Update-convicted and jailed-Ex-cop David Branov pleads not guilty to more than 50 charges

Former police officer David Branov.

Former police officer David Branov.

AN alleged rogue cop linked to outlaw motorcycle gangs gave up the drug ice only to get a job with Victoria Police, a court has heard.

David Branov, 42, of Mill Park, was yesterday refused bail after allegedly committing serious offences while free on bail.

Melbourne Magistrates’ Court heard the former senior constable gave up ice to secure a position in the force. He began using it again within two years on the job and remained an addict, the court heard.

Mr Branov, who is no longer on the force, has pleaded not guilty to more than 50 charges, including dozens of offences allegedly committed while on bail.

The court heard the suspended officer was arrested on April 29 after he was discovered being driven about in a stolen BMW while in possession of lock-picking equipment.

A search of his house turned up a swag of stolen documents, including drivers’ licences and a passport, the court heard.

Imitation guns, swords, nunchucks, hunting knives and a balaclava were also seized by detectives.

David Branov at a previous court appearance.

David Branov at a previous court appearance.

The new charges include theft, handling stolen goods, possessing the proceeds of crime, weapons offences, possessing counterfeit money, possessing housebreaking implements, going equipped to steal, and committing an indictable offence while on bail.

The court heard police believed he was an unacceptable risk of reoffending if released again.

Mr Branov was first charged just over a year ago when police alleged he stole more than $5000 worth of the drug ice from the Fitzroy police station and sold it.

He is also accused of selling sensitive information to criminals for $600 a month.

Magistrate Jelena Popovic was critical of Mr Branov for failing to comply with his bail conditions and said the community expected better from a serving police officer.

She also expressed concern at Victoria Police accepting him into the police force considering the revelations of his drug abuse at the time.

“I’m concerned you were accepted at all,” she said.

Mr Branov will return to court in July.

Monday, May 12, 2014

David Branov, a very bent copper

David Branov, a very bent copper

Former senior constable David James Branov, 42, of Epping, was arrested in April last year and charged with offences including perverting the course of justice, misconduct and drugs and weapons offences.

He was released on bail but was arrested again in April this year when he was a passenger in a stolen BMW containing stolen property which was pulled over by police.

A search of his house turned up stolen identification documents, lock-picking tools, Victoria Police badges, samurai swords and imitation firearms, the Melbourne Magistrates Court heard.

Branov on Monday pleaded not guilty to all charges against him, including one count of possessing child pornography.

Informant Detective Sergeant Jarrod Weddle told the court Branov told him he had a drug addiction he overcame to join the police force, but started using again because of the “stress of the job”.

“He told me he’d been a ice addict prior to joining the police force,” Det Sgt Weddle said.

“I think he needs to commit offences to support his drug habit.”

Branov is also alleged to have stolen drugs from the Fitzroy police station property office under the pretence of doing “spot tests”.

“While the bag was open the drugs would be removed and substituted with another substance,” Det Sgt Weddle said.

Branov is also accused of conspiring with Dean Murphy, 38, of Seddon, and Jamie McNally, 34, of Tarneit, to prevent a brief of evidence being used in court against McNally.

Det Sgt Weddle told the court detectives found a printout of police documents at a Dromana property in April last year.

The detectives were told “the occupant was paying a police officer $600 a month in exchange for information”, Det Sgt Weddle said.

Branov resigned from Victoria Police in November 2013.

Magistrate Jelena Popovic denied Branov bail and said she was severely concerned about items found in his possession including the weapons, lock-picking tools and identification papers.

“I have some concerns about the fact you were admitted to the police force,” she said.

Branov will appear in the Victorian County Court on Tuesday.

Fitzroy police under corruption probe, court told

May 12, 2014

Court reporter for The Age

Police officers suspended from duties at an inner-Melbourne station during a corruption probe are in the process of being disciplined by force command, a court has heard.

Officers based at Fitzroy police station had been suspended over the past year and were now being disciplined, Melbourne Magistrates Court heard of Monday. yeah “disciplined, that’s it…might sign up myself…bloody hell

Victoria Police last year suspended eight officers – six of them from the Fitzroy station – after thousands of pages of confidential police documents were found at three properties, which prompted an investigation into links between police and outlaw motorcycle gangs.

One of the officers at the Fitzroy station arrested in the probe was David Branov, who is accused of leaking information from the police Law Enforcement Assistance Program database to help an associate’s alleged drug trafficking enterprise.

Detective Sergeant Jarrod Weddle, from Victoria Police’s professional standards division, said investigators believed Mr Branov provided co-accused Dean Murphy with information the latter could use to chase drug debts, and conducted surveillance with him.

Detective Sergeant Weddle said Mr Branov had admitted stealing drugs from the property office at Fitzroy police station between 2010 and 2013, and that he had been an ice addict before and during his time as a police officer.

He rose to the rank of senior constable but resigned late last year, the court heard.

Mr Branov is also accused of thwarting a police investigation into Mr Murphy’s alleged drug trafficking and preventing a brief of evidence against another co-accused, Jamie McNally, going to court.

Mr Branov, 42, of Epping, on Monday pleaded not guilty to more than 50 charges including perverting the course of justice, theft, dealing with the proceeds of crime and possessing counterfeit money, child pornography, firearms and drugs.

Detective Sergeant Weddle did not outline how many of the suspended police officers had been disciplined. But he said several officers were suspected of being involved in criminal activity.

The court heard Mr Branov was arrested in April last year after police found confidential police files at a Dromana property.

Investigators were told the man who occupied the property paid a police officer $600 a month in exchange for the information.

Mr Branov was on bail over the corruption-related charges but was remanded in custody last month when a search warrant of his home found documents and goods that had been allegedly stolen from homes and cars.

He was arrested on April 29 when police intercepted a stolen BMW with him and two other men inside, the court heard.

Mr Branov was denied bail on Monday and remanded to appear before the County Court on Tuesday.

Deputy chief magistrate Jelena Popovic said the accused ought to appear before the Supreme Court given the seriousness of the allegations, which were “akin to the very, very large trafficking (cases) and murders”.

But Ms Popovic said it was practical for Mr Branov to appear in the same jurisdiction as Mr Murphy and Mr McNally, should their cases proceed beyond the committal stage.

Mr Murphy, 38, of Seddon, and Mr McNally, 34, of Tarneit are also charged with perverting the course of justice. Mr Murphy also faces charges of possessing drugs and weapons and Mr Branov to disclose information.

Mr Murphy and Mr McNally are due to return to court on May 27 after both had their cases adjourned so they could find legal representation.
Ms Popovic chastised both men for wasting the court’s time and police resources by not having lawyers with them in court. Both men are on bail.
A woman who is an associate of Mr Murphy’s on Monday pleaded guilty to drug trafficking and possessing a firearm. She was bailed to appear before the County Court in August.

8 thoughts on “Update-convicted and jailed-Ex-cop David Branov pleads not guilty to more than 50 charges

  1. Bloody – Five times since 1986, I applied, attempted and done the Victoria Police Entrance Exam!….I did find it quite difficult and failed and accept that, because for me, I found it hard to pass with a high mark score, so I had to wait another 12 months for each resit- after each fail of the test! ..In between I applied and passed the Prison Officers Exam and Training in 1988, and was accepted as a Prison Officer in the Victorian Prison Service,and Graduated in 1989 and posted to H.M.Pentridge Prison, but as Screw, I still had a lifelong ambition to be a Victorian Police Officer!….. So after resigning from the Prison Service , in 1994, after having had a gut full of it!…….. I returned back to working as a civilian, but with my prior Prison Officer experience did find it hard to adapt from having served in a disciplined service in one of Her Majesties uniforms!……… I decided I would now be better suited to attempt the entrance exam again!. As both these jobs are very similar as Para military services!…..I kept working as a civilian for a few more years, and then decided for my last attempt at becoming a Copper! ….In 2000!…..But on the fifth attempt in 2002, same old story – after still not getting the required intelligence score marks each time I sat the test, which only accepts a strict minimum required entry level for entrance into the Police Academy Training…I eventually I passed all components, but the testers wanted a higher marks score, before I could proceed on to the next level of the Police recruitment process, I passed the 200 word essay on a currant issue of the times!………..I passed the spelling test from the Police Academy list of the most used police and words of law!……….I passed the English Comprehension test!….. But my score was only 54 out 75 for the Reasoning Ability Problem Solving Test!… which was an instant Fail of the Test!… So it was on your bike for me, and don’t bother applying again, after so many failed attempts at the Intelligence Police Entrance Exam!. over the years!…. They never even give me the chance to sit for the Fitness Test., which for me would have been easy, as I was very fit as a Prison Officer!…….
    So the point to all I trying to say is this!…………….Many a good potential Police Officer, has been turned away by the strict requirements of the Victoria Police Entrance Exam, because the applicants merit or educational abilities don’t meet up to their expectations!……… What I am further saying is that – it is so bloody un-fair that some civilians pass the Police Entrance Exams the first time with flying colours and good high scores, get through the extensive 20 Weeks of strict military Police Academy at Glen Waverly Victoria Police Academy, and finally get the honour to graduate as Commissioned Police Officers, then go very Corrupt!…….. And by Corrupt I mean like this Police Officer, rising to the” rank of Senior Constable ”,- Above, Improper and corrupt illegal use of the Vic Pol -” LEAP”- Computer system – use and interference with a Drug Trafficking Investigation and with selling police information – Stealing and on-selling or Trafficking of the Drug ”ICE”, How much worse can he as a Ranking- ”SENIOR”CONNIE” or Copper get?………. and all those very serious indictable charges, a Very Bent Copper indeed -, rotten to the core- Who as well had a ”ICE” addicted- Drug Problem even before he was processed- screened and conned his way into being accepted as a Copper into the Victorian Police Force!………And Most disturbing had Links to ”OUTLAW MOTOR CYCLE GANG”…….Also disturbing is the fact that Eight other Victorian Police Officers have been suspended, who had close links with Senior Constable David Branov and with the Melbourne Outlaw Motor Cycle Gang Fraternities!……..
    Sure all these Copper must face more than just Internal Police Disciplinary Charges for such serious criminal matters!…………..The Chief Commissioner of Victoria Police must Sack them all, no exceptions!…………..This is a very bad look for the Victoria Police Force, if they only discipline these dirty Coppers and let them stay in the Force!……………………………………………………………….


    • Excuse me sir ! But you are judging people you DO NOT EVEN KNOW ; and your degradation of “BIKIES” is disgusting; as for David Branov ( my fiancee) you WOULD NOT HAVE A CLUE AS TO HIS TRUE PERSONALITY. And so we are clear NO I AM NOT A DRUG USER NOR HAVE I EVER BEEN! I DO however agree with you sir when you say VICTORIA POLICE have a lot to answer for! I truly wish you all the best and I sincerely hope you find a career that you enjoy and makes you happy ; Sir please take my advice DO NOT JOIN VIC POL !


  2. Very true something smells very rancid amongst the Victorian police force if someone with a sordid history can rise through the ranks well said ex prison officer.Hes a smug bastard too.




    • Wow. I have the latest news on the drama surrounding his own character n personality. David is a violent and aggressive enforcer of his own rules. If you have any other questions or comments about this topic, feel free to comment. He was able to get his hands on my property from the fitzroy police station, but the most important thing is that he was able to lie IMPLICITLY throughout the cross examination by barrister Greg Thomas over the 3 days that Andrew Gill was unlawfully assaulted and then imprisoned. Pig of a man.


  4. Just a thought but perhaps you may want to look in to the statistics of VICTORIA POLICE SUICIDES! MY fiancee is in jail but at least he is alive and not another VICTORIA POLICE SUICIDE STATISTIC; RIP to the officers who have taken their own lives due to the pressures of the VICTORIA POLICE FORCE; They are quick to out dirty coppers and pat themselves on the back but they keep the suicides nice and quiet ; VIC POL have just as much blood on their hands as any crook


    • You love the ice pipe you junkie LMFAO absolute gold that one!!
      As for your fiancée he is rotten and still after he got bail he is caught again.
      So do tell how u can afford to go to Canada…hmm who says crime doesn’t pay!!
      Oh and funny how the child pornography found on the computer of your beautiful sweet caring living fiancée hasn’t really been mentioned.


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