Mahmoud Hrouk sexual assault and murder: Sydney man Aymen Terkmani charged

Terkmani is due to appear via video link in Campbelltown Local Court in September.

Police have arrested a 22-year-old man over the murder and sexual assault of Sydney teenager Mahmoud Hrouk.

The man accused of raping and murdering Sydney teenager Mahmoud Hrouk has been formally refused bail.

Aymen Terkmani, 22, of Fairfield East, was arrested on Thursday and charged with murder and aggravated sexual assault. 

He did not appear in person before Fairfield Local Court on Friday. His lawyer did not request bail.

Supporters of Aymen Terkmani, accused of murdering Mahmoud Hrouk, leave Fairfield Local Court.Supporters of Aymen Terkmani, accused of murdering Mahmoud Hrouk, leave Fairfield Local Court.

Associates of the accused reacted angrily to journalists’ questions outside court, with one man throwing away a reporter’s microphone.

Parents find bloodied body thought to be of son
Aussie teen was seen with a group of boys before being killed
Sydney teenager sexually assaulted before being bludgeoned to death

The body of Mahmoud, a 16-year-old former Granville High School student, was found beaten and unrecognisable in a derelict house on Belmore Street in Fairfield East on May 17.

The Fairfield house where the body of Mahmoud Hrouk was found.The Fairfield house where the body of Mahmoud Hrouk was found.

It is understood Mahmoud met Terkmani, whom he considered a friend, at Villawood McDonald’s on May 16. The pair arrived at 6.30pm and stayed for about an hour. 

A 22-year-old man has been charged over Mahmoud Hrouk's sexual assault and murder.

A 22-year-old man has been charged over Mahmoud Hrouk’s sexual assault and murder. Photo: Facebook

Mahmoud called his mother about 9.40pm but the call cut out.

The bike he had ridden to the McDonald’s was seen on Mitchell Street that night and found on Melaleuca Street the next day.

Mahmoud’s mother, Maha Dunia, has described her son as “a beautiful boy” and her best friend.

Police said he was hardworking and had no criminal history. Their investigations are ongoing.

Terkmani will appear in Campbelltown Local Court via video link next week.

Police have revealed Mahmoud Hrouk, 16 was sexually assaulted before he was beaten to death.

His bloodied body was found by his family in an abandoned house after a trip to McDonald’s. In a disturbing twist, police now say 16-year-old Mahmoud Hrouk was also sexually violated.

Panicked relatives stumbled across his body in Fairfield East in Sydney’s west, two months ago. He had been bashed to death.

Detectives hunting his killer have now revealed Mahmoud was sexually assaulted either before or at the time of his death, Fairfax reports.

The level of brutality Mahmoud endured has shocked police.

Mahmoud Hrouk, 16 was reported missing on Saturday May 16, 2014. He was last seen alive a

Mahmoud Hrouk, 16 was reported missing on Saturday May 16, 2014. He was last seen alive at a Villawood McDonalds. Source: Facebook

Maha Dunia with a photo of her murdered son Mahmoud Hrouk.

Maha Dunia with a photo of her murdered son Mahmoud Hrouk. Source: News Corp Australia

The derelict house in Villawood where Mahmoud Hrouk was murdered.

The derelict house in Villawood where Mahmoud Hrouk was murdered. Source: News Corp Australia

“In my experience, I’ve never seen anything like it … it’s gut-wrenching. What happened to this boy is terrible; it shouldn’t happen to anyone,” Detective Sergeant Olivares told Fairfax, describing the boy as a “model child”.

“This is separate from organised crime; it’s a more individual, more opportunistic crime. We certainly don’t think it was planned.”

Police are struggling to find a motive for such a violent murder.

He was found covered in wounds and suffered internal injuries also. Until now, it was thought that was the only horror he endured, but after the sexual assault revelations, the full extent of Mahmoud’s suffering has become clear.

Whoever killed Mahmoud Hrouk could possibly have taken his bloodied clothing, including running shoes and long dark pants, police say.

Mahmoud’s mother Maha Dunia last spoke to her son at 9.40pm on Saturday, May 16, when he asked her to pick him up from a friend’s place on Mitchell St but the call cut out halfway through the conversation.

He was last seen eating a burger at Villawood McDonald’s about 6.30pm.


The family of Mahmoud Hrouk need to know why their son was brutally killed. Source: Facebook

The next morning, after searching the streets of Villawood and Fairfield East, the family were told to check a vacant house on Belmore St, where local teens had been seen gathering in ­recent months.

It was inside they made the traumatic discovery.

“I need to know: why would you bash a 16-year-old? Are you Muslim, Jewish, Christian? You cannot do this in any religion. You cannot kill,” Ms Dunia told the Daily Telegraph.

“God takes the soul from us, not you.”

Holding a photo of her son, Ms Dunia said: “I need to know why. I know it’s not going to bring my son back but I need to know why. I need to know what did he do to deserve this.

“No mother in the world deserves this pain. To lose a son, that’s it. You feel like the whole world doesn’t mean anything to you. You feel like something from your heart is taken out.”


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9 thoughts on “Mahmoud Hrouk sexual assault and murder: Sydney man Aymen Terkmani charged”

    1. he did it to keep him quiet. The murderer was recruiting young boys as runners for his brother drug dealing business. He killed him to keep a lose end quiet


  1. Hopefully that cigarette this turd and his mate is smoking, will give them both drawn out lung cancer. In prison, the lung cancer will be waiting, the smokers cough, the breathlessness from emphysema and the suffering karma he deserves will take him to hell in the end. A long suffering death from smokers cancer and too many other prisons privates forced up his arse as a priso bitch.
    And remove the hoody from your retarded dog shit low life head you coward filth. Isn’t it such a pity a posy of Prison Officers couldn’t give this maggot a good flogging work over bashing in jail, like they could once in the old days. The black rubber baton forced up his inner rectum, once one of the worst prison treatment’s waiting for H.Division sentenced inmates. I know if I saw the basher screws giving him a work over in his cell, I would gladly look the other way. And take a lunch break. While they stitched him up. Cowards like this scum deserve the worst kind of hell behind bars. be other inmates or screws. A good prison gang raping up the arse. Or a night locked up with Chopper Read to sort this shit head out. And this is not me giving a sadist racist remark, but simply a comment on what a inhuman coward piece of rotten garbage this Aymen Turkmani is. I rank this piece of scum up there with the coward low life Anita Cobby rapist murders The Murphy Brothers and John Travers. The lowest type of predatory cowards torturing their victim to death both violently and sexually. . And his supporters are scum to standing by him!…


  2. I hope the judge sentence him for life in prison and he rots in hell. What an animal to be doing such an evil thing to a teenager. Where is justice in this world! Hope you get back what you did to Mahmoud so you would know and experience the pain he went through.


  3. Just interested to know why after all these months not a single update on this crime! Has he even gone to trial?? Was he convicted?? Or has he been released back into our society?? Have asked various news programmes but no one even responds. Is there a lot more to this story and media covering up as will cause more outrage??


    1. he has been refused bail and awaiting trial in solitary confinement. He will also be charged with running a criminal enterprise along with his relatives, but police claimed the investigations were unrelated for some reason



    The plot thickens….Apparently, the authorities have not made clear his motivations for a sudden rape and murder, but some clues have emerged during an “unrelated investigation”. A. Terkmani was a drug dealer in charge of recruitment of naive teenagers as some kind of runners for his brothers criminal enterprise of manufacturing illegal drugs and selling them door to door in Sydney.

    Is it possible that he believed the young buy was a potential loose end? It would explain why he settled on a victim without any effort to conceal his identity and dispose of the evidence in a location that although was abandoned, was still a hangout for local teenagers, possibly as a warning to others who may have been spying or snitching on his operation.


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