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  1. If this Vietnamese, man Robert Xie – is not Australian born, then after he is sentenced, he should immediately be deported back to Vietnam, to serve his imprisonment!….. Why should he be locked up in the comfort of an Australian JAIL!. At tax payers expence for his probably long time Murder sentence……..I know of another violent notorious Vietnamese criminal, that was a recidivist Gangster and Major Heroin Drug Trafficker and extortionist , stand over man who ruled by the fear of violence in and out of jail, for years, and had probably most likely even murdered his enemies! I cannot remember all his rap sheet, but it was very long! His Last name was Ngygen and his first name was Quac, I recall!…..This dangerous Vietnamese man, was once locked up in Pentridge Prison in the 1980,s and 1990,s, he was a gang leader amongst all the other violent Vietnamese prisoners in Pentridge. This particular Vietnamese gang leader was covered in traditional Vietnamese gang prison tattoos, of Dragons and cultural markings, he had real long black hair, and looked real scary, and his reputation in Pentridge was feared. He was a drug lord, that controlled the Vietnamese drug trafficking inside and outside jail. He came to Australia as one of the 1972 boat people refugees after the fall of Saigon during the Vietnam war. But for some legal reason, even though he was a Vietnamese Gangster and Drug Trafficker and a man of extreme violence, he was never deported back to Vietnam, probably because of Human Rights issues!…… His name was Quac Ngygen, last I heard of him, he was locked up in Port Phillp Prison. He could be out on Parole ,free now!… I will try and find some more information on him, as my memories on his crimes, , I cannot at the moment recall !….. Cheers Aussie Criminal Community!


  2. Yes, Robbo,bullying MUST STOP!
    I was befriended abused and bullied online, and I will never forget it.
    Bullies should be held to account in law and strictly addressed in the Sentencing Act(s).


  3. Sorry Aussie Criminals community, I misspelt this name and alias of this Vietnamese violent King Pin Gangster and Heroin Trafficker and leader of Asian Organised Crime in Melbourne Australia and The Victorian Prison System from the 1980,s up until his last known term of Imprisonment in 2004. He name was Nam Van Lee, later Nam Van Nguyen or nick named, ”Be Nam” and” The Saigon Tiger” a refugee from the Vietnam War, and arrived in Maribynong Detention Centre in 1980. He was granted Australia Citizenship. And later in the 1980,s worked himself up to a feared, violent gang leader and king pin of Asian Organised street criminals in the Melbourne suburb of Spingvale. So he cannot be deported for his crimes that he has committed in Australia, since coming from South Vietnam. As he is now a Aussie!…….. He was born in a Saigon military Hospital in 1961, his father was a South Vietnamese Army Officer who left him behind in Saigon to escape and flee from the North Vietnamese- Viet Cong Army, then in control after the liberation of South and North Vietnam in 1975. …. Nam Van Lee/Nguyen….went from a hand to mouth, homeless vagrant to a violent leader of the Vietnamese Organised Crime gangs. He spent most of his time in Pentridge Jail, where he was the King Pin among the Vietnamese Prisoners and many weaker Prisoners. The crims looked after him like he was a royal king inside lock up! He made sure the Heroin kept flowing in Pentridge Jail !….He was still in jail in 2004,serving a long term for violent Armed Robbery and Organised Drug Trafficking inside and outside of Prison!……
    It is said that Nam Van Nguyen prefers the confines of Prison than the outside world, because in jail he is provided with three square meals a day and a gymnasium, none of with he ever had on the streets of Saigon, surviving a existence from hand to mouth and petty crime!………..
    His body is covered in traditional Vietnamese Prison and cultural and gangster rank tattoos along with his lean muscle built frame and long black hair. He was a very intimidating man, in Pentridge jail in the 1980,s and 1990,s……..The Authorities and The Victoria Police tried unsuccessfully to have him extradited out of Australia, but he is still allowed to hold a Australian Passport and Citizenship and stay in Australia.!………..


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