have been protected in prison, such as Risdale and others!. But Pell didnt know what Risdale was really doing to is victims, did he!……..Liar Liar – Pants on Fire!………………………………………

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  11. Simon Gittany wanted to become a priest. Looks like they take any one that does not have a working with children check……….Why else do the catholics believe in the sanctity of the secret confessional box. Forgive me father for I have sinned!……. Thats okay my son….. I forgive you, go and put some change in the poor box!…….And we will give you a promotion to Cardinal of the Vatican!.

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    • Yes gittany the piece of evil slime even lived as a novice preist in Italy but in contrast returned here and sold coke and played the playboy etc etc
      Yes your spot on about the working with children checks – how did they get away with it ? I work for the gov and have done for years . Every time I have changed roles or jobs I still have to declare I’m ok with kids and not a criminal even within organisations
      The law is soft on pedos tho eg a certain registered male in my workforce was charged as an internet pedo and his registration was allowed not cancelled provide he has no contact with kids. Pretty vague limits in a role that also gives you contact with the disabled etc .

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    Salvation Army officer promoted despite history of child sex abuse, royal commission hears
    March 28, 2014 by Louise Hall

    The Salvation Army Commissioner feels “shocked, ashamed and aggrieved” at sexual abuse within the organisation.
    A Salvation Army officer who admitted to sexually abusing an eight-year-old girl was allowed to return to the organisation and rise through the ranks, the royal commission has heard.
    The Commission also heard the Salvation Army took a ”largely litigious approach” towards victims of physical and sexual abuse, especially those who sought compensation.

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    Cardinal George Pell has ended his career as the nation’s top-ranking Catholic with a major backdown at the child sex abuse royal commission, and an apology to former altar boy John Ellis.“I apologise once again to the victims and their families for the terrible suffering that has been caused to them by these crimes.“As the then-archbishop, I have to take ultimate responsibility, and this I do”.

    Yeah … you got that right Mr Pell: Sexual abuse by clergy is a crime!
    Finally, you acknowledge The Law of civil society. It takes changes in our Government policies and Laws to bring this Church to account. The Church is not above & beyond The Law of civil society.

    Mr Pell, ” I take responsibility” you say? How? Words?
    Words are not enough Mr. Pell. We want to see substantial changes in Church policy, priest recruitment, protection for children from sexual abuse, real accountability. Stop the cover up. Report offenders to police. Accept the damage done to countless lives and do all that you can to aide their healing i.e pay for the years of accredited Psychological Counselling that many will need to regain their own power in their lives; give them respect & care – after all, they were innocent children who were preyed upon by pedophile clergy! The Catholic Church had become infiltrated by pedophiles and covered it up worldwide.
    There’s a lot of damage to account for Mr Pell.

    IMO this will not go away just because you finally uttered some long overdue ‘words of apology’ at the Royal Commission, before you left the country to start a new job at the Vatican.You didn’t even look at Mr Ellis! Your words just seemed like more of the same from you: ‘pompous political strategy’.

    Long way to go yet Mr. Pell. I hope SA victims speak more loudly for the Catholic Church is responsible for much damage, worsened by the cover up and the legal fight against Mr Ellis, a victim who was brave enough to use the Law of civil society to bring you and the Catholic Church to account.

    Your emphasis, as reported at the Royal Commission, was to protect the ‘financial assets’ of the Catholic Church. Well Mr Pell, those financial assets have come from parishioners worldwide through the weekly donation envelope, the plate, many bequests of large financial assets etc.

    IMO It’s time we asked: “who actually owns these financial assets?” Generations of parishioners who donated to their local church during their working lives – world wide!

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    • just a little story-in a certain southern tablelands nsw town in the 60’s and 70’s local catholic families raised funds for a playground adjacent to the school, lots of cake stalls etc.. in the 80’s it was duly sold by the church for cash for much more $$$$$ to a supermarket builder.end of story,this is how these assets of the church are raised-after the hard slog of many ordinary people and cake stalls etc, land grabs for big bucks and too bad for the parents.



    Heading: Questionable Ethics of Cardinal Pell’s Lawyers Go Under Microscope,
    March 27, 2014 by Richard Ackland, Sydney Morning Herald columnist

    Commissioner Peter McClellan with counsel assisting Gail Furness, at the royal commission into child sex abuse, are on fire. Over this week there has been a spellbinding display of the ‘moral vacuum’ at the heart of two mighty institutions – the Catholic Church and the law.

    Q1) Who made the decision to put Ellis through the cross-examination shredder, contesting that he was abused at all?

    Q2) Was that the product of legal advice or instructions to lawyers from Pell, who had his fingerprints all over the case?

    A1) Pell claims it was all down to the lawyers.

    A2) The lawyers said, “we were acting on instructions”.

    Commissioner McClelland and Gail Furness took them both on.

    Cardinal George Pell slithered all over the place as he was questioned about the church’s conduct in the infamous Ellis case. Everyone else was to blame, his lawyers, his private secretary, the unreasonableness of his litigation opponents.

    Commissioner McClelland was unrelenting in his examination of two solicitors for the church from the high-end law shop Corrs Chambers Westgarth – Paul McCann and John Dalzell.
    If you read the article, you can read the transcript, with McClelland closing in on McCann.
    Bloody good read and about time!

    “No doubt everyone’s full of regrets. They particularly regret getting caught”.

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  15. Just perished an older post ie 2012 here re Pell and Risdale it broken rites an excellent read
    Why is Pell being allowed to leave the country ? I believe he has a few questions to answer re his support over the many years of his buddy the filthy Risdale
    Why hasn’t Pell been charged for anything ????

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    • Its all bull shit bells and whistles ,Pell should be in gaol like many other catholics , it’s no coincidence pell getting a job with the Vatican ,like the pedo cops they get caught ,they get paid while suspended and before the SHTF they leave and get off scot free ! the whole deal really stinks ,take our local Tamworth Pedophile priest Father pedophile scum John Farrell 139 charges 2 suicides at least and still free ,and this Tamworth DOG admitted to 3 priests in 84 that he sucked off 3 boys dicks once a month for 1 year ,what a pig ! and years later they finally nab him but alas he gets off cause our x corrupt dog judge who was a catholic mate RAY BLISSTETT let him off he should not have heard that case ,and the catholic scum had the biggest QC available to a local court in Narrabri, they demoralised the victim Damien ,Bless his soul he later committed suicide ,Farrell went on to molest 5 more boys and 2 girls at least ,Fairfax had him writing history stories for their shitty rag while knowing he had been under investigation ,it’s f……..bull shit ,the video from ABC UNHOLY SILENCE is a great watch please have a look at this disgrace that isn’t going away anytime soon unless we see Pell charged or something drastic ,like bulldoze their filthy pedo churches ,the children of the deceased are counting on us and the poxy law,….. so it’s us to do something .Pell in gaol would be a good start .

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    breaking news

    1 HOUR AGO MARCH 28, 2014 11:10PM
    CARDINAL George Pell has promised to review compensation payments for Melbourne church abuse victims and has conceded it may cost hundreds of millions of dollars.

    Cardinal Pell met with Anthony and Chrissie Foster. The meeting took place on Thursday after Cardinal Pell completed his evidence to the royal commission into child sexual abuse. He stated that the church would review all existing payments and a cap on payment would be eliminated.

    Nicky Davis from the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests (SNAP) said the commitment was a good first step and hopes it is not an empty promise.

    Ms Davis said the commitment did not remove the need for an independent body to ensure survivors receive access to justice and fair compensation.

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  17. Premier Jeff Kennett warned Cardinal Pell the 1990’s to ‘clean up this mess or the Church might face a Royal Commission':

    March 28, 2014 by Josh Gordon, Catherine Armitage

    Jeff Kennett has confirmed he bluntly warned Cardinal George Pell in the 1990s to deal with abuse complaints or face significant consequences for the church or possibly face a royal commission.

    Yeah Pell, you chose to put Church ‘finances’ ahead of your duty to victims of Church clergy, now you and the Church face the Royal Commission. Justice McClelland’s approach to you in the witness box was heartening. He stated that all witnesses before the Commission are treated equally. This was warranted. Your and your Church are NOT above The Law and are being called to account!

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    • Interesting that you quote Kennett ,he was mentioned in Reina Michaelson’s expose of the vic police along with eddy McGuire and bert newton and ofcourse the pedo fag himself graham kennedy , not sure what to think here but I certainly believe Reina a DR with a PHD and set up childrens care situations and counselling and safety in schools ect she was demonised by the vic police ,them saying quote” in relation to the past accounts of sexual abuse we wish to do nothing , what the hell ? this is quoted by many sources ,but anyone who is interested in the protection of children should read Reina’s story try to find the one with the names of kennedy newton ect , I have a copy hard to get with names anyway ,trust the police ? of course not all are bad but as victimised and x cop Glen Mcnara [kings cross 80’s said quote” 95%of cops are cowards and only good in groups which makes them no better than outlaw gangs ,and to cowardly to investigate when they know something is not right ” he also feared that many cops that were corrupt , you guessed it got promotions and are high up today ,Glen McNamara Book ” A FAIR COP ‘ if only they were all like him we would not be here today in this situation his book is a good read ,as is Reina’s Story all ties in to today !

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        • That’s my pleasure ,anything to bring awareness to the plight of the children , usually from broken homes land always the most vulnerable ,I think what we need to remember is, that we are just a blimp in the scheme of things but the control has existed for centuries ,but it is coming to an end with the new age of Aquarius and people like me are doing my bit , they have passed secrets on ,and schemed against us from the beginning , if our generation does not stop this only a war will and that;s a sad prospect , the younger generation have all been heavily brainwashed /vaccinated and if anything will help us fail ,my daughter is a teacher and she is totally behind the government and against my stand on the truth of things sad but true ! anyway thanks for your responses and interest .

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        • Yes caro and aus50 thank you you both for your work here -very interesting
          Would like to think someone in media or even police would read this information and stop Pell sliding out of the country the filthy kiddie fiddler .he has a lot to answer for


          • Thank you for showing interest , Not likely the police would read this , I have confronted them in regard to this and the freemasons they threatened to arrest me for intimidation very sad ! but only one thing will stop me from exposing the criminals of our world and that is a bullet I no longer have no fear of dying , I am not a violent person , living like a slave is not living , live free or die ! what drives me ? I raised my 2 children by myself , I come from a broken home ,I did 2 yrs jail at 17 for a first and only offence , [big mistake] I am an Aquarian ,and I have o neg blood , all my life I have subconsciously tried to be something I am not ,but all the while the traits of an o neg and an Aquarian were ruling my life ,I still find the description of me as an Aquarian and O neg blooded person very hard to believe ,but it is me all over and that I can’t deny ! and also I have until 5 yrs ago been just like anyone else ,just interested in my life and my families welfare ect , and not much else except work seven days / Tradesman , I quit 5 yrs ago to study and do some good , and finally My uncle was a ww1 veteran and a Gilgandra Cooee ,and I feel a moral obligation to stand up for them and for what they did ! and the fact they died killing innocent people ,all for the bankers wars and Jewsuit wars Rothschild Jp Morgan and Rockefeller , these were false flag wars that didn’t and don’t need to happen , it’s all banker wars it must be stopped ! My uncle died 3rd may 1917 2nd Battle of Bullecourt 7,000 dead in 3 weeks , he was sentenced to 6 yrs for disobeying a commanding officer the poms , after he had just returned from 5 weeks fighting with no wash , clothes change or anything much except killing , CO asked him to carry a bomb over there he refused 3 times , he was sentenced on my birthday all those years ago ,I grew up until 9 in a great home ,downhill after my dad died ,and I have always been defiant of Authority and someone who always speaks out of turn ,regardless . these studies and exposure are now my life again sad but true ,but I feel so proud to be part of it all as I do of our diggers and our country . expose evil ! yes the truth has set me free but I will still be a slave till everyone else finds the real truths of our Lives even , things like JP Morgan Jesuit } sunk the Titanic on purpose ,that’s not what I was taught at school but it seems 99% likely to be true that he did do it , thanks for reading peace to all !

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  18. Many religious orders have had serious issues with child molesters in their ranks, and in this respect the catholic church is far from alone.
    BUT, the priestly celibacy requirement means that in the catholic church, the pedophile element is more… concentrated? In religions where clergy are married, the pedophile element tends to be more “diluted”.
    I would estimate that 8-12% of catholic clergy are pedophiles, compared to 2-4% in religious order with married clergy.
    Celibacy does not “make” a pedophile, and marriage doesn’t cure one. BUT, the celibacy requirement essentially “weeds out” (discourages) all those “normal” heterosexual adult-attracted men from joining the priesthood. Who’s left? Disproportionately, homosexuals and pedophiles, who have no desire to marry a woman anyways. NOT that I’m comparing the two, but both are absolutely rampant in the catholic priesthood.
    Until the Catholic church starts allowing married clergy, I consider their actions to tackle the scourge of pedophilia to be a sham. It’s not a cure-all, but it’s a CRITICAL step. And even by the church’s own doctrines, there’s nothing in the bible forbidding married priests. It (priestly celibacy) is simply a “discipline” (church rule), not a “doctrine” (“god imposed” law).
    Apologies for my rant.

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    • Thanks for your post Elias. I have never understood that ‘discipline’ was (church rule) and not a ‘doctrine’ (“god imposed” Law). Can you post some examples of Catholic “doctrines” (“god imposed” Laws) please?


    • its a philosophic view that drives the pricks to shit on kiddies etc in the catholic church, they dont see the individual as having a right, its all about the greater any kiddie that has been fiddled with is a bad egg,another sinner. the big picture is the church and its cleansing and the fact that sinners are the subjects that justify the churches goal-there are the bad people, and there are the priests/nuns-the good guys, on an endless journey to redeem sinners. i di a bit of time in a convent of the good shepherd in albert park the early 70’s.thank goodness i got out ok. they took a lot from me.

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      • Yeah …thanks cc1958 … that’s a real worry: “suffer the little children” and “for the greater good”.The denial of ‘who an individual person is’ reduces humans to being ‘the same’ that is objects/subjects to be used/abused for “the greater good”? to be subjected to the ‘ruling power’ of the community? to be subjected to the ‘power’ and ‘their brand of pedagogy’ enforced within the family?
        The denial of ‘who an individual person is’ also rubs out being able to see the good guys from the bad guys because everybody is seen as ‘the same’for “the greater good”?
        Who does this serve? Well it has served the pedos well … but now we’re on to ‘em!

        Methinks … Catholicism needs to ‘go down’ if these are the messages it indoctrinates.

        Elias I have a question for you above. Would you be good enough to try an give some examples of Catholic ‘doctrines’ plz?.

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        • Yeah … I’ve always been confused about the ‘let them slap the other cheek’ e..g. if you get slapped in the face, turn the other cheek, let ‘em slap you again?
          This encourages ‘helplessness and giving power to your abuser’. It allows your abuser to abuse you again, almost offering your ‘other cheek’ for them to do it to you again? WTF? Religious people were not encouraged to question either. They had to have blind faith. They were not allowed their own opinions either. Maybe it was “for the greater good” as cc1958 said. It really looks like a power and control doctrine to me – but I wouldn’t say this came from God. This was ‘man made’ in the service of pedophilia – it seems.

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          • BTW there was a doco on ABC about how ‘doctrines’ were altered to suit political purposes.E.g. doco on Saull/St.Paul & the road to Damascus etc.highlights that the message was changed by his followers, etc. So could we say they became Church Rule rather than God’s Law? The churches have hurt themselves through placing priests ‘above’ others, hiding behind Cannon Law & turning a blind eye to pedophilia and abuse of children.Today, clergy are subject to our country’s Laws and accountable for their actions. That is progress in my opinion!

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    A PRIEST who allegedly witnessed predatory pedophile Gerald Ridsdale raping a young girl 40 years ago has been slammed by a judge, but the clergyman’s identity has been withheld from the public.

    In sentencing one of Australia’s most notorious pedophile priests to eight years in jail, Judge Michael Rozenes said: “Although it does not directly involve you, Mr Ridsdale, there is a further disturbing aspect to this incident, namely that this complainant believes another priest was present for a short time while you were sexually assaulting her and must have been aware of the assault but did not intervene.

    “I raise this merely to make an observation: namely that this behaviour appears to be demonstrative of the church’s approach to sexual abuse at the time which ultimately — and unfortunately, for your victims — allowed your criminal behaviour to go unchecked for so long.’’

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  20. you think about it, in every big town and every city in nsw and vic and w.a there are allegations of catholic priests stuffing up kiddies heads,these kids grow up and need mental health,meds,counselling from sexual assault etc etc.and who pays?me and you the tax payer, and pedo pell the rockie gets to jump on a jet and go to pedoworld ie the vatican, get out free.the catholic church is liable for a lot more than the measly compo it has paid victims so far..

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    • So true cc, if you think about it – most Catholic Churches and associated buildings are built on the highest part of the suburb….just sayin…

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  21. Pell needs to be put before the inqusition , like his middy evil catholic church did and tourtured on the streching rack for him to confess the truth about covering up his mates pedo priest, Father Ridsdales, years at Ballarat in the 1970,s. How convenient for the Vatican to promote him to a plush posting as a senior cardinal to Rome!…… The dark ages of the Roman Catholics are still with us today, as wolves hiding in sheeps clothing. And ridsdale will continue to be protected in Prison in Victoria!…. and he has only been given a few nine more years concurrent with his current sentence on protection……….Brother Pell looks after his creeps in the cloth!………………..

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    • it goes back to st agustines boys home in vic where kids were terrified to tell them they were catholic cause they knew what was in store for them they were protected by the government Australia was run by [child molesters] right thru the system a magistrate [BROWN] in Adelaide was a renown pedo but no charges were made protected speacies.allowed to discreatly retire.was alleged to be one of the [Family]homosexual murderers. hey BROWN if ur reading this SUE me u mother fuking mongrel DOG I dare u. the maggot wouldn’t have the guts

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      • Yeah …for pedos to infiltrate the Catholic church like they did and then to recruit pedos worldwide, there must have been some ‘protection’ within governing ranks IMO.

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  22. It is not just the Catholics: The secrecy of pedophilia exists in other religions/organisations too:

    Melbourne Yeshiva College Principal Abraham Glick Questioned on Child Sex Abuse Allegations
    Posted on 12/09/2013
    FRUM FOLLIES by Yerachmiel Lopin

    This morning’s Herald Sun (Melbourne, Australia) reports that Rabbi Abraham Glick is being interviewed by police on charges that he repeatedly raped a boy on the lectern of a synagogue back in the 1980s. Not surprisingly, Glick helped obstruct investigations into abuse by David Kramer, who was since convicted. After all these years, Yeshiva College finally had him resign.

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    • the men of the cloth,whatever the denomination, they just cant leave the kids alone.makes you wonder what the prerequisites for these jobs are-like kiddie fiddling?tick,
      have trouble with the truth?tick,
      live a public life that is a lie?tick
      it would seem that any priest or rabbi or salvation army office could be a pedo or know one or have turned their back to abuse etc-its a hard task finding a straight one, if one exists at all.



    April 10, 2014

    Leaked Government Letter Exposes Name, Address Of Chabad Child Sex Abuse Complainant
    The man who complained to child safety authorities and police about an alleged sexual abuse cover-up at Chabad’s Yeshivah Centre in Melbourne, Australia is now shocked by the widespread illegal release of his complaint that includes his name and and address – including photocopies that were reportedly handed out in Chabad’s main synagogue by a senior Chabad official – and the intimidation that followed it.

    The Herald Sun reports:

    THE man behind a leaked complaint about an alleged sexual abuse cover-up at one of Melbourne’s most prestigious schools says he has been left shocked by its widespread release.

    Police have launched an investigation into how the confidential complaint was leaked after it was photocopied and distributed widely.

    The author of the complaint sparked a police investigation after he complained about the handling of allegations of sexual abuse at Yeshivah College in a November 2012 letter.

    The college has been rocked by a worsening sexual abuse crisis that has seen numerous former employees jailed for the abuse of dozens of students over several decades.

    But critics of the college’s handling of abuse cases say there were active attempts to cover-up the evil acts.

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    Notorious paedophile priest Terrence Pidoto will be interviewed behind bars after a string of new alleged victims came forward accusing him of appalling new crimes. Sen-Det David Rae told Magistrate Lamble eight male victims had come forward and given statements to police. “The victims are alleging sexual assaults of an historical nature,” Sen-Det Rae said

    The Magistrate yesterday granted detectives from Taskforce Sano access to the convicted paedophile for four hours to be interviewed over the allegations. Taskforce Sano was set up to investigate historical and new allegations that have emanated from the Victorian parliamentary inquiry into child sex abuse.

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  25. Time all these pedo and molesting priests were shipped off to Jesus place of execution on Calvery Hill and nailed to the Wooden Crosses, where only Jesus will forgive them for their SINS!……….All these sick…ROMAN CATHOLICS Sentenced before the Son of God, Jesus Christ, not the POPE .and his Cardinals. and Bishops………..AMEN!…………………………..

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    Secret report handed to Christian Brothers bosses in Rome reveals ‘sex underworld’ in some Australian orphanages
    2 HOURS AGO APRIL 26, 2014
    A SECRET report handed to Christian Brothers bosses in Rome ­revealed a “sex underworld” in some of the order’s Australian ­orphanages, with some monks raping up to 50 boys each.
    The report, prepared in the early 1990s by the order’s official historian, contained damning evidence the order’s hierarchy in Australia knew decades earlier about the widespread abuse, but hid it.


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    • Nothing surprises me now , the POPE has also been charged with selling children and more ,as well the Queen is now also brought into it, Sooner people realize we have been lied to all our lives and taught lies by our stupid teachers ,the better otherwise things will get a lot worse ,there is no doubt in my mind the whole problem is those who have been kicked out of 109 countries since dot and that is the dirty child raping holocaust lying, subhuman pigs ,the Jews ,can’t believe we have been sucked in so much while they rape our kids ,and then I come along study tell the truth ,and people are to stupid dumb or cowardly to investigate for them selves , the Holocaust was a total Bull shit story there were no death camps ,no gas chambers ,and the Jesuits are jewish please wake up or continue in the cryptic world of the most disgraceful race of subhuman pigs ever . the real Holocaust was 66 million Christians slaughtered by the Fucken jews during the Bolshevik revolution ,please wake up how can you turn your back on historical fact and truth ? unless you are subhuman a zio Christian whatever



    23 HOURS AGO APRIL 28, 2014 12:41PM
    The commission is investigating how the religious order and successive WA governments responded to allegations of abuse at four Christian Brothers run homes in Bindoon, Clontarf, Tardun and Casltedare.
    It has heard boys were routinely tortured, raped and beaten by Christian Brothers in the four WA institutions since the 1950s.
    The commission was also told child abusers at the WA Christian Brothers schools knew they could sexually torture children with impunity, safe in the knowledge the state would do nothing.


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    Day 3: Royal Commission hears more horrific evidence about abuse by WA Christian Brothers
    “…Mr Delaney is the 10th person to give evidence to the national inquiry about the horrific abuse he suffered at the hands of the Christian Brothers in WA.
    He told the hearing that for 18 months he was raped regularly by Brother Parker, who used olive oil as a lubricant and treated him “like a woman”…”Mr Delaney also told the hearing that he was brutally beaten by Brother Doyle, who would unleash his anger using a leather strap, fists and his boots…”He told the hearing what he and other “old boys” endured was wrong and was left devastated by the legal and governmental process that followed in the years to come.
    He described the Slater and Gordon class action as “a joke” explaining he felt the law firm was not interested in “fighting for us”, just interested in “fighting for their commission”.
    “We were kids who had been abused,” he said. “I think they thought we were a lower class of person. They made me feel like a second class person.”

    OMG! Brave and courageous person Mr.Delaney. You have the ability to articulate to the Commission on your own and other behalf. Keep talkin. You have our support to ‘spill all the beans on these [email protected]+#@*&s’!

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    Royal commission: Christian Brothers ‘didn’t consider sexual abuse of students a crime’
    By Jade Macmillan,Tue 6 May 2014.

    The Christian Brothers who ran children’s homes in Western Australia in the 1940s, 50s and 60s did not consider the abuse of students a crime, a royal commission has heard.

    Recommendations on historic sexual offences
    Justice McLellan has flagged that he will make recommendations aimed at making it easier to prosecute historic offences.
    He said the issue of historic offences had divided judges and the High Court.
    “The law has struggled very much to come up with a clear answer to the problems, and I guess the royal commission will have to take on that struggle head on,” he said.
    “We will try and resolve the best situation and provide a model for the whole of Australia, but whether we succeed is another matter, but that’s what we’ll try and do.”

    At least the Royal Commission seems to have made progress with exposing the extent of CHA in these christian organisations.Hopefully Justice McLellan will take the lead & develop guidelines for prosecution of historic sexual offences.


    • what’s that tell you historic cases their divided. yea the ones that are that way inclined in other words but we’ll do the best we can do what a load of crap. the’ll waste millions on this and do stuff all as usual this country needs a revolution. ‘People Power’ like the Philippines had to over throw Marcos because these MF have done as they like for far too long. all it takes is an act of Parliament to make it law lying pricks.



    MAY 10, 2014 12:24PM
    ITALIAN victims of sex abuse by priests have appealed directly to Pope Francis for justice, calling for a commission of inquiry into the problem in the Vatican’s backyard….

    Yeah… good on them and hope they get their Commission like we have ours in Australia now.
    Time to be called to account pedophile priests and Justice awarded to the many thousands of potential victims.


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