Senior jail boss Sharon Joan Yarnton allegedly attempted to set husband’s car on fire while he was asleep inside

I wonder if she is in the same jail she works at. pretty dumb really…

AMY DALE Chief Court Reporter
The Daily Telegraph
February 03, 2015 12:00AM

Senior Corrective Servcies employee Sharon Joan Yarnton has been charged with the attempt

Senior Corrective Services employee Sharon Joan Yarnton has been charged with the attempted murder of her husband.

  • Sharon Yarnton had put two nine kilo gas bottles next to her husband’s car and doused it in diesel fuel
  • Two other women have also been charged with attempted murder and will face court today
  • Mrs Yarnton is a senior corrective services officer with 25 years experience

A CORRECTIVE Services employee with 25 years experience is now in a prison cell herself, charged with the attempted murder of her husband.

Sharon Joan Yarnton was refused bail in Bankstown Local Court, after Dean Yarnton awoke in Georges River National Park in the early hours of Sunday morning with his car covered by diesel fuel.

Sharon Yarnton and husband Dean on their wedding day / Picture: Supplied

Sharon Yarnton and husband Dean on their wedding day / Picture: Supplied

Police allege he fell asleep in the Nissan Navarro at a Merrylands address during the night and awoke to find himself in the passenger seat at the park.

He allegedly found his wife nearby, and police were called to the park.

The 48-year-old was arrested and charged a short time later.

Sharon Yarnton and husband Dean / Picture: Supplied

Sharon Yarnton and husband Dean / Picture: Supplied

It is alleged Yarnton placed two nine kilo open valve gas bottles close to the car and “did pour an amount of diesel fuel in the tray and exterior vicinity on the roadway of where (the car) was parked, with the intent to murder Dean Yarnton.”

Yesterday afternoon a further two people were charged with attempted murder over the incident.

About 4.40pm yesterday, a 48-year-old and a 23-year-old woman attended Miranda Police Station where they were met by detectives from Bankstown.

They were refused bail, and will appear in Sutherland Local Court today

The court heard Mrs Yarnton, of Menai, has been with Corrective Services for a quarter of a century and holds a “very senior” position.

She had asked to be released on bail, but had to “show cause” under the state’s new laws which came into action last week.

The court heard Yarnton has been suffering from depression, and had wanted to be on bail so she could continue to care for a young relative.

She offered to live with her parents but the court ruled “the defence has not shown cause.”

Mrs Yarnton will face Central Local Court on March 18.

Then Minister for Police and Emergency Service Michael Gallacher is given a tour of the h

Then Minister for Police and Emergency Service Michael Gallacher is given a tour of the holding cells at Central Local Court today by Senior Assistant Superintendent Sharon Yarnton.

14 thoughts on “Senior jail boss Sharon Joan Yarnton allegedly attempted to set husband’s car on fire while he was asleep inside

  1. Nasty evil piece of work, I was at Melbourne airport at the international bag pick up these 2 woman customs with dogs were running the detection dogs over the baggage yelling out rudely get back get bag, arrogant pigs. I said to one standing beside me welcome to Australia. some woman just get power crazy throwing their weight around, looking at her face I see arrogance, she won’t do hard time they look after their own. What’s u’r views on that Steve, ex screws and cops get it easy compared to general population.

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    • Aye, screws and cops get segregated from the general population just like the paedophile scum.
      On the other hand I did meet a Screw who had been remanded in custody for a while then found not guilty and got his job back.
      He was a far better man for it.
      Gave the prisoners on lock up an extra Tea round and things like that.


  2. Stupid dumb bitch with power. It corrupt slags like this, the reason the prison system is so fucked up! When I was still a screw, there was this corrupt dumb bitch Prison Officer Heather Parker, help break her notorious lover boy Peter Gibb out of the Melbourne Remand centre. She did a bit of jail, but has been out for years now, but her lover boy crim Peter Gibb is dead now!…These butch type bitches given positions of power in prisons that also often have senior roles in Internal investigations units , investigating other Prison Officers. have screwed up good officers careers in the past, myself being one of them. There often Do-gooders who feel sorry for the crims, and even sometimes fall in love with them!… I was only speaking about one of them last night in the lounge. A Chief Prison Officer , of B.Division in 1989, later on Governor of Pentridge H.Division – Karen Lindstrom, and even later on Promoted to Security Governor of Port Phillip Prison in Melbourne , was one of these powerplay slag bitches , where her power and control went to her head and also she had risen very quickly through the ranks, promotion after promotion, she was loved by Pentridge prison management hierarchy of control, and Internal investigations unit who thought the sun shined out her arse a real leader so to speak. Well not evert Prison Officer believed this and he truth is she was a dangerous brutal bitch , as prisoners who were victims of her brutal methods and wrath of violence on inmates in solitary confinement, will back this up. How she has never been charged for crimes against humanity in a Maximum security Prisons she was in charge of beggars belief . This is how corrupt the Prison system is, that a Senior prison Officer like her can rapidly rise in rank and have the power to organise and inflict the violence on Prisoners with he security group squad, SORT team, like she and others under her command did. This is what was happening in H.M.Pentridge Prison H.Division for years unchecked, and this Female Governor was just as brutal in a Modern Prison Facility in Victoria.
    This NSW Corrective services high ranking bitch, cannot be that smart either, as she poured diesel over the gas bottles. As diesel is not easy to ignite with a flame, wouldn’t petrol of been a quicker way to ignite a explosion. She better ask to get locked in with the terrorists in prison, to teach her how to make a improvised explosive device. And show her the difference between diesel and petrol and a gas bottle. 25 years as a screw, what a dumb slag!…She be protected!…
    She looks a lot like Bea Smith out of the 1980’s Prisoner. Perhaps in prison now as a inmate, she can use the dry cleaning steam iron press, and become friends with Lizzie Birdsworth!…

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    • hahaha Ugly fat butch dyke. That’s exactly what those 2 customs bitches looked like, I reckon they were ex screws by their pig attitudes enjoying pushing people around ,it took a lot not to walk up and smack the maggots in the mouth. I’v always said a woman has no place in a male jail, recipe for trouble. your right Steve, fancy using diesel with gas, what a brain dead moron. dumb bitch couldn’t even get that right, hope she gets 10 yrs, then she can go in the book of the 10 most dumbest crims. she’ll be ok in there with all her dyke mates.

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  3. Isn’t it amazing that she rose through the ranks as high as Superintendent of a NSW nick , which is the same as a senior Governor in a Victorian nick. And She would have been like Vera Bennett (Vinger Tits) or Joan Fergerson (The Freak) with some Bea Smith and Margo Gaffeney in the mix. A nasty slag bitch. There was a female power tripper like her in H.Division , her name was Anne Collins a real butch bitch, well suffice to say the nothing to lose prisoners in the slot, made her work hard for her pay down there. If you read in the Lounge, what Wulgar , who served hard time in H.Division, said what happened to her, the butch ugly bitches attitude to prisoners , didn’t go down well at all. As you say Bill, these power tripper Customs moles were very likely reject prison officers or coppers before they worked at the airport. If we go back to the case , here on Aussie Criminals, a few lines below this, last year of that very sick dying Asian man who was thrown in the cells and left for dead , instead of getting him a ambulance and taking him to hospital, the butch bitches treated him instead like garbage at that Victorian Frankston Police Station, a female bully Sergeant and her female bully Senior Constables . and they have all got off, no charges laid and remain in the Victorian Police Force, even kept their rank!…
    In Victoria’s Prison Service – Corrections Victoria their is a female senior boss in charge of the whole show. Jan Shuard – The Corrections Commissioner of every Victorian modern jail including H.M.Barwon Prison ‘. As can be seen in ‘Life Inside Barwon Prison’. ‘Take a tour of the Metropolitan Remand Centre ‘. ‘Visiting a prisoner-Prohibited item’ – I guess that includes Diesel and gas bottles, as well… This female Superintendent didn’t study here rules and regulations too well after 25 years of prison service in NSW Prisons ?… Watch -‘One Way Ticket’ (1997) – Full -The real events of Victorian female Prison Officer Heather Parker, who enabled a notorious Victorian prisoner Peter Gibb and another prisoner Archie Butterly to escape from the Melbourne Remand Centre in 1993. There real names not used in the film!…


  4. The stupidest dumb and dumber thing is that she as, I would of thought would have been a well experienced and responsible well trained security Prison Officer , especially from her very long service in jails and especially with her responsible leadership from superintendent rank? She and her co-offenders tried to kill her husband, in this bizarre amateur comedy capes way, by attempting to ignite hard to light diesel fuel to attempt to make an explosion of the gas bottles which is a dangerous thing in itself even if petrol was used and could of blown themselves up as well as her husband. Pouring diesel fuel poured around the gas bottles and the car and the road, how were they going to get it to burn, throw a cigarette at it? Using easy ignited petrol, with a match or Zippo lighter or a Molotov cocktail throw at the gas bottle to explode them, might have done the job, but still ridiculously insane an dangerous!… For a experienced Superintendent Prison Officer, for 25 years, who would have watched, searched for and exposed dangerous prison incidents in the planning of the prisoners sharp criminal minds, with their ingenious cunning improvisations of ingenious methods of harming other inmates in jail were the inmates manufacture their own clever weapons from any available prison or outside sourced and smuggled material, and methods of escape and even terrorist style explosive devices from smuggled petrol, taken from prison lawn mowers or match heads, fertiliser, I cant believe, she thought she could set some diesel on fire. I wonder how she was smart enough to hold the responsible position of maintaining a close watch and security over hardened and street smart cunning criminals ,in a High of Maximum Security jail. without them escaping from her in the past. Make you feel real safe with a idiot like her in charge of the security of prisoners in a jail?…


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