JODHI Meares drunk driving-Pathetic tap on wrist needs APPEAL

What a laugh the rich and famous must have at us normal folks.

Drink and drive, no probs,

No licence no probs,

Multiple driving infringements and penalties, no probs.

Hire a so called celebrity lawyer, bang some heads and get of for sweet FA!

Oh my mail has been stolen for 10 years, I didn’t get the fines. REALLY.

You managed to get the invites to B grade red carpets arrive…Selective these thieves who steal useless mail! We used to say there are 2 sets of rules,

I am no longer sure how many sets they are. The rich (and de-facto rich via marriage) seem to have magic powers when dealing with magistrates. Especially in SYDNEY.

It is outrageous a women with her driving record was dealt with this way. The DPP better appeal or they will be dealing the the precedent of J. Meares forever more ( not that that means much)

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Jodhi Meares loses licence for 12 months

POLICE are likely to appeal against the sentence handed to Jodhi Meares over a ­drunken crash in which she rolled her Range Rover and damaged three parked cars in Sydney’s eastern suburbs.

NSW Police have asked the Director of Public Prosecutions to consider appealing against the $1100 fine and one-year driving ban handed down to Meares at Waverley Magistrate’s Court last week.



Jodhi Meares

Jodhi Meares leaving Waverley Court last week / Picture: Ross Schultz

Meares was on her sixth driving suspension when she flipped her SUV and blew three-times the legal blood ­alcohol limit in Bellevue Hill on June 2.

She faced court last week and pleaded guilty to the drunken prang but had two further charges of driving while suspended withdrawn.

The crash scene at O'Sullivan Rd Bellevue Hill / Picture: Supplied

The crash scene at O’Sullivan Rd Bellevue Hill / Picture: Supplied

The 43-year-old swimwear designer, former model and ex-wife of James Packer was fined $1100 and banned from driving for a year, despite the offence carrying a maximum penalty of 18 months’ jail and a fine of $3300.

 Jodhi Packer with her new Jeep. 17/08/04.....Pics Justin Lloyd. Picture: Justin Lloyd

Jodhi Meares was on her sixth driving suspension the night of the crash / Picture: Justin Lloyd

“The NSW Police Force has made a request to the DPP to review the sentence,” a police spokesman said.

Last week The Daily Telegraph revealed that Meares had racked up at least five speeding fines, had her licence suspended six times in seven years and was ordered three times by police not to drive.

She claimed that she never received many of the fines and suspension notices because someone had been stealing her mail for a decade.

JODHI Meares was on her sixth driving suspension on the night she rolled her Range Rover while more than three times the legal blood ­alcohol limit.

The 43-year-old swimwear designer had racked up at least five speeding fines, had her licence suspended six times in seven years and was ordered three times by police not to drive.


Lawyers and road safety advocates expressed outrage yesterday that Meares got off for high range drink driving with an $1100 fine and a 12-month disqualification period — a third of the automatic sentence of three years — for the June 2 incident in Bellevue Hill in which she flipped her four-wheel-drive and damaged three parked cars.

One prominent Sydney criminal lawyer said he was “astounded” that Meares did not even get a Section 9, good behaviour bond.

But the ex-wife of James Packer claimed that she never received many of the unpaid fines and suspension notices because someone had been stealing her mail for a decade.

“I was talking to half a dozen lawyers at court today and we all thought she should have got at least community service and two years’ ­disqualification,” he said.

Pedestrian Council of ­Australia chairman Harold Scruby called on the Director of Public Prosecutions to ­appeal Magistrate Julie Huber’s sentence at Waverley Local Court on Wednesday.

The former model had a blood-alcohol content of 0.181, more than three times the legal limit, on the night of the crash on O’Sullivan Rd.

Meares pleaded guilty to the drunken prang but had two further charges of driving while suspended withdrawn.

Her sentence follows The Daily Telegraph’s report showing that people in the western suburbs and regional towns are 50 per cent more likely to go to jail for high range drink driving offences than those living in Sydney’s blue-ribbon suburbs.

It was a far lighter sentence than that handed down in a Port Kembla court to a Fairy Meadow man, 46, who last week was put on a good behaviour bond, fined $2500 and disqualified from driving for two years after pleading guilty to driving with a blood-alcohol level of 0.2.

Meares’ lawyer Chris ­Murphy blamed a mail thief for her four fine default ­suspensions since 2009, ­saying Rose Bay police had told her that someone was ­interfering with her letterbox.

He said she also had her ­licence suspended once ­because of demerit points.


FRAIL Jodhi Meares tottered in and out of court on her glittery stilettos on Wednesday, staring into the middle-distance, ignoring journalists attempting to ask her questions.

The illusion she’s attempting to create is “hunted victim of rapacious media”.

But the reality is this: Jodhi Meares is a serially irresponsible driver with a rap sheet that would challenge Lara Bingle’s. Her first brush with traffic police was in 1989, when she was 18, for driving without a licence. Curiously, though, her lawyer says she’s been driving for just 19 years — since 1995.

Since then she’s been caught driving on a suspended licence at least three times, speeding at least five times, failing to wear a seatbelt, using a mobile phone while driving — and she has had her licence suspended at least six times, for a total of 33 months.

On the night she rolled her Range Rover in Bellevue Hill, her lawyer told the court she’d done an intense yoga session, eaten a small piece of lamb (no carbs) and consumed “four-and-three-quarter” drinks.

Five drinks? Really…What a load of bullshit.

I weigh a lot more than Jodhi’s 48kg and the last time I had five drinks I ended up in bed for 24 hours. It’s a miracle she could walk to the car.

Haunted by her marriage to James Packer? She’s lucky not to be haunted by something much worse: the image of an injured pedestrian or motorist. Meares could have well caused a serious accident.

The most shocking thing about Meares’ “punishment” is that it’s typical.

Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research data shows the majority (67 per cent) of people convicted on their first high-range drink-driving offence get exactly the same penalty as Meares: a one-year licence suspension and an average fine of just $1056.

For Meares, a $10 million divorcee, $1100 is no penalty at all. It’s like fining me $5. And it’s little reason to hope she might change her ways.


21 thoughts on “JODHI Meares drunk driving-Pathetic tap on wrist needs APPEAL

  1. scarred, remembering having that scumbag lizard, Packer lying on top of her.
    10 million still can’t erase that horrifying memory.
    lmao.what a joke.


  2. If your Rich, millionaire or billionaire rich, and a celebrity, like OJ Simpson, and you accused of a crime, such as murder, and go to trial, hire a very good defence team, you have a high chance of being acquitted for that crime.
    The criminal justice system favours Rich people.


  3. I don’t like rich people or celebrities I don’t know who any celebrities are since I never look at the news or read the newspaper the last time I read the newspaper was in September 1945 after WW2 finished I served as an Australian soldier in 1941 and 1942 as a result I suffer from PTSD I am in
    my late 90s and to be honest life is boring the only things I do are read books for a few hours a day and comment on this website. I live with my son and his wife and kids but during the day while my son is at work his wife never wants to talk to me about anything so I just read books and comment on this website. And who is James Packer I have heard that name but I don’t know who this person is.

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  4. I have no doubt that she will get away with it. Again.

    I do hope though, that I am mistaken and that the police appeal, along with the public condemnation will mean she gets what’s coming to her!!


  5. Being rich and connected go hand in hand. They live in a different world. It’s why most want to be rich

    The more people become angered by things like the above story, the more the rich and connected enjoy it. Getting away with stuff is one of the perks of being rich/connected

    Anyway, good news for today — the 82 year old who tried to wrest control of a light plane from its 23 pilot has been arrested. Will be interesting to hear the 82 year olds excuse. Will he plead temporary insanity? Is he dying of a terminal disease? Does he have substantial life-insurance?

    If the 82 year old had succeeded, the young pilot would doubtless have been blamed, posthumously

    Great the young pilot got the situation out via radio as it was happening and even better that he punched the old guy out and landed the plane safely

    Maybe passengers on light planes need to be restrained in a straight jacket so they can’t interfere with the safe flying of the plane or use it to effect their suicide, taking the pilot out as ‘mere collateral’


    • Hmm.. so out of this one incident you’d like to see clear polycarbonate shrouds around pilot seats like in taxi’s or have passengers locked in the luggage compartment?

      Sorry.. I doubt that’s where you were heading.. ;)

      Or was it? Seriously – beware of inciting knee-jerk reactions that are commonly the domain of grabbermint for the mere appeasement of the masses.

      Think of all the Statutes written under this guise (yoke) that we all have to suffer under unless we know better.


  6. She’s appealed alright! She will walk, the rest of us would not – so will the ‘pollie’s daughter’ who is already getting special treatment by being segregated from mainstream.
    If it was you – or me – then the story would be different.
    If you’re a footy player or married to one or have been – you will also walk.


    • Reality is, we’ve let them get away with it so often and for so long, that they’re completely brazen now and don’t give a rat’s what we think

      Don’t let it get to you, or they win twice


    • I don’t see Footy players getting ‘special treatment’ from anyone.

      If any major player gets done for Drink Driving they’ll lose their license with a fine and then get fined thousands from their Club.

      The latest is Kiwi Russell Packer (no relation) who’s done time but is a much sought after player…….word is that the NRL won’t register him to play in the comp because of his conviction.

      Sportsmen should probably be separated from other ‘celebs’. I don’t see any Actors Guild handing out fines to their members like high profile Sporting Clubs do.


  7. “She claimed that she never received many of the fines and suspension notices because someone had been stealing her mail for a decade.”

    Fact is, there’s no law against not opening and accepting mail. We all know where these mailed “fines” originate, because (in VIC at least) the envelope is blank besides a return address as a PO BOX (1916R). They hope we open them in curiosity and in doing so are considered as accepting them. Camera fines etc. – entrapment. She didn’t need to lie, just telling the truth would have put the scam on record.

    “Her first brush with traffic police was in 1989, when she was 18, for driving without a licence”

    Every law dictionary on the planet defines driving (or driver) as someone “employed” to conduct a coach, carriage etc. It’s a commercial activity, where “travelling” is private and the State has no jurisdiction over it because the roads are owned by the people. Obtaining profit from publicly owned infrastructure is why a licence is required. Obviously, nobody proved she was acting in commerce at the time.

    “..and was ordered three times by police not to drive.”

    Police are not judicial officers and can’t order anything – except maybe coffee and donuts. This is the pure domain of the courts. Demand to see their Judicial Oath of Office next time they “order” you to do anything.

    OK. My arguments on this:

    Under Statute Law (out of some 60 million Statutes), she’s guilty if she doesn’t fight the “driving” charge when there’s no evidence of her acting in commerce. So she’s completely screwed there.

    Under Common Law, she’s caused damage, where only two PRINCIPLES exist: (1) Do no harm to anyone’s life, liberty, property or rights and;

    (2) Do no threat of harm to the above.

    Although the damage to other property was obvious, the owners need to pursue her civilly.

    I believe she got off lightly because she paid a high price for the lawyer, who keeps the money in the system regardless. These days, a court under the default Statute Law is nothing more than a bank.

    My verdict is that she should have all her travelling “rights” removed. The licence means nothing, because anything that can be licensed is fundamentally lawful anyway and only stands as a permission slip under Statute Law.

    Under Statute Law, the magistrate decided her fate which was probably determined by her personal $ cost in the trials and a plea bargain.

    Under Common Law, I would have her pay full compensation for all damages and then undergo many tests over time to ascertain whether she was fit to be behind the wheel again.

    The main reason the system fails us time and again is because of Statute Law and its default of commerce. If someone wrongs you, pursue it under Common Law.

    This is the main reason why OJ Simpson got away with it under Statute Law. The moment judge Ito asked Cochrane for Simpson’s name, Cochrane asked the judge “Which Orenthal James Simpson are you referring to?”.

    Ito couldn’t connect the strawman and commercial fictional entity ORENTHAL JAMES SIMPSON to the live man Orenthal James Simpson. This is where his dead wife’s family managed to convict him in a court of Common Law, where this distinction is invalid.

    Another point I was made aware of (determine if this is factual under your own steam) is that the entire jury was of black females. It’s a common perception (I don’t live in the US, so what do I know) that black women don’t like white women taking black men as wives, so Simpson was safe from the jury.

    That’s my take on it. I really don’t care what people do on our roads, providing they don’t impinge, endanger or hurt anyone. It’s that simple. No law could possibly “avoid” harm, it can only allow for remedy if and when it does occur.

    Preparing for flames.. Go.. ;)


  8. Interesting post.

    I’d probably argue a couple of points. “Driver” is normally anyone who operates a Motor Vehicle, and “Motor Vehicle” is the common term. The only other term used is “In Charge” (of a Motor Vehicle) for people who aren’t sitting behind the wheel, but still “In Charge” of that M/V. i’d say that ‘Driver’ and ‘Motor Vehicle’ in this case won’t be contentious.

    The damage caused to the other vehicles will simply be sorted through Insurance Companies or civilly. The Police won’t have much to do with that other than include it in their statement of facts to the Court, that she was a bit pissy.

    In theory her Insurance Company would wipe her because of her BAC, but they might not….depending on what business they’re likely to lose. They’re usually a bit pragmatic when it comes to these things.


    • I’d say if her insurance mafia somehow manages to keep her on as a customer, her premiums will go through the roof, like they do with just about anything. However, I’d bet that considering she was plastered her insurance mafia wouldn’t pay for anything, because it was no longer an “accident”.


      • That’s the theory.

        For an ordinary person the Insurance Company WILL wipe them simply because it’s a condition of the Policies that an offence of Drink Driving will see to it.

        But…..Insurance Companies are a business and they can make their own decisions like any business does when it comes to individual customers.

        For example, if she has caused a $100,000 loss and threatens to ‘take her business elsewhere’ it simply depends on what sort of pull and ‘business’ she has…..or can rally enough support from others to do.

        The Insurance Company might save themselves the $100,000 (or whatever) damage bill but cost themselves much more than that in ongoing Premiums from other enterprises that have threatened to ‘walk’ to a competitor if the Insurance Company doesn’t look after her and her claim.

        It’s all just business to them and it’ll depend on how much ‘pull’ Jodhi has.

        I’d hazard a guess and say that she won’t pay a cent for the damage and the Insurance Company will just pick up the tab.


  9. Her late Father-in-law, Kerry Packer was also invloved in a fatal crash in the late 1950’s, where he broke his leg & killed 3 other people. Kerry got away with that one too!
    Also what about the ‘biffo’ between James Packer & David Gyngell a few weeks before.
    $500 fine! What a joke! The 2 men should’ve been made to do ‘community based’ orders (like Boy George in NYC), like collecting rubbish & cleaning off graffiti. $500 fine! That’s like 5 cents to us!


  10. Mothers who kill children at pedestrian crossings or in driveways do not get a slap on the wrist.
    The driver at Kogarah who killed the student in 2007 and injured others never got charged. The man who drove up on the footpath at St Peters and maimed a young mother for life who was wheeling her new baby in the pram got nothing. is looking after the child get nothing done never Cover up is to get in the media and advise everyone to take care. That looks good. They usually put over depression or mental health act and tears.


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