17 December 2014

Prime Minister

Premier of New South Wales


In the aftermath of the horrific Martin Place siege and following the tragic loss of innocent lives, we must learn what we can from this incident and implement any changes necessary at the State and Federal level.

The Commonwealth and New South Wales governments will urgently conduct a review into the Martin Place siege and what lessons can be learned from the events leading up to and surrounding the siege.

As our State and Commonwealth law enforcement and security agencies work together to keep Australia safe, the review will identify important lessons for the future.

The review will examine and make recommendations about a wide range of issues including the circumstances surrounding hostage-taker Man Haron Monis’ arrival in Australia and subsequent granting of asylum and citizenship; what information agencies had about him and how it was shared; and whether relevant national security legislative powers could have been better used.

The Terms of Reference for the review are attached.

As we work to learn what we can from these terrible events, we acknowledge once again the courage and professionalism shown by our law enforcement and security agencies and emergency services.

We are determined to ensure that nothing stands in the way of ensuring the people who put their lives on the line to keep Australia safe can get their job done.

We have asked the Secretary of the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet and the Secretary of the New South Wales Department of Premier and Cabinet to commence the review immediately, drawing on expertise from within our relevant jurisdictions and consulting as necessary with other States and Territories.

The review will report by the end of January 2015.

Martin Place Siege – Terms of Reference

On 17 December 2014 the Prime Minister and Premier of NSW established a review, for consideration by the Commonwealth and NSW Cabinets, of lessons learnt from the Martin Place Siege of 15-16 December 2014.

The aim of the review is to identify lessons for the future: what worked well and what might be improved.

The review will examine and make recommendations in respect of Commonwealth and NSW agencies and the cooperation between them, in relation to:

  • the arrival of Man Haron Monis in Australia and subsequent grant of asylum, permanent residency and Australian citizenship;
  • support received from, or any other interactions Man Haron Monis had with, government social support agencies;
  • information held by Commonwealth and NSW agencies about Man Haron Monis for the period prior to and following his arrival in Australia up until the siege including how any information relevant to public safety was shared between, and used by, agencies;
  • the interaction of Man Haron Monis with the NSW justice system;
  • Man Haron Monis’ access to firearms;
  • whether, how and at what stage relevant national security legislative powers including Control Orders were or could have been used in relation to Man Haron Monis’ activities of security concern;
  • any lessons learnt by the NSW and Australian Federal Police about the handling of the siege;
  • the effectiveness of public communication including coordination of messaging between the Commonwealth, NSW and jurisdictions; and
  • the effectiveness of coordination more generally between the Commonwealth and NSW.

The review will take account of the parallel investigations into the incident including by the NSW State Coroner, and NSW Police and Australian Federal Police.

The review will prepare a report for consideration by the Commonwealth and NSW Cabinets by the end of January 2015.

17 December 2014

12 thoughts on “MARTIN PLACE SIEGE REVIEW-Terms of Reference

  1. They say Monis isn’t a terrorist, he’s just mentally I’ll. of course he is, every terrorist must be or why else would they blindly follow the Quran when it was written so long ago and a lot of it doesn’t apply anymore. The bible has lots of stuff about killing people too, but you don’t see Christians going around killing anyone because of what the bible said 2000 odd years ago. These are different times now; you can never go back, only forward. If you do go back, it’s never the same as it was at the time, and it never works. The problem is the muslim community protecting fanatics, that’s it. Because the fanatics don’t associate with non-Muslims, most of the time, non-Muslims can’t report them. The muslim community is too cloistered and insular. They say they are on our side and don’t agree with the fanatics, but they don’t report anyone. I even heard the muslim lady on the Today show a month or so ago, when Carl mentioned about the muslim community reporting people, she mumbled something about people being afraid of being ostracised or cut out of the muslim community. Well I’m sorry, but that ship has sailed. That’s the attitude that allowed ISIS to flourish in the first place. Time for the muslim community to man up. If they don’t, heaven help us.

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  2. Hey Robbo been trying to make contact for a while Derek at the paper wrote the book on Brenden Abbott told me about u need to talk have something u would like he has my number or let me know if there is another way to get in touch with you. Let me know if get this and bbelieve me u will want to know more. Thanx


  3. Just heard about a new flash face recognition tracking camera which has been installed in Adelaide. Very impressive indeed , it has a range of up to 2 kilometres in high definition digital quality CCTV film footage , signalled straight to a state of the art, starship of monitors , recording and monitored by police in a super control room. We need stacks more of these impressive 360 degree, zoom, face recognition CCTV’s , to help monitor and detect the unknown dangerous creeps and scum bags, creeping all round our streets!… All parolee and serious crime committing criminals , should have a mandatory chip embedded in them when on bail, parole or just freed from prison, for these cameras to instantly track them. If people are not doing anything wrong then their not going to bother anyone, only the guilty!… And guess what, who are knocking it already , the Civil Liberty dickheads, of course as usual!…
    Anyway look up YAHOO! 7 NEWS.
    ‘High tech security camera trial.’


  4. “Howard hits back at senator’s gun law call.”
    The father of Australian gun control says its simplistic and flawed to believe weaker gun laws could have prevented the Martin Place Siege.

    But John Howard says he’s not looking to get into a debate with the crossbencher senator , David Leyonhjelm , who blamed tight gun controls for creating “a nation of victims” .
    Senator Leyonhjelm is calling for the laws to be watered down, saying the deadly siege in the Lindt café wouldn’t have happened if patrons could have had concealed weapons.

    “That nutcase who held them all hostage wouldn’t have known that they were armed and bad guys don’t like to be shot back at”, he said.

    Café hostages Tori Johnson and Katrina Dawson were reportedly shot by Man Haron Monis moments before police stormed the shop and killed the gunman.

    “It would have been illegal for them to have a knife, a stick , a pepper spray, a personal Taser, mace, anything like that for self defence,” said Senator Leyonhjelm.

    “To turn an entire population into a nation of victims is just unforgivable”.

    But former Prime Minister Howard remains certain the laws he enacted after the Port Arthur massacre had made Australia safer.
    ” Its just an exercise in logic to understand that the more guns there are in the community, the greater the likelihood of mass murder “, he told ABC radio.

    Senator Leyonhjelm quit the Liberal Party in disgust at the 1996 laws, and has also been a member of the Shooters Party.

    Mr Howard said the Liberal Democrat’s stance was “a very simplistic and flawed analysis”
    “Its very important in the wake of that terrible event for us to keep calm and understand what the right responses are, ” he said.
    “I don’t think a right response is to make guns more freely available in the community.”

    Gun control expert Philip Alpers , from the University of Sydney , said the U.S. was suffering from a epidemic of gun deaths . By contrast, the rate in Australia had halved since laws were toughened.

    Current political leaders have also criticised the senator.
    NSW Premier Mike Baird had one word for Senator Leyonhjelm : “Wrong”.
    “That is outrageous, ” he said.
    “I couldn’t think of a (more) inappropriate comment than that.”

    Both Attorney- General George Brandis and Opposition Leader Bill Shorten said the question wasn’t whether laws were tough enough but if they were being properly enforced.

    Senator Brandis said it appeared the type of gun Monis used was banned under the 1996 laws, although he cautioned the need to wait for the full investigation to be sure.

    “If the weapon he had indeed was a banned weapon, then there’s only one way he could have got that weapon and that is illegally,” he told ABC radio.

    Mr Shorten couldn’t see how putting more guns in the community would make Australians safer.

    Senator Leyonhjelm has taken to Twitter to defend his comments, calling his critics “hoplophopes” – afraid of guns.
    “In which being killed by a lunatic is preferred to having the means to save your own life,” he tweeted.


  5. I’m in the Philippines where there’s said to be over 2m unregistered guns. The gun of choice here is a .45 if it hits you u’r dead. every day there’s murders here, The problem is the Philippines was under American rule they bought their gun culture with them and it’s stayed. the people are crying out for gun control cos it’s out of control. No, don’t relax them, I know there’s no answer to it, but trust me u don’t want every house having a gun, have a disagreement with somebody at the local pub he pulls a pistol from his belt and shoots u and all witnesses. Think about that cos that’s the reality.


  6. Perhaps The Prime Minister and all his politicians including the Opposition leaders and Premiers , if they are so against , the right to bear arms, like a concealed pistol for self defence and protection, they will then order the immediate disarming of all their security and body guards, they take every where with them. If they feel so safe, and firearms for protection are not needed. Also the 1996 strict gun control laws after the Martin Bryant and Juilian Knight massacres only punished the average responsible and honest recreational shooter and genuine firearm, rifle and pistol collectors. While the criminals and nutcases were as usual still with ease able to obtain illegal prohibited weapons from smuggled and black market criminal suppliers!… Take for example all the many convenience and petrol station and small business that are almost daily , every week, being held up by a dangerous ratbag hooded nutter, doing a Armed Robbery on soft targets. If these same soft target, had the right to carry arms for self protection, then criminals, might not be so confident to pick on these easy targets to rob and threaten, knowing full well that no one in the community is aloud to have a firearm for their business or home protection. But the crims, well they have no laws, when it comes to obtaining and using firearms. Only we the powerless citizens don’t have any form of armed protection to frighten off the gutless coward criminals!… ‘Guns don’t kill people- People kill people’!… Charles Heston -Right to bear arms-The 2nd Amendment Bill of Rights- & STEVEN SEAGAL on GUN RIGHTS ! MUST WATCH. ‘Bruce Willis speaks out about gun control.’ THE EXECUTIVE :Obama’s Real Reason He Wants Your Guns(Full Documentary)- – “Clint Eastwood in Grand Torino, “Shut you’re f***** face -you don’t listen, take care now !” and Dirty Harry do you feel lucky punk” !!!…


  7. If any body in Australian has a criminal record, especially for any violence, then they can not ever again legally obtain a firearm, no exceptions. If any citizen has not committed a criminal offence and is of good character and a clean record, then they should be legally allowed to buy, and own a firearm,, including a pistol for collecting , or recreational sporting , hunting or for home or business self protection. And at all time carry a permit or firearm licence on them for inspection, just like a car licence. This right can be taken away by police on the spot if they see fit, that this person is no longer suitable to possess , carry or own any firearm. And Australian Police already use this power on gun control. Australian police at any time can search a person, their vehicle or enter their home or property or premises for inspection , to ensure their firearms are properly secured and locked away safely , when not in use!.. Criminals have not and do not have to abide by strict gun control laws, only the law abiding citizens.
    Disarming the honest law abiding citizens , does not prevent heinous gun crime. Criminals and people of insane character have and still can, with the right contact, obtain illegal firearms for use in drive by shootings and armed robbery, murder and so on. Toughening up the gun laws in Australia, only punished the law abiding citizen , recreational shooter and gun collector. Why the Outlaw Motorcycle gangs, Drug Dealers and every radical hoodlums, had and still do have no problem obtaining any weapon. If their got the cash, then some shady criminal and the black market will get them the gun and ammunition. Even on the ‘Darkweb’ of the internet, guns for sale. Gun Control, does not stop criminals and nut case obtaining any firearms or ammunition. And some criminals can even manufacture their own custom made firearms, for use in criminal activity!…
    An increase in violent gun related crime, is not reduced, just because the government toughen up on the ordinary honest citizens right to own firearms. Further to this government argument that tough gun laws reduce terrorism and crime , then look at The Taliban, and Islamic State ISIS Terrorist and Mexican Drug lords they have more selection of all types automatic pistols and AK-47- M 16- Steya machine guns, bazookas , mortars and explosives and mines and seized allied military weapons, than ever before, despite more than 10 years of allied wars to disarm them in Afghanistan and Iraq!…


  8. Im sick of hearing in this country of how there will be a reveiw on why a misfit in society was able to commit such a crime its all a too late after the horse has bolted 2 people have died, families are destroyed by it forever, the hostages lives are damaged and traumatised forever but oh hang on the state and federal government will take a look and see how we can learn from this in the future!

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  9. It is just a tragic unforgivable shame though that the NSW Courts didn’t refuse both AMIRAH DROUDAS and MAN HARON MONIS, before they planned this terrorist attack, hostage murder.
    It ha sbeen said, that 16000,followers were on this AMIRAH DROUDAS , Facebook page and another site, of terrorist followers?…Yet they were both still on bail?… The courts excuse is that AMIRAH DROUDAS was on bail under some 1970,s bail order, and if the new stricter bail act had of been in place before the hostage murder, they both would have been refuse bail for the murder of now about to be used by NSW Courts

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  10. One think I do find very concerning is that Sheik Mans Haron Monis and Amirah Droudas, had 16000 followers on their ISIS- Islamic State radical Terror Group ramblings Facebook pages. I would be interested to read what these lunatics had to say on facebook and the other home grown terrorist comment sites, they also had followers on?… They have all been removed. There would have been some very disturbing horrible threats and comments on this Monis’s and Droudas,s facebook pages… Probably better we don’t know what was on them or what they are or were planning to do!… I hope ASIO is right on the ball to any other Islamic radical lunatic followers , that are supporters to Sheik Monis and his dangerous new girlfriend Droudas!… No one has come forward to claim his body for burial, but that does not mean the intelligence authorities should not still be concerned on who these followers were. These terrorists work in strange ways. And Sydney and other places in Australia still have many of these nutcases that are ISIS Followere, both still free and inside the jails. The police raids and intelligence on them all must continue, as well as close monitoring of them in jail. They need to be closely watched as all potential terrorist, so they cannot plan or do any more harm to innocent Australian people!…
    Every Australian Court has to be more careful who they now let out on bail. They will soon have their new bail laws, so better start using them accordingly !… This hostage murder must be the new standard to what terrorist are now have the capacity to commit now in Australia.

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