Makes me dry reach.

As is known, i hate the church for molding me into being who i became…

A young  lad who trusted nobody, resented everyone and had a chip more like a sack on his shoulder for decades.

The abuse i endured ruined most relationships even before they started.

I subconsciously ruined things in my life as i felt i was not deserving.

So when you watch the guys on telly in Italy trust me the speak for thousands including me


Author: Robbo

I also love family, Photography, Cooking a great BBQ , Computers, Reading Crime Books, and solving crimes before the end of the show !


  1. Religion ruins so many things and pedophile priest s are the worst . Inhuman hiding behind their god fucking little boys and totally ruining lives. And getting away with it because of fellow pedophiles in the church hypocrites plus I hate priests they are untrustworthy liars the bloody lot of them and I wouldn’t trust any of them near any child. I feel for anyone who’s had their childhood fucked up by a priest or priests .its been a massive cover up for years it’s not just recently this has happened. Sick bastards need neutering .


  2. I read in the paper today that one of them liked to kill birds with a screw driver .
    I spent many years going to church as a choir boy from age of 6 till around age 13 .
    Two nights a week practice and Sunday for service and evening song.
    Weddings were often on a Saturday when we were payed 6 pence to sing.
    That bought a few lollies at the shop. I have spent alot of time in church.
    It has led too my own conclusions of being and it doesnt involve the church of any description . Its the realization that you are an individual alone to deal with the quandary of being . The bible is a guide book for existence not a crux for the weak.
    The religious teacher at school was very pawing and each of the boys and girls had to endure a hug as you presented home work to his desk. It might have been innocent who knows , different world back then.
    Sorry to hear you were abused as an innocent boy.


    1. Bullshit. Good people don’t make shit up about other people and parade their child around on websites about hardcore criminals and sex offenders.


  3. OMG listening to all those priests talking shit made me sick. Why aren’t they in jail. Other pedophile’s aren’t allowed out of jail easily and are in the news all the time. Nobody wants to live near them – they are hated. But these sleazy priests are getting away with their abuse again. They would have loved getting moved around – new kids for them. How disgusting. How dare they touch children and ruin their lives forever then hide behind their cloth and act innocent. Lock ’em up!! Robbo I feel for you. I can’t imagine what you and others went through but I know it must have totally wrecked your whole being. I’m sorry you and others had your innocence stolen by these sleazy lying creeps.


    1. i live in the Philippines it makes me sick how that hypictite church has brainwashed the people. no divorce or birth control cos of them lying scumbags. when i tell them what their all about it falls on deaf ears.


  4. The terrorists are piss week gunning down innocent people at a concert and cafes in Paris they claim they hate other religions and yet they really are gutless weak wonders because the wouldnt have the guts to open fire in a Catholic church in Paris dam what a shame. Pell he sure is a protected lucky lying son of a bitch.


  5. To think Pell held the hand of a broken man whos daughters were victims of an evil pedo priests sexual abuse Kevin O Donnell whos now a skeleton in a grave among more dead pedo priests just makes my skin crawl. I could not bare to touch that deceiptful c..t Id pull him forward to the ground and smash every bone in that fucked up face of his. Humans who can work them out?


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