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‘No body, no parole’ laws proposed by WA Opposition – via @abcnews

‘No body, no parole’ laws proposed by WA Opposition
18:28 AEDT SUN 14 FEB 2016
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Ray and Margaret Dodd (left) hand over a petition calling for ‘no body, no parole’ laws to Labor MPs David Templeman, Mark McGowan and John Quigley.


Killers who refuse to help police find the remains of their victims could be denied parole under legislation set to be introduced to State Parliament by the West Australian Opposition.

The move comes on the back of a campaign by the parents of WA teenager Hayley Dodd, who disappeared nearly two decades ago, calling for ‘no body, no parole’ laws to be introduced.

An online petition started by Margaret and Ray Dodd calling for such laws to be introduced has since gained nearly 20,000 supporters.

If the proposed laws were enacted, it would mean a convicted murderer would not be eligible for parole unless the Prisoner Review Board was satisfied the person had co-operated with police to locate victims’ remains.

Labor will give notice of its plans to introduce the legislation in State Parliament this week, but will need the support of the Government for it to proceed.

Shadow Attorney-General John Quigley said the change would offer an extremely strong incentive for murderers to assist authorities to recover victims’ bodies.

“If you are convicted of murder and you have not revealed the whereabouts of the victim, you will be cemented into that prison forever,” Mr Quigley said.

“We are sick of people suffering interminably … the community is revolted by the fact.”

A similar measure is already in place in South Australia after being introduced last year, and there are calls for its introduction in Queensland.

‘This is important to a lot of people’

Margaret Dodd said her petition showed there was an overwhelming appetite for change.

Missing WA teenager Hayley Dodd
Her daughter Hayley went missing in 1999 while travelling between Moora and Badgingarra in WA’s Wheatbelt, and is thought to have been abducted and murdered.

“We have almost 20,000 signatures and it just shows this is important to a lot of people, not just to victims but to the general public out there,” Ms Dodd said.

“The law needs changing.”

However the Attorney-General Michael Mischin dismissed the plan as a “beat up”, saying there was nothing to suggest it was needed.

“As long as I am Attorney-General, I would not be recommending to the Governor any release on parole for a murderer who has not revealed the location of the victim’s body,” he said.

“[Labor] talks about many cases — I challenge them to name one since we came into government where it has happened. It is simply a non-issue.

“It seems to be me to be a beat up based on a lady’s grief, but I can assure you the current law accommodates what they are proposing.”


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2 thoughts on “Found this on the ABC Android App”

  1. I understand why this law has been proposed, but what if you’re innocent? You CAN’T reveal where the body is so the guilty will get out of jail and the innocent will have to stay in. I’m getting a bit sick go all the new laws and massively extended sentences the government is suddenly proposing. Our laws were working fine for decades, then suddenly we need special terrorism laws, when we already had laws that covered anything terrorists did. The governments propose these new laws/extended sentences just to score brownie points from the gullible public. How about 14 years imprisonment now for biting or spitting on a police officer or a public officer while they are performing their duty. Now that means anyone serving the public, servo operator, any public servant while they are at work, the corner store owner, bus drivers. Now what if you get one in a bad mood. They say you spit on them and their work colleague backs them up – you have no witness’s for yourself and BOOM, you’re up for 14 years imprisonment, more than rapists and kiddy fiddlers. PLUS, and this is the fun part, they then get to sue you for compensation which from what I’ve researched is rarely below $8,000. The government even wanted mandatory sentences for some crimes. All of the legal profession, especially judges, are against mandatory sentences because they know crimes are not black and white, they are grey. I’m sick of the media manipulating the public. In my day, the media would give you both sides of the story, now they sensationalise headlines and are biased in their reporting, so you instantly believe what the journalist tells you as the whole story and are on his/her side. For example, look how any offence committed by a Muslim in Europe is usually not reported. Her in Australia, I’ve seen news stories where the journalist has asked us to look out for the perpetrator and either not given a description at all, or makes it so vague all of us would be suspect. At one stage, when 3 Middle Eastern men attacked a Kenyan man for no reason, they were equally described as “south European”, “South Mediterranean” and “Caucasian”, all so the news wouldn’t have to say they were Middle Eastern in appearance. Look, our skin colour is a fact, not a crime, so fcking tell us if they are white, Sudanese, African, Aboriginal, Tongan, etc. They forget, a lot of whites (ooh was I racist just then?) who have looks specific to their countries. I’ve seen a lot of Russians for example who look “Russian”. That’s not racist, it’s a fcking fact. I find these new laws, whilst superficially and temporarily making most of us feel, not safer, but like the perp is getting what he deserves, is one huge step closer to controlling all of us, and we are giving them our permission to do it. The police already have new laws now to monitor everything we all say and keep metadata for years. You might think well this won’t affect me, I’m a law abiding citizen, but one day, maybe your son or grandson will take ICE like we used to try Pot, it reacts badly for them, an ambulance is called. They are thrashing around in paranoia, accidentally hit the ambo on the arm – 1 count of serious assault. They are taken to hospital where while still hallucinating they spit on a doctor, 2nd count of serious assault, they kick the security guard in the leg, 3rd count of serious assault. The fact they are drunk or on drugs is not accepted as a defence anymore, so they have to go to court and almost every person charged with serious assault gets ACTUAL JAIL TIME. Then your son has a serious assault record and can’t visit most countries. So if you say come from England, he’ll find it almost impossible to get into England, and in fact most countries, EVER. This “controlling the masses” has started slowly and sneakily, and often with our permission, eg terrorism laws. DONT give the government anymore control over us. Someone who was on the Baden-Clay blog, a lawyer I think, warned us about the new laws. I wish I had listened to him then and if he reads this, I’d be interested in his view on these new laws/extended sentences suddenly being proposed.


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