Gayle Woodford death: Dudley Davey charged with murder appears in Port Augusta Court

A dedicated Nurse working hard, surely underpaid and suffers the indignity of being killed this way. FOLLOW this story closely. Never let it be undermined by bullshit excuses from the communities of the indigenous communities she dedicated herself too to save one of their own people!

A dedicated Nurse working hard, surely underpaid and suffers the indignity of being killed this way. FOLLOW this story closely. Never let it be undermined by bullshit excuses from the communities of the indigenous communities she dedicated herself too to save one of their own people!

March 29, 2016 3:55pm

Rural nurses push for more protection

THE man charged with the murder of outback nurse Gayle Woodford is the target of payback threats by other inmates, a court has heard.

Dudley Davey appeared in Port Augusta Magistrates Court today charged with the murder of Mrs Woodford at Fregon in the APY Lands early last Thursday.

Davey, 34, wearing a black T-shirt, stood silently in hand cuffs flanked by two sheriffs officers throughout the hearing.

His duty solicitor urged Magistrate Clive Kitchin to impose a suppression order on Davey’s name and image.

Dudley Davey, 36, has been charged over the murder of nurse Gayle Woodford. Picture: Channel 7

He argued that publication of Davey’s name could lead to him being harmed inside the prison system by Aboriginal inmates who are angered at what he is alleged to have done.

However, prosecutors argued that Davey’s identity was already well known throughout the APY Lands and had been broadcast by some media outlets.

Mr Kitchin said he was not prepared to make such an order, noting that hardship to an accused person was not a basis for suppression.

“This accused is facing potential retribution from prisoners in custody and other members of the community,” Mr Kitchin said.

“The chances of him getting bail on this matter are remote, and the chances that his name will not be known by other inmates inside prison is also remote.”

Prosecutors told the court that the investigation into Mrs Woodford’s murder was well progressed, after forensic experts completed their assessment of the shallow grave where her body was found and surrounding areas.

The body of Outback nurse Gayle Woodford was found in a shallow grave two days after she went missing from her Fregon home about midnight on Thursday.

Davey, of Mimili, also faces a charge of theft for allegedly stealing the ambulance which Mrs Woodford drove.

He was arrested in Coober Pedy on Thursday morning after police used the ambulance’s GPS data to pinpoint its location.

Davey allegedly lured Mrs Woodford from the home she shared with her schoolteacher husband Keith.

It was only after Mrs Woodford failed to appear at work and the ambulance was noted missing that the alarm was raised about 10.30am Thursday.

Dudley Davey arrives at the at the Port Augusta Magistrates Court on Tuesday. Picture: Simon Cross

The court did not hear any details on how Davey allegedly murdered the 56-year-old mother-of-two or how he was able to lure her from her home.

Davey made no application for bail and was remanded in custody to face court in June.


Author: Robbo

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7 thoughts on “Gayle Woodford death: Dudley Davey charged with murder appears in Port Augusta Court”

    1. No, of course, not a race thing, but had she been a aboriginal nurse, and he a white fella, we wouldn’t be hearing the end of it, nor the annual commemorations of her murder motivated by race hatred.


  1. Bring back the death penalty, Asap. A life for a life, Black,White or what ever race, Capital Punishment…
    Australia has got to start becoming tough on murderers, Like the death row Justice in The State of Texas., USA – ‘DEATH ROW POLUNSKY UNIT’…’DEATH ROW A POD’…

    :Inside the Texas Death Row. – 2012.

    :Inside Death Row with Trevor McDonald 1 of 2. – 2014. Indiana State Maximum Security Prison. USA.

    :Texas inmates reveal what life is like on ‘suffocating’ death row. – 2014.

    :The Long Goodbye – 2008. Texas Death Row. – Charles Dean Hood.

    :Into The Abyss (2011) Michael Perry Interview.

    :Death Row The Final 24 Hours – 2013. – State of Texas, United States of America.

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    1. I must admit I agree with you. I never used to though – I used to think that if the system had “death row” then we weren’t much better than the murders who are awaiting their death sentence. However nothing seems to stop these murders killing for no apparent reason. How dare someone think they can kill another person and we should spare their life when they get caught. It makes me sick. Many years ago my brother got hit from behind with what they now call a “killer punch”. He was unconscious in hospital for 12 months and died. Nothing happened to the other guy. It broke our family. So why shouldn’t we introduce the death sentence. Because politicians are gutless. What’s becoming of the world we live in.

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  2. To most Aussie Criminal readers and especially Robbo, Reagan and Serendipity, I have been rocked and serious put into fear and offended by a Former a H.Division Pentridge inmate or imates named Wulfgar or his other alias used Dane Sweetman on here, who have said they have my emails and can track down my address?, I take this as a serious threat, because they don’t like my writing about the Russell Street Bombing and Craig Minogue and have accused me of using the name ‘steven’ on HeraldSun comments, which is not me. And further more, have seriously, accused me and attacked my integrity over lying about an assault, which they say didn’t take place, but was committed on me, by Neo Nazi Skin heads with the leader Dane Sweetman and criminals Danny Targoose and Mick Lloyd and a female in the Melbourne CBD on February 1990, the same notorious offender a month later with a co-offender Marytin Baysdon horrifically murdered with another man David Noble with a axe and brutally chopped him up and disposed of his body after their crime. This man is now considered rehabilitated by the criminal justice system and served his 20 year sentence for murder behind bars. I did initially give him the benefit of the doubt he was reformed, when he was writing on Aussie Criminals in comment to my posts, but with his other H.Division Pentridge prisoner friend ‘Wulgar,’ seriously makes me think otherwise, after his several posts of nasty comments in the Public Lounge towards me, so as of today, I will no longer be writing on Aussie Criminals, as taking about the parole release Craig Minogue and the Russell Street bombing, is attracting crazy’s or copy cat people on other comment sites using my name. also as this former inmate Wulfgar and Dane has brought to my attention that he has my email address, and said he can follow a trail to where I live. As a security matter I will be changing my email for security reasons and have reported this threating incident to Victoria Police, especially as this Wulgar or Dane Sweetman has posted details on the public lounge about the attack on a another Senior Prison Officer, and that it was not me, which I can prove otherwise with my Police record of interview and statement. You just cannot trust anyone on a public forum.



  3. Nurses are vunerable to violence anywhere there was a case in 2010 where a nurse that worked in Sydneys Royal North Shore hospital Michelle Beets had her throat slit and was stabbed 8 times on her front porch by a disgruntled employee yank that had it in for her his name Walter Marsh hes doing life. As for Minogue if he is ever released the so called uni qualifications will be of no use to him on the outside anyway its just a piece of paper. He will either manipulate the parole board that wouldnt be hard to do they are all as dumb as dog shit or with a stroke of luck he will remain locked up for who knows when. He may even be let out incognito, still us taxpayers will foot the cost for his income and accomodation.The media scrum should hold back on any payed interveiws it would be a frigin insult to pay media blood money to a killer. Time will tell. There will and are alot more than us talking about this grub. Why not.

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  4. The woman spends her life helping people and ends up raped, murdered and thrown in a shallow grave by a disgusting, vial, hideous monster what a f..kin bitch that is he deserves a 22 in the back of his head.

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