Raids target organised crime in WA-Massive money laundering

Raids target organised crime in WA
Picture: WA Police

UPDATE: Police investigating an alleged WA organised crime syndicate over money-laundering are questioning about 180 foreign nationals amid suspicions they have been used as illegal workers at market gardens.

The men, women and children, believed to be from three or four different countries, were taken from a compound in Carabooda early this morning during police raids.

The Department of Immigration will also check the visa status of those people.

Acting Det-Supt. Chris Adams, the operational commander, said they were questioning other people over their links to the alleged complex crime organisation, which police claim has been operating in WA for about a decade and involved tens of millions of dollars.

The operation was sparked about 12 months ago as an investigation into suspected money-laundering.

Police suspect operators of some market gardens, which supply vegetables to WA supermarkets, have an illegal workforce to bolster the funding of their legitimate businesses.

Picture: 7 News

Picture: WA Police

Acting Det-Supt Adams said the foreign nationals “did appear at this stage to be a workforce”.

“But we’re continuing our inquiries and we’ll be able to shed more light on that when we unravel the complexity around this organised crime syndicate,” he said.

Police claimed they had seized a big amount of illegal firearms and cash during the raids.

No charges have yet been laid.

Picture: 7 News

Heavy gates were ripped from walls surrounding houses in Carabooda – in Perth’s north – as part of the major police operation.

A massive police presence remained in the area hours after officers from the Australian Federal Police, WA Police and the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service targeted the suburb in today’s series of dawn raids.

Picture: 7 News

Police said members of the public in the area need not to be concerned by the increased number of officers involved in the operation.

The Tactical Response Group smashed down gates to gain access to the secure properties.

Picture: WA Police

Government agencies executed dozens of search warrants across the Perth metropolitan area about 4am in an attempt to identify, target and dismantle organised crime syndicates operating in the State.

The raids were also executed in Victoria.

More than 500 police officers were involved in the operation.

Police said a “significant number” of items of interest were seized, including cash, firearms and computers.

It is understood at least six properties were involved in the Carabooda raids.

Picture: 7 News

Roads including Bailey Road were blocked while police continued to search the properties.

Officers also spoke to people at a nearby tomato farm, which is protected by high barbed wire, according to the ABC.

Two mini-buses escorted by police were seen taking people from the properties about 10am.

The government agencies involved in the operation are attached to Project Tricord and Operation Polo.

The agencies also included the Australian Crime Commission, Department of Immigration and Border Protection, the Corruption and Crime Commission, the Australian Taxation Office, the Australian Securities and Investment Commission and the Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre.

Picture: 7 News

Picture: 7 News

Picture: 7 News

Picture: WA Police

Picture: WA Police

Picture: WA Police

Picture: WA Police

3 thoughts on “Raids target organised crime in WA-Massive money laundering

  1. Excellent Post Robbo, It is just so staggering, how this complex was able to set up this way in the first place. Where I live, the council, wont even let me build a bloody garden shed, without a bloody council permit, and inspection! How was this gated fortress built, for its illegal purposes.? CORRUPTION .strikes again!……………………………….

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  2. I hope Prime Minister Razor Cuts: Tony Abbott and Treasurer Joe Hocky and Immigration Minister Scott Morrison, Bronlyn Bishop and Christopher Pyne and Company , has made a personal visit to this major crime scene!,,, No their all to busy trying to enforce ways to save the governments wasted billions of bucks, and taking it out on the poor honest working battlers and pensioners!……… The Criminals have had all got the last laugh on all these stupid idiots in all of politics.!….. And this fortress proves that!………… We the public are all there bloody soft targets, while the organised crims and their connections in high places and influence , help and assist them, busy building and expanding their enormous crime syndicates and laundering empires of organised crime in Australia !…….However could this fortress of illegal activities, been able be built and run un-noticed, by the councils for starters?….. and then continue expand on a large scale, obvious with protection from unexplainable means, and with illegal workers and get to this level, with out coming to the law enforcement agencies or powers that be in Western Australias and the Federal Governments notice a lot sooner!… This whole think stinks of endemic corruption of the highest kind possible!……………Lets us all hope some big fishes heads will roll over this un- believable complex of illegal activities, on such a grand scale, there must be no cover ups on this one!….And it looks like even a multi billion dollar supermarket, has knowingly been getting their tomatoes from this place? Once again Corruption of the highest kind possible!….”.The tree really needs to be shacked on this, to see who falls out!”……….I hope every honest copper is on to this, this needs to be blown wide open. Its bigger than Ben Hir – The Organised criminal activities of the Mafia, Would be find it a challenge to beat this operation, and they used to and probably stil control the Fruit and Vegetable game!……………………….I doubt even Al Capone could have built up a empire fortress like this place in Chicago in the 1930,s.!……….”.W.A. INC”!……………………….


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