Single mum on benefits accused of conning lovelorn men in their 60s and 70s out of $2m

A romance scam is a confidence trick involving feigned romantic intentions towards a victim, gaining their affection, and then using that goodwill to commit fraud. Fraudulent acts may involve access to the victims’ money, bank accounts, credit cards, passports, e-mail accounts, or national identification numbers or by getting the victims to commit financial fraud on their behalf.

Her name is kept from us, but she is a disgrace, robbing lonely old men out of all their money, mind you she is on the pension collecting over $1500 a fortnight already. Three thousand dollars a month, but she wanted more for herself, over 2 million dollars she extracted from these old blokes with all sorts of bullshit lies. A real pro, 5 bank accounts, money laundering, online ads, newspapers, the sexy photos…Greedy disgusting person

Don’t think for a minute she was doing this for her kids. No the money spent on outrageously expensive hand bags, sports cars and plastic surgery and the like. Not things useful to her four children aged 2 to 16

Single mum on benefits accused of conning lovelorn men in their 60s and 70s out of $2m

The suspect is led away by police / Picture: Matt Jewell

The suspect, a mother of four, is led away by police in Miller in Sydney’s west.

  • Mother of four, 39, was arrested yesterday in Miller
  • Received $1500 a fortnight through social security
  • Conned money from three men without meeting them
  • Had a sexual relationship with another
  • Two victims were in their 60s, two in their 70s

A SINGLE mother on benefits prowled lonely hearts messages online and in ­newspapers to “romance scam” more than $2 million from lovelorn men.

The 39-year-old woman was arrested yesterday at her Miller home in Sydney’s West and is understood to be the first person in Australia to be charged with the crime more commonly associated with Nigerian fraudsters.

The woman allegedly scammed four men using a variety of convincing stories.

The woman allegedly scammed four men using a variety of convincing stories.

The mother of four children, aged two to 16, received $1500 a fortnight in social ­security benefits. But she ­allegedly spent the proceeds from her romance fraud on sports cars, exotic holidays, Louis Vuitton handbags and plastic surgery.

She also allegedly bought a house in Miller, tore it down and built a new one.

Three of the men handed over money to the woman without even meeting her while one, an interstate ­businessman, had a sexual ­relationship with her at a north shore apartment that he owned.

The profile photo the woman used online to lure men / Picture: Supplied

The profile photo the woman used online to lure men

“This woman was very good at convincing men that she was in love with them and that they were in a relationship,’’ said Detective Superintendent ­Arthur Katsogiannis, the head of the NSW Fraud and ­Cybercrime Squad.

Police will allege the woman had five bank ­accounts and spun a number of sob stories to the victims, which all ended in her needing them to put money in her bank accounts.

“She would tell the men that a relative in Egypt had died and she needed money to get the funds released from the state or her child needed an operation in Melbourne,’’ Detective Katsogiannis said.

“We will allege she used a number of these stories to play on the men’s good nature and emotions.’’

Police seize cars from the woman’s Western Sydney home as she is led away by police / Pic

Police seize cars from the woman’s Western Sydney home as she is led away by police

Police will also claim she laundered the money by buying expensive cars and then selling them at a loss.

One victim was allegedly duped of $1.9 million and the other three gave over $190,000, $58,000 and $12,000. Two of the men were aged in their 60s and another two were in their 70s. Police believe the woman could have many more victims.

“This sort of scam is often operated from overseas and we believe this is the first time anyone has been charged with doing it in Australia,” Detective Katsogiannis said.

“The men who have come forward are to be commended. It takes a lot of courage to report something potentially very embarrassing.’’

Police froze more than a $1 million in cash and assets and yesterday seized cars from the woman’s home.

The woman targeted older men who placed ads on singles message boards Lavalife and Meeting Point.

“We live in a world where love has grown cold, loneliness is increasing,” Detective Katsogiannis said.

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13 thoughts on “Single mum on benefits accused of conning lovelorn men in their 60s and 70s out of $2m

  1. What is annoying is the withholding of her name, I assume to protect her children who she does not care about. How about protecting the men who will no doubt get scammed by her again down the track?

    She will get stuff all if any time in jail, the money is probably gone and the old lonely guys handed over all they had with all her promises of love and companionship etc.

    I get so angry about this. These women know most men are too embarrassed to report it so who knows how long or often she has been doing this. I will name her if I find out no problems.

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  2. I’m not defending what she did – she’s a total lowlife, no doubt about that at all. However, I have to ask… What on earth makes a man in his 60’s think that love with a woman in her 30’s is actually a possibility? I understand people get lonely but have a bit of common sense guys… If it looks/sounds too good to be true then chances are… And why on earth would you give money to someone you’ve never met? Am I the only one who thinks this??? Am I being insensitive here? You see so many of these stories on tv… Do these guys not watch tv?

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    • He Beamers, it comes down to emotions, lonely people yearn for affection. Women like this one are pros at it. It is predatory like a pedophile grooming a child.

      It is usually men (Nigerian romance scam experts) running these scams, but she would be telling the guy everything he wants to hear and bingo, her hands are on his money way before if EVER they will be on his body. Both sexes get caught up in this, very smart educated people who should know, but lost wife or husband, are lonely, it happens over and over.

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      • There should be a health warning on any on line romance site like there is for ciggies- using online dating sites can send you broke , you place yourself at risk of being scammed if vulnerable , you can hook up with recently released murderers , you can be sucked in by peddos if your a kid , lots if potential and very real risks !


      • Hey Robbo. Yep, I see where you’re coming from and I agree. I’m glad the cops can now do something about these scams but I also think a bit of common sense might’ve helped these guys avoid being victims. In no way does that minimise the culpability of parasites like her but unfortunately, we now live in a world where you need to be alert to these things. I live two streets away from where Jill Meagher was murdered. I’ve learnt from that tragedy and would NEVER walk home alone at night. This is what I’m talking about – looking out for yourself.

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    • Another great comment, beamers – I ask myself that each day when this local low-life thinks that he’s hot to younger women in and around the suburb – makes a total dick of himself!


  3. Robbo, glad you put this predatory bitch on The Aussie Criminal site for robbing not only these enormous amounts of money from these vunerable, lonely men, but also tearing their hearts out. Hopefully her name can be found out and posted here also. One of the major Drug Trafficking king pins a crim called The Russian , his real name was Nicolas Radav, he was a Australian Albanian , later murdered in the tit for tat Jason Moran underbelly Wars in the early 2000,S in Melbourne.
    This Nick The Russian, Radiv, was using a fancy building called Partner Search Australia in Sydney Road, Coburg, Melbourne as front for his extensive Drug Dealing operations, and a place to legally launder the proceeds of his organised crime. The Partner Search named sign on the buildings entrance , was really a seedy high class brothel with expensive prostitutes on tap for the many crims that were friends and associates of Nick Radav . Andrew Benji Venjemin and Tony Mokbel were just some of his clients. But in relation to this case, this high profile Melbourne Gangland arsehole would have also ripped of many innocent men that would have used this Partner Search Australia as a crooked Introduction Agency. And I also know of serveral others that were operating in the 1990,s in some of the most expensive high rise office blocks in the business district of Melbourne, and the were all scamming money in the hundreds of thousands of dollars from soft targets and lonely men looking to find a partner for love!……Heres just the names of a few of them, that would operate for a time, then close up shop, and open up under a different name, put ad in the newspapers and magazines, before their was the internet, like these scamming dating sites all do now!………Father Glovers dating agency run by a high profile Melbourne Priest…… Trevor Edwards Dating Agency. Hand in Hand Introduction Agency- which was run by Melbourne Greeks, with the Greek surname Papas. Partner Search Australia, run by Nicolas Radav . And some of them to this day under a different name are still ripping off , large amounts of money from vunerable men. Also the internet is full of these dating sites, that are foreign run out of Australia, say the have Australian Women on their dating sites to meet for love, after the victim hands over their credit card details!…………..These shifty criminal dating sites, no need to mention them here, they pop up and are there all over the internet, and come up constantly as spam on e-mail pages and advertising!….. They all appear to be quite legal, but they all ask for credit card details to join them, and bingo, the male or female lonely hearts victim is hooked in and been scammed, after the dating sites have robbed their victims credit cards. And as quick as one is shut down or is removed from the internet, another one takes its place under a new changed dating site name. These internet dating sites must be bleeding a fortune out of gullible and or lonely single men and woman. And some of these dating business are just a legal front for organised crime and smart white collar Australian, and international business savvy, information technology smart organised criminals and a way to launder the proceeds of large scale Drug Trafficking in a legal Dating site business venture!………………….

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  4. Why no face or name ??
    Soundsike she needs to be exposed, a meeting with current affair between her and victims would be small justice
    Another parasite sucking the life out of ordinary Aussies
    Can’t help but hate these people and feel so sorry for the gullible victims


  5. Yes, that’s 100% right on there Bill, and cc1958, they are gutless parasites!….Whenever they keep coming up on my computer as spam or e-mails, I always delete them straight away. The problem is these hackers or spammer or whatever there up to are getting smarter at hacking into people computers and stuffing them up, or spreading viruses!.. They are all crooks and scams, the lot of them, and note they all ask for credit cards, or mobile phone numbers etc, or personal details, which must be provided to them- before they provide some person to meet with. I may be being over suspicious , but these introduction agencies or on-line dating sites, and even telemarketers that ring up on the home phones, and there is hundreds of them on-line – are being run by connections to organised crime or criminal networks. Because they are all administered from foreign countries outside the jurisdiction of Australian Laws. Like Beliza or Amsterdan or Caiman Islands etc. – They all prey on lonely people, who easily hooked in and get trapped and or are desperate . And are talked into handing over their credit card or bank details details! Just like this cunning bitch in the above fraud!……….These scammer wouldn’t have the guts to walk into a bank with a balaclava and sawn off shot gun, but commit armed robbery on peoples hearts of lonely emotions, which is just as bad in a different sort of way as having a armed robber point a shotgun at their victim and demand their credit card….. Its more than just fraud, its armed robbery with a computer on-line, and near impossible to catch the offender in cyber space!……
    This scams are going to be the new age of crime for smart crims, and they don’t have to get their hands dirty, steal a car and ride shotgun. Just hide behind a computer and access stolen credit card details!………………………….


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