Got to laugh at the talkfest that was G20…But did Tony Abbott deliver?

400 Million dollars and its all over in a few days,money well spent (NOT), but all that the media wanted to focus on was whether Prime Minister Abbott got to shirt front Russian President Putin. Pay attention to this photo opportunity!!!

5 thoughts on “Got to laugh at the talkfest that was G20…But did Tony Abbott deliver?

  1. Of course it’s money well spent.

    Governments must entertain foreign leaders, it opens the doors to new trade agreements. Our government & previous governments have enjoyed the same courtesy from other countries and this time it was our turn.

    Some people have this bizarre view that Tony Abbott should go nowhere, entertain no-one and just sit in his office emailing everyone lol

    The food & beverages supplied in that 400 million price tag consisted of all Australian grown/made products for foreign leaders to try out to boost exports.


    • I agree with your first paragraph, still think we could of saved 300 million and gone with the koalas…That has been the biggest twitter subject world wide.Nobody will remember the rest


      • I think he’s trying hard to get new trade happening and that’s a good thing.

        Consumer confidence has been low since the Gillard/Rudd leadership swapping saga[s], TA must try to move us forward with international trade until the mining picks up again. Businesses need it urgently.


  2. To put one of our precious koalas in Putins arms was an insult to the australian victims of the airline that was shot down and fellow australian families that have lost their loved ones. I mean come on it was G,day Aust for christ sake just totally distasteful we should not be portraying in any way to be too welcoming to this Putin Prick he is not a nice man he is a fake. Tony Abbott had to grin and bear those agonising moments with a bloke hed really like to punch out its just the way it goes unfortunately Im sure most couldnt wait to see the arse end of him.

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