Luke Margaritis – World travelling teacher and convicted paedophile

When Luke Margaritis was 13, he had the excitement & joy of performing in the opening & closing ceremonies of the 1982 Commonwealth Games in Brisbane.
What made him want to take away excitement, joy & hope from other teens?

Read what this pig has been up to, BRISBANE folks may or may not know he USED to run a  cafe/coffee shop UNTIL HE WENT BACK TO PRISON. (Milk Espresso Bar & Tea House) Video a bit further down. If governments continue to do sweet F all we have to do it. 

Luke Margaritis - World traveling teacher & convicted paedophile

Luke Margaritis – World traveling teacher & convicted paedophile

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Teacher pleads guilty to molesting second child

A FORMER Ipswich teacher has had 12 months added to a four-year jail sentence after pleading guilty to molesting a second student at St Edmund’s College.

Luke Euthimios Margaritis, aged about 25 back in 1994, took advantage of a 15-year-old student while school was his sanctuary from a dysfunctional home life and he was exploring his sexuality.

He invited the boy to his home and gave him “a big cone” of marijuana which made him feel sick.

Crown prosecutor Sarah Dennis told Brisbane District Court on Wednesday the boy remembered a pornographic video playing before Margaritis, now 45, removed his lower clothing.

She said oral acts were performed until the boy felt sick again and felt the acts were “wrong”.

Ms Dennis said the boy fell asleep and was told he would be killed if he told anyone when he was later driven home.

She said the actions were a gross breach of trust and flew in the face of his responsibility as a teacher to protect students’ welfare.

The court heard Margaritis was already serving a four-year sentence for molesting a fellow student, aged 13-14 years, several times in 1995.

In that instance he would give the boy alcohol and the drug amyl nitrite, an inhalant which affects consciousness and cognition.

The boy was then forced to watch pornographic films with his teacher and perform sexual acts on him.

The full-time release date for that offending is March 12, 2017.

Defence barrister Scott Lynch said his client had been a model citizen in prison and had been abused as a child.

He said Margaritis had struggled with what happened to him as a child for the majority of his life and on one occasion attempted to take his own life.

Judge Brendan Butler sentenced Margaritis to one extra year which must be served cumulative to his other sentence.

“(The boy) has given a victim impact statement which indicates he has struggled in later life and attributes the reason for that, in part, to what occurred between the two of you,” he said.

“It may well be your taking advantage of the vulnerable young man has had adverse impacts on his life.

“You should understand that as what happened to you as a child has had an impact on your life.”

Margaritis will now be eligible for parole on July 13, 2015.

In 2002, he was a chaperone to Ducie High pupils as they practiced for

 In 1994, Margaritis took advantage of a 15-year-old student by giving him “a big cone” of marijuana before abusing him.

 In 1995, Margaritis plied a 13 year old boy with drugs & alcohol before abusing him.

 Both boys were students at St Edmund’s College.

 In 2010/2011, he moved to a little tiny town in Norseman Western Australia where he continued to teach disadvantaged students aged 12 – 16.

 In 2013, he opened a coffee shop in Brisbane called Milk Espresso Bar & Tea House.

This teacher has been all around Europe teaching, including Dulcie High.
If you or anyone you know have been abused by this man, Please contact your local police

THE state’s highest court has rejected Attorney-General Jarrod Bleijie’s bid to have the sentence of a convicted child sex offender increased.

Former Ipswich teacher Luke Euthimios Margaritis was convicted in February this year after pleading guilty to supplying a dangerous drug and three counts of indecent treatment of a child under 16.

He was sentenced to a year behind bars.

However, the sentence was ordered to be served cumulatively in conjunction with a four year jail sentence which commenced on March 13, 2013, for unrelated offences of maintaining an unlawful relationship of a sexual nature with another child under 16 years.

The court heard Margaritis’ offending took place on unspecified dates between December 31, 1993 and January 1, 1995, when he was a teacher at St Edmund’s College.

Mr Bleijie appeal the sentence on the grounds the effective sentence of five years behind bars, with parole eligibility after 28 months, imposed by the primary judge was manifestly inadequate having regard to Margaritis’ overall criminality.

He claimed that criminality involved Margaritis targeting, on separate occasions, two students at his school to satisfy his own sexual interests and the use of alcohol and or drugs to achieve his goals.

However, the Queensland Court of Appeal saw things differently and dismissed Mr Bleijie’s application.

Justice John Muir, in handing down the court’s findings on Tuesday, said the Attorney-General’s submissions concerning the general application of the totality principle were accurate.

“They are not, however, an exhaustive exposition of the operation of the principle, either generally or in the circumstances under consideration,” he said.

“In this case there is neither a misstatement or misapplication of principle nor a level of sentencing which necessarily bespeaks error.”

Teacher jailed for sexual abuse of student

A FORMER Ipswich teacher has been convicted of sexually abusing a 13-year-old student after plying him with drugs and alcohol.

Luke Euthimios Margaritis was 26 when he met the boy while teaching at St Edmund’s College and arranged visits at his Limestone St home before and after school.

There, he would give the boy alcohol and the drug amyl nitrite, an inhalant which affects consciousness and cognition.

The boy was then forced to watch pornographic films with his teacher and perform sexual acts on him.

The offences occurred between February and December 1995 but the victim did go to police until early last year.

In sentencing the man at Brisbane District Court, Judge John Baulch SC said his behaviour had been “calculating and predatory”.

The victim, now 31, spoke to The Queensland Times and said the teacher’s actions had affected every aspect of his life.

“I have no possible way to know how my life could have turned out,” he said.

“It has affected relationships to the point of having trouble with intimacy and trusting people.

“He preyed on the fact I was a young, vulnerable and impressionable boy.

“I believe that if he had not done the sexual and emotional things he had done to me I would have been much better prepared to deal with life in a better way but (he) took advantage of me as being an easy target to prey on.

“I still have nightmares about the offending. Whether I will ever be able to forget and move on from this is impossible to tell.”

The jury took three hours to convict the teacher, now 45, of one count of maintaining a sexual relationship with a child under 16 and eight counts of indecent treatment of a child under 16.

He was also convicted of one count of supplying a dangerous drug with circumstances of aggravation.

He was sentenced to five years’ prison.

The victim said he was too afraid to tell his parents about the abuse, and dropped out of school in year 11 because it became too much for him to see the teacher every day.

“When I first met him in Grade 5 he was one of the cool teachers,” he said.

“He used to let the boys wag school and hand in assignments late.”

St Edmund’s College principal Brendan Lawler said St Edmund’s College regarded any matter involving harm to a child as completely abhorrent.

“This behaviour goes against the very essence of our values,” Mr Lawler said.

“On behalf of Edmund Rice Education Australia I extend a sincere apology to the victim and his family for the hurt and harm that have been caused by this gross abuse of trust.

“Edmund Rice Education Australia (EREA) and St Edmund’s College are committed to the highest standards of student protection and have co-operated fully with police in relation to this matter.”

16 thoughts on “Luke Margaritis – World travelling teacher and convicted paedophile

  1. Wow… that coffee shop is near where I used to live… and I was none the wiser. And according to this article Luke Margarits was a “familiar face to those who frequent the Di Bella coffee stall at the West End Markets each Saturday”. The West End markets, at Davies Park (home of Souths Leagues club) is the best weekly farmers markets in Brisbane, each Saturday from 6AM-1PM-ish. It has a great range of fresh produce and cooked ethnic food at reasonable prices. Many chefs from restaurants buy ingredients from these markets. I would go almost every week while in Brisbane. The coffee stall has a small, well-shaded seating area, does a reasonable cooked breakfast and sells newspapers, so I used to drop in there after raiding the markets… to think I was reading the paper and sipping a coffee at a table near this creep is bizarre. There were always a number of people there, but I always minded my own business and read the paper.

    What is this perverts current status ?

    I am not in Brisbane now. Can someone report if the “milk espresso and tea house” is operating from it’s location at 52 Brookes Street, Bowen Hills (just down the road from the Ekka showgrounds) ??? Is this creep still running (or owning it) ???

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      • Well that may be the front, but if you search the government abn and asic sites it is still registered in his name. Why? Well I am sure you could work that out with deductions and all. But why does someone represent this coffee house front knowing who he is, is the most pertinent question.

        Keep in mind the registered home address is his parents and they have no involvement in this and were not present in court, he had NO support people at anytime besides his lawyer and barrister, haha not even a barista for support aye

        But that is where he spent his time on bail and would be on parole, not that I encourage or support vigilantes, but it is all public record!



        • I went to St. Edmunds from 94-97. He was my art teacher. He was only 25, but acted more like a stuck up 15 year old, so it was like being taught by the big ‘cool kid’ who had the run of the class. He let kids call him Luke, but generally went by the name ‘Margo’.

          He had no shortage of boys playing ‘teachers pet’, trying to win him over by showing how funny they were. A few boys seemed enamored by him, but I don’t think there was any sexual attraction on their behalf, just boys looking up to the ‘cool kid’ if you will. He had a sort of Andy Garcia look going, and people wondered if he was hooking up with the other young female teachers.

          The atmosphere in his class was generally informal, with boys feeling comfortable enough to yell out random questions. “Do you think Mr. Madden is gay? Do you think Miss Hutchingson is a lesbian?” He would answer these questions.
          “Margo, how often do you cut your pubes?”… “about every 2 weeks” he replied to much laughter.

          When he took his grade eight class to wet n wild at the end of the year, he didn’t mind them smoking in front of him. Anything goes. Not to say he wouldn’t get mad sometimes, he’d shout down people who were talking too much. He was still a teacher and wanted some level of respect. Pretty hard to maintain when act like one of the kids.

          In 1995, during the year of the affair for which he was convicted, he seemed very laid back and at peace. In 1996, after it was over, he changed completely. He started slicking his hair back all business like. He traded in the checkered shirts for white shirts and started wearing a tie. He seemed like he had passed over to the dark side. I wasn’t taught by him, but when he’d walk past I just thought “wow, that guy changed.” He got himself a BMW and people were thinking that he was stuck up. He apparently had money from investing in real estate. I thought it was money that had made him change, but maybe the end of that relationship was weighing heavily on his mind. Maybe he was wondering if the police were going to knock on his door.

          Did I ever pick up that he was a pedophile? Yes. There was three things that I saw.
          1) his friendship with one boy who seemed to flirt with him. I remember Margo was taking photos of the fun run and the boy ran past and said “hey Margo, take a picture of my butt.” The boy also seemed to cross over to the dark side in 1996, with a huge personality change, distancing himself from his former friends. I later heard that the two went clubbing together as adults. Before any conviction, I joked that they were in a relationship. I didn’t think it would be true. It hasn’t been confirmed, but the pieces seem to fit. Based on what I know of the 1st conviction, the boy isn’t the boy who put him away. I wonder if he will come forward.

          2) In my art class of 1995, which was mixed ages (boys 13 to 15), there was one boy who caught his eye. He was his “favorite”. A 13 year old “wog” (in the boys own words) with a striking appearance. The boy once joked “What’s the closest you get to having sex? Taking a shit.” I remember being shocked, that this kid would say something like that, and then more shocked that Margo laughed at it and liked it. A normal adult should have said “you shouldn’t be speaking like that at your age.”
          On another occasion, while the rest of the class was working by themselves, the two were sitting at a desk on opposite sides, chatting away, smiling at each other. I looked at Margo, who looked completely enamored, and saw how he was making goo-goo eyes at this boy, and his voice sounded unusually gay. It was like watching a dating show and the couple are hitting it off big time. But Margo wasn’t sitting across from a woman, it was a 13 year old boy. I pulled back and revulsion and thought “eww, Margos a fag!” I didn’t think Pedophile, I thought homosexual. I didn’t think that anything sexual would happen.

          3) The final instance was one day after lunch in 96. The bell had rung and boys were mulling around outside the classrooms for the teachers to arrive. I saw Margo arrive at his class in the company of a boy. This boy had a similar style to the last boy, somewhat attractive, dark hair parted in the middle. The boy looked uncomfortable, or guilty of something. Margo looked very serious. I found it very strange that the two were apparently friends. This kid was an outsider who struggled academically. He was seen as a bit of a try hard by others, a naughty kid. He once had bumped into me and pushed me then and said ‘watch it!’ and I grabbed him and pushed into a garden bush. My friend scoffed at him and said “he would destroy you.” He was literally a push-over. But the energy between those two arriving was just weird, and I sensed it. “What were they doing together at lunch?” It wasn’t like two people who bumped into each other en route to class, they had come from somewhere and were awkward. Sort of like how you pick up that two office workers are having an affair based upon their awkward interactions. It stayed with me.

          In 2013, a friend told me of Margos incarceration. I wasn’t completely shocked. I had heard about 15 years earlier that he had left St. Edmunds after having an affair with one of the senior students. The source wasn’t the most reliable, so I took it with a grain of salt. “Homo, knew it.” I pictured a tall adult in a senior suit. I didn’t think much of it later. I didn’t really know if it was true.

          When I read the details of the abuse, including getting them stoned and showing them porn, and then raping them I was shocked. Margo of 1996 I could see, he seemed evil. But he was doing this in 94 when he was the easy going “cool teacher”? If he was doing that then, I have no doubt that his victims are in the dozens.

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          • Frank – thank you for posting. As someone very close to this man for quite some time prior to his arrest, I still struggle with trying to get my head around all this. I know so much about this man, yet so little. Are there any other cases pending? Initially there were three complainants named in a very early news article, but I have only heard of the outcome of two cases in the media.


            • This has made me so sad…

              I used to know Luke through some people I used to hang with back when we were all between the ages of 18-21.

              We were kids I guess and my memories of him are of a really sweet guy, he was friendly and innocent almost, he appeared a bit awkward around the girls, I figured it was because most of us were all partnered except him and I thought perhaps he felt somewhat of an outsider.

              He was always respectful and a gentleman and ever helpful…

              My memories and the information that have come to light regarding Luke just don’t gel…

              It’s awfully confusing and I feel so sad so sad for everyone concerned…the victims and their families, his family and people who knew and loved him…

              I hope they all find peace

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              • Does it? That is so sad to hear that it makes you sad Artemis! Would you like a tissue? The timing of your post is funny. Are you the same age as Luke? You won’t get his name off the front page of Google or any search engine or clear up what is printed truth. “Artemis = Meaning unknown, possibly related either to Greek αρτεμης (artemes) “safe” or αρταμος (artamos) “a butcher”. Artemis was the Greek goddess of the moon and hunting, the twin of Apollo and the daughter of Zeus and Leto” Get out of here you shill. He is a CONVICTED pedophile. He put one person through hell to try and fight it even though he was caught on tape admitting it repeatedly. Than he struck a deal on the second case so the third case was dropped because he knew he was bombed. Find peace? Please! I wonder how all the children’s lives he touched were affected during their 18-21yo period. Probably a mess? Turned to drugs and alcohol, suicide attempts to take their own lives. This miserable ragged looking clown deserves everything he got and much more!
                Wake up – It isn’t over yet. Out after 2.5 years with parole of a similar or longer length living within a KM of a primary school. This state & country is screwed up when it comes to these lowlifes. There should be some sort of VLAD laws for pedo’s because I would rather have a bikie sitting to my left than a pedo. One major crime conviction like this should have an automatic sentence of some kind added to any further convictions of the same kind. As to the person who wrote the huge essay above aka Frank, you are way off in the children who you are thinking of. So guess what? There must be many many more out there, that didn’t stand up and I can’t blame them because it would be a hard thing to do, but the children you speak of are so descriptive I could almost guess who you speak of. He is a conman as well, when the heat was on and he lost his attempt at running for mayor of Ipswich in the late 90’s, the heat was coming, his flipping real estate business was “failing” as well and he had to declare bankruptcy where investor’s lost money (So I have heard) and he moved to Europe in 1999 where he started all over again, teaching, real estate and also started his dabbling in coffee, to what extent I am yet to discover. I also believe that he went through bankruptcy over there, words from the snakebelly’s own mouth or just another lie?! So it isn’t just children getting their live’s ruined, but apparently investor’s also. Then it seems it was getting too hot over there after another 10 years of moving around and conning people, so he moves to a tiny little town in Norseman WA at around the end of 2010 thinking he could continue to work with disadvantaged or troubled children between his FAVOURITE ages of 12-16. Why did he move there? Why not move back to Ipswich or Brisbane to teach again where he lives with his parents as documented in public records? Why not be close to his family after so long overseas. I think he had ideas to become Mayor of Norseman, just look at council meetings and notes of the moves he was trying to make over there, in with the police and local politicians. Only he came up against someone more stubborn than himself. Bad move coming back to Australia you Greek snake aka φίδι should of stayed in your dirty hole. The biggest shame is that more people that I know of have not come forward knowing that their stories would match the other children’s stories and he would be dead to rights no matter how hard his lawyer’s and barrister’s tried to discredit them and make them crumble on the stand of which they tried PS – THEIR EXPENSIVE ASS’ DIDN’T NO MATTER HOW HARD THEY TRIED! NOT EVEN HIS FAMILY WAS PRESENT AT ANY PART OF THE TRIAL… POOR LUKE EUTHIMIOS MARGARITIS AND THANKS TASKFORCE ARGOS FOR KEEPING YOUR FILES NICE AND THICK ON THESE PEOPLE! THE GREAT WORK THESE BRILLIANT BRISBANE POLICE OFFICER’S DO IS EXCEPTIONAL. THEY WILL ALWAYS BE RIGHT BEHIND YOU IF YOU CHOOSE TO BE A PEDOPHILE!


                • I was extremely close to Luke just prior to his initial arrest. Some online commenters have got things a little wrong with regards to what he was up to, particularly in Norseman, but also in Brisbane whilst out on bail prior to being sentenced. I wanted to write a book about this to make people aware of how these people operate, using this as a specific case in point, I wrote about 2 pages and stopped as I don’t have expensive lawyers and he appears to be able to get himself out of many things and my life is way too complicated as it is. So unless anyone’s a lawyer who can help me out, I won’t be saying a word. As for Artemis, I’ve heard some of the stories of things he got up to when he was younger. I always thought there was something he was hiding to be honest, but I never expected to be told that he was being arrested. Like most of these people, they make themselves well liked in the community. Just look up the report for the Katanning Hostel online, it’s a disturbing read. It’s got nothing to do with Luke, but it’s how these people operate – ie become well known for making a positive changes within a community etc.


                  • Thanks Me, as that is all I know you as.But grow some balls either way champ. Protect or Tell it how it is. Any book you intend writing will be hanging on it. I would be happy to back a warts and all true account, but bullshit and the gig would be over


                    • I have no reason to protect Luke, and I’m not sure what you mean by bullshit? You have my email address I am sure as the admin of the site. My time in Norseman was fairly well documented. The person who allegedly drove to Norseman after allegedly calling Luke out of the blue may have even witnessed me as an acquaintance. I am not entirely sure what happened there. I’m reading additional information on this page that could fit well into a book, that is all. People should not be able to do this to kids and people need to be aware of how these people operate (IE from what I know REALLY NICE HELPFUL COMMUNITY MINDED PEOPLE who build trust with parents, community etc) I knew Luke only in Norseman for approximately 1.5 years and spent hours and hours of my time talking and laughing with him and planning on how to make the town better. The markets was one thing, the Coffee House was another – which is now boarded up like many other buildings in the main street in town. He owns multiple properties in Norseman, and the reason I was told (by him) that he went to Norseman was his intention was to do all the properties up and sell them. He became a school teacher, but that’s a whole other story on how that happened. Oh and the mayor of Norseman, again that’s another story. He told of the high profile person whom he allegedly lived next to in Ipswich and how he said to me on one occasion that he knew a certain member of the family very well. There are some comments that I recall him saying that mean different things now knowing what transpired regarding the court case. I know how he got into Di Bella, and I know how he got his Coffee House in Brisbane that was only open a couple of weeks prior to his arrest. Much more, but the intention of the book would be to show how much most of the community adored him to make people at least think, “Hey could something maybe be going on here?” Kids had finally found a father figure type of person who they adored and emulated (none of the boys put any effort into their appearance prior to him being in town). In a town with no hope, it’s so easy to make such a big difference by doing so little. He was giving boys haircuts (boys only!) And he had said he had trained himself watching barbers in London. Oh and allegedly he’s now at University studying something to do with real estate. I hope the above qualifies as non bullshit and are only a few examples of things I’d like to include.


                    • You fucking tell HIM-IT Robbo! He was quick to get on the reply button that is for sure! I believe “Artemis” and “me” to be the same or similar person. You and Serendipity know who I am! I am THE ONE! I will destroy you! I have Pro Bono Lawyers chomping at my heels to take this further. Sure they want their cut but I don’t know if I want the Catholic church’s blood money and my name signed in blood to keep quiet about this piece of shit! It would improve my situation no end, financially, but the scars that are left emotionally what is the price? What price do you put on my life? Or what my life could of been? Why did he have to steal mine and other lives away? But we will see hey! Your book is dirt if it see’s the light of day!


                    • I’m certainly not Artemis, so I’m not sure why the aggression is directed at me or why my book which would help people not fall victims to people like this would be “dirt.” Artemis has said themselves they are a friend from Ipswich. I have said myself I know him from Norseman. Robbo has enough info to easily identify me if he really wants.

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  2. Here’s another article, unwittlingly praising the coffee-making prowess of a convicted paedophile. It says “Luke has worked with Di Bella for years”. The reviewer waxes lyrical about how “every coffee and tea brewed adheres to Luke’s stringent standards and preparation techniques”. This unsuspecting coffee-fan wants to “encourage you to drop by and have a chat to the owner Luke”, a man convicted of sex attacks on children.

    I imagine once people work out who this man really is – and what he does to children – they will want to do more than drop by and have a chat with him.

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  3. He has ties to the DiBella family through the Greek Orthodox Church and Nursing home, that he worked at whilst on bail, and from his stall at the New Farm markets. He is very unsuspecting! He is serving 5 years. He is due for parole in July 2015 but his final release date is 2018. There are people that will be at the bail hearing strenuously debating it with backed up medical reports of the damage he has done! Thanks Robbo and Seren! Love your F##king work!

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  4. If that is you Luke commenting, than you are breaching your parole! Maybe the Greenslopes police in conjunction with Taskforce Argos just down the road in Brisbane, will be able to tie you to your posts… Did you just hang yourself? Again?

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