IBAC hearings-Nino Napoli-Updates April 2016

Education department chief Nino Napoli, who allegedly ran a corrupt multimillion-dollar scheme that stole school funds, has been sacked.

Education department chief Nino Napoli, who allegedly ran a corrupt multimillion-dollar scheme that stole school funds, has been sacked.

Listen to these 2 greedy pigs being covertly recorded whilst having a coffee as the hearings take place trying to cover their asses http://goo.gl/VeKDzh

An IBAC inquiry heard secretly recorded conversations between John Allman and Nino Napoli.

An IBAC inquiry heard secretly recorded conversations between John Allman and Nino Napoli.

IBAC hearings continue to expose the greedy culture of Dept of Education fat cats stealing education funds for their own purposes. Classic slush fund and a disgrace. They lie and lie right till the very end. pathetic, every one of them will find themselves on the top of this page during the 6 week hearing. Your careers are ruined.

UPDATE 29/04/16

IBAC recommends changes to public accounting after millions stolen from government department

Corruption investigators have recommended sweeping changes to public accounting after finding the Department of Education has been defrauded of several million dollars.

Key points:

  • IBAC report finds at least $6 million stolen from Victoria’s Department of Education
  • Three former heads identified in report as being involved in the fraud
  • IBAC investigators to prepare a brief of evidence for Office of Public Prosecutions to consider laying criminal charges

The report by Victoria’s Independent Broad-based Anti-corruption Commission (IBAC) found at least $6 million was stolen from the department in suspicious transactions.

The report alleged sacked director of school resources, Nino Napoli, organised for millions to be funnelled through an intricate web of companies owned and run by his extended family.

The IBAC report included three separate chapters named after former executives of the Education Department; Nino Napoli, former acting secretary Jeff Rosewarne and former regional director John Allman.

During public IBAC hearings last year, Mr Napoli admitted stealing department money.

The hearing was told his son Ralph Napoli was paid $120,000 by the department for work he never performed.

“In effect, on [your son’s] behalf, you stole this money from the Department of Education?” counsel assisting, Ian Hill QC, asked Mr Napoli.

Mr Napoli said: “Strong word, but yes.”

Mr Hill responded: “You abused your position of trust.”

Mr Napoli replied: “Absolutely. What I have done was dreadful.”

Department funds were transferred to seven public schools known as ‘Banker Schools’ and used to pay fraudulent invoices to a variety of companies mainly owned and operated by Mr Napoli’s family.

Department money spent on 50th birthday party, hearing told

Mr Rosewarne approved some of the fraudulent expenditure, the report said.

IBAC hearings were told the department paid $5,000 for his 50th birthday party.

The department also paid for coffee machines, wine and furniture for Mr Rosewarne’s personal use.

Mr Rosewarne resigned from his position as an executive of Catholic Education last year.

Mr Allman admitted destroying financial records to prevent IBAC investigators discovering them.

Public IBAC hearings last year played secret recordings of conversations between Mr Allman and Mr Napoli that showed the pair colluded to deceive IBAC investigators and revealed Mr Allman lied to the hearing.

Mr Hill asked Mr Allman: “Did you ask Mr Napoli not to make mention of Silverton Primary School?”

Mr Allman replied: “No, I don’t have any memory of such a conversation.”

The IBAC hearing was then played an audio recording of a conversation between Mr Napoli and Mr Allman.

Mr Allman is clearly heard saying: “Mate, nothing’s come up at Silverton so don’t f****** mention that.”

Under cross-examination Mr Allman confessed, “The Banker School arrangement has never been a legitimate practice of the Education Department, so I did have something to hide”.

IBAC investigators will prepare a brief of evidence for the Office of Public Prosecutions to consider laying criminal charges against a number of people involved.

Conduct ‘completely unacceptable’

The Victorian Department of Education and Training said it welcomed the report and said many of the recommendations had already been implemented.

Department secretary, Gill Callister, said the conduct of those involved was “completely unacceptable”.

“It is is unacceptable in the public sector and it is unacceptable in this department,” Ms Callister said.

She said no-one involved now worked for the department and that the so-called “Banker Schools” had been abolished.

Ms Callister said she was leading a complete overhaul of the department’s processes, procedures and culture to “ensure that we act with integrity and the highest ethical standards”.

There is a separate IBAC investigation into the department’s handling of the failed $180 million Ultranet project, and a report will be tabled in Parliament later this year.

Education department executive Nino Napoli could face charges after IBAC finds he stole $1.9 million

April 29, 2016 – 6:25PM

Education Reporter

Nino Napoli leaves court after an IBAC hearing last year. Photo: Jason South

A disgraced former education department executive could face criminal charges after the anti-corruption watchdog found he mishandled more than $6 million earmarked for disadvantaged schools.

In a long-awaited report handed down on Friday, the Independent Broad-Based Anti-Corruption Commission (IBAC) named disgraced former executive Nino Napoli as the “principal player” in a corrupt ring that allegedly fleeced millions of dollars from schools through false invoices and questionable contracts.

IBAC has linked Mr Napoli to at least $1.9 million in profits which benefited his relatives and associates, and a further $4.4 million in suspicious transactions and contracts. This exceeds the $2.5 million in corrupt payments the watchdog had initially identified in public hearings about a year ago.

Mr Napoli, who oversaw a $5.5 billion budget at the department, was part of a coterie of executives who allegedly falsely invoiced schools for lavish parties, alcohol, generous overseas travel and personal expenses.

Former acting secretary Jeffrey Rosewarne used tens of thousands of school dollars to pay for his wife’s travel expenses, his home office furniture and a private 50th birthday party, IBAC found.

School funds were also directed to a series of companies run by Mr Napoli’s family between 2007 and 2014, the report said.

The watchdog is now preparing a brief of evidence for the Office of Public Prosecutions, and a number of the key figures could face criminal charges.

Mr Napoli accessed the school funds by “carefully selecting and grooming principals and business managers”, the report found. He gave the schools a small cut of the transaction and other incentives.

“The conduct uncovered during IBAC’s investigation was underpinned by a malevolent culture of non-compliance and entitlement,” the report said.

“Evidence suggests this practice to be pervasive and of long standing.”

Mr Napoli, Mr Rosewarne and sacked regional director John Allman formed an “unofficial ‘boys club’ that engaged in drinking, lunching and endowing preferential treatment when it suited their purposes.”

Officials who questioned their rule report they were bullied, harassed or made redundant.

The watchdog has raised “considerable concern” that principals and school managers either wittingly or unwittingly “colluded” in the corrupt scheme, by signing off on false invoices.

“A number of principals and business managers … are considered to have failed in their financial management duty by not questioning the invoices,” the report said.

“Evidence suggests that some principals and business managers had a sense that banker schools were being used for purposes that were not entirely legitimate.”

IBAC Commissioner Stephen O’Bryan QC said “serious and systemic corruption” had been exposed at the department, and urgent action needed to be taken by public sector bodies to prevent it.

The watchdog recommended that the education department implement a “reform program” and report on its progress December 30 this year.

Department secretary Gill Callister said she accepted the recommendations, and had taken action before the report was handed down.

She said the banker school system had been abolished.

“The conduct involved here is completely unacceptable,” she said.

“None of the people involved are working here.”

Ms Callister estimated 15 employees were no longer with the department as a result of the investigation.

Mr Napoli was sacked from his position in the department shortly before IBAC’s public hearings began in late April 2015.

Julie Podbury, president of the Australian Principals Federation’s Victorian branch, said executives “found to be responsible have done enormous damage to the reputation of the department, those unwittingly involved, and to the public education system”.


UPDATE 27/05/15

We were even paying for this scum bag NINO NAPOLI’s pathetic hair pieces…

IBAC: Sacked Education Department executive asked for money for hair treatment, hearing told

Victoria’s anti-corruption commission has heard that sacked Education Department executive Nino Napoli asked for several thousand dollars for hair treatment to be transferred from a company run by his cousins.

The Independent Broad-based Anti-Corruption (IBAC) inquiry is investigating the misuse of thousands of dollars of Victorian Education Department money.

Luigi Squillacioti was a director of three companies allegedly used by Mr Napoli to divert departmental funds.

Testifying at the hearing today, Mr Squillacioti was asked about a payment he made for Mr Napoli for hair.

The counsel assisting, Ian Hill QC asked him “if ‘hair’ was code for something else?”

“He wears a toupe, you must realise that,” Mr Squillacioti replied.

Mr Squillacioti has denied any knowledge of illicit payments made to the companies he ran with his brother Carlo.

The hearing was also told that Mr Napoli was worried that he would go to jail in a conversation recorded a day after investigators searched his cousins’ car repair shop last year.

Audio of the conversations between Mr Napoli and his cousins Carlo and Luigi Squillacioti from last year was played to the hearing.

Those conversations revealed Mr Napoli’s concerns about spreadsheets from numerous companies set up by the Squillaciotis, who ran Cobra Motors in Sunshine North.

Department of Education funds used to pay for the credit card of Nino Napoli’s wife, inquiry told

May 26, 2015 – 6:23PM

Sacked Education Department official Nino Napoli hid documents in his mother's roof in the wake of an anti-corruption investigation, an inquiry has heard.Sacked Education Department official Nino Napoli hid documents in his mother’s roof in the wake of an anti-corruption investigation, an inquiry has heard.

Overseas trips and credit card bills of the wives of former Victorian Education Department executives were covered by the department, a corruption commission heard.

The Independent Broad-Based Anti-Corruption Commission heard the department’s sacked finance chief Nino Napoli asked his brother-in-law Ralph Barba, director of Four Diegos, to inflate an invoice made out to the department by up to $9500 to cover the travel and accommodation costs for the wife of former deputy secretary Jeff Rosewarne in 2009.

Mr Barba said he was told Mr Rosewarne’s personal life was in “turmoil” and “he needed to take his wife overseas with him to try make things better”.

The original $15,241 invoice was in support of Mr Barba’s proposal to link sporting programs at disadvantaged schools with the Manchester United Football Club and the David Beckham Academy.

Mr Barba said he was “shocked” by what Mr Napoli asked him to do, but agreed to falsify the invoice, calling the decision the “biggest mistake of my life”.

It was heard 18 months later, when the commission launched its investigation, Mr Rosewarne asked Mr Barba to pretend that the added sum was actually a personal loan to Mr Rosewarne which would was being repaid.

It was also heard that Mr Napoli asked Mr Barba to pay $6000 for his wife’s trip – a sum he repaid through a distant cousin Daniel Calleja, who ran a company Innovating Visuals, which received tens of thousands of dollars in allegedly false invoices from Victorian schools between 2007-14.

Earlier in the day, the corruption watchdog heard that nearly $5000 of department funds was used to pay off the credit card belonging to Mr Napoli’s wife, Josephine.

In 2010, an amount of $4950 was transferred by the department for printing work to businesses owned by Mr Napoli’s relatives, and then transferred into the account of a company owned by Napoli himself. It was subsequently used to pay off his wife’s credit card, it was heard.

Mr Barba said he was “sickened” by the alleged racket and “felt he was taken advantage of”.

In a recording played to the commission, he said there were two types of people caught up in Mr Napoli’s alleged scheme – those such as himself, who were “dragged” into the scheme and did not benefit from it, and those who “had plenty of time to reflect on what they were doing” and would receive financial benefits.

Earlier in the day, the commission  heard that Nino Napoli was “uncomfortable” with the department paying companies owned by people sharing his surname, so cousins with a different surname would invoice the department directly for work performed by and paid to his brother, Robert Napoli.

Nino Napoli got a cut of the profit made from this work, the anti-corruption commission heard.

It was also heard that he hid documents in his mother’s roof in wake of the commission’s  investigation as he was “scared” of what the investigators would find.

Under investigation are claimed that 17 companies linked to Nino Napoli and nine of his relatives received more than $2.5 million from Victorian schools between 2007 and 2014.

A senior Victorian Education Department official has been sacked after giving evidence to the IBAC.

A SENIOR Victorian Education Department official, who tore up school records in a panicked fit of rage when he realised the corruption watchdog was sniffing around, has been sacked.

REGIONAL director for the state’s southeast John Allman was axed hours after admitting to dumping the torn documents from “banker” school Silverton Primary School in a Bunnings bin last year.

“I did that in a fit of rage, upset and trauma after the IBAC visit to my home,” he told the Independent Broad-Based Anti-corruption Commission on Wednesday.

Mr Allman is the second scalp claimed by IBAC’s inquiry after the sacking of education department chief Nino Napoli, announced on Monday, a former financial management general manager who also allegedly scrambled to hide what he had done.
Mr Napoli’s son Raffaele told the hearing on Wednesday his father asked him to lie about $75,000 that had trickled into his bank account as “wages” from his aunt’s business from 2007 to 2011.
IBAC is looking at claims 17 companies linked to Mr Napoli and nine of his relatives received more than $2.5 million from Victorian schools between 2007 and 2014.
The investigation has heard some senior staff organised for bills for parties, wine and other items to be sent to the “banker” schools. The so-called banker schools would pay invoices for items they did not receive. Mr Allman, who said the banker school concept was never legitimate, confirmed Mr Napoli transferred money at his request – hundreds of thousands of dollars over time – from central department funds to Silverton Primary School in an attempt to hide it from “government processes”.
He denied using it for personal gain, stating the money was used for school or department-related projects or functions. The hearing continues.


6pm 29/04/15

Senior Victorian Education Department official John Allman has been sacked after he admitted destroying financial documents because he had something to hide from an anti-corruption investigation.

The Independent Broad-based Anti-corruption Commission (IBAC) is holding an inquiry into alleged corruption and misuse of school funding within the state’s education department.

Mr Allman, who was until today the department’s director for south-east Victoria, told the inquiry he destroyed documents detailing financial transactions with the Silverton Primary School at Noble Park, and disposed of the ripped documents into a bin at a Bunnings store.

Mr Allman said he destroyed the documents after eight IBAC officers visited him with a warrant to search his home.


Nino C. Napoli a professional at Department of Education has been selected for inclusion in the Cambridge Who’s Who network.

Earlier Mr Allman had been asked if he had discussed the IBAC investigation with the now-sacked director of school resources, Nino Napoli.

On Monday the hearing was told Mr Napoli allegedly funnelled millions of dollars meant for schools through a web of family-linked businesses.

Counsel assisting IBAC Ian Hill QC asked Mr Allman, “Did you ask Mr Napoli not to make mention of Silverton Primary School?”

Mr Allman replied, “No, I don’t have any memory of such a conversation.”

The hearing was then played an audio recording of a conversation between Mr Napoli and Mr Allman.

Mr Allman was clearly heard saying, “Mate, nothing’s come up at Silverton so don’t fucking mention that.”

‘I went into a panic’ after visit from IBAC

Under questioning, Mr Allman admitted Silverton Primary School was his banker school and hundreds of thousands of dollars had been transferred to the primary school for discretionary spending.

The so-called banker schools system has been described as a “slush fund” for the discretionary spending of department executives.

He said he kept documents detailing the transactions with Silverton Primary at his home but he could not find the file.

Mr Hill said “We’d like to look at it Mr Allman, but you can’t tell us where it is.”

I did have something to hide. The banker school arrangement has never been a legitimate practice of the education department.

John Allman, former Education Department regional director

Mr Allman then admitted destroying documents.

“I did throw out a lot of documents after the IBAC visit.” Mr Allman replied.

“I thought it was better for me not to have any such documents in my possession.

“I went into somewhat of a panic after eight IBAC officers visited my home. I destroyed the documents.

“I did have something to hide. The banker school arrangement has never been a legitimate practice of the education department, so I did have something to hide.”

Principal suspended over wine purchase claims

Yesterday it emerged the former acting secretary of the Victorian Department of Education, Jeff Rosewarne, used funds to purchase two coffee machines, $7,000 worth of Italian wine and pay for an overseas trip with his wife and Mr Napoli.

The hearing was told the wine was paid for by Chandler Park Primary School, and bought from the son of the school’s principal, Peter Paul.

The Education Department said it had now suspended Mr Paul following the allegations.

“We are deeply concerned about what we heard at IBAC over the past two days,” a department spokesman said.

“Peter Paul has been suspended while the department fully investigates his conduct.

“Once our investigation is complete, we will be in a position to take any action that may be appropriate.”

The hearing is expected to last six weeks.

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April 27, 2015


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  1. Greedy corrupt pigs, big frogs in little puddles. Hopefully following the dismissals a prison cell and a diet of ‘Porridge’Burgoo’ will be waiting for all , for a few years in the prisoners mess hall…
    When so many people are doing it tough financially these days in high unemployment, etc, these educated cunning shyster high ranking departmental official low -life mongrels are all the more a disgrace with it all finally coming out now at IBAC, after all the years they have got away with their corrupt grubby snouts in the gravy train pig trough. Their skeletons are now coming out of their school locker closets!… 7 years Transportation to Van Diemen’s Land – Port Arthur…………..
    You educated -Education Department corrupt greedy bureaucratic bastards need to re-learn about your social studies teachings at school of early Australian Convict history, from when you were at school as the over achievers!… so watch this below. you unrepentant toffs!…You might learn something, which you obviously did not in the Education Department using your stolen flash Coffee Machines and having your free coffees!…
    :Convict Australia – A Tribute to Port Arthur……………
    :Australian History – Penal Colonies………………………
    :History of Convict Australia Documentary……………
    :Australian Convicts, Social Studies Project…………..
    :The First Fleet………………………………………………….
    :Our Convict Past – Part 1 & 2………………………………


  2. My kids attend chandle park primary, I am absolutely disgusted in what has transpired there. My daughter and another little girl were screamed at by the principal last year for making toilet paper bombs. My daughter was eight, I know I did the same when I was young. She was inconsolable for hours after the incident. I DO NOT want him back at the school. What are the chances of him returning?


  3. Hopefully Kellie he will get his karma and the only school he will be returning to is Reformatory school or what was once called Bluestone College. The Queens Big House school of Hard knocks will bring him down a peg or two. And the only coffee he will be brewing is a tin of International Roast instant coffee and some pocket money for the prison canteen and a prison inmates billets job of cleaning the toilets.


  4. John Allman was my boyfriend for a little while after I moved to Australia in late 69. He was such a sweet, shy person, what a shame. He also had such a wonderful family as well. You just never what goes through people’s minds once they grow up.


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