Aussie Terror cell planned to behead member of public

The details are emerging these animals had plans in place to snatch a person off the street in Sydney and drape them in the Islamic State flag and behead them on camera as propaganda to spread around the world no doubt. It goes to say it would not be the only one. The world needs to unite in STOPPING this murderous group using all force necessary

12.05pm 18/09/14 quick update the police will not reveal exactly

They planned to execute by beheading, in a very HIGH PROFILE location in SYDNEY for all to see

Video of police raids this morning as supplied by NSW Police

Hundreds of police mount anti-terror raids in Sydney and Brisbane cell planned to behead member of public

Thu 18 Sep 2014, 10:29am

Court documents are expected to reveal that this morning’s huge anti-terror raids were aimed at a cell which planned to behead a member of the public in Sydney.

The documents are expected to say that the plan involved snatching a random member of the public in Sydney, draping them in an Islamic State flag and beheading them on camera.

One person has been charged and 15 detained after the raids, which involved 800 police officers in Sydney and Brisbane.

Anti-terror operation in Sydney and Brisbane ‘thwarted’ beheading plot

Updated 2 minutes agoThu 18 Sep 2014, 10:46am

Police say a large-scale anti-terrorism raid in Sydney this morning has foiled a plot to “commit violent acts” in Australia, including a plan to behead a member of the public.

More than 800 officers launched the raids as part of Operation Appleby in suburbs across Sydney’s west and north-west, with a further 70 police involved in raids on properties in Brisbane’s south.

Police said 15 people had been detained in Sydney as part of the operation between NSW officers, the Australian Federal Police and ASIO.

Court documents are expected to reveal that the raids were aimed at a cell which planned to behead a member of the public in Sydney.

The documents are expected to say that the plan involved snatching a random member of the public in Sydney, draping them in an Islamic State flag and beheading them on camera.

AFP Acting Commissioner Andrew Colvin said one person has been charged with serious terrorism-related offences and will appear at central Local Court in Sydney later today.

He said the operation commenced earlier this year and had interrupted a terrorist attack in Australia.

“Police believe that this group that we have executed this operation on today had the intention and had started to carry out planning to commit violent acts here in Australia,” he said.

“Those violent acts particularly related to random acts against members of the public.”

Commissioner Colvin said the raids in Brisbane were not “directly linked” to the raids in Sydney, but authorities were looking to see whether there were any links.

He said the Brisbane raids were linked to a similar operation in Queensland last week, when an Islamic bookshop was searched, and two men arrested.

NSW Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione said the raids reflected “the reality of the threat we actually face”.

“You know it is of serious concern that right at the heart of our communities we have people who are planning to conduct random attacks,” he said.

“Today we work together to make sure that didn’t happen. We have disrupted that particular attack.

“Our police will continue to work tirelessly to prevent any such attacks but certainly can I stress that right now, is a time for calm.

“We don’t need to whip this up.”

He said cars were also searched in the raids and at least one weapon was seized.

A total of 25 search warrants were executed in the Sydney suburbs of Bancroft, Bellavista, Guildford, Merrylands, Northmen, Wentworthville, Mansfield, Western Castle Hill, Hevesy, Bass Hill and Regents Park.

Similar raids took place in Brisbane with officers conducting searches on properties at Creek Road in Mt Gravatt East, as well as Logan and Underwood.

He said the Brisbane raids were linked to a similar operation in Queensland last week, when an Islamic bookshop was searched, and two men arrested.

The men have been accused of helping to recruit, facilitate and fund people to travel to Syria to engage in hostile activities.

Queensland Police Minister Jack Dempsey has sought to assure people in the state that they were safe.

“Obviously with the lead-in to G20 we’re already at a certain risk level which ensures that Queenslanders are even safer than most other states and territories in Australia,” he said.

Helicopters, loudspeakers involved in Guildford raid

ABC reporter Lucy Carter said part of Bursill Street in Guildford was still blocked off by police, where a home was being raided.

“[Police] are questioning a number of people on the front balcony of a single-storey home,” she said.

“Neighbours say police burst into the house before dawn, shouting through loudspeakers and with a helicopter hovering overhead.

“Right now police are removing items including computers from this Guildford home, and a sniffer dog has also been brought in.

Neighbours said the occupants had only lived in the house for about three weeks.

A resident of Bursill Street, who wished to remain anonymous, has been trying to come to terms with the raids.

“I just find it so wrong for that to be happening here in Australia. How do we get to this stage that people are this out of control?” he said.

“You talk about the money going overseas – earlier this morning I heard $18 million or $20 million going overseas, and we don’t know about it until it’s too late.”

Officers are refusing to give more information at this stage, as the operation is still underway.

They say they will provide updates throughout the morning.

Man claims he was punched by officer in raids

One man who was at one of the raided properties when police arrived claims to have been punched by an officer.

Maywand Osman, who was detained during the raids but not arrested, said: “I opened the door this morning at 4:45am to about four police officers.”

“They asked me to raise my hands. I immediately raised my hands. Four officers then jumped at me and one punched me in the face.

“They threw me to the ground and started hitting me in the head and pulling my hair.

“One officer grabbed me by the hair and said ‘you piece of shit’. While they were beating me I heard one officer say ‘just don’t make him bleed’.

“They then went inside my house to conduct a search. They found nothing in my house and I was not under arrest or in custody at any point in time.”

A statement released by Mr Osman’s solicitor said: “My client was brutally attacked by four police officers this morning without provocation.”

“He sustained injuries to the face and head. He was escorted to hospital by ambulance.”

Commissioner Colvin said he was personally not aware of the claims.

Raids follow terror alert level raise: terrorism expert

Greg Barton, who heads the Global Terrorism Centre at Monash University, said the raids followed the warning issued by ASIO director David Irvine.

On Friday, authorities announced Australia’s terror alert level had been lifted to high, meaning the risk of an attack is likely.

“He said there was considerable amounts of intelligence about plots underway and that’s why he had to raise the terror alert level,” Mr Barton said.

“Of course that begs the question: if they know about plots under the way what are they doing to intercept them? Now we’re finding the answers today.”

Immigration Minister Scott Morrison told the ABC’s AM program that the raids demonstrate the “very real threat that’s there”.

“I think again [the operation] supports why the Government has been so strong in its response to this threat,” he said.

He said the Government was working closely with the Islamic community “more broadly” and that “goodwill exists”.

Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull told Radio National this morning that the raids demonstrate Australian authorities are keeping the nation safe.

“Our security is the consequence of continued vigilance and hard work on the part of the security agencies,” he said.

“There is no cause, no reason, for being complacent about security.

“There are people regrettably, some of them in our midst, that don’t have the nation’s best interests at heart.”

Ikebal Patel from Muslims Australia told AM that the Islamic community has been stunned by the raids.

“Details are very sketchy and we don’t even know who the individuals are and from which particular area, or sort of association they are part of,” he said.

“So, it’s all very very sketchy. It’s all moving very fast.”

The ABC understands the raids are linked to a similar operation in Queensland last week, when an Islamic bookshop was searched, and two men arrested.

The men have been accused of helping to recruit, facilitate and fund people to travel to Syria to engage in hostile activities.


74 thoughts on “Aussie Terror cell planned to behead member of public

  1. Good to see you back Robbo.
    I hope all is well.
    That’s great to see this “piece of shit” get a little touch up by our finest.
    25 years in maximum security should be next on the list for this vile creature and his ilk.

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    • Hi Steve, yeah got home from hospital yesterday, planned to relax for a day or two but when this broke this morning, it had to go up front and centre on our site. Anyone even slightly involved (i.e family members, clerics etc etc who did NOT go to police) need to be booted out of the country.

      Throwing them in jail is not good enough as our jails are so weak the individuals just build networks and go on their merry ways with the help of smuggled phones via family etc.

      If this is not nipped in the bud from the start who knows where it ends? I have seen atrocious mass murders in Syria and Iraq where they are lined up and slaughtered.

      It is surreal to see, thank god our media is not as liberal in showing what is going on overseas. It needs to be said they don’t need ak47’s and large piles of ammo to do this. Knifes get the job done.

      This is a huge wake up call for our peaceful country. All means necessary is the go

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      • hello robbo it is quite disappointing how australia is not peaceful country anymore
        jails are like heaven for criminals
        australia legal system too lenient judges give short sentences for violent crimes
        age of consent is 16 in most states of australia that too low it should be increased to 18
        in italy age of consent is 14 that way too low it needs to be increased to 18

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      • IMO if they are citizens of Australia, and were complicit in these events – they should be charged with ‘treason’! They are acting against the best interest of this country and placed many in jeopardy.


  2. And now the Australian Public will pay for the scavenging lawyers and hangers on who will do everything to protect these scum.
    These people (ISIS and other radicals) do not accept any country’s laws – kick the bastards out.
    We will have all the intellectual experts who have never served a day for Australia in any way form claiming they are innocent victims.
    No proof – I can hear them already.
    Where’s the proof, don’t believe the media, the police have got it all wrong.
    Let’s wait for all the apologists for criminals to start there tirade against everyone who speaks out.
    I’m sure if I was arrested by ISIL I would get a fair trial. (NOT)

    Great post Robbo

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    • Yeah how crap is that. Lawyers will be lining up to “Protect” the rights of these people. Some guy has complained he got a bump on his head as they raided his house. Bad luck, lucky you are in Australia, others might of shot first and asked questions later. They raided your place for a reason. Law abiding people will become the bloody minority in years to come.


  3. This is a whole lot of bullshit,this is about the G20 and for the police to have more power over the citizens,so they can rape and steal….that’s it !!!


    • But, the good thing is that Lakemba is full of Muslims yet only 100 turned out. Take out 50 for uni do gooders and other Muslims turning up for a sticky beak or a laugh, that leaves only 50. That means the majority of Muslims hopefully don’t agree. They aren’t stupid, they came here for a better life. Let’s not any of us let the riff raff make us uneasy. It may take a few deaths, but we can’t live in fear

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      • You are right iCandy – if there were hundreds of TERRORISTS the bombs would be going off every week.
        It is a small but very dangerous minority that needs to be gotten rid of quickly

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  4. It is beyond comprehension that people who belong to our country can even contemplate inflicting outrageous murders on innocent people…I am speechless, and If it is to be believed, their intentions would further disgust normal folks not just in Australia but beyond.

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    • If they are citizens in this country, and they have been complicit in these events – then we must question their reasons for being here. It is not for a better life if it seeks to generate hatred and murder. Many Muslims migrate to Australia for a better life and do not condone the actions of these extremists IMO.


  5. There is only one place to send and lock up these ISIS Terrorists and any of their followers, and U.S. President Barack Obama and Australia’s ANZAS Alliance with the U.S.A. must ope up again
    Camp Delta JFT – Camp VI JFT and Camp Justice JFT Guantanamo Bay Cuba – Terrorist Maximum Security Terrorist Prison. ” HONOR BOUND TO DEFEND FREEDOM” And they must never be allowed to leave. And if any of the large number of civil rights activists and the terrorists lawyers, defending these “Satanists of islam” think this is a inhumane treatment of prisoners and a breech of human rights, then so are the butchers of ISIS Islamic State Terror Group – Terrorists who are breaching all of our “freedom and human rights” who by their own barbaric butchering hands, en mass slaughter any human being, that is not part of their murderous terrorist groups! They are the worst kinds of cowards, dressed in black, rags and hiding their faceless horde mob , who carry out the most brutal, draconian ,cold blooded brutal executions by mass shootings and , by the cutting of the throats , to bled to death of growing number of innocent westerner imprisoned hostages or civilians , that they use as a means to spread the fear of their crazy radical nutcase islam of ji-had religion followings!
    Guantanamo Bay Cuba, is the only place of necessary evil and harshness fit for these brutal murderers and would be murderers! This is the only message they understand these terrorists, a strict military run imprisonment regime to securely contain these brutal and in human barbarian hordes of ISIS butchers and slaughtering JIHAD preaching terrorists!
    As harsh a place as JTF Camp X-ray and Camp Delta Guantanamo Bay – Maximum Security Terrorist Prison Facilities , were when they were last in used by the United States of America in 2002. They are still nothing in comparison to the horrors and the way of the mass butchering and inhumane torturing brutal injustices of how these ISIS – Islamic Terrorist State barbarians treat their prisoners of war, or perhaps better worded their “Prisoners of Anti Radical Islam- JIHAD “!……………..
    All these ISIS Terrorist Criminal barbarians, if any are captured and if any survive the ISIS Terrorist Criminals, from the upcoming Australian & United States Armed Special forces and Air Strike attacks on their ISIS Terrorist camps, then any of them captured and rounded up should be immediately extradited and by military force sent to and imprisoned by the terrorist act, of the coalitions Countries to no less than life sentences or even capital punishment at Guantanamo Bay Terrorist Maximum Security Prison !………..No mercy giving to these killer ISIS Islamic State Terror Group- Black Flag – Terrorists ! Guantanamo Bay Cuba- Pictures at : www. Guantanamo Bay Detention camp .


    • Exactly why the USA had to create Guantanomo Bay – because the disgraceful legal system would probably have let the terrorists out on bail with an apology.
      The legal system does not work against these people.
      The scrounging money grabbing lawyers make money out of defending mass murderers and people planning acts of terrorism.
      God help us if we allow OUR LAWYERS to protect these criminals.
      Who pays for it – the Aussie taxpayer – the same people these radical scum want to kill.
      The bloodsucking lawyers do not want strong laws – they want to make as much money as they can from criminals and terrorists.
      So get ready for the scare campaign from the money grabbing lawyers and the conspiracy theories from people like BR.

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  6. The pictures of the British accent Islamic State Terror Group terrorist cloaked in black with his face hidden, just like the” islamic burga” . Not once but now three times a callous brutal act of publicised to the watching world more blood thirsty murder of their captured hostages!…….. This evil jihad cancer of inhumanity has to be stopped from spreading out side the Middle East!…… These raids on Australian born and bred followers of The Islamic State Terror Groups or ISIS. Are a very serious wake up call, that they are only holed up and restricted in strengthening, growing numbers in Syria and Iraq. These Australian Radicals are now proof that, our own Aussie soil is being polluted with this terrorist black flag waving group of terrorist, equally as dangerous and of concern as the Middle Eastern Terrorists, that many are filed from the ranks of ex pat United Kingdom Radicals!……………The message that this one time United Kingdom rap artist- now executioner is sending out to his radical terrorist followers in Australia, is something that must some how be contained. Every single one of these radical Islamic terror group followers or disciples has to be extradited, If their not of Australian citizenship, and those that are Australian Born, then they must be locked up safely from us all in a Supermax- high security prison facility , and keep separate under constant watch in a specially built prison in Central Australia if necessary , for the” HONOR BOUND TO PROTECT OUR FREEDOM” just like the motto of Guantanamo Bay! The Dynamics of Islam. What they can become if un-checked!


  7. these people should get 30 year jail sentence or more
    5 or 10 year jail sentence is too lenient
    i understand why people are angry at australia legal system
    australia legal system is too lenient


    • Good comment Antonio.
      Everyone needs to stand up against the apologists and lawyers who make money from these issues.
      Do you think you would get legal representation if these terrorists and criminals kidnapped you.
      The people on here screaming for the rights of criminals and terrorists have absolutely no idea of the real world. They would have you believe that all the world is like Australia.
      Read some of the totally nonsensical quotes from people on here worried about NEW laws.
      Sure they would have a different view with a rifle barrel against their head or dressed in orange waiting for some disgraceful terrorist to cut off your head.
      Easy to make comments when you are safe in suburbia and hiding ehind your computer belittling anyone who speaks out against criminals and terrorists.

      Sure the apologists will comment on this as well.

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      • thank for reply
        australia legal system needs to change it too lenient
        some people on this website believe in conspiracy theorys
        their is no evidence that conspiracy theorys are true
        aliens might exist though
        i dont believe or disbelieve in aliens


        • You are right Antonio.
          Make up your own mind.
          I think there may be aliens replying on this site – either that or they have some very good drugs.


  8. The Govt does a great job at creating fear to distract and subdue the sheeple to justify a war just around the corner. Disappointing how many people are subscribing to this propaganda without exercising critical thought.


    • Good comment – make up your own minds.
      I just make one comment – the world and the relevant laws change when you are personally affected.
      Keep up the independent thoughts but do not be swayed or coerced by fear.


  9. Islam has no place in Australia.

    The aim of Islam is to infiltrate the world & covert every government into implementing sharia law. There will be no peace until every country worldwide is converted to Islam with sharia law implemented worldwide, according to the Quran.

    Sharia law allows violence against women, the marriage & sexual penetration of girls as young as toddlers, homosexuals to be executed, non-Muslims to be executed etc etc..

    Get a copy of an English translated Quran and read it. The Quran does not preach peace, it’s a violent book which instructs Muslims what they must do.

    Earlier passages of the Quran do preach peace, BUT, the Quran instructs it’s readers to disregard earlier passages if newer passages contradict earlier information. The later passages of the Quran instruct it’s readers what they must do (violently) to satisfy Allah, therefore, earlier peaceful passages of the Quran are irrelevant according to the Quran.

    I was unsure about information in the media concerning Islam so I downloaded a copy of an English translated Quran. I felt very deflated & sad reading it.

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  10. i have nothing against muslims most of them are good people
    muslims should not hurt or kill anybody
    hurting or killing people is wrong and bad


  11. This site is not attacking the religious beliefs of peaceful, muslims, of whom there are many in Australia and all around the world, who live peaceful lives and worship islam at their nearest mosque in a peaceful way and pray by the Koran and worship – allahu ackbart! Just as millions of Christians who want to go to worship their Catholic or Anglican , Presbyterian, Uniting etc denominational chosen church and live by the scriptures of the King George bible and believe in Jesus Christ – Amen! The radical muslim preaching – Islamic State Terror Group or ISIS and their following disciples fall into only one category ,they are not a religious order, as they like to think they are in their” Black garb – AK47 Machine Guns and Beheading Swords “- preaching peace, but the complete opposite , just Killers – nothing less than dangerous criminals and dangerous murdering life taking terrorists that also interpret the Koran in their own chosen way, which is even in conflict with peaceful muslims ! But if these dangerous radical islam preaching muslims, like ISIS, are to ever build and gain a growing foothold into Australia, as they have already in the United Kingdom, committing lone wolf violent murders and terrorist suicide bombings and are a force to be reckoned with now in Syria and Iraq. Then whatever religion we all follow or not, it will be God help us all, as these horror JIHAD, evil Islamic terrorist are the enemy of us infidels and even the people of Iraq and much of the Middle East , where they are dug in and butchering and executing untold victims, that don’t suit their agenda!…. And are recruiting Australian Radical Islamists into their terror groups ranks in the Middle East, by whatever brain washing means they can to some Middle Eastern released Australian prisoners and angry young people in Sydney and other Australia cities! Which is a very big wake up call, that Australia, is no longer free from terrorist attacks by these cunning Islamic orientated radicals, that will do any thing, from suicide bombing to murdering a hostage of blowing something up to make them martyrs of JIHAD ! ,…………These Radical JIHAD islam followers are the ones committing the violence and beheading of human beings. This is not a religion this is nothing but brutal sadistic mass murder, which has to be dealt with accordingly by the coalition countries military force, by whatever means possible, with extreme prejudice, much like the napalm bombings on the Viet Cong in the Vietnam War, who were not even as low and evil as these Islamic State Terror Groups in Iraq and Syria, at the present! which is the only way left to stop these murderous terrorist!…………Any one who thinks the United Kingdom accent former Rap music nutter, now ISIS torturer and mass killer , – who very cowardly beheaded three hostages, to get his message across on social media , – is not very evil, has to be a terrorist themselves.
    Even many peaceful Muslims don’t sanction this murder for islam!…………………………………………..


  12. There’s two major issues here and only one needs critical thinking.

    The first are the crimes taking place. Not a lot of critical thought required. Conspire to Murder etc has been on the books for decades. Same for the Govt to control the issue and cancellation of Passports.

    What needs to be watched is the call for new powers. Which would be fine if these new powers were contained to the problem…..but they won’t be, they’ll be broad and WILL cover the entire population. Govts are like that. CONTROL over the masses is the only thing they know and as soon as new CONTROLS are put into place, they will be abused by the people charged with upholding them. Something about ‘power corrupts’.

    Don’t be fooled by the Govt Media spin when they use populist names for these new laws and controls, they will cover you, your family and your friends.

    Take it upon yourself to read the actual law and not just the headline and then see if you want to live under it……that’s the bit that needs critical thought. The Media will only tell you about the bits that sell newspapers.


    • And we should leave the poor terrorists alone shouldn’t we BR.
      The evil government is picking on them and is there ANY proof they have done anything. Conspiracy theory in the making BR.
      It is pretty obvious the current laws and legal system does not work.
      Lets wait for them to kill a few people – but they might have a justifiable reason to kill Australians.
      Wait for the proof BR that is your MANTRA isn’t it.

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      • So…..if the Police had reliable intel that X phoned Y and told him to go out into the street and decapitate a passer by and Y thought it was a triffic idea, we had no laws that would have allowed him to be picked up, arrested, charged and convicted?

        Really? Is that your ‘take’ on current laws?

        I can rattle 3 or 4 offences off under State and Commonwealth Law while I’m sitting here reading your nonsense

        It appears that you’ve never actually read any Acts & Regulations….. which really comes as little surprise.

        But of course, me, saying use the existing laws (which have been around for centuries) is being an ‘apologist for terrorists’. Love your thinking…. it’s so…. well….. ‘unique’.


        • Where’s your proof of an offence BR.
          You rabbit on continually about proof then when it suits you, you state nonsense about a couple of phone calls.
          Love your continual change of opinion. You are the one who says there must be proof.
          You can rattle off as many laws as you want BR but unless something actually happens you are just another placard waving fanatic trying to stir up resistance to new laws which will have to be passed by elected representatives.
          You also run down the media continually so where do you get your FACTS.
          Sure we’ll see you at the protests against the laws targeting the terrorists.
          The law is an ass.
          If you have money or influence you are subject to different interpretations.

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          • “A couple of phone calls”…..haha, so this is what caused 800 Police to kick down multiple doors?

            A couple of phone calls. You are really losing it.


            • Ha Ha – you have changed your tune again.
              You mentioned the couple of phone calls not me. Read your posts. I WAS QUOTING YOUR LITTLE MADE UP STORY involving X ringing Y. All make believe stuff.
              Try to keep up Princess.
              I unlike you agree with the police action.
              You rabbit on and on about proof in other posts then ignore it when it suits you.
              You never had it BR – a jaundiced view of the world.
              Protect the criminals and terrorists at all costs.

              You can’t run down the media, run down the police, run down our systems then quote them when it suits you.

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  13. Well BR, Unless I plan to join the muslim brotherhood of Islamic State terrorists, waving the black terror group flag of Islamic mumbo jumbo- with intention of abducting some body to cut of their head and getting dressed like the coward scum bags in black muslim jihad , with face covered garb, and carrying a sword or maybe a backpack full of explosives in preparation for a public suicide bombing, I don’t think I need to worry about a state of marshal law and being spied on by ASIO and special operations group – SOG or any anti terrorist squad tactical response group police, knocking down my door with a sledge hammer!……..The operation PENDENNIS taskforce, are not idiots, they have a very good idea who the ratbag- usual suspects of suspected muslim or Islamic nutcases, whatever they call themselves of the muslim brotherhood of rat bag radical jihad – allahu ackbar group terrorist are in Australia and who are just the ordinary Australian peaceful citizens going about their lives as usual , just mowing their lawns on the weekends at home! The 800 strong organised police raids know and were watching under surveillance who the targets of evil are, and Im am very sure their will be plenty of caring do-gooder lawyers ready put their hands up to defend these recent arrested terror fanatics, as usual!….. But I will sleep very well at night, knowing the terrorist task force police are kicking down doors, now more than ever, and on the bloody ball and getting more powers to nip these terrorist turds in the bud, and eradicate these pests, like the rats they are and lock them back up, where they all belong in SuperMax Prisons, or extradite them ASAP, and not let them back into Australia, we Aussie don’t need these jihadist preaching dangerous trash in our Australia!……. The ordinary Aussies could not care less about the terrorist followers rights and tough justice powers to keep them under strict watch. If these ratbag terror group jihadist, don’t like the Police raiding them, then they should have stayed over in Syria and Iraq with their own human butcher jihadists! Many of these muslim radical leader ratbags have for a while been busy and rife in the Australian Prisons , rehabilitating themselves, while recruiting their own kind in there jailhouse muslim- islamic brotherhoods and after getting out of jail, heading of to the Middle east, for one reason only as ranking jihadist advisors to join there middle eastern group terror group – terrorists, for evil purposes only, and not doing humanitarian work like the say the are. Any one who thinks otherwise is a fool. And as for some of the many critics of the tightening of terrorism laws, are a breach of civil right, and that these Islamic state terror groups, doing filmed beheading executions of hostages are just a big fake, so the Superpowers can enforce more draconian Anti Terrorist Laws all over the world. This is complete utter bullshit. These hostages have really being most brutally murdered by this former United Kingdom Rap music nutcase follower of islam called Jihad John. And whatever laws have to be brought into force and changed or toughened to catch and eradicate him and any and all of his growing number of gangs of jihad followers in Australia, must be done!………….Anyone on Aussie Criminals who doesn’t agree, is a cold heartless individual !………Ether that or they can join the Idiot killers dressed in black in Iraq!…………………………………………………………………………

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    • Very well put.
      I am sick of apologists and do gooders who have probably never served ONE day for their country complaining about the rights of criminals and terrorists who would happily kill and maim innocent Australians.
      I have lived and worked under martial and military law in several countries including Australia (yes we have had Martial law declared in sections of Australia BR) as obviously the writer above has.
      I would much rather go after the baddies than sit back like all the do gooders and wait for them to kill a few hundred innocent people before acting. NO PROOF BR. Wait till there are a few hundred bodies blown to pieces before we act – YOU ARE KIDDING AREN”T YOU.
      How quickly we forget the bombs in Bali, 9/11 the London Underground – they probably all deserved to die as well didn’t they BR. Shouldn’t have been enjoying themselves so much.
      We really have become a country of soft c****.
      We are at war – we have been for a few years now.
      Anyone who preaches hatred or violence or fights against the Australian Police or the Military should be arrested and severely punished.
      The Muslim Community needs to purge itself off these radicals. It is a war against radicals and this includes the apologists and do gooders who protect these criminals and terrorists. The lawyers are as bad as the terrorists.
      Now we have BR with his conspiracy theories complaining about new laws.
      At least you get a vote here BR.

      I certainly am not worried about tougher laws against either bikies, criminals or terrorists – the legal system has become a moving feast for greedy unscrupulous lawyers – they are part of the problem – bloodsucking leaches.

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        • Cyclone Tracy under General Alan Stretton. 1974.
          I was in the military at the time and everyone was recalled and a lot of us were shipped to Darwin. I was on leave and had to return.
          We provided armed security and helped with the massive clean up.
          Completely under the control of the military.
          We had instructions to shoot looters.
          We were not police.

          And for your enlightenment as you will no doubt argue because you are wrong again look at what martial law actually is –

          General Stretton was NOT ELECTED BY ANYONE but he was placed in charge.
          The Military involved were not CIVILIAN peace keepers.
          There were curfews imposed.
          Certain laws were suspended.
          People had to have permits to move around.

          And of course you will deny this as well.


          • Yeah…thanks for the Wiki definition on Martial Law. Any reference to Australia in it?

            I’ve got no doubt that someone in your chain of command gave you some direction and a bit of a rev up. Unfortunately, what ever it was he told you gave an indication to his importance in the scheme of things.

            From “The Military Call-Out Legislation” which in turn quotes Strettons book written about the time…..

            “Beyond the constitutional issues, the legislation is an attempt to overcome a variety of serious legal problems. Under existing legislative provisions and the common law, if military personnel kill or maim individuals, damage private property or interfere with people’s liberty, they could be charged with criminal offences, including murder or manslaughter, or face civil action. Moreover, as commentators have pointed out, soldiers could not necessarily rely on a defence of obeying superior orders.14 In addition, military personnel lacked legislative powers to carry out searches, seizures and arrests. That is why, when troops were called out in 1974 to guard Darwin’s petrol depots from looters after the destruction of Cyclone Tracy, General Stretton, the commander of the Natural Disaster Organisation, stipulated that troops not carry arms, that they be accompanied by a police officer and that the soldier’s authority would stem from a citizen’s duty under common law.15″

            You were a Security Guard…….sorry.


            • Yeah thanks for the generalised after the event nonsense BR.

              The definition of martial Law does not change – contrary to your view.

              You are reading and quoting something that was written after the event.

              So you are happy to denigrate the job done by the military as well. You really are a nasty piece of work aren’t you.

              And of course you were there BR.
              Of course not – so you have no idea once again.
              Sorry to tell you but the Military did carry arms and were not supervised by the police.
              Do you have any idea how many police were in Darwin or how big the place was.
              They couldn’t have supervised the airport they were so overwhelmed.

              Surely you have a quote from Ghandi or LBJ or someone BR – we need to hear some of your splendid nonsensical quotes.


              • Yes Anonymous, I’m sure you carried your weapons and did a super duper job.

                Unfortunately that doesn’t change the fact that Martial Law wasn’t invoked, unless of course that history and General Stretton is mistaken.

                In other words, ‘they’ let you carry your weapons and be very important and some may even have told you that ‘Martial Law’ was the go during a bit of a pep talk…………. because they needed someone to stand in the streets in the hot tropical sun.

                History says otherwise about ‘Martial Law’ during Tracey…..along with Stretton…..but of course Anonymous is the authority on the subject, because he stood in the streets, with his gun, in the hot tropical sun.

                I’m sure the local Cops were grateful to whoever came up with the ‘Martial Law’ thing….as those Cops didn’t stand in the streets, in the hot tropical sun.

                They probably even slapped you on the back and told you what a great job you were doing under ‘Martial Law’… they got into their car and drove off away from that hot tropical sun.

                You were a good soldier.


    • Former…. I’ll address the first part of your post. (I find reading massive blocks of texts with no break like you write hard to take in sometimes….no matter..)

      You argue that you aren’t a member of and won’t join the Islamic State therefore you won’t be subjected to the proposed laws.

      It doesn’t matter…..the proposed laws will cover everyone. They’ll be purposefully vague to cover every contigency.

      Even your own posts would throw up a ‘threat’ to the State when you’re having one of your blasts.

      You won’t have to have a towel on your head to come under this new Legislation.

      So, if you’re comfortable having these new laws covering what you do sometimes, that’s all that matters I guess. Just make sure you don’t whinge about it when your front door gets blown off it’s hinges one morning at 5am.


        • Where does BR get his great conspiracy theories from.

          Want to stop smoking that funny stuff BR.

          We actually elect or LAWMAKERS.

          If the laws are crap WE GET RID OF THEM.

          A law can be changed by OUR ELECTED REPRESENTATIVES or are they all in on the conspiracy to attack innocent civilians as well.

          Pity we couldn’t get rid of the bloodsucking lawyers and comatose judges as well.
          I find it hard reading nonsensical judgemental rubbish … no matter….)

          Complete nonsense.


          • “If the laws are crap, we get rid of them”

            You might get rid of the Politician, but you’ll rarely get rid of the Law. Incoming Politicians will go out of their way to hang onto laws and controls…. that’s their business.

            The ‘Carbon Tax’ is probably the only exception, although the campaign was built almost exclusively on this.

            Anyway, your stance isn’t unique, it’s been around for a long time in different guises.

            GETTING RID of Judges.
            GETTING RID of Lawyers.
            GETTING RID of people you don’t like.

            Throw in ‘keen’ to display Martial Law when there was none.

            No prizes for guessing the comparison….sorry. Too easy.


  14. An example of ‘anti’ Laws.

    Queenslands new VLAD Act or more commonly known in the press and community as the ‘Anti Bikie Legislation’.

    Definition (from the Act) of ‘Association’ ……….which is the A in VLAD.

    ‘Association’ means any of the following—
    (a) a corporation;
    (b) an unincorporated association;
    (c) a club or league;
    (d) any other group of 3 or more persons by whatever name called, whether associated formally or informally and whether the group is legal or illegal.

    Is that vague enough for you?
    There’ll be a prize for anyone who can find ‘Bikie’ in there.

    Amazing isn’t it. People are lapping this stuff up, Bikies aren’t committing new offences, they’re committing old offences.

    But of course I hear some say, “But the ‘associations’ will be declared illegal, therefore they’ll be committing offences being associated.

    Well….my response would be to read all of (d).


    • You can if you want….I’d have them investigated under The Criminal Code and Drugs Misuse Act which have been in existence for quite some time and been used very successfully to jail thousands of offenders.

      Maybe you might like to offer an opinion on why these Acts don’t work on Bikies?


      • Yes the laws you mention are working really well BR.

        That is why we have large groups of criminals that call themselves bikies still walking the streets, still controlling criminal activities.

        You have to be kidding don’t you. The drugs misuse act is SO SUCCESSFUL that is how we won the war on drugs. Where do you live BR because it certainly isn’t in Australia or in 2014.

        YOUR WORDS – I’d have them investigated – Sure the police would love to hear from you BR.
        Dob in a dealer – which one of the hundreds of thousands do you want to dob in.
        The gaols are overcrowded anyway BR and apologists like you would let them all out. Poor bikies, poor con men, poor murderers and rapists.

        GET REAL – the laws are a complete failure. Worst they are a joke and thinking they will solve the problem is nonsense.

        Buy a scum lawyer to represent you and get off – we all know how it works – different laws for different people.

        Why do you think they are proposing new laws – they might know a bit more than you and me and realise the current laws dealing with organised crime and terrorists DOES NOW WORK.


  15. “The laws are a joke”…..”Introduce new laws”

    Another Sunday funny….thanks.

    Why there’s been some successes is that the Police have launched an intensive campaign against the Bikies.

    What do you think will happen when this campaign finishes….as it will?

    You might like to ask people how their requests for Police ‘action’ have been going while this Bikie crackdown’s been going on.


    • That’s the BR I know – off on another nonsensical tangent.
      Should never start a campaign against any organised crime gang.
      It is all a conspiracy BR to get you.
      Quote a few laws and change the subject again.



        And these laws back in 2009 must have led to hundreds of innocent people being arrested and having their doors smashed in.
        End of the world – release the bikies, release the terrorists release all the criminals. BR the apologist for criminals.

        THEY HAVE HAD LAWS like this for years – sure you can quote a few BR.
        How about a bit of the Dalai Lama on world peace – you are due for a completely nonsensical totally irellevant quote to change the subject so you donm’t look like a bigger goose than you look already.


    • And they arrested thousands with this law – NOT
      BR’s scare campaign is all bullshit.
      No facts just protect the criminals, bikies and rapists at all costs.

      I know how much you love to quote bullshit laws – here’s some more for you –

      Court was also renowned for his anti-centralist views, being a staunch defender of states’ rights against perceived encroaching federal government powers, but also for his support of the Australian flag and the Australian Monarchy. In his maiden speech to parliament in 1953 he referred to a centralist government as “leviathan”.[4] Despite his pro-union upbringing, as Premier he was vehemently opposed to labor unions, supporting legislation which prevented gatherings of more than three people in public without police permission in an attempt to prevent the holding of illegal union meetings.[1]

      Or this this all bullshit as well BR.
      Scare campaigns only work when you have facts – you have none.


    • Form your comments above – You might like to ask –

      You might like to ask all the people whether YOUR laws have worked.
      You might want to ask all the people that have been bashed, stood over or threatened by your mates the bikies if they agree with your stand.
      You might want to ask people that have been defrauded of their lifes savings by people you openly support if they agree with you.
      You might want to ask the family of the people executed by the terrorists if they think our laws are reasonable and we should not move to stop them.
      You might want to ask the people who can’t afford lawyers as your criminal mates can if they think the legal system works. It is a joke.
      You might want to ask the police who arrest serious known criminals only to see the pathetic legal system and the vulture lawyers let these scum out on bail to re offend.
      You might want to ask most NORMAL Australians if they are happy to support bikie gangs and criminals as you obviously do.
      You might want to actually have a good look at yourself and stop being an apologist for criminals and terrorists.
      Stop quoting nonsensical unenforcable laws and quotes from dead people and look at the REAL world.

      And finally – you are not the font of all knowledge contrary to your own beliefs.
      You want to try and belittle people – maybe you need to grow up and get a bit of real life experience.


  16. i believe australia legal system too lenient that could change in future
    italy legal system not better or worse then australias just different


  17. age of consent should be 18 in all countrys
    anything under 18 is too low and anything above 18 is too high
    age of consent in australia is 16/17 that too low it should be 18


  18. i wont comment on this website regularly anymore
    i dont want to become addicted to social media
    i will still comment on this website but not often only occasionally


  19. The Police here in Australia will dominate and rise up against the attempted threats of Islamic infiltrating terrorists Australians should show no fear about what you hear with the media the police have it all under control the radical muslims that are full of hate will never win they will fall into insignificance.

    Liked by 1 person

  20. I remember the Cronulla riots. Fast and vicious.
    Many have been waiting for this to happen in Australia. The day KRUDD opened the gates it wasn’t ‘if’ but ‘when’.
    If only the bloody fools realised the damage they have done.
    I have to go the Sydney CBD tomorrow, I don’t like the idea, I’ll stay away from Martin Place.


  21. You might like to ask all the people whether YOUR laws have worked.

    • No system anywhere in the world is perfect. Asking ALL the people shows your common sense (or lack of it). In any adversarial contest there will always be a winner and a loser. What you’re looking for is a Totalitarian State…..which I’m sure you’d be extremely happy in.

    You might want to ask all the people that have been bashed, stood over or threatened by your mates the bikies if they agree with your stand.

    • They aren’t ‘my mates’. As a matter of fact I don’t know anyone who’s been “bashed, stood over or threatened by bikies”. I think some people should choose their friends and acquaintances a little more carefully. (Seeing one walking down the road and being frightened isn’t being ‘bashed’ etc)

    You might want to ask people that have been defrauded of their lifes savings by people you openly support if they agree with you.

    -We’ve covered this. Don’t be a complicit part if it and you won’t be stung by it. From my stance you can gather that I don’t have anything to do with these people and anyone who joins them in ‘get rich quick’ schemes and then bleat about it when it doesn’t come to fruition. They’d have you joining them in buying a part of the Sydney Harbour Bridge next….no thanks.

    You might want to ask the family of the people executed by the terrorists if they think our laws are reasonable and we should not move to stop them.

    • Our Laws are reasonable. Murder, Attempt Murder, Conspire to Murder have been on the books for hundreds of years. A little naive to think that a new ‘Murder’ is going to solve the worlds ills. p.s. If there weren’t hundreds of freelance ‘Journalists’ stumbling through the Middle East then maybe these displays wouldn’t have happened….again, pick your friends and acquaintances a little better. Being tucked up at home in Bumfuck, Idaho would have been a much better alternative. (No doubt you’ll be ‘outraged’ over this…..yawn)

    You might want to ask the people who can’t afford lawyers as your criminal mates can if they think the legal system works. It is a joke.

    • Is this an ‘argument’? Really?? It’s more like a ‘comment’ you’ll hear from someone sitting on a parkbench… their jarmies…..and dribbling on them.

    You might want to ask the police who arrest serious known criminals only to see the pathetic legal system and the vulture lawyers let these scum out on bail to re offend.

    • If the ‘pathetic’ Legal system lets them off, it’s usually the case that the evidence is equally pathetic…..that’s how it works. Tell your local Cop to put the donuts down and smarten his act up.

    You might want to ask most NORMAL Australians if they are happy to support bikie gangs and criminals as you obviously do.

    • See above. I don’t know anyone who’s been offended against by a Bikie…ergo… I don’t know or associate with or acquaint myself with Bikies. Maybe YOU need to pick your friends a little better or tell them to stop hanging around them.

    You might want to actually have a good look at yourself and stop being an apologist for criminals and terrorists.

    • I’m more than happy with what I see when I look on the mirror….thanks for asking.

    Stop quoting nonsensical unenforcable laws and quotes from dead people and look at the REAL world.

    • YOU…stop watching so much commercial TV.

    And finally – you are not the font of all knowledge contrary to your own beliefs.
    You want to try and belittle people – maybe you need to grow up and get a bit of real life experience.

    • I’m more than happy for people to pull me up and set the truth straight (as opposed to a vague uninformed rant……those amuse me)


  22. Good Morning all!
    I’m new to this website!
    I commented on the discussion lounge yesterday.
    I’m an IT expert, I am a computer programmer(that is all the personal information that I will reveal about myself.)
    If you(when I’m saying “you” I am talking to everyone) are being bullied on social media—contact the owner/administrator of the website and tell them that you are being bullied.
    Don’t get too friendly with other bloggers—be polite and friendly to some extent but not too friendly as you do not know the other person you are chatting with could be a nutcase.
    NEVER reveal personal information about your self such as, your name, what suburb you live in, what street you live in, what your email address is, what your phone number is, how old you are, etc.
    The only personal information you should reveal about yourself is what gender you are, male or female, and that you are an adult(not your age)—and possibly what you do for a job but I recommend you don’t say what you do for a job.
    This is Anonymous social media…so try and remain Anonymous as much as possible.
    Those were some cyber safety tips that I gave everyone.

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  23. I think to a certain extent the media could unintentionally incite a divide in the streets of australia by relaying these threats from muslim extremists any comments should be ignored nobody should ever feel threatened, show fear or feel insecure in this country by these hate filled bullies.Ok the threat was made against an area in Sydney and it was dealt with by the police but there are alot of impressionable people out there that could rise up out of anger and being fed up with hearing this bullshit about these muslim shit stirers and just loose it. There is tension on the streets already Ive witnessed shit happening already.


  24. The legal system is a joke and scumbag lawyers do cash in on pretending to defend those dumbshit arseholes that dont have the mentality to function without raping and murdering women and children those arseholes dont deserve a lawyer they should be shot on sight give me the gun Id gladly do it. Oh hang on dam Id get thrown in the slammer its a catch 22 !


  25. I am annoyed at how very few people can match my ‘intellect’.
    I am intellectually superior to all other people.
    All people on this website except for me have a very low I.Q and would not be able to match my intellect.
    If Albert Einstein were alive he would be intellectually inferior to me.
    Albert Einstein is only intelligent at physics.
    I am genetically related to Lord Baden Powell.
    I believe he had a very high I.Q
    I am a genius.
    And so was he.


  26. Maywand Osman claims he was rousted around by police well there is absolutely no proof that happened in fact I would say he is lying and typical of the scumbag lawyer defending him as long as there is a paypacket for him at the end of the day. What would Osman like them to do sit down with him over coffee!


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