Robbo is in hospital for the next week

Robbo the owner and admin is in hospital for the nest week for the first of a couple of operations.

Sorry about the lack of updates and responses,

Please try and behave and be patient for email replies…



24 thoughts on “Robbo is in hospital for the next week

  1. Wishing you a very speedy recovery Robbo , our thoughts are with you mate!


  2. Robbo, Good to hear your recovering from your operation, now that nurses have you on the feel better medications, don’t get to friendly with any ice addicts in their wheelchairs, they might try to get you to sample their product, or offer you a smoke of the crystal meth crack pipe. Seriously though Its just good to get out of the hospital wards after a long stay. Get well soon!. Plenty more daily crimes still happing out in the bad old world. Cheers mate, it will be good to have you back, exposing all the scumbags!…………………………………………………………………………………………………


    • i will translate what i said in english
      hello everyone
      i discovered this website a few days ago
      i will comment on this website occasionally
      great website!


  3. hello everyone
    i am from sicily and i cant speak that much english
    i moved to australia 3 years ago
    this is intesting website and i am intested in crime myself i dont understand why crimnals comit crimes
    i will learn to speak more english very soon starting from next week i will be starting a 4 week english course so i can speak more better in english


  4. baden clay had fingernale scratches on face so he guilty if he was innocent he woudnt have fingernale scratches on face
    i cant write good in english i know some english
    i am from Italy i was born in sicily so i say im from sicily but im not im from italy i just wanted to make that clear im from Italy not sicily
    i came to australia 3 years ago i did 3 week english course i learnt to speak some english i am doing english course again this time it will be 4 week week english course i want to speak fluently in english and write good in english


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