Do you know this guy? victim snapped him allegedly flashing at Melbourne’s Sandringham beach

Sleazy disgusting snake bellies like these need to be weeded out exposed and jailed. Only then will the have the slightest chance to help themselves. Contact police anywhere any time or call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000. He has to be known and dobbing him in does not mean you need to be exposed as a family member, workmate or otherwise…Regards Robbo

Victim takes photo of alleged flasher at Melbourne’s Sandringham beach

Mon 12 Jan 2015, 6:38pm

A woman who was allegedly indecently assaulted by a flasher at Sandringham beach, in Melbourne’s south-east, has managed to take a photo of her attacker.

The woman, aged in her 40s, was walking her dog along the foreshore path earlier this month when she was approached by a man wearing a towel.

Police said he exposed himself to the woman before indecently assaulting her.

Detective acting inspector Brad Daly said she managed to take a photo of her attacker before he was disturbed by a passersby and fled.

“I’m sure she was very stressed but she was cool enough to take a photo of him,” he said.

It is believed he may have left the area in a silver hatchback.

Police have released the photo taken by the woman as part of an appeal for help.

Anyone with information can contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

23 thoughts on “Do you know this guy? victim snapped him allegedly flashing at Melbourne’s Sandringham beach

  1. To anyone who recognises the above face:
    If you know him or recognise him do NOT hesitate or question what to do. It could be you so contact police immediately. They will respect anonymity.
    Conversely, contact Robbo, here.

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  2. What is annoying, is how many of these stalkers, Paedophiles- Flashers- Abductor’s or possible rapists already have known about form, that is a prior criminal record for being flashers up to even more serious back grounds as sexual offenders. The way the justice system is protecting their identity and where the reside, or hang out is failing the communities safety. If they have a prior record, then they should have to wear a detention bracelet, which can track their whereabouts any “time, day or night.” The Department of Justice have this strict monitoring technology at their disposal, but the courts or magistrates, etc- are not enforcing the use of these effective ankle monitoring bracelets on these persons of interest stalking and watching predator creeps!… They are to well protected, with their criminal rights to privacy!… As these filth have more legal rights than their potential victims rights to safety and protection !… These filthy sly creeps should be far too afraid to be seen in public places, and be constantly having to watch their back and over their shoulder, – but this is not the case, thanks to our soft option courts!… If they are on a sex register its not working in the publics or communities protection of being offended by these low- lives!… In my opinion, any predator with a past criminal record, of sex offending – should have sex offender, tattooed on his forehead, and have to wear a high visibility clothing with “REGISTERED SEX OFFENDER” written on it. For all to see!… If the Rock Spider – Crim doesn’t like this, then bloody tough, he or she can stay at home in their spider hole ‘cave hideout’ – with a tracking detention bracelet attachment as company!… And at the very minimum have a 24/7, surveillance monitored tracking bracelet attached to the prior offender, and their phone monitoring box, direct linked to have them report as required into their nearest Police station on the hour, every hour. This has been done to criminal offenders on the watch list and parolees, but is not done enough to many person of interest known offenders!… Stuff the maggots. Stuff their privacy and protection legal rights!… Its time to crack down hard on them all, just like the Terrorists!… The Justice and Corrections Victoria – Department of Justice , can do this, but the are not being serious enough on all these many protected and new alias named perverted creeps they care about!… The Police do the hard yards – investigate – track them down , arrest them, try their to get them locked away in jail for a very long time and the slack courts and caring criminal defence lawyers and Adult Parole Board, set their clients free again!… And through the revolving door , off they go back into the community, – free again to reoffend and reoffend they do again and again.
    If this above offending perpetrator has no past police or prison record, fair enough, he has to be identified and caught as soon as possible. But if he is all ready known , or a person of interest by the Justice Department or Adult Parole Board or Corrections Victoria, or the courts, then they are all letting the public down, with their secrecy, by letting this mongrel to freely unchecked or monitored to be out in public areas, free to do as he well pleases, looking for victims to do what ever he has in mind next!…

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      • Hi Former – Good to see you. I agree with what you say.
        Pretty ridiculous, something’s wired wrong when some creep flashes it, in public at that.
        When I was a child I went to a local beach and I was swimming on the foreshore. I sensed, as one does, that I was not alone although the beach was deserted. I looked way up to the cliff tops and there hunched among the pine trees on the cliff face was one Teddy Rosevear, who was attending to his mighty pleasures. I ran all the way home and told Mum, who, to my knowledge did nothing. Knowing her she would have relinquished her rights and power as one – especially a woman, I suppose – did back then, although having said that she might have spoken to his mother or the authorities without my knowledge.
        I remember this male running along the streets naked, flashing it although I didn’t anything except his naked torso from a distance.
        I believe he was locked up at Ararat? although I never heard of charges being laid. If not then why not?
        If it’s good enough to exonerate someone after their death it’s good enough to hang the paedophiles after their death too. I believe there is actually NO CURE, for paedophilia?
        I have noticed that a paedophile is a sort of borderline human who is just barely clever enough, sharp enough to put on a mask and half-fool others, but does not or rather cannot, change his actual urges and intent, and must at some point in time burst forth and continue his exploits on vulnerable persons.
        If there is no cure then it is society’s ulcer. It cannot ever be healed. Nor can the victims.
        So many tragic examples of lives ruined, that are no more.
        We must never forget. Never condone.

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  3. I believe in the presumption of innocence and protecting those who have had the misfortune of being in the wrong place at the wrong time, but if a person has been proven, without a shadow of a doubt to be guilty of an offence against the young and innocent, l will be the first person to tighten the noose! The Judicial system certainly needs a major shake up, and the only way this is going to happen, is to continue to he vocal about it!!
    Antonella (mother of three)

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    • Antonella
      I agree.
      However, there is a margin in which the innocent have been found guilty and/or have been portrayed as guilty.
      The dilemma.


  4. It is fantastic that victims can take photos of these idiots, which should reduce the time it takes to identify them. Thats a big advance on the olden days where someone had to draw a picture based on what you saw. Hope they are suitably named and shamed!

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  5. He wouldnt have got to first base my dog would rip his leg apart, give him enough time and it would be something else. My opinion is if I didnt have a dog Id never walk. Good move on the womans part for getting a photo.

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  6. If he goes before the beak – Ms Deputy Chief Magistrate Jelena Popovic, she probably let him out on bail, or even let him off, just like years ago she let off a Drug Trafficker, then went down into the dock and hugged him and wished him all the best for his future!… As her judgement was very slack to that Khoda Moustafa Taha, charged with sending tweets to Victoria Police, with the chilling message:
    “I’m going to hurt your officers”. – Running Twitter accounts on which is posted material supporting ‘Islamic State Terrorists. Suspected of bashing his own mother and of attacking his former boss with a hammer – using a carriage service to menace , harass or cause offence to Victoria Police. Threating to kill : Possessing ammunition : Three counts of possessing a prohibited weapon, three swords: Possessing evidenced Terrorist Sympathies by a al-Qaeda Flag and Islamic State- ISIS Insignia : Possessing Child Exploitation material. Possessing property suspected of being the proceeds of crime : Criminal damage and Unlawful assault with a weapon.
    But Deputy Chief Magistrate Jelena Popovic , See’s no evil in him – and grants him bail, saying:
    “We live in heightened times and everyone is very concerned about this kind of behaviour . I’ve taken a view, on balance , that any risk can be fixed by the (bail) conditions.”
    These bail conditions include counselling , daily reporting to police, staying off social media and living with his brother. The new Labour Government Attorney- General Martin Pakula said he could not comment on details of a case before the courts, but he had asked the “Department of Justice ” to look at the specifics of this case to inform the Government whether there are any gaps in the current law”.
    “Victoria Police “, have said an appeal was being considered against the Deputy Chief Magistrates decision to bail a man accused of being a known ‘Terrorist Sympathiser’ and wants the State Government to order a review of bail laws : And Victoria Police is still considering its options.
    The Shadow Attorney- General John Pesutto said he was “deeply troubled” and that bail laws must ensure that the community safety is paramount called for the Government to immediately investigate. The past three weeks , and the history of terrorist activity over the past 15 years, make it clear that we cannot afford to miss any threats of this nature. Tragically, it’s becoming impossible to distinguish between threats that are real and those so absurd and unhinged that they are unlikely to ever come to pass. The hard truth is that all alleged terrorist threats must now be taken seriously. So it’s in this context that all Victorians would be especially concerned if alleged offenders who have preached terrorist inspired messages , were allowed to walk free on bail by a Magistrate and continue to live in our communities. This is all the more so in a heightened security environment . We’ve learnt the hard way, from the tragic Sydney siege to the horrifying events in Paris, that threats that appear to authorities to be the wild and irrational ranting’s of inconsequential adherents of a hateful ideology, can materialise suddenly with full , merciless and heartbreaking force, like the alleged lone wolf Terrorist siege and murders by self-styled Sheik Man Haron Monis and his new partner, also not considered an unacceptable risk! – And whose bail decisions were also allowed to be , leniently freed on bail by a Courts, with out risk assessment by the NSW- Court Magistrate, not putting the public safety first!… Man Haron Monis, was not considered dangerous enough to be granted bail. He had met with a known Leader of Extremist Group – Hizb ut- Tahrir and being an accessory to murder with his partner bragging social media terrorist – Amirah Droudis, yet was allowed back on the streets by the lenient NSW Magistrates Court, in circumstances that are still far from clear?… But able to with ease- gain access to a deadly firearm and ammunition and plan , stakeout and carry out with military precession and taunt demands to the media, while on bail and become a deadly mass hostage – seize taking- gunman in circumstances just like in the Paris, terrorist persons of interest and known Terror suspected men and woman who murdered for the Islamic State and al-Qaeda martyrdom,
    Mr Khoda Moustafa Taha is said to have told police that a bullet found at his home was from a hunting trip 10 years ago, and that two of the three swords were legally imported from Bali, while the other sword was a gift.
    Police have not charged him over any assault on his mother. He was bailed to face the court again on January 22 2015.

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  7. I currently have a serious court case before a Victorian Court as a one punch hit assault victim, or should I say multiple inflicted punches and kicks to the head, that I received trying to defend myself at my own home by a angry alcohol and low-life drug ice addict junkie. I had didn’t have time to use a mobile phone camera on this violent perpetrator and if I did, he would of reacted by stealing the phone from me after the attack, like he did by, smashing my eye glasses.
    It is good we have the means now, to easy photo graph a crime taking place, or to help identify a criminal perpetrator with a mobile phone camera. But if the offender is violent and dangerous, it could cause further deadly retaliation by the offender trying to escape from the scene of his crime, and not wanting to be identified by his victim. This has been my experience, so I would be a bit hesitant in future, about rushing to take a photo of the perpetrator. I guess it’s a risk the victim or witness to a serious crime has to take, to help the police, find their suspect, use their mobile phone camera, but it can have it pro’s and con’s in regard to safety at a crime scene, and the risk of easy identification of an offender, at the cost of being further attacked by him, because he doesn’t want the victim to identify him or report his photo to the police. I guess being a victim of violent crime, being two serious assaults , has made me more wary of how violent criminals can react at a crime scene!…

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  8. Magistrate Popovic is putting public safety at risk by her error of judgement if all hell breaks loose with this ticking timebomb Koda Moustafa she and her sidekicks should be held responsible but in reality she will turn her yellow back and hide. Magistrate Joan Bapta whatever her frigin name is was responsible for giving that filthy Droudas bitch bail. Bugger bail conditions for these arseholes dont these idiots know they are dangerous what are they dumb fakes the justice system in this country is behind the times its so screwed and corrupt. Its NOT WORKING we know it and they know it but the difference is THEY DONT CARE. Two innocent lives were lost before christmas in Sydney because of one arsehole this arsehole was free to do whatever the fuck he liked because do gooder fuckwits responsible allowed him to. Someone has to be accountable but no bastard is because this countrys judicial system is a mess an absolute shambles as well as corrections victoria, the parole board, the department of childrens services etc, the list is endless. The police nab these bastards and then they get bail I wonder if the cops are frustrated and angry at that they need a good pistol whipping around the head in a dark corner with no cameras.

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  9. For those on Aussie Criminals that follow outside of the State of Victoria, and have never heard of our Deputy Chief Magistrate Jelena Popovic, – Churchill Fellowship 2011 – Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Laws- Monash University 1978 and Master of Law- Melbourne University2007, and judicial member of The Adult Parole Board since 1997.- Specialises in Law and Justice. A strong supporter of therapeutic jurisprudence, meaning attention must be paid to basic principles of justice to ensure the rights of courts participants are not eroded”. ” That we are not trampling on the rights of court users.” (Popovic,2006) . She’s a Pro-defence the Police Prosecuters say, a do-gooder towards helping perpetrators very big on rehabilitation. Please read the following below on Google!…
    Parole Board Revealed –
    :Jelena Popovic/Here She Is – Interested in Social Justice issues and how it impacts on defendants. Criminal Justice Diversion Program.
    :Bolt vs Popovic in the in the High Court. Magistrate Jelena Popovic was awarded $246,000.
    Melbourne Magistrates Court/Aussie Criminals and Crooks- ICE dealers could post bail at anytime.
    :Middle Park gas explosion: Magistrate throws out case…
    :PM questions magistrate’s ‘common sense’ over Taha bail…
    :Jill Meagher’s accused killer appears in Melbourne Magistrate Court.
    :Alleged killer faces Meagher family.
    :Courts v media – a never- ending power struggle.
    :Women Offenders Conference Penny Armitage and Jelena Popovic.
    :The court of Jelena Popovic is in session- She hugged two drug traffickers. -2002.
    And mush so much more to read about The Chief Magistrate and Judicial member of The Adult Parole Board of Victoria, since 1997.


  10. This the reason the most senior justices of the Scales of Justice – Australian Courts climbed their way through the ranks from a background of defending notorious criminals and they feel more sorry for the rights and social justice of the accused, and less compassion for the innocent victims.
    One only has to go back to the 1970,s with Frank Galbally, the best criminal defence lawyer in Australia and Victoria. And Top QC Robert Richter. And There is Justice Frank Vincent , served as a Judge of the Supreme Court for 16 years and 8 years as a Judge of Appeal and for 17 years, the Chairman of the Victorian Adult Parole Board in the 1980’s AND 1990’s, he was the closest thing, I ever saw to god , when – his honour – importance entered through the gates of H.M.Pentridge Prison. What a sight he was, big Judge Frank Vincent with the rest of the members of The Victorian Adult Parole Board.
    ; READ
    Smart Justice Australia – News & Media – Nov 18 2014.
    :Top QC Robert Richter to help Hoddle street Killer Juilian Knight.
    :Robert Richter ( Lawyer ) – Wikipedia.
    :Professor Robert Richter/ Victoria University/Melbourne.
    :Galbally’s lore – General – In Depth – the
    :Naked City: John Coldery and Judge Frank Vincent are long time partners in fighting crime.
    :Mr Murder – judge Frank Vincent – has retired / Herald Sun.
    :The Hon Frank Vincent , AO QC awarded Honorary Degree.
    :Retired judge appointed to abuse inquiry team – ABC News.
    :Evan Whitton The Cartel:29 -Ninian Stephen’s Middle of Road exclusionary Rule Australia – The Cartel – Lawyers and Their Nine Magic tricks.
    :Justice Frank Vincent – Kangaroo Court of Australia.
    :Out of touch and not very bright : Frank Vincent’s verdict on judges.
    :Homicide Law Reform, Gender and Provocation Defence :Mr murder- Justice frank Vincent, 2000.
    ;Chopper Unchopped – Mark Brandon “Chopper” Read – A POEM to Justice Frank Vincent who was chairman of the Parole Board.
    :[PDF] 50 Years in the Law – Victorian Bar.
    The Frankston Serial Killer – Justice Frank Vincent – Google Books Result.

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