Police catch Masa Vukotic’s alleged killer, SEAN Price

Sean Price smiled at cameras and stuck up his finger as he was taken from Sunshine police station.

Sean Price smiled at cameras and stuck up his finger as he was taken from Sunshine police station.

Updated 2pm 20/03/15

The father of 17-year-old stabbing victim Masa Vukotic has attended the second court appearance of his daughter’s accused killer Sean Price in Melbourne.

Price was charged with the murder Ms Vukotic as she walked through Koonung Creek Linear Reserve in Stanton Street near her home in Doncaster on Tuesday night.

Neighbours called triple-0 after they heard screaming, but paramedics were unable to revive the girl, who had been stabbed in the upper body.

Price, 31, from Albion, glared wide-eyed at reporters and put his hands to his mouth as he sat in the dock for his brief appearance in the Melbourne Magistrates Court.

Ms Vukotic’s father stared at Price throughout the hearing.

Price was also charged with rape, robbery and assault relating to an alleged crime spree just before he handed himself into Sunshine police station on Thursday morning.

Prosecutors said they needed to examine extensive amounts of CCTV footage from 12 suburbs taken over a week.

When the magistrate asked the accused to stand, Price said nothing and stared at the ceiling.

Magistrate Charles Rozencwajg remanded Price in custody until June 26.


LATEST: SEAN Christian Price of Albion allegedly went on a criminal spree after police claimed he murdered a Doncaster teenager Masa Vukotic on Tuesday night.

In a five minute bail hearing tonight, Price was charged with the murder of the 17-year-old Canterbury Girls’ Secondary College student.

He was also charged with rape, three assaults and two robberies which police say he committed before handing himself in to a Sunshine police station at 11.30am today.

Price was led into the hearing room at the St Kilda Rd police complex bare-footed, handcuffed and wearing a prison issue blue overalls shortly before 9pm.

After the bail justice Ben Czerniewicz incorrectly read his date of birth as 1954 Price yelled “are you a judge?”

“I must look pretty good for my age?”

Mr Czerniewicz said: “I have no choice not to remand you, do you understand that?”

Price replied “yes”.

Price slouched in his chair throughout the proceeding and only became animated when his age was read out incorrectly.

He was remanded in custody and will face the Melbourne Magistrates’ Court on Friday morning.

LATEST: SEAN Price of Albion is the man arrested over the murder of Doncaster teenager Masa Vukotic.

He has form guys check this out


Doncaster teenager Masa Vukotic: suspect Sean Price threatened to kill officers

March 19, 2015 – 6:44PM

The suspect is driven to the St Kilda road police complex to be interviewed.The suspect is driven to the St Kilda road police complex to be interviewed. Photo: Simon O’Dwyer


The man being interviewed for the murder of Doncaster schoolgirl Masa Vukotic had been charged with threatening to kill two prison officers late last year, and was aggrieved at his treatment on a previous stint in jail.

Sean Price, who presented himself to Sunshine police station on Thursday over the murder in a Doncaster park, served a 10-month stint in Port Phillip prison in 2014 for assault, recklessly causing injury and criminal damage.

On September 18 and 19 of last year, he found himself inside the isolation unit for two days for a prison assault.

While in the isolation block, he threatened, over the prison intercom, to go on a “homicidal rampage” and kill police and children if he was not let out.

“I was saying some pretty vile and disgusting stuff with respect to using knives on people’s orifices, threatening to hurt children,” Mr Price said in a videotaped police interview at Wyndham North police station in October.

“I was buzzing continually every two seconds saying, call the police, telling them I was about to kill children.”

Mr Price said he was acting that way to try to get police attention to his plight: he said he was starved of food and water for the best part of two days, and subjected to a radio played over the intercom day and night.

Mr Price approached The Age  on March 10 to complain about his treatment inside prison, and provided a recording in which a female prison officer is heard saying: “How do you think you’ll go pressing that intercom if we come down and break all your fingers? … If you’ve got a pointy elbow you can use that, but I don’t fancy your chances”.

Mr Price said he was given the recording in response to a Freedom of Information request.

Mr Price is also heard to say: “I would like to speak to the police please. Can you get the police in? … Is this legal?”

The alleged threats to kill, which later resulted in charges, were made against two male prison officers, whom The Age has decided not to name. At this stage there is no suggestion that either is related to Ms Vukotic.

Mr Price told this reporter he made the threats because he hoped the police would come in response and provide him with food and water.

“I also flooded the cell; I pissed in the cell. I was like an animal,” he said.

“I flooded the cell, but it’s their duty of care. They didn’t give me a glass of water … the way they act is illegal.”

In a hand-written letter to The Age, Mr Price also alleged that the treatment of prisoners in Victoria was prompting the popularity of Islam.

In 2004, Mr Price turned himself in to police and then pleaded guilty to 22 charges of raping, indecently assaulting and threatening to kill young women in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne.

He attacked six women and a 13 year old girl in daylight hours in suburbs incuding Kew, Camberwell and Balwyn between February 2002 and June 2003.

The court heard at the time that he sexually assaulted a mother of two in her home, attacked a 13-year-old schoolgirl and raped a 21-year-old woman on a footpath.

He also confessed that he had committed similar crimes in NSW, but he was not charged with them.

The court was told in 2004 that Price, who was abused as a child, suffered from schizophrenia and psychosis. He was sentenced to a maximum of eight years and two months in hospital detention, with five years and five months to be served, and ordered to be registered as a sexual offender. He served his time at the Thomas Embling Psychiatric Hospital.

In June, 2013, he was charged with multiple counts of assault, criminal damage and intent to damage and destroy property and was sentenced to three years with a non-parole period of two years. He says he was released after 10 months.

In October, 2014, he was charged with threatening to kill two prison officers, related to threats he made while in prison.

Mr Price is also expected to be questioned over a sex attack, two assaults and an attempted carjacking in the western suburbs this morning.

Police said a man approached a 26-year-old man on a foot-bridge near Devonshire Rd, Sunshine, at about 10am.

The offender then assaulted the man and stole his mobile phone.

The victim was taken to hospital.

It is believed the same man then tried to car-jack a car belonging to a 77-year-old Braeside man in McCracken St.

The would-be thief then fled.

At 11.20am, a man walked into a shop on Harvester Rd and physically and sexually assaulted a staff member.

The victim was taken to Sunshine Hospital.

Major Update 19/03/15 12.30pm

 The man smiled at cameras and stuck up his finger as he was taken from Sunshine police station. Source: HeraldSun

SEAN Price of Albion smiled at cameras and stuck up his finger as he was taken from Sunshine police station. Source: HeraldSun

Alleged murderer has been arrested in connection with the stabbing death of 17-year-old Masa Vukotic in a park in Doncaster, Melbourne on Tuesday night.

In his late 20’s and was known to police….Handed himself into Sunshine Police Station detectives after police became aware he was in the area. More to come

Watch this video below of him running away moments after Masa was stabbed to death

New images of suspect in teenager Masa Vukotic’s killing released

Updated 28 minutes ago

A man wanted for questioning over the stabbing death of Masa Vukotic boards a bus in Doncaster. (Victoria Police).jpg

A man wanted for questioning over the stabbing death of Masa Vukotic boards a bus in Doncaster. (Victoria Police).jpg

Close-up photographs of a man boarding a bus just minutes after 17-year-old Masa Vukotic was stabbed to death in a Melbourne park on Tuesday have been released.

The Canterbury Girls Secondary College student’s body was found near a footbridge in Koonung Creek Linear Reserve in Stanton Street in Doncaster after neighbours heard screaming and saw a man fleeing the scene.

Paramedics arrived soon after but were unable to revive the girl, who had been stabbed in the upper body.

The man in the newly released images is wearing a red shirt, black pants and white sneakers and is clutching a white plastic shopping bag, which police believe may contain the weapon.

He boarded the bus on Doncaster Road and got out near the intersection of Hoddle and Johnston Streets in Abbotsford.

Detectives will speak to businesses in Abbotsford today to see if they have any other footage of the man, and see whether there is any Myki data that might identify him.

Detective Inspector Mick Hughes said police were unsure of what led to the attack.

“Five or so people have seen him, it is a very brazen attack, we don’t know just prior to the attack if this is a situation that’s presented to him and he’s seen fit to attack this poor young girl,” he said

“We don’t know what the lead up to this is, but we’re certainly treating this at the high end of homicides and we’re throwing all of the resources into it we can.”

Police have not released details of the assault.

Police say man may be Doncaster local

Police yesterday released CCTV footage of a man running along Heyinton Avenue at the time of the attack.

Detective Inspector Michael Hughes said he expected someone would recognise the man, and urged people to contact Crime Stoppers.

“We believe that footage will identify the offender … the facial [view] is not clear but if someone knows him they’ll know him from that footage,” he said.

“It’s side-on but it gives us a pretty good idea of gait and his general build.

“I think if anyone knows him they’ll know it from the footage.”

Detective Inspector Hughes said he suspected he was a local man.

“I looked at the park and my first thought was that it’s like a little enclave, I thought this smacks of someone who knows the area,” he said.

“You just wouldn’t pick that at random … that’s just my view, we’ll see where that takes us.”

Detective Inspector Hughes described the attack as “chilling” but said it did not appear the man was affected by drugs.

“Ice is definitely a serious contributor to serious crime… this is a bit more chilling than that, if I can use that term,” he said

“It doesn’t appear so, the person who spoke to him in Heyington Avenue, he says he appeared nervous and he got the impression when he asked him for directions to the Doncaster shopping centre, he already knew the answer to the question.

“It was almost like he was trying to lessen his suspicion – that to me doesn’t smack of someone that’s affected by Ice, it’s someone a little bit more cool I think.”


Updated 21 minutes ago

A manhunt is underway after a teenage girl was stabbed to death in an apparent random attack in a park in Melbourne’s east.

Detectives released CCTV footage in the hope of identifying the man responsible for killing the Canterbury Girls Secondary College student on Tuesday evening.

The 17-year-old’s body was found near a footbridge in Koonung Creek Linear Reserve in Stanton Street in Doncaster at 6:50pm after neighbours heard screaming and saw a man fleeing the scene.

Paramedics arrived soon after but were unable to revive the girl, who had been stabbed in the upper body.

The CCTV footage shows a man running up Heyington Avenue shortly after the attack holding a white plastic shopping bag which police believe may contain the weapon.

Detective Inspector Michael Hughes said he expected someone would recognise the man.

“We believe that footage will identify the offender … the facial [view] is not clear but if someone knows him they’ll know him from that footage,” he said.

“It’s side-on but it gives us a pretty good idea of gait and his general build.

“I think if anyone knows him they’ll know it from the footage.”

The man is described as being of slim build, medium height with short, dark hair and wearing dark clothing.

Detective Inspector Hughes said he suspected he was a local man.

“My experience tells me people tend to congregate in areas they know,” he said.

“So from my aspect, I’d be certainly considering anyone local.”

A man found “loitering suspiciously” nearby the murder scene on Wednesday afternoon was released without charge after being questioned by police and was not being treated as a suspect in the case.

Police believe stabbing was ‘random attack’

Detective Inspector Hughes said the girl was wearing headphones as she went on her daily walk through a park close to her home when she was attacked.

“If you’re listening to music or something it’s very easy to get, I guess, sidetracked and he could have easily come up behind her,” he said.

“The assault has taken place just at the base of the footbridge, and one of our witnesses has seen a male walk out of that location and we believe that’s consistent with the person going up Heyington [Avenue].”

Police have not released details of the assault.

Detective Inspector Hughes said every indication at this stage pointed to it being a random attack.

“Here we have the death of a young woman going about her business,” he said.

“We’ve got to be careful with our safety, particularly females on their own. It’s terrible that we have to be.

“You look at this location so close to the freeway and yet it is quite obstructed.

“Let’s just hope that we can progress this this afternoon and track this fellow down.”

Detective Inspector Hughes said the girl’s family was naturally distressed and had asked for privacy.

They are of Serbian descent having moved to Australia from Montenegro.

A note left at the scene, purportedly from the girl’s “lover”, described her as unique and said she “would always be remembered”.

Police have not located the weapon used in the attack.

The SES and police are continuing to search the area.

Woman’s body found in park in Doncaster

Police Doncaster CCTV

UPDATE: CCTV capturing the moments after a 17-year-old schoolgirl was fatally stabbed in a Doncaster park while on an evening walk could hold the key to catching her killer.

Masa Vukotic, a Canterbury Girls’ Secondary College student, was attacked at the base of the Koonung Creek Linear Park footbridge just before 7pm yesterday.

Victoria Police are treating the daylight slaying as a random attack.

Homicide Squad Detective Inspector Mick Hughes this afternoon said he was confident the footage, showing a man running north along Heyington Ave, would lead them to a person they hope will shed light on the shocking case.

The man is carrying what police believe to be a wrapped-up shopping bag, possibly containing a murder weapon which is yet to be recovered.

The man police want to speak to has short, dark hair, has a slim build, is of medium height and wore dark clothing.

Masa Vukotic.

Masa Vukotic.

Police are also investigating the possibility the girl was followed before she was attacked.

A witness also claimed a man fleeing the scene had a green jacket over his arm.

Police have not declared the man in the footage a suspect.

“We still have an open mind,” Insp Hughes said.

“The CCTV footage could be of someone running after a suspect so we would like whoever is in that footage to come forward.

Masa Vukotic, 17, was killed at the base of the Koonung Creek Linear Park footbridge.

Masa Vukotic, 17, was killed at the base of the Koonung Creek Linear Park footbridge.

“But certainly he is a person of interest at this stage. We hold a lot of hope in the CCTV.

In other aspects of the investigation, police are developing a FACE image of the man and were still talking to the teen’s associates.

But the focus of inquiries were that the attack appeared random, with a chance the killer could be local.

“We’ve got an open mind as to whether it’s random or not – we are certainly treating it as a random attack,” Insp Hughes said.

“My experience tells me people tend to congregate in the areas that they know. All from my aspect I’d certainly be considering anybody local.

The victim was attacked on the Stanton St entrance to Koonung Creek Linear Park in Doncas

The victim was attacked on the Stanton St entrance to Koonung Creek Linear Park in Doncaster.

“People are creatures of habit.”

Family, friends devastated by random slaying

IT was revealed this afternoon that Ms Vukotic attended Canterbury Girls’ Secondary College where she was studying for her VCE.

Her devastated family, of Serbian background, had moved to Australia from Montenegro.

“Naturally they are extremely distressed,” Insp Hughes said.

A still from of the man police want to speak to.

A still from CCTV of the man police want to speak to.

“This is part of her routine. She has been walking daily. Like a lot of us she’s just out there walking and trying to stay fit. It’s just tragic you can’t do that today.”

Earlier he said Ms Vukotic’s death was an “absolute tragedy”.

“She was very close to home. She had headphones in when attacked,” he said.

“It’s terrible that a 17-year-old-girl can’t go walking in a park.

Just after 6pm more than two dozen of the teen’s schoolfriends, dressed in her favourite color pink laid flowers at the site.

A man at the scene late last night reacts in horror at the discovery.

A man at the scene late last night reacts in horror at the discovery.

Most were pink too, even the wrapping.

The group, several in tears and consoling each other, were too upset to speak.

It followed a procession of mourners who’d come throughout the day – many who didn’t even know the girl.

Some left stuffed toys and cards. One read: “Rest in peace angel”.

One woman, whose daughter was friends with Masa, said she was a beautiful child.

The teen girl was found near this footbridge in Koonung Creek Linear Park.

Police believe the killing was “random attack” by a man aged in his 20s.

“She didn’t deserve this,” the woman said.

“No child does. They should be safe. It’s like a parents worst nightmare.”

Masa was passionate about sci-fi, cheekily dressing up with friends for Comic-Con type events celebrating the genre.

Residents heard screams and noises about 6.50pm on Tuesday and phoned triple zero.

Attending officers first found the teen, before paramedics tried to save her life.

The park is popular with locals. Picture: Nicole Garmston

The park is popular with locals. Picture: Nicole Garmston

The victim’s distraught father and younger sister were at the scene last night.

Insp Hughes said police would be doorknocking the suburb.

“We’ll throw all our resources behind this to ensure the offender is caught,” he said.

Police are urging anyone who may have seen anything suspicious to come forward.

“If anyone was in this area at the time, we would like them to come forward no matter how small their piece of information is — it may be he key piece of information that we need to solve this investigation,” Insp Hughes said.

The woman was fatally attacked in Koonung Creek Linear Park in Doncaster. Picture: Nicole

The girl was fatally attacked in Koonung Creek Linear Park in Doncaster. Picture: Nicole Garmston

Stanton St residents were last night requested to stay in their homes as sniffer dogs and police helicopters searched for clues and officers doorknocked the area.

Locals reel, pay tribute after stabbing horror

THE daylight murder has sent shock waves through the Doncaster community.

Yi Hua Jia, whose 15-year-old daughter walks the path every day, said she and her husband were getting ready for their nightly walk when they heard a scream.

“I just heard screeching,” Mrs Jia said.

Flowers at the scene.

Flowers at the scene.

She said her husband suggested someone may have fainted or fallen, but Mrs Jia said the noise sounded more serious.

The couple went to investigate and saw a black jacket on the road, near the intersection of Stanton and Heyington streets.

Mrs Jia said she saw police cars arriving but she did not know about the tragedy until this morning.

She said her daughter had been frightened by the news.

Young women say they’re now scared to walk alone in what they had considered a safe suburb.

Police at Koonung Creek Linear Park last night. Picture: Channel Seven

Police at Koonung Creek Linear Park last night. Picture: Channel Seven

Young mum Vicky, who lives across the road from where the murder occured, arrived home late yesterday to find the area cordoned off.

“It’s terrible – normally it should be safe in this area,” she said.

“There are so many kids around here because the school is just nearby.

“And there are so many people just exercising and running.

“It’s scary.

“It wasn’t even dark, it was daytime.

“I just want him to be arrested – fast.”

Siblings Chloe Benedetti and Matthew Petrucev said they were “shaken”.

They drove from their home in the next street to Stanton St last night after seeing police sniffer dogs and helicopters.

Mr Petrucev, 20, said they stood beside the police tape and could hear the distress of the people who were at the scene.

“You could hear the screams, it was horrible,” he said.

Ms Benedetti, 21, said she would reconsider walking alone at night.

“I’m more worried for other people…especially (because) the person who’s done this hasn’t been caught, so that’s even a bit more scary,” she said.

Adriana Vlamis, 18, said she runs the Koonung trail every day and if she had not have been late arriving from university she would have been running that night.

“It’s scary to think that something like that has happened so close to home,” Ms Vlamis said.

“I’m pretty scared to be home by myself.

“It could have been me.”

Friends Maree and Rita, who regularly walk the path together, said the incident would change the feel of their “quiet pocket” neighbourhood.

Maree said she had become “shaky” and was “horrified” by the news.

“My children walk around at night, we all walk around at night,” she said.

The track was a popular exercise route and, while some parts were bushy and isolated, the women said the area was considered safe as it was usually only frequented by locals.

“It’s an isolated area of Doncaster, it’s not really a thoroughfare to anywhere,” Maree said.

“It has to be somebody around who knows the spot.”

The friends chose to take a different walking route this morning.

“I don’t even want to walk across that bridge for a little while, I don’t think I can handle it knowing that someone lost their life,” Rita said.

Mourners have begun laying flowers and candles near the bridge.

One local woman, who did not want to be identified, said she chose to lay bright gerberas as a tribute to the young victim.

She said she did not know the family but had been shaken by the news and wanted to show her support.

“I just feel so sorry for the mum and dad,” the woman said.

A card attached to another bunch of pink gerberas, delivered by a mother clutching her young daughter’s hand, read: “May the laws change. Thinking of you and your family. Your (sic) forever in our hearts.”

Barbara and Peter Bell said they were surprised to hear of the killing as they considered the area safe.

“We walk here just about every day and we feel quite safe,” Mrs Bell said.

“We see a lot of women, particularly, walking on their own so we’ve never worried about it at all.”

Greta Engizer, who lives less than one kilometre from the crime scene, said she was “disturbed”.

Anyone with information is urged to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or www.crimestoppersvic.com.au

51 thoughts on “Police catch Masa Vukotic’s alleged killer, SEAN Price

  1. Lets hope this is not another recidivist crim just let out of a Victorian Jail on parole, I shutter to think, this is another stuff up like the several other murderers like Adrian Ernest Bayley or Steven James Hunter , Jason John Dinsley , Peter Norris Dupas type of murders – set free again , without a risk assessment by the do-gooder merciful Victorian Adult Parole Board rehabilitation crim lovers!
    I don’t know if there is any possible connection to this Doncaster stalker with other random attackers or Lone wolf attackers of which there are more than four other Melbourne suburbs of reported unsolved sex crimes and stalking assaults , indecent exposers and attempted abductions etc, on other Melbourne women in public places. Its frightening that there could be a trend of several of these type of random attackers loose on the streets.
    The Victorian CRIMESTOPPERS Unsolved files, also have some of the recent similar cases of un -captured offenders from way back to the Jill Meagher – Brunswick rape- Murder crime well before 2014, right up to the latest stalker crimes up to March 2015, in Melbourne Suburbs locations like Brunswick: Reference No.7224,committed from 2012 up to and on 26/01/2014. Avondale Heights: Reference No. CSV 0008,committed on 15/10/2014. Frankston – Kannanock Creek: Reference No.CSV0067,committed on 22/02/2015. South Morang Railway Line: Reference No. 0027, committed on 30/11/2014. Huntingdale: Reference No.0056,committed on 06/02/2015. all these potential female victims were in public places and lucky to be able to escape from there attackers on these occasions .
    I will list these sex attacks by their Reference No.s.., CRIMESTOPPERS VICTORIA .com.au -online with CCTV photos or FACE images of suspects , as above, to make them easy to find and also to save having to type all the crime details out here. Suffice to say, if their are more than one if these random violent attackers or stalkers or potential murderers or rapists, capable of committing murder, this murder above, is a worry, and with the also heinous murder on the women walking home alone in a Sydney park. just how many mongrels in Australia are walking around in public looking for a potential victim?…
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  2. It is very hard to ID them positively when the offenders are wearing there coward face covering hoodies. The thing is, every time a person is seen wearing a hoodie in public, especially after dark, we the public are feeling very suspicious of people wearing hoodies and tracksuit pants fearing the worst. as so often now, they are a armed robber a rapist or even murderer. And that is exactly why these scum bags camouflage their despicable coward selves in a hoodie, as they know that it is impossible and hard for any one to witness them, and CCTV, is thrown off from giving a clear view of the offender face. I have even seen crims go into court, for their court case wearing hoodies, they just don’t fear anything anymore, not the police not even the magistrates or judges who when they are caught again, send them back to jail!…I think the police better start making it illegal and a criminal offence to wear a hoodie in public, if a crim has a known serious criminal background history or is a registered sex offender, and so on. Because that’s the only reason the crims are wearing hoodies, not to keep out the cold, but so they know its hard for the police or security to easy identify them. Just look at the recent string of very violent Armed Robberies in Melbourne. All hoodied and tooled on a hot ay at that, – armed up for action and violence, covering there faces so CCTV footage is mostly useless. These crims are certainly planning their crime sprees scores well, when they are all behind bars, planning their next heist when they get back out!… Wearing these hoodies like they do the crims, is just as dangerous, as carrying a concealed knife and or a sawn off shot gun. They all go together, as a aid and means for committing very serious crimes and hindering any identification of them, no different to walking into a bank or in public in overalls or boilersuit and wearing a balaclava or a full motorcycle crash helmet!…

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  3. Thanks Robbo, this is just so shocking, I just heard the update that Homicide Squad Police have arrested a man, as they quote, is known to them ‘Police’, and are questioning him. The police investigators have said they will name him in due course after he is charged with murder !..
    Doesn’t it just make us the community feel sick,powerless and helpless and make our blood boil, and want to vent our outrage at the ongoing sympathetic lenient legal system that just
    free’s or gives a community correction order, having no regard of the risk they past dangerous offenders pose, to go out and reoffend again and commit this kind of horrible murder by this obviously unwatched and unchecked crim , obviously dangerous or insane or drug affected but still normal enough to run away like a coward after committing the worst kind of cold calculated risk of murder, on a innocent defenceless person. So this fiend is – “KNOWN TO POLICE”. It would be interesting for the public to know what this murderers prior criminal history was, and why he was freely roaming around and trusted to be not under strict surveillance by police or a Community Corrections officer or parole officer?… Someone in power should have known this offender was off tap!…
    If this cold blooded murdering mongrel does turn out to be another parolee violator, set loose, then we the community need to take to the streets against the parole board and the soft courts and legal systems , by their repeated continual failures of public safety and risk assessments on dangerous offending criminal, like this latest senseless murder of this innocent young girl just out walking!…
    We need to send the message to these worthless, unaccountable do-gooders in power with another united march of force and voice and protest as with the Brunswick Sydney Road march by more than 30,000 concerned citizens back in 2012, with the then senseless, and could of been avoidable,- Jill Meagher rape- murder by a then also – Known to Police,’ and Adult Parole Board and Corrections Victoria, – out free serial criminal Adrian Ernest Bayley-Edwards. as was the case as usual at the legal system or parole board that is not keeping this scum under strict watch and checks and controls when they set these unknown quantity habitual dangerous offending criminals free again!…

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  4. Now on Seven news: ‘videos’. A Albion Man Arrested over Doncaster Murder, the man :Known To Police , witnessed and seen by the public and caught on CCTV boarding a bus in Doncaster, around the time of the attack on the victim and near the victims home in Doncaster. 100 public calls to police.
    :”CCTV important in suspect’s arrest: Police”.
    Police have praised the support from the community and CCTV images in the arrest of a man wanted for murder. online- 2 hours 26 minutes ago.

    “Murder suspect hands himself in”.
    A man wanted over the murder of a schoolgirl in Melbourne has handed himself into police. online- 2 hour 30 minutes ago.
    Homicide Squad Police in brief- say, ” We currently have a man in custody, in relation to the homicide in Doncaster, Ah we want to thank the public for their assistance in this investigation, ah the public have been fantastic ,ah we have generated a massive amount of intelligence and information overnight, um the man is currently on route to the Homicide Squad, not in a position obviously at this stage to release his name, but ah, he is assisting us with our investigation.
    Media asks – “Where he hand himself in!”
    Homicide Squad Police say, “He handed himself in at Sunshine ,um, and ah, was subsequently taking in custody to the Homicide Squad, and in route with those members as we speak”!… “Lets just say we changed our focus this morning, and that focus has lead to this man surrendering, and that’s where this investigation will take us at this moment. The public needs to be confident that there are no other suspects that we are looking for, but we also have to be mindful that this man is entitled to the due process of law”.
    Asked by the media, – “Was he on parole”?-
    Homicide Police said “I’m not in a position to talk about any of his background!”…………………….
    More details on SEVEN NEWS AT 6.00.

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  5. His name is Sean Price and he was in jail for assault last year so I would say its a fair bet he was out on parole. As Robbo said just glad this disgusting animal is off the streets. But yet another innocent life has been taken and we must all demand some anwers!!

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  6. SEAN Price of Albion is the man arrested over the murder of Doncaster teenager Masa Vukotic. He will also be facing charges over several assaults this morning, an attempted car jacking and a sexual assault. Real piece of work this prick

    I updated this post but more to come out, good he is off the streets and the public can feel a bit safer.

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  7. This alleged killer, rapist – murder suspect, who is arrogantly – smugly sticking up his finger in a blue police forensic suit wearing handcuffs in police custody is criminal ” SEAN PRICE” who later after committing the stabbing murder on innocent 17-year old schoolgirl Masa Vukotic, then went on a further brutal rampant violent crime spree all the way to a western suburb of – Sunshine ,a long distance from South eastern suburb Doncaster, committed a rape on another women, details of which are not fully known as of yet. And the Killer- rapist then did a car jacking , he is well known to police as a person of interest and was on a intervention order for other serious criminal charges, which have not yet been made public by police ?… It is still not known if he was a parolee?… He is now being questioned over this violent killing and the sexual rape and crime spree, which he is expected to be charged with after he murdered the 17 year -old girl – Masa Vukotoc. There is very string forensic evidence of him washing the murder victims blood from his hand from a Doncaster residents property front garden tap, a short distance from the murder crime scene. His lawyer wont have much of a chance of getting off from this murder, and there will be the further rape of another women and the other crimes. “SEAN PRICE”, will be remanded in a high protection observation cell for the worst of the worst with Adrian Ernest Bayley and Steven James Hunter.

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  8. Hopefully with the arrest of this evil recidivist scumbag SEAN PRICE and the atrocities and fear that he has caused in the last 24 hours in Melbourne , to not just one victim, but to other victims and potential victims, had he not been caught, on CCTV and public and police indentification his rampage of murder, rape, assault and so on.
    It will bring about public anger of a big kick in the arse and shake up of the merciful legal justice system, that is to easily not locking these type of violent dangerous criminal away, long before they can be, causing further collateral damage and danger to a now very frightened community. Regardless of the costs involved the many of these types of dangerous irrational violent offenders, need to be securely locked away in jail, before they can further graduate to serial rapists and ultimately become killer murderers. These types of offenders must be thrown in jail for as long as is necessary for peace of mind to a scared community. Forewarned is forearmed . There prior dangerous offending records, speak for them self, so no leniency by the courts, setting them free to do what they do best, harm innocent people!… No more soft unsupervised Community Correction Orders, Intervention Orders, Get out of jail free passes. Just lock them up in prison and throw away the key!… And build more harsh prisons, from shipping containers to hold them in a fortress in Central Australia if need be! These continually freed and pardoned predators are the reason, there is so much untold violence on innocent victims in our now very dangerous community and public places!…


  9. The arsehole did a 10 mth stint at Port Phillip Prison assaulted prison officers, threatened to kill police and children in a video at Wyndam North Police station he was a two bit all talking bullshitter now the c..t is a frigin murderer it didnt take long for the son of a bitch to take out his hatred on an innocent young girl this is beyond words. To stick his fingers up like that I hope someone breaks them and every bone in his useless filthy putrid pathetic body. What a weak moron to take that girls life I dont have any trust in the judicial system whatever punishment he gets will not fit the crime .Dont waste time people with your candle light vigils stop the violence street rallys the vicious crims dont give a rats arse only the good people listen whats the point. Reopen Kew Asylum, Larundel and Mont Park create jobs and ease the overcrowded prisons throw these wackjobs in and keep them there for life under maximum security of course with harsh punishable conditions for christ sake the prisons are too cosy for these bastards somethings got to change it was known he was a timebomb and he went off because he could.

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    • He was well known before that.

      From the Aussie Sex Offender database:

      Price – Sean Christian

      Man sent to psychiatric hospital over sex crimes
      Posted Tue Oct 12, 2004 11:04am AEST
      A 20-year-old man has been sentenced to more than eight years detention at a psychiatric hospital, over a series of attacks on women around Melbourne.
      Sean Christian Price of Donvale pleaded guilty to 22 charges including two counts of rape, three counts of indecent assault and four of stalking.
      The County Court heard he attacked seven women including a mother who was walking with her two children in Balwyn in May last year.
      The court heard he forced his way into her home and threatened to kill the children if she did not comply.
      The court heard he also indecently assaulted a 13-year-old girl who was walking with her friend in Kew.
      Judge John Barnett said Price was suffering from the onset of schizophrenia and his psychosis clouded his social judgement as well as his understanding of the impact on his victims.
      He ordered he serve at least five and a half years of an eight year, two month sentence as a secure patient at the Thomas Embling Hospital.

      Youth ‘got high’ from sex attacks
      By Chee Chee Leung
      September 3, 2004
      A teenage rapist who preyed on women in some of Melbourne’s most affluent suburbs told police he got “the biggest high” from the attacks, a court was told yesterday.
      Sean Christian Price turned himself in after terrorising six women and a girl, 13, in suburbs including Kew, Balwyn, Camberwell and Brighton. The offences happened over 14 months.
      The County Court heard Price’s crimes included the rape of a mother, 36, in her Balwyn North home while her children – aged three and 16 months – were inside.
      Price also tried to indecently assault a girl, 13, after seeing her and a friend at a Kew service station and believing they were laughing at him.
      Price, formerly of Niagara Road, Donvale, pleaded guilty yesterday to 22 charges, including two counts of rape, four counts of stalking, three counts of indecent assault, six counts of assault and two counts of making a threat to kill.
      He committed the offences between February 2002 and June 2003 when he was aged 18 and 19. After confessing to his father, Price walked into a police station in July last year with a newspaper clipping and said: “I’m the person in the cutting.”
      Prosecutor George Slim said Price, now 20, told police he got an adrenaline rush from the attacks.
      According to his record of interview, Price said: “It’s a natural high, not like rushes you get from drugs. It’s a deviant thing, but once you’ve experienced it, it’s the biggest high.”
      Defence counsel John Buxton said his client was a chronic schizophrenic and that psychosis had affected his ability to judge and control his behaviour. “Were it not for this serious psychotic illness . . . these offences would not have occurred,” he said.
      The court heard Price had a history of depression and hallucinations, and was physically abused as a child. Mr Buxton asked the judge not to impose a crushing sentence.
      Judge John Barnett said medical opinions suggested Price should be sentenced to a hospital security order.
      The judge directed that Price remain at the Thomas Embling psychiatric hospital, and adjourned the hearing to a date to be fixed.

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  10. Its beyond words, to never have your daughter come home after going for a walk. I agree, Don’t waste time with your candle light vigils stop the violence street rallys, its not going to make any difference to the vicious crims out there. The little bit of info on the Net about this guy says it all, time bomb waiting to go off, walking free on our streets.

    The justice system has to take some responsibility here. Can we prosecute them for endangering all our lives??

    I can’t believe 2 blokes are on death row in Bali for taking drugs out of that country, and criminal psychos like this guy are walking free around our suburbs. Someone is getting it very wrong. None of it will bring poor Masa back. Heartfelt condolences to her family, now tortured for the rest of their lives by this senseless crime.

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    • Totally agree. The only people who care about vigils are the victims’ families and people trying to believe it makes a difference. Sentences that are appropriate to the crime is the only thing that will make a difference.

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  11. This arsehole maggot – SEAN PRICE’S very long recidivist sex offending history is a direct result of his pathetic do-gooder crim helping defence lawyer batting for him for leniency with a plea to go easy on him and go soft on him to the sentencing judge on this crazy lunatic madness cop out story for mercy on him. The only thing he is plain mad- bad and dangerous, so lock hom away for ever on what used to be called The Governors Pleasure!… Putting these incurable evil crims on a few years secure psych treatment holiday in the modern day ‘one flew over the cuckoo’s nest’ repatriation clinic nuthouses, like Victoria’s Thomas Embling criminal nut hospital , is just not harsh enough. Crims like this SEAN PRICE, and Adrian Bayley were and are playing the system, cunning and bad and mad. They can’t be rehabilitated with absolute certainty, enough to release them under strict monitored supervision back into the community and expect them not to commit a worse crime. And as it turns out he did reoffend anyway, by him then doing another this time jail stretch in Port Phillip Prison for more serious crimes and assaulting police and while in jail assaulting Prison Officers, threating to kill police and children and so on. He should have never been let out of jail, with a offence history so bad. Know wonder the police knew where to go looking for him. Why is such a dangerous sex offending lunatic doing free on the streets, he should have been in leg irons and chains, with a curfew, but instead, no one monitoring him, while he did what he likes, staking innocent people to rape and murder, and with a prior record of habitual violence like this notorious long record. These defence lawyers and judges, that feel sorry for and these lunatic mongrels and defend them or hand out lenient soft sentences to the likes of Sean Price, obviously never become victims of crime themselves or their families from the scum bags of the earth they help defend in court. and get them the best of minimum jail time, to help them get out early and back on the streets to commit worse heinous violent crimes, like serial rapes and random killing innocent victims for their deviant thing rushes!…. There used to be end of the line places of penal confinement under the Governors Pleasure for dangerous recidivist violent criminals like this Sean Price. He back in the days of H.M.Pentridge, would have been certified and locked away in the notorious “G”.Division in Pentridge for the dangerous criminally insane, or sent to the notorious J.Ward in H.M.Ararat Prison, or even locked away in H.Division, like what was done to notorious prisoner Garry David-Webb, even Mark Chopper Read, he was certified and keep locked away in places like Pentridge H.Division, G.Division,J.Division Jika Jika, H.M.Ararat Prison’s old notorious J.Ward and there was H.M.Bendigo and H.M.Castlemaine , H.M.Sale, H.M.Beechworth, H.M Geelong, H.M.Ballarat Prisons, all very bleak and harsh places of hard labour and solitary confinement imprisonment . These many once ideal prison sites are now all gone for ever and a day. Because of stupid foresighted do-gooder governments, wanting to privatise and build new modern rehab country club prisons with pools and gyms and pay tv. All the good old brick and bluestone nicks, have been either knocked down or close down, decommissioned and sold off to property developers. So they can never ever be re- opened and put back into use to lock away , what we now have in cushy modern protection segregation jails the worst of the worst. And the soft politicians from days past and present with all the the do-gooders, rushed to close them all down and sold them off to get them out if debt!…. These old cold bleak harsh grim condition dungeon Queens houses of the Government once wrapped in razor wire and barbed wire would have just the thing to lock away never to be released and forget about all these modern day recidivist killers and rapist.

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  12. One just cannot fathom the pain and heartache and emotional anger and torture this innocent family and their friends, are going through, at this time, with this senseless random murder of their young daughter Masa Vukotic, having watched her upset father, Mr Vukotic on the news after he was giving the bad news by the police, is so traumatic and sad!… Tears to the eyes… It just like the anger after the Anita Cobby rape murder so many years back in . The Peter Dupas rapes and mutilating murders of several innocent ladies, and young Mersina Halvagis, murdered at Fawkner cemetery and her father George and mother Christina grief over the years when evil Peter Dupas would not give them closure and appealed his life sentence!… And also the recent Jill Meagher and Sarah Cafferkey violent horrible rape- murders. They could have all been preventable had all these recidivist evil, serial violent rapists and killer, been locked away in the first place for life imprisonment, and refused parole, before they all graduated to more even worse rapes and murders.

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  13. Will we see a Jill Meagher-style cast of thousands demonstrating against the failure of the judiciary to keep this recidivist animal behind bars? I don’t think so.

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  14. Slain teen remembered as ‘loving , sweet and smart’.
    Slain Melbourne teen Masa Vukotic was a “loving , sweet, smart” young woman with a zest for life and a bright future.
    A large crowd gathered in Doncaster park- Melbourne on Wednesday night. Many were overcome with emotion as they placed flowers at a temporary memorial.
    Her former tutor Glenn Nicholson described Masa Vukotic as a vibrant young women who was destined for big things. He said. “She had a good heart ,integrity, she thought about the big picture and she was always smiling. “I think she wanted to make a difference in life. Sadly, I think she will, but not in the way we planned.”
    The Canterbury Girls Secondary College student loved the colour pink, Japanese- inspired clothing and her pet rabbit.
    Floral tributes have been left at the Melbourne Park where a 17 -year-old woman was murdered.
    One tribute reads – “So Sorry for You And Your Family You Are All In My Thoughts & Prayers
    With Love From A Stranger XOX “.
    One friend spoke of her aspiration to become a lawyer, and other spoke of the positive influence she had on their lives. “She touched the lives of many people, and she will never be forgotten,”one friend posted on Facebook. “Forever 17,” another said.
    A gathering for Masa titled Princess Marci’s Royal Parade will be held at The Queen Victoria Gardens on March 28.

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  15. This scum bag recidivist Sean Christian Price wont be getting off this time, no matter how good his defence lawyer defending him is!… Forensic evidence from the victims DNA blood samples he washed from his hands on the seized garden tap and traces on his clothing, will seal his fate. As well as the CCTV footage and his other victims evidence from his rape and assault crime spree. If he had the prominent criminal defence lawyer Robert Richter QC, defending him, a jury would still find him guilty. The hardest part will be finding a impartial 12 member jury panel to sit through out his trial, listening to the gory details of the evidence of his horrible crimes, if Sean Price does decides to plead not guilty, like serial murderer- rapist Peter Norris Dupas did. Hopefully his sentencing judge will be Justice Betty King, she will more than likely than not, throw him in jail for the rest of his maggot life!.. And even if Sean Prices has a lawyer who plea bargain for him to plead guilty, like Adrian Earnest Bayley did in the Jill Meagher murder-rape case, to get a reduced lesser sentence of 35 years, he still wont be much better off. He certainly wont be seeing the streets of Melbourne ever again. It will be very unlikely he is found not guilty, due to insanity, but even then he wont go free and will be incarcerated at Thomas Embling High Security forensic mental health – Criminal Insane Psychiatric Hospital in Fairfield, Melbourne, as a involuntary dangerous sex offending patient !… There is far to much forensic evidence proving his guilt!… I do feel sorry for any members of the jury, having to sit through this heinous committed crime in the Supreme Court!…It would be very traumatic, hearing all the gory evidence and court exhibits, crime scene photo’s brought before the court!
    Even the committal hearing at the Magistrates Court ,to find if he is fit to stand for trial for murderer and rape, will be a hard court hearing to sit through unaffected !…

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  16. Extract from Herald Sun – 50/50. by Mr Martin Newell. from Victoria.
    THE Aussie expression “too easy” could describe most of the judgments handed down in Victorian Courts.
    Police go to extraordinary lengths to bring criminals to justice.
    Once before the courts , murderers , rapists, drug dealers and terrorists show up in a new suit and with a few sweet words.
    Our weak judiciary treats the police and public with contempt.
    These highly paid individuals are a far cry from 50 years ago when magistrates had served in war and experienced life at the coalface.
    Today we have a judiciary that has never given a prisoner the death penalty , never mixed with all people in society.
    Our magistrates ‘background is sipping coffee in Clayton or Carlton, gaining a law degree and then sitting around listening to criminals telling hard luck stories. Too easy.

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  17. Another good extract from the Herald Sun 50/50. by Mr Michael Binney from Victoria.
    ANOTHER win for CCTV.
    It was only a matter of time before any suspect in the latest abominable crime would realise that chances of remaining at large were slim.
    To those who oppose CCTV in public domain areas, the saying applies:
    “If you have nothing to hide you have nothing to fear.”

    And by Mr John Rattray from Victoria.
    “Civil Libertarians who protest against the use of CCTV camera’s in public should reconsider after the swift suspect indentification in the Doncaster park murder.

    And by Saf from Victoria.
    “GIVE me half an hour with the murderer of Masa Vukotic. Rest in peace, Masa.

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  18. Check out on YouTube: On this deranged dangerous murder suspect!…
    :Doncaster stabbing: confessions of a murder suspect 01.28. Sean Christian Price – Talks to police at formal recorded Victoria Police record of interview in October 2014, about violent threats he made to Prison Officers and its conditions when he claims he was locked up in the notorious High Security segregation ‘Charlotte Unit’ in ‘Port Phillip Prison’.
    His other disturbing video’s have been removed from YouTube.
    Sean Christian Price – bizarre YouTube posted videos, were of Sean Price issuing disjointed ramblings while munching a doughnut. His ravings included comments about his “traumatised” ears.

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    • i saw those. it looked to me like someone has given him a wet willy.
      i learned of this from the simpsons, years ago, though i’ve never known anyone to have done this. it seems just plain stupid, and gross, to me. this guy seems to have some fixation with this, which he then morphed into some idea about barwon prison staff doing this with a penis. i personally doubt that ever happened, but i think he has confabulated it in his paranoid mind. i think the wet willy fixation/obsession/perversion has possibly come from someone he knows doing it to him when he was very yound and weak. it was elsewhere mentioned that he was sexually assaulted when he was young; i guess it happened then. he didn’t seem particularly psychotic to me, but he did seem quite fixated upon his ears LOL

      does anyone know how tall this man is?

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  19. One comment on YouTube about alleged murderer Sean Christian Price reads as follows:
    “this guy will overtake Jill Maher’s killer as the most hated person in the prison system – he just stuffed it up for the whole lot of them – bail will get tighter and tighter and tighter – from 1voyher1.

    And from CityWatch2:
    “Sick bastard. Hopefully, he will step on some Serbian guy in jail. You people, what do you think how he can be free with such hard criminal biography? It’s because you government don’t give a shit about your safety. Law enforcement is there to protect the elite. Do you think anyways or you have TV instead of brain.

    The law is there to protect the guilty, because its a business.- from S.Fissure.

    “My condolences to the family. Marcia May you rest in peace. You sounded like a fantastic and amazing person. And may that bastard rot in prison and in hell” – from HANd Huh.

    “When is this piss weak Australian government going to grow some fuckin balls and treat cunts like this in society the way they deserve to be treated , like heinous animals.. people like this should have their throats slit . it seems like he killed this poor girl in Doncaster just so he could get his ticket to a free life in jail.. – from jayrod jones.

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    Masa Vukotic’s father comes face to face with accused killer
    THE courageous dad of murdered schoolgirl Masa Vukotic came face to face yesterday with the man accused of killing his daughter.
    Slavoljub Vukotic stared intently at accused child killer Sean Christian Price throughout a 12- minute hearing in Melbourne Magistrates Court.
    It came as details about the murder – which cannot legally be reported about, due to the accused presumption of innocence before and during any committal hearing or future trial…
    The gruesome details about the alleged murder and other serious crimes cokoticmmitted by the accused, has apparently – rocked the Victorian State Government, amid concerns about public safety…
    “This is a very serious matter and the Government is very concerned about safeguarding the community,” a government spokeswomen said. “The Government is giving careful consideration to how to respond to this matter in a way that does not adversely affect the legal proceedings.”

    Mr Price, 31 sat behind a protective glass barrier, flanked by two Protective Services Officers, and appeared to gaze back at Mr Vukotic for minutes on end. At other times , the accused rolled his head, as if bored by the proceedings.
    Mr Vukotic kept a restrained and dignified silence. But his eyes remained fixed. Only later did he allow himself a moment to sit , head in hands.
    Outside court , members of the extended family told the Herald Sun the 17-year-old’s immediate family were to grief – stricken to speak, but that they – ‘feel hurt that a system failure may have led to Masa’s brutal death’. –
    family friend said.
    “We need to fix the system to stop others going through this pain.”

    INSIDE COURT, Mr Price’s lawyer said -“that her client had concerns about his treatment in custody. –
    Mr Price was charged with one count of murder.
    He was also charged with rape, three assaults and two robberies that occurred in the hours before his apprehension at 11.30am on Tuesday.
    Police said they were obtaining CCTV footage from 12 suburbs over a seven – day period.
    They also asked the Magistrates Court for time to conduct DNA tests.

    Police allege Sean Christian Price went on a crime rampage lasting 90 minutes before his arrest for murder.
    The 31- year-old appeared in court yesterday charged with the killing of 17-year-old Mas Vukotic, with details emerging of alleged incidents just before he turned himself in.
    Mr Price is accused of raping a woman in a Christian bookshop and robbing two men, one in an attempted car jacking. He is also charged with three assaults , all allegedly on Thursday morning in Sunshine.
    The rape allegedly happened minutes before he went to Sunshine police station.
    The front door of the Word bookshop in Harvester Road, Sunshine, had been dusted for fingerprints. It remained closed yesterday, with staff said to be traumatised.
    The Herald Sun has been told at least two customers were in the bookshop at the time, but they did not hear the women’s struggle and were not immediately aware of the alleged violent attack.
    Another staff member ran outside for help and alerted a man arriving for work at the Salvation Army next door. He rushed in and allegedly found the woman being restrained by her attacker in a rear area of the store.
    It is understood witnesses tried to grab the man but he managed to break free and ran out into the street.
    “Our person yelled at this bloke and said that the police had been called,” the Salvation Army’s Dr Bruce Redman said. “He headed out to the street and our worker ran after him, but he disappeared.”
    That incident allegedly followed the attempted carjacking of a 77-year-old man in his BMW in McCracken St and the assault of a 26-year-old man and the theft of a mobile phone from him.

    Blood remained on the stairs and rail leading to the footbridge of Sunshine railway station where that alleged assault took place. “The police were very quick getting there – they had already cordoned off the area because of the other crimes that occurred,” Dr Redman said.

    It has emerged Mr Price allegedly attacked Prime Minister Tony Abbott when he was a hospital patient in 2006 and Mr Abbott visited the hospital in his then capacity as health minister.
    A blow from patient Sean Christian Price, allegedly connected with Mr Abbott’s cheek.
    Witnesses at the time said nothing was said before or after the incident.
    The alleged confrontation was over within three seconds as security men moved in.
    Reported to once have been an accomplished boxer, Mr Abbott later laughed off the incident.
    “It is a matter of complete inconsequence,” he was quoted as saying.

    Sourced from Saturday Herald Sun , March 21, 2015. by crime reporters: Aleks Devic, Emily Portelli, Jon Kaila, Monique Hore and Andrea Hamblin. [email protected]

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  21. Sourced from Saturday Herald Sun, March 21, 2015 – from public say pages. – 50/50.
    “YES , WE’VE HAD ENOUGH ” – by Mr Pieter du Plessis, Foster.
    I CANNOT say I am surprised at the editorial in the Herald Sun (Mar 20), ending with “Enough is enough”.
    For some time I have had a feeling that Victoria has a very serious problem with law enforcement and justice. I shudder to think how many violent criminals (known to the authorities) are walkingour streets. We read of cabinet ministers with friends in the underworld, we see white – collar crime getting harsher sentencing than violent and drug related crimes. Persons with known criminal history are labelled as “colourful”. Sport persons seem to get preferential treatment from the law. Committing a crime is not “making a mistake”.
    The Aussie concept of a “fair go” is incorrectly applied to criminals and lawbreakers. There seems to be a culture amongst the judiciary of unfounded compassion for criminals.

    “VIOLENCE IS NEVER OK” – Mr Martin Lovegrove, Wheelers Hill.
    WE have seen the grief , the floral tributes, the headlines — these are all indications that the community is tired of individuals thinking it’s OK to commit acts of violence.
    The Doncaster case in particular , should guilt be proven, is the best opportunity for a judge to stand up and say “no more” . In doing so the community will regain some respect for our erratic judicial system, and perpetrators may think twice .

    “SCALES OF JUSTICE” – by Mr Barry Warrener from Doncaster.
    I CONGRATULATE Rita Panahi on her article on judicial standards (“We must punish evil more than greed”. Opinion, Mar 19). The tragic murder of the young woman in Doncaster throws light on the situation.
    Hardly a day goes by when we don’t hear about stabbings and murders in our city. Yet the judicial sentencing by these out-of -touch judges and magistrates beggars belief.
    Community standards are supposed to be met by the judicial system , yet year after year we see these ludicrous sentences handed out to the perpetrators of horrific crimes, some of which are mentioned in Rita’s article.
    Democracy does not seem to be working in this sphere.
    When will someone stand up and have the balls to sway the scales of justice towards the victim instead of the perpetrators?

    “MORE SEVERE PENALTY” – by Mr Brian Ralphs Chirnside Park.
    RITA Panahi’s article surely
    expresses the attitude of the majority of Australian’s, that murder and violence should carry a more severe penalty than the average gained by Chris Hill and Lukas Kamay with their illegal insider trading activities.
    Of coarse they should not go unpunished but if authorities were half smart they would the obvious talents of these young men to advantage , rather than just locking them away for what seems such an interminably long time given their misdemeanour.
    As the article states, arguably no one was hurt. At least no more than those who were disadvantaged by dubious advice proffered by financial advisers recently.

    After sitting in my lunch room at work discussing Rita Panahi’s article on sentencing (Opinion, 19/3), we have some very angry citizens. We need something done now. – by Rachel, Doreen.

    We hardly need to know the story behind the murder in Doncaster to realise the judiciary needs to be held to account. – from Sue, Pakenham.

    MASA’S murder has had a profound effect on me. My heart bleeds for her family. – from J.Clark, Geelong.

    “POLICE, WE THANK YOU” – by Mr Michael O’Brien, Chirnside Park.
    CONGRATULATIONS to the Victorian Police for their swift actions and arrest of Sean Price.
    Now we need the courts to be as diligent in sentencing , if he is found guilty.

    “REVOLUTION IS COMING” – by Michael Kwasny from Richmond, Melbourne.
    I TOTALLY agree with Rita Panahi that judges and magistrates are totally out of touch with the Australian public.
    That two inside traders can be sentenced to seven years and five years while ice addicts , murderers and rapists generally receive lighter sentences is unbelievable.
    I, and many of my friends , watch with disdain the path Australia is heading down. Surely our elected leaders , state and federal, must also be disgusted with our sentencing laws, or do they all live in a bubble?
    A revolution by us everyday citizens is coming.

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    THE accused killer of Doncaster schoolgirl Masa Vukotic has started prison life under constant watch and isolated from other inmates.
    Sean Price ,31, will only get a maximum of two hours outside his secure cell each day, partly to protect him from the rage of other prisoners.
    Price is believed to be held at the Melbourne Assessment Prison – MAP- as authorities decide on where to house him in the longer term.
    It is unlikely he will stay at MAP until his next court date on June 26 2015.
    Those wanting to visit him will also be screened closely to avoid any vigilante behaviour.
    Masa was stabbed to death on Tuesday night while she walking along a popular path in Doncaster near the Eastern Freeway and only 500meters from her home.
    Sean Christian Price has been charged with her murder, He was also charged with rape, three assaults

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  23. When will the justice system learn?
    These fool penpushers who tick boxes should be held accountable and charged.
    I wonder if the public could file a class action against these egg heads.
    I can’t see an end…it keeps happening.

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  24. Continued from above:
    ‘Sean Christian Price has been charged with murder, He was also charged with rape, three assaults and two robberies that police allege happened in the 90 minutes before he handed himself in at Sunshine police station in Melbourne’s west at 11.30am on Thursday.

    One former Prison Officer said Price would be separated from other inmates for some time.
    He said the accusations against him would be viewed as heinous, even inside jail.
    It was an environment in which the presumption if innocence did not apply, making the admission of new prisoners accused of high- profile crimes a perilous business.
    “He won’t mix with any prisoners at all,” the former Prison Officer source said.
    “He would be despised. He’d be put in the same despised category as (child killers) Arthur Freeman and Robert Farquharson,”
    During his first days in prison , doctors’ notes are analysed and all available psychiatric material is gathered.
    Those who have treated him in the past will also be spoken to in a bid to piece together his life.
    “He’d be deemed as someone at risk from other prisoners and to himself.
    “There would be heightened security around him, ” one lawyer said.
    On the outside, police investigating Masa’s death continue to trawl through CCTV and look for more cameras potentially containing more evidence — in an area now spanning 12 suburbs.
    George Halvagis, whose daughter Mersina was randomly murdered by Peter Norris Dupas at Fawkner Cemetery in 1997, said he was horrified by what happened.
    “That poor little girl didn’t deserve that,” he said. “My heart is with the family.”
    Masa’s dad Slavoljub stared at Price at a short Melbourne Magistrates’ Court hearing on Friday.
    Sean Christian Price was remanded in custody to June 26, 2015.
    Sourced from Sunday Herald Sun , March 22,2015. Crime reporters: Mark Buttler and Aleks Devic
    [email protected]


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  26. The police in Australia is a joke even the justice system is a bigger joke this man should be jailed for life if I was the father I would wait until he’s out and then . . . . . because if this guy gets 3 years or bail or what ever this is no justice laws must be more tough and to be taken seriously for people to think twice before committing any crime if I’m the father I don’t care if he was on drugs or drunk or even mentally unstable or crazy still this is no excuse killing = killed

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  27. AGENDA – Sunday Herald Sun, March 22,2015. ‘ SPECIAL REPORT’ by Andrew Rule, Aleks Devic and Mark Buttler…………..
    ‘Agitated , friendly, shy. Keeps strange hours and rarely has visitors. Fit and loves martial arts. Avoids eye contact but sometimes shares cigarettes…

    LATE on the afternoon before Masa Vukotic was killed, the man now charged with her murder, bumped into one of his neighbours in the neat block of flats they shared in Burnewang Stn Albion.
    For once , Sean Price was “quite friendly” , the neighbour recalled later of the “shy guy” who had received visitors barely three times in six months.
    This time the wiry newcomer even produced a packet of cigarettes and offered one to the man and another neighbour. This was a departure from his usual hand-rolled tobacco, agitated manner and evasiveness.
    The neighbour was relieved that the new tenant seemed so settled that evening.
    He so often wasn’t, often mumbling and avoiding eye contact.
    It had been that way since he moved in late last year, – 2014, the latest in a series of solitary tenants who had lived in a flat held by Yarra Community Housing.
    The new resident kept strange hours and made strange noises but mostly kept to himself.
    He didn’t have a car, and was thought to use the bus and train to go elsewhere.
    No one knew where or why, except that he often came home after midnight.
    On Tuesday, it is alleged , he went to Doncaster — a suburb on the other side of the city, but one he knew because he had lived in neighbouring Donvale as a teenager.
    There, a court will hear, he attacked the teenage schoolgirl as she walked in a local park, leaving her dying as he ran from the scene.
    The suspected killer was caught on security camera as he ran past a local school, and again by the closed circuit camera on the bus he took to Collingwood.
    The clear images captured on the bus would lead to his arrest — but not until he allegedly committed a string of crimes before walking into Sunshine police station to give himself up minutes after allegedly raping a woman in a nearby Christian book shop.
    That chilling bravado continued. When taken from Sunshine to St Kilda Rd police complex, he made obscene gestures to waiting photographers and derided a bail magistrate for confusing his date of birth.
    A court will probably eventually decide Sean Price’s guilt or innocence of murder, rape and other violent crimes. It may have to decide if he is mad or bad — or both. Or neither.
    Until the accused has his day with the judge and jury, there are more things that cannot be said about this case than can be , — For legal reasons, the fact Sean Price is charged with Mas Vukotic’s murder and other violent offences cannot be put into context.

    What can be said is that mot people avoided him at his previous accommodation, where he was known as a relative (through his father) of Pitcairn Islanders descended from the Bounty mutineers. He said his middle name , Christian comes from the famous mutineer and Pitcairn patriarch Fletcher Christian.
    Witnesses recall Sean Price’s “mesmerising “green eyes, his wiry strength, and his marathon workouts with a punching bag. “All he did was work out, sometimes for four or five hours at a time,”
    one witness said. “He loved martial arts — and he was good at them.”
    Another witness who knows Sean Price well describes how he “punched” Tony Abbott, then federal health minister, as Mr Abbott toured a hospital where Sean Christian Price was a patient in 2006.
    The accused man’s demeanour is captured by several YouTube and video clips seen by the Herald Sun.
    “Maybe this is what I was born to do, “he says cryptically, speaking to a web camera set up in the bare surrounds of his flat. He appears lean and lantern jawed. He smiles often, revealing a gap between his front teeth. A tight – fitting “beanie ” covers his ears. He smokes a thin “roll-your-own” smoke. He knuckles are knotted and scarred like a boxer’s legacy of long hours on the punching bag. At first it seems he is talking nonsense about his ears being “raped” , part of a rambling complaint about being manhandled and body searched – possible jail slang – ?
    In one clip , he takes on an American accent and “sings” rhyming lines like a rapper.
    “Come on, darlings,” he mocks after his beanie to show off an ear, “I want to see the ears I used to know.” Elsewhere , seemingly parodying a sex assault victim, he says: “I just had to watch my ears get violated.”
    The fact that the prime suspect for Masa Vukotic’s murder is in custody pending trial means he is no longer on the streets. But there are questions her family and many others will want answered when the time comes.
    Sean Christian Price is entitled to the presumption of innocence , but the death of the Doncaster girl stirs terrible memories for the relatives and friends of other victims of murder and rape.
    These kind of serial sex offenders as has been in the long and recent past , are what police say are all – “off the scale” of psychosexual tests…
    It is 28 years since Vicky Cleary was stabbed to death by violent sex offender parolee Peter Keogh, who had come to the Coburg kindergarten where she worked , armed with gaffer tape, a box cutter, surgical gloves and a butcher knife. He would later claim he needed all that to vandalise Vicky Cleary’s car after she left him. Peter Keogh had long violent and serial sex offending form and prior prison time for heinous crimes, but Vicky Cleary hadn’t known that when she had started a brief relationship with the brooding cowardly criminal Peter Keogh. She didn’t know he had tried to kill a policeman as a teenager and had committed violent assaults against females . She didn’t know that by saying she didn’t want to be with him , she was signing her death sentence.
    But that’s what happened. Peter Keogh stabbed Vicky Cleary like a butcher killing a sheep, then went off to have a coffee while an ambulance took her to hospital.
    “Please don’t let me die,” she whispered to the paramedics and surgeons at the Royal Melbourne Hospital. But thy couldn’t save her from the brutal actions of a man who had been dangerous all his adult life.
    The Cleary family was devastated then — and again when Justice George Hampel sentenced Peter Keogh to just six years after the charge was dropped from murder to manslaughter on the grounds of “provocation”.

    After all these never ending unacceptable judicial failures, it has taken nearly 30 years , but the legal system finally threw away the key on serial murderer and rapist – Peter Norris Dupas. As it did with Leslie Camilleri the Bega schoolgirl killer, Raymond Mr “Stinky” Edmunds, Ivan Milat , Derek Ernest Percy, Bandi Debs and a few more.
    But for every “life means lifer” there are a dozen killers who get a second and third chances.
    BECAUSE Prison space is at a premium…………………………………………………………………………….

    A brief and edited part of the log three page – Agenda special report by Andrew Rule, Aleks Devic and Mark Buttler. :Herald Sun Crime Reporters…

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  28. Honestly, I have given up on our country. I would move to the US tomorrow if I could to get away from this do-gooder, bleeding heart justice system. Bring back the death penalty and introduce CINCURRENT sentencing !

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  29. Im too frigin angry about the slackness in my own country to hold a frigin candle there should be a f..kin riot in the streets of Melb we should let out how angry we are.

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  30. Great idea Reagan , in retrospect , – but I can just see it now, the overkill mob of riot rent a cops, security and the anti protest coppers, using shields and batons and using their OC spray canister’s – or capsaicin spray and the taser’s with brute police force to drag away the trouble making , out spoken protesters as the police have done in the past, with their anti protest riot squads and protective services officers, treating the angst of the vocal public protesters like they are hardened dangerous criminals, by using pressure point holds, handcuffing and throwing the angry outspoken crowd into the waiting divvy and brawler vans and of to the police watch house cells, and later charged with assault to police and other petty offences like trespassing and so on. and later sent to court for affray, for just trying to get their voice across at a public protest. The Government and that includes their crown courts with The high and mighty judges and magistrates of the Queens Judiciary system and especially the government run Department of Justice and Corrections Victoria’s flagship – Adult Parole Board Office, would have any potential mob of protesters or troublemakers arrested pronto!… This bastard of a ivory tower Parole Board has been and is to untouchable and unaccountable, that’s why they keep getting away with their system failures and keep their do-gooder jobs!…


  31. “SENTENCE AS DETERRENT” – from Herald Sun 50/50 – by Mr Ray Newton , Darley.
    FURTHER to your front – page editorial “Enough is enough ” (HS,March 20), it’s time we made convicted criminals do “hard time” as their sentences instead of languishing in hotel -style prison accommodation doing gym work and studying for university degrees.
    Let a sentence be a punishment and a deterrent .
    Murderers, rapists, wannabe terrorist and the like should live in Spartan – prisons and work in
    “chain gangs” on community projects…………………………………………………………………………………..


  32. So true it would without a doubt backfire, there has to be another way. They are in their ivory bullshit tower I hope somehow they all come crashing down. We do need these useless violent stains on society to clean up the freeways and highways that are littered with rubbish all along the medium strips its a disgrace so much for community service what the hell are they doing.

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  33. From Herald Sun – 50/50. – by Jana of Heidelberg.
    ‘As a teacher at Masa’s school , I found your photo of Sean Price and his one – fingered salute (HS,20/3) deeply upsetting. I can’t imagine the effect on her family’.

    “WE SHOULDN’T LIVE IN FEAR” – by Ivanka Spiteri of Caroline Springs.
    I AM angry , I am afraid. And I am sad.
    Our daughters , nieces , sisters, mothers, wives, partners and friends need us to maintain the rage, to ensure our sons, nephews, fathers, brothers, husbands, partners and friends truly respect the women in their lives and to challenge society’s expectation about behaviour that may be deemed provocative.
    I am surrounded by wonderful men who have nothing but love and respect for the women in their lives. But I am lucky, as are they, and this should not be the case . It should be the norm.
    I have every right to come home and expect to be loved and respected , not beaten, abused, frightened for my life and eventually killed.
    I have every right to walk home after a night out with the girls and not be tortured, raped or killed.
    I have every right to walk around the park with my headphones on and not be followed , harassed and stabbed.
    These are not extreme examples — these are the realities of women such as Doncaster teenager Masa Vukotic and many others whom I do not know but stand in solidarity with.

    Our society , our legal system, our communities , our families, ourselves — it is up to us all to make this country safer for women.
    Three years for rape is not good enough.
    Standing up in court to point the finger at the man threatening to kill you just so you can get a piece of paper that says he needs to keep away (which he disregards with little or no consequences ) is not good enough .
    Having to dress modestly , staying with a friend at all times, not partying, not drinking alone, not catching public transport at night, is not good enough.
    “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH”…………………………………………………………………………………………………..


  34. This is the problem, once the justice system of England in colonial Australia times , from the first fleet of convicts transported from the United Kingdom for hard labour in then the convict settlement of colonial Australia. Was very tough , There was no mercy or rights to rehabilitation, no choice but to slave off their sentenced punishment , which rarely was less than seven years at best to life, and the worked in drudgery and misery for the punishment regardless of the offence or sentence that got them transported in the first place. The convicts sentence was called penal servitude which not only was strict grim harsh solitary confinement but also very arduous physical hard labour with picks and shovels and hammers quarrying large stones for colonial building construction and road and bridge public works building in the then new growing colony of British rule Australia. The convicts were forced by the only law, being the hardened British solders , making them to wear shackles, balls and chains, leg and hand irons, often while they toiled on physical breaking hard labour punishments. Some convicts were often worked to death from exhaustion, dehydration , starvation and brutality and beatings or lashings from the soldier warders, along with just a very basic diet of porridge , bread and water for their sustenance only. Then after a very long days work in chains they were marched back to the grim bleak condition freezing cold or stifling hot stone block putrid cells with no toilet or hygiene facilities or bedding comforts in the musty gaol blocks or dormitories, holding many convicts crammed in together liked animals in a barn.
    And this treatment was for the better behaved convicts, those that had committed brutal or violent crimes or were insubordinate to the soldier warders, were sent on a one way trip to the very feared Van Diemen’s Land Gaols of Port Arthur and even worse Sarah Island convict gaol in remote wilderness Tasmania, Macquarie Harbour or Hells Gates of Sarah Island. Which was often a death sentence of hard labour and exposer from the cold and wet weather conditions of remote Van Diemen’s Land. As well these worst penal servitude establishments of which were on purpose, run on draconian brutal regimes of convict colonial rules and regulations, meaning the convicts had no rights, and any disrobing the gaol rules meant instant handed out corporal punishment with the lash, and in even worst cases further on transported to feared Norfolk Island, the worse penal establishment of them all off Australia. No mercy in these times of convict Australia. Any re-offended usually meant being dealt with by going to the gallows to be hung by the neck until dead, or the lesser sentence of 100 to 500 lashes, where the convict often died anyway from the infection and pain of his many lashing wounds. Penal establishments at Port Arthur and Sarah Island at Van Diemen’s Land, or Norfolk Island, had one purpose and that was to punish, and keep the convict down and break their spirits, by any means at their disposal. and those convicts that were not broken by the hard labour, often went insane in grim solitary confinements cells or better called dungeons.

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    :Van Diemen’s Land deutscher trailer.
    :Van Diemen’s Land PART 1 – 10 ( Ankit Godha). Full Movie in parts. The convicts spoke dutch language so to keep the film authentic , the actors speak in dutch.
    A remarkable made Australian film on the true story – of the worst convicts grim conditions of hard labour cutting huon pine, in wet and cold conditions for punishment, they decide to run and escape from Hells Gate – Sarah Island in then Van Diemen’s Land in 1822. The escape of Convict Alexander Pearce and other desperate convicts sentenced to life imprisonment, at Sarah Island that after escaping into the remote Tasmanian wilderness turned them into cannibals for survival. Alexander Pearce was later hung in Hobart Gaol.
    :For The Term Of His Natural Life (1983 TV MOVIE). 2.15 hr.


  36. With No Outrage there is No Change.
    How do we get some good coming from the death of Masa? How do we turn this into an issue that the men of Melbourne can support our sister, wives and daughters and take a stand?

    Supposedly the Jill Meagher case has brought the toughest parole system to Victoria. I’d be interested to know whether this is just spin or whether there are actually changes afoot. Your thoughts Former Prison Officer?

    I’m the father of three daughters, two still at Canterbury Girls SC and one who finished there 2 years ago. To witness the tears, fear and anger in our household that night and since then, is more than distressing. This horrendous failure of our legal system and lack of accountability of judges and parole board decision makers leaves me absolutely gobsmacked and outraged. Judge John Barnett is probably lucky that he died 3 years ago and doesn’t have to face a mob angry about the consequences of his total disregard for women and their safety as well as the victims of sexual assaults.

    The words from pollies that women shouldn’t be out by themselves and they shouldn’t be wearing earphones is completely unacceptable and more than unhelpful. Fix the actual problems guys!! Get the poorly performing judges and parole decision makers sacked or have some better system of appeal when bad decisions are made. Who in their right mind, even as a normal lay person, could have viewed it as appropriate to release Price before his non-parole period was up with all the facts in front of them??

    It is truly chilling reading how Judge Barnett was a serial releaser of people who clearly should have been put away. Here’s a snippet from: http://www.mako.org.au/ausnews348.html

    “Judge Barnett in February urged a confessed rapist to reconsider his guilty plea, saying he did not believe penetration had occurred.
    Last year he let a pedophile who abused a seven-year-old girl, off without a jail term.
    And in 2000, he decided a suspended jail term was enough for a Catholic priest who molested 20 children, saying the priest was no longer a threat.
    The judge has sparked outrage by overturning a child pornography conviction because he could not be sure the explicit images depicted children.
    Prosecutors are considering appealing against Judge John Barnett’s decision in the County Court this week.
    The judge overturned a conviction against Catholic school teacher Terrence James Wescott, 56, charged with possessing child porn.
    It is the fifth controversial decision handed down by Judge Barnett in a sex-related case.
    In the County Court, sitting in Geelong on Thursday, Judge Barnett reasoned there was no clear evidence that images Mr Wescott had accessed depicted minors.
    “I can’t say that they are apparently under the age of 16 or over the age of 16. My experience is that I can’t pick the age of children,” Judge Barnett was reported to have said.
    He was also unconvinced that the presence of the images on Mr Wescott’s computer at the school constituted possession.
    And he went further, saying current child pornography legislation is draconian.”

    Other articles worth a read including a photo and deeds of John Barnett.
    No wonder his family didn’t want public death notices when he died in Feb 2010:


    But Barnett is not the only legal dude with blood on his hands.
    Price was given a two year non-parole sentence in June 2013…..So who let him out after only 11 months despite him threatening to kill prison officers and children? Where is the accountability of the person who made this decision particularly given the prior history of Price and the ridiculous leniency of John Barnett??

    How do we rally outrage to change the system? For instance, how can armed robbers get long sentences and rapists and pedophiles just basically get wraps on the knuckles?

    Until the judges who make these appalling decisions have some accountability our wives and daughters will unfortunately no doubt be faced with more avoidable cases that leave them distraught and terrified, and unable to enjoy living in Melbourne like they have every right to.

    I’m no expert and have no first hand experience so don’t really know exactly what the best solution is, I do however believe there is an opportunity to galvanize people to get some changes in the system. As Margaret Mead said…Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.

    Interested in thoughts on how to best get some outrage and change happening.

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  37. Thanks Rob, for your insightful words on how the real people in the community think. I agree with all you say. The legal system, being the defence lawyers, human rights lawyers who in time in their criminal defence profession , become the appointed highest judges in the land, and become the overseers of the Adult Parole Board. Their names are all well known in all the legal bar, and this is the problem. They appointed and select their own , some become top silk lawyers for criminal defence or criminal prosecution for the crown. Some move on to politics, like Rob Hulls, Julia Bishop, Barnaby Joyce, Peter Ryan, Julia Gillard, Bob Cameron, Bill Shorten , Jason Clare, Peter Garrett, to name just a few of them, past and present that have had the power to change laws in the circles of all political parties, conservative liberal- nationals and labour and greens. All these practising lawyers who become politicians can bring about change and toughen up the legal systems laws and courts and ruling outcomes of some softer sentencing judges of the day, I suspect , if they have the desire to or really want to. And there are the lawyers that become the Attorney Generals of all states. Even going back to the late 1960’s the then premier of Victoria:sir Henry Bolte , right or wrongly, which is another topic, overruled all legal challenges, despite legal objections from lawyers to have 1965 , Pentridge Prison escapee Ronald Ryan to be made and example of and hung in 1967. Thereby by public outrage, later bring about the permanent abolition of Capital Punishment in Victoria and the rest of Australia.
    Whether Ronald Ryan was determined by a over zealous hanging Premier to be guilty or in anyway contributed by the consequences from Ronald Ryan and Peter Walkers desperate escape, bringing about the accidental shooting of Prison Officer George Hodson, by another Prison Officer. The outcome was brutal for Ronald Ryan. And Premier Henry Bolte, made an example of him.

    From this point in time of 1967, our legal system from public demonstrations in the streets and pressure on the then liberal government. This brought about the Commonwealth Death Penalty Abolition Act 1973, and since this time the harshest possible prison sentences are life imprisonment. And there is “Buckley’s hope” that it will ever be reinstated by any one in our weak modern day Australian Political or legal – criminal justice system. The fact remains as was also the case back in 1967, with the protests during Ronald Ryan’s hanging, that do-gooders , cibel libertarians, bleeding hearts , prison welfare activists and anti death penalty advocates, right up until today in the judiciary by a minority who hold and control the hierarchy of the criminal justice system, which seems difficult for the ordinary public to toughen up on , the handed out sentencing laws and the actual lack of harshness by the way judges , often fail to hand out actual maximum sentences.
    For Example how often does a sentence judge hand out to a criminal, the maximum allowed prison sentence, as can be handed out in the legal – Sentencing Act of 1991 – 2005
    The Maximum Penalty for Rape in Victoria is 25 years.

    How often is 25 years in prison handed out to any serial rapist. Certainly not to Adrian Ernest Bayley, the worst of many convicted and prior imprisoned rapist. He has raped woman violently as far back as is known of in 2000, yet he never at any time was sentenced anywhere near this sentence of 25 years. Had he been, he would still have been safely secured in prison.
    The ironic thing and injustice to the community, in just the Adrian Bayley recidivist rapist history alone, is, that he by not getting the maximum sentence of 25 years non parole, which a judge could of sentenced him too, in just one of his many early violent serial rapes back in 1993.
    He would now be just getting out of prison. Where by if the parole and corrections systems were on the ball, he would be now under the strictest monitoring if parole officers were strict in there enforcement of early released dangerous criminals.

    Because Adrian Ernest Bayley and Peter Norris Dupas, were let out of prison a lot earlier than they should of been, having not been sentence to sentencing acts- maximum allowable prison sentences, they both went on freely and unsupervised in the community to commit their worst possible crimes from their very long violent criminal histories. That being serial rapes and even murders. Some which are still unsolved or for which their is not enough evidence to charge them for. Peter Norris Dupas as finally been sentenced to never to be released – life in prison. But thanks to him not being handed out a maximum sentence years ago, and many more murder victims later, it is now “too little – too late”…….The same with Adrian Ernest Bayley, he after his most notorious rapes and murder of Jill Meagher, has still only been sentenced to 35 years, non parole. Do the maths, — that is a maximum sentence of 25 years for one rape. And a maximum sentence of 25 years to Life imprisonment for Murder and a maximum sentence of 5 to 15 years for recklessly cause serious injury- assault!…. = 25 years + 25 years to life + 15 years = 65 years. And this is for just one rape – murder and violent assaults. So Adrian Bayley has got a generous prison time discount from his sentencing judge of only 35 years. So here is the problem.
    35 years is far short of the maximum possible prison sentence that can be already handed out in court. It appears if a notorious criminal pleads guilty, his maximum sentence is cut drastically to encourage criminals from pleading not guilty. Called discount sentencing for co-operating to the court.
    The thing is Adrian Ernest Bayley, was not happy about only getting 35 years,from the sentencing judge, so his uses his right of appeal against his sentence, to get a better outcome, with the help of his defence lawyers!… Adrian Bayley’s appeal was not accepted, with the panel of appeals court judges, — as should be the case with this evil heinous violent predator. But on reality and to community expectations, with a long violent predatory record like Bayley, he should be serving 1000 years. This kind of sentence was handed out to by a Cleveland, Ohio court to monster Kidnapper and violent sex abuser : Ariel Castro in August 2013 – Life plus 1000 years, his plea saved him from the Capital punishment- the Death Penalty… His victim survivor in court was able to say to him, —“your hell is just beginning”…”I spent 11 years in hell. Yours hell is just beginning”. — after serving just 33 days in prison in protective custody, with a life plus 1000 year sentence he hung himself in his cell with a bed sheet. ” Justice was served” .—
    But in Australia the worst of the worst , biggest fear is a protective custody average of 10 to 15 years. Very few inmates apart from Ivan the terrible Milat and Brett Cowen and Dupas and finally Bayley are at last, serving the never to be released life sentence they deserved years before they were caught for their heinous sicking crimes on innocent people.

    So how can we reverse the situation? — Of merciful sentencing and legal and political spin doctors selling us like we are just idiots and fools, us the concerned, outraged and totally fed up community of all their ‘ spin, lies and excuses and justification for their continual criminal leniency for years and years after creating so many victims by their incompetent decision making on parole board review and assessment panels and all the piss weak sentences to so called rehabilitated – reformed – cunning habitual shifty dangerous monster predators and stalkers freed by out of touch with the community Parole Boards, failing us by lack of risk assessments?……….. The answer is simply sack them all, and have the public appoint a judiciary system, with no foolish caring criminal lenient social justice , cibel libertarians , do – gooder politicians and legal justices who fail to understand the majority of fed up ordinary community expectations of inadequate ” Crime and Punishment”. While the same old – same all- are in charge of sentencing and parole outcomes, nothing will ever change, all the while the criminals calling the shots in and out of the jails, have no rules and values to stop them committing more and mire anarchy, murder – rape and plunder!………………..A peaceful public march, like the Jill Meagher – Brunswick 30,000- plus concerned citizens march would be a start. But the hardest part is getting all or any of the ivory tower legal fraternity and political self serving powers that be to listen to us!………….
    ENOUGH IS ENOUGH !…………………………………………………………………………………………………….


  38. Watch this— How a Adult Parole Board – should be doing R&A – ” review and assessment” panel hearings of cunning , shifty, questionable reformed or rehabilitated imprisoned dangerous inmates – applying for their parole and freedom from jail. First a victim impact statement from victims to the hearing panel even after 20 years , then finally a summing up by the parole board panel on the actual heinous facts and evidence of the crime of rape committed by the inmate. No Do-Gooders on this harsh parole Board. would have been sucked in by the likes of Adrian Ernest Bayley , he wouldn’t have conned his way to early freedom from this parole board, yet read the comments by the cibel libertarians believing they are racist and the convict is innocent, as they all say they are!… If Victoria had these harsh guys on our Adult Parole Board, The likes of Dupas, Bayley, Cowen, Travers, Murphy Bros and Sean Christian Price, wouldn’t have been out of jail early, evil being predators again!…

    :Left – Wing Parole Board Releasing Murders and Rapists in Australia – 60 Minutes [23 June 2013 ].
    :Sydney – Skaf gang rapist Mohamed Sanoussi released after 13 years. 2013.
    :Skaf rapist may be released from prison. 2013. includes Adrian Bayley in custody.
    ;Without Consent , Pt 1 (1992 Rape Documentary) 1 of 4 . Must See!…Everywoman,s fear!..
    :Shocking Parole Hearing of Vincent Simmonds. 1997.
    :Jon Venables – What went wrong? 2011.
    :Convicted child killer is denied parole. 2014.
    :Parole and Probation Officers — A Day in the Life. 2010.
    :Parole Diaries ; “On The Straight And Narrow.” 2012.
    :Charles Manson 2012 Parole Hearing.
    :Charles Manson: 30 Years of Parole Hearings.
    :1997 Charles Manson Hearing 1 hour transferred from VHS tape.
    :Charles Manson gets parole denied.

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  39. This smug bastard Price should be done away with in prison without a doubt it happened to Williams so why not. Theres ways and means. Id love to get hold of him and cut his throat from ear to ear and let him choke on his blood the putrid son of a whore.

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  40. Rather than police telling girls and women that they shouldn’t walk in parks, maybe the legal system should get it’s act together and stop letting violent men with long criminal histories walk out of jail time and again after serving piss weak sentences for serious, violent crimes.

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  41. If a daughter of the parole board, or a judge was raped and murdered there would be an outcry. This young girl is gone forever never to be able to see her family again just like that.Karma can be a bitch when the cards arent dealt fairly youll see.

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