Artist and wife of embassy official Jane Hardy, Vytas Kapociunas allegedly molested child

After months and months of diplomatic bullshit at our expense, this sick pervert is going down.A sleazy “Artist” again, happened to be married to an Aussie diplomat. So what happens, Harm minimisation of course to the image…Fuck that…read on

Husband of Australian diplomat to stand trial on child sex offences

January 15, 2015 – 11:30AM

Courts reporter for The Canberra Times.

Vytas Bronius Kapociunas with his wife and former ambassador to Spain Jane Hardy.Vytas Bronius Kapociunas with his wife and former ambassador to Spain Jane Hardy. Photo: Facebook

The husband of a top Australian diplomat accused of molesting a child while overseas has been committed to stand trial.

Vytas Bronius Kapociunas, 71, maintained pleas of not guilty to three charges of sexual intercourse with a child outside Australia when he appeared in the ACT Magistrates Court on Thursday.

The offences are alleged to have occurred overseas, but are before the ACT courts as the charges fall under Commonwealth law.

Chief Magistrate Lorraine Walker on Thursday committed him to stand trial in the ACT Supreme Court.

Kapociunas was arrested at Canberra Airport in September last year.

Court documents said the allegation surfaced after the girl told her mother that the artist kept kissing her.

When questioned further, the girl allegedly said he “kisses me on the lips, and here,” pointing at her groin.

The mother reported the conversation to the Australian Federal Police.

Kapociunas, in a police interview, allegedly acknowledged he had had physical contact with the girl that included kissing in greeting and farewelling, piggy-back rides, and blowing raspberries on her belly button.

But he denied abusing the girl.

He was originally charged with one count of child sex and first appeared in court in October.

Two additional charges were laid in December.

The painter and sculptor is married to top Australian diplomat, Jane Hardy, who, in November, ceased her role as Australia’s ambassador to Spain and returned home almost two years into a three-year appointment.

Ms Hardy’s identity and diplomatic position were previously subject to a court suppression order, but that has now been lifted.

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade have emphasised that “no allegations of inappropriate or illegal behaviour” have been made against Ms Hardy.

Lithuanian-born Kapociunas studied art in South Australian and lived Spain, France and Britain before he wed Ms Hardy in 1982.

He has since accompanied her on diplomatic postings to Malaysia, South Korean, the United States, and Spain .

He work has been exhibited at the Australian embassy in Washington.

On Thursday, Ms Walker continued the defendants bail, but added the condition that he notify the court if he changes address.

The case will appear in the Supreme Court for directions next month.


Australian diplomat returned from posting after husband charged over child-sex allegations

January 14, 2015 – 4:31PM

Vytas Bronius Kapociunas with his wife and former ambassador to Spain Jane Hardy.Vytas Bronius Kapociunas with his wife and former ambassador to Spain Jane Hardy. Photo: Facebook

One of Australia’s top diplomats has returned early from an overseas posting after her spouse was arrested and charged with child sex offences. 

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade has confirmed that Jane Hardy ceased duty as Australia’s ambassador to Spain on November 3, 2014, less than two years into what would normally be a three-year appointment.

A DFAT spokesperson declined to answer Fairfax Media questions about the precise circumstances leading to the ambassador’s return to Australia, only saying Ms Hardy “returned by mutual agreement with the department.”

Charged: Vytas Bronius Kapociunas, 71, is accused of child sex offences.

Charged: Vytas Bronius Kapociunas, 71, is accused of child sex offences.

However it is a matter of public record that the Australian Federal Police arrested Ms Hardy’s husband, artist Vytas Kapociunas, on September 20, 2014, in relation to an allegation of sexual intercourse with a child outside Australia. 

Mr Kapociunas, now aged 71, appeared before the ACT Magistrates Court in Canberra on October 3 in relation to one charge of sexual intercourse with a child outside of Australia. Two additional charges of sexual intercourse with a child outside of Australia were laid against Mr Kapociunas in December. He has pleaded not guilty to all three charges. 

The sculptor and painter first came to police attention after the girl told her mother that she had a secret to tell her.

“I need to tell you a secret,” the child said, according to court documents. “I think Vytas really likes me, because he keeps kissing me.”

The AFP say the mother questioned her daughter further, and the girl allegedly said: “He kisses me on the lips, and here,” pointing to her groin.

The mother contacted the AFP who opened an investigation and interviewed the girl.

Mr Kapociunas was informed of the allegations on September 17 and was met by AFP officers at Canberra Airport three days later.  He agreed to an interview in which, according to police, he acknowledged he had met the girl three times and had physical contact with her including kissing.  However he denied he had committed any child sex offences, saying he was “unsure” why the girl would say such things. He was then arrested. 

Born in Lithuania in 1943, Mr Kapociunas studied at the South Australian School of Art and spent his early post-graduate years in Spain, France and Britain . He married Ms Hardy in 1982 and accompanied her on diplomatic postings to Kuala Lumpur, Seoul, Washington DC and most recently Madrid.  In 2008 his sculpture Passage through Fire was exhibited at the Australian embassy in Washington.

Ms Hardy’s identity and position were subject to a temporary court suppression order, now no longer in force. not anymore

DFAT has emphasised that “no allegations of inappropriate or illegal behaviour” have been made against Ms Hardy who assumed duty as ambassador to Spain in January 2013.

“Ms Hardy performed creditably in her role in Spain and, following her return, has taken up a suitably senior position in Canberra,” a departmental spokesperson said.

DFAT’s organisation chart shows Ms Hardy is now in charge of the department’s arms control and counter-proliferation branch.

Her executive assistant told Fairfax Media she is not currently in Canberra and cannot be contacted.

A new ambassador to Spain has not yet been appointed.

Mr Kapociunas’s solicitor, Chloe Preston, declined to comment. His case is listed for a further procedural hearing in the Magistrates Court on January 15.


Artist pleads not guilty to child sex offences allegedly linked to overseas Australian embassy

December 4, 2014

Reporter for The Canberra Times.

An Australian artist has been accused of two more sexual offences against a child connected to an overseas Australian embassy.

Sculptor and painter Vytas Bronius Kapociunas, 70, is facing the ACT Magistrates Court, accused of molesting a child overseas.

He was charged on Thursday with two additional offences of sexual intercourse with a minor outside of Australia, meaning he is now charged with three offences.

Kapociunas, represented by lawyer Chloe Preston, has pleaded not guilty to all charges.

He first came to police attention when his alleged victim told her mother she had a secret.

“I need to tell you a secret,” the girl allegedly said.

“I think Vytas really likes me, because he keeps kissing me.”

She also allegedly told her mother:

“He kisses me on the lips and here”, pointing to her groin.

Police went to meet Kapociunas at Canberra Airport earlier this year and he agreed to an interview, court documents suggest.

He told police he had no idea why the girl had been saying such things. Kapociunas denied her allegations.

He was arrested and initially charged with a single count of having sexual intercourse with a child outside Australia, which is a Commonwealth offence.

The artist allegedly told police he piggy-backed the girl, blew raspberries on her belly button, and that she kissed him on the lips when saying hello and goodbye.

The case was adjourned by Magistrate Robert Cook until January.


Artist Vytas Kapociunas allegedly molested child linked to overseas embassy

October 17, 2014

Christopher Knaus

An Australian artist has been accused of molesting a child connected to an overseas embassy.

Well-known sculptor and painter Vytas Bronius Kapociunas, 70, was arrested earlier this year after a young girl at an Australian embassy alleged he sexually assaulted her.

Kapociunas, who is fighting the allegation, first came to police attention after the girl told her mother that she had a secret to tell her.

“I need to tell you a secret,” the girl said, according to court documents. “I think Vytas really likes me, because he keeps kissing me.”

Police say the mother questioned her daughter further, and the girl said:

“He kisses me on the lips, and here”, pointing to her groin.

The offence is alleged to have occurred overseas, but is now being prosecuted in the ACT under Commonwealth law.

The mother called the Australian Federal Police, who began investigating, and went to meet Kapociunas at Canberra Airport last month.

He agreed to an interview and denied the allegations, claiming he had no idea why the girl would say such things.

Police arrested the artist, and he is currently before the ACT Magistrates Court on one charge of sexual intercourse with a child outside Australia, an offence under the Commonwealth Criminal Code.

He appeared before Magistrate Peter Morrison on Friday morning, and pleas of not guilty were entered on his behalf.

The artist told police during an interview that he had piggy-backed the victim and blown raspberries on her belly button, and that she kissed him on the lips when saying hello and goodbye.

But he denied to police that he had committed any child sex offences.

The court heard on Friday the brief of evidence against him was mostly prepared, and the case was adjourned until December. 

Kapociunas is an artist who has worked across Australia and the world, and studied and taught in South Australia.

He has also studied at the University of Canberra, according to his earlier news reports, and has written children’s books.


19 thoughts on “Artist and wife of embassy official Jane Hardy, Vytas Kapociunas allegedly molested child

  1. There are plenty of genuine targets that you can aim at.
    Attacking Vytas Bronius Kapociunas when the charges are unproven, and dubious
    destroys your credibility.

    If you want criminals to go after, there is no end of them.

    I can name a long list of the most vile criminals who have not been convicted but do not deny the allegations and who have total immunity from prosecution.

    I would suggest you take down your incredibly defamatory unproven allegations regarding Vytas Bronius Kapociunas.

    Ottawa Mens Centre


    • Genuine? This mongrel has been fighting behind the scenes like he has some extra protection. What the hell are you talking about? You must VERY WELL know all the behind the scenes attempts to bury this deep down somewhere and it is NOT going to happen.


    • Also if you have a long list like you say send it to me. (Actually and the cops, the papers, any and all media if need be) My site , name and email are freely available.I’m awaiting your non existent list…I am wary but give you the benefit of the doubt seeing you are from Canada. Not sure about your site, half the pages have 404 errors as well ( I do research)


  2. Robbo,
    Congratulations on your research, except you don’t do enough of it before you go on the offensive. If you are going to claim that he is fighting behind the scenes, as proof of his guilt, that is just pure madness. If you were facing the same false allegations would you not be doing your best in front of or behind the scenes?

    The allegations against Vytas Bronius Kapociunas are typical of those that are thrown out and which from the get go, have a next to zero probability of a conviction. When the police lay such charges lacking in evidence, it wastes resources that should be applied to cases where they have plenty of evidence, a good probability of a conviction etc.

    When you after “Criminals” make sure you spend time going after those who make “false allegations”, who “fabricate evidence”, the corrupt rotten cops, the Judges who fabricate personally, prosecutors who charge the victims for corrupt reasons.

    And that is an outline of the kind of stories that you should consider including.

    Sorry about the bad links, we run on volunteers and links are fixed when we know about them. Some stories are taken down when its the most appropriate response and in particular, if we suspect that there could be an error.

    Now, sent you a phone number for you to call and did not hear from you.

    Ottawa Mens Centre


    • How do you go after those who make false allegations (source/smear campaign) , CAS and OPS who uses false allegations (fabricating evidence) and omissions covering up any information putting them in hot water?


  3. Robbo,
    Its now three days since you were told that your labeling of this news item under the heading of pedophiles, was defamatory in the extreme.

    Now I understand that you spent some four years in the pen and I don’t know what for but, if you have spent that time in jail, one would think that you would have or should have or even could have some empathy and or compassion for those who are falsely accused of the most terrible crimes especially those of false allegations against children.

    Now, I offered to speak with you, gave you a number and you did not take me up on it. That’s disturbing. This is a very serious matter where you are unfairly, improperly, defaming a man when there is apparently no credible evidence that would lead anyone interested in crime and justice to conclude that this has a snowflakes chance in hell of ever ending up in a conviction.

    As I said, there are lots, plenty of convicted criminals, and plenty of child sex offenders who are wanted by police and who have fled to avoid being charged and or facing up to those charges.

    Why can’t you at least, go after those rather than damage your own credibility, not to mention destroy good people who don’t deserve it?

    Did you ever hear of the presumption of innocence?

    Now, would you be prepared to remove the story of the charges against
    Vytas Bronius Kapociunas from your “Pedophile” section?

    You could put it under news, headlines but placing it under Pedophiles but you chose not to.

    I’ve looked at that story very carefully, and for the information of readers,
    there does not appear to be any credible evidence to justify the criminal charges.
    What the police do not understand is that every time they lay frivolous charges that
    they bring the administration into ill-repute.

    The tragedy is, that it is obstruction of justice to lay charges when there are no reasonable
    and probable grounds for the laying of the charges and especially when they knew or ought to have known that these next to no chance of a conviction.

    That is,they are robbing genuine cases of their resources, of the courts resources and allowing
    real criminals who deserve their resources, to escape and thats real crime.

    Ottawa Mens Centre


  4. John David Coon

    John Coon was and probably still is a charming charismatic lawyer who aware from sources inside the Ottawa Police that he was about to be charged, was tipped off and fled the country.

    He told others he had cancer and was giving up law, his phone rang with different ring tones for the next few weeks as he traveled through a variety of countries and its thought that he is now in a country without an extradition agreement with Canada and where he can well, engage in crimes for which he fled Canada.

    Now if he was innocent, why would he not stay and face the those charges?

    John Coon spoke about how he was about to be hired as a lawyer by
    The Children’s Aid Society of Ottawa, and join the other professional child abusers who work there
    like Marguerite Isobel Lewis, a lawyer who fabricates evidence personally to Abuse Children.

    Also at that same Child Abusers HQ, is a lawyer by the name of Tracey Engelking, who also goes to Judges to get orders without a hearing, with out notice from a judge who gives them what any reasonable judge who is not blatantly corrupt would not give her. An order to place a child with an extremely violent mother.

    So Robbo,
    There are THREE names of genuine Child Abusing Criminals for which
    information has been provided to the Ottawa Police and in which the
    Vile Scum at the Ottawa Police ignore and or Fabricate Evidence.

    The “rotten cop” at the centre of that investigation was a Det. Peter Van Der Zander
    and that’s another story of another Ottawa Professional Child Abuser Rotten cop
    employed by the Ottawa Police who , should never ever be allowed to Enter Australia.

    You see, this rotten cop and the two lawyers abused, an Australian Child Citizen in Canada
    and that’s a very good reason as to why the bastards should be placed on your site.

    All as I ask is you do not unnecessarily defame those who deserve the presumption of innocence.

    Ottawa Mens Centre
    (613) 736 7788
    Email [email protected]


    • Well Robbo, it’s now Jan 19th, and you have not followed thru to have a chat regarding your defamation of Vytas Bronius Kapociunas and refer to him as “this sick pervert is going down”

      Can you explain why you don’t believe in the presumption of innocence?
      If someone told you someone was a “sick pervert” are you going to destroy their reputations, invite every mad man around to be violent towards them?

      Lots of people facing those kind of false allegations end up killing themselves. Its also an open invitation to incarcerated violent psychopaths to kill them or cause them serious harm.

      No one likes “sick perverts”but there is an underbelly of humanity even worse, its the lowest forms of life who make false allegations and or, in your case, make extremely defamatory statements in the most dubious of cases where there is next to no credible evidence to support the allegations.

      I would ask you to remove all your posts regarding Vytas Bronius Kapociunas before he or the police take legal action against you.

      So far you have been “skating on thin ice” but calling him a “Sick pervert” is taking advantage of police incompetence, you know or ought to know from the information published that he has NOT been convicted, that the charges are about the most dubious.

      You may not at present cross the line of Criminal Defamation but you have crossed the line into Civil Defamation.

      I’d suggest you devote some of your energy to the stories of Real Criminals who are wanted by the police and who have fled justice.

      Then there are all the Rotten Cops and those whose who are in positions of trust who abuse that trust with criminal offences against children, against the administration of justice.


    • I know how it feels like to be defamed by a partner leaving friends, family and community (CAS/OPS) biais. I know how it feels like to be looked at in disbelief. Putting myself in biais people’s place, it so much easier to believe that a loved one is deep in depression and therefore paranoid than to believe that a soft spoken partner, who is ready to help anyone and who is caring and compassionate, is capable of either choking, punching or pinning down a loved one having his knee on their chest unable to breath only to tell them that he was merely trying to save them from themselves. There is simply no justification, no circumstances in which anyone deserves that type of treatment. Unless a person has no remorse or is desensitized (over exposed to crimes can do this to anyone related to crime intervention) , no one wants to believe that a fellow human being is capable of doing such terrible actions. Some would rather believe a soft spoken partner’s defamation. “How can this partner do such a thing and then try to cover it up!” biais people would ask. Consequences does that. The most important question is, what else can a soft spoken partner is capable of doing? What priority will this soft spoken partner give to his hidden crimes? And who is he willing to intimidate making sure that his crimes are kept secret? This soft spoken partner, loved and appriciated by many will not change. Their fear of anyone exposing him will stay with them until they get caught. Same scenario may apply with whom ever contributed to the soft spoken partner. All of those family members, friends, community services (CAS/OPS) who did not investigate and chose to look away are as guilty as the soft spoken partner. I know what it is like to be arrested under false allegations of criminal harassment, having a defense lawyer negociate a guilty plea with the crown prosecutor so a soft spoken partner can exploit the article 810. I know how it feels like to be intimidated by OPS who’s article 810 silences me. I know how it feels like to be intimidated by CAS who takes away my kids and gives full custody to the soft spoken partner where he may pursue his abuse. I know how it feels like to be intimidated by OPS who charges me with harassment knowing that they haven’t investigated and knowing that they have created evidence. After three breaches of article 810, OPS and defense lawyer are questionning my mental health, compromising further my credibility, instead of questionning their interventions and the lack of professional ethnics. If you compare the investigation with the guide lines of Ministry of Justice, you will find that investigation procedures were not followed. OPS had not one victim but two. Recordings in March 2010 reveals abuse and my fear. My statement of abuse should have been recognized right then and there. OPS should had taking my statement seriously until proof of the contrary. Guide lines indicate that the safety of the victim must be a priority until proof of the contrary. If you don’t investigate, there’s no proof. A few weeks passed those charges, my daughter makes a statement in which three incidents are detailed involving punches to the head. CAS omitted the copy of that statement and warn the soft spoken partner knowing that he would accompany the child to the station. to this day, i can not say if OPS’ s choice not to investigate was a result of incompetance or cognitive disonance (hability to bull shit yourself /denying the truth). Humans make a mistakes. But making the same mistake four times is NO longer a mistake, it’s a choice. A supervisor should have stepped in after second false allegations. The one who made those false allegations was intimidated by the soft spoken partner. Inside those false allegations were hints leading to intimidation and fear which CAS affidavit and medical files can support. If OPS can look away, what else are they capable of? Would they take a complaint of sexual nature against a lawyer ? Would OPS choose not to investigate such a complaint if it ment keeping their credibility intact? I choose to believe that OPS wood not compromise the safety of so many. This lawyer, John David Coon, knew alot more than what i am writing here. Our text-msg were intercepted. I can not believe that OPS would do such a thing. But maybe i am only bull shitting myself in believing so (cognitive dissonance). I must of imaging defense lawyer divulging personnal documents of mine withouth my consent to crown prosecutor only to support his suggestion on my mental health as well. And just maybe i am also bullshitting myself in believing in articles 7 and 15 (canadien charter of right).


    • There are alot of reasons why OPS, CAS and lawyers omit information which may seem as corrupted: SAFETY. Misleading victims is sometimes the safest option as it misleads the criminal as well. Controling the evidence is sometimes necessary.


  5. Robbo,
    You make me want to puke.
    You are NOW, well aware of the defamatory content of your posts regarding
    Vytas Bronius Kapociunas and despite warnings, you have failed to take it down.

    Well here is another post for you to chew on.

    You have now, in your last few posts,
    crossed the line of what was Civil Defamation into
    what is known as Criminal Defamation,
    that is you KNOW that your post is criminal defamation
    and the harm you are creating.

    I really hope he sues you.
    Are you ready for the cops knocking on your door with a warrant for your arrest on a
    charge of Criminal Defamation?

    Everyone deserves the presumption of innocence,
    absence of course evidence to the contrary.

    Police charges in themselves are often, not even evidence
    beyond the balance of probabilities.
    Increasingly, criminal charges are used as an abuse of process,
    for an improper purpose, that is often criminal in nature.

    When Police lay charges when there is no probability of a conviction
    it is in many jurisdictions a criminal offence not to mention
    legal “misconduct” a polite term used for Criminal offences
    by those in authority like prosecutors and or police.

    You have lots of convicted pedophiles to publish virtually what ever you like,
    you have lots of unconvicted pedophiles who have fled jurisdictions and
    often, that fleeing of a jurisdiction is an admission of guilt, at least you are
    pretty safe to write stories about to bring them to trial.

    But, your comments regarding VBK are now Criminal Defamation and
    perhaps it might be the right time for you to have a chat with your lawyer,
    on the remote chance that you would even take advice from him which
    appears to be entirely remote.


  6. Ottawa Mens Centre,

    You are way off beam here as follows:

    (1) The comments you allege to be defamatory were reported in major Australian newspapers and are not likely to constitute defamation or libel under Australian law;

    (2) Australian police and judicial officers have determined there is sufficient credible evidence to
    justify criminal charges and are proceeding accordingly.

    (3) While many men have been subject to false allegations, your speculation that this is so in this case is mistaken and has caused hurt and pain to those involved.

    In short, you seem to have overlooked the sufferings that the ‘alleged’ victim and her family have gone through, and will go through again at the trial.


    Liked by 1 person

  7. Rohanski, (with a remarkably similar writing style as Robbo)

    What a moronic post.
    The fact that a person is “charged” is not evidence of even reasonable and probable grounds of a conviction. Across the western world charges like this are laid by police when there is not a hope in hell of ever getting a conviction and this story is a classic example.

    The reason why Robbo’s posts are defamatory is because he writes as if the accused is already convicted. He is not and there is no presumption of innocence.

    The Police have not provided any evidence that would be viewed as “credible” or “reliable” in fact is a child’s statement made at a mother’s urging and then its ambiguous and could and most probably has other entirely innocent meanings.

    You are a creep who has no empathy or compassion for who is the most probable victim here and that is the man accused of these crimes when there is not a hope in hell of a conviction.

    Robbo has a lot of genuine targets to choose from where even at an arrest the evidence upon an arrest has an excellent chance of a conviction.

    Here is an example of a Real Criminal, a Real Crime with Real Evidence


  8. Robbo,
    Am I reading correctly?
    Did you actually change your headline to read
    “allegedly molested child”

    That might be an improvement but the problem is that he has NOT been convicted and
    NONE Of the allegations have been proved in court.

    More to the point, the news items so far indicate a pathetic quality of evidence that is notorious for being thrown out. Police are under political pressure to lay charges when there is not a hope in hell of a conviction, and under those pressures, they can and do fabricate evidence.

    If you publicize such a story, you add weight and pressure to the Police to get a conviction that
    starts to have a probability of evidence being fabricated and or the prevention of the accused of getting a fair trial.

    If you are going to want justice against criminals, you need to demonstrate some sense of responsibility in what cases you mention on your web site.

    As I have pointed out, there are a large number of cases where there is a wealth of evidence that will probably convict the accused but you choose not to mention those worthwhile cases but to publish about one of the most dubious.

    At the end of the day, you are shooting your credibility in the foot.


    • Where? You need to ease up on your compulsion to find a t that was not crossed or a i that was not dotted. I have decided not to engage with you personally after conversing with some people in your country that you lock horns with. It is a good trait to be persistent, have tenacity, and fight for the unspoken, it is another thing to become obsessed with individuals in your own country. Worse so overseas. I will say no more but do remind you, if you continue to suggest I am anyone other than who I am, or I have other persona’s on my site, I will ban you. I have never ever ever had any identity in the 4 or 5 years other than this one on my website.


    • The action of charging someone who has little chances of conviction MUST be questioned. No police officer in their right minds would proceed with arrest and charges without evidence. Doing such a thing would be motivated by either lack of competance or corruption. Each person is responsable for theur own actions. The intention determines if the action is either a crime or not.
      Omissions are red flags…


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