Violent and Graphic video footage of couple being bashed in Melbourne karaoke bar released

The young thugs in this video must be found quickly. If you know who they are, and more importantly where they might be, contact police immediately or ring crime stoppers .We do not want them on our streets or on a night out our kids might be at. Disgraceful behaviour

Reporting crime or hoon behaviour
If you have any information regarding a crime, criminal activity, or hoon behaviour you can contact Crime Stoppers Victoria online or by calling on 1800 333 000 and confidentially report what you know.

Mon 19 Jan 2015, 3:38pm

Video footage of a man and woman being bashed in a vicious attack at a Melbourne karaoke bar has been released.

The couple in their 20s were drinking at the Elizabeth Street bar early on January 11 when they were assaulted.

Footage of the attack shows a 25-year-old man being punched and stomped on by a group of men until he was unconcious on the floor.

The man’s girlfriend can be seen trying to protect him on the ground.

A man is then seen to grab her by the hair and throw her to the floor, before she is punched and kicked by the group.

Shortly before the brawl, the couple was sitting at a table with their attackers.

Detective Senior Constable Matt Folvig said it was unclear what started it, but words were exchanged beforehand.

“Apparently they’ve just said something that was disagreed with and they’ve just turned on the pair,” he said.

Police released images and CCTV footage in the hope of identifying the people involved.

Anyone with information is urged to contact Crime Stoppers.

10 thoughts on “Violent and Graphic video footage of couple being bashed in Melbourne karaoke bar released

  1. I have had this very same kind of vicious assault by a group of 12 cowards do, the same to me at a public taxi rank outside a supermarket in the town of Castlemaine Victoria, back in 2009.
    I was set on the very same way as in this video footage, pounced on in an instant and king hit to the ground and then repeatedly stomped on and kicked to the head and body, with many gutless onlookers, that just watched and did nothing but cheer them all on.
    The only thing that saved me from being killed or made unconscious was that I was wearing a bike helmet, as I had my mountain bike with me at the time was walking my bike past the 12 men waiting to catch a taxi at the cab rank, when I simply walked past the taxi rank this group of coward arseholes, called me a fucking dog, then one of them king hit me with a powerful punch to the face, while they knocked me off balance as I tried to defend the blows to my head, while they pulled my mountain bike from me and threw it against a brick wall of a nearby building, and then the rest of pack, of these cowards, which I recall, to be 12 men and youths and a really wiry muscly shaved head adult leader covered in tattoo’s. I simply had no hope of defending my self, and all I could do is cower myself in a sort of crouched up position and cover my head with my arms and hands to try and block the repeated kicks and stomps to my head. This went on for about two minutes, untill, they just broke away and walked off into the night. Not one person come to my aid, my mountain bike was a mangled wreak, my bicycle helmet was fractured and smash to pieces, but it saved my life. I was in complete agony, battered and bruised and bleeding all over , but by a miracle, I had no broken bones and I was still conscious, and was able to stagger off to the Police Station, which was about 500 metres away, nearby the centre of town, with my wrecked bicycle. The police were only able to catch and arrest just one of the perpetrators, the rest all got away. As no one come forward as a witness to the assault, and no CCTV, to film them, all the cowards, to this day have got away with their crime of assault. One of the offenders was sentenced to 6 months in prison, but he never give up his mates!…
    And in September 2014, I was again set on and assaulted by a mutable king hit and kicking to the head, by a offender that confronted me outside my own home.
    Once again I shielded the aggressive kicks and punches with my hands and arms, instead of attempting to fight him back. He smashed my eye glasses in my face, but by a miracle again, he got tied after several kicks and punches and then ran off and jumped in his car and sped off down the road. I was able to identify him enough for police to find him and arrest him, as he was already known to police.
    I went to court on Friday 16 January 2015, but his defence lawyer, has got him to plead Not Guilty and his court case has been postponed to 6 February 2015. The Magistrate granted and extended his bail

    I don’t know how all these low-life yellow coward thugs, like the ones above continue to live with them selves, but they do, the are just despicable ruthless predators, that have no human value of how they intentionally by their violence ruin and alter a victims life , both physical and mentally. And many of them are not being caught, and when they do, they get a soft weak sentence, working in the community on a piss weak community correction order and occasionally just a brief revolving door prison sentence in jail, and come out all cocky. As jail is just a joke to them, where when they go inside the just hang out with their other low-life violent mates. Its all to easy, doing jail for them in the country clubs!… And as the above CCTV video shows, they have no conscience and don’t care if their been recorded. I am at a loss on how this now common trend and type of pack mentality violent assaults can be nipped in the bud.
    They need to sentenced to minimum of at least 10 years for starters in a Maximum Security Prison where these cowards will have a real long time behind bars to look at themselves and think about in their cells at nightly lockup, how they give their victims a life prison sentence!… And 10 years or more would, make them suffer the pain of losing their liberty , which is most important too them, for many long years and no longer being free anymore to go out on the nightlife, with the girls, the drugs and drinking alcohol and enjoying their nightclubs, partying and getting pissed of their faces, looking for a punch up with some innocent victim or victims that they hone in on for their pack violence entertainment and in jail no boutique beer, vodka, spirits, Jagermeister – Jaga bombs, Red Bull, Mother energy drinks and mixed with endless cocktail- high alcoholic mixer drinks on tap and slabs of Cruiser’s – UDL’s – Bundy Rum- Bourbon – Trendy Alcohpops to comsume and no more glass bottles to hit, smash or glass patrons with and no more visits to the bottle shops, pubs, casino’s etc, any more and an end to their drunken leisure on a night out binge – looking for someone to give a bashing or kill for the fun of it!…


  2. Its a such a pity Pentridge Prison isn’t still open for business, to deal with and teach these type of violent coward “pretty boys”, some manners. I can say that they would have bee put on there fresh pretty young arses, crying like babies, if they had to be locked up for days on end in the old D. Division Remand Exercise Yard, or E.Division Dormitories with the gang rapists the nothing to lose hardened criminals , looking and watching out for the newest piece of prey on the block to pass the boredom. They would be young fresh new meat sitting duckling’s with their backs to the wall, in fear of all the big body odour , poor hygiene smelly, hairy, bearded and tattooed tough men and inmate homosexuals staring at them in the cages, no where to run , no where to hide. The screws, conveniently on purpose, looking the other way, while the hardened crims, approach them and make themselves very friendly with the little gang basher gangster pretty boys.
    Then if they request protection, down to The Slot in H.Division, with a welcoming committee of well built solid Prison Officers to settle them into their new solitary confinement conditions. They would be real tough maggot coward then in the very basic H.Division -On the Cross- Bluestone and bricks, Cells with no window, no view, just metal mesh and bars, with their only company a visiting cockroach and a dangerous notorious inmate for a next door cellie neighbour. These turds need a taste of this kind of real jail, when they are caught. These poofters as they would have been labelled in H.Division, ned a taste of their own kind of medicine. That is a Treatments up, with the Black Panadol,- a hard black rubber baton used to contain bad prisoner behaviour . Inhuman Prison Conditions and treatment, yes indeed, but the only type of jail, that these bully coward, pack mentality type of young offenders understand and deserve. What its like to feel the boot on the other foot. They wont be in a hurry to beat someone up , when they get out of Hell Division. They go down the slot, as mouthy upstart gangsters and come out broken and bruised inmates. They get to understand what the pain they inflicted upon their victims was like. Only the toughest of inmates come out of H.Division, without their losing their dignity and tough attitude , that they went down there with. It was not called The Punch Factory , because it was where the inmates went to watch a boxing match. The H.Division inmates were the punching bag!…The H.Division cell block and cells and tunnel and hard labour yards were all the boxing ring down the slot… And these young toe rags, need some of its 1958 – 1973 style regimental brutal regime of prison discipline. Sending them to one of the Do-Gooder humane containment , soft caring rehabilitation modern jails, wont scare them from crime, and they will get back out of jail, wont be afraid to go back their again the next time , if their caught offending again. Jail today a joke to these violent young arseholes, no deterrence anymore, just a holiday to most of them!…

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  3. Former, so sorry to hear about your run ins with these idiots. I hope the upcoming court case sees some justice for you. I myself, being female, have been confronted a few times with scary situations, and it really makes you cautious when you are out and about by yourself. In my local area last year there were a series of attacks on females, and the powers that be were telling us to not listen to music, no head phones in the ears, so we can be more aware of our surroundings when out walking or running or whatever, but as my daughter so eloquently said, why cant they just tell potential perpetrators to not harass or abuse females out by themselves, instead of us having to make the adjustments to keep safe! Its a crazy world, but it just doesn’t work that way unfortunately. Hope you are coping ok with these crazy events in your life :)

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  4. Thanks revealeit. Thanks very much, for your kind understanding, it something the defence lawyers acting for the accused in the court cases, don’t do and that is have more sympathy or empathy for the assault and crime victim.
    All they endeavour to do is their very best to lesson the seriousness of the charges before the court and with legal jargon, make a deal and a plea bargain with, his or her honour the magistrate, to get the offender a discount lenient sentence, keep them out of jail, and aim mercy towards the magistrate, that it would be best in their clients interest, because of the offenders disadvantaged, or whatever, inability to control their anger, alcohol addiction or drug taking background to plea giving them a slap on the wrist, to be released on a easy Community Base Correction Order, for a few hundred hours, working with their other crim mates in effect a get out of jail free card. So the low-life assault coward offenders can better get on with their lives again and retain their jobs, and even discredit the victim police statement, to twist it around , objection of the witness, the and make the victim look like a sook, and , their not being truthful or not proof about their assault and even suggesting, that the victim was at fault and brought the assault upon themselves. This why the legal aid lawyers swarm the court house like vultures to defend the accused offender, keeping them free from jail on bail.
    This is very un-nerving to the victim in court. Because the tough assault committing criminal now carry their latest badge of honour, amongst the other tough crims, as the bragging low-life cowards they are, during the court recess breaks, they go outside the courthouse and all get out together with the other crims having a cappuccino and smoke , ” the victim can’t afford” this nice coffee’. Like the lawyers and crims!… The crims are having a good chuckle and brag, not the least bit scared or worried about being in court, for facing serious criminal charges. It is all as if its all a big joke their in court, its a chip on their shoulder, im bad ,I am now going to be convicted of assault, they just don’t give a shit!, while all the other criminals, with evil eyes starring towards you, for being a’ dog, a police informer’, while the victim is sitting on their own on the hard and very uncomfortable courthouse seats, for sometimes hours at a time, before the victims case is finally heard by the magistrate, only to then be adjourned, to another court sitting because the offender, pleads not guilty, or his defence lawyer wants more time, with their client, to make a defence argument for the pleading not guilty offender And all the crims and the accused are in full sight, all the time of the victim, who feels totally in the cross hairs, like a shag on a rock , with all the stares and eye contact and whispering crims before them and in full sight of whoever the offenders bring with them to court for character referees. The victim has no referees, the victim is left all on their own. as if they are the guilty one in court proceedings!…

    No legal aid lawyer, goes into bat, for how the assault victims state of mind, mental health , wellbeing and physical injuries from the assault on them, caused by the coward offenders, has left them suffering in pain. I am seriously considering not returning to my next court hearing, in front of the offender. And even if he is found guilty, he wont get long in jail anyway, probably the most he will get is 6 months, with 3 months parole for good behaviour. While I will, continue with the pain from his inflicted punch and kicking injuries. Sometimes it would be easier if the victim, just dropped the charges against the perpetrator, or never bothered to report the crime to the Police in the first place. Because the courts are only concerned about, what counselling and anger management courses and rehabilitation they can offer the crims. The crims go to court, knowing the worst that can happen to them is a few months in the easy, soft rehabilitation country club modern jails. While the victims of crime, have to live with their trauma for life, a pittance for crimes compensation, if any at all, and know that the offender if found guilty, will, just go through the revolving door, and get back to their coward activities – an their arsehole normal life as the low-life coward violent arseholes they all are!… Victims of Crime V The Criminal Defence Lawyers.

    Here is a brief example from YT- that best explains of what the court experience is like for the victim v the defence lawyers. As if surviving a violent crime isn’t traumatic enough, next comes the drawn out attack by the courts Scales of Justice!…
    :Part 1 – Who’s who in a court Room.
    :Part 2 – Cross Examination.
    :Part 3 – Example of a cross examination.
    :Part 4 – Submissions.
    :Cross Exam 111: Modes of Impeachment & Attacking Credibility.
    :The Rules of Evidence :Hearsay.
    :How Do I Introduce Exhibits in Court?.
    :What is “Mooting”?.
    :Two Quick & Easy Cross – Examination Tips.
    :Advice to UNSW law students from the Hon . Michael Kirby AC.
    :The Cruel Sea ~ Better Get A Lawyer ………………………………………..The Law for victims of crime sucks!…


  5. If these young trendy thug cowards are identified and arrested by the police and are ever sent to jail or youth training centre for this shocking bashing . Then its a pity these low-life coward scum bags, weren’t dealt with in the same brutal , strict , discipline that young offenders in the prison environment of the way the H.M. British Borstal once dealt with these type of scumbags. This is the way the controversial film of a British Young Offenders Borstal, Prison called ‘SCUM’, managed these, ” wanna be young thugs”. In the 1960,s & 1970’s . In United Kingdom these jails were feared places and called Borstal’s and in Victoria they where called Reformatory Prisons. No Do- Gooders running the jail in these days. It was a strict regime of disciplined imprisonment!… This place would sort out these young gang bashers. They wouldn’t be so tough in these old Borstal’s!… Survival of the Fittest in here!…
    :Scum (1977) (BBC Unseen Version).
    :Scum film.
    :Compilation of my favourite ‘Scum’ scenes. 1979 British Borstal film. Ray Winstone.
    :Scum – Trailer (Unofficial).
    :scum greenhouse scene.
    :The Glass House (1972) Clip 3 of 3- Rape Scene. Alan Alda from MASH.
    :Bouncer – A Short Film (Featuring Ray Winstone. 2002. Wonder how the Asian Pretty Boys would have stood up against the Bouncers. These arseholes need to meet their match, as they are weak as piss scum cowards!…
    :Bouncers S2E2 ITV & SO1 E03 ITV & S0 104 ITV – British Bouncers. Series.

    The young coward Asian Thugs wouldn’t be so brave in these situations, the weaklings. Hopefully their Karma is waiting for them soon to trample on them!…


  6. A Excellent Good shock film to watch, made in 1972 in a United States – State Prison. Utah State Prison in winter .
    :The Glass House (1972 TV). : Vic Morrow and Alan Alda, Clu Gulager, Dean Jagger., luke Askew out of ‘Born to Be Wild.
    Perhaps these so called, think their tough- young gutter rat thugs should watch this movie. To remind them and see just how weak and pathetic they all are. They would last or survive long in a jail like this.


  7. Hi Former, your passionate feelings about crime and criminals comes through without any doubt. As you have been closer to these crims than a lot of us ever will be, I reckon you probably have good reason to feel this way, and if you can handle it, you should turn up to your court case and make your presence felt or the crime will quickly become victimless. Even 3 months in prison is better than sweet freedom to reoffend for these losers!!

    I have always wondered how the soft pretty boys who have just killed their wives or partner for their own self justifying reasons (Baden-Clay, John Sharpe, James Ramage etc) with no criminal background or rough prison life experience, sentenced to long stints in prison, fare when they get locked up? They might have thought that living with their bitch of a wife/partner whom they hated with all their being and had to eliminate was rough, but I imagine hard core prison time is a shock for these blokes. How do they fare when they are hit by the reality of being locked away for ages, or do they get special treatment and segregated accommodation and crap like that? It would be interesting to know if they suffer at all after their merciless deeds……………………..

    Really enjoy reading your interesting posts.

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  8. Many of the Prison Correction Officers, as they are now called, have a required and supervised mandatory part of their employment these days and a set amount of tasks appointed to them as the role of Unit Managers and Case Managers and it is his or her legal responsibility as a Correction Officer to go out of their way , with a case load of prisoners appointed to them, to try and respect them, as loss of liberty is there only punishment, it is not the role of the Correction Officer to punish them in prison, but to help them cope better, and better themselves behind bars and all attempts to provide the prisoners with recreation programs and attempts at rehabilitation, to better them for their eventual parole or the end of their maximum sentence, even the lifer, the Correction Officers have to assist them to humanly transition and improve their behaviour and keep them busy and organise them to do compulsory work tasks and up- skilling – skills and access to education behind bars to entitle them to get better skilled prison jobs, in Prison industries and catering skill, gardening skill etc, a skill in prison and regular access to approved recreational programs in the prison, contact visits, and private family visits, called bonk visits, wish is pretty much what the are, a visit in a special room or unit for prisoners to maintain there family and relationship ties with their girlfriend, wife or defacto relationship partner and their kids. The idea is to help keep their outside contact with their loved ones, from breaking up!… It is very much a do-gooder system of corrective services in prisons now. Correction Officers are more team players all working together with the goal of being councillors and welfare workers than just security officers in todays prisons.
    They have a ongoing duty of care, to the wellbeing and protection of the high profile inmates, even those like John Sharpe, Peter Dupas and Julian Knight, and many other high profile notorious inmates in a purpose built specially designed accommodation high security units.
    In the worst case of protection inmates, the likes of Adrian Earnest Bayley, he is housed in a special isolation and protection and close observation unit or wing , in 24 hour monitored , observed , suicide watch or self harm – solitary confinement, not for his punishment, but solely for his own safety and welfare and protection from other inmates that could be predatory or be a danger of harming him. These type of high profile prison protection units, even allow for a special purpose , separate walking and jogging track , with recorded CCTV monitored exercise yards for the inmates to walk in on their own if they so choose or with a Correction Officer to walk with them and talk to , if they want the company , to help break down the hatred barriers of the past, HIgh Security Units and encourage a more open style of officer contact and friendly way relationship between, the prisoner and Correction Officer. As apposed to the old style type of Prison Officer who hated the crims, and did their best to make their life in jail hard, the new Correction Officers, or Mother as they are called, must leave all their prejudices and views of criminals, outside the prison walls.
    Correction Officers are now required to maintain a accountable and supervised case management load of several inmates under their custody, with the responsibility of steering all their supervised prisoners on a better pathway to rehabilitation. If the Correction Officer does not take this task seriously, then their probationary training period, poor performance, could see them removed from accommodation units that hold prisoner populations and demotion of them to non prisoner contact areas, such as security patrols and low priority postings, even dismissal, if they in anyway abuse , swear or strike a prisoner.
    Here a bit of an idea of how Correction Victoria, now runs the Prison Services, as opposed to other Australian Maximum Security Prisons and the past way and regime of the draconian H.M. Pentridge Prison. This prison H.M.Barwon Prison Opened 1990 was used as well as Pentridge , untill its closer in 1997, and Barwon still is the Maximum Security replacement of H.M. Pentridge Prison. H.M.Barwon Prison continues to be upgraded to a more, escape proof secure High Security Prison Facility, and has several High Security Isolation Units, called Prisons within a Prison or ‘Supermax’ Units for the secure isolation of Management Problem and Special Protection needs Prisoners, who can not be put into main stream or general population prison units. As can be seen in the video, these High Security Units, were and are the replacement of the old Pentridge High Security Unit of H.Division. These Special Purpose Units are now called – ACASIA UNIT – MELALEUCA & GREVILLEA UNITS.
    :Broken man – 2012 . A prisoner speaks inside H.M.Loddon Prison Castlemaine, Victoria.
    ;Australia’s Hardest Prison ; Fremantle.
    :Australia’s Hardest Prison ; Melbourne.
    :Australia’s Hardest Prison : Lockdown Oz.
    :Inside Barwon Prison – 2013.
    :Neil Mitchell tours Port Phillip Prison – 2014, Maximum Security Prison – Laverton,Melbourne.
    :Life Inside Barwon Prison.
    :Inside Jail the Day Carl Williams died – 2010.
    :Guards failed to protect Williams – 2012.
    ;Officers were warned of to Williams – 2012.
    :Killer Guilty – ‘Killer Matthew Johnson calls prison his paradise’ – 2011.
    :Corrections Victoria – Find the potential within – 2014.
    ;Working on the Inside – Corrections Victoria – 2014.
    :Take a tour of the Metropolitan Remand Centre – 2014.
    ;Visiting a prisoner – Arranging a visit and general information – 2013.
    :prison life 2012. – HM PRISON SERVICE.
    :Prison Documentary 2 – Mind blowing Documentaries – 2013.
    :How to Survive in Prison Jail Guide – 2010.
    :First Time in PRISON STORY (Prt 1 to 8) – 2011.
    :Predators And Prey- Life In Prison – Prison Documentary – 2014.
    :Don’t Waste Your Life Sentence – 2009.


  9. Hey guys. I’m thinking that you guys (who served in our jails etc (as a whole) deserve your very own section . Not to say you cant post anywhere you like but want to give you your own menu status. What you have to say and the history you share is bloody priceless.

    It is up you guys. You have my email…

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