Olympic medallist Geoff Huegill and wife Sara charged over party drugs at Randwick races

A shame the cops didn’t go to the Logies and catch dozens of druggies masquerading as celebrities and B grade actors.
  • Former butterfly world record holder and Olympic medallist
  • Married for three years, had a second child in January
  • Police say the pair had a white powder, believed to be cocaine
  • Officers were alerted by Turf Club officials
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Geoff Huegill and his wife Sara Hills at Randwick races on Saturday. They have been charged over party drugs in their possession on this day. 

Former Australian swimming star Geoff Huegill and his wife, Sara Hills, locked themselves in a disabled toilet in the corporate area of Randwick Racecourse prior to being charged with drug possession on Saturday.

The couple will appear in court next month after police discovered them with a substance alleged to be cocaine.

Huegill with his wife Sara and Daughter Mila.

Huegill with his wife Sara and daughter Mila. 

It has since been discovered that police attended level four of the grandstand after viewing CCTV footage of Huegill and Hills venturing into a disabled toilet in the vicinity of the Moet Lounge, where they watched the final program of this year’s Autumn Carnival.

The Australian Turf Club’s private security first alerted officers after witnessing their behaviour at the race track.

Police allegedly found the door locked, with Huegill and Hills inside, prior to gaining entry.

NSW Police have confirmed the pair were taken into custody around 5:45pm.

A police spokesman said officers found Huegill and Hill in possession of a “small quantity of white powder, which is believed to cocaine”.

Geoff Huegill in winning form at the Olympic pool in Homebush, Sydney. ‘Skippy’ won silve

Geoff Huegill in winning form at the Olympic pool in Homebush, Sydney. ‘Skippy’ won silver in the 4x100m medley relay and bronze in the 100m butterfly at the Sydney Olympics. 

“Police were patrolling Randwick racecourse as part of their general duties when they were directed to a suite in the grandstand by security personnel,” a police spokesman said.

“Police spoke to a 35-year-old old man and his 30-year-old wife, who were alleged to be in possession of a small quantity of white powder, believed to be cocaine.”

The couple have been charged with one count of Possess Prohibited Drug and are scheduled to appear in Waverley Local Court on 14 May.

Witnesses claimed Huegill and Hill were escorted from the Moet & Chandon lounge by police. A spokesman for Australian Turf Club, which operates Randwick Racecourse, declined to comment. “As this is a police matter,we have no comment,” he said.

Comeback king: Huegill wins the 50m butterfly final during the 2010 Australian championsh

Comeback king: Huegill wins the 50m butterfly final during the 2010 Australian championships in Sydney.

“The ATC has a zero tolerance policy on illicit drugs.”

After winning silver and bronze medals in the pool at the 2000 Sydney Olympics, Huegill endured a much publicised weight battle that saw him reach 138kg.

He blamed a poor lifestyle and excessive partying, before making an inspirational comeback that delivered two gold medals at the 2010 Commonwealth Games in Delhi.

Huegill, 35, and Sara, 30, who wed in a Balinese ceremony in 2011, are the parents of two daughters, aged two and three months.

In 2012, after the birth of his first child Mila, Huegill described how fatherhood had changed him.

“Now that she is here, it makes all the other things you do in your life insignificant.”

Geoff Huegill arrest: A-list high-flyers laid low by the seedy side of Sydney’s party set

  • Police say party drug arrests on the rise
  • ‘Cocaine is dangerous, not glamorous’
  • ‘Promoted by criminals, driven by greed’
  • Huegill appears outside home to apologise
  • ‘Everyone’s doing it,’ says PR exec

THE arrest of Geoff Huegill and his wife Sara on alleged cocaine possession was a shock to the sporting world and the public, but to those accustomed to the famously fast party scene the incident may not come as a huge ­surprise.

NSW Drug Squad boss Superintendent Tony Cook said they were arresting more and more people for cocaine possession. He said the image of cocaine as a glamour drug was a dangerous myth which had to be dispelled.




A ‘deeply apologetic’ Geoff Huegill appears outside his home yesterday to say sorry for t

A ‘deeply apologetic’ Geoff Huegill appears outside his home yesterday to say sorry for the ‘commotion’ caused by the arrest of him and his wife Sara at Randwick Racecourse on Saturday. Picture: Bradley Hunter Source: News Corp Australia

“Over several years NSW Police have seen an increase in the detection of cocaine; this is obviously a concern,’’ he said yesterday.

A “deeply apologetic” Huegill yesterday said he realised his arrest at the Randwick races on Saturday “has caused some commotion’’.

“Some people feel they have been let down and I deeply apologise for that,” he said outside his home.


Geoff Huegill makes a statement outside his Darlinghurst home / Picture: Bradley Hunter

Sorry: Huegill. Source: News Corp Australia

Dad of two: Huegill.

Dad of two: Huegill. Source: News Corp Australia

“But I would ask everyone to understand that this matter is before the courts. I won’t be making any more statements until the matter has been resolved.”

Supt Cook said: “What people should remember is that, despite its portrayal as a high-society, glamour drug, cocaine is very dangerous and addictive.

“It is produced and distributed by money-hungry criminals, driven by greed and absolute self-interest.’’

“They will go to every length to ensure a fatter profit margin, cutting their batch with whatever substances they can find in a bid to get a better return on their sale.

“The health and well-being of their customer base is simply not a priority.’’


Instagram picture of Geoff Huegill and his wife Sara at the races on Saurday before their

Instagram picture of Geoff Huegill and his wife Sara at the races on Saurday before their arrest. Source: Instagram

Prior to their arrest at a toilet at Royal Randwick, the Huegill’s had been highly visible on the social scene ever since the Olympian made the move from Brisbane to Sydney back in 2008 to make a comeback after a drunken ­incident outside a nightclub in Fortitude Valley in 2007.

Vowing a life change, he moved to Sydney and linked up with sprint coach Grant Stoelwinder to begin his comeback, dropping 50k, writing a book and tapping into a career as a motivat-ional speaker in the process.

Taking up with Hills, a well-known publicist working closely with Sydney’s fashion and celebrity elite, the glamour pair moved into a stunning Surry Hills terrace, started a family and became one of the darlings of the Eastern Suburbs party set. They later moved to Darlinghurst

Not surprisingly, theirs was an orbit that often crossed paths with Sydney’s notoriously heavy party scene, where drugs and ­alcohol are not only often free but plentiful.

“Look, everyone does ­cocaine,” one high-placed public relations executive, who refused to be named, said yesterday.

Geoff Huegill and wife Sara / Picture: Marianna Massey/Getty Images

Glamour couple: Huegill and his wife Sara, who recently had their second child, at a party thrown by Men’s Style in Sydney at The Ivy last September. Picture: Marianna Massey/Getty Images Source: Getty Images

“And maybe it’s that mentality, that it’s so common, is what can lead to some complacency, because it is so commonplace.”

One celebrity manager ­explained the ground rules for drug use in the social set.

“Everyone knows you don’t go into a toilet with more than one person,” he said.

“The other thing you do is flush anything you have down the toilet (if the police knock on the door.”


FORMER Olympian and track legend Raelene Boyle said the lack of discipline and the “rigidness of competition” is one of the problems faced by swimmers once their careers are over.

“They get tied up in this … bullshit I like to call it,” Boyle said.

“They get lost in partying and this so-called celebrity life but they really don’t know how to manage it and it happened to Scott (Miller) and Grant Hackett and Ian Thorpe and now Geoff.

“And I honestly believe these guys are decent people but they’re just lost.

“And I think his wife is in the same position now … it’s very sad because they have two beautiful babies.


Huegill, pictured winning the Mens 50 Butterfly Final at the 2010 Telstra Australian Swim

Huegill, pictured winning the Mens 50 Butterfly Final at the 2010 Telstra Australian Swimming Championships, retired more than two years ago, but is the latest in a sorry list of former swimmers to find themselves in trouble. Source: News Limited

Swimming Australia did not want to buy into the latest controversy surrounding yet ­another recently retired star of the pool allegedly coming ­unstuck.

“He retired from competitive swimming following the 2012 Australian swimming championships in April, over two years ago,’’ the organisation said.

“As this is a personal matter for Geoff, it would be inappropriate for Swimming Australia to comment any further at this stage.’’

AustSwim CEO Gordon Mallett, who heads the swim safety organisation, has spoken to the Commonwealth Games champion via email and said “everyone has their little demons”.

“He is very upset and ­remorseful,” Mr Mallett said.

“He is very, very sad this has happened and if you knew ­personally … he is a ­decent man.”

“We have suspended him while the process takes place. It’s to allow natural justice to take place.”


Geoff Huegill to face cocaine charge 0:28


Former Olympic swimmer Geoff Huegill and wife Sara have been charged with drug possession.

8 thoughts on “Olympic medallist Geoff Huegill and wife Sara charged over party drugs at Randwick races

  1. While I don’t at all feel sorry for this high profile former Olympian swimmer caught using party drugs in a disabled toilet at the Randwick races!… Its good that no one is above the law, when it comes to possession of Drugs, and they will be caught!.. And it is It good that the surveillance of security squad, who are either very professional and good at viewing live CCTV for suspected Druggies or were tipped off by further up the chain- that this famous swimmer, was as a person of interest, and were waiting and watching out for him.
    But how many years have Drugs been used and trafficked at these public venues…… The tip of the iceburg, I would think so !!!….. In modern times, Going as far back as the 1990,S AND 2000,S, when Drug Baron: Tony Mokbal and his Brothers, and mob, The Track Suit Gang, were bying up expensive Race horses – gambling, laundering , with untold large amounts of cash from the proceeds of Drug trafficking, manufacturing and distribution of Party Drugs. Where were the on the ball security watching back then. And it looks like Fat Tony Mokbal is still running the drugs empire within H.M.Barwon Prison, as he was years ago with Jason Moran- back in Victorian Prisons in the early 1990,s. What Im trying to say is why was ”The Mokbals and the Company ” able to build their drug empire all those years ago right up until today, when Tony is still bashing and breaking other prisoners noses in tit for tat, paybacks or powerplays,with drugs still turning up in the prisons- even after Carl Williams was murdered in the same High Security Barwon Jail , which are now the countries most secure prisons! And that even so still have for years and years and years since 1990, just like H.M.Pentridge Prison was, always been full of drugs and Jail made weapons and violence to stop any prisoners from becoming informers or prison Dogs!!!…..And saying to the Prison Officers where the drugs are coming in to the jails………………

    . So its long- long- long overdue that high profile persons of interest, should have been caught in large numbers at public venue, like the Races, with Drugs in their possession !!!. This latest seizure of high profile people using drugs in just highly populated venues, should send off alarm bells to all the now” honest Police Officers, Prison Officers and Security , and Sniffer dogs” that Drugs are more so than ever, in large quantities in our present populations of all cities, arenas, nightspots, entertainment, rock concerts, casinos, airports, Shipping Ports and docks and every other place in public, spreading of these evil drugs, like they are just lollies! The Police must continue to be 100% serious to catching more Drug dealers and users, by ”Shaking the Tree”, and catching them as they fall out!!!………. And another place to rid the evil of drugs is in” all ” of Australias Prisons, were drug use, and trafficking is endemic and on the rise!!!…………The Mokbals need to be held and monitored very closely in permanent High Maximum Security unit conditions to ensure they cannot have any control over drug trafficking inside or outside the jails!!!……….We need to take a DEA , type of approach to Drug Trafficking on the increase in all of Australias towns and cities, and the Departments of Justice, The Courts and the Judges need to sentence those caught with commercial quantities of Drugs and those involved in the organising , trafficking and distribution of drugs, to be sent away for a very long number of years in our maximum security prisons, to send out the message, loud and clear- that” Drugs in Australia” will be tolerated no more!!!…………25 YEARS Minimum for Drug Trafficking would send out the message!………….Otherwise the large ” The Ice”, the ”Cocaine’, the ”Heroin”, and all the hard drugs with along with the home grown ” Marijuana” is just going to keep being- smuggled into Australia to keep up to the – ”Supply and Demand”…!…… And keep” The Pushers ”rich!……………….


  2. He was put on a pedastool for what reason winning a medal wow he was a winner now hes a loser along with his wife its a fools game.There is a weakness there.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. The weakness in all of these expensive Drug additions in the highlife world of all these fools of paradise,- is that designer drugs combined with high life socialising , of Moet Champagne and expensive wine and restaurant style, chef dished up caviar , lobster and prawns in the world of greed of the rich indulgence, which seem to be very prevalent in the cashed up tall poppy world of celebrities and has been, successful sports- Olympic – football etc- champions, rock stars and even the medical and legal fraternity…. is this high societies acceptance of Cocaine as a cool, harmless pastime and a recreational buzz of orgasmic feeling. during their socialising. …..Cocaine is a Rich Persons drug of choice. And their appears to be a endless constant- ready available supply of this shit drug loved by the rich, for the rich! – And the Cocaine Pusher or Pusher are always on” tap”, an readily available who for those in the know of the socialites circle of friends, who keep the ”Drug Cocaine” in constant supply for those who can afford to pay the large amounts of cash for their next hit!……..


  4. Yeah business is always in demand for them and not just at the races! For every drug dealer of pusher that the police catch, like the cars full of drugs they pulled over in Prahran Melbourne; there is always more low lives to take over their business. That brawl outside the restaurant in Lygon Street Carlton, looks like it could be a power play over drug trafficking in Lygon Street by the new Carlton crew. These cashed up scum bags need busting to!


  5. They must have been very naive to think no one would notice Geoff huggill and his obviously well dressed wife both entering a disabled dunny
    Even if you didn’t make the connection with cocaine etc you would check that one out as neither look terribly disabled


    • Your right, although I thought they went in to the disabled toilets together when they heard the cops were coming up to the suite(Presumably to flush the evidence I guess).

      100% there were others in there that day doing the same thing. Having a good old laugh at all the common punters down below chomping cold meat pies with their pants hanging out their bum.

      Liked by 1 person

  6. The saddest part of this, is that while Mum and Dad are out looking glamorous, doing cocaine and thinking only of themselves, there are two tiny little tots at home.
    I can’t understand the mentality of these types of parents sometimes. Maybe they should pay more attention to their children instead of their fancy wardrobe!

    Liked by 1 person

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