Serial abuser Mervyn Burton bashed boy nearly to death while on bail for beating four women

A SERIAL abuser was able to bash a four-year-old boy almost to death because he was repeatedly set free on bail for separate charges of beating four women.
Tough guy NOT…I have pics of this gutless dog ready to post too.
Why once again does it take so long for the law to catch up with these mongrels? Joe Blow does not get 3 goes at going through a yellow light, or swearing in public, OR whack a weeks pay for a fine for talking to your boss who rang you to see if you can come in right now (Cant not back those casual hours these days, they wont ring back)

Mervyn Burton, 26, has been jailed for 16 years, prompting calls from victims and women’s groups to toughen bail laws and drawing comparisons to the Jill Meagher case .

Burton stood accused of assaulting four women and had a prior conviction for assaulting two more when he inflicted the sickening injuries upon the young boy.

The boy was admitted to hospital in February 2012 with 11 fractures, multiple areas of brain injury, a lacerated liver, 120 separate bruises including bruising to his back from at least 40 blunt impacts and a bite mark.

The child also had a laceration to the penis that Burton said was from a cat but the boy told nursing staff he was cut with scissors.

Burton pleaded guilty to six counts of aggravated causing harm with intent and one count of causing serious harm with intent against the boy.

Domestic violence expert Dr Sarah Wendt said the case highlighted the dangers of allowing such offenders to remain free on bail despite repeated offending.

“The Jill Meagher case and this one are examples of the system not following through,” Dr Wendt said.

“(These cases) give us an opportunity to look at where things have failed and what we can do better next time.”

Ms Meagher was murdered in Melbourne’s CBD in September 2012 by Adrian Ernest Bayley , who was free on parole despite a shocking history of sexual violence against women.

Dr Wendt said while some men adhered to restraining orders, many had no fear of breaching their conditions.

Adelaide District Court Judge Gordon Barrett.

Adelaide District Court Judge Gordon Barrett.

“Particularly men who perpetrate violence ignore the law. They don’t see it as a deterrent so how we respond as a society needs to be looked at,” she said. “If he continues to get away with it, he will continue to do it.”

Burton, who in 2006 was given a suspended five-month prison term for assaulting two former girlfriends, began his latest spate of offending in January, 2010.

District Court judge Gordon Barrett said Burton assaulted the woman he was dating and threatened to harm her and her family if she went to the police.

He dated the second woman between April and August 2010. He punched her and choked her. Burton was arrested for these offences and released on simple police bail.

While on bail for these offences, he committed the rest of the offences.

Burton was arrested again in 2011 for his assaults against a third woman and again released on simple police bail. During this brief relationship, Burton made the woman shut down her Facebook account and delete all her phone contacts except for work and family.

A fourth relationship involved an assault that lasted several hours as he choked, punched and dragged the woman around the house, holding a knife to her throat and threatening to kill her. He was arrested in June 2011 and released on simple police bail.

One month later, Burton went to the police and alleged two of his victims were threatening him. He later assaulted his father and brother and was again released on simple bail.

He went on to assault a fifth woman whom he persuaded to stop work so she did not come into contact with other males.

After the relationship ended, Burton was admitted to the magistrates court mental health diversion program.

While on bail and in the program he assaulted the four-year-old boy over several weeks.

Five days before the boy was admitted to hospital, the Senior Clinical Liaison Officer with the Magistrates Court Diversion Program reported Burton had demonstrated a willingness to participate meaningfully and that he should be commended for his participation.

Judge Barrett said Burton was also receiving psychiatric and psychological care while he was assaulting the boy.

“Whereas previously you had been violent to your partners, you now turned your violence on a defenceless four-year-old boy,” Judge Barrett said.

He said Burton’s counsel had instructions that Burton had “no clear recollection of the violence” he perpetrated.

“There are really no signs that I can see that suggest that the community is yet safe from your possible outbursts of violence,” Judge Barrett said.

He said were it not for Burton’s guilty pleas, he would have sentenced him to 20 years for the “unusually serious” offending.

“Your being able to conform to discipline in prison is not, in my view, a sign of your rehabilitation.

“You seriously and serially assaulted five women between January 2010 and August of 2011,” Judge Barrett said.

“During that time you also assaulted your father and brother. That violence continued despite your being arrested and released on bail numerous times.”

Judge Barrett said he would treat the offending as one course of conduct and set a non-parole term of 12 years.

He said Burton showed a complete lack of insight by telling a doctor his relationships with women ended because “they just want to use and abuse you”.

Women’s Domestic Violence Services of SA co-chair Vicki Lachlan said Burton’s other matters should have been taken into consideration when he was released on bail the second and third time.

“They’re not isolated matters, they’re patterns of behaviour,” Ms Lachlan said. She said Judge Barrett’s decision to set one sentence for all the offending was a win for the people Burton assaulted.

“I’m encouraged to hear that the judge this time eventually took into account his pattern of behaviour,” she said.

“But his history just highlights the fact that others didn’t … it’s just outrageous that he was able to do it again and again.

“I think we often in the courts value property more than people, especially if it’s a woman.”

Professor Rick Sarre from UniSA said he believed bail laws were “about right” although mistakes were sometimes made.

Prof. Sarre said the bail laws should not be changed for just one case.

Domestic Violence Helpline: 1800 800 098

18 thoughts on “Serial abuser Mervyn Burton bashed boy nearly to death while on bail for beating four women

  1. This vicious nobody should have been bashed on sight for what he did to that poor child come on get some guts why piss arse around do something theres ways and means waiting for the courts to sentence him to more time in the nick wow big deal that’s not a punishment the weak gutted bully almost killed whoevers child this is come on its too late now he got away with it he did what he did because he can.

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  2. Nothing like pulling out that mental health card and getting away with crime – priceless! You can get away with anything ! While your bashing a four year old almost to death while on bail for serious crimes that mental health card lets you enjoy life on the outside
    This jerk will be another Adrian bayley when he gets back out


  3. Firstly, most men who bash women and children are simply cowards. If they were truly mentally ill, they would, as one psych nurse told me, “not hesitate to take on the devil himself”. Notice how they always pick on the weak and vulnerable?
    The ones who I DO accept may have genuine mental illness are the guys who will stalk the president of the United States, no matter that he’s always surrounded by rings of bodyguards.

    Secondly, I don’t see how it matters if a person is “mad, sad, or bad”. If he’s a danger to society, there’s no choice but to lock him or her up, to keep the rest of us safe. The only issue I can see is whether they should be sent to the prison hospital (in victoria’s case, Thomas Embling), are a “regular” prison. I betcha, once they realize that a stay in the hospital is potentially indefinite (as it is), they’ll suddenly start protesting “I’m sane, I’m sane!”.

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  4. My son and I had the experience of meeting one of these abused babies’ in hospital. The baby was shaken and hospitalised for the third time – this sweet little thing was only nine months old and already blind, had all major bones broken in his body, had to be ped fed and of course the neurological damage that had been done……….we met the young father who was only allowed to see him whilst in hospital …………apparently it was the mother’s boyfriend who continued this behaviour and because the mother would not press charges, the boyfriend got away with it….whilst that loving father was living at the hospital with his son, the mother and boyfriend were preparing for their upcoming wedding…….

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    • another complicit mother-what is it with women who put the needs of their babies behind the need to keep the boyfriend?? i really cant fathom that.if a guy gets agro,time to go, if he hits a kid and especially if its one of yours, then its time to go to the police.that little chloe,kiesha,lots of little children who die at an incredible rate at the hands of new boyfriends….


      • Yeah, cc1958 – that Kiesha example was terrible – the mothers’ IMO are so desperate for attention/’love’ they will just cast aside their children – as you said – for their own needs. We need to bring our girls up to be strong, intelligent and independent :) Even yesterday, I stood outside a parked car in a shopping centre carpark for 7 minutes waiting for the ‘parent’ to come to the unattended baby in her car – when she did, I let her have it – but in hindsight, I should have taken down the rego number and reported her :( (sometimes my brain doesn’t get into gear too!)

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  5. What hope have we got. If these judges could only know what its like to live in these situations. After 2 1/2 years of stalking us, threatening to kill us in the most horrific ways, breaching an ivo every single day at least 10 times a day for over 2 years. Is out on parole and breaches the court orders and parole. Now we wait for his final release Iin a couple of months knowing damn well he is coming after me and my children again. What a life! No one cares. Everyone says you will be safe you left the state. Everyone says im sorry for what you have been through but we cant help you, go to the police. Yet the police cant do anything til he’s on our door step once again. Can someone please tell me how can I protect my children from an ice addict when every law says he has rights. Id like to know how many parents have to sit inside a wardrobe holding their child for days on end because they are too petrified of whats out there waiting for them. My kids are so broken and no one will help us. Apparently its all just legislation and juristiction and to hell with the safety and well being of innocent victim’s.


    • scared, you need to report your issues with the police.for some reason the police dont get enough info from people like you about the situations and breaches,and if you have evidence of escalation then get your self together and seek help, you are not the only person to have ever needed protection and an avo .the problem for many potential victims is lack of use of the police.a recent and classic example was the death of luke batty.if his mother had rung 000 instead of granting this creepy ex unsupervised access to her boy, he would still be alive.
      if she had said to one of the many real men at the auskick session, that she and her boy had been victims of this man who just turned up unnanounced, while she waited for police to enact the outstanding warrants she knew about, and sought protection for that boy, he would still be alive.
      wife and kid bashers are gutless so called men, they wont tackle a real man, they like to bash kids and women.’
      .dont comply with their crap, and report them, asap and 000!!!fuck them, the sort of so called men who bash families.they are germs that need to be shoved in the back of a paddy waggon.


        • I have it all in place cc but none of it makes any difference. He believes he has a right to his children and he believes that I am his, so he does not care about the pieces of paper these orders are written on. I left him three years ago and just weeks ago he writes his blog when on parole, “I still love you, even after what you have done to me, do we have a chance?”
          Wtf!!! And then not 5 minutes later, it writes “I know where you are and im coming to boil your innards!”
          His constant threats and abuse never stopped because of anything the police, judges, psyche analysts, family, friends, lawyers or the parole board said to him. Nothing will stop him, not even twelve months jail. Hes out and in two days starts it all again.
          People ask me why do I continue to look for the evidence, i should move on. When a mother feels her childrens only hope is to keep monitoring the twisted sick shit this man writes about, because he always tells us where he will be and what he is going to do next. Yeah thats right, he says what he is going to do next. But for some reasons, it took 2 1/2 years to get him arrested and it was only because I changed police stations, that something was done. I understand the crime is ridiculous out there but come on!!! a mother and innocent children being stalked and threatened by a crack head junkie isnt serious enough? Oh yeah, cos they were only threats. “Make sure you call 000 if he turns up!”
          Pffft too bloody late then!
          Im so angry and im hurt and i must stay strong for my kids and to be honest i thank the police for keeping us safe. We were untouched physically. Mentally well thats another story!

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          • like i said, keep your phone on you at all times, and tolerate no crap. the online ramblings of this jerk are evidence, but you know all of that. difficult situation. just remember, historically,these gutless germs do damage to the kids to get back at the ex, so dont tolerate any crap, and be vigilant.with a bit of luck he will die before you, some drug issue or such,just keep hoping. your children need YOU for many reasons. all the best,please stay strong and i hope there is some peace in your day.

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      • I have reported every single breach, made over 30 statements, for two and a half years collecting the evidence myself because he would not stop and not even they could stop him nor the judges who slapped order after order on him. Over 25 criminal charges for 2 1/2 years of stalking,burglary, theft, property damage, death threats, threats to cause serious injury,and charges for breaches to the orders already given for dv all going before a court and what do they do? Because it took so friggin long to have that psychotic prick arrested, and so much evidence to look through, the court consolidated all his charges and called it a first offence! No wonder the arse believes he can get away with it! 12 months jail, served 2 in remand paroled in 6, re arrested after a week he was out. And what happens now?
        I fled our home with my children, not one person i know knows where we are except the police. We have no family, no friends, no car, no money because he left me in 50k debt and my only way out was bankruptcy, we lost half our possessions because we couldnt affort to bring them but worst of all two beautiful innocent little victims who were made to witness such horrific threats. And i could do nothing about it! That bastard stalked us so badly we were locked inside too friggin scared to open the door. The police knew about it! They were investigating it for two years at 4 different police stations and it was only because I had to supply the evidence.
        Yeah as if im not in further danger because of it.
        Did everything I could and even now that I did my own witness protection, those breaches that were done whilst on parole, the police know about it but cant do shit unless I put our lives on the line again. We moved interstate so for me to do a statement here, gives him our new location because he has a right to my statements. He also gets hold of my new names which is how he finds us every time. The police over there wont investigate without my statement. The stupid part here is I do a statement here and they send it over there anyway. So what do I do? The police say its my call and they cant guarantee he wont find out. Lawyers have said its up to the police. The police there say its up to the police here, the police here say they will do everything they can but it all gets sent to the police there. These breaches are for a corrections order, an intervention order, a federal family court order and a parole order and i cant do shit without him knowing our names and location. We cant move again, i dont have the money and stuffed if i wanna give him the satisfaction of screwing our lives up again, my babies are finally smiling and laughing again after so many friggin years of waiting and praying.
        So if anyone can give me any advice on what to do. I want his balls on a platter for what he put us through but my only priority is to keep that sick twisted crack head away from my children so they stay safe, happy and healthy.

        Liked by 1 person

        • very sorry to read your story. you have done the right thing in outing this idiot. he seems obsessed.this is the problem with these pricks, they get a fixation on a victim ..
          i havent any ideas to help, you have done it all.just keep safe and dont tolerate the sight of him.he is a gutless man, like all wife bashers, no match for men like the cops.but dont ever give him any space with you and your kids,always carry your phone. good luck!!!and safe travel!!!!!stay safe,and single for a while, be strong and self sufficient. i hope your new life is a better one.

          Liked by 1 person

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