Mitchell Pearce-Another NRL moron and deviant loser who can have no excuses

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NRL star Pearce filmed simulating lewd act with dog on Australia Day
20:51 AEDT WED 27 JAN 2016

Mitchell Pearce was asked to leave the apartment after stimulating a sex act with a dog.
ABC licensed

New South Wales State of Origin player and Sydney Roosters captain Mitchell Pearce’s immediate playing future is in jeopardy after he was filmed in an apparent alcohol-fuelled incident on Australia Day.

Key points:

Mitchell Pearce filmed simulating lewd act with dog
Also tried to kiss girl before being asked to leave
NRL asks Sydney Roosters for report into incident
Grandstand’s Andrew Moore “sick to death of drunken bums”
A video showing Pearce engaging in a lewd act involving a dog has aired on the Nine Network.

Pearce, in a seemingly intoxicated state, can be seen in the video forcing an unwanted kiss on a female, who tries to reject his advances.

He then turns his attention to the woman’s dog, announcing: “I’ll f*** that dog, I don’t give a f***, I don’t have a sexuality.”

The 26-year-old, who was shirtless but wearing shorts, is then seen to simulate sex with the dog.

The woman tells him to stop but Pearce continues to simulate sex before the woman takes the dog away and tells him to leave.

The woman also suggests that Pearce urinated on her couch.

“Get out. Out. Out,” she is heard saying.

The NRL has asked the Roosters for a report into the incident after the club advised the league about the matter.

“The [NRL] integrity unit will work with the Roosters to ensure the matter is dealt with appropriately,” an NRL statement read.

The Roosters confirmed they would also launch their own investigation.

“The club will conduct an internal investigation and will be making no further comment at this time,” a statement read.

Grandstand’s Moore ‘sick to death of drunken bums’

ABC Grandstand’s senior rugby league commentator Andrew Moore said the sport had again been tarnished as a result of the latest incident involving Pearce.

“I’ve earned my living out of rugby league for many years,” he said.

If [this] is what drunken boys do, well, we’ve got a bigger problem across society than I ever imagined. It’s not what people do.

Grandstand NRL commentator Andrew Moore
“I’m sick to death of idiotic drunken bums ruining the reputation of this great sport, year in, year out. It is only one or two of them, it doesn’t matter.

“It is one or two too many constantly.”

Pearce, whose father Wayne is an Australian Rugby League commissioner and a former New South Wales State of Origin captain, has previously been involved in off-field incidents that made headlines.

He was fined $20,000 and stood down from an NRL match in 2014 following his role in an incident involving a female patron in a Kings Cross nightclub.

That incident also cost Pearce his spot in the Blues’ line-up for State of Origin I that year.

External Link: nrl tweet on pearce
Moore said Pearce had previously been warned to stay away from alcohol.

“He has had issues with the drink for far too long and won’t address it,” he said.

“His father is someone I’ve known for two decades or more, one of the ultimate cleanskins of rugby league and someone who is on the board of the ARL Commission.”

Moore said there was no excuse for Pearce’s behaviour.

“I’ve seen it on social media, ‘Isn’t this what drunken boys do?’ Well no, it’s not,” he said.

“And if it is what drunken boys do, well, we’ve got a bigger problem across society than I ever imagined.

“It’s not what people do.”

Should Pearce’s contract be terminated by the Roosters, it would not be the first occasion a club has severed ties with a player because of off-field incidents.

Canberra, the Roosters and Cronulla each parted ways with Todd Carney during his NRL career, with the Sharks sacking the playmaker in 2014 after a photo emerged on social media of him appearing to urinate into his mouth.

Joel Monaghan quit the Raiders before he could be sacked after a photo was published on Twitter of the former Australia and New South Wales representative simulating a lewd act with a dog in 2010


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3 thoughts on “Mitchell Pearce-Another NRL moron and deviant loser who can have no excuses”

  1. Yes he was drunk and is an idiot .
    I am glad that people didnt record me earlier in life on the piss.
    This will haunt him to the end of time .
    Its a shame .
    We all have done stupid things but no dogs were harmed .
    Worst memories are waking up next to one.


    1. Well I`ve never pissed on myelf or bullied a woman but I suppose being drunk makes it all okay.
      I hope it does haunt the cunt for the rest of his life.
      Just filth…


  2. Once again if he played the old handbags at 10 paces (that’s afl for the poorly informed) we wouldn’t have seen or heard anything about it.


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