How To Cope With Trial Stress


Get your hands on some of these stress balls! They increase in size and firmness as your anger/stress level increases. Haha.

I find they’re working wonders!!

19 thoughts on “How To Cope With Trial Stress

  1. Should we give them names? Any thoughts, thinking jacket colour, sort of in between yellow and orange, more mustard, but Yellow represents coward so we call one the coward ball!

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  2. Hi Gerry, can we have a new thread to vent about GBC?

    I was thinking of BR going on about intent. I think intent was proved by the phone call to the insurance company about Allisons policy. I think intent was proved with him giving Toni a date he would be ‘free’. I think intent was proved by him wearing shoes to iron, and his very young daughter finding it odd enough to ask him why he was doing this. He also had ample opportunity and motivation. I find BR’s constant benign defence of this confusing; he doesn’t make sense.


  3. That is more intent than joe idiot who thinks about doing away with his wife but never actually physically googles or does anything about it. Him, I would give the benefit of the doubt to, not Gerard Baden Obvious.


  4. Also, as to BR thinking it was too clumsy for GBC to have done it; I’ve worked for lawyers most of my life and one thing I’ve found is a constant: crimes are NOT known for their intelligence. That’s how they get caught. Why else would we have crimes who left their wallets at the scene of a murder? Because murder is committed quickly, with variables (the ignorant victim not performing according to the script) they usually get caught. Remember all those times you thought about confronting someone who upset you and you would say this and they would say that. How often did it ever work out that way? Like, never a. I rest my case BR.


  5. See, on it’s own, asking the insurance company about Allisons policy isn’t too suspicious, BUT, asking about her policy, giving Toni a date and googling pleading the fifth, TOGETHER, with the financial and personal problems, THAT means intent. Don’t believe what BR says with regard to that. He spouts like what he says is gospel, but I disagree with him and he should clarify and put references to legal texts to back up his opinions.


    • I should cite (that’s the word) references for my opinions on a Chat site?


      Why not just do what normal people do. If you think I’m wrong, give your opinion and then anyone interested enough can draw their own conclusion about whatever it is we’re talking about.

      I promise not to cry if I’m proven wrong. I might even be happy that I’ve learnt something.


  6. I’m impatient for Monday. I see Allison for a much better person than I’ll ever be, and I would hate for her death to be in vain. I would give up on humanity, and intelligence, if that happened. Honestly, I think GBC was so erratic I can’t see how he would ever be acquitted. My fervent wish is that the jury retires and then 20 minutes later they deliver the guilty verdict. Because, usually(this didn’t happen with Rolf), the shorter the deliberation of the jury, the more the majority of the jury think they are guilty. What do you think?


    • I’m with you 100% on everything you’ve said… My wish is that we get a verdict Monday but after closing arguments, I’m not even sure they’ll get to deliberate. We are looking at approximately half a day for defence summing up and half a day for prosecution.

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    • Yes i Candy, you’ve told us all a number of times now at the beginning of your posts that you’ve ‘worked for Lawyers for over 30 years’… can stop now.

      A tip….nobody, absolutely nobody, in any aspect of the ‘business’ uses “perps”.

      It screams of the fantasy world of American TV ‘Who dunnits’ and would send anyone in the office cringing into a corner.

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      • Yes I candy, here in Queensland and the whole of Australia as far as I know, only the terms Suspect, Offender and Victim are used. The American terms perp/perpetrator, or Vic for Victim are never used.

        I agree with you that there appears to be enough evidence to establish intent.

        Perhaps I candy, it might serve you to consider that other people offering their opinions in this blog may have worked, or still work at the coal face of crime, seeing both sides of the coin, so to speak, maybe even working for the Queensland Police Service.
        I can see that you, having worked for Lawyers for 30 years and watching American crime shows like CSI or whatever it is, may have fostered in you, a slightly tainted view of the criminal justice system.

        As BR said: “A tip….nobody, absolutely nobody, in any aspect of the ‘business’ uses “perps”.

        “It screams of the fantasy world of American TV ‘Who dunnits’ and would send anyone in the office cringing into a corner”.


        • Thanks Bella. In my boredom I googled the usage of the ‘perp’ term and of course I mostly got references to ‘TV Crime Shows’. Some of the results were in sites inhabited by US Cops (maybe….maybe not), certainly some funny (in that extreme black humour way) terms they make up and use…..those crazy kids!!

          I saw one short post that read…”No self respecting Texan Lawman would EVER (his emphasis) use the term perp”.

          It appears to be universal……outside of Hollywood studios.

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