White Ribbon Day Nov 25th 2014. What are you doing to stop the violence?


EVENTS CAN BE FOUND HERE http://www.whiteribbon.org.au/events

White Ribbon is Australia’s only national, male led Campaign to end men’s violence against women.

All women live in safety free from all forms of men’s violence.

Making women’s safety a man’s issue too.

The campaign works through primary prevention initiatives involving awareness raising and education, and programs with youth, schools, workplaces and across the broader community.

Globally, White Ribbon is the world’s largest male-led movement to end men’s violence against women. Originating in Canada in 1991, White Ribbon is now active in more than 60 countries.

White Ribbon began in Australia in 2003 as part of UNIFEM (now UN Women), formally becoming a Foundation in 2007.

White Ribbon Australia observes the International Day of the Elimination of Violence against Women, also known as White Ribbon Day, annually on November 25. White Ribbon Day signals the start of the 16 Days of Activism to Stop Violence against Women, which ends on Human Rights Day (December 10).

Thousands march in Melbourne against family violence amid calls for health officials to do more

Tue 25 Nov 2014, 8:31pm

Walk Against Family Violence

Thousands took to Melbourne’s streets to take part in the Walk Against Family Violence (ABC News)

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One woman is killed by a violent partner each week in Australia.

Two of the leading figures in the fight against family violence, Victorian Police Commissioner Ken Lay and Rosie Batty, led more than 1,000 people through the streets of Melbourne today in a march to stop violence against women.

On the United Nations’ International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, Mr Lay said Australia could not arrest its way out of the situation.

“I think that for far too long family violence and resolving family violence has been left in the hands of police,” he said.

“We cannot simply arrest our way out of this. We need to change attitudes, it’s in the schooling, it’s in families.

“Clearly, fathers and mothers have got a responsibility to teach their children about gender inequity, teach their children to treat each other decently.

“They are partly responsible for this, no doubt.”

There were also calls for doctors and health officials to do much more to stop family violence, with new research published in The Lancet.

Professor Kelsey Hegarty, who co-authored the Lancet paper, is a GP and the head of primary care at the University of Melbourne’s Department of General Practice.

She said the health system needed to be more focussed and streamlined when it came to addressing family violence.

“What we’re really looking for health professionals to do is provide a first line response that listens, validates, acknowledges what women and girls have been through in terms of violence against women and provides them with a pathway to safety and healing,” she said.

“To do that we need to strengthen the role of the health sector.”

Health sector ‘lacks awareness, training’ in family violence

In January 2013 Professor Hegarty called for GPs to be trained to recognise signs of domestic violence.

Since then, she said the health system had been slow to recognise the need for change.

“I think there’s been a large movement in the awareness in community campaigns with the development of Our Watch and other activities through White Ribbon,” she said.

“So I think people are becoming more aware that domestic violence or family violence is a problem in our community.

“What we haven’t found is the health sector responding.

We haven’t got very large awareness as a result of a lack of training among health care providers.

Professor Kelsey Hegarty

“We haven’t got regular training or supervisional mentorship in medical nursing or public health or other curricular on a regular basis.

“We haven’t got very large awareness as a result of a lack of training among health care providers.”

Professor Hegarty said substantial system and behavioural barriers existed in the health system.

“We haven’t got an enabling policy environment,” she said.

The Lancet paper examined five country case studies, including India and Spain, and how they responded and dealt with family violence.

Professor Hegarty said developing low-income countries such as India had made progress in addressing family violence in conjunction with their HIV-AIDs strategy.

“In fact, it’s been interesting to look at people who have done violence interventions attached to health interventions for HIV,” she said.

“That’s been showing some promise in a way we haven’t had those epidemics like that, and therefore I think health has been a little bit behind.”

She said Australia had a large focus on the national plan, which has been excellent to prevent violence against women and children.

“(But) it needs a whole spectrum across the ecological model from the community,” she added.

“(An) ecological model goes from a community to an individual, and often a health practitioner is seeing someone at an individual level. We need everybody to be activated.”


White Ribbon Day sparks more than 1,000 events across Australia in campaign against domestic violence

Tue 25 Nov 2014, 12:07pm

Prime Minister Tony Abbott has praised the involvement of Australia’s military in White Ribbon Day, saying it sends a signal that strong men protect others and do not condone domestic violence.

Speaking at a White Ribbon Day function in Canberra, Mr Abbott said shocking statistics associated with domestic violence crimes prompted the Government to allocate $100 million as part of an action plan to combat violence against women.

“It’s really good to see the participation of our armed forces in White Ribbon Day … because the presence of our armed forces, the presence of our police is a sign that tough, strong men protect others, they don’t persecute them. That the toughest and the strongest men are peacemakers, not brutes,” he said.

“Every week a woman dies somewhere in our country in a domestic context. One woman in three will experience violence at some stage of her life.

“One woman in five will experience sexual violence at some stage in her life. It’s just wrong. It must stop,” he said.

“Government has a role to play, that’s why this Government is investing some $100 million in our Second Action Plan to combat violence against women.”

Army chief Lieutenant-General David Morrison told a White Ribbon breakfast in Adelaide stories about the ANZAC spirit also needed a greater focus on the women who were involved.

He said many stories about World War I focused on stories about Anglo Saxon men.

“Unless they’re (women) included in the story, I think what we run the risk of is compounding this idea that Australia is a man’s country, a man’s world, where men get ahead,” he said.

“Men are promoted on their potential, women are only ever promoted on their proven performance. I don’t think we’re going to progress as a nation if that’s the case.”

Luke Batty death brought issue home for victims

White Ribbon ambassador John Caldwell told the ABC’s Breakfast program the tragic death of 11-year-old Luke Batty at the hands of his father earlier this year had brought the issue to the forefront of people’s minds.

“When I saw his (Luke’s) photo and I thought, ‘that could have been me,’ and never before have I really thought of myself as one of the lucky ones, but that made me feel like I was one of the lucky ones,” Mr Caldwell said.

Mr Caldwell was nominated as Australian of the Year for Victoria in 2014 and said the nomination of Luke’s mother Rosie Batty for Australian of the Year in 2015 helped to highlight why the issue of domestic violence should be taken seriously.

It is about men leading the action because most of this violence against women is perpetrated by men, and so men need to be speaking to their mates and using their influence to change those attitudes and behaviours.

White Ribbon chief executive Libby Davies.

“I grew up in Melbourne in a house that was plagued by domestic violence,” he said.

“I guess as a kid hiding under the bed I always felt so helpless and now as an adult, I don’t need to. I get to take back the power that I lost as a kid, but also to educate other children that you don’t have to stay silent yourself.

“Even for kids, there are people you can talk to. As a child, hiding under a bed hearing screams outside and not sure what you will find when you eventually walk out – I used to liken it to, as the eye of a cyclone. It would go quiet. Is it safe to go out? And then it erupts again.”

Mr Caldwell said nobody came to help despite people knowing what was happening and White Ribbon Day was about breaking that silence.

“It was known what was going on outside of the house and nobody would do anything, and that’s why White Ribbon Day is so important, because it is a male-led campaign,” he said.

White Ribbon chief executive Libby Davies said more than 1,000 events would be held across Australia to promote White Ribbon Day, including a walk through Melbourne’s CBD by members of both the Melbourne and Richmond Football Clubs as part of the Walk Against Family Violence.

“It is about men leading the action because most of this violence against women is perpetrated by men, and so men need to be speaking to their mates and using their influence to change those attitudes and behaviours,” she said.

NSW Assistant Police Commissioner Mark Murdoch said several hundred people, mostly men, had marched from Randwick to Coogee in Sydney’s east in an event co-hosted with Randwick Council this morning.

He said those present, including many police officers, pledged an oath to help reduce violence against women.

“The oath is all about never ever condoning or committing acts of violence against women in any form. It’s about having those conversations with men acting as role models for other men,” he said.

Assistant Commissioner Murdoch said domestic violence cases were the single biggest crime police attended.

Phone app hidden function to protect domestic violence victims

In a bid to help protect victims of domestic violence, a free Australian mobile phone app was been launched in time for White Ribbon Day.

Buzz News looks like a regular news app on a mobile phone, but has a hidden function that allows people to secretly contact friends and call for help.

Developed by the Lisa Harnum Foundation, the app was named after the woman who was murdered by her partner Simon Gittany in Sydney in 2011.

Foundation executive director Aileen Mountifield said the phone app could save lives.

“If a perpetrator is used to checking his partner’s phone all that will come up is news, entertainment news, sports news, local news, national news,” she said.

“So that’s a deterrent hopefully that he won’t go to the help button because under the help button she would have stored her safe contacts, so if in distress all she has to do is open the app and press send.”

3 thoughts on “White Ribbon Day Nov 25th 2014. What are you doing to stop the violence?

  1. News ABC : On-line- MELBOURNE
    Calls for inquiry into Victoria’s disability sector amid allegations care provider Yooralla failed to act on assault warnings…
    Video: Disability care provider Yooralla has been hit by multiple sexual assault allegations.(ABC News)
    This pledge comes ahead of tonites Four Corners program – In Our Care – a joint ABC/Fairfax
    investigation – and days out from the Victorian state election.
    “Vinod Johnny Kumar”- 31, ( The Monster) -was one of Yooralla’s reported carers, jailed for 18 years for raping profoundly disabled people in his care. More on him on Four Corners- In Our Care-
    Yooralla’s chairperson at the time of the assaults in 2011, was Bruce Bonyhady, who now heads the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). He declined to be interviewed by Four Corners, as did Yooralla CEO Sanjib Roy.
    A number of former Yooralla workers have joined the call for an inquiry,saying that when they tried to raise concerns with their managers they were pushed out of the organization – or worse.
    Former worker Gerald Butler was charged- but later avoided a criminal conviction – after accessing and leaking internal Yooralla files that he said showed the organization was failing the victims.

    Assaults and Abuse ‘grossly’ under reported’
    “Vinod Johnny Kumar” had been able to retain his job at Yooralla?- despite two separate reports of abuse in 2011- a sexual assault that was recorded by staff as “sexual harassment”; and an incident where The Monster : Johnny Kumar twisted the nipple of a disabled resident. His brave victim Jules Anderson has launched civil action against Yooralla, an organization she has known amost her entire life.
    Victoria Police Detective Superintendent Rod Jouning , from the Sexual and Family Violence Division said sexual assaults against people with a disability were grossly under-reported.
    “Some predators actually see that vulnerability and they will always target those that are most vulnerable “, he said. ” We’ve got those with a cognitive impairment , that communication can be an issue, … so they think they will get away with this, they sexually offend and that person is incapable of relaying that information on.”
    For Jules, one of the few victims who has achieved justice, its a long path to recovery. Almost a year after The Monster- Johnny Kumar was jailed, she is still haunted by her memories.
    ” I’m still living with it on a regular basis, I still have flashbacks, I still have injuries, skin injuries from my nights terrors that are really hard to be healed,” she said.
    “I feel that they’ve (Yooralla) have let me down, I can’t trust them anymore,” she said.
    “I think it’s important that I speak out now for future people who might be not able to speak or [are]
    to scared to speak out. It’s a pretty horrendous thing to go through .”
    Watch the full report on Four Corners – In Our Care – ABC TV.

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  2. I watched it last night mate, was emotionally upset, it is despicable that and organisation goes out of its way to protect its image and ignores its clients and good employees who raise serious issues. I will do something on this. Good to see the CEO resigned, as he should yesterday!

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  3. Cheers Robbo, It was a really tears and emotional time, angered me so much, I had to write about this Monster Johnny Kumar on Aussie Criminals. I hope he gets maximum exposer for these horrible heartless sex crimes….Even as for a former Prison Officer, I shed some tears for these disabled victims. Just watching those brave Disabled people victims , speak up and telling about what they went through as powerless victims for years, at the hands of this Monster Johnny Kumar. was one of the most confronting real life Four Corners , I have seen, for a while. This Four Corners : In Our Care, should be mandatory viewing to all Adult Parole Boards , god-bothers, prison shrinks and all new and existing defence lawyers, and Judges in their training courses, that feel for the rights of crims, and jump to be crim lovers and help defend and get these types of evil criminals off, or help them plead Guilty to plea bargain and sentence shop for a reduced, softer- discount prison sentence…
    What further angered me was when watch this, is – This coward sex spider- Monster Johnny Kumar at his his Victoria Police record of interview, argued like a bitch that he is, to the specialist sex crimes Detective, like he was above the law, and the victim of a injustice, and had committed no crime!…
    I don’t know what Victorian Prison this piece of turd scum, has been set to for his 18 years. But I hope the inmates give him hell, everyday and every night. And that he has to wear a pair of metal underpants this prison bitch and constantly watch his back, when ever he steps out of his cell !…
    This is a criminal sex offender that should get the old rehabilitation bash with the old black panadol rubber baton!…Some hardened prisoners would certainly like to get their hands on him in jail!… He deserves no mercy, only a hell of a time in prison, for the hell he has put his victims through!… This Johnny Kumar bastard, tormenting his Yooralla victim Jules, by threating to kill her pet bird!… among so many horrible thins to her!…And the modern Prison System has a duty of care to protect these violent sex creeps…
    Hanging would be to quick for this mongrel!… 18 years hard time will be better for the likes of him!…

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