Bride-to-be Stephanie Scott missing, one week before her wedding-Vincent Stanford CHARGED WITH MURDER

 Home video footage of missing bride-to-be Stephanie Scott

MISSING bride-to-be Stephanie Scott did not show up to a Sunday evening dinner she’d arranged with fiance Aaron Leeson-Woolley just hours earlier.

The popular teacher was reported missing on Monday afternoon and fears are growing that she may have crashed her car in a remote location.

The family are talking to police and have called on the community to help with the search through social media, as well as hiring a private helicopter to search from the air.

Mr Leeson-Woolley made an emotional appearance on Channel 7 News, where he said he doesn’t believe his wife-to-be had cold feet.

“I just want her to be here so we can get on with the stuff we need to do,” he said. “I don’t know where to go from here, where to search or anything.”

Ms Scott had spent Saturday in their home town of Leeton buying cufflinks for the wedding, shopping and talking to her sister Robyn about the big day, which had been scheduled for this Saturday.

The engaged couple spent that evening apart, with Mr Leeson-Woolley staying the night at his parent’s home in Canowindra, three half hours drive away.

Stephanie Scott, with her mother. Picture: Facebook

Stephanie Scott, with her mother. Picture: Facebook Source: Facebook

Stephanie Scott has gone missing a week before her wedding.

Stephanie Scott has gone missing a week before her wedding. Source: News Corp Australia

The couple texted each other back and forth at about 10am on Sunday to arrange a dinner that evening at Goodfella’s Restaurant.

After that, Ms Scott went to the school where she worked, Leeton High, where she was seen leaving some work for the teacher who would replace her before sending an email to the bus company hired for the wedding just before 1pm.

“There is no way she had cold feet. Something has happened to her”

After travelling back home Mr Leeson-Woolley didn’t see his fiancee all afternoon before she failed to show up for the dinner, booked for 8pm.

Stephanie (right), pictured at a wedding. Picture: Facebook

Stephanie (right), pictured at a wedding. Picture: Facebook Source: Facebook

Facebook image of Ms Scott,and husband-to-be Aaron Woolley.

Facebook image of Ms Scott, and husband-to-be Aaron Woolley. Source: Facebook

“He was a bit worried but thought she might have gone to a friends or something,” Stephanie’s sister Robyn said. “He tried her phone a few times as well.’’

By Monday morning when he still hadn’t heard from her, Mr Leeson-Woolley contacted Stephanie’s mother and sisters, thinking she may have contacted them, then reported her missing to Leeton police.

The couple were due to marry this Saturday, with 100 guests invited to a former golf club at Eugowa in the states south west.

Her mother Merrilyn, who last spoke with her daughter on Friday, told The Daily Telegraph Stephanie was looking forward to the big day.

“She was talking about the wedding and was making little craft things for the reception,” she said.


“There is no way she had cold feet. Something has happened to her.”

“Your mind keeps thinking of the worst. I cant eat or sleep. You hope maybe she has had an accident and can’t reach her phone.’’

Stephanie Scott was last seen at Leeton High School where she teaches English and drama.

Stephanie Scott was last seen at Leeton High School where she teaches English and drama. Source: Supplied

Mr Leeson-Woolley told Fairfax Regional Media this week that the disappearance was “really out of character.”

“We’re really worried. (Someone) said they saw her at Woolworths around 1pm on Sunday, but no one has seen or heard anything since.

“We just want her to be okay,” he said.

Police said Ms Scott, who teaches English and drama, may be travelling in a red Mazda 3 sedan with registration BZ-19-CD.

“It was her sister Kim’s birthday on Monday and Stephanie didn’t make contact and that is not her.

Ms Scott may be travelling in a red Mazda 3 sedan. Picture supplied by NSW Police

Ms Scott may be travelling in a red Mazda 3 sedan. Picture supplied by NSW Police Source: Supplied

Leeton High School, where Ms Scott works.

Leeton High School, where Ms Scott works. Source: Supplied

She has two sisters and two brothers and they are always in contact.’’

The community have responded to a call put out on facebook by another of Stephanie’s sisters Kim Scott, who asked for help with the search

“Please anyone available or who can make themselves available,” she wrote on Wednesday.

“Get yourselves to Leeton and the surrounding areas and check those roads.”

The post has already drawn nearly 200 shares, with people driving hundreds of kilometres to help with the search.

“I’ve driven between Wagga and Leeton (about 126km), stopping to drive down some random roads,” Missy Dempsey wrote, “A lot of them you need a 4WD though. I’m going to head back and search around Narrandera.”

Anyone with information should call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or Griffith Police on 6969 4310.


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23 thoughts on “Bride-to-be Stephanie Scott missing, one week before her wedding-Vincent Stanford CHARGED WITH MURDER”

  1. Murdered!

    Won’t be long before we discover the perp is a co-worker at her school.

    A terrible tragedy for the family and fiance.


  2. Why , why, my heart goes out to both familys,who have lost a daugther,and a daugther inlaw to be, she will get justice.


  3. Horrible news. It really makes me wonder how far into the police checks we go when people enter our country. Guys only been here 12 months or so. Poor bloody family and RIP


    1. I can’t help thinking that our media is skirting around a race issue here. As usual. I don’t know too many Dutch families that immigrate to Australia just to get a job cleaning schools in Leeton.


    1. Yes they can, my auntie was murdered, body not found, they are doing time. Blood on shoes and property found in perpatrators possession. Also phone call history put crime in place and time.

      Liked by 2 people

    2. They charged Bradley Murdoch with Peter Falconio’s murder. Unfortunately he had no backing and no Church support or money. He got an unfair trial but
      no backing from the right ones.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Just hope we do not get the Priests or Pastors or any other religious organisation putting over stories as to why it happened. Whenever women kill children the Religious jump on the bandwagon to say it was an accident or some other wild west yarn and work non stop to get them off and even appeal for money for the person involved. Photograph him do not hide his photo.


  5. The twin brother Marcus: GUILTY. Has identical DNA and framed his twin. Did the deed, had enough time to drive back to SA after dumping the body and the laptop. Even an eyewitness saw someone fitting Marcus’ description pitching the laptop, still no one is following up this lead.



    Vincent Stanford charged with sexually assaulting Stephanie Scott before her death
    Police charged the 24-year-old on Wednesday with one count of aggravated sexual assault and inflicting actual bodily harm on Ms Scott. Mr Stanford appeared before Griffith Local Court via video link today represented by his solicitor. The courthouse was packed for the hearing. He was refused bail. He is ordered to appear on June 30th, 2015.

    So the charges are ‘aggravated sexual assault’ and ‘inflicting actual bodily harm’. Basically, he raped and killer her, then burned her body. Depraved, sick bastard!
    Did he know she was about to bet married? How did he know she was alone at the school that day? Police alleged he raped and killed her between 1.40 and 2.00pm Easter Sunday and that she was probably deceased before reaching Cocoparra National Park. That’s 20 minutes!
    Lot’s more info to come here IMO.


  7. I think he secretly fancied her and made his move before she got married. She probably spurned him and he got angry and raped and murdered her. So sad for her family. I think he had it.planned – sick person. Hope he rots.


    1. Vincent Stanford’s twin brother, Marcus Stanford has been arrested, then extradited from Adelaide to Sydney, escorted by 4 detectives to Sydney Central Local Court for a bail hearing today.

      He was denied bail and he is charged with being an accessory after the fact to the murder of Stephanie Scott.

      He is due to appear in Wagga Wagga Local Court next Wednesday 17th June 2015.

      WOW! The plot thickens.



    Marcus Stanford, 24, appeared calm as he faced Central Local Court on Thursday, charged with being an accessory after the fact to the murder of school teacher Stephanie Scott.

    Marcus allegedly received several personal items of Stephanie Scott’s in the mail about April 8 and continued to “assist” his brother until at least April 31, according to the court charge sheet.

    Fairfax Media understands he did not tell police about items he had received in the post from his brother. He is alleged to have disposed of the items.

    WOW! Disturbing.


  9. The law should investigate the texts of his and brother being deleted from their phones ,as I am sure they were both in this together, planning the murder.It would appear that they intended to make a murder film ,reason for photos of burned body and licence,plus any other photos that they no doubt erased. The both of them lie through their teeth. and covered up facts. marcus spent money from crime . Avery long time in jail is needed for both of them.Surely the phone carrier would have stored data from the phones. How about an energetic investigator get onto the trail.They appear to be very EVIL creatures.


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