hey tough guy Hugh Garth, is this how you wanted to be famous?

What a tough little weasel, a one punch macho man Hugh Garth is ! This is a massive case if we are to put a stop to the idiotic behaviour that results in young people dying in seconds for mostly nothing. Society has had enough of one punch fools who kill.

Hugh Garth refused bail after becoming first man charged under NSW one-punch laws

 25/07/14 6.30pm 

A man accused of fatally punching another man at a birthday party in Sydney has been deemed a threat to the community and refused bail.

Hugh Bacalla Garth, 21, became the first person to be charged under New South Wales’ so-called one-punch laws after he allegedly hit Raynor Manalad in Rooty Hill, in Sydney’s west, on May 7.

Mr Manalad, who was also 21, suffered extensive bleeding on the brain and died in Westmead Hospital the next day.

Garth, who was charged with assault causing death while intoxicated, applied for bail under the state’s controversial new Bail Act in the Penrith Local Court, where he appeared via videolink.

His mother prayed over a string of rosary beads as she watched the proceedings from the public gallery, along with Garth’s girlfriend.

Garth’s lawyer, Riyad El-Choufani, told the court Garth should be granted bail because he needed full access to his legal team to build a defence to the charges, which are new and have no legal precedent.

The one-punch mandatory sentencing laws, introduced in January, mandate an eight-year minimum sentence for fatally striking a person with a single punch while drunk or on drugs.

Garth was also charged with grievous bodily harm for a separate alleged assault at the party.

Garth ‘an unacceptable risk’

Mr El-Choufani said the charges were serious but “not so grave as to warrant the refusal of bail”.

“There is no suggestion [the alleged offence] was premeditated; there is no suggestion it was planned,” he said.

Mr El-Choufani said the case would rely on a witness who said he saw Mr Manalad grab Garth by the shirt during an argument and Garth had acted in self-defence.

I am of the view the risk to the community is just too great.

Magistrate Roger Clisdell

The court also heard Garth was seeking bail because his girlfriend, Christine Galvin, is 19 weeks pregnant with their first child.

But prosecutor John Walford opposed bail, saying Garth’s significant criminal history meant he posed an unacceptable risk to the community.

“His violence has escalated to this catastrophic alleged hit,” Mr Walford said.

Your Honour would find that it’s an unacceptable risk and the bail conditions would not mitigate it.”

Magistrate Roger Clisdell agreed.

“This is a very serious offence,” he said.

“I am of the view the risk to the community is just too great.”

Garth will remain in Lithgow Correctional Centre on remand.

The matter is due before court again in August.


Charges upgraded in fatal punch case

May 7, 2014

Crime Reporter

Died in hospital: Raynor Manalad.

Died in hospital: Raynor Manalad. Photo: Supplied

The mother of man killed by a fatal punch said she does not care whether her son’s alleged attacker was the first to be charged under tough new laws because nothing will bring her child back.

Hugh Garth, 21, is the first person to be charged under the NSW government’s ”one punch” legislation after he allegedly punched and killed a nurse at a western Sydney party on Saturday.

Raynor Manalad, 21, was knocked unconscious outside a Rooty Hill house and died the next day in hospital.

Mr Garth is the first person to face the new charge of assault causing death, which carries a maximum jail sentence of 25 years.

Under new laws introduced in January, anyone who fatally punches someone while intoxicated will receive a minimum eight-year jail term.

Mr Manalad’s mother was trying to organise her son’s funeral when she learned police had laid extra charges against Mr Garth on Wednesday.

”I’m not interested in what happens, nothing can bring back my son,” she said outside her Belmore unit block.

Mr Garth, 21, appeared briefly before Blacktown Local Court, where police laid two extra charges including assault causing death while intoxicated.

”Hugh Bacalla Garth did when intoxicated unlawfully assault Ray Manalad by intentionally hitting [him] with a clenched fist … thereby causing the death of Ray Manalad,” a police charge sheet read.

The court heard he also faced a fresh charge of grievous bodily harm after he allegedly assaulted Myrik Ong, who was hosting the house party on Saturday.

Magistrate Timothy Keady outlined a total of five charges in court.

Mr Garth’s mother sat silently as her son was formally refused bail and told he would remain in custody until his next court appearance in July.

Hours before the alleged fatal punch was thrown, Mr Garth posted a picture of a Southern Comfort bottle on social media with the caption ”get it started”.

A family friend of Mr Garth cried outside of court and said his family was shattered by the charges.

”He would never, ever do this. He would never hurt anyone on purpose. He’s a beautiful person, he has a good soul,” Jodie Webster said outside the court. ”Everyone’s shattered.”

Mr Manalad’s death comes after two Sydney teenagers, Daniel Christie and Thomas Kelly, were killed by single punches in Kings Cross.

Police allege Mr Manalad was trying to intervene in a fight between Mr Garth and his girlfriend when he was punched outside a Rupertswood Road house at about 12.30am.

One friend described the Mr Manalad’s final act as ”heroic”.

”May God reward you for all the good deeds that you have done especially for the last heroic act you did,” Mrv Brnrdo posted on Facebook.

Another friend, Amanda Jay, said her heart went out to Mr Manalad’s family. ”Yesterday we lost a beautiful life, amazing nurse, friend and son. A truly genuine man who always had respect for everyone,” she posted on Facebook.


Raynor Manalad dies after alleged one-punch assault at Rooty Hill party

Man dies in one-punch attack

RAW VISION: The mother of a man accused of a one-punch death in Minchinbury says she is in shock over the arrest. Nine News.

Raynor Manalad was a nurse, a brother, a son and a friend. He was a man whose life was ended by a single punch.

Police will allege the recent university graduate was struck once in the face outside a 21st birthday party at Rooty Hill in Sydney’s west on Saturday.

He was knocked unconscious and died the next day.

Raynor Manalad, who died after he was punched at a party on Saturday.

Raynor Manalad, who died after he was punched at a party on Saturday. Photo: Facebook

The alleged attack comes after two Sydney teenagers Daniel Christie and Thomas Kelly were killed by single punches in Kings Cross.

Hugh Bacalla Garth, 21, of Blacktown, was charged with the assault that led to Mr Manalad’s death and will remain in custody until he appears in court on Wednesday.

It is alleged Mr Manalad was trying to intervene in a fight between Mr Garth and his girlfriend when he was struck outside a Rupertswood Road house about 12.30am.

Raynor Manalad on his graduation day.

Raynor Manalad on his graduation day. Photo: Facebook

On Monday friends and family paid tribute to Raynor Tristan Castillo Manalad, who recently graduated from nursing at the Australian Catholic Univversity.

One friend described the 21-year-old’s final act as “heroic“.

“May God reward you for all the good deeds that you have done especially for the last heroic act you did,” posted Mrv Brnrdo on Facebook.

Hugh Bacalla Garth is accused of punching Raynor Manalad.

Hugh Bacalla Garth is accused of punching Raynor Manalad. Photo: Facebook

Another friend, Amanda Jay, said her heart went out to Mr Manalad’s family.

“Yesterday we lost a beautiful life, amazing nurse, friend and son. A truly genuine man who always had respect for everyone,” she posted on Facebook.

Close friend Alyssa described Mr Manalad as a “beautiful sunset”.

Hugh Bacalla Garth allegedly threw the fatal punch at the party in Rooty Hill.

Hugh Bacalla Garth allegedly threw the fatal punch at the party in Rooty Hill. Photo: Facebook

“Hearing about your passing hits me like a ton of bricks. I cannot believe that you are gone,” Alyssa wrote online.

“It hurts that you are no longer alive because you were the person who would always keep the peace in the group,” she said.

Police have said charges against Mr Garth were likely to be upgraded at his next court appearance.

"Get it started": A bottle of Southern Comfort on Hugh Bacalla Garth's Facebook page.

“Get it started”: A bottle of Southern Comfort on Hugh Bacalla Garth’s Facebook page. Photo: Facebook

“The accused had been at a party with his girlfriend … there was a dispute between them,” police said.

In January this year the NSW government passed controversial new laws which introduced mandatory sentences for deadly one-punch assaults.

Under the new law, anyone who fatally punches someone while intoxicated will receive an eight-year jail term.

Hours before the alleged attack, the accused posted a picture of a Southern Comfort bottle on social media with the caption, “Get it started”. 

The mother of the accused said she did not even know her son had been arrested when she was approached by a Channel Nine journalist on Monday morning.

“My son? Oh my God,” she cried.

Mr Garth appeared briefly before Parramatta Bail Court on Sunday charged with causing grievous bodily harm with intent, common assault and affray.

He was refused bail and will now spend his 22nd birthday behind bars on Friday.

with Megan Levy

35 thoughts on “hey tough guy Hugh Garth, is this how you wanted to be famous?

  1. A “significant criminal history” at 21? It probably goes as far back as a juvenile criminal history as well, to be so significant. These kids know they only get a wrap over the knuckles, so it’s little wonder idiots like Garth are refused bail by the time they’re 21.

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    • lets hope this idiot gets his wack and does time with the big boys..history here includes assault of his idiot partner, which caused the victim to intervene, and now she is now supporting him, plus alluded criminal history per report from police . he looks like a fuckwit and he walks like one.lets hope his idiot barrister has to work hard and sweat, this jerk needs to be punished, but unfortunately he will emerge a relatively young man, being 21 now. no justice is there.
      i look forward to all the anger about one punch deaths being unleashed over this case, it needs a lot more publicity


  2. Thanks for the story Robbo.
    *8 years as a minimum still seems light to me but at least it’s a step in the right direction.


  3. This crim murdering one punch thug has brutally taken the life of the victim who seems like a very stable, well educated good living family guy. I hope this thick gold chain wear scum bag is make a example of and get a good stint in prison. He reminds me of Simon Gittany, believes his own innocence!…. Well by his own one punch fired up actions he has taken a innocent life and now must suffer for being the violent thug bully he is!……..Its about time one of These one punch killer low-lives were made to face up to their violent aggressive assaulting behaviour. To many innocent victims and families crimes have been destroyed, because of violent men like this knuckle head idiot – HUGH BACALLA GARTH.
    People left with brain damage, permanent life changing injuries and on life support and death by the reckless punching and kicking these criminal to do their helpless victims…….So Bully- Thug Garth enjoy your southern comfort in a jail cell with the other brutal thugs, for your right whack, you turd!”…………………………..

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  4. Australia has to change this bogan binge drinking culture to something more acceptable..

    It’s no accident that this 21 year old is a loser, his parents more than likely trained him to be that way..

    AND he’s breeding more losers, yay for Australia!

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  5. A person who fatally punches someone while intoxicated in NSW will get a minimum of 8 years, and a maximum of 25 years, it should be a minimum of 25 years, not 8 years, in my opinion.

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  6. Chris 71, I am aware of these brutalities committed to prisoners. It also happened in H.M.Pentridge – H.Division right up until it closure in 1997. Im not proud of this brutally in H.Division which was called The bash house, or the slot and Tunnel for that very reason that a select group of security bully Prison Officers used to met out their own poetic justice, with batons, punches and kickings, on crims by five officers to one prisoner in a most violent way on some of the worst crims ! – I will assume some of the Aussie Criminal community have heard of or seen the Australian Movies: Everynight-Everynight , and Ghosts of the Civil Dead, and Stir – !. If not I recommend watching these eye opening graphic films, to give a better insight to Prison Officers past of one time brutal jailhouse bashings!…… So to save me time rambling on in more detail here – explaining what the past of Australian Prisons was with – violence and systematic bashings and mind games inflicted on prisoners by some Prison Officers in a act to further punish them and break their tough attitudes, which was until just recently in Aussies Toughest Jails. …… It was still definitely still happening in the 1980,s and 1990,s by the hard core screws. And was even I hear happening in the early 2000,s in some jails, like protection wings……….. I am at the very moment are getting a lot of shit and flack directed towards me at by ex Pentridge crims, one who is using the name on Aussie Criminals as Wulfgur on his blog- directed at me as a Former H.Division Screw – blaming me in gross derogatory sexual detail and naming me as a H.Division Prison Officer Ron Gobbit in the Community post.. I did work with and do my Prison Officer Academy Training in 1989, with these Officers Ron Gobbit and Brian Hartley and many of the other corrupt and basher screws, as Wulfgur has said . But I didn’t like any of these screws at all, and they certainly didn’t like me either, because I was too soft and worked by the book( The Rules) and would not bend the rules and lower myself to their level of thuggery and aggravate crims by making noises at night in the cell blocks,rattling keys, turning lights on and off etc- and damaging prisoners property- photos etc, and drawing obscene things on them, and cutting prisoners visits short and so on! This Wulgur Prisoner is mistaking and blaming me for what these corrupt, bent, bully screws did in H.Division and other parts of Pentridge. I never had nothing to do with this kind of screw bad behaviour at any time during my Prison Officer service when I was in H.Division Pentridge. I never took part in any prisoner bashings or any prison corruption or drug dealing with prisoners. This Wulfgur is telling utter lies about me on Aussie Criminals !………… And any former Pentridge inmates know I never did what he reckons I did to other prisoners or him ! I have myself been held down and spat in my mouth by this very crim Wulfgur or Neo Nazi Skin Head Axe Murderer Dane Sweetman when he was out on parole, while I was a off duty Prison Officer, by this very prisoner and his violent gang of Neo Nazi Skin Head mates who has blamed me for being a corrupt basher Screw. I will name him here as Former H.Division notorious Axe Murderer Standover homosexual rapist Prisoner: Dane Sweetman, who was once in jail the best of friends in H.Division with dangerous Skin Head Prisoner ;Matthew Johnson, who is now a H.M.Barwon Prison- Gang Leader: ( General ), of the “Prisoners Of War”-
    POW, the most the most dangerous of cunning intelligent violent killer ,rapist predatory inmates in a modern Supermax High Security Prison! …………………I don’t agree with bashing or torturing of prisoners, but by the same token, I believe that today some prisons are just to nice, with the way they hand out prisoner rights!……… The saying is today in Corrections, That prisoner are sent away to prison for the loss of their liberty and not for punishment!…… hence : Better prepare them for rehabilitation and reintegration back into the community and better preparing inmates for their Parole…….This modern concept is called by modern Corrective Services at “Unit Management”……
    Quite the opposite of the old school way of treating Crims to a beating and “The Bash” and Mind Games and Torture as was the norm in not so recent Aussies Hardest Jails past!……..I hope this answers some questions of how sometimes many Prison Officers are brutalised and have become bashers or punish and bully criminals as cowards, some times out of being board on duty, and sometimes just twisted individuals, not suited to their jobs as Prison Officers….. I thank goodness, I was none of this, during my proud time of Her Majesties Prison Service. And I have two Bravery Commendations for stopping two Prison Escapes and being a Crown Witness to a Pentridge Prison High Profile Prisoners Drug Trafficking Ring and Prison Stabbing, and Numerous Drug Detection finds and exposing Victorian Prisons corruption to back my integrity up during my brief service as a Prison Officer, and many of the High Ranking Prison Officers in the prison system today and many EX and Current imprisoned notorious prisoner inmates no Im telling the truth.


    • Hi HM. I have always loved your insightful and honest posts. Good on you for standing up for yourself on here. It really goes to show that, despite the incredibly tough job you did as a Corrections Officer, you still remain steadfast to your truth and what is right and just.

      Sure, you could’ve become cynical and weary after your career (plus bowed to the pressure to become one of the corrupt officers), yet you haven’t, and I applaud you for that.

      To deal with these animals inside as part of your job would test the courage and moral character of anyone who at first, considered themselves decent. You most definitely are way above decent :)


    • I suppose when these crims do their time and are released back into the Community, you could probably understand why they’re a bit shitty on the world after cowardly 5 to 1 bashings and start acting out what they’ve learnt inside.


  7. In response to The Crime Researcher-, you are so right about minimum and maximum weak sentences for nasty crimes!………..Rape in Victoria carries a Maximum 25. But never handed out!………… To my knowledge not even the worst serial rapist, including the most notorious, sick violent recidivist serial inmates Adrian Earnest Bayley and Peter Norris Dupas, ever come even close to receiving 25 years for all the amassed rapes they have committed over the long years in and out of Victorian Jails on Parole!. ……. It only now after so many outings these two have had on Parole, that they have finally been given a life without parole term of imprisonment. And the key thrown away for hopefully ever!…… Even Adrian Bayley for his last despicable acts, still got a mercy 35 year minimum, for which he is going to appeal against!…. Their victims got the death penalty givin to them by Bayley and Dupas!. And no chance of appeal ever!…………..Its time the Sentencing Act was made possible for the handing down of very harsh tough minimum sentences, of 25 years minimum for rape. 10 years minimum for assault with violence of which have ben life changing to their victims, because of their assaults to their victims! This low-life knuckle-head scum bag above” GARTH” should get minimum 25 years for murder!.. To send out the message to all thugs and wanna be thugs on the streets and nightclubs and gangs! That a one PUNCH or KICK TO THE HEAD, will be a life sentence for you! And 50 YEARS TO LIFE for deliberate violent murders and rapes!. 15 to 20 years for manslaughter. And no plea bargaining, sentence discounts for pleading guilty. But that would put defence lawyers out of a secure job, defending criminal clients!………..And getting them lesser sentences. I personally think that the Victims or the Victims families should have the legal power to decide what ever the length of a prison sentence is to be. The crimes act and sentencing acts should be only a recommended guide on what the criminal offence should at least carry. The judge or the defence lawyers , I don’t think should have the only final say in the sentence handed out. The victims should be able to contest and override the judges sometimes mercy towards the to be sentenced prisoner. ……
    For example serial rapist-murderer : Peter Norris Dupas was on one of his many rapes sentences, only givin 12 years. his served even less about 11 Years for minimum for good behaviour- “what a joke”- then was granted un-supervised parole, then committed more rapes and attempted rapes on his freedom from jail and then went on to becoming a serial rapist- mutilator- murderer. Had he been harshly sentenced in the first place for 25 maximum. He would have still been in jail for many more years, where he could not of hurt anybody in the outside community. He was always known from a very young man, that he was a danger to the community, but no one listened to police or some Prison Officers and the law saw him as rehabilitated. This same scenario has happened with other equally as perverted and socially dangerous notorious criminals, who continue to be granted early rehabilitation PAROLE, and then go on to commit more heinous and deadly life changing crimes !…………..Everything should be stacked up against the rotten violent and dangerous and perverted criminals, but it is the other way round, the law is so unfairly stacked against the VICTIMS. And this continues to happen. Just look at the Australias Most Wanted Fugitives that have continued to breach their parole or not show up to court. and these are for very serious crimes. But the justice system continues to keep granting parole as a incentive for criminals to rehabilitate them selves and free up some prison space!…..Which = Lesser minimum sentences and PAROLE. ….. and more Recidivists and re-offending………..The unbalancing act of our Scales of Justice !…………………………………….No Justice- Just Us !…………………………………….

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    • Are you now living in Queensland? Tonight on Channel 7 news, they did an article on what it’s costing taxpayers to have a smoke-free prison environment. It’s crazy – stress balls, nicotine patches, and in one instance, golf of all things! Grrrrr! I’d love more insight from you on the perks these people get before it was smoke-free). You should write a book!


  8. That thugs partying days are over what a wanker the rosary beads wont help hes killed a man and ruined the lives of that mans family such a tragic snowball effect on the victims that have died at the hands of these useless pathetic morons how dare they. I hope he suffers big time.


  9. I couldnt agree with you more ex P.O the justice system here is piss weak as far as the victims are concerned the victorian parole board and corrections victoria wreak with the blood of innocent victims they should all be investigated. These murderers get better attention given to them than the families of the murdered.


      • The only thing that appears to be working at the moment are ‘Diversion Programs’….away from jail.

        Of course there’ll always be some recidivists and these are normally people who’ve been in the ‘system’ since they were kids…..which takes us to parenting.

        If you want to teach someone about bullying, bashings, stand-over and laziness, Prison’s the place…..and the other Inmates run a poor second place in that field of runners.

        An answer is the extensive use of CCTV (with no blind spots) with these tapes reviewed by an Independent body to try and get the standards raised and proper examples and routines set to people who’ve never had many.

        The fact that ‘Diversion’ is even on the cards is an admission that Prisons are failing miserably trying to turn peoples lives around.

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  10. Prisons always have been a training university of crime- but at the present in Maximum Security Prisons, and Supermax, the Prisoners are even worst dangerous predators than in the notorious days of the 1970,s and 1980,s Prisons. I would very much approve of the Government spending more money on these super fortified high security prison to indefinitely hold in secure custody Australias worst notorious inmates. None of them deserve the privilege of Diversions- Rehabilitation and another chance at freedom. They deserve to rot and die behind bars in a prison cell to serve their loss of liberty. Their victims never get another chance at rehabilitation or a diversion in a safe place free from violent thug rapist- bashers and murderers and serial killers.
    Many hard core crims can and do not what to be rehabilitation. I will just one case example, with Peter Dupas. Prior to committing his most recent rapes and mutilation serial killings to innocent and elderly victims. He was treated very humanly and given every opportunity in low- minimum security summer camp style jails to rehabilitate himself and go on and become a productive member off society!….. He was allowed to be released on a daily basis- un-supervised and supervised on low security- trusted prisoner programs, doing gardening- mowing lawns, working in a cemeteries, playing golf, going fishing, goldpanning, go-kart racing, football, cricket, and so on with do-gooder Prison Officers, that let him do what he pretty much like on the outside. While these type of prisoners were free, they got up to all sorts of illegal activities. alcohol and drug use and trafficking being the most common offence, but in Peter Dupas case, he had all the Prison Officers really fooled, by his very quite and polite good behaviour, a hard worker both in and outside prison, he even had a very well educated councillor sucked in with his charm and got married to her in prison a few years before he was released on Parole. What the Do-gooders failed to ever pick up on Dupas, is that he was a very cunning stalker and sexual deviate who raped any victim, when ever he had the opportunity when un-supervised out of jail. On parole he tried to rape a victim at a pubic toilet block. No matter how much the do-gooder thought he was rehabilitated and reformed or cured. Peter Dupas always breeched his trust and kept re-offending, each time committing more dangerous and violent henious crimes against innocent powerless female victims. He was also a dangerous inmate to other prisoners, with his reputation as a unstable killer!…………..This is just the very brief story of just one Victorian Prisoner, that had many changes at rehabilitation, reintergration and unit management and many changes at Parole!, One could have also called this a form of diversion, to help him better his ways!……. But he failed the do-gooders expectations , as his cunning type of violent- twisted type always do!…… They fool the authorities that they are no longer a danger to the community, then often after a few months on Parole, and sometimes after a few years, they go back to their old shifty- predatory cunning ways of looking for more victims to rape and even murder most fowl !………Parolees Adrian Bayley- Steven Hunter- Paul Haigh- Ivan Milat- John Travers- Murphy Brothers- Brett Cowan- Bandali Debs- Robert Arthur Selby Lowe- and these are just the more know recidivists- There are the many Priests- teachers- People that have been in a position of trust that do the most sick of crimes including against children and many of these creatures, lived for years in society, before they were sentenced to Prison, and even Parole granted to them before their more serious crimes committed didn’t deter them!………… Prison is the end of the line, but some human creatures are also the end of the line, including that shit head one punch killer above Hugh Bacalla Guest. The only difference between him and the worst of the worst, is he has finally been caught and will be hopefully going into a hard mens adult jail !…… He has giving up his right to a Diversion or Non- Custodial Prison sentence. Its time the slap on the wrists ceased to exist for violent and cunning criminals.
    I sleep very well in the knowing that many of them will never be released again from jail, at least not until they are very old men!…………………. And most the people that marched for Jill Meagher will agree with me!………….Lock em away and throw away the key. To Hell with their chances at reform and rehabilitation. Their victims are locked up and buried in the cemetery and are not coming back!…………………………………………………………………


    • From what you say, it’s not necessarily the ‘system’ that’s the failure, it’s how the system is implemented……..by the people entrusted to operate within it and manage it, by making their own ‘system’ on a bit of a whim.

      That’s the part that lets everyone down but people keep blaming the ‘system’ instead of directing their anger at the people who are primarily the problem.

      It’s like any Industry or Institution……good people equal good outcomes.
      Lousy people equal lousy outcomes.


  11. Yes simmo ,- they were all in B.Division. Lee and David Blackler, cant remember the other brothers name. They were in for Armed Robberies at that time, I recall in 1989. They were buddies and friends and mixed with all the tough Armed Robbers, murderer and Drug trafficking Pentridge Heavies . – The Three Wilson Bros, one was Rodney and the Top B.Division tier heavy- Danny Gallagher, Lennie Searle, Terry Lock, Freddie Cako, Frank Grandinetti, Chris Stone, Robert Larsen, Kevin Page, Kevin Gutsell, Trevor Jolly, Steven Hunter, Dane Sweetman, Danny Targoose, Chris Binse. Nick Apostiledis, Peter Nicola, Mick Devlin, Peewee Tory, Peter Reid, Paul McCrystal, Keith Faure, Terry Flannery, Rocco Barker, Shane Bartlet, Kevin Miles, Kevin Bugmy, and there was a Simmo also, cant remember his first name, its not you is it. anyway They were all the hard core heavy crims of H.M.Pentridge Management Unit- Cell Block in B.Division. Near B.Division Annexe Special Purpose Unit and E..Division Dorms and the old C.Division site- Chook Pen near 10 and 18 post towers of Pentridge Square.. This is 25 years ago, there were about 108 prisoners to muster in B.division, and I can still remember most of their faces, but not their all their names any more. …….This should be of some help!………………….


  12. cc1958, your comment “and he has a muslim lawyer, speaks volumes about his attitudes toward the law” is inflammatory. How does Garth’s lawyer being a Muslim translate to Garth’s attitude towards the law.

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  13. Cheers – That sad simmo, generational imprisonment. Its really common in jails now, The young ones follow down the same cycle of crimes and become institutionalised and jail wise. What are the nephews and sons in jail for! Sorry mate, the Prisoner that mixed with Lee and David Blackler was Simms now I recall. Correct me if Im wrong, but one of them had committed murder and armed robberies, when they were in B.Division. I tried my best not to get close with B.Division prisoners, because they were very tough- hard blokes, that very easy tried to manipulate screws into doing them favours. But I still all remember them all running B.Division Pentridge. …………..This fellow Hugh Bacalla Garth would fit very well into the old tough boys gangs of B.Division. with Chris Binse gang and the chook pen pumping weight all day, building up his muscles and boxing the punching bags that the crims used to do all day in the un-employed yards. Lee Blackler was built like a brick shithouse from pumping jail weights and his mate Lennie Searle he could punch like Rocky ….. These were very tough men!……………..No wonder they used to come back to Pentridge, worse than they come in the place!…………You had to show these Pentridge hard men lots of respect, because they didn’t mind just smashing a screw!……..They were not afraid of going to the Slot in H.Division either. They just copped it sweet!…………………Now H.M.Barwon and Port Phillip Prisons are currently full of bashings and stabbings on each other. Their is a lot of friction and fights in the worst Victorian Jails with the Prisoners of War gang !……Wouldn’t want to be in these hell holes at the moment, talk about Dog eat Dog!…The screws cant stop it either with these hard core inmates with all their smuggled jail shivs- knives!……And Dean Binse, he was a real problem in B.Division and H.Division Pentridge, so he would find modern Barwon a push over compared to old B.Division. He has 18 years now to serve, and he wont do them easy, that’s just the way he has always been, he was Badness in B.Division and always very jail wise. He was even shackled up for a long time to stop him trying to escape!, but he is a real Houdini !…..Master of Escape !……….And doesn’t take any shit from the Screws !…….This is the world that this thug above Hugh Garth will be going back to …..Was his moment of violence, worth the trouble he is now in!…………………………


  14. Im shattered and baffled why Corrections Victoria, the Parole board and whoever else was responsible for releasing highly DANGEROUS sex predators and actually gave them their papers bye bye your free to commit your next murder one day deeerr whats with this dumb and dumber running the system. These families of the murdered just go back to their homes after its all over and cry at night next to the photo frames Id be sueing the arse off all of them involved because they had a duty of care to make the correct decision in the first place and they failed its not good enough time and time again some prick that was released from jail commits another murder or rape there no rehabilitation these morons are not normal and will never fit in to a normal society Im glad the screws bashed whoever deserved it Chopper Read fixed a few up in his time. There were people out in society that knew what bayley was like and they did nothing you weak pricks. You are all responsible for Jill Meagers death because you set this monster free .So now another killer joins the ranks Hugh Garth he wont get life for murder the victim did.


  15. Hugh didn’t even hit the guy his OWN Cousin had him in head lock and pulled him back and he hit his head on the concrete.. media is full of bullshit!!!! Hope that family hold a guilty conscience that a innocent man is serving a jail sentence for their family who was the reason that kid died in the first place.


    • Media is full of shit. They think they know everything when they don’t know anything and when everyone thinks they know what happened when really they have no clue. Do people ever think about what Hugh is going through right now? Being behind bars for being “accused”, no i don’t this so. People read and watch shit and believe what they hear.


  16. Is there anyway to gain info on these people or previous inmates? The Lee Blackler your speaking of, is my brother, son to Wayne Blackler who is my father who has now unfortunatley passed away. I am looking for my dads side of my long lost family.


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