Carer Kerry Forrest found guilty of murdering Bill Adamson, 84, with huge dose of morphine

Pokies addict Kerry Forrest, 54, was found guilty in the Supreme Court today of giving 84-year-old retired realtor Bill Adamson a huge dose of morphine in a Campbelltown hotel room in April 2010.

“Ms Forrest misappropriated Mr Adamson’s money and killed him to prevent that misappropriation being exposed,” Judge Peter Hidden said.

The court found that Ms Forrest made the 84-year-old ingest a morphine-based pain killer MS-Contin

The court found that Ms Forrest made the 84-year-old ingest a morphine-based pain killer MS-Contin

“She killed him by having him ingest MS-Contin.

“I cannot be certain how she did so, but it is most likely that she crushed tablets and mixed them with his food.”

The court heard that Forrest, who had moved in with Mr Adamson, became increasingly involved in his financial affairs since 2009.

She sold his Kareela house, demanded access to his financial records and set up various accounts with his cash.

“The depletion of these accounts was due in large part to Ms Forrest’s gambling,” Judge Hidden said.

The gambling manager at the Cronulla Sutherland Leagues Club had described her as a “high roller”.

The gambling manager at the Cronulla Sutherland Leagues Club had described her as a “high roller”

The gambling manager at the Cronulla Sutherland Leagues Club had described her as a “high roller”

But Forrest had pleaded not guilty to the murder and maintained her innocence throughout the trial, which lasted several weeks.

Mr Adamson’s son John Adamson shed tears when she was found guilty after the court heard that she had not notified him of his death and told others that she did not like him because he was not his biological son.

Forrest, who has cancer, was slopped over in her wheelchair throughout the two hour variety.

Kara Forrest leaves the Darlinghurst Court after giving evidence in her mother’s murder trial. Kerry Forrest, a 51-year-old carer, is charged with murdering her elderly employer

Kara Forrest leaves the Darlinghurst Court after giving evidence in her mother’s murder trial. Kerry Forrest, a 51-year-old carer, is charged with murdering her elderly employer

She briefly waved to her daughter Kara Forrest and a group of supporters when she was first brought into court.

Mr Adamson’s family did not comment to media outside court but indicated that they were pleased with the verdict.

Forrest will be sentenced at a later date.

Bill Adamson’s son John Adamson leaves the court after the guilty verdict.

Bill Adamson’s son John Adamson leaves the court after the guilty verdict.

New footage of police questioning a Sydney carer who poisoned her elderly patient and left him to die has been released.

Kerry Forrest, 54, was found guilty last month of administering a lethal dose of morphine-based pain killer MS-Contin to Bill Adamson, 84, at a Campbelltown motel in April 2010.

But as video shows, Forrest strongly denied any part in the former realtor and property developer’s death in the hours after calling Triple-0.

“Do you have any knowledge as to how [Bill Adamson] died?” a detectives asks.
“What do you mean?” Forrest replies.

“Do you know how he died?” the detective repeats.
To which she replies, “In his sleep…no idea.”

Recorded about 2am the morning after Mr Adamson’s decomposing body was found, a weeping Forrest told detectives she thought he was just sleeping and didn’t think to wake him after two days.

The pair had moved into the motel room that week following the sale of Mr Adamson’s home.

A court heard Forrest had moved the proceeds of the sale to her own bank accounts only days after his death.

Within three months she had gambled it all away
A judge was satisfied she was guilty of his murder, crushing up pills and feeding them to him, possibly in his coffee.
Forrest, who has cancer, awaits sentencing at a later date.
Woman carer is found guilty of murdering patient, 84, by giving him lethal dose of medicine so she could spend money from his house sale on the pokies
• Elderly Sydney man Bill Adamson was killed at Maclin Lodge Motel in Campbelltown in April 2010

• The court found that his carer Kerry Forrest, 54, made him ingest a morphine-based pain killer MS-Contin after selling his $690,000 Kareela home

• While he was alive, Forrest transferred the funds into several of her bank accounts which then helped feed her gambling addiction

A Sydney carer was found guilty of murdering Bill Adamson, 84, after she gave him a lethal dose of pain medication.
Kerry Forrest, 54, had wrested control of the sale of his house and used the funds to feed her gambling addiction.
The elderly man was killed at Maclin Lodge Motel in Campbelltown – Sydney’s southwest – in April 2010.
In handing down his verdict following the judge-alone trial on Tuesday, Justice Peter Hidden said Forrest had killed Mr Adamson by making him ingest a lethal dose of the morphine-based pain killer MS-Contin.
‘It is most likely that she crushed tablets and mixed them with his food,’ he told the Supreme Court.
Forrest, the court heard, had been employed by Mr Adamson as a live-in carer in September 2009 after his wife Beryl died.
From this point, Justice Hidden said, her ‘behaviour points to a calculated course of dishonest conduct’.
Forrest became increasingly involved in his financial affairs and by February 2010 helped him sell his Kareela home in southern Sydney for $690,000.
The plan, the 84-year-old former realtor and property developer thought, was to use the money to build on a plot of land that Forrest owned in Bundanoon, located south of Sydney.
At the exchange of the property, $25,000 was placed into a joint account set up in the names of Forrest and Mr Adamson.
Then on April 12, a cheque from the proceeds of Mr Adamson’s home totalling almost $319,000 was placed into the account.
A day later, Forrest and Mr Adamson moved into the Campbelltown motel on April 13, 2010.
No arrangements for accommodation were made after the motel.
Meanwhile, unbeknownst to Mr Adamson, the money from the sale of his home was quickly being transferred into several of Forrest’s bank accounts.
It was also disappearing down poker machines across Sydney.
The money from the sale of the elderly man’s Kareela home was transferred into Forrest’s bank accounts then into poker machines
Gaming managers at league clubs in Parramatta and Cronulla regularly watched her play more than one machine at once.
Plainly enough, Justice Hidden said, the primary source of her gambling funds came from the sale of Mr Adamson’s house.
By Friday morning of April 16, 2010, Mr Adamson could have been lying dead for up to 24 hours in the twin motel room that the pair was sharing, Justice Hidden said.
But Ms Forrest didn’t call Triple ‘0’ until just before 11pm that night.
This was after trying to get her own doctor to sign the death certificate, going to see her daughter and going to a storage unit.
Forrest also failed to tell Mr Adamson’s sisters and stepson about his death.
‘Ms Forrest misappropriated Mr Adamson’s money and killed him to prevent that misappropriation being exposed,’ Mr Hidden found.
Forrest, who has cancer, sat slumped forward in her wheelchair as the verdict was handed down.

Carer Kerry Forrest ‘gave 84-year-old morphine overdose so she could use cash to build a house’

  • 54-year-old allegedly gave customer a morphine overdose
  • Appeared in court today in a wheelchair
  • Daughter said her mother had talked about marriage

A CARER with a gambling problem killed an elderly man so she could use his cash to build a house, a court heard today

Kerry Forrest, 54, is on trial at the NSW Supreme Court for allegedly giving 84-year-old Bill Adamson a huge overdose of morphine in April 2010.

She was brought into caught in a wheelchair today and had her head on her lap and was wearing dark sunglasses as the court heard evidence.

Forrest’s daughter Kara told the court that after Mr Adamson had sold his Sutherland house, her mother wanted to use the money to build a house in partnership with the older man.

“We visited some display homes in Kellyville.”

Soon after this, Forrest turned up distressed to her daughter in Camden saying that Mr Adamson had died.

“She said that Bill had passed away and I had asked if she had reported it,” Mr Forrest said.

“She said no she hadn’t.”

She then went to the bathroom and splashed water on her face, the court heard.

Forrest told her daughter that she had been out all day and when she returned to the Campbelltown hotel the pair were staying in, she had found him dead.

She asked Ms Forrest and her boyfriend to then drop her around the corner of the hotel and was told by the pair to call the police and ambulance, the court heard.

After his death, Forrest was heard saying that she had moved his money into a joint account so “they could not touch it”.

Ms Forrest also said her mother’s gambling problem was so bad that after Mr Adamson’s death she caught her playing two poker machines at once and she had to confiscate her debit cards.

At another time, Forrest told her daughter that MrAdamson wanted to marry her.

The judge-only trial before Justice Peter Hidden continues.

Police allege carer murdered old man

The 51-year-old woman charged this week with murdering an elderly man had been renting a Moruya property under an assumed name.

The 84-year-old man was found dead in a motel room in Campbelltown in April last year.

A post-mortem examination confirmed he had died from a morphine overdose.

Campbelltown Police have been investigating Kerry Forrest, of Carlingford, since the man’s death.

Detective Inspector Paul Albury said they had been “monitoring her activities for some months as part of the investigations”.

He said, when it was confirmed in October that the man died from a “massive” morphine overdose, they started treating the investigation as a homicide.

Police had been tracking Ms Forrest across the state. Det Albury said she hadn’t been in Moruya for very long.

Ms Forrest was arrested in the main street on Monday night and charged with murder. She appeared before Bega Local Court on Tuesday, where she was refused bail.

Police say investigations are continuing and it is expected further charges will be laid.

Det Albury said Ms Forrest was the elderly man’s carer, but confirmed it wasn’t a euthanasia case.

“It’s the type of case whereby a woman is alleged to have committed fraud offences and, in order to cover up fraud offences, she has (allegedly) committed a murder,” he said.

The man sold his house and it is alleged Ms Forrest siphoned off large amounts of money into her own accounts, under an assumed name, to finance gambling habits.

Police also allege they found some of the man’s possessions when they searched Ms Forrest’s home, including the man’s dead wife’s ashes, photo albums and boxes of water-saving devices the man was selling commercially.

Ms Forrest also faced Moruya Local Court last Friday on four driving charges, including disqualified driving, driving an unregistered and uninsured vehicle, and displaying a misleading registration label at Broulee last December.

These charges were adjourned until March 11 at Moruya Local Court. The murder case has been adjourned to Campbelltown Local Court on April 6.

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15 thoughts on “Carer Kerry Forrest found guilty of murdering Bill Adamson, 84, with huge dose of morphine

  1. Nasty piece of evil work, was the wheel-chair for for pity, well maybe she’s gunna get her karma sooner than later. why didn’t the family step in when the home was sold. why wasn’t she reported sooner, that’s what the public trustees are supposed to be for. A lot of women get away with this crime, I know of 1 who did she couldn’t get her husband cremated quick enough, the slimmy maggot $1M inheritance.[MERLE] hope she’s reading this u dog. A lot of people are too caught up in their grief to suspect till its too late to do anything about, cause the guilty will have the body burnt no proof then. ur right Robbo, it happens more than people realise a lot get away with it than are caught unfortunately. sloppy lazy doctors signing death certificates.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. What a piece of greedy disgusting slime
    Cancer and the wheelchair pfffft !!!!
    The things you do to turn up at court and seek leniency !
    Just remember mrs Forrest there is a very good health service operating within the prison system for your ailments
    Gamblers are incredibly dishonest low life and never manage to repay stolen cash ever , too busy feeling sorry for themselves


    • Alcholics can only drink so much, drug addicks can only use so much, but gambling is a bottomless pit. we can blame all the states except W.A. for allowing these evil poker machines to the greedy bastards won’t the huge taxes they make Fuken Dogs. destroying families, they couldn.t give a stuff. get rid the pokies u’ll see the white collar crime drop. but the mongrel free loading pollies couldn’t care less. M.F.s

      Liked by 1 person

      • That is so true ! How often do you see stories of gamblers extorting others eg employers , relatives , any little cash pile they can gamble them crying poor me when busted
        And the victim never gets their cash back it’s gone
        Selfish people !!!


  3. After working in the industry for over 25 years – it still amazes me that people like this still get through the system! Actually, the first place to check is usually closer to home – there are millions of family members – directly related such as daughters, sons and grandchildren who are abusing those who are vunerable every single day – especially after working in the community – seeing neighbours and even ‘church friends’ who live off the good will of those who are in need of care to be able to stay at home (that is one reason they don’t like community workers coming in and seeing what is happening etc) This type of abuse happens more than the average person would think!!!!

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  4. Just to correct you Bill – it is not just women who commit crimes like this !!! Also, if the men are with sound mind – usually they are the ones making an absolute fool of themselves thinking in reality, that a young woman is interested in a wrinkly old man for more than just his money :)

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  5. What a shifty peice of crap she is. It really is a must that family check out these so called carers and moniter every move dont just trust that their intentions are genuine I can imagine alot of this would be going on unchecked these elderly people are so vunerable there is really something seriously wrong as far as this mans protection of his money and assets I mean why the frigin hell did the bank and trustees allow her to have acsess to his money and be able to transfer it into her own accounts thats just frigin absurd where the hell was his family when he needed them wouldnt alarm bells be ringing when the bitch moved into a motel with him after the sale of the house the family obviously were not smart enough to see the signs slack in so many ways.Im glad she didnt get away with it like she thought the dangerous arsehole I hope she meets her match inside.


  6. Reminds me of Judy Moran in the Wheel Chair before her murder trial and later on while serving a long time in Deer Park Womens Prison……. Judy Moran was bossed around and was heavyed by Tania “The Body in the boot murderess” Hermann. Laugh out loud!……….Hope this bitch gets a hot shot from some tough junkie in a prison like the Wentworth Detention Centre, put work with Bea Smith and Lizzie Birdsworth and a screw like Vinegar Tits and the Freak. Ha Ha !…….
    But in the real world the system will probably send her to some safe haven protection Prison resort in the bush or country, like they did with Tania Hermann, and give her parole long before she ever deserved it. And now living free with her lesbian jail mate lover. While Maria Corp rots in the cemetery forever. Few months of good behaviour behind bars and a few years working on a prison farm for women prisoners, then bingo rehabilitated and early parole for murder, and back into the free world to get back on with her life………. that seems to be the go nowdays in the prison motels in Victoria !…….


    • Well said “boss”. God, Moran the old mole, I wonder how her weekly hair dressing appointments in Toorak…I mean jail are going…haha

      Then you had me reminiscing about Prisoner (that was so lifelike, cardboard walls and all) I loved that show when I was young.Old Lizzie and co and Bea and her “steam iron justice”. Soft jails are getting softer, since when should those in jail have it better than those in our hospitals, and old people homes etc.


  7. I have dealt with same kind of lowlife , when my sister ( in another state ) passed .
    Her “helper” somehow secured herself as executor , and ended up with EVERYTHING , and i mean everything.
    Nothing i could do – as it was already a legal document signed appropriately , and to challenge it meant automatically a supreme court issue . And you need big bucks to list there .
    I had 5 illegal breaches to go her , but , no money to take it to court .
    Turns out , it was her SIXTH will , so she had very finely tuned her actions by the time she had turned to my sister .
    And God knows the fate of the other 5 poor unsuspecting souls .
    There needs to be laws , against in-help carers being listed in patients legalities .

    Who knows what hand she may have played in my sisters passing .
    ( i was in the middle of chemo myself , so i was unable to travel and fight the evil Hitler reincarnation.)

    It surely was an eye opener as to realising these asswipes are out there , in amongst our loved ones , weaving and deceiving .
    My poor sister would have been devastated , God bless her .


      • Thanks Bill . When i did travel interstate i went to the police , and they were wonderful , but unable to help me any further , explaining i needed to get legal assistance . It was just gone 2 years . As I said , i was , and still am , not in the best of health , and it was very much taking a toll on my recovery . So without dollars , and fight , i had to let it go . No other family .

        Liked by 1 person

        • write to the commissioner in that state .Sate all the evidence u have send photo copies af every thing u have ,U keep all the originals get in touch with today tonight 7 ring, legal services tell the police u’r sure there’s other victims.some lawyer’s will take ur case on ‘bono’ this is a hot topic at the moment go for it. even if u get nothing make her accountable for the crimes she’s commited. u’v made the effort to tell us, A lot of cops don’t know the law very well, or are just plain lazy to carry thru. YOU may save somebody else’s life, your move!


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