Thomas Lock is the Stepfather charged with rape, murder of toddler in Coffs Harbour

20 minutes alone with a tiny precious little girl is all this monster needed to engage in vile acts, raping the tiny princess resulting in her death. A tiny window of opportunity that has devastated a family and a community.

I have details on this mongrel dog, but will not expose him until mainstream do. My thoughts are with the devastated family of the little girl.

Man charged with raping and murdering a two-year-old toddler

  • In community’s interest to name suspect, says magistrate
  • Crime described as ‘extremely serious matter’
  • Offence allegedly committed while mother was out for 20 minutes
  • Child taken to hospital with injuries to abdomen
  • Lost consciousness while being examined, died Easter Sunday

THE man who allegedly raped and murdered his de-facto two-year-old daughter at their coastal home in Coffs Harbour has failed in his bid to hide his identity.

Visiting magistrate Robert Rabbidge this morning ruled it in the community’s interest to identify the alleged child killer, who allegedly molested and murdered the toddler between 7pm and 2.15am on April 20.

Thomas Lock, 23, was arrested by child abuse squad detectives yesterday afternoon and charged with murder, sexual intercourse with a person under 10-years-old and possession of 2g of methylamphetamine.

He was not forced by Mr Rabbidge to appear in court, after his defence team said he “didn’t want to come today”.

Mr Rabbidge described the alleged rape and murder as an “extraordinarily serious matter” and “distressing crimes”.

In reference to suppressing the suspect’s identity, Mr Rabbidge said “representing the community, I’m not convinced that I should make such an order”.

The toddler’s name has been suppressed.

“In my view that (the name of perpetrator) should not be suppressed,” Mr Rabbidge said.

Family of the child’s biological father attended court for the brief mention but did not speak to media.

Outside court, Coffs Harbour crime manager Detective Superintendent Darren Jameson said police would allege the child suffered injuries to her abdominal section during a 20-minute window that the mother was out of the family home.

“The child has suffered injuries to her abdomen,” Det Supt Jameson said.

“It will be alleged the mother was not present when the injuries were received in a short timeframe.”

The Daily Telegraph has leaned it took some days before police were made aware of the injuries sustained by the toddler. That information resulted in a murder investigation and the subsequent murder charge.

The child’s mother had taken her daughter to Coffs Harbour Health Campus about 8pm on Easter Sunday night and died the following morning.

While she was being examined, the toddler lost consciousness.

Lock did not apply for bail and will re-appear at Coffs Harbour Local Court on July 22.

Police have arrested a man, 23, over the murder and sexual assault of a two-year-old girl.

Police have arrested a man, 23, over the murder and sexual assault of a two-year-old girl.

DETECTIVES investigating the death of a toddler at Coffs Harbour have charged the child’s step father with murder and aggravated sexual assault.

About 8pm on Sunday April 20, the two-year-old girl was taken to Coffs Harbour Health Campus.

She died the following morning, police said.

Police from Coffs/Clarence Local Area Command were called to the hospital and have investigated the incident.

Forensic police conduct an investigation at the family home of a toddler who was raped and killed, on Easter Monday.

Forensic police conduct an investigation at the family home of a toddler who was raped and killed, on Easter Monday.

On Thursday,  a 23-year-old man was arrested at Coffs Harbour Police Station around 1pm.

The man, from Coffs Harbour, was subsequently charged with murder and aggravated sexual assault on a child under 10 years.

Police will allege the offences took place at a Karuah Ave unit, while the child’s mother was not present.

He will appear at Coffs Harbour Local Court on Friday.

Forensic investigators at the Coffs Harbour family home of the toddler, who police allege was murdered by a 23-year-old man.
Forensic investigators at the Coffs Harbour family home of the toddler, who police allege was murdered by a 23-year-old man. Frank Redward

 Stepfather charged with rape, murder of toddler in Coffs Harbour

May 02, 2014 9:48AM

Forensic police conduct an investigation at the family home of a toddler who was raped

Forensic police conduct an investigation at the family home of a toddler who was raped and killed, on Easter Monday. Picture: Frank Redward Source: Supplied

THE stepfather of a two-year-old girl has been charged with her rape and murder in northern NSW over Easter.

Police allege the 23-year-old man raped and murdered the little girl during a 20-minute period when her mother was out of the family home.

Detective Inspector Darren Jamieson told ABC Radio that the girl received “a series of blows to her abdomen, which caused an injury that later lead to her death”.

The girl was taken to Coffs Harbour Health Campus on Easter Sunday but died the day later.

“She deteriorated very, very quickly and as a result she died in the early hours of Monday the 21st of April.”

He told Macquarie Radio he believed the toddler was attacked while her mother was out of home for 20 minutes.

Her stepfather was arrested yesterday afternoon at Coffs Harbour, following an almost two-week long investigation.

He is due before Coffs Harbour Local Court today, facing charges of murder and aggravated sexual assault with a child under 10.

He will also face drug charges.

28 thoughts on “Thomas Lock is the Stepfather charged with rape, murder of toddler in Coffs Harbour

  1. Surely they would be lining up 50 deep to kill this bloke in the big house. It is (once if ever fully detailed publicly) the worst crime against a child I have dealt with. I thought gorgeous little Keisha had rotten “so called” parents.At least the little tacker had died when they committed the work crimes against her. I’d strangle him myself.

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    • Mr. Abbott , you are looking for every conceivable way to save a dollar – here’s one for you – STOP feeding and housing these vile , sub humans . If it’s beyond reasonable doubt – inject them goodnight .

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    • Dear Robbo.
      Thanks very much for running your blog. It is informative but also, it is about the only place online where one can vent some rage about these sorts of crimes.
      I think that where there is no doubt of guilt and it’s a crime of this magnitude, that we should have capital punishment as an option.
      I reckon that we should have the trial to determine guilt and culpability. Then the appeal – ok. Then a sentencing session where the criminal makes a case for why CP should *not be applied. ie: why their life is worth saving.
      I think that we then should take them straight out the back and have a firing squad do duty. No media with all their heart wrenching carry on (like with Ronald Ryan – the media reports are laughable if read from our time – the media portrayed him as having a sub-optimal IQ, and described him as like an angel or Jesus figure – it was all terribly emotional as the media drummed the case for stopping capital punishment.
      A lot of anti-CP protesters claim that it is more expensive to use CP than to house the criminal for a lifetime. The increased cost is due to the endless appeals and the use of lethal injection. A firing squad is so much more efficient, cheap and effective.

      Do you think that it would be worth having a section of your blog where we could all discuss the issue of sentencing, including arguments for and against capital punishment?

      Many thanks for your great work and this blog is, IMO, a genuine and most helpful community service.


  2. Unbelievably sad and I wish this were not true ……. this monster of wickedness comes very close to John Sharpe the speargun killer. RIP poor little thing !

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  3. This monster needs a bullet right between the legs and shot on sight I am horrified WTF I am totally shocked this pricks days have to be numbered I sure as hell hope they are lining up to knock his head right off. He has to have his day of reckoning the filthy foul peice of crap.

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  4. What can you say! Surely someone must of known this sick cts problem and kept him away from kids, they need to tattoo KEEP AWAY FROM CHILDREN across these sick cts foreheads.

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  5. Just like That mongrel ” Brett Cowen” who murdered the Morcombe boy, and the Victorian one time Prisoner:” Paul Leslie Aiton” who tortured and bashed baby Daniel Varlero to death, and served only 18 measly years in a protection prison, and also got married in jail, bought a house somewhere to live in after he was released to secretly get on with his life, anonymously ?, and is back living somewhere? in the community under a new name?……Another miscarriage of justice!
    And just very recently a young piece of trash scum bag ,named ”Harley Hicks” from Bendigo, Victoria, found guilty, not sentenced yet, of the most horrible brutal bashing murder of a 18 month old baby with a home made baton wrapped in copper wire!… ”Bendigo,” Harley Hicks found Guilty!….
    There was a rapist- murderer in Texas, who was given the death sentence and executed by a new kind of drug used for lethal injection.!……….But during the prisoners execution, the cocktail of lethal injection drug went wrong, and the rapist, suffered and wriggled around in pain and agony for about 40 minutes. this is how they should all go, the human pieces of shit. suffer long and slow, just like their innocent victims had too. ( Don’t fuck with Texas) !…….This is what should be done to Jill Meaghers killer rapist, ”Adrian Earnest Bayley” and That ”Peter Norris Dupas”, and ”Steven James Hunter” all the mongrels, given a lethal injection with this same stuffed up, cocktail batch lethal injection- Make them all suffer strapped down slowly in agony, the turds!…. Any Volunteers!….. Their would be a long queue to be his executioner!!!. This will upset the human rights do-gooders. ” But I don’t give a shit.” ” Bring back the Death Penalty!” They wouldn’t be in a hurry to go to jail then these recidivists, instead of protection, they would have death row to look forward too!……….
    Pity the weak justice system, or judges or politicians in Australia, will never allow that to happen, its easier to just take the pound of fresh , out of us the hard workers, the pensioners and all the battlers in society, and keep looking after, baby sitting, rehabilitating- feeding and housing these low-life mongrel maggots in the luxury modern country club high protection Prisons!… And then giving them bloody parole again and again, and letting them loose, back upon the community again, in the name of Rehabilitation and Re-intergration back into society to forgive them and get back on there filth rotten carcass lives!……………………………….No Justice – Just us!……………………..

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    • Ex Prison Officer – Death Penalty for these sorts of crimes – yes – but I suppose these vile scum see it as a ‘revenge’ on society or ‘laughing’ at society knowing full well, they are ‘protected’ and ‘have a roof over their head’ where they don’t have to worry about much at all – especially pedos that are all together…love ya posts EPO :)

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    • i read that Aiton the daniel valero killer got assistance as an inmate to set up a safe storage unit business on his release from gaol. daniel copped a thousand bashings and is currently pushing up dailsies


  6. It would be good to have a public lynch mob get to rock the shit out of this filths protective custody Police-Prison Brawler escort court van!. Before he was shipped off to high Protection Prison!………. This takes me back to the outrage over innocent nurse, Anita Cobby Rapist- Murderers Days in court!…. The Public would have loved to got their hands on the then young John Travers and the Murphy Brothers boys in the prison van!………They would not have got far enough to by driven safely of to jail!….. The public would have sorted them out!………………………
    Why should these odium maggots be given Protective custody!………It would save the tax-payer and the pathetic do-gooder- human rights- tight arse government millions of dollars, if they just let the main stream Prisoners sort out these dirt bags, sweet. Just let the screws wash down the blood, after the tough main stream Prisoner had done their frenzied cull of vengeance!…… And throw what left of there maggot riding mutilated bodies in a abattoir blood and bone removal Truck. After their carcass had been left to rot for a few weeks in the prison yard!…………………….

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    • Good on you . I’ve needed to hear everything you typed .
      Justice ? Not here in Australia ? It’s disgustingly blas’e.
      And bloody unacceptable .
      Bring one of Texas’s prison governors here , he’d think he was in Disneyland.
      Tough justice , NOW .

      These sub humans will be , clothed . housed . fed . medicated . comfortable . given access to courses to help with rehabilitation . join church groups . get married . and , PROTECTED . FFS.

      What an insult to Australian intelligence .
      Let alone the insult to the devastated families of these poor, poor tortured innocents . Stripped of THIER chance to live , at all.

      As before , if it’s beyond reasonable doubt – inject and ditch .

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  7. This bloke provides an indisputable argument to institute firing squads. Never mind all the muck about with hanging or lethal injection or endless years of appeals. Just one appeal and then blam, asap.

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  8. OMG! Not another one!
    Yeah … I’m enraged … what an atrocious crime… an innocent, vulnerable child.. As a community we are enraged. Thanks to sites like this one where we can have some say about these horrific crimes. Even the magistrate refused to suppress the rapist & murderer’s name. We’ve had enough of this type of crime. We’re outraged. I like the comment “hope they are lining up 50 deep …”

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  9. I went too high school with this monster!! (Coffs harbour High School)
    He was always picking on the little people. Didn’t have friends his age only the young vulnerable ones.
    I always told myself if I ever saw him I would most likely beat the shit out of him coz I’m bigger and stronger than he is now. Than I heard about what he did too that poor girl and I now everyone is after him.
    I say too all those ppl who were mates with lock, hang ya head in shame. Because I always knew what a filthy rock spider that he is!!

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  10. Exit out all staff and blow up each individual prison that houses these warped freaks that have brutally taken the lives of these precious victims because keeping these freaks alive is so wrong.

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  11. The screwed up thing about even those U.S.States- that still have capital punishment and keep and continue still using The death penalty today, is that- take notice, the very large number of Bleeding heart, human rights- do-gooders, church and God- Bothers or what ever tossers they speak for, when defending the human rights of these degenerate heinous rapist- killers that have been sentenced to death!….. Is that they continue- outraged to congregate outside the Prisons and try to brainwash, any dickhead, that wants to listen to their pleads of mercy for these capital crime Prisoners , as if they feel the Justice system has sentenced them unjustly for their worst types of crimes. And no thought of empathy or protest towards the lack of mercy to the poor victims or their loved ones- friends or families that have been put through hell for years and a real sad ending , all because of the deliberate callous actions of the predatory scumbag criminals sentenced on Death Row!… The same in Australia, the Bleeding hearts, Christian soldiers of rehabilitation and mercy and the academic and legal- avocates of Criminals rights to justice and charters of human rights supporting rehabilitation and repentance , all over the bloody place, whose selfish self centred opinions on everybody – think its to callous to execute a cold blooded murderer, and they should be given a chance to repent! Its bloody bullshit!—– And these same arseholes spokespeople of human justice, think its ok to prevent the Death Penalty or Capital Punishment, from ever returning to Australia!…To bad if the victims don’t agree, or don’t get a say!……….. Why should these few arseholes, who them or their loved ones, who have never really experienced being violent victims of the” most horrible crimes”, have the bloody final say for the majority of the public, that could not care dam less, if a heinous killer, rapist or a violator and or killer of children was hung by the neck until dead!!!……To most people , I think it would be” Good Riddance To Bad Rubbish!”.”.The people of Australia”, and I mean all the average people not the academics and politicians and church leaders but the every day voting people, should be given a referendum to vote, bloody YES or NO, to the re-introduction of Capital Punishment back into Australia….. And to hell with the Cibel Libertarian, human rights- Do-Gooders of Justice!…..Let the average Joe Blow citizen, decide if the Death Penalty can be re-instated!….. I know the limp wristed Judges, would probably still not sentence any Criminals to the most harshest of sentencing, because they all feel for the mercy of these worst crims, as before they were promoted to judges, they were mostly criminal defence lawyers— And Lawyers are also the problem in the weak sentences, being handed out in the Australian courts!……..But at least if the majority of the community people could have the chance at getting the Death Penalty brought back in the courts sentencing act, then it would be a start, to harsher sentences, for the worst heinous crimes!…….Back in Melbourne in 1830 to 1845, when the Old Melbourne Gaol was only newly built, it was common practice to have Public Executions, that being Public Hanging, in a public spectacle , for all and sundry to witness!……….While tis practice to some of the public, would of been horrible to witness , It certainly must have made some would murderers, think twice about getting caught and going to jail, knowing that they would get no mercy from the courts of the old time days!……. Capital Punishment or the Death Penalty may not be the final answer to stopping heinous crimes- but those criminals that do endeavour to go down that path of cold blooded rape and or murder of innocent men, women and children, will not get the chance again to repeat their horrible acts of heinous crimes on more victims!….. And the Death Penalty is final, and criminals need to know the Sentencing act, could once again have that option, used upon them!……………..”.Bring Back into the Sentencing Act: Capital Punishment.” ( The Death Penalty)..

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  12. Give the Real Dad 20 Minutes!
    Or me!!
    When will the punishment fit the crime?. Only then will we see justice.
    Where was ‘Baby Girl’s” protective custody?

    Chainsaw Enema I Say!

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    • Damn right. As a mum I would gladly like my 20 minutes too and I am not the violent type, so it says a lot. There really aren’t any words to properly describe this mongrel, nor is there a good enough punishment, in my opinion of course.

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  13. There certainly isnt a tough enough punishment for this filth Id like to see him tied up facing the wall arms apart and have his spine ripped out of his back.


  14. HI CC It is disgusting and makes me sick, these pricks should not see their cell as a home with all the modern conveniences.

    Shit half of Australia wishes they had their perks, and those dudes committed no crimes.
    Pisses me off NO END after they are in jail they whine.

    Thanks to shonky screws who are paid by filthy manipulative criminals to get stuff, they at least have the foresight to film these pricks and pour cement on their sentences.

    Bottom line is, I have these files and will wait until you waste our tax payer dollar’s working your case for years on end and then we bust your asses at trial.

    more to come

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  15. Is there an update on this case? Has he gone to prison? I live in the area and have heard a few rumours but am interested in finding out the truth. Usually the media covers these type of cases but I’ve seen nothing.


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