Carlton terminates contract of Josh Bootsma for explicit pics

When are these young smart ass footballers/sportmen going to realise the are not in grade 3 playing silly games. That stupid behaviour has consequences? Sending naked selfies to a teenage girl??? Bad, sending them when your partner is just about to have your baby, worse, loosing a lucrative AFL career over it? Stupidest decision of your life, possible charges being laid.

It has happened before, they are educated about it and this fool ignores all that for a little boost to the ego…Not to mention embarrass everyone in your life.

Remember those naked photo idiots at St.Kilda football club? click on this link

or here


Josh Bootsma

Josh Bootsma

EXPLICIT images sent by Carlton defender Josh Bootsma to a teenage girl led to his sacking yesterday.

Carlton acted after the mother of the girl provided the club with photos that Bootsma, 21, had sent.

The Blues terminated Bootsma’s contract after discussions with his manager and the AFL Players’ Association.

Are these the pics? I’m sure there are more

Carlton terminates contract of Josh Bootsma after code of conduct breaches

Carlton terminates contract of Josh Bootsma after code of conduct breaches

The images were sent via social media app Snapchat.

The club was contacted about the pictures on Monday.

Carlton football operations manager Andrew McKay said Bootsma had lost the players’ trust after a series of indiscretions in the past year.

Bootsma was contracted for next year and the Blues will meet his management today, but the gangly defender is not expected to be paid out.

“He continues to not uphold the standards we require,” McKay said.

“If (captain) Marc Murphy had behaved in the same way, then he would be facing the same situation.

“Management made the ­decision. We acted quite ­swiftly. We needed to. I think it was above a decision of the leadership group. He was endeavouring to gain (trust) back over the last few months, but this final act has obviously not enabled him to do that.”

Carlton terminates contract of Josh Bootsma after posting disgusting crap like this to a teenage girl

Carlton terminates contract of Josh Bootsma after posting disgusting crap like this to a teenage girl


McKay said Bootsma previously failed to arrive to training and appointments on time.

He said the seriousness of Bootsma’s contract breach meant the Blues did not consult Murphy or the leadership group.

Bootsma’s partner is ­expecting a baby today.

The Blues are counselling and offering support to the player.

Sacked Carlton player Josh Bootsma sent explicit texts after social media hook-up

Sacked Carlton footballer Josh Bootsma.

Sacked Carlton footballer Josh Bootsma

In a five-month trail of messages on social media forums including Facebook, Instagram, Kik and Snapchat, Bootsma appears to groom at least one Carlton fan before blatantly asking for sexual favours.

“I think you are a sexy girl who deserves to be treated like a princess,’’ one of the expectant father’s messages read.

Then later: “Are you up for a sex session on Tuesday?’’

One image viewed by the Herald Sun appears to show Bootsma pictured in the bath from the waist down – “Join me’’ he says.

In another: “Sounds good. Send dirty snaps.’’

Bootsma sent lurid text messages to Blues supporters requesting sexual favours.

Bootsma sent lurid text messages to Blues supporters requesting sexual favours. 

The 23-year-old woman, who asked not to be named, admitted she was an obsessed Blues supporter who started following Carlton players on Instagram but was surprised when Bootsma sent her a friend request on Facebook.

She said the pair met in person at an open training day last year and, while Bootsma seemed embarrassed, he started sending her Kik messages the next day.

“At the start he was sweet and trying to woo me but I’m not stupid,” she said.

“I caught on pretty quickly what he was about.’’

AFL 360 on Carlton sacking Josh Bootsma 6:26

The aspiring makeup artist said the pair’s communication started in August but broke down by November when Bootsma’s girlfriend became aware of the online chat.

Carlton was forced to dump the young player after the mother of another girl – a teenager – provided the club with photos the defender had been sending.

Adults who send sexually explicit messages to anyone aged 16 or under can face criminal charges.

Cyber safety expert Susan McLean said it was time AFL clubs took a tougher stance.

She said Kik messaging had become the number one app for sex predators worldwide.

Bootsma did not respond to inquiries from the Herald Sun.

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12 thoughts on “Carlton terminates contract of Josh Bootsma for explicit pics

  1. Hopefully someone will email me about this idiot. A don’t give me any lecture about he is only 21 or whatever. He is getting double the average mans wage to play footy.

    He like all adults that play in the AFL (most sports now) sign off after doing courses about respect for women, perils of social media and the behaviour expected of them every pre season

    If the young person he sent messages to is underage I hope the cops charge him. Nothing will change if nothing changes. Maybe more young people will pay attention if a “Footballer” gets into strife for doing this crap.


  2. This young fellow looks a lot like Adrian Earnest Edwards/ Bayley when he was only a young kid like this guy at only 21… When Bayley first went to Pentridge, aged 19, for his first Sex Crimes! He always saw himself, like this young idiot- as a man that had sexual dominance over woman, and look what the kind of Stalker and Rapist he become over the years. This young fellow better not follow the younger Adrian Edwards/Bayley traits or pathway and see himself as a predatory, dominating abuser of woman!……He better take a good look at himself and nip his moron actions in the bud, because this is how many of these high profile sexist – Rapist often start out!……This is just my observation on how I have experience some of the worst rapists progress over time for the worst, while I observed them in my custody when I was a Prison Officer. Many of the Rapist like Adrian Bayley and Peter Dupas, Anthony Mark Jewell – first went to prison as young men who saw themselves as having power to do what perversion they wanted over women, then they were released from prison and went on to more notorious rapes and stalking offences and back to jail again, through the revolving door, done more time, then released again on Parole several times, only to become the evil monsters that they would eventually end up serving life in jail for creating victim after more victims of sex crimes and later murder!………..This young fellow in his photo with “CUMSLUT, AND SHIT ON MY BIG CHEST YOU WHORE” shows he needs to be watched very carefully in the future!……And to think this young moron has a partner that is to have his child!
    Adrian Bayley has kids to!………………………………………………………………………………………………….


  3. as bad as his actions have proven to be, and I detest that anyone would prey on younger girls in any way, shape or form, I have to say that both those photos look photoshopped. For sure, blast him for what he has done but beware that not is always as it seems. The angle of his head and facial expressions are exactly the same in both pics and in the black and white one, the head seems too big for where it is stuck on his neck. seems unnatural to me


  4. Im not convinced hes just naturally abnormal and definately has a filthy depraved mouth and mind he might be Adrian Bayleys lovechild he must have planted a few over the years.


  5. I suppose you think Adrian Bayley was framed on CCTV and his picture was photo shopped also.
    Just because this bloke is a popular Football star, everyone thinks he is innocent of indecent behaviour. Well if his photos are photo shopped, then he probably did it himself. These young dickheads seem to not understand, that every thing they send on their phones, like texting and photos, the Police can now watch and retrieve them!………..So if he is innocent of seeding offensive sexual or offensive communications on his phone, then their would of been no messages sent !………..CCTV and Smart Phones are now a excellent investigative tool for the Police to access. And this football, found out the hard way. He is lucky he is not being charged by the Police and getting his name listed as a Registered Sex Offender, as well as loosing his football career!


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