Troy Buswell sideswipes ‘wedding crash’ charges — fined $3100, banned for 12 months

Does NOT turn up to court, refuses to offer a public explanation and continues to reap thousands of dollars a week in wages. Way to go dick-head NOT A WORD ABOUT BEING PISSED AND DRINK DRIVING AS WE ALL KNOW YOU WERE

Lets dare to consider a mere mortal in the same position, grabbed by the cops on the night after crashing into multiple cars, breathalysed and court the next day to rightly face public and professional embarrassment.

BUT not this bloke, the politician with disgusting form.

This piss-head who I have highlighted before for his FOUL behaviour, pissed antics, inside and outside of parliamentary buildings seems to glide on by because he suddenly has mental health Issues that other 99.99% of the community never seems to get away with. Whether they had been pissing it up up a colleagues wedding or no.

Troy Buswell, former WA premier, agrees to pay for ministerial car damage

25/07/14 update

Former WA treasurer Troy Buswell has agreed to pay for the damage he caused to his ministerial car and several other cars when he drove home from a wedding in February.

The State Government’s insurer RiskCover issued a statement on Friday night, saying Mr Buswell had withdrawn his claim for insurance cover and would pay for the damage himself.

This includes reimbursing RiskCover for the $15,000 it already paid for repairs to his ministerial car.

RiskCover said it received a reply from Mr Buswell’s lawyers on Friday after requesting further information relating to the crash.

“The response stated that Mr Buswell withdraws his claim for insurance cover from RiskCover under the Department of the Premier and Cabinet insurance policy,” it said in the statement.

“Mr Buswell will, from his own funds, pay for any damage caused to the third party vehicles when the Government vehicle he was driving on 22/23 February 2014 collided with them.

“Mr Buswell will pay RiskCover the amount it paid to repair the damage caused to the Government vehicle.”

In February, the then-treasurer smashed into several parked cars in Subiaco while driving home from a wedding.

The owner of one of those cars last week told a media outlet she was offered $3,000 by RiskCover on the proviso she had no contact with the media.

The letter of offer also reportedly stated that she agree to not commence any legal action against Mr Buswell.

In the wake of the crash Mr Buswell relinquished both his Treasury and Transport portfolios, and was fined and suspended from driving for a year

UPDATE 30/04/14

Troy Buswell crashes: police release audio of emergency call on night of dangerous driving

Police have released a recording of a call to police made on the night former WA treasurer Troy Buswell left a trail of destruction after crashing his ministerial car in Perth.

In the recording, the unidentified male caller describes seeing Buswell “swerving all over Roberts Road” in Subiaco, then “struggling to stand up” when he gets out of his car.

“The bloke was dolled up to the nines and he clearly couldn’t stand on his own two feet,” the caller tells police.

“He was driving all over the place on Roberts Road.

“He was taking up two lanes, nearly hitting everything on the side as well.

“When we pulled up behind him out the front of his premises, his whole front bumper was hanging off, the whole front end looked like it had been pretty smashed up.”

On Tuesday, Buswell pleaded guilty in a Perth court to 11 traffic offences committed in the early hours of February 23.

He was fined $3,100 and disqualified from driving for 12 months.

However, because none of the offences carry a jail term, he cannot be disqualified from Parliament.

The triple-0 caller did not know it was Buswell when he made the call, but told police he and his passenger “actually joked between ourselves, we thought it looked like Troy Buswell”.

He said Buswell got out of his car when he reached his home, but had to try three or four times before finally being able to unlock his front gate.

After getting back into the car, Buswell then hit the front gate while trying to drive up the driveway.

“He had his foot on the accelerator, he’s basically rammed into the gate and he’s just sitting there with his foot on the accelerator and the back wheel is spinning, and then he’s realised that he wasn’t going anywhere and he’s reversed up, turned to the right and driven through the gate,” the caller said.

Buswell did not attend court on Tuesday but issued a statement of apology.

“I offer no excuses for my actions, I apologise to those upon whom I have impacted and accept fully the consequences,” the statement said.

After the night in question Buswell had what has been described as a breakdown and resigned from cabinet.

However, details of his driving offences did not emerge until weeks later.

Buswell, the member for Vasse, has been on leave but is due back in Parliament next week.

Lets dare to consider a mere mortal in the same position, grabbed by the cops on the night after crashing into multiple cars, breathalysed and court the next day to rightly face public and professional embarrassment.

BUT not this bloke, the politician with disgusting form.

This piss-head who I have highlighted before for his FOUL behaviour, pissed antics, inside and outside of parliamentary buildings seems to glide on by because he suddenly has mental health Issues that other 99.99% of the community never seems to get away with. Whether they had been pissing it up up a colleagues wedding or no.

Former WA Treasurer Troy Buswell took leave from Parliament battling mental health issues

Former WA Treasurer Troy Buswell has pleaded guilty to 11 traffic charges relating to a late night drive from a Kings Park wedding to his Subiaco home. Source: News Corp Australia

DISGRACED former WA Treasurer Troy Buswell has apologised for his actions after he was fined and banned from driving over a series of driving charges.

Buswell was fined a total of $3100 and banned from driving for 12 months. He did not appear in Perth Magistrates Court today, instead endorsing pleas of guilty to all 11 charges.

The Vasse MP crashed into four cars and a telephone pole in Subiaco as he drove home from the wedding in the early hours of February 23.

After the court case, Buswell released a brief media statement that read: “In relation to events of the morning of Sunday 23 February 2014, I offer no excuses for my actions, apologise to those upon whom I have impacted and accept fully the consequences as determined by the Magistrates Court today.”

The damaged front of Troy Buswell's ministerial car, which was towed away by police from

The damaged front of Troy Buswell’s ministerial car, which was towed away by police from his Subiaco home. Picture: Nine News

Earlier in court, Buswell was fined $800 on four charges of careless driving and $800 on four charges of failing to report an accident.

He was fined $1500 on three charges of failing to stop after an accident.

The court was told on the night, Buswell was driving his white ministerial Holden through Subiaco when he mounted a kerb, damaging the front bumper of his vehicle, then knocked into a telephone pole.

Prosecutor Patrick Cavagin then told the court Buswell crashed into a series of cars, leaving a damage bill in excess of $12,000.

He first swiped a Barina parked on the road, causing $3200 damange to the vehicle.

Buswell then rear-ended a Suzuki Vitara parked on Olive Street, causing it to shunt into the back of a Mitsubishi.

The Suzuki sustained $7337.97 damage and the Mitsubishi $1336.

Further along Olive Street, Buswell then hit a parked Holden Commodore, causing $500 damage.

Chief Magistrate Steven Heath gave Buswell a 25 per cent discount for the early plea of guilty and said he also had no prior record.

However, he also noted no explanation was given for the driving.

Chief Magistrate Heath, in reference to the failing to stop charges, said: “It is an obvious concern because it prevents the owner of the property to be advised of the damage.

“It also prevents the proper investigation of the matters.’’

Buswell reportedly told his local newspaper, the Busselton Dunsborough Times, that he had no plans to return to the Barnett ministry.

“I’m looking forward to having more time to re-engage with the local community,” he said.

“Life as a minister was very busy and the demand on my time across the state was substantial.”

Buswell was charged six weeks after a report of erratic driving was made to police by a member of the public on the night of the wedding.

Police Commissioner Karl O’Callaghan said last month Buswell was unlikely to face drink-driving charges because he was never tested for an alcohol reading.

Buswell took personal leave from February 24. He resigned as treasurer and transport minister on March 9 after details of the incident became public.

He sought treatment in Perth and Sydney for a mental health breakdown, and has yet to return to Parliament.


5 thoughts on “Troy Buswell sideswipes ‘wedding crash’ charges — fined $3100, banned for 12 months

  1. And he didn’t have to pay a cent because it was a ministerial car
    The cop out mental health illness what a joke that suddenly appeared from no where – might have just been a hangover ?????
    Just shows what a coward and gutless unremorseful jerk he is crying those crocodile tears to the shrink
    Lucky no one died . This overpaid lump of lard just can’t hold his drink


  2. Far out, he has had more chances than you can poke a stick at with his behaviour. Mental illness because he was a chair sniffer and got caught out. Dickwad! One other thing he did while an MP too, can’t remember it offhand, but it involved another female staffer I seem to recall.

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  3. And to ad insult to the every day hard working Australians that pay their wages through the endless high taxes and cuts, that these living off the rich gravy train sneek shit bag greedy high flying high ranking politicians , just get a smack on the bum, and a fine, which on this shysters high salary, even after his now, convenient, resign, retirement would equate to going to a toy shop in and purchasing a few ”Matchbox Toys” to cover his damage bill. Ha, Ha. And no breath tests, taken, like if we all would have to submit to if caught by the police and done the same damage bill!….Double Standards to this Politican with his record!, and after all his drunk driving and the expensive write off damage to a Government Vehicle and all the damaged public residents vehicles!!!…… Yeah $3100 FINE AND 12 months driving ban, is fair and just!……….. Yeah Right- But he is a public person of high standing who was the Treasurer of Western Australia. Another one of the current governments, men of character an honourable public servants!…….But meanwhile Abbott, and his Treasurer Hockey keep drumming it in to us battlers and pensioners, that have worked bloody hard all our lives that, ”That the age of entitlement is over” , and that they have to force all the pensioners, the Disabled, the out of work in a recession times and all the people approaching retirement to now work until they drop up to 70 years of age, and further means tested for any assets the have gained over their lifetime of hard labour, and still not qualify for a pension!……………. The Politicians and their party of Government Treasurers have to reign in on all the waste and spending of the previous Rudd- Gillard- Shorten years, which created Joe Hockey,s budget Blackhole. That is un-sustainable to keep paying out welfare and pensioners, in other words the soft targets, ”The Battlers’.!…….. Funny though there is always enough money in the treasury to go around to payout disgraced and caught out, memory loss Politicians and High Ranking Public Servants, who have crossed the lines in the treasury registers, of rubbery figures- and built up over the top public servant superannuation payouts with perks and. a generous Golden Handshakes for all and sundry!…..The Treasury always has a protected money chest for all these honourable parasites….. But the Politicians keep selling the public the rubbered figures of the so called Coalition Governments doomsday Abbott & Hockey ” blackhole budget”!………………………….Don’t they all live in a different world to the ordinary Joe Blow!………………………Wouldn’t it be good if we could just sack them all!. Instant Dismissal, like we can or have been in our working careers!…..And put all these bent bastards on the basic centrelink ”Dole- newstart” welfare allowance of $ 35 a day and or the poultry pension, with no early retirement perks entitled to themI…..
    Keep shaming these greedy, mostly un-touchable or unaccountable arrogant ,” knights of the round table” , self interested, political shysters……. They hopeful will be voted out by the people of Australia in the next election…….. And Thrown into their own Budget Blackhole!……………………..


  4. Robbo, this is not related to the above posting, but this is a good high profile crime for your next page of Aussie Criminals- worst Aussie Crims!………Cheers……

    Queensland high speed car chase suspect ‘ Went for Police Officer,s Gun’….. Suspect grabs Police Officer,s gun after wild chase!……………Also in Melbourne County Court, Australia,s most dangerous career criminal, Bad to the bone, ( Badness) Notorious Criminal Armed Robber: Christopher Dean Binse and good friend of : Toby Mitchell ex Bandidos Sergeant-At- Arms…pleads guilty to 44 hour stand of with Special Operations Group and Tactical Victoria Police, while armed with a arsenal of weapons, including a bullet proof vest and a revolver which he fires at stand off Police, while under the effects of the drug ”ICE”…..And two months before the 44 hour seize, carried out an armed robbery of Armaguard guards in Laverton, and stealing their revolvers…… In the later stand off with Police -:Badness: Christopher Binse. fired at least nine shots towards negotiating Victoria Police with weapons that Binse had gathered in his his arsenal of illegal weapons for the shoot- out, and bullets hit an armoured police vehicle and a police robot, and bullets, pierced to fences. Film footage recorded him firing a loaded revolver out of a window of the house he had his girlfriend as a hostage, he was wearing a bullet proof vest, clad in just undies!…………… Christopher Dean Binse, aka( BADNESS), criminal career dates back to the late 1980,s and 1990,s, when he served one of his early prison terms for Armed Robberies with violence in H.M.Pentridge Prisons , ”H”.Division and ”B”.Division In Maximum Security. And was the first prisoner to be held for long periods of his imprisonment in body restraint chains and leg restraints after he later took a Prison Officer Hostage in an Escape attempt from St Vincents Prison Security ward….. He was also a good friend of Career Criminal, Violent Armed Robber and attempted Police Killer: Jockey Smith..!…. Christopher Dean Binse has served time in many Australian High Security Prisons, as a dangerous and violent inmate, who spent most of his prison time, verbally and physically assaulting Prison Officers, even on one occasion, Bronzing or Rubbing his own shit all over his high security cell. Binse has when out of prison on his freedom on parole, planned and carried out many Armed Robberies in other Australian States, and has taunted Police with the cocky comments that ”Badness Is Back !!!……….. And so his notoriety, of Blazing Guns continues from 1990 to 2014….!…..Many videos of his dangerous crime sprees on youtube and media web sites………………

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  5. Troy Buswell is a serial idiot. A man with many social afflictions and mental disorders. he is a drunkard, a degenerate, a cheat and a brain-dead slob. He fits the profile for as corrupt sleazy and useless politician, perfectly. He is the right man for the job. His socio-myopia is well-honed and his skill as a belligerent self serving slime bag are well documented and worthy of the stone of shame. There is a special place in hell for the likes of Troy Buswell, and his number is nearly up. To buggery with this fraud, bully and liar.


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