Dieter Pfennig, on trial for the murder of Louise Bell, sucking sytem dry as trial dribbles along

No wonder no bastard can get legal aid or a quick trial when snakes like this bloke suck the life out of the system. No excess payments when flogs like Pfenning need treatment.No expense sparred for legal help either. He must have cost the Government an easy 500,000 dollars so far.That do not include the estimated 90,000 a year per grub in jail. I have a relative that cannot afford the same operation and he has worked all his life paid taxes and never put a foot wrong…

Louise’s alleged killer ‘doing crossword puzzles’

Dieter Pfennig, who is on trial for the murder of Louise Bell.

THE man accused of murdering Louise Bell is conscious and “doing crossword puzzles” in his hospital bed following a heart attack, a court has heard.

Defence counsel, however, have questioned whether Dieter Pfennig is fit to stand trial after his ordeal — prompting a judge to request his cardiologist come to court and give evidence.

Pfennig, 67, suffered a heart attack in his Yatala Labour Prison cell last week and spent time recovering in a medically-induced coma.

The emergency threw his trial, over one of the state’s most enduring cold case mysteries, into doubt — but on Tuesday, the Supreme Court heard the case may be back on track.

Prosecutor Sandi McDonald, SC, said the prognosis from the Royal Adelaide Hospital was positive.

“As of Friday, Pfennig had further surgery … he was sitting up doing crossword puzzles in hospital and was about to be moved into a ward (from the emergency department),” she said.

“Sometime in the next 24 hours, he will return to Yatala.”

Pfennig has pleaded not guilty to abducting Louise, 10, from her Hackham West home on January 4, 1983, and murdering her at some time before March 1 that year.

He is currently serving a life sentence for the 1989 murder of Michael Black, 10.

Neither child’s body has ever been recovered, and witnesses claim Pfennig has said they are buried together.

Pfennig’s trial, in the absence of a jury, started on September 20 last year and has run for almost 50 days over the past six months.

Louise Bell, left, and Michael Black, right.

He has challenged DNA evidence that, prosecutors claim, provides a one-in-one-billion link between him and Louise’s discarded pyjama top.

That challenge was the trial’s first major stumbling block, with Pfennig’s team claiming it needed a six-month adjournment and another $250,000 in legal aid funding to run it.

Those requests were denied, prompting changes in Pfennig’s representation — this month, he changed solicitors at the 11th hour in a bid to avert a mistrial.

Under state law, the trial can continue in his absence if he is deemed medically unfit and, were he to be found guilty, he would be detained in hospital instead of jail.

On Tuesday, Paul Charman, for Pfennig, said he knew no more about his client’s status than prosecutors did, and so the question of fitness had yet to be answered.

“We are arranging for my instructing solicitor to go see him in hospital this afternoon — clearly, we need to form a view as to whether he can provide us with instructions,” he said.

“Even if he doesn’t have cognitive issues, we need to know whether he will be fit to attend court and provide instructions.”

Mr Charman suggested obtaining medical reports, but Acting Justice Michael David said there was a quicker way for the court to be informed.

“A series of reports goes back and forth and could be messy — I’d like to call his cardiologist or specialist into court to give an opinion,” he said.

“After whatever the cardiologist tells us, it’s up to you to make whatever application you want to make.”

He adjourned the hearing until Wednesday, when the cardiologist will be called to give evidence.

Louise Bell was abducted from her home in January 1983. Now a man, Dieter Pfennig, is about to stand trial for her murder.

FOR 32 years the family of Louise Bell have waited for answers.

Their daughter and sister was abducted from her bedroom in her Adelaide home in the middle of the night in January 1983. Her body was never found.

They could now be closer than ever before to finding out what happened that night with confirmation a Supreme Court murder trial will open next week.

The accused, former teacher Dieter Pfennig, has had his identity suppressed ever since his arrest in 2013. Secrecy around his name ended today when a judge revoked the suppression order because Pfennig has opted for a judge-alone trial.

The cold case was one of the South Australia’s most gripping and troubling and has seen many twists over the past three decades, including the arrest of another man, Raymond John Geesing, 10 months after the disappearance.

Defence counsel for Dieter Pfennig, now aged 67, opted for a trial by judge alone.Source:News Limited

Louise Bell was taken from her Adelaide home. Her body has never been found.Source:Supplied

He was eventually freed after the conviction was overturned. For years the case remained unsolved until advances in DNA testing provided a breakthrough.

It was a pyjama top, found on the front lawn of a neighbour’s property, that proved crucial to the case. It was sent to the Netherlands for testing in 2013 and, in November of that year, now 67-year-old Pfennig was charged with the murder.

Prosecutors will allege Pfennig broke into Louise’s bedroom, which she shared with her sister, and abducted her on the night of January 4, 1983.

It wasn’t noticed she was gone until the next morning when her mother Diane couldn’t find her. A flyscreen had been cut to get into the home.

The case took other dramatic turns, apart from the arrest of Mr Geesing, who also lived close to the Bell family. The grieving family were targeted by an extortionist who wanted $30,000 in exchange for the safe return of Louise.

The Louise Bell mystery was one of South Australia’s most enduring cold cases.Source:News Corp Australia

And the neighbour who found the pyjama top on her property — which later proved so crucial — was phoned in by an unknown man asking for medical advice, apparently relating to Louise. The same man is believed to have called police and told them where to find her earrings.

During the trial the judge will visit the home Louise was taken from and also that of Pfennig’s home at the time, which is located a few streets away.

It isn’t the first time the home has come under investigation. It was extensively searched in the past by investigators looking for clues — including in 1991, when the entire backyard was excavated and timber floors in several bedrooms ripped up, reports the Adelaide Advertiser.

A radar penetrated the ground, but nothing was found.

An inquest into Louise’s death was held in 1985 and concluded she had been murdered for “sexual purposes”.

The trial is expected to last several weeks.

Former teacher accused of murdering schoolgirl Louise Bell ‘told an inmate’ he dumped her body in the same place that he buried a boy he was convicted of killing

  • Dieter Pfennig, 67, has pleaded not guilty to murdering Louise Hall in 1983 
  • Pfennig allegedly told an inmate her body was in the same place as a boy
  • He is currently serving a life sentence for murdering Michael Black in 1989
  • Bodies of Adelaide children Louise and Michael have never been recovered

A former teacher accused of murdering schoolgirl Louise Bell told an inmate her body was in the same place he buried a 10-year-old boy he is convicted of killing, a court has heard.

The Supreme Court of South Australia has heard details of a conversation between Dieter Pfennig and an inmate at Mount Gambier prison in which he spoke of both Louise and Michael Black.

Pfennig, 67, was sentenced to life in jail after he abducted and murdered Michael in January 1989, Adelaide Now reports.

The Supreme Court of South Australia has heard details of a conversation between Dieter Pfennig and an inmate at Mount Gambier prison in which he spoke of both Louise Hall and Michael Black

The Supreme Court of South Australia has heard details of a conversation between Dieter Pfennig and an inmate at Mount Gambier prison in which he spoke of both Louise Hall and Michael Black

He was arrested at Port Lincoln Prison and is currently facing trial over Louise’s murder in 1983.

Pfennig allegedly spoke of both Michael and Louise at Christmas in 2006 when he was smoking cannabis with another prisoner, prosecutor Sandi McDonald told the court on Wednesday.

Pfennig is accused of murdering Louise Hall after she was abducted from her Adelaide home where she slept with her sister on January 4, 1983

Pfennig is accused of murdering Louise Hall after she was abducted from her Adelaide home where she slept with her sister on January 4, 1983

‘Pfennig started to talk about Michael Black, how he had murdered him,’ she said.

‘He said he couldn’t tell anyone where Michael Black was ‘because there is a chick there’.

‘The other prisoner asked ‘what chick?’ and Pfennig replied ‘Bell’.’

Pfennig has pleaded not guilty to murdering Louise after she was abducted from the bedroom of her Adelaide home where she slept with her sister on January 4, 1983.

Her body has never been found.

Michael’s body has also never been recovered after he disappeared while fishing with his dog.

Craig Warman, the first police officer on the scene when Louise was reported missing, told the court on Wednesday he found her bedroom window open and the flyscreen torn from its frame.

‘It (the flyscreen) had been torn from the aluminium frame, all the way across the bottom to about three quarters of the way up,’ he told the South Australian Supreme Court on Wednesday.

Mr Warman, then an officer at Christies Beach, said Louise’s parents were ‘distraught’ when he and his partner arrived at about 6.30am on January 5, 1983.

Louise’s disappearance sparked an extensive search over the following days.

‘When I was on shift the whole staff would be out searching,’ Mr Warman said.

‘My house was actually searched.’

Prosecutor Sandi McDonald (left) and Justice Michael David (right) spent Tuesday visiting several locations central to Louise's murder case, including the girl's home where she was last seen by her parents

Supreme Court Justice Michael David spent Tuesday visiting several locations central to Louise's murder case, including the girl's home where she was last seen by her parents 

Supreme Court Justice Michael David spent Tuesday visiting several locations central to Louise’s murder case, including the girl’s home where she was last seen by her parents 

Ms McDonald

The team of law officials drove over the Onkaparinga river to have a better view of the significant location

Louise’s grade five teacher, Priscilla Grace, also gave evidence by video from New York and said the young girl was particularly well-mannered and shy.

‘She was quite unique. She didn’t want to go out and play with other children, she just loved helping me in the classroom,’ Ms Grace said.


  • The disappearance of 10-year-old Louise Bell in 1983 is one of SA’s most enduring cold cases.
  • Former maths and science teacher Dieter Pfennig, 67, has pleaded not guilty.
  • The Crown says it has DNA evidence linking Pfennig to the girl.
  • The Crown alleges that while Pfennig was in jail for other offences he told fellow inmates he had killed the girl.
  • The court has heard how a phone call made by a man after Louise went missing led them to find her earrings under a brick near where she went to school.
  • Louise’s father Colin Bell has told the court how he last saw his daughter after he put her to bed on the night she went missing.
  • The Supreme Court trial before Justice Michael David is sitting without a jury.

‘If I was out on yard duty she would come out with me and hold my hand and walk around.’

Supreme Court Justice Michael David spent Tuesday visiting several locations central to Louise’s murder case, including the girl’s home where she was last seen by her parents.

Prosecutors allege Pfennin admitted killing the girl to fellow prisoners while in jail for other crimes.

‘The accused then said ‘I did it. I took her’,’ Ms McDonald told the court on Tuesday.

According to Ms McDonald, Pfennig told fellow prisoners the 10-year-old’s death was ‘eating me up’.

DNA evidence from Louise’s pyjama top – which was found in a neighbour’s mailbox shortly after she went missing – would link Pfennig to the crime, Ms McDonald said.

The pyjama top was a ‘one in a billion’ match to Pfennig, she said, adding that the item of clothing had been torn and it appeared that someone had tried to ‘remove it from a child, particularly if her hands were bound’.

Ms McDonald told the court Pfennig had confessed to two inmates, telling one of them that he had been smoking cannabis at the time and Louise’s death had been an accident.

Pfennig – who was married with two daughters at the time of the alleged crime – reportedly said he was not going to tell police where the schoolgirl’s body was located.

‘I’m not going to make it out of prison, why should I should bother?’ Ms McDonald said, quoting what the 67-year-old allegedly told fellow inmates.

Louise’s father Colin Bell gave evidence on Monday, telling the court his daughter had been shy and obedient.

Mr Pfennig frequently went canoeing at Onkaparinga River, located about six kilometres east of Louise's home

Algea found on Louise's pajama suggests it was submerged in water, said Ms McDonald (fourth right)

Algea found on Louise’s pajama suggests it was submerged in water, said Ms McDonald (fourth right)

Mr Bell – who was the last person to see Louise – said she loved music and reading, and was wary of strangers.

He said he checked in on Louise and her sister in their bedroom several times throughout the night because they’d been arguing.

‘It was my usual habit to kiss them, but I can’t remember whether I did or not that night,’ Mr Bell told the court.

He said it was his wife who discovered Louise missing the next morning.

Pfennig was charged in 2013 after a comprehensive review of the cold case.

The teacher – who had lived with his family two blocks from the Bell home when Louise disappeared – had his property searched twice during the time he was a suspect.

Police found nothing in either the 1991 or the 2012 searches.

A property which once belonged to Pfennig had floorboards pulled up and part of the back yard excavated in the first search, and during the second, a ground penetrating radar was used to help excavate other areas of the back yard.

The trial is continuing.

Police searched Pfennig's former home in Adelaide in 2012 but didn't find any evidence

Police searched Pfennig’s former home in Adelaide in 2012 but didn’t find any evidence

The team spent two hours at the various key locations associated with Louise Bell's disappearance 

The team spent two hours at the various key locations associated with Louise Bell’s disappearance 


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  1. Its all fucked up Robbo, makes you so angry mate. These crim scumbags get hurt or sick in jail and go to the front of the waiting list cue. This is not a remote case either, I only saw the other day at a major hospital triage casualty admittance section of big public hospital, their were at a guess 30 of more people queued up to get emergency treatment, when this jail crim arrived at the hospital in the green jailbird clothes by ambulance and was escorted with two armed Correction Victoria Prison Officers watching him as the paramedics wheeled him on a stretcher and he went straight to the front of the casualty triage cue over those public patients including children all ready who had been waiting for hours to see a emergency doctor. This turd whatever had happened to him, because he was moaning and because I guess he was a danger to the community, he gets immediate medical assistance and treatment, before the public… Prisons used to have their own hospital wings, but now it like they get rushed to the public hospitals instead. The ironic thing is that when Pentridge Prison was still open for business, it had its own modern equipped emergency hospital for the injured , bashed and stabbed and sick inmates. And the Pentridge Hospital had hospital wards so the inmates could be kept in Pentridge. Only the real serious injuries or illness of prisoners warranted them being transferred by ambulance to St Vincents prison security ward in the Melbourne CBD. The modern built Pentridge Hospital was demolished after Pentridge was closed down in 1997, now the site is a carpark for the high rise flats there. The crims now all get rushed by paramedic ambulance to the Public Hospitals that are closest to the jail there in.


  2. That makes my blood boil Robbos nanna waited 3 months and this grub is taking up a hospital bed and doing frigin crossword puzzles taking up a bed. The bastard should have died it would have saved alot of frigin around and our taxpaying dollars. Evil prevails Jon English dies (what a great bloke) and this prick survives WTF. DNA is an amazing invention to know there has been a breakthrough in the murder of the child Louise Bell and he will be exposed for the abhorrent evil act it shows the police never give up. How dare this creepy, vial ugly monster think he can do this to 2 innocent children and not pay the price. He has had far too many years to breathe which was a privelege he did not deserve, the sign now is his vital organ is failing and it will continue to fail his days are numbered he hasnt got long to breathe so they better finalise the results and crack the case because the coffin is waiting to take him out.

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  3. Another thing Im grateful Robbo I can express my veiws on grubs that should have died under the knife when decent people you know and I know are waiting for operations I have called 3AW to express this point but I get deliberately cut off, they grill you about what you want to say if its too real and raw they dont want it aired plain old censorship at its best, the truth is too daunting. This grub really believes he has the right to all what has been given to him, hes raped and murdered 2 children hes lived on after more than 3 decades and he gets first priority for an operation. As F.P.O was saying there used to be a hospital in Pentridge not now. This prick should curl up and die.

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  4. :Pentridge Prison’s history of horror. – – February 9, 2016. –
    Here are some rare photographs of Pentridge , some from the 1960’s. I can’t find a picture a picture of the modern Pentridge Hospital, their would have been photo’s taken, but none have been made public. I would think Corrections Victoria would have photo’s in their archives. Anyway it would have cost millions to have been built, I think it was only built in the late 1980’s, probably after Jika Jika was opened in 1980, and cost around $10 millions back then to build. The new modern Pentridge Hospital would of cast several millions to build also, then the Jeff Kennett Government closed Pentridge and later Labour sold of Pentridge and the Hospital and Jika Jika were demolished, but that’s political selling of Public land, as the politicians always do. But now these crims in jail are now jumping to the front of the queue and costing and choking the valuable bed space in our Public Hospitals instead. While us citizens are banked up on the very long Public Hospital waiting lists. I remember back when Carl Williams was murdered in Barwon Prison, while the paramedic ambulances were attending Barwon Prison, and due to a ambulance shortage a person died in the Ballarat region, because the ambulances were tied up at the jail and not available to get to the dying patient in time, as the priority as usual is given first to the welfare of injured or sick crims in jail.


  5. I’ve found a picture of the Pentridge Hospital. Here is the link. And some more other old photos of Pentridge H.Divison and Jika Jika and some very antique photos of early Pentridge Penal Establishment…
    :chs:Nov 1997. Pentridge Prison Hospital. – … and some more –

    :chs:2000. Pentridge Prison Hospital. –

    :Index of / site/Coburg/images. – — This picture of the hospital behind the bluestone walls, was taken from Jika Jika, and the old B.Division wings and the famous main gate clock tower are in the distance behind the then new built Pentridge Hospital high building. the photo dates from mid 1980’s to possibly early 1990’s. Modern town houses and high rise apartments are all over this site now. Some still being built…

    :chs:1997. Pentridge – Exterior of ‘H’ Division, Labour yards… – — This was where from 1958 up until 1978, the bluestone rocks were crushed by the prioners as punishment and for hard labour. There were several small opening steel trap doors just off the ground , along the length of the bluestone yards where the rocks were put through for the inmates to break up the rocks from big rocks into small rocks and into blue metal gravel, with the sledge hammers. The white roofing iron building above the bluestone walls, was the H.Division watch tower, which a armed Prison Officer carried out his watch, looking above the prisoners doing their hard labour. Each labour yard had a painted cross in it, which the inmate, was told by the tower warder , to “Stand On The Cross”.

    :Heritage / Archival Recording – — North view from 6 Post Pentridge watch tower into A.Division and H.Division, the open space was once A.Division muster yard and H.Division can be seen behind this yard space with the sheet metal roof of the ‘Slot’ or ‘H’ industry and labour yards. The stepped bluestone wall behind the open muster yard was where the prisoners used to be frog marched, escorted down into the main entrance door, gate into H.Division. This was the only way into and out of H.Division. – Photo taken in 16 June 2014.

    :Heritage / Archival Recording. – — From the now demolished bluestone wall near the old Number 6 Post watch tower, looking towards H.Division and A.Division Pentridge, taken 16 June 2014.

    :Former Pentridge prison H Division entrance… – — Note the ‘High Security Unit’ sign above the main entrance gate. This is the fortified brick built part of H.Division that was built from 1958 up into the 1960’s and 1970’s. The razor ribbon was still being installed all around the buildings and walls when I worked there in 1989. Before the razor ribbon there was barbed wire and cast iron spikes on the walls.

    :Panoramio – Photo of Pentridge Prison … – — Pentridge Prison, Rear of H Division.

    :Negative – Warders, Pentridge Prison… – – Pentridge Prison Officers ‘Warders’ – Circa 1910…

    :chs:1975. Prison Officers Pentridge. – — 1975 Prison Officers Pentridge.

    :Scenes at Pentridge Mens Prison / … – Photos of Pentridge Penal Establishment Gaol Circa 1896.

    :Coroners inquiry examined who was… – – Pentridge’s maximum security unit Jika Jika , cost $7 million when it was built. But the fatal 1987 prisoner lit fire blaze helped see it shut down.

    :chs:Nov 1997. Jika Jika –

    :Blog / Latest Projects / Handpainted… – —A reproduction of the original Pentridge main gate entrance sign from the Victorian rime 19th Century ‘PENAL ESTABLISHMENT PENTRIDGE’,

    :The City of Bells! –


  6. :CHARGES OVER MELBOURNE PARAMEDIC ATTACK – AMBO ATTACK SHOCK- Student nurse charged – April 3, 2016. –
    Two woman and a teenage boy have been charged over an attack that left a paramedic needing surgery.
    19-year-old Caris Underwood, a Reservoir, student nurse, has been charged with assault-related offences and has been remanded to appear in Melbourne Magistrates Court.
    And 30-year-old Amanda Warren, a Epping woman has been charged with assault, theft and traffic- related offences and has been remanded to appear in the same Magistrate’s court. Ms Warren is facing nine charges including intentionally causing serious injury to a paramedic, assault, theft and careless driving.
    Ms Underwood — studying to be a nurse — faces six charges including intentionally causing serious injury.
    A 15-year-old boy has been charged with assault and theft- related offences and has been remanded to appear in a children’s Court.
    They have refused to enter Melbourne Magistrates’ Court and remained in the cells below.

    The two woman have refused to front a magistrate over the assault on two Ambulance Victoria Paramedics.
    Police also allege the suspects rammed the ambulance before fleeing.
    The woman left but returned with a young male and then the allegedly attacked the paramedics.
    The male paramedic was kicked and punched repeatedly and knocked to the ground three or four times and unfortunately in one of the instances when he fell he’s broken and fractured his foot quite badly.
    The Ambulance Victoria Paramedic will have to have surgery.
    The male and female paramedics were attending to an elderly patient in Hobbs Cres, Reservoir on Thursday evening when both were bashed.
    The alleged offenders later backed into an ambulance causing minor damage.
    A gold chain belonging to the veteran paramedic was stolen.
    Last night he remained in the Northern Hospital and was expected to undergo foot surgery.
    The female paramedic —believed to be in her early 20s — was knocked to the back of the head after running to her partner’s aid.
    She is recovering at home with cuts and bruises.
    Ambulance Victoria Employees Association state secretary Steve McGhie said she is only newish to the job— so it’s not a nice experience for her.
    The other Ambulance Victoria Paramedic has been on the job for over 30 years.
    It’s probably one of the worst situations he’s been in.

    :VIDEO – Teen arrested over attack on two Melbourne paramedics. – YAHOO! 7 NEWS – April 2, 2016.

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  7. Studying to be a nurse! No way that bitch Underwood may as well start looking at a career change she will never be accepted into that field ever. What a group of vicious, unhappy, dangerous arseholes I hope one day when they need an ambulance in a hurry it somehow doesnt make it. KARMA can be a bitch.

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  8. Getting back to that vial creep Dieter Pfennig thing it even had the ordasity to cut the screen from the window and take the child out that is absurd how weird and desperate can this monster be. That was his whole aim in life to rape and kill children and the bastard still wont reveal where their bodies are and the police have with great effort over the years been flying blind as to where those children are by digging up slabs of concrete and so on without any clues. Such a shame he cant be tortured into the truth. The publicity on this crime wasnt displayed on a large scale for eg as Daniel Morcombe, must be a sign of the times. As a prison officer F.P.O did you carry a gun?


  9. Yes I was armed, Reagan with a .38 magnum Smith &Wesson six shot revolver, was carried which fired .38 special magnum + P- hollow point rounds. Designed to blow a large deadly body mass out of the prisoner being fired upon with out going through the body and endangering near by Prison Officers, and civilians when fired, like if the revolver had to be fired in an area where there were innocent people as bystanders like on hospital escorts and court and funeral escorts.
    For all the Pentridge Towers.
    The Ruger Mini 15 Semi Automatic rifle with 15 round capacity magazines, firing dum dum hollow point rounds for maximum sniper stopping power over long distances, when when fired from the Pentridge Towers. And for riot control and high security prisoner escorts out of the prison the deadly Riot Remington 6 rounds pump action shotgun which fired solid rounds, and also for maximum stoping power for riot situations. All firearms in Pentridge Prison were only carried after lockup, for safety reason, in case a Prison Officer was over powered by inmates and the firearm removed by inmates. No firearms were carried when prisoners were out of the cells, only a black hard rubber and steel lined baton, nicknamed a the ‘Black Panadol’.

    In Jika Jika and H.Division a P24: American style hard long plastic baton the same as carried by US Police Officers was used, but only by trained security control Prison Officers, as their is a skill required in using the P24, baton which if not correctly used, can be used back on against the restraining Prison Officer. But these P24 batons were later outlawed by the do-gooders. Same with the semi automatic rifles after Pentridge closed. I would think these day the Prison Officers would be carrying even better weapons in the Emergency Management Riot and Security Controll Units, probably much the same as the NSW Police and Prison services. But in lieu of firearms alsi now would be used OC- capsicum spray, teargas and tasers – stun guns for riot situations and for non deadly force the police and prisons bean bag guns, like rubber bullets, like was used on Prisoner Christopher Binse during his dangerous siege when he was firing a revolver at the Special Operations Group Police. The bean bag rounds and long batons and large hardened perspex plastic crowd control shields and riot head helmets are used in prisoner incidents requiring restraint in dangerous prison situations

    In the recent Melbourne Remand Centre Riots, the situation was so dangerous in the prison, with hundreds of inmate running amok on the loose, that Prison Officers had to retreat and withdraw to outside the prison walls, and let the Victoria Police Special Operation Group – SOG, and Prison Officer Tactical Response unit or SERT teams, Corrections Victoria Security and Emergency Management Unit, take back control of the hostile rioting prison.
    It may be the yellow or chicken shit thing to do, but I was in just one of many often happening B.Division Pentridge riots. My response was to run straight for the security gate, before the angry inmate could get hold of me. Sometimes there just is not time to defend yourself in a prison division or unit. And for this reason no firearms are ever carried in general prisoner population units. The Prison Officers are always out numbered, and back up is not always immediately at hand in a prison division unit or exercise yard. So run for you life is the only common sense option. Because once inmate get their angry hands on a hated screw. He or she is going to bashed or raped. And it has happened. Contrary to what some former inmates say. Screws are bashed as payback. Both on duty and off duty. And there are many prison incidents on record to prove this!!!…


  10. In hindsight I have to say now, that many a time looking from the Pentridge Towers with my rifle slung over my shoulder, the thought did enter my head, note*, only the thought! When I saw Knight, Mr Stinky, Minogue Haigh, Hunter, Dupas, and many many more of the undesirables in the muster yards, it would have been easy pointing the cross hairs of the high powered rifle, having a crack at them, letting loose some shots, dropping them like target shooting practice, knowing well what many of them were in Pentridge for…
    I have to say the thought was tempting to make things right for the victims created by these scumbags. But having said that, I myself and we most of the Prison Officers, know well that was very wrong or should I say unethical or highly illegal to be tempted and use a firearm on purpose against a heinous violent criminal. We would be sent straight to be locked away for life in H.Division, just like the worst criminals as killers. And that would have made me just like these evil killers to be the vigilante. Thinking like a vigilante is one thing, but having the gumption to really be a vigilante is another thing all together. That is thinking along the ways of massacre sadists Julian Knight or Martin Bryant
    Though I still think so many years after leaving the prison service. How easy it would have been to take a crack shot at Peter Dupas, Steven Hunter. The thing is they hadn’t at that stage years ago even in Pentridge, graduated to becoming the worst kind of multiple monsters they where to later become.
    Truth of the matter was, anyway, as Wulgar says, yeah I’m a coward, I would have found it very difficult to pull the trigger on my firearm, even I was trained to shoot to kill, if their was an actual escape of a crim over the wall at Pentridge. I personally didn’t and still don’t have it in me to shot to kill another human being, even a horrible dangerous criminal. But that is what differentiates us as good people from the evil criminals that commit murder on a whim of the moment or coldly plan to kill another person.
    And suffice to say that is why so many young soldiers are returning home from very damaged goods from active military service in Afghanistan, having as part of their trained shoot to kill duty, had to shoot and or kill or watch their enemy combatant be shot in the theatre of war.
    Then they return home ‘PTSD’ broken and mentally damaged soldiers settling back into ordinary civilian life. Anyone who say’s killing another human being for what ever reason is easy and does not phase them is seriously dangerous.
    But so far as the Armed Forces – Military, the police, even prison officers are concerned sometimes to preserve an innocent life or lives, they have to make the sacrifice and shoot to kill as part of their sworn duty. But those same serving people will usually never be the same people ever again as they were before. As the saying goes, the first casualty of war is innocence. Having to shoot someone as a last resort as service to or for your country, is no easy task to ask of a to a solder or police officer, prison officer or security officer. But some times their duty warrants the use of their firearm to save themselves and or preserve another innocent life or lives being taken from a would be killer.
    But I guess that is why the psychological assessment testing suitability and mental abilities of all candidates into the roles that require the use of a firearm or firearms as part of their job, are know more than ever so very stringent.
    After all we cannot have gunslinger John Wayne’s or Clint Eastwood’s like in the days of the Wild West shooting to kill, like judge , jury and executioner of any one or criminal they don’t like. That would make things as bad as the gun totting killer criminals in the streets But having also said that, I think we should bring back the hangman’s noose and have capital punishment for the most vile of killer criminals. I’m sure it wouldn’t be to hard to advertise for a suitable executioner or hangman to pull the lever…

    :Led Zeppelin – Gallows Pole… Song…YouTube…


    Seven men remain on police files after taskforce probe!
    Prime suspect had long history of crimes against kids!
    Four main attacks attributed to Mr Cruel

    He warned one of his victim’s a 14-year-old girl in 1987:
    NEW EVIDENCE about the crimes of the child killer and kidnapper dubbed Mr Cruel has emerged 25 years after he chose his last known victim.
    The Herald Sun is today revealing previously secret information about Mr Cruel’s sickening attacks after being provided with fresh details about his assaults on an 11-year-old girl in 1987, a 10-year-old in 1988 and a 13-year-old in 1990.

    Those details are contained in police statements from three of the girls and their family members.
    Today we offer the most detailed picture yet of Mr Cruel and his crimes, which ended with the abduction and murder of 13-year-old Karmein Chan in April 1991.
    Mr Cruel is suspected of at least 12 attacks on children over a decade. Including the child victims an unidentified 11-year-old schoolgirl Jill in her Lower Plenty home at 4am on August 22, 1987.
    SHARON WILLS, 10, in her Lower Plenty home with her family at 5.20am on Monday, December 26, 1988.
    NICOLA LYNAS,13, in the Lynas family home in Monomeath Ave, Canterbury, about 11.30pm on Tuesday July 3, 1990.
    KARMEIN CHAN, 13, from the Chan’s luxury Serpells Rd home about 8.40pm on Saturday, April 13, 1991.
    KARMEIN’S body was found on April 9, 1992 by a man walking his dog along EDGARS CREEK in THOMASTOWN, where he spotted what looked like a human skull in a LANDFILL area.
    A forensic examination revealed KARMEIN CHAN had been shot at least three times in the back of the head.


    Victoria Police formed the Spectrum taskforce four weeks after the abduction of Karmein Chan on April 13, 1991.
    They did so because they believed the Chan case was the latest in a series of attacks committed by an unidentified man who the media dubbed “Mr Cruel”.
    The 40-strong taskforce spent almost three years and $3.8 million chasing him.
    It was disbanded in January 1994, without Mr Cruel being charged over what is still a shocking series of unsolved child abductions.
    Police Spectrum taskforce detectives interviewed more than 27,000 people and examined 30,000 houses suspected of being used.

    They ended up with seven Mr Cruel suspects they were unable to eliminate.
    The Spectrum detectives created dossiers on each of the seven men, calling them the Sierra Files.
    A small number of senior police in elite squads were then given access to the Sierra Files, with the instruction that if another child was abducted all seven should be arrested and questioned.
    One of the seven was the prime suspect.
    He was the man Spectrum detectives considered to be more likely than the others to be Mr Cruel.
    However, their research suggested that any of the seven suspects could be Mr Cruel and all of them had sick traits necessary to commit the type of horrendous crimes Mr Cruel was responsible for.
    A Victoria Police document written after the Spectrum taskforce was disbanded in 1994 carried details of the Sierra Files and instructions to a select few members of elite squads on what to do if another child was abducted.
    The Herald Sun recently obtained their names……………………………………………………
    No details were ever made public about the seven Mr Cruel suspects — until today.
    While at the request of Victoria Police, it is not identifying them, it is revealing previously secret information about all seven……………………………………………….

    PRIME SUSPECT: – Former Melbourne University Lecturer. Now aged 74, lived in Thornbury at the time of the attacks and still does. Jailed for 10 years in the 1970s after pleading guilty to tape and other offences. Recently retired from his position as a director of his construction design company, he has admitted he knows he is the prime suspect, but denied he is Mr Cruel?

    SUSPECT 2: – Now 66, lived in Eltham at the time and also has lived in the Box Hill and Surrey Hills areas. then moved to a caravan park in Lake Cathie, New South Wales. Left the caravan park in 2014 and has since moved to Canada after marrying a Canadian woman?

    SUSPECT 3: – Now aged 68, Lived in Musk, near Daylesford at the time and still does. Keen not to be tracked down, he had changed his name by deed poll in 1988 and has since changed it again?… Angrily orders anyone to leave his property when challenged about his past?
    SUSPECT 4: – Now aged 57. Lived in Harcourt, Central Victoria, at the time of the Mr Cruel attacks and while he still has that house his neighbours say he spends most of his time in Melbourne and only occasionally returns to his country Harcourt address. Unable to be contacted?
    SUSPECT 5: – Died in 2015 at the age of 66. Lived in Knoxfield at the time of the attacks. Worked as a self employed tradesman?
    SUSPECT 6: – Now aged 61. Lived in Balwyn at the time. Moved into his mother’s Mt Waverly home following her death several years ago and still lives there?… He is aware he is a suspect, but denied any involvement in the Mr Cruel attacks. He say’s “I’ve never had any charges laid against me. I’ve been interview, yes along with 27,000 other people. I was interviewed that was it”.
    SUSPECT 7: – Would be 67 if he is still alive. Lived in Glen Iris at the time. There has been no answer on the many times the Herald Sun has knocked on the door of the Glen Iris address he lived in 25 years ago. Neighbours say they are not aware of him. He isn’t on the electoral roll or in the phone book and doesn’t use social media. Unable to be contacted?
    The seven suspects known of names at the time of the attacks and any criminal record matters cannot be revealed because of legal privacy laws even though they remain on the special FBI and Victoria Police produced dossier ‘Seven Mr Cruel Suspects’ Sierra Files as persons of interest by Victoria Police, but have not been able to be charged or proven in connection to the Mr Cruel attacks or murder and attacks of at least 12 children over a decade in Melbourne from around 1987 to 1991.?.

    Following the scrapping of Spectrum, those squads had taken responsibility for investigating Mr Cruel’s previous unsolved crimes as well as any future attacks bearing his trademarks.
    “During the term of Operation Spectrum, a number of suspects were identified and subsequently interviewed in regards to that investigation”, the 1994 document said.
    “Some of those suspects, for myriad reasons, could not be totally eliminated from the inquiry.
    “Those suspects, after profiling, are deemed to have the propensity to commit similar type offences.
    “The Spectrum taskforce complied dossiers on each of these people and codenamed them ‘Sierra Files’.
    “There are seven such files in existence”.
    The 1994 document listed who should do what in the event of a Mr Cruel-type attack occurring at any time in the future.
    It said each of the seven Mr Cruel suspects named in the Sierra Files should be arrested as soon as possible to enable them to be questioned about the latest incident.
    “Each Sierra File elimination crew will consist of four crime squad detectives”, the document said.
    “These members are to be armed, wearing police tabards and are to communicate situation reports to the officer in charge of the Special Response Squad for the information of the field commander hourly”>………………………………………………………………………………

    ANYBODY WITH INFORMATION ABOUT MR CRUEL, or any of the crimes attributed to him,
    should call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or provide information online through
    A $300,000 reward for information leading to the conviction of Mr Cruel is still available.

    More past information on the unsolved Mr Cruel child abduction – murder cases of the 1980S & 1990s…

    :Mr Cruel sensing murder – 1hr.13 mins. – All below on YouTube.

    :06 – Mr Cruel – The Unresolved Podcast.- Mr Cruel the mysterious Australian boogeyman that abducted children…39mins.

    :Mr Cruel investigation reopened. – ABC News Australia – 5 Years ago. – Police in Melbourne have identified several new suspects in the investigation into the padophile and child killer dubbed Mt Cruel. – 2.20mins.

    :MR Cruel Karmein Chan. What i saw. – australianews – 4 years ago. – 6.35mins.
    Images for Mr Cruel.
    Images for Karmein Chan.
    Images for Siriyakorn “Bung” Siriboon.



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