May the New Year in 2015 be a safer and less tragic one!


One the last day of the year I would like to wish everybody who had dropped by this site for any reason all the best for the new year and say thank you.

Without your participation there is no aussicriminals website.

I also implore those who are finding it tough, are lonely or at their wit’s end to PLEASE seek help, reach out if you know of someone who may need a hand. Families and especially children are TOO precious to pay the price for another’s despair.

I ask those that have come and gone, think about popping your head back in and reconnecting, your input over a long time has always been appreciated although sometimes not shown.

Stay safe tonight if out and about and do not forgot the ‘other” family members, our little dogs and cats who get petrified with stress and anxiety with fireworks etc. Keep them safe and injury free. Also have their collars on even in your own home. They can and do escape and might be hard to identify after their amazing escape!



16 thoughts on “May the New Year in 2015 be a safer and less tragic one!

  1. Cheers Robbo.

    We had one big win in 2014 .. justice was served up to GBC big time!! 😊

    I’ll always remember our discussions and following of the case on here … thanks for that.

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  2. Be good and treat life as precious .
    If your greedy and a bad egg, we will be seeing you on this web site.
    Take note all so called elected officials and others eating out of the trough.

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  3. Happy New Year for 2015, to Robbo, Serendipity , your site just keeps getting better each year at exposing all the endless evils in our society. Enjoy all the fireworks, celebrating our peace and prosperity in Aussie the best country on earth, well most of the time, the lucky country. Also Cheers and Happy New Year to all the rest of the Aussie Criminals community…

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  4. Thanks Former, if not for contributions like yours, and other folks who care, well what would it say about us all! WE might not always agree but we give a damn about what happens around us! cheers

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  5. Hoping everyone has had a great New Year and is looking forward to 2015. I always feel like its a time for renewal and reflection, and lots of us have big expectations of what a new year will bring. Sometimes I approach with caution though, as not all years are good ones!! But trying to be positive……wishing the very best to you all and hoping to chat here all through the coming year, its really interesting to hear everyone’s point of view and I really love the site keeping us all up to date with whats happening is a big task, so thanks to Robbo. Wishing everyone the best for 2015, may lots of dreams come true.


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