David Eastman gets bail- conviction quashed and a retrial ordered.

David Eastman: The history of a legal saga spanning 25 years

Fri 22 Aug 2014, 3:16pm

David Eastman was arrested for murder in 1992.

Photo: David Eastman was arrested for murder in 1992. (ABC News)

David Harold Eastman is at the centre of one of Australia’s longest-running legal sagas.

He has served more than 19 years in jail for the 1989 murder of Australian Federal Police assistant commissioner Winchester in Canberra.

Today the ACT Supreme Court has quashed his conviction and ordered a retrial.

In May the Martin inquiry recommended Eastman’s murder conviction be quashed, primarily because of flaws in the forensic case developed by scientist Robert Collins Barnes.

Inquiry head Justice Brian Martin found Eastman did not receive a fair trial and there had been a substantial miscarriage of justice.

He said a retrial would not be feasible nor fair, but that the conviction should be quashed.

That was despite Justice Martin saying he personally thought Eastman was guilty.

A full bench of the Supreme Court, made up of three acting Judges appointed to sit on the ACT bench, Justice Steven Rares, Justice Michael Wigney and Acting Justice Dennis Cowdroy, spent a month considering the report after taking submissions from the ACT Director of Public Prosecutions and Eastman’s lawyers.

Eastman has lost numerous appeals

Eastman became a suspect for the murder of Mr Winchester the day after the killing.

David Eastman’s legal battle timeline

  • January 10, 1989 – AFP assistant commissioner Colin Winchester shot dead in his neighbour’s driveway
  • January 11, 1989 – David Harold Eastman becomes a suspect
  • August 1989 – Inquest into the death commences and ends with an open finding
  • November 1992 – Inquest reopens
  • December 24, 1992 – Eastman committed to stand trial for murder
  • May 16, 1995 – Eastman arraigned on one count of murder, trial begins
  • June 29, 1995 – Eastman’s bail revoked after a dispute with Justice Kenneth Carruthers
  • November 3, 1995 – Eastman found guilty of murder
  • November 10, 1995 – Eastman sentenced to life in prison
  • May 2000 – High Court challenges to overturn conviction dismissed
  • October 6, 2005 – Miles inquiry reports Eastman was fit to plead except for a short period – conviction stands
  • September 3, 2012 – Justice Shane Marshall orders inquiry into Eastman’s conviction
  • November 5, 2013 – Eastman inquiry begins
  • May 30, 2014 – Inquiry recommends Eastman’s conviction be quashed
  • August 22, 2014- ACT Supreme Court quashes Eastman’s conviction and orders retrial

Mr Winchester was shot as he got out of his car in his neighbour’s driveway at Deakin on January 10, 1989.

Detectives targeted Eastman who had threatened Mr Winchester after he refused to help him have an assault charge withdrawn.

Eastman believed if he was convicted for that crime it would thwart his bid to rejoin the public service.

Eastman was eventually convicted of killing Colin Winchester in 1995 and sentenced to life in jail.

He has long protested his innocence, through numerous appeals including in the High Court.

A major inquiry also considered Eastman’s fitness to plead at the original trial.

His court appearances were often fraught and unpredictable as he regularly sacked his legal team, including during the original trial.

In the end, Eastman’s murder conviction was secured by the forensic case which included key evidence linking Eastman’s car with the scene of the shooting.

Sentencing him in 1995, Justice Ken Carruthers said: “This investigation must surely rank as one of the most skilled, sophisticated and determined forensic investigations in the history of criminal investigation in Australia.”

But the recent inquiry turned that on its head.

The critical issue was that Mr Barnes had claimed gunshot residue in Eastman’s car was indistinguishable from that at the scene.

In the latest inquiry he was forced to concede that the evidence was misleading and the link between the scene and Eastman’s car was discredited.

From there the forensic case crumbled amid revelations there had been inadequate record-keeping and evidence had been destroyed.

The Martin Inquiry made other adverse findings about the prosecution and police not making disclosures to the defence.

The inquiry also considered fresh evidence in secret hearings about the possibility of Mafia involvement.

But in the end it was the forensic case which determined the outcome.

In his report, Justice Martin wrote: “The issue of guilt was determined on the basis of deeply flawed forensic evidence in circumstances where the applicant was denied procedural fairness in respect of a fundamental feature of the trial process concerned with disclosure by the prosecution of all relevant material.

“In addition, evidence of inadequacies and flaws in the case file and case work of the key forensic scientists were unknown to everyone involved in the investigation and trial.”

Justice Martin said he thought Eastman had probably committed the crime, but had not had a fair trial and his conviction should be quashed.

“In my view the substantial miscarriage of justice suffered by the applicant should not be allowed to stand uncorrected,” he wrote.

His findings gave a dramatic twist to one of the most significant legal battles in Australia’s history.

62 thoughts on “David Eastman gets bail- conviction quashed and a retrial ordered.

  1. This is an innocent man,he stumbled across info which would have brought to light corruption from judges,Government (money) & police.
    Winchester also had info,the police murdered their Boss and naturally blamed someone else,this poor ma suffered for 20 years while these criminalfaholpromotions,track afilthy c..rd down


  2. Wow….19 yrs on circumstantial evidence which has now been discredited.

    A case where they ‘gave it a run’ and jagged it on the day.


  3. I was surprised he was convicted at the time, nothing added up, why 19yrs to resolve it, The motive they used was ridiculous, Another case of LOAD em verbal em, This sort of thing happens more often than we think. Why they’ve ordered a retrial is if they completely toss it he’s entitled to compo for wrongfull conviction, Comes down to dollars not justice.


  4. Eastmans lawyers are trying to jumpstart this case. Did I read right Justice Martin said he thought Eastman probably committed the crime but didnt get a fair trial after 19 years yeah right. I wonder if his doctor is still alive he stated Eastman went into a fit of rage over Winchester and screamed out I should shoot the bastard if there was enough evidence way back then to convict him then its gotta be about the money and one last bid for freedom.


    • Eastmans problem seems to have been his argumentative nature, and of course we don’t know if his arguments have been right or wrong.

      We’ve probably all seen people like that who’ll argue long and loud with anyone irrespective of the other persons standing.

      People like that are always going to come to grief, because people being people will always get their nose bent out of joint by these argumentative types and will make life difficult for them.

      It appears that Eastman didn’t care who he argued with and we don’t know how bent out of joint their noses got.

      Or more basically put the thinking at the time may have been….”F*** him!”


  5. Does any one here remember The Guildford Four, that were unjustly sentenced to a long term in a British Jail for acts of IRA terrorism, in the 1970,s…… They to were set up, verballed and beating and tortured by the Scotland yard Terrorism Squad. And years later found innocent, by appeal at the Old Bailey Court of doing the bombing murder of victims at the Guildford Pub……………There was a movie made about them years later, THE NAME OF THE FATHER, which Daniel Day Lewis and the late Pete Postlethwaite, very well, played the parts as the innocent men. There is also a doco on The Winchester Murder. It does appear that David Eastman the one time Public Servant, could have been a scape goat and wrongfully framed for The Colin Winchester Murder, and this was back in the days of the very corrupt N.S.W.Police Service of corrupt coppers on tap, like Rodger Rodgerson. So it is very possible the real murderer has got away with his crime. And also I do recall that their was Italian Mafia involved in this Murder of Australia Federal Police Commissioner Colin Winchester over him authorising the big Bungadore Bust of Large scale Marijuana growing.
    Corruption yet again in action, all these years ago, causig a innocent man to be locked in jail for 19 years. With Rodger Rodgerson, the boot is now on the other foot, because he now thinks that he has been framed…. Poetic justice!………………………………………………………………………………..


  6. Very interestingly…….
    Winchester was killed in 1989.

    It was 1989 that Tim Anderson was accused of the Hilton Hotel bombing in Sydney by Ivan Prederick and the whole Ananda Marga conspiracy and convictions blew up.

    It was the old Commonwealth Police (later AFP) that were tasked with providing security at the Hilton for the CHOGM meeting….much to the angst of the NSW Police who thought they should be doing it in Sydney.

    That bombing of the Hilton has never been resolved and the conspiracies abound about who would have carried it out and for what reason.

    The NSW Police had their noses out of joint.

    The old Commonwealth Police who were really glorified Embassy Guards received a real kick along from Malcolm Fraser who threw money at them to create the AFP.

    It was rubbish bin on the street that blew up killing the Garbo who arrived early to collect it.

    The question is……was either the NSW Police or the Commonwealth Police going to find the bomb….and get the credit, critical of the other…..except the garbage truck arrived early? Or perhaps it didn’t matter that the Garbo died, the message was delivered and suddenly ‘security’ became a cash cow?

    Eastmans issues pale into insignificance.


  7. When I was working in the security squad at H.M.Loddon Prison after I was transferred from H.M.Pentridge Prison in 1990. One off my duties was to open all prisoners mail, search for drugs and contraband and read and censor the mail, before it was handed out to the inmates. During this time the Colin Winchester Murder investigation was still in it early stages of The AFP. Now there was this inmate at this prison, who I am not going to mention his name here!……But he was a professional hitman who had just been arrested for a contract murder. I come across a envelope marked sent from Ruger Firearms from the U.S.A. I open it up and inside was a detailed manual to the parts and workings of a Ruger Semi Automatic Rifle . And a letter to the inmate from the firearm company saying, here is the information on the firearm you asked about.
    Now under normal situation on the outside of jail, this would not be anything unusual. But this information on a very restricted Prohibited sniper weapon, being sent in to a high security prison, and to a dangerous convicted hitman was very suspicious. Also this same brand Ruger 10/22 -Semi Automatic rifle was the same type and calibre ammunition, as was suspected to have been used by David Eastman to which he was accused of shooting Colin Winchester. I forwarded this information to the Prisons investigation squad. And they told me to keep this information quite, and they will look into it further. Not long after the hitman murderer prisoner was quickly transferred to another prison for some reason, unknown to me. And I was then removed from the job of searching prisoners mail, from this time on. It suggested it back then in 1990, to my superiors that could this hitman before he had come to jail on another hitman murder, could he be a person of interest in the Colin Winchester hitman murder. I was very quickly told by my superiors don’t be stupid, and that this is just some junk mail to a inmate who is a gun fanatic. The thing is I know that from doing some of my own investigations on this prisoner, that he was a gun for hire. And I also know the Prison Investigators did later on place this Semi Automatic detailed booket in their restricted classified internal investigations file on this hitman criminal. As this weapon used to murder Colin Winchester was exactly the same kind of weapon , detailed technical, this prisoner was being sent detailed technical information on and into a prison. It was just by chance that I discovered this illegal firearms material while opening this inmate mail!………..I know this inmate was dangerous and fully able to have done such a contract murder, and or had a another criminal do the job, for him?…………Either that or he was planning a breakout with such a prohibited weapon. This same semi automatic weapon was at this time used in all Australian Prisons on watchtowers and security post towers, for use on escaping prisoners. They were a excellent reliable high powered sniper rifle, good for picking of targets with deadly force, with rapid fire from long distances. with 15 round magazine clips. Could this then known contract hitman inmate have been involved in the Murder of Colin Winchester, as David Eastman could now be found to have not done the murder at all.? Its very possible a the known hired criminal hitman could have instead carried out this murder, with this very same type of illegal restricted weapon, as he was get sent information on to him in jail?……..I suspect the real killer was not meant to be ever found for many possible reasons?…………This could have been one of them that I thought at this time in 1990. The prison Investigators and police didn’t think so though?…..And I was never, to hear again of this hitman prisoner, and was never allowed to search prisoners mail, any more, the job was giving to some one else?……..My Prison Officer career then went on a quick downward spiral after reporting this find!………….I have noticed some of the people involved in this case are now deceased, so the real killer will properly never be want to be found?………………………………..


    • Anyone who held a grudge against Winchester.

      Anyone Winchester was investigating.

      Anyone Winchester had investigated.

      Anyone wanting to make a statement to the AFP.

      It’s actually why the penalties are higher for killing a Police Officer. Because they have to do their duties without ‘fear or favour’, the Courts have ruled that anyone who assaults them should suffer higher consequences.

      He wasn’t a Green Grocer.


      • I disagree BR , I won’t argue with you or be a smart Alec the police never make mistakes if Eastman was innocent the police wouldn’t have arrested him.


        • Are you for real, police don’t make mistakes, get your head out of the sand EMU. what the hell do you think we have an appeals court for? for the fun of it. they quite often get it wrong, been proven in many cases of planting evidence, setting people up why do you think half the VIC drug squad went to jail. old timer.  [old fool] more apropiate.


    • Because the evidence was tainted, flawed. A lot of people make idle threats in anger that doesn’t make him guilty. We all can shoot our mouth off when were pissed off, if that’s all the’ve got their kidding.


  8. Anyone who believes that Eastman is innocent is stupid and a guilliable fool Eastman is guilty the police don’t make mistakes people who are exonerated of crimes aren’t really innocent they’ve just fooled everyone into believing their innocent.


  9. Colin Winchester had made enemies of the Crims in grass castles, just like Donald Mackay. His direct involvement in the Bungendore Marijuana drug raids made the Italian Mafia very pissed off at him. And a hitman was giving the job to take him out!…………David Eastwood may have been very irrational disturbed man, with his threating behaviour and unusual activities as a disgruntled former Public servant. But the forensic evidence of his car which showed a tidy empty boot of his car with some gunpowder traces, was found to be from a rabbit shooter friends 10/22 Ruger Semi Automatic Rifle, as Eastman had leant him his car at another time, in conflict with Eastman, beyond reasonable doubt to have committed a deliberate murder of Colin Winchester. Before the Ruger 10/22 Semi Automatic Firearms were made a prohibited weapon after Prime Ministers toughening of the Gun Laws after the Port Athur massacre , the Ruger 10/22 Sporting rifles were in a lot of gun users hands. I even had one myself once, for rabbit shooting, an had to hand it in to Johnny Howard then tough new gun laws. So there were many of these rifles available and many no doubt in the hands of criminals, because they were a very good accurate reliable hunting weapon. I wish I still had mine, because they were such a good gun. Also the investigation seemed to concentrate on David Eastman, because he verbally threatened Colin Winchester, for not trying to get a assault charge dropped against him. Eastman may have been the main person of interest to the AFP. But this didn’t mean that other enemies , like the marijuana growing Italian Mafia should have been eliminated!………..The complexities of the Donald Mackay, sticking his nose into the then untouchable business of the Griffith Italian Mafia or Lonerata, and him being murdered for it, are the very proof that the Mafia were a force to be reckoned with in the way they made people that were a threat to their criminal drug running empire, easily knocked off!……..It is my opinion that some one involved with the Mafia, Marijuana growing organised crime networks and even corrupt police involvement and a hired criminal known hitman assassinated The Assistant Commissioner of the Australia Federal Police, over the Bungendore Marijuana seizures !….That why David Eastman has rightfully all along proclaimed to be innocent of this still unsolved contract murder!……..And even the best investigating police can and do make mistakes!.


  10. During DE’S trial, he kept sacking his defence team and ended up representing himself.
    That was a big mistake he made, he should have never sacked his first defence team, and he shouldn’t have abused the judge, so him getting convicted is partially his own fault, if he kept with the one defence team all throughout his trial and didn’t abuse the judge, he probably would have got acquitted, but then again he may not of.


  11. I agree Former Prison Officer.
    DE is an innocent man, I don’t believe he is definitely innocent but I think it would be very unlikely that he is guilty.
    After 19 years of being in jail he’s finally free, he knows that he is innocent and he has been strongly fighting to prove his innocence, so now his conviction has been quashed and a retrial has been ordered, although a retrial is unlikely I read.


  12. If Eastmans not guilty then can anyone name suspects? My opinion is hes making one last bid for freedom but I cant imagine a retrial most of witnesses are null and void. This might sound irrelevant and lame but he looks like a prick.


  13. Just for the record, I looked after and supervised Donald Mackays Murderer hitman : James Frederick Bazley. He also proclaimed to be innocent after a very long term of maximum security imprisonment. He was also known by both Prisoners and Prison Officers alike as Gentleman Jim, he was a very well behaved model prisoner, never got mixed up with the drugs or prison violence and power play inside H.M.Pentridge. He would you believe could be fully trusted. He was the Pentridge prison trustee prison cleaner. Believe me he could be fully trusted. But his former occupation as a murder for hire paid hitman for the Melbourne Painters and Dockers- waterside workers, I guess he had nothing to prove to any body, in a notorious hard jail like Pentridge. I personally didn’t like him at all, because of what he had done to innocent Donald Mackay and his poor wife and family. But having said that, I could never understand, how such a good hard working bloke, with very good manners and well behaved behind bars, could be responsible for one of Australia,s most cold blooded murder of a Anti Marijuana Drug campaigner ! Could it be that James Frederick Bazley was in fact innocent, and framed for this high profile crime. But whichever the case my be, Fred Bazley, be he innocent or not, just copped it on the chin- copped it sweet, while with David Eastman, he proclaimed his innocence in a high profile way. I would think that if David Eastman was really the trigger man to Colin Winchesters execution , then why not just from the start, all those years ago, accept his guilty verdict. If he was actually Guilty of the shooting murder, why protest his innocence up to this day. Frederick James Bazley, has said he was innocent of the contract murder of Donald Mackay, but by the same token, he accepted his guilty verdict peacefully with out appealing against what he had was a very long sentence nd was very well behaved in jail. James Bazley was paroled and released from jail, and wont say where he hid the body, because he is from the days, when criminals had the code of silence on a murder they had done!………….Eastman does not fall in to this category as a prisoner found guilty of a contract murder or in fact a murder out of his own hatred of Colin Winchester. If he did infact murder Colin Winchester, as he planned to by waiting in his car, and walking up and shooting him at point blank range!…Then why act for so long, even 19 years later, that he is innocent. If he was indeed guilty, I would suspect that after serving 19 years jail, he would have accepted his fate, long ago that he really was a murderer. But he hasn’t, and still protests his innocence.
    Perhaps because he really is innocent. He showed by his own anger, that he hated the Australian Federal Police and is top Police Officer Colin Winchester, who would not help him drop charges against him. But apart from inconclusive Ballistic evidence, that he was the shooter, its not enough to beyond reasonable doubt find him guilty to have been at the crime scence and actually fired the weapon that killed Colin Winchester…….I still think that The Bungendore Mafia were involved in a contract murder of Colin Winchester. While the Ballistist evidence against Eastman, does look convincingly professional , it does not prove that Eastman did fire a Ruger 10/22 Semi Automatic Hunting rifle by his hand in the murder!…..Circumstantial maybe- but not 100% conclusive beyond a reasonable doubt! That David Eastman fired the rifle!……………………


  14. My number one suspect s are the Honoured Society the Italian Calabrian Mafia, but the hitman is not going to be so easy to name, if he is even still alive, that is? That’s why my opinion of Colin Winchester murder was by a professional contract hit, by a known or lesser known Criminal. I do know one criminal hitman that comes to mind, but I am not at liberty to name him here! David Eastman was no doubt an obnoxious prick, and a arsehole and was good at threatening behaviour, but I think he was to mentally unstable to have planned and carried out a methodical hit on this well liked high ranking policeman respected Police Officer in his own driveway , where as the Bungendore Mafia would have very much wanted him dead to send out their message!…..David Eastman was always wearing that silly hat ,he had serious anger management problems, was paranoid and was obsessed that he was being watched by the AFP and others. Being a hitman, is not his style, when compared to other hard convicted murderer hitman. Just a few examples out of the hat is Christopher Dale “Rent A Kill” Flannery- Neddy Smith- Lennie McPherson, George Freeman, Rodger The Dodger Rodgerson, Ray Chuck Bennett, Vinnie Mickkleson, Les and Brian Kane, Norman Lee.
    Laurie Prendergast, The Great Bookie Robbers! … And I doubt the inmates in his Canberra Prison didnt give him the respect of being a hitman if he claimed he was all along innocent!………………….


  15. It doesn’t have to be anyone obvious to the Investigators or even to Winchester himself.

    It could have been someone who’s life was impacted upon by Winchester in a reasonably minor way, but that action had a flow on effect that culminated in immense hatred of the man that caused the killers life to spin out of control.

    How many times do we hear the term ‘senseless killing’…..senseless to everyone but the killer.

    Unless those people open up and admit what drove them to do it, the rest of the world will never know. Usually they don’t explain it….or possibly can’t even explain it themselves.

    If that person doesn’t appear on the radar early and there’s very little physical evidence, they’ll most likely just morph back into normal society satisfied that their ‘wrong’ has been righted.

    The Police in the meantime are only looking at the obvious suspects and with an extremely high profile death like this one, an arrest is demanded and a Jury would be under pressure to deliver a Guilty verdict……easily done…..Eastman was obnoxious.

    Was he convicted because he killed Winchester or was he convicted because he was the only one the Police looked at and his obnoxious attitude just sealed the deal for everyone involved?


  16. This blogger named Old Timer who called himself originally Codger, the dictionary definition of that is Eccentric Old Man, well maybe back in your time the police supposedly didn’t make mistakes, but today DNA evidence proves that people are wrongly convicted, so what your saying about the police never making mistakes is absolute nonsense.


  17. The court of appeals shouldn’t exist all people who are convicted of crimes are definitely guilty if someone is acquitted of a crime they are definitely innocent and the police never make mistakes anyone who believes that the police do mistakes is an idiot I won’t be commenting on this website much anymore I have better things to do then waste my time commenting on this website . Also I am extremley proud that I served as a Australian soldier in WW2 I served in 1941 and 1942. I remember between 11-27 June 1941 at Merdjayoun Lebanon I and the other troops British and Australian counter attacked Vichy forces.


      • Yes and thank you BR my goal is to reach the age of 110 that’s over a decade from now I also want to become Australias oldest man. About a year ago my son decided to introduce me to technology and he decided to buy me a laptop he himself told me about this website and told me to post my thoughts on here he said not to comment to much but occasionally for something to do if you have nothing else to do.


      • my father fought in ww2 he’d be 100 now if he was still alive, or  was it  the Cimean war or Boar war as well.look at the history of NSW and VIC police, CORRUPTION thru and thru. poor old Roger the dodger must be miss understood, All the judges got no idea what their doing when they send cops to jail for serious crimes ah! Honestly are u for real


        • Bill I just spoke to my son about what DNA is and what DNA evidence is and how people can be wrongly convicted now I have realised that people can be wrongly convicted so their should be a court of appeals so if new evidence is found pointing toward the convicted persons innocence they should launch an appeal and their conviction be quashed and them be acquitted without a retrial. I now know what DNA is because my son explained what it was to me.


    • So TCR are you another foolish person that believes Eastman is innocent, I think so I believe Eastman is guilty beyond reasonable doubt.


      • Old Timer, I’m not foolish, it is quite obvious that DE is probably innocent, you need to respect other peoples opinions.


  18. Capital punishment should be used for all crimes minor and serious if a person stole a packet of chips from the shopping centre that person should be sentenced to death by electric chair because stealing in any form is evil.


    • The State would go broke…..seen the cost of electricity these days?

      I thought you may be an advocate for Soylent Green…..everything in a nice soft biscuit form.


      • I don’t mean in the 21st century, it would cost too much put them in jail for the rest of their lives I believe that’s fair.


    • Are you serious Old Timer, Capital Punishment to be used for stealing a packet of chips, do you know how ridiculous that sounds?
      Capital Punishment should be used for serious crimes such as, murder, attempted murder, rape, attempted rape, child sex offences, any terrorist act, Not minor crimes like, stealing a car/truck, bank robbery, armed robbery, attempted armed robbery, attempted bank robbery, stealing something from the shopping centre, like a packet of chips as you mentioned, and other minor crimes.


      • I think that bloke has lost the plot way back, I can’t believe how ignorant he is. Lived his life in a cacoon, never read or watched the news. Unbelievable, or he’s having a bit of fun having a lend of us. god help anybody if he sits on their jury. he’d have them guilty before he sat down


        • That’s right Bill, imagine if all trials in Australia were Judge only, and Old Timer was the Judge on every single trial in Australia, their would be a 100% conviction rate, no one would EVER be acquitted of a crime.
          I believe that Old Timer really was a WW2 soldier and nearly 100, he could be having a bit of fun having a lend of us, but he probably really is that ignorant.


  19. A question for everyone, do you believe DE should get a retrial, or do you believe that a retrial would be a waste of time since the crime happened so long ago?


  20. Gidday Bill, you would remember back in the 1960,s that some of the harsh old basher screws, were returned servicemen from WW2, and many were grumpy poms, scots and dutch and crouts etc. I think Old Timer was one of these hard thinking blokes from these days, without knowing his background after WW2 – Just like the old big built coppers with their waddies,, they were once the judge- jury- and executioner, and the old coppers or screws, I have heard in the Old Melbourne Gaol, when it was used during WW2 for locking up Australian Solders, who had been deserters, or got into trouble on active duty, were sentenced for a time in the Old Melbourne, which treated them real bad. I also know that there is a lot of graffti in the cells, like soldiers names and their VX dog tag numbers. Perhaps Old timer you had a mate that was locked in the old Melbourne Gaol brigg. Also flogging and beatings on Australian and English soldiers by the brutal Japanese in the Prisoner of War camps like Changi and the Burma Railway, made very bitter men of those that witnessed these atrocities on their fellow diggers, and come home, bitter damaged hard men, with the angry harsh thoughs just like Old Timer. Some of these retuned diggers, became Police Officers and Prison Officers in prisons like H.M.Pentridge and later on in 1958, would have been in control of the strict military corporal punishment regime of H.Division and H.M. Grafton Gaol, where brutal punishment with extreme hard labour, was much on the same lines as the Japanese Changi and death march camps on the building of the Burma Railway and Sandarkan Pass!…………..What did you do after the war Old Timer, that you have such strict values towards punishment and Capital Punishment used for all crimes.
    Where you ever a prisoner of the Krouts – Nazis. or did you know any digger mates that were prisoners of the Japs!…………….


    • hi steve! I can’t get a grip on ex ww2 vets who were PO’s working in a prison doing the same to others that they copped. that’s beyond me I’d have thought they’d be a bit more compassionate to their fellow human. taking their revenge out on the wrong one’s?


      • I agree Bill, I’m not interested in anything to do with War, Old Timer likes to talk about WW2, he can, but I’m not interested in talking about War.
        He was a soldier so after he came back from the war he developed some mental problems, he say’s he has PTSD which is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, it is a real disorder and it does affect peoples mind, although it doesn’t turn you into a psychopathic nutcase, it ruins your life, my uncle who’s still alive has that disorder he was a soldier as well.


  21. Former HM Pentridge prison officer after I came back from WW2 I never got a job and worked. I’ve been unemployed since 1945 I am not a neo nazi or anything like that I am a Christian I suffer from PTSD. I am in my late 90s I comment on this website because I have nothing else to do except read books I do live with my son and his wife and kids but during the day while my son is at work his wife is at home and she’s not interested In talking to me about anything so I comment on this website for something to do because my average day is quite boring.


    • PTSD what’s that? you would do well living in China where they execute everybody the barbaric greedy swines. get a grip on yourself YOUR sons wife probally don’t talk to you because of your attitude. I stole some empty coke bottles when I was 12 I probally should have been executed too. you missed your calling you could have applied to be the hangman you would have enjoyed that. you haven’t worked since 1945 you should apply to CL for long service leave. you could teach the young generation the finer point of being a dole bludger you’ve got it down pat mate a legend in your own right,i’m gunna nominate you for the guinees book of records on how to survive not working for 100 yrs, WOW.


  22. When I was a soldier in WW2 I accidentally shot my friend who was another Australian soldier how it happened was I and a few other soldiers were shooting and my friend walked in front of my gun just as I pulled the trigger I get upset about it when I think about it I have always wondered why did he walk in front of my gun deliberately I will never know why he did that when I was a soldier I never shot anyone out of cold blood to be honest I didn’t like shooting and killing people my father forced me to become a soldier I never really wanted to be a soldier my father was a soldier and he wanted me his oldest son to follow in his footsteps. I’m in my late 90s now and I’m hoping to reach a 100 once I reach 100 my goal will be to reach 110 and then after I reach 110 i won’t care how long I live.


    • what year were u born and where did u serve. my uncle was in the air force in NG my dad was in the army he was in Darwin when the f’;’ken japs bombed us


      • Hello Bill I started my service as a WW2 soldier in March 1941 when prime minister Robert Menzies agreed with his cabinet to send Australian soldiers to Greece the Australian soldiers joined with New Zealand soldiers and British soldiers to defend Greece against a invasion led by Hitler with his evil German soldiers on 6 April the Germans began their invasion of Greece. Hitler would be in Hell now he will be their for all eternity the evil bastad will suffer for the things that he did.


  23. That’s a very hard burden for you to carry Old Timer, a lot of the Anzac Digger young fellows returning from military service in Afghanistan are suffering from the traumatic experiences of PTSD. Its a an experience that only those who suffer from it can fully understand!………….. Former Australian Special Air Service Corporal Ben Roberts -Smith is the ambassador for Australian returned servicemen who are suffering from PTSD. And it is a real ongoing problem with the diggers now as back in your time mate!……… Well I don’t know what to say to you, but in your own way you very bravely still served your country proud as a ANZAC , and the casualties of war and accidents of friendly fire happened back in your day, and WW1, and in Vietnam and still happen today in the hell that is war. And nothing has changed since World War two or World war one or even the Vietnam war. Soldiers are still killing soldiers, 100 years after Gallipoli and the problem now days is the wars are all about terrorism and conflicts over radical Islam muslim Jihadist religion. The cutting of the throat of the journalist James Foley a prisoner of war hostage of the Iraq terrorist group – ISIS- , is just a sign of how things are getting worse in the Middle East Wars against Terrorism. Innocent victims daily over Muslim Islam Jihad! ……………………………
    Its interesting to hear from a ANZAC World War 2 veteran……..Your view are interesting on Aussie Criminals. Please keep writing about your past. The numbers of WW2 Returned serviceman are fading away. I have known quite a few, who are no longer with us. Take care Digger on your goal of making it to a Centenarian !………………………………………………………………….


  24. Back in 1941at the Litani river in Southern Lebanon I fought as a soldier in Lebanon for the first time that fight at the Litani river began on June 9 and us Australian soldiers kept fighting in Lebanon then a few days later between 11-27 June more intense and brutal fighting began at a place in Lebanon called Merdjayoun us the Australian soldiers attacked the Vichy forces and the British soldiers fought with us. After I came back from the war I started having nightmares every single night that lasted for about 6 months some traumatic things happened to me at war which I won’t mention on here if I did mentionin it ,would traumatise people so I won’t mention the horrible violent traumatic things that happened to me at war.


  25. In the future their could be a WW3 if their is a WW3 the best place to go is a place that I knew about in WW2 it’s an island called Svalbard their are some people living their you can look it up on google I did I typed into Google, Svalbard and a website called Wikipedia had a page all about it so if WW3 begins go to Svalbard by boat or airship.


  26. I’ve just discovered this page.
    Their are a few nutcases making comments.
    I do not believe that David Eastman murdered Colin Winchester.
    I believe David Eastman is innocent
    I believe David Eastman was driving somewhere that night(I believe he was going to see a prostitute that night as he used prostitutes regularly) so he told the police that he couldn’t remember where he was driving—maybe he got drunk for some reason that night so he couldn’t remember much.
    At least David Eastman is free now after spending 19 years in jail for a crime he didn’t commit.
    Their is no point for a retrial now as the crime happened so long ago and many potential witnesses may have died.


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