Ingleburn shooting: Wayne Williams kills one, shoots himself dead after feud over a sign

Update 11/05/2016

Bail denied for Chantelle Strnad who is charged with murder after Ingleburn, Sydney, shooting

Chantelle Strnad is taken away by police from her western Sydney business that was the scene of a siege in March Warren Barnsley

A SYDNEY woman charged with the shooting murder of a man during a business dispute at a Sydney factory has been refused bail.


An emotional Chantelle Strnad, 31, appeared in Campbelltown Local Court on Wednesday charged with the murder of her client, 44-year-old Michael Bassal, who was shot dead at an Ingleburn sign factory in March.

Strnad, who was already on bail having earlier been charged with concealing a serious indictable offence in relation to the matter, was arrested on Tuesday.

She also faces a charge of being an accessory after the fact to murder.

Mr Bassal was shot dead during a six-hour siege at the western Sydney factory, of which Strnad is the owner and operator, in what police believe was a business dispute.

His brothers Terry and Mark were with him at the time and were wounded.

The court heard the gunman, 33-year-old Inline Signs employee and Strnad’s former partner Wayne Williams, turned his assault rifle on himself at the end of the siege.

Prosecution lawyer Clint Nasr told the court on Wednesday that Strnad lured the victims to the premises.

Police at the Ingleburn siege. Picture: Channel 9 News

Police at the Ingleburn siege. Picture: Channel 9 NewsSource:Channel 9

Strnad allegedly told Williams to “come and sort these guys out. I am going to f***ing kill them”, Mr Nasr said.

Mr Nasr said that was “clear evidence of her intention”.

He also said she was aware the rifle used in the crime was in Williams’ possession and was “loaded and ready to go”.

Strnad will remain in custody after Magistrate Robert Rabbidge agreed with the prosecution about the seriousness of the alleged offences.

Ingleburn shooting victim Michael Bassal. Picture: Facebook

Ingleburn shooting victim Michael Bassal. Picture: Facebook Source: Facebook

Wayne Williams.

Wayne Williams.Source:Supplied

Mr Rabbidge said Strnad was “hell-bent” on undertaking the alleged “criminal enterprise”.

“We have one dead and two who almost died,” Mr Rabbidge said. The court also heard Strnad collected the rounds from the rifle after the shooting.

Strnad’s defence lawyer, Karen Watson, argued her client should be granted bail because she had not broken her previous bail conditions and her business had suffered considerably due to the March incident.

She also said the case against her client was weak.

But Mr Nasr warned a number of prosecution witnesses were her employees at the sign factory.


March 8, 2016 12:00am

A CRAZED gunman who shot three brothers and held three bystanders hostage for six hours killed himself last night in the bloody final act of a feud believed to be over a sign.

Wayne Williams had opened fire on the Bassal brothers at 10.45am at Ingleburn’s Inline National Signage and Property Services after police believe they went to the business to complain about a sign they had ordered.

Father-of-one Michael “Mick” Bassal — who was friends online with Rebels ­bikies president Alex Vella — died on the grass verge outside the business. His two brothers were taken to Liverpool hospital, where one ­required emergency surgery.

Police today charged a man and woman who were led from the building by police at the height of the siege.

Ingleburn Shooting victim Michael Bassal. Picture: Facebook
Ingleburn Shooting victim Michael Bassal. Picture: Facebook

The 52-year-old man, reported to be Williams’ father Peter, was charged with discharge firearm in a public place and conceal serious indictable offence.

He has been refused bail to appear at Campbelltown Local Court today.

Tonna was so traumatised she could barely walk as police helped her from the warehouse, where three bystanders were taken hostage.

Police believe she knew Williams, who had connections with the Finks bikies gang and who could be heard yelling at police negotiators for hours.

Detectives were last night piecing together the dispute that led to Williams opening fire with a high-powered rifle but one line of inquiry was that the brothers were ­unhappy with sign work.

During the siege heavily armed police armed with ­assault rifles surrounded the business and evacuated nearby premises.

At one point Detective ­Inspector Mark Brett said that the situation had reached a “delicate stage”.

The three terrified hostages were freed from their hiding places just after 5pm by police in “bear cat” armoured truck and reunited with ­anxious family members waiting in a nearby street. The men were checked by paramedics before they were taken to Macquarie Fields police station to be interviewed about their ordeal.

The owner of the sign-making business, Chantelle Tonna, is led away from the scene by police. Picture: Melvyn Knipe

Williams was found inside the property and was believed to have shot himself.

One worker told of his terror as he ushered his wife, who came to visit him at work, into an outside toilet as a ­volley of shots rang out. Machine operator Gurjinder Girn, who has worked at the Heald Rd site for five years, and his wife Navjot Kaur heard a man shouting, “Come out, come out, come out”.

They then heard six shots.

“Nothing like this has happened in front of my eyes with me or this company. It was very terrifying,” Mr Girn said.

“By chance we went outside to go to the bathroom.

“I know there were three other employees inside who were hiding from the gunman.”

The couple heard police arrive about 10 minutes after the shooting and they were soon escorted to safety.

A man in handcuffs, second right, is taken to a police vehicle / Picture: AP
A tactical police officer close to the scene at in Ingleburn. Picture: Richard Dobson
Police patrol the scene outside the incident. Picture: Richard Dobson

Mark Callaghan, owner of nearby A & A Equipment in Shaw Rd, said he heard a commotion at the time. “I heard a woman hysterically screaming down the road. It was a muffled scream and I couldn’t understand the words,” he said.

Family and friends of Mr Bassal gathered at Liverpool Hospital last night to support his two injured brothers.

One of the men was critically injured while the other had superficial wounds.

Police outside the scene at Inline National Signage and Property Services / Picture: Channel 9
A body can be seen covered in a white sheet as police move into position. Picture: Melvyn Knipe
One man was shot dead and two were injured.


10.45am: Triple-0 emergency call reports three people shot at Inline National Signage and Property Services at the corner of Heald and Stennett Rds, Ingleburn. Neighbours report hearing up to five shots. Police find three people with gunshot wounds. One man dies at the scene. Two men are taken to Liverpool Hospital, one suffering superficial wounds and another with gunshot wounds to the lower part of the body. Police surround the printing company.

11-11.30am: Police set up a 1km exclusion zone and nearby companies are told to close their doors. Some go into lockdown while others evacuate.

11.25am: Police issue a warning to the public to avoid the area.

11:55am: Heavily armed tactical police can be seen with guns drawn at the door of the printing firm.

12.05pm: The $400,000 police “Bear Cat” armoured truck arrives at the rear of the premises.

12.25pm: Police confirm three people have been shot and one man is dead.

2pm: A man is arrested for “hindering police” near the scene.

2.30pm: Macquarie Fields crime manager Detective Inspector Mark Brett confirms the dead victim was 43 years old.

5pm: Armed tactical response police storm the building and free three hostages, who are taken to safety and attended to by paramedics. The gunman, 33, is found dead at the scene.

Police locked down Moorlands Road and Stennett Road. Picture: Melvyn Knipe
Armed officer inside the BearCat at the scene. Picture: Melvyn Knipe
An armed police officer takes cover behind a car. Picture: Melvyn Knipe


Relief… Hostage Seksane has spoken of his ordeal. Picture: Kristi Miller

ONE of the three workers held hostage in yesterday’s deadly Ingleburn siege has revealed he was on the first day of his new job.

Seksane had only been at Inline Signage for a few hours when gunman Wayne Williams opened fire, killing Mick Bassal and wounding two of his brothers.

He was trapped in the building after armed police arrived to begin a lengthy standoff with Williams.

“I don’t know – I (was) still working,” he said, adding he was “pretty much okay”.

“That’s the first start to the job, today.”

Ingleburn shooting: Shooter’s father charged after siege in Sydney’s south-west

Updated 47 minutes ago

The father of a man who took his own life after a fatal shooting at Ingleburn in Sydney’s south-west has been charged.

Key points:

  • Business dispute may have led to Sydney industrial estate shooting
  • Gunman shot three brothers, held three bystanders hostage
  • Shooter’s father and woman charged with offences, shooter dead
  • Police say shooting not related to outlaw motorcycle club

Three brothers were targeted in the shooting and subsequent siege at Inline National Signage, in an industrial complex, about 10:45am.

Wayne Williams, 33, shot at the trio when they arrived at the workshop and one of them, Michael Bassal, 43, was killed.

Mr Bassal’s two brothers, aged 41 and 34, were also shot with a semi-automatic weapon but survived.

Wayne Williams’s father Peter, 52, has been charged with discharging a firearm in a separate shooting earlier in the day.

He and a 30-year-old woman were charged with not assisting police with their enquiries.

The pair were taken out of the area by police by force early on in the investigation.

Police said they were investigating whether a business dispute led to the shooting and the siege that followed at Heald Road in Ingleburn.

A police spokeswoman said there had been ongoing tensions at the workshop all day which eventually led to the shooting.

Officers probe outlaw motorcycle club links

Officers said Mr Bassal was shot dead on the grass verge when he went to the premises with his two brothers.

The two brothers were taken to Liverpool Hospital and the 41-year-old brother had to undergo emergency surgery.

Police said the 34-year-old brother suffered only minor injuries.

Wayne Williams then held three male hostages for three hours as police worked to resolve the situation.

Officers managed to free the hostages about 5:00pm and found Wayne Williams’ body inside the property — he is thought to have shot himself.

A police spokeswoman said at this stage it did not look like the matter was related to outlaw motorcycle club conflicts.

But she said that some of the people involved were members of the clubs.

“It doesn’t look like anything to do with bikie gang wars, it looks like a business dispute at this stage,” she said.

Peter Williams was refused bail and will face Campbelltown Local Court today, while the woman was granted strict conditional bail and is due to appear at the same court on April 4.

Macquarie Fields Police Detective Inspector Mark Brett said on Monday they had yet to determine the motive of the alleged shooter.

Police said they did not believe the shooting was terrorism related.

Witnesses from nearby businesses said they heard five gunshots ring out.


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10 thoughts on “Ingleburn shooting: Wayne Williams kills one, shoots himself dead after feud over a sign”

  1. if the matter was investigated one would probably find police and local council did nothing to resolve or defuse the issues ,like me who has a psychopath stalking me the last 3 yrs.they dont want the work or involvement till something happens.they never hear or understand prevention


  2. I can relate to that yeah I was stalked by a random dude he turned up at my work knew the days I was in. My boss did a good job and told him to get out. He bailed me up in the supermarket.This went on for about 4 yrs until he vanished. I still remain aware now. I had no idea who he was or why this was happening he also ran through the car park in a fast state randomly searching I was sitting in my car watching him but he could not see me. I felt ripped off in a way because I gave the police information on him and they refuse to give me any. Not even a hint or a follow up. I got to the stage where I was making a plan on following him I took a photo of him walking out of a shop and tried to follow him in my car he was fast and cunning. He ran everywhere and I saw him in a car once and got the rego on that blue car.I guess thats the screwed up privacy law .True they never act on prevention they would have known about these people.

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  3. That very scary Reagan. How many years ago did that happen, and about how old would he have been back then. Do you reckon this creep is still watching you or living in your area. The stalking mongrel should be behind bars. If you have still got his photo of him running out of the shop or his blue car and rego , try and email them to Serendipity’s Aussie Sex Offenders site or Robbo’s AC site of your photos of him. I’m curious to know what he looks like. It’s just not good enough we all have to do our own policing.
    You just don’t know who is freely creeping around in the community anymore, and what their intentions are. The CCTV footage of Adrian Ernest Bayley filmed running after his later that night rape and murder victim Jill Meagher, is proof that the authorities had dropped their guard on Bayley, despite his decades long violent predatory criminal history.
    He should not have been back freely unsupervised walking the streets. But he was and Jill Meagher innocent life was brutally most horribly taken, because Bayley was not under strict supervision. And this is just one case. How many others are just as evil as Bayley, that we don’t know about? … Sick to death of this nanny state Victoria, and for that matter all of Australia’s slap on the wrist justice system.

    The crims and their entitlements to human rights, rehabilitation and the stupid privacy acts are protecting them all, while we the community continue to live in fear of being their next victim of crime, always have to look over our shoulders, lock our houses, cars and all valuable property and sundry, while the crims are rape, ‘pillaging the village’ and plundering endless new victims on a daily basis. We need to be able to lock up all these scum bags and ‘throw away the key’ on them instead all have to experience having to live in fear.
    They get more protection in jail, than we get by constantly being targets by these creeps when they get back out of jail, that is if they even go to jail in the first place. It’s just not good enough, that the community should continue living in fear, while all the crims are sneaking around after dark with evil intent on our streets.
    These young offenders of this Melbourne’s “Apex Gang” at the moment , bashing victims walking the street in public places and robbing them of valuables and mobile phones etc. Rioting in the streets and in prisons. And the few that are caught when put in the softly run Youth Training Centre Prisons are still continuing out of control and rioting and causing expensive criminal damage to the prisons and prison property. Then they will be just set free back into the community after a few months in Juvenile rehabilitation centres. And the government repair their criminal damage, while the Public Hospitals continue to face the razor cut and less government funding, to pay for the rioting damage caused by the uncontrollable young and older inmates of today in our jails.
    These coward thugs are not afraid of going to prison, that is why they are rioting and causing as much damage as the can to the system, both in the jails and in the outside community.

    And If very harsh examples are not going to be made of these juvenile gangs committing very serious crimes everywhere, then it will be far too late to nip these shit heads in the bud, before they continue on there robbery and criminal damage rampages.

    And if there prepared to brazenly enter a police station and throw a Molotov cocktail at police officers, in a secure police complex, then just imagine what they would do to us, if we crossed their paths!… They need to be locked away in an ‘adult supermax prison’ for more than 10 – 20 years, just for starters!…Forget the rehabilitation bull shit. Long harsh custodial jail sentences in maximum security and solitary confinement if the need be, to keep our community safe from these hoodie violent young coward thugs. The Victorian Government need to have some dash, round all these scum bags up and fence them in ASAP!…Because at the present today, these out of control YOG Thugs are fencing us all in, by us all not feeling safe on the streets and in our homes at night…
    These young hoddie wearing criminal maggots need to be permanently put out of circulation for many long years, to send them all the strict message that by their anti social reckless behaviour, they have ‘forfeit’ given up their rights to belong in the community and their not welcome anymore back on our streets, until they all reform their hatred of the community, the police and the system and society. And locked away in a caged human zoo, where they all rightly belong, with the only door that they can break into at night, is their toughened steel locked door in a reinforced concrete cell, — their new home!…


  4. Hi ! F.P.O its been around 2 years since the creepy stalker vanished now. I still remember walking into the cop shop telling them I was annoyed that he was interuppting my way of life. They just appeared uninterested just like Im one of many.I will try and send it to serendipity Im not really sure what to do.He is of short stocky stature always wore a blue cap, dark blue work yakka type trousers and a blue windcheater, shiny red ruddy but white complexion, small blue peircing eyes, large nose, and a distinct hunch back and always carrying a rolled up newspaper close to him. He walked everywhere and only saw him drive a bright blue small car late 1980s model corona or corolla it was painted very unprofessionally like a dodgy house paint. He had a low quiet voice and would say Im gonna get you or Im back he was fast and cunning. When I followed him he saw me once and took off on foot I havent seen him since. I have the rego amongst papers somewhere, the cops definately have it. The car was a bright royal blue slapped on by a brush.This pattern went on around 4 years actually it could be even more. Strange how hes vanished maybe hes locked up.

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  5. That Apex mob what a pack of black African and islander arseholes words are not enough to describe these bastard scumbags. Andrew Bolt was absolutely correct in his article Herald Sun Monday March 14. The refugee programme has made our streets unsafe. The police and media coverup must end. My opinion too is these sudanese pricks do come from a war torn country and have that violence bred into them. Somethings got to give soon and it will be worse than the last brawl. The whole lot of the African Apex pussys and the Maori gang morons should all be locked up. Australia has imported toxic black dangerous shit. They are not scary by any means theyre just warts on the butt of this country and need removing.

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  6. So true F.P.O stuff the rehabilitation lock the shit up they are of no use to us. How dare they set foot on our soil and treat us and our country with such disgraceful behaviour. They are nothing but f..king trouble. Die you useless black bastards.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. This creep stalking you, sounds as cunning as Mr Cruel. It my own opinion that who ever Mr Cruel was could still be living in Melbourne. The Copper think otherwise, by they could never catch him, and he slipped through the net. I don’t know without all the facts, but Bung Siriboon, looked a lot like a possible Mr Cruel abduction. The police probably have evidence to disprove and rule Mr Cruel out. There may be even more than one Mr Cruel on the loose, like this creep that is or was stalking you Reagan. All I’m saying the Mr Cruel case needs to be opened up again, with some fresh investigations done on it. As there are so many deviates still creeping around many Melbourne schools, that I have been told on good authority by school teachers and principal of a Melbourne school where a niece of mine goes to school in Broadmeadows. Mr Cruel or copycat Mr Cruels, and even more frightening, even secretly known offenders on the sex registers, are freely stalking and hunting around Melbourne, right under the radar of Police and The Department of Justice and Corrections Victoria. Mr Cruel may have left Australia or may now be dead, but that doesn’t rule out that there are plenty more sex offenders like him, that have taken his place.
    That serial rapist that was finally arrested just the other day, is proof that there are many of these shysters still blending in amongst the community, stalking and waiting for a opportunity to strike on their next vulnerable victim. There is far too much of this creepy behaviour going on, and that is only the case we the public hear about. Anyway just saying there are plenty of deviate wolves dressed in sheep’s clothing, looking for more potential victims. And this creep mentioned above that was stalking you for 4 years, has like a chameleon , just slipped back into hiding, avoiding the police, who did not take you reports seriously. As Adrian Ernest Bayley was initially not taking seriously by all the authorities concerned. Which years later brought about the heinous unimaginable brutal rape and murder of Jill Meagher. And the same with Peter Norris Dupas, was released from prison in 1979 and seriously reoffended and was allegedly thought rehabilitated again and set free in 1993, after serving only 7 years of a 12 year sentence. And the stories and facts of all these many known about predators never ends, right up to the now Sean Christian Price. It’s all a ‘Never Ending Story’, these repeated failures of the Legal Criminal Justice System and the unaccountable slack parole board have continued to allow these predators to roam free.
    And the big Question remains ‘How many of these predatory rats are comfortably blending in the community, lining up their next victim or victims!…

    :Peter Dupas / Murderpedia –

    :Vicious serial Peter Dupas is the beast who roamed free to… – – SPECIAL REPORT : The transition of Peter Norris Dupas from peeping tom to rapist to murderer was so predictable it was almost inevitable. – TRUE CRIME SCENE – new crimes, cold cases, latest investigations – December 21, 2012. – Let out free on temporary leave from jail during one of his unsolved crimes of murder most foul !… EVIDENCE OF HORROR……………………….

    :Sean Price subdued by tear gas in jail after freak out / Masa … – – February 11, 2016. — STALKING ON THE LOOSE AND SEXUALLY ASSUALTING WOMAN , AS FAR BACK AS 2002…

    :Adrian Bayley trials – The Age – – REVEALED ADRIAN BAYLEY’S SAVAGE PAST … His rape convictions and imprisonment date back to before 1990.

    :Killer Adrian Bayley closer to rape- sentence appeals after… – – January 29, 2016…


  8. I appreciate your interest F.P.O and also Robbo for allowing me to express my angst on this issue that disturbed and puzzled me on and off for quite a long time. I was thinking along the same lines as you F.P.O in the profile of this individual. Definately a type of Mr Cruel sneaking under the radar of the police. As the saying goes if you see something say something when it effects your day to day life its quite concerning. My work mate knew who he was and Id even made a plan to have a mate wait and approach him by a swift push up against the wall and some questioning putting it politely but he was too fast he dashed in and out in the most absurd manner on a real mission. If he didnt suceed he was gone the bastard was frustratingly cunning. He would walk very fast at long distances. I could be wrong but I think he may have given up because he knew I was on to him and I spoke up and others knew as well. He didnt like it when my boss asked him what he wanted he was dumb struck and looked awkwardly cornered he wouldnt speak just grinned and took off. Im sure he saw me in my car watching him and following thats when he dissapeared. Its so bizzarre and wrong that an evil peice of shit such as Dupas, Bailey and Price to name a few are still alive . A bullet in the head and covered over in a deep dark hole sadly we just cant always get what we wish for.


  9. It is not what the media has said at all.
    my name is chantelle tonna and i own that sign company and no one was held hostsge.
    there was no need for a 6 hour lock down and Wayne was and is not a crazy gunman.
    He is a mind loving partner, a great son and brother, a perfect and loyal ftiend and a wonder loving father..


    1. Well well well Chantelle you forgot to mention how you became the owner of the company..your a lier and a thief and I hope you will rot in hell by all that you have put your 2 boys through,your Xhusband now and me … Have you ever thought what this kind of life you have chosen over happy no dramas people that actually loved and care about you will do to your son D and son L NO you haven’t.. They are so tromitised they get teased at school so badly that they will never ever recover from all the pain and suffering that their own mother caused them ..
      Lucky enough their dad has them in his care so they can feel a little releaved and not scared when they are with him .. I do remember the last words you have told me .. You see everyone can put up a brave face but on the inside we are all scared everyone knows this so you need to pay for your wrong doings in life and tell the truth and nothing but the truth so help you god .. I know you have no love for anyone but your self so suck it up barbie and tell the world what you have actually done to be where you are now … I think not even God can help you or forgive you .. Take care from true family friend that no longer exists
      And to all you people I do know she is in goal but I want her to read this one day
      Thank you “I walk alone”


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