Teacher Diane Brimble, a disgusting sexual deviant pursued 10 yr old

Watch out for this person when she gets out from her pathetic sentence which is due to be handed down in 2 days ( 9th October). A teacher, Brimble had a 10 year old boys name, whom she pursued for sex, tattooed on her breasts as some sort of sick show of love WTF? 

Reading this will have you just shaking your head in disbelief.

What did I pre warn you about? What the hell is going on in the courts, surely a teacher is just below a doctor in the trust stakes as far as a family and their children are concerned???

How proud this sicko must of once felt. Too obvious to fiddle her own, Becoming a teacher opened up a whole new world.

In a class of her own

Raising eight children on her own and dealing with a two-hour return commute was never going to stop Diane Brimble from achieving her goal of becoming a teacher.

The youngest of her eight kids was just a toddler when the Hamilton woman began her four-year Bachelor of Education (primary) degree in Warrnambool.

If there weren’t enough barriers to gaining a tertiary education in the country, add the extra parental responsibility of being a foster carer.

“I help out with foster kids when I’m needed,” she told The Standard.

“I’ve had children for a few nights and up to nine months.”

Ms Brimble yesterday officially marked her graduation from Deakin University when the campus held three ceremonies honouring nearly 200 students.

It was the culmination of a long journey to realise her dream, which had begun much earlier when she completed her VCE over two years via correspondence.

“I actually sat exams in Hamilton at the same time as my two eldest children, which was interesting. We tried not to compete,” she laughed.

Even a supermum needs her unsung heroes to be able to tackle such a workload.

Ms Brimble said she had a lot of support from friends and her university lecturers to help her complete her studies.

“I travelled from Hamilton to Warrnambool up to four times a week depending on my schedule.

‘‘It was a bit tiring but it was all worth it.

“I was fortunate to have a travel buddy in Trish Cordner, who also graduates today,” she said yesterday.

“I guess I always wanted to be a teacher and finally set out to achieve that.”

Not content with taking her foot off the pedal and celebrating her success, Ms Brimble is working part-time as a teacher-librarian at The Hamilton and Alexandra College and is studying for her Masters in Education.

“Doing this gave me the confidence that I can achieve what I set out to achieve, so I haven’t stopped studying.”

Ms Brimble said her children, aged six to 24, were proud of her efforts.

“They have been very supportive and so have my friends.

“I wouldn’t have been able to do it without their help.”


Primary school teacher Diane Brimble avoids jail over sex request to 10-year-old boy

A female primary school teacher who propositioned a 10-year-old boy for sex and had his name tattooed on her chest has avoided jail.

Mother of eight Diane Brimble from Hamilton in Victoria’s west, pleaded guilty to one charge of engaging in an indecent act with a child.

The court heard the 47-year-old propositioned the boy for sex when he was at her home to play with her children.

The boy, who suffered Asperger syndrome, rejected her advances saying he was not old enough.

The court heard Brimble told the boy: “You are when you’re at my house.”

Brimble had his name with an infinity symbol tattooed on her chest, and wrote letters to him declaring her undying love.

The judge read part of one of the letters in court.

I am at a complete loss to understand why you engaged in such utterly inappropriate conduct which must dismay every parent.

Judge Mark Taft

“I miss you more than words can say. I can’t write how much I miss you because there just aren’t enough words,” Brimble’s letter to the boy said.

“I love you more than you will ever know. There will never be anyone else in my heart.”

In sentencing, Judge Mark Taft said it beggared belief that a mature-aged woman would write such a letter to her student.

“I am at a complete loss to understand why you engaged in such utterly inappropriate conduct which must dismay every parent,” he said.

“While this is not a case of sexual penetration or of fondling the genitals of a child, your propositioning of a 10-year-old child demands significantly greater punishment and denunciation than the nominal punishment advocated by your counsel.”

He sentenced Brimble to a two-year community corrections order.

She will be a registered sex offender for eight years.

Boy believed Brimble had cast a spell on him

The court had previously heard from the boy’s mother who told the court Brimble turned her son into a “sexual commodity”.

She said they had to move from their community and the boy was placed on antipsychotic medication.

She said it also impacted on his siblings.

“They drew pictures of rainbows and unicorns. He drew black pictures of knives and death,” she said, reading her victim impact statement to the court.

The boy’s father said his son would not look at his parents as he believed Brimble had cast a spell on him which allowed her to see and hear everything he did.

Diane Brimble leaves the Melbourne County Court

Diane Brimble leaves the Melbourne County Court

Teacher Diane Brimble branded ‘evil’ for asking 10-year-old boy for sex

Angus Thompson
Herald Sun
October 06, 2014 2:13PM

A PRIMARY school teacher who asked a 10-year-old boy to have sex with her has been described by the victim’s parents as an “evil” woman who destroyed their son’s innocence.
Hamilton teacher Diane Brimble, 47, was found guilty of committing an indecent act with a child under 16 in Warrnambool County Court in August this year.
A jury dismissed four of the five charges against her, including grooming the boy.
But the child’s mother said Brimble – a teacher at the boy’s school – violated her position of care and responsibility over him.

“He trusted her and she betrayed the trust everyone placed in her and a teacher and a mother and a woman,” the boy’s mother said in a statement she read out in the Melbourne County Court.

Brimble had pleaded not guilty to the allegations, including that she showed him a suitcase containing sex toys and exposed her breasts to him.
The mother of eight, who had struck up a relationship with him and had his name tattooed to her chest was found guilty of asking him for sex after driving him to her house.
Judge Mark Taft said the boy rejected her advances.
“He said he wasn’t old enough to have sex and she said ‘you are when you’re at my house’,” Mr Taft said.
The boy’s mother, who cannot be named because it would identify the boy, said her son had been driven to self-harm by Brimble’s actions: “a hell Brimble’s predatory actions thrust upon him.”
“I feel sickened…as a mother…that she did this under the guise of motherly love,” she said.
The boy’s dad described himself as “the father of a child who was the victim of sexual assault.”
He said his son believed Brimble, who had also sent inappropriate texts and Facebook messages to the boy, was a “horrible woman who cast a spell on him.”
“She tried to manipulate (boy’s name) to make him think she loved him and his parents did not.
“She has shattered our family,” the father said through a statement read out by Crown Prosecutor Patrick Bourke.
He said Brimble was an “evil woman” who forced the family to move and for his son to change school and repeat his education.
“I feel sick every time I think of my son’s name tattooed onto her body,” he said.
Mr Bourke argued Brimble should be convicted, undergo treatment under a community corrections order and be placed on the sex offenders register.
She will be stripped of her teacher’s registration.
Jennifer Clark, acting for Brimble, said her client had endured a difficult upbringing, been the subject of an abusive marriage, and fought hard to become a teacher.
Mr Taft said he remained baffled by Brimble’s behaviour following a psychological assessment he described as a “barracker’s report”.

“I had hoped some report would provide some understanding and insight…I have none,” he said.

Brimble will be sentenced in the County Court at 10am on Thursday.


Teacher who tried to have sex with 10-year-old got child’s name tattooed on her chest, court hears

6 Oct 2014, 3:59pm
A primary school teacher who tried to have sex with one of her students got the boy’s name tattooed onto her chest, a court has been told.
Diane Brimble, 47, of Hamilton in Victoria’s south-west, tried to have sex with the 10-year-old boy but he rejected her advances, the Victorian County Court heard.
The boy’s mother told the court Brimble, a mother of eight, turned her son into a “sexual commodity”.
She said they had to move from their community and the boy was placed on antipsychotic medication.
She said it also impacted on his siblings.
“They drew pictures of rainbows and unicorns. He drew black pictures of knives and death,” she said, reading her victim impact statement to the court.
The boy’s father said his son would not look at his parents as he believed Brimble had cast a spell on him which allowed her to see and hear everything he did.
The father’s victim impact statement was read to the court by prosecutor Patrick Bourke, who said Brimble tried to tour the boy’s new school and enrol her children there.
Judge Mark Taft said a psychological report tendered by Brimble’s lawyer Jennifer Clark did not help and was essentially barracking for her.
“I remain entirely bewildered by Ms Brimble’s psycho-sexual profile and her motive,” Judge Taft said.
“It’s an unusual case and I find Ms Brimble’s conduct as bizarre as I have ever seen in a courtroom.

“We have a 45-year-old school teacher who, amongst other things, has written extraordinary material about a 10-year-old child who wasn’t her own, has tattooed his name on her chest in an infinity symbol, and has engaged in a series of statements of continuing love and affection.”

Judge Taft said it was not a case of misplaced maternal sentiment.
This is a criminal offence, not an excess of maternal sentiment.

Judge Mark Taft
“You don’t seek to have sex with your children,” he said.
“This is a criminal offence, not an excess of maternal sentiment.”

A jury convicted Brimble of one count of committing an indecent act on a child under 16.
She was acquitted of five other charges.

Female teacher ‘groomed’ student, 10

October 6, 2014 – 1:47PM
Mark Russell
Court Reporter for The Age

Diane Brimble leaves Warrnambool Law Courts. Photo-Rob Gunstone

Diane Brimble leaves Warrnambool Law Courts. Photo-Rob Gunstone

Convinced she was in love with her 10-year-old student, primary school teacher and mother of eight Diane Brimble had his name and the infinity symbol tattooed on her chest, a court has heard.
The boy’s mother told the County Court on Monday that she used to call her son, ‘Smiles’, but Brimble had “hurt him in his heart” after Brimble had groomed him.
The mother said while her daughters would draw rainbows and unicorns, he drew black pictures of knives and death. She felt sickened as a mother that Brimble’s offending was “under the guise of motherly love”.
“The commemorative tattoo etched into her body of my child’s name in the symbol of infinity coupled with her belief in spells and spirits makes me convinced that she truly believes she is meant to be united in dreams for eternity,” the boy’s mother said in a victim impact statement read to the court.
The boy’s father said his son believed “this horrible woman” had cast a spell on him which meant anything he heard or saw she could hear and see too, which was why he refused to look at his parents or talk about what Brimble had done.
Brimble, 47, of Hamilton, appeared in the County Court on Monday for a pre-sentence hearing after a jury sitting in Warrnambool found her guilty of one count of committing an indecent act with a child under 16 between January 1 and April 19, 2013.
Judge Mark Taft said Brimble had hugged the boy at her house and asked him if he wanted to sleep with her. The boy asked her what she meant and she said, “sex.” The boy pushed Brimble’s hands away as she kissed him on the cheek and told him she loved him.
He told his teacher he was not old enough to have sex but Brimble told him, “You are when you are at my house.”
“It is an unusual case. I find Ms Brimble’s conduct as bizarre as any I have ever seen in a courtroom,” Judge Taft said.
The boy’s mother said she was proud of her son for rejecting Brimble’s sexual advances.
“He knew right from wrong,” she said before warning other parents not to be naive and trust anyone “with your beautiful children”.
Brimble’s predatory actions when trying to turn her little boy into a sexual commodity had had a profound effect on him and his family, the mother said.
She was now worried the boy, who has had to repeat a year at school, might blame her for not protecting him from Brimble.
“I have failed as a mother because I did not keep him safe,” she said.
The mother said the family had moved out of the community but still did a double-take if they saw anyone with bleached blonde hair similar to Brimble’s.
She was repulsed at how Brimble had used “guile and artifice” to make her son doubt that his parents loved him so she could offer him solace and fun.
Brimble had set out to exploit her little boy and stole part of his innocence.
The boy’s father said he lived day by day trying to protect him now. “I feel sick every time I think of my son’s name tattooed on her body,” he said in his victim impact statement read to the court.
“Who knows what scars he will carry with him forever.”

Judge Taft was critical of a psychological report tendered by Brimble’s defence barrister which claimed Brimble had only been trying to support the boy through difficult and challenging times and had been naive not to realise the child could have misinterpreted her kindness.
The judge said the psychological report failed to explain Brimble’s reasons for her offending.

“I remain entirely baffled by Ms Brimble’s psycho-sexual profile and her motivation,” he said. Judge Taft said Brimble’s conduct was bizarre and he agreed with the boy’s description that his teacher had been acting “weird”.

Brimble will be sentenced on Thursday.

24 thoughts on “Teacher Diane Brimble, a disgusting sexual deviant pursued 10 yr old

  1. As far as that disgusting piece of pond scum that abused such a position of trust – and a WOMAN at THAT!! – she needs to be put into general population and allow the other inmates to know what she’s in for …. then, justice might be served

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  2. A repulsive predator boo hoo she had an abusive marriage and a difficult upbringing says the legal eagle defending her that is no frigin excuse WTF. Her teaching days are long gone she should prepare herself for a real change in lifestyle the creepy slag.

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  3. I went to school with her and was so shocked when I saw her in the paper!
    When I googled her name, there was also a write up about her graduating with her teaching degree three years ago. It mentioned how she was a ” super mum” of eight children who also was a foster parent too.
    I hope future children are protected from her.

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  4. Updated above, this crazy bitch has walked from court. NO JAIL nothing…What does this say about our kids and trust in teachers. I am furious, and this MUST and will become a political issue with upcoming election. The result will decide on their views on this…A fool stealing petrol from a servo would get a bigger rap on the wrist.


    • Unbelievable – actually it is not – I have wondered why the Government have said no to the public naming of these grubs – what do they have to hide amongst their ranks???

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  5. It’s not quite ‘nothing’….but I do understand the angst.
    A 2 year Community Corrections order and 8 years on the Sex Register.
    Plus, I assume…she’s lost her career.


    • So, fair you reckon? I dont know how old your kids are, but is this what happens when our kids get exposed to a outrageous breach of trust?

      Don’t forget she is still in the community…No good for her resume but bullshit in my eyes BR, she has eyes for boys..I have read every single file on here thanks to “People”


          • Well 8 kids…Nothing against the little tackers, probably great kids yearning the love and support kids need. I will be slammed but I just see this woman a level above Keli Lane…This witch got rid of them as soon as they got more attention than she got.


  6. Yes it is disturbing to see the non-custodial sentence for Dianne Brimble. We must remember though that most of our judges were trained more than 40 years ago when they were shielded from the real world. So even today, when these judges are faced with female pedophiles, a judge’s endocrine system goes into reverse, because they have internalized an idealized image of their own mothers, and cannot believe that female perpetrated child sex abuse is so widespread. In the USA they are now used to locking up mothers who sexually abuse children. In Aus, our judges (and juries) are still out of touch with reality. The consequence is that thousands of children are being molested by women in Aus (especially in the education system because this is the US experience) but nothing is being done to protect these children in Aus because of the outdated sentimentality. One obvious example is that the Royal Commission into Institutional Abuse has not looked at one single case where women have abused children. Not one. It is time for a complete re-education of these dinosaur judges and prosecutors.

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      • Never lived or experienced other than the silver spoons into the system. What chance has anyone got? Highly educated rich folks who were always bound to be heading the benches many moons ago.

        The people that judge 99.99% of our our community have had that .001% contact with same. I have conflicting views every day but shit…

        Pension off the old school Judges who have been there forever and are very rich and entitled men hanging out for bigger titles. ( Not to mention their family silver spoons)


  7. Sloppy reporting makes these cases hard to follow as far as punishment is concerned.

    She’s supposedly pleaded guilty to one offence, ……or a a Jury found her guilty after a trial.

    I always wonder what else they haven’t got right if they can’t agree on such a basic part of her appearance.

    If there’s other ‘reports’ about her, it seems nobody presented them to the Court…..which always makes me wonder about the legitimacy of stuff like that.


    • BR come on…The brief tells us what happened, the trial is something else!

      You better than most here, know what pleading down and making deals is!

      Take the view of that bitch was around your or my grand-kids… AS far as I’m concerned she would not of made it to court.


      • Robbo, knowing if she pleaded on the day or went to trial is important to determine punishment.
        i.e. If she went to trial and put the child and family through that is different to not putting them through it. The Media are reporting both.

        It’s also not clear what ‘damage’ has been done to the boy…..other than what his parents are saying which seem to be a little over the top. I’d imagine that a hefty civil suit against the Education Dept is in the wings.

        The guts of the offence is that she propositioned him and he refused. That’s as far as it went……hence the punishment.

        It seems that any ‘grooming’ type offences were pulled, by the Prosecution.


  8. What’s interesting in this case is that the DPP chose not to get any Psychological Reports on her and left it up to the Judge who was “bewildered” about her behaviour and only had a Defence Psych Report to go by.

    From that we can gather that getting a (Crown) Psych Report wasn’t worth it….which would take us back to the weight of the evidence, or it was just a sloppy investigation & prosecution.

    I don’t think we can blame the Judge for the sentence when the Crown (for whatever reason) didn’t present a complete case.

    I’m pretty sure that most of these low end sentences are just the Judiciaries way of saying…. “put a bit more effort in and I’ll sentence appropriately”. It’s not up to a Judge to guess what may be the facts.


  9. Police always try to hide a woman’s name particularly if a baby or child is involved on the pretence they care for the child. Look at the cover up over the alleged missing toddler William Tyrell. A fortune in taxpayer money and Police do not want to release the name in case people become suspicious of the family as they are friendly with the Police. Even the family Priest did not want his name revealed. These people should be paying all costs not the taxpayer.. There was a lot of push to get Brimble out of the charges so a good case not handed up. Look at the suspicious accidents that happen to children it is always no suspicious circumstances, tragic accident preparing a report for the Coroner. Never any charges of neglect. This appears to be said immediately Police arrive on the scene even without Detectives. We might note women never complain when a child is abused or killed at the hands of a woman.


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